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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EST

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thailand's pm defeats a parliamentary opponents, but is yet to beat those protesting on the streets of occupying government buildings. >> this is al jazeera. also in the next half hour - silvio berlusconi kicked out of italy's parliament. the man insists he will stay in politics. >> egyptian women and girls as young as 15 given heavy sentences for protesting. brazil's world cup preparations in the spotlight as a crane
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smashes part of a stadium. celebrations in dubai - the desert emirate beat brazil, russia and turkey to host expo 2030. we begin the program in thailand where the government appears to be winning, in part a struggle, with protesters. yingluck shinawatra won a vote of parliament. thousands are still on the streets. the situation has not spiralled out of control. the government deployed police. the army is not involved in a big way - at least not yet. now live to bangkok. florence, you are at the government complex, this is where the main protest group
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camped out overnight. protesters may have lost to the prime minister in parliament, but on the streets they are there. are they in any way losing heart? >> no, not at all, not from the looks ever it. this is a lively protest. it's not the only place that's being occupied by protesters. they had the finance ministry where they've been camped out since monday night. this is where the top protest leader is. there's an arrest warrant out. police have made no attempt to detain him, even though he's led marches. the top criminal investigation agency has issued a warrant. it's how keen authorities are to avoid confrontation that could turn violent.
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the last time street protests were like this was 2010. they ended when the government ordered an army to move in. there was a bloody crackdown and violent end. more than 90 people were killed. wayne hay looks back at the 2010 protest. >> thailand's seemagely endless battle for political control seems to be reaching another peak. protesters seized a thorough fair. the government is being run by former prime minister thaksin shinawatra. he lives in exile. among him his suthep thaugsuban who has been protesting. >> translation: they don't respect the law, but expect the people to.
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>> these are scenes repeated time and again. i witnessed a long peaceful rally in 2010 descend >> street battles. the red shirts were trying to remove a government, a government in opposition. their protest failed. >> three years ago this is where the military operation began to get rid of the red shirt protesters from the steets, after they'd been in the area for a month. many were killed. it is heavily fortified because this is the back entrance. >> since 2010 thailand has been quiet. there has been an acknowledgment that there'll be a final battle for control of this country. >> watching the crisis and sometimes advising is an acting spokesman. he became the government face during the red shirt uprising and is a university lecturer.
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he believes there must be a system of accountability, without thaksin shinawatra and other figures from the old guard. >> they need to move on personalities and get engaged with the people on the streets, in a way of giving them answers. so they don't have to come out on the streets. >> despite the masses on the streets, the battal has been between a handful of wealthy people about who has the power. at the moment it belongs to the party of yingluck shinawatra. thaksin shinawatra's sister. she's relying on the police to maintain security and has not called on the army. it's difficult to tell whose side the top brass of the military will be on. it's a relatively peaceful situationful history suggests the longer it drags on, the greater the chance of confrontation. >> where do the protesters that
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you talk to believe they can go from here? we've spoken to a top protest leader. they are not going to back down. they'll continue until they get their victory. the people want the government out. they are trying to force the government's hand. here at this government complex, an officer of the government complex, 70% of the staff are on leave. there's no way the government can function if people don't come into the office. the government is hoping to ride this out and that demonstration fatigue will set in. the other thing in the deposit's favour is the king's birthday is next thursday. he's a highly rev eared figure, the monarch in thailand. people may clear the streets out of respect for the king.
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the prime minister in her press conference earlier referred to the fact that people shouldn't be protesting, the nation should be getting ready to celebrate the king's birthday. >> thank you very much indeed. live there in bangkok with protesters. >> the former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi says he's going to stay in politics despite being expelled from parliament. it senators voted to force him out because of conviction for tax fraud. italy's high court upheld silvio berlusconi's conviction. he been banned from holding public office for two years. in early october he tried to bring down the government by ordering his ministers to back out of the coalition. he failed. some of his closest allies sided with enrico letta instead of
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him. we have this report from rome. >> the senate's decision was expected. it's moment us. >> translation: silvio berlusconi's election is declared ipp valid. >> silvio berlusconi and his supporters called it a coup. the majority say it's democracy, the laws of the land being enforced. >> even as the senate voted. silvio berlusconi supporters came out to cheer their man. >> translation: the judiciary, dishonest politicians are on one side. we will always be with silvio. >> he's been the master of media manipulation. don't be fooled by the smile. power is ebing away from him. >> we are here in what is a bitter day, a day of mourning for italian democracy.
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we must stay on the field and not despair if the leader of the center right should not be here. >> silvio berlusconi will have a loud voice in italy. he is a wealthy man controlling newspapers and television stations. it is clear that his hold over italian politics is not what it was. angelino alfano - silvio berlusconi's chosen... silvio berlusconi lost much of his power to disrupt italian politics. the government will survive because angelino alfano and his group said they'll support the government. the other thing is it's not likely, even though he's being impeached is that voters will be present and be used at the next
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election. >> yet silvio berlusconi's legal difficulties are growing all the time, including a notorious conviction of paying for sex with an underaged girl. >> many here talk about the end of an era. silvio berlusconi is not the kind of man to give up and fade away. from this day he'll shout from the sidelines. >> leaders from the united states and saudi arabia have a fight about the interim agreement on iran's nuclear program. saudi arabia's king was briefed during a phone call. the white house says they agreed to consult on the effort to kerb the program. the new deal holding part of the program in return for the easing of sanctions against iran. >> 14 women have been sentenced to 11 years in prison for taking
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part in protests. several will be held in juvenile detention. let's go live to cairo. what happened here? these girls belong to the 7am movement that was created back in october. now, they are students, as you said. what they typically did is held protests early in the morning before heading to high school or university. on the day they got caught, 31 october. they were trying to form a human... > we seem to have problems with our contact. with our communications. we'll try to get back to hoda later. in the meantime we'll take a break. we have this coming up. >> russian police carry out a
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raid in moscow saying they have arrested a number of armed faces. >> misty, brought at auction, a rare skeleton to be put on public display.
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>> david foster with you, time to recap the top stories. >> thailand's yingluck shinawatra called on citizens to end their sit-ins at various government buildings. she made the appeal hours after winning a no confidence vote in
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parliament. the former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi insists he will stay in politics despite being withdrawn from parliament. >> 14 young women have been sentenced to 11 years in prison for taking part in protests in egypt. others will be held in juvenile detention because they were under the age of 16. we can go back to hoda, after losing our connection earlier. >> we didn't get much of what you had to say. >> these girls belong to something called the 7am movement, a youth movement that does support the anti-coup alliance. typically what they did is stand on the streets in alexandria peacefully before going to high school or university. for example, they'd be holding
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balloons with a 4-finger sign symbolizing the anti-coup aligns. on the day they were arrested they were trying to form a human chain. there are conflicting reports. nonetheless, they were taken in and refused bail so they had to stay in - until the next 11 years. what is really surprising here for many in egypt is the harsh sentence they received. the outrage was across the board, not just contained to stoppers of former president mohamed morsi. several human rights group decried the sentencing. what is surprising is how quick it came. the judicial system is renowned. yesterday it was the second
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hearing, they had a harsh sentence. >> although these are mohamed morsi supporters, pretty much all of them - one has been told, those that don't support mohamed morsi, who were happy to see him go, who are targeted in terms of arrests when they are protesting too. >> well, certainly there is an uproar at the moment following the protest law. if you look at events over the past few days, a group of youth movement in front of the opera house, parliament, they were protesting. 24 remain detained pending investigation on allegations of thuggery. certainly there is fear that there is a return of the police state. it's difficult for the government, because for the past few months, as long as they were
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cracking down on senior elements of the muslim brotherhood, or on the sit-in. people did give them support. now people are beginning to worry. especially with the protest happening in cairo. especially from a challenge within its own camp. there's a sense that many of the use on the streets were the onces who were on june 30th in tahir square calling for the removal of mohamed morsi. they are the ones that say they gave legitimacy for the military to oust them. they reminded the government that he came to government through their protest. >> thank you hoda. >> there has been a serious accident in brazil at the stadium where the opening of the football world cup will be held. a crane collapse, smashing part of the stadium.
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two people were killed. the stadium was almost ready. >> workers were brazil were under pressure to get the stadium finished. this is the latest in a number of accidents and the most serious. from the air it's easier to understand what happened. a crane which was involved in lifting part of the roof collapsed, crashing into the roof of the stand. >> translation: we were leaving for lunch. i heard a loud noise. the piece i was holding broke. my co-worker working close to the incident said the ground shook. >> translation: the machine was moving slowly, it made the piece osillate. it hit the cornering of the stadium pushing the arm down. >> the structure was in the compromised. nothing compromising the security or the structure itself. >> this stadium was due to be
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completed by december 31st. organizers admitted they were struggling to have all 12 venues ready to go. organizers said: >> there has been huge protesters in brazil. over the last few months million took to the streets. there has been concerns about working conditions in brazil and at the site of the 2022 world cup in qatar. those in brazil say the stadium will be closed for three days in tribute to the dead. local prosecutors may shut operations for 30 days to allow
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a full investigation. the accident is a setback for the organizers at fifa. at the moment no one is talking about moving the opening game away from here. >> joining us live from bangkok, james dorsey. we are talking about the world of latin american soccer, we may come back to the middle east. first up, is brazil going to be ready for the world cup? >> i think at this point it certain is not going to meet the fifa deadlines. what is more important than this is in a world of popular discontent and lack of confidence in institutions, brazil is one country where protests focused on a major sporting event and on the role of an international sports association - namely fifa. >> what is going to happen then?
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>> on one level the brazilians will slip in terms of timelines for finishing infrastructure for the world cup. on a global level it raises the question of whether or not all kinds the rights, labour rights, human rights, gender rights should be part of the interior that a bidding country has to beat. that's the issue that's being discussed in qatar. it will come up with the world expo that was awarded to dubai. do you think attitudes will change. >> fifa was accused of arriving at this late in terms of the labour practices. perhaps not offering enough when it came to criticism. is there a vehicle to change? >> i think it is. if you look at qatar, there has
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been changed. even if they are reluctant to talk about it. since an spread focus because of media reports on the issue of labour rights. the question of whether or not labour rights - issues of human rights should factor in with the criteria, that host countries had to meet has become a front burner. >> a final talk on this. i know brazil was accused of being slightly overambitious by announcing it would build more stadiums than required. what happens if it's not ready? what are the contingencies that fifa has? >> at this point it's late in the game. you have an example in africa about two or three years ago when libya was not able to host
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because it was time to move the tournament to south africa. we are four, five, six months away from the world cup. it will be difficult to move that. i think at the end of the day the brazilians will complete their infrastructure. it won't be the end of december. it will slip by a month or two. >> james talking to us about events in brazil affecting global football and human rights. we appreciate your time. we turn to russia. we detain 15 people. they suspect members of a group raiding and making a broader security crackdown leading up to the winter olympics in february. >> wearing protective gear russian security forces barge their way into an apartment building in moscow, forcing those inside to the ground.
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according to the interior ministry, the men belonged to a banned armed group. members of the group are suspected of carrying out crimes to fund their activities. >> translation: we found three home-made devices with detonators. other elements were for explosive devices. weapons were found such as pistols, brigades. into russia is on high alert just over two months now until the winter olympics starts in the black sea resort of socchi. the authorities are anxious that the violence which consumed part of the north caucuses could spill over and threats have been made in the past to disrupt the olympics. the russian president vladimir
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putin wants to use the games as a showcase for russia. so fash they've been beset by allegations of bureaucratic bungling, accusations of homophobia. the russian authorities want to show that when it comes to security, they are leaving nothing to chance. >> there will bea second round of parliamentary elections on december the 15th. no one in mali securing a majority. polls saw a low turn out. 38% of voters bother. it marks mali's first steps to recovery after the coup last year. the leader of the coup has been arrested and charged with kidnapping, accused of torturing
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a rise to power. he remained a powerful figure in mali. a rare complete skeleton of one of largest dinosaurs to walk the earth sold for $650,000. the remains of the 17-metre long dinosore, nicknamed misty was discovered in a dig in the united states. the buyer from an unnamed institution promised to put misty on public display. >> such a thing reasonably complete state is rare. there's an awful lot of work that's gone into preparing it for digging out of the ground and consolidating the bones and assembling them. there's hundreds, thousands of hours of work gone into that. the 2020 world expo will be held in dubai. stefanie dekker was there when the news came through.
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cheer cheer >> the tallest tower in the world explodes to announce the expo in 2020 is coming to dubai. the anticipation had been building all day. >> it was a great event in dubai, continuing to achieve a milestone. it's important for the city. dubaians came back with a real opportunity to be on the map of the world. now the real work will begin. it's hard to remember how dubai was sand. like this vast empty space, which will be the canvas to host the expo. many will tell you that dubai's ambitions come together perfectly through the expo. >> it will be, in one way or the other, dubai's ultimate coming out party.
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so there is the sense that this direction that we have been heading to, all this - that the government has been walking for, the business community has been working for, all is going for and the expo headlines that. >> that will but dubai on the world map. dubai hopes to attract 25 million visitors during a 6-month-long expo. that means it needs tens of thousands of hotel room in a city where in a peak season the average room goes for $400 a night. it won't come cheap. estimated costs of getting the city ready is $8 billion. >> there's a concern that following the economic crisis of 2008 dubai's financial health is fragile. >> skepticism is there. dubai raised questions around the world because we do things
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fast. the country sees this as the opportunity. that is certainly the feeling here, that dubai's successful bid means good things. everyone here is confident that the tinie desert emirate will deliver on a promise to give the world an unforgettable experience. into you want sometimes before into you want sometimes before you even know you want it. you even know you want it. black friday game plan. black friday game plan. a super shopper who has had a super shopper who has had elaborate plan of attack down elaborate plan of attack down pat for months. pat for months. i'm ali velshi. i'm ali velshi. this is real money. this is real money. >> this is real money. >> this is real money. you are the most important part you are the most important part of the show. of the show. join our conversation on twitter join our conversation on twitter at aj real money. at aj real money. 's


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