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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello there, welcome to the news hour. with the word's top news stories. there's the confrontation in cairo after the jailing of teenager girl protestors. counting the dead schley lain cassettes out to discover how many people dies in almost 30 years of war.
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>> as mp's vote for change in the right to die law. >> in the florida keys where plans to release genetically modified mosquitoes have some residents deeply concerned. >> . >> asking the governor to pardon a group of young women who have been sentenced to 11 years in jail. seven of those who were arrested at the same time, they will be held in a juvenile detention facility, because they are under the age of 16. a rally against the sentencing and one person has been killed by security forces. riot police used tier gas and water guns to disperse hundreds of people. muslim supporters of the president mo hamed morsy. those young women were sentenced on wednesday for protesting against the government. they have been charged
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with gathering illegally, and obstructing roads. >> crossover live to our con respondent, who is joining us from the capitol kairo, any more news? any of the latest developments on those young women? >> well, the situation is at a standstill at the moment, as you mentioned, the uproar in this country is quite big and it's really across the board here. you heard from many different parties who don't necessarily see eye to eye, but on this one, they do agree that this sentencing was way too harsh, and was probably politically motivated. more than anything else. it has been throughout the day protests at kairo university. there have been clashes with security forces, one person has died and then later on in the evening they had the revolutionary youth who
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are protest r downtown. all you have is that one more reason piled up. to today they were demanding their release of the 21 girls, and they were also demanding the annihilation of the protests that made this happen. >> what extent is there support in egypt for this very tough new law? >> well, it really depends who you speak to. if you speak the more politicized people here, you will find a outcry really whether it is the anti-coup alliance people, you will find the same condemnation that is oppressive law that the penalties that this law spells out, way too harsh for things for the
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crimes. and that really opens the door for the security forces to use the same reprezzive method, and they are saying that is already happening on the streets. but then if you look at the wider public. well, they are -- they do back this law, they do back the idea of having a strong government that will stand by the law and the security forces because they are semimy very worried about where this country is heading and they are very worried to see the country in another wave of mass protests, another wave of protests that can bring another change. there is an urge and a need for the economy to stand on its feet, at the level has increased. more people have fallen above the poverty line. they are factorings are suring down, so these people all they want to do now is see the country move ahead, go there thaw
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very sensitive period that is gawp coming now. ratifying the referendum, and then go to elections so there is some sort of stability. >> and the government indeed is showing no signs of backing away from these. well, the government says very clearly that it stands behind the law, that it is not there to stifle any civil rights for anyone but to proticket the rights of others and to regulate the right to demonstrate, and also point the finger at the fact that most of the countries around the world do have such a law. the prime minister did meet with some of the rue man rights activists, and other ngos in the country. they did put forward a list of amendments they would like to see. they haven't heard any response to that yet,
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whether those amendments will happen or not, it is something we will have to wait and see. they want to show this is a strong government, that doesn't yield to street pressure from we it comes. that was a criticism that former president mo hamed morsy had. decrees or laws only to rescind on them, a few hours later, and he was at the time ridiculed by a lot of people in this country. so i think the government is very much aware of that. and is very much aware there is a good chunk of the government that wants a good government at this time. >> many thing for joining us. >> he is due to meet his counter part. since iran's new government took office this year. that is degree over the three islands in the beer
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sean gulf, and support for syria's uprising. >> at least six people are dead after two roadside bombings in afghanistan. the wises went off after -- one after another, in the eastern province. the second blast caused most of the deaths. >> antigovernment protestors in thailand's capitol have cut off power and water supplies to police head guarders. headquarters. >> thousands are protesting in defiance of prime minister's plea to call off the demonstrations. they insist they will not negotiate, and want to see her government brought down. florence louie has more. >> this now looks to be the new activity for antigovernment protests entering its 6th straight day. now, this is where the top protests leaders let demonstrators out a day earlier, and on thursday
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this is where he held meetings and approached the protestors. as you can see, many have come well prepared. they have brought sleeping bags, they have brought tents, they are clearly in this long for the haul. and these protests already having an effect on the administration day-to-day activities. we have been told that 70% of staff are on leave. and the government approached so far seems to be to try and wait this out while the protestors attempt to provoke the government into some sort of action. now, a bold and brazen move, demonstrators cut power to the police head guarders. but the prime minister whose earlier survived vote of no confidence has kept her word she will not use violence to break up the rallies. european leaders are meeting for talks with
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the former soviet republics. yes, the e.u. summit is just getting underway. events in neighboring ukraine have cast a cloud over the meeting. the eastern partnership was created to strengthen e.u. ties with six countries in the former soviet union. georgia, armenia, bell rules, and ukraine. but now only two of those countries georgia and muldova will be signs agreements with the e.u. at the summit. ukraine last week suspended plans to sign the deal. we will make it very clear from now on, that the e.u. is ready to take on ukraine to sign an association agreement. i don't have any hope that it will have the best time, but the door is open.
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shortly we will talk to david who is standing by in kia. first, where talks are takes place. so jona, so far the despite having turned his back on that deal, will it be rather awkward when he meets the leaders. >> i'd imagine it will be. he is going to have dinner with the other lebaneseers on thursday night. and among them, they will be those who are ex-freely disappointed, extremely frustrated at the decision he has taken. negotiations went on for six years joining this -- signing up for this partnership, it was to be the center piece of this meeting. the message from the union seems to be that the deal remains on the table, but i don't think there will be many people in the room who will think it can be salvaged here, and now. those they may retain hope for the future.
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the reasoning being that they come here with mixed messages. you have ukraine's first deputy prime minister, who has been speaking during the week, he said his country needs europe. it needs a european course. on the other hand, you have victor. >> itch, the president who will be here, he says he won't change his mind, he say he is coming here to clarify, he says what the european union was offering in the face of threats of sanctions, and lost revenue from russia, was "a humiliation." the message from the ukrainians then that they belt they had no real choice. again, we absolutely don't want to be a battlefield between the e.u. and russia. with words like blackmail, being banded forth between the european union and
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russia, as i'm sure we will hear from david, with thousands of protestors the country has become a battleground between the u.k. and russia. whether it likes it or not. >> all right, thank you very much. let's join then david who is live for us. so pretty strong feelings there? >> david, if you can hear me, lauren taylor asking you about strong feelings where you are on this issue of e.u. stronger ties with the e.u.? >> yes, lauren,ky just about hear you, a lot of noise coming from the square independent square behind me. but essentially i think most of the people here have 95% certain that we're not going to see a last minute u-turn by the ukrainian president on this issue. they know that the move towards europe is going
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through a pause. but i have been gauging opinion all day, among the people down on that square, let's hear what they have to say. >> . >> the crowds were sweating in the independent square, as the protests entered their 7th successive night. on the've of the u.s., which should have seen ukraine signing up to europe. the claim that ifn't the money or threats by the cream len that made their presence turn his back on years of negotiations. it was the demand from buts sells to free his arch rival from prison. the former prime minister. >> i think it is very much about his personal alliance. he knows that it is probably the most prominent feature in opposition, and who can be the toughest to the next election. >> today started with the national anthem. ukraine hasn't died yet, no glory, nor freedom they sang. paris is a veteran
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protestor, now 73 and a great grandfather, he took part in the orange revolution nine years ago. he credit that spirit with helping him survive three cardiac arrests. it's certain he hasn't dimmed his appetite or his determination to see his country move towards europe. >> i think the youth of our country will achieve inspiration, but we don't expect any help from our president. he is a axoning man. >> the strong tactics used by the cream lib to keep ukraine out of the european union, threaten add new role in relation between russia and brussells. i am a huge optimist, and a romantic, but i am 95% sure our president won't sign the agreement. there is still hope though, and i will stay here for that remaining 5%. >> the focus will now move to the summit in lithuania where the president of ukraine will
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have explaining to do to his counter parts. but the demonstrations here will continue even when he returns. the organizers are predicting a big turn out this weekend. >> and david, what effect do you think this will have on other countries in the region. >> well, i think everybody is watching what is p has to ukraine, but most specifically, the poorest country in europe that's also due to sign up at this agreement in the lithuaniaen summit, and also of course georgia. now both of these countries are very vulnerable to the strong arm tacticses that have been used by the kremlin on the ukraine. and they must look with some dismay at the decision, not to sign up at the e.u. summit. because that will leave them even more exposed and vulnerable than they are already. most of the money that gets into the country
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comes from remittances and many are working as the moment working on the olympics, the winter olympics. now russia has said that if it moves towards europe, they could well stop those migrants working in russia and expel them. that would have a huge impact, and we know, of course that russian troops are already occupying two parts of georgia, we know the vulnerables as well, they have only just got their wine exports bark, so which economic weapon is very effective, and the cream lib are pretty determined to use it. >> thank you very much, indeed. live for us there. >> the final activists of the group known as the arctic 30 has been given bail in russia. colt lynn russell was one of 30 people arrested after drilling for oil in the sea. they are awaiting trial. the group faces charges of hooliganism, which
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could turn them into prison for up to seven years. more europe nation in the news hour, let's go back to laura. >> analgesic collusive. in control of syria's biggest oil fields. plus. >> the source is everywhere. it is inside our house, we don't know where to go. >> raw sewage floods the streets of gaza posing a major health risk to families. and in sport, international match fixing scandal has spread to english football. >> lebanon.e boarder with in aleppo, 15 people have been killed and many more injuried in heavy shelling.
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activists say a helicopter dropped highly explosive bombs of the city. damascus, government forces have been bombing on the outskirts of the city. activists also claiming that the regime has used chemical weapons. this video appears to show people in hospital being treated for chemical poisons. in homes there's been heavy fighting loyal to president asaad. united nations says that over 3 million people have now fled the war in syria. speaking the high commissioner of refugees said the officials hide the truex tent of the issue. so the international commute needs to get greater support to the neighboring country, shelters those who have escaped the violence. >> this is the moment for the international community to fully understand that the
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support provided to the countries of the region needs to be strongly enhanced. needs to be really messaged, because there is a risk for the space. if that doesn't happen. syria's biggest oil field is now being run by fighters linked to al quaida. they seized the field after heavy fighting last week. al jazeera has been to the facility and talked to the rebels who said they have restarted parts of the plant. armed and ready, these exclusive pictures show rebel fighters belonging to the front on patrol in syria's largest oil field. the group took control in the eastern outskirts of province, after days of fighting last week. after intense fighting the army pulled out in the direction of the boarder. thank god we imposed our
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control, and seized seven tanks. >> the loss of the oil field leaves the government shut out from almost all of the oil reserves. syria's oil and gas fields are concentratedded in the north and east. >> here in addition to the oil well there's a natural gas field and a power plant. they provide energy for the majority of the provinces eastern suburbs. >> to safeguard it against looting and sabotage. >> looters aren't the only threat, the regime's air force continues to target the area, the rebels have so far escaped unharmed but some oil tanks have been hit. seeding control of the field was a major achievement, but it will also test their ability to run such vital installations.
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we have been getting reports in of an earthquake in iran. at least seven people have been killed. the 5.6 magnitude quake northeast. channels were also felt as far as saudi arabia. we will be keeping a close eye on that development there. >> people in gaza aawaiting knee deep in raw sewage. >> you can smell the problem gaza faces even if it is harder to see nit the dark. raw sewage flowing through the streets straight into people's homes. >> the source is everywhere, it is inside our house, we don't noah to go. >> there was no way of pumping the waste out because that needs electricity, which needs fuel and there is little
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of that here. the power station has been closed. ever since egypt's president was removed hundreds of smuggling tunnels that would bring fuel in have been destroyed. patients disappeared long ago. we can't afford to stay like this. >> this is where the sewage would normally be treated. the equipment has been turned off. it's not being pumped into the streets it is being pumped straight out to sea, there is nowhere else for it to go. what you don't get a sense of unless you are here, is the smell. it is absolutely horrendous, it is also really hot at the moment. if disease have going to spread in these conditions it won't take long. >> which is where the hospitals come in.
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the surge could break these instantly, and that is the last thing these premature babies need. >> may may be in danger, actually. and we have a very small tiny baby, we have babies 800-grams. blue this baby is sensitive for any type of interest. >> it is up to car head larches to show the way. candles whole families have to live and work around one flickering flame. gaza has few options but officials say it is taxed too much, and this can't
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afford to pay. on thursday, the u.n. swept into town by convoy with news, turkey has come to the rescue albeit temporarily with some emergency supplies. that doesn't resolve the fuel crisis in gaza. but it does provide a safety net we hope. >> is sewage will be back, the test race never goes away. the people of gaza will remain hopeful, resourceful, they have little choice otherwise. >> at al jazeera, gaza. >> our french algerian football has been locked in a pay battle for 17 months has finally left the gulf state and arrived in paris. in june, 2012, they file add complaint against the club, management insisted he would not be granted
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an exit unless he dropped the case. talk now to our sports director, he got this exit, did he drop the case. >> well, certainly it was a surprise, because negotiations were on going, with his people, and with the club, to get in this exit permit, the case had been taken on at the very very highest level, along the french president was here, recently as june. and he raised the case with the authorities seemingly with no success. and as recently as last week, the latest roundses of negotiation came to nothing, and then -- i suppose you call the betrayed union for international footballers they got involved they said they are going to be sending a delegation arriving today to investigate the case. and as soon as they got involved it seems that the exit permit was pushed through, and as i said, he has arrived in
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paris, and due to give a press scone presence in the next few minutes. >> i'm sure he will have a few things to say. any other footballers facing circumstances here. >> they haven't given any specific names but he has claimed there are other plays his brother as well said that their young men in catar in a similar situation. they have sent the delegation, they are going to be meeting with the football association, to discuss this system. the responsive system which sometimes to have caused the problems. and i'm sure if there are any other cases they will be rating those with the authorities. >> face this issue of exit permits do you think that this case has been highlighted is now going to deter other professional footballers from coming here? >> not in the least, because the kind of footballers that are coming here, the top level players they seem cat tar as a great place to wind down their careers. it is very very well
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paid, obviously no taxing here, and as i say it is a great way to wind down a long professional career, and on a whole, i think most players have had a good experience, obviously this one hasn't turned out so well, fortunately a line seems to be drawing under this particular case. >> okay, well thank you very much, what else do we have coming up for us. >> in about half an hour's time, who best avoiding the rather unusual water hazards as the golf championship in south africa. >> and also coming up in this news hour, it may look beautiful, but is this lake is actually toxic, we will tell you why. plus, don't rain on my parade, we are in new york for the annual thanksgiving celebration.
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protesting. one person is being killed as demonstrators rally against the sentences. over 3 million people have now fled the war in syria. which is sheltering those who escaped the violence. >> representatives are expected to try and persuade the ukrainian president to change its mind about rejecting a free trade agreement in favor of ties with russia. thousanding of antigovernment protestors have taken to the streets. sri lanka's government has announce at census to find out how many people died in decades of civil war. more than 100,000 people are believed to have been killed. but there's no official tally. and it was what happened in the northeast part of the country that is the most controversial.
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the u.n. and human rights grouped have accused atrocities against civilians. 40,000 people were killed in just a matter of weeks. now after intense international pressure, the government says it is going to survey thousands in the next six months to compile an official report. but fernandez reports not many people are convinced that the survey will be credible. >> this latest census comes amido mounding pressure on the government to carry out a credible independent investigation into what happened during the last stages of the conflict in 2009. now there are allegations that up to 40,000 civilians were killed during the last stages with many fingers pointing to the military. the government has denied this and says it has nothing to hide. it has said various figures amido accusations but it will reveal the true facts.
1:33 pm
credittics argue this is another process by the government, and that it lacks credibility, but the government has said that they should be trusted that they have very capable people, and that they are going to carry this out and bring out the truth. in one month take a look on the time factor. the concessions come up in march, and the government has been put on notice by the international community that it must deliver on accountability. >> guatemala's lake used to be considered one of the most beautiful in the world, but in recent years it has been spoiled by toxic pollution. now the government the is trying to turn things around. >> ever since he can remember, pass quell hernandez has been fishing these waters. for years he could support his family using only a hook, a line, and some bait, but that was back when fish were plentiful, before changes
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to the ecologysy saw his catch getting smaller and smaller. this is the size of the fish we catch these days but it is hard to sell one these small. normally people buy fish that weighs at least half a pound. for decades raw sewage and agriculture run off have emptied into the lake. finally, in 2009, the lake struck back. a type of algae transformed the once kris lean waters into a foul smelling soup. tourism plummeted, and the government swept in, promising tens of millions of dollars to stop the pollution. but four years later scientists say the contamination has only gotten worse. levels are increasing and
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biologists fear they could mew tate and become toxic. bad news for the hundreds of thousands of people who live around the lake. we have more nutrients here because there is no sewage treatment from santiago, all the nutrients come out directly into the lake. santiago is also a town that gets 100% of its water, drinking water is pumped out of the lake. they do chlorinate it but there is also a potential for problems. >> stopping the flow of raw sewage is the only way to save the lake, and with more than $100 million earmarked for water and sanitation here, money is not the issue. so scientists told us what the problems are. the technology to solve the problems is here, so what is missing? the awareness of the population and the political decision to put the resources that are already here, to work in order to make the transformation. authorities plan to have seven fully functioning waste treatment plants in place, by 2016.
1:36 pm
a step in the right direction, one bass quell hopes will save his lake. >> let's get back now to those reports there's been an earthquake in iran. the emergency chief has said that at least seven people have been killed. let's go straight now to surel lenny. just how extensive the damage been? >> well, it's lift to tell at the moment, because it is so early, it is about very late at night. but we do know the earthquake hit about 60-kilometers away from northeast of bushar where iran has a nuclear reactor, that's on the south coast of iran, a place called boris john. we know there's about seven people killed, unofficially we hear
1:37 pm
about nine people killed, 30 injuries around seven people -- 17 people in hospital. and as far as saudi arabia, apparently they felt this quake, of course, the concern is going to be finding these people in such an area that one of the villages in that area and not really a built up area as well. but of course, the security of that nuclear facility as well. >> okay. i'm sure we will be getting more news out of iran as the hours go on. we are come back to you as more information as we need to, thank you for the update. the senate committee has approve add change that would remove age limits from countries existing euthanasia law. a psychologist would be required to decide whether a child was capable of choosing to die, and the decision would have to be approved be i the parent's.
1:38 pm
>> it's just a final option that a minor who is terminally ill will have. i have too much pain, there's no way that we can relieve the pain, i would like to die now. and that's a possibility that we have to given. in certain circumstances. >> we are not enthusiastic about this vote, because it is imprecise, it is not coherent. but most of all, it puts on the minor a weight, a considerable weight about the decision when this child may be only a few day as few weeks from dying. as i understand it, you are working with terminally ill children, do you think they are capable of making a decision of this? >> i don't think they are capable and the basis of the law for the adults,
1:39 pm
the law of 2002 is the awe ton my of children one or two or three years are not capable of this, and so neither are children of seven or eight years. they are not capable of this autonomy. i see another problem in patients who would have think teen, 14, years like for instance, girls who have a disease which is close to depression, with the desire to die. while they will have the awe ton my to decide to die, and they could even obtain euthanasia are the parents are not too much opposed to it. we have a slippery slope with the law for adults in belgium, which was also introduced for very very exceptional cases of terminally ill patients with suffering. so with this argument they have allowed the law in adults now they start this law for children also with very -- a lot of restrictions but you will see in ten years these restrictions will fall away. >> the argument on the
1:40 pm
other side, in brussells about this saying doctors do terminate the lives of children, as well as adults but today it is done in a gray zone. so they are saying this puts in place a legal frame work for something that happens anyway yes, that was also the argument in 2002, but we have seen that today still we have a lot of gray zone, and a lot of euthanasia which is not declared to the commission, which should evaluate in belgium. because the doctors simply doesn't fill? the paper. so there is still a gray zone. the law has not taken away the gray zone. i think doctors we have all the means that are necessary to take away pain, to take away suffering to take away anxiety, to take away patient's symptoms with morphine.
1:41 pm
and that in the worst case scenario, we can always doseddation. in that way, of acting we are treating the symptoms. but we are not directly and intentionally killing the patient. for me there is no gray zone between good care there's a clear clear distinction. >> thank you very much very much indeed. thank you. despite being kicked out of parliament. his news papeser calling it a coupe, but the critics are welcoming the vote. so where does this live one of italian's boast known characters. the day after the end of a political era in rome. and the newspaper called it a cue data, although it says he will have his revenge.
1:42 pm
he once stood side by side with the most powerful leaders in the world. but scandals rule and so eventually did his legal difficulties. culminating in his expunge from parliament. my mood was not a mood of celebration, nonetheless, it was a good day. inside, even his supporters say he is a disappointed man, who must now redefine his role in italian public life. he can still attract crowds. some of his supporters agree with his antileftist rhetoric. some admire his style, his wealth, maybe even his ability to break the
1:43 pm
ruled. in the senate, i found that sun porters are loyal to their disgraced leader. because there is a number of italians who still see him a the one who can defeat the left. and as he did in the past. and the opinion polls of these days say that we are leading. this is why he is still alive. be whether he is finished politically on not, it is unlikely if he will get what italy need as strong government that can unite people around difficult reforms. thank you very much, still to come on the program, including a license to thrill 100 years of moving memorabilia, about to go under the hammer, bring you a preview. and in sports the final games to qualify for 2020
1:44 pm
crick cut world cup are decided. we will be back here with all the details.
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in the u.s., it is hopeds they will breed with existing mosquitoes and stop them from spread den guy fever. from a particular species another mosquito which spreads den gee.
1:46 pm
the mosquitoes have been released into the wild where they breed. the results in a passive decline in mosquito numbers and a reduction in the spread of dengue fever. as they wait approval to release these, not everybody is behind the scheme. in the florida keys mosquito control is a serious business. these islands are homes to dozens of different kinds of mosquito, but it is this one that is the biggest cause for concern. it carries the dengue virus, which led to a mass of outbreaks here. british scientists have developed a male mosquito implanted with a geep that kills their own offspring, scientists claim it is a cheaper and far more effective way of
1:47 pm
controls the insects. >> it is a reasonable method to control mosquitoes that is that poses very little harm to the environment. i would say none. and as far as as human health is concerned i have not seen anything that concerns me. >> the authorities here refer to the fight against depp fever as. there is much as stake, but there are those in the local community that say despite the risks tampering with mother nature may not be the solution. >> one of those who contracted dengue fever. he along with others has a stern warning for the authorities. >> to do it really properly, to make sure that every step of the way has been done with rigorous scientific overview and scientific researcher, and the upmost care. >> but for den gee
1:48 pm
experts there are other considerations. i would be against anything that takes away from personal responsibility, cleaning up your yard, making you think it is someone else's job. >> novak sin nagin dengue fever currently exists. if mosquitoes are released here, it would be controversial, but also closely watched. key west, florida. >> the c.e.o. of oxy tech limited. he says the mosquitoes actually work. >> itworks very well. we have done several tries. we are most advanced in brazil, and every trial we have done, we have thousand we have reduced the mosquito population by over 90%. so it is very very effective, and you can't
1:49 pm
get that level ofth cassie with any other conventional approach. you can kill a mosquito with a spray, but you can't bring down the population in the and i the level you need to to stop dengue fever. and most of the mosquitoes that will live in the town and cities live in and around the home. they exclusively bite humans. and unless you have continued access to people's houses and can go and spray when you want, you are not going to control them. and in today's urban civilization, that's not feasible. >> things get confused with g.m. crops because it carries certain messages and this is very very different with the g.m. crop you are given a crop an advantage that sends spread through a number of generations. what ewith are doing is giving the mosquito the biggest disadvantage it
1:50 pm
can have. to not be able to breathe properly. and it's a finite end. it doesn't persist in the environment, because both the mosquitoes we release and their offspring die. >> okay, let's get more sport now. >> two men have now been charged and a seven has been arrested over allegations of match fixing in english football. with the football association, three of the men are believed to be players another a premier league player. targets with fixes focusing on the goals scored markets the investigation is centered on a sipping pore base illegal betting syndicate. these arrest follow a undercover investigation by a british newspaper that caught some of the suspects on camera. >> our correspondent has
1:51 pm
more from london. >> the football association has been kept in touch throughout this investigation by the national crime agency, and the thing to make clear first of off, is this is not english premier matches. that would be the first concern, the fist thing people think about when they think about english football. they say they weren't contacted about police about this, which looks pretty clear, that it is not a football league matter either. so we are talking about nonleague. people may be surprised that we are talking about huge global betting but this is what happens. the match fixes targeting a low level of matches where they can manipulate more, where there is more
1:52 pm
opportunity the plays are not paid very much, and this is a chance and a hot bed for corruption. and this is what has happened in this instant. it isn't the first in english football. arrested actually in australia. so the tentacles of match fix willing everywhere. england like most people are clearly effected. >> warsaw police say 120 fans have been arrested after they attacked police ahead of europea league match. the group is approaching half time, leading 1-nil, in group a, they faced valencia. the 3-nil win over the span yards in september, was one of the most famous victories in their history. since then, they won all three of their matches to top the group, and they qualified fast the last 32. if we befall this competition, we said going into the fit game playing at home, we can
1:53 pm
decide for ourselves it would have signed it immediately, so -- i think we are in a very very good position, and i would just have to finish it. >> 26 matches in total on thursday. rue ban kaz zahn are already through, and they are doing 1-1. they will go free if they hold on to their lead. now for the past fortnight, 16 cricket nations have been fighting for the right to join the world's best 2020. there was six spots up for grabs and on thursday, the time two teams decided hong kong booked their first appearance. 138 to victory, they then struggled in reply, 29 runs short of the requires. well, the nether-lands will make their first appearance since famously
1:54 pm
upsetting the 2009 tournament. but the dutch chased down the target to win by eight. here are the six qualify european unions that will be going to been la dispatch. nepal, ireland, hong kong. and the united emeritus. any speculation that the english football lan says the decision has been made with the future success in mind. massive championship adam scott could become the second man to claim who is known as the triple crown of australian gulf. they won the australian p.g.a. and the world cup of golf.
1:55 pm
scott birdies the first six holes and finished with a ten under par, gave them a three shot lead of the royal sidney court. meanwhile, there is some interesting water hazards on display. they managed to avoided him as they went a seven round. more sport on our website, also details on how to get in touch with our team using twitter and facebook. >> thank you very much. >> now, turkey, traveling and of course testing that credit card as always, the annual public thanksgiving is celebrated in the united states. millions of people braving chilly temperatures in new york to watch the spectacular annual parade. 50 million people are expected to watch it on television.
1:56 pm
more from the parade in new york. if the wind is going too fast, and it was borderline until the vs. last minute, and finally masseys and the police made the decision yes they would fly the 16 big character balloons that you will see go by. they are hugely popular here in the united states. and indeed, thank giving and the masseys thanksgiving day parade, such a tradition, people turn out in the millions. 50 million watching it on t.v., it isn't just frivolous. the masseys workers when they started the company. they were all immigranted and they wanted to recognize their new country, and give thanks to their new country, so this parade was started
1:57 pm
and today, there are 8,000 volunteers on the 2 1/2 mile course. there are i think from memory, 16 big balloons, 30 smaller ones. 11 marching bands, 1600 major retts and cheerleaders, and 900 clowns. clowns have all been to the massey's clown university for training. so it is a very big day here. >> finally something for the movie fans amongst you, audrey help bring's gown, and one of madonna's iconic bras 100 items that are going under the hamner london p all the to mark 100 years of pop culture, and to raise money for charity. the online only auction, ends the first week of december. be sure to go and have a look. barbara has more right ahead.
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2:00 pm so al jazeera these are the stories we are following for you. flying high, winds couldn't stop the giant balloons at the thanksgiving day parade. counting their blessings, commutes hard hit by those midwest tornadoes. and some say black friday shopping is dropping. why the biggest day for retailers is now losing its luster. >> the balloons d


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