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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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>> hello and welcome to al jazeera america, i'm jonathan betz in new york. egypt in turmoil. protest triggered by young women behind bars. the crime they're convicted of. political tension. military muscle being waged over the sea in japan. and what joe biden hopes to put pressure,. and the holiday season is underway, the deals to be had and where help is most needed.
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>> welcome and a happy thanksgiving to you. across the country, family and friends are celebrating and shopping. we'll bring you more on the holiday festivities at home and abroad but now we want to start in egypt, where alah fatal has been arrested, in defiance of a new law. earlier egyptian security forces used water cancan on killing one student. sentenced up to 11 years in prison. hoda amil has more from cairo. >> certainly there was an uproar across the board. people were angered seeing this 14 girls standing in that cage in the court and being treated
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as if they were high-risk criminals. now these groups do belong to a group called the 7:00 a.m. movement, that is a movement that does support the anticoup alliance and former president mohamed morsi. but typically what they did before going to school or university they stood in the street for about half an hour sometimes carrying balloons with the sign of their anticoup loins on it. on the day they got detained they were forming a human chain. now they were sentenced for thuggery, for destruction of public property among other charges. something that the lawyer says they will now appeal. but certainly it raises a lot of questions for many people here, especially if they were detained before the protest law happened and then they were charged right in the middle of the europe roar that exists in this country because of that protest law.
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cairo university and other universities actually have been in turmoil for quite a while. the anticoup alliance has been holding a lot of the demonstration in there, students that support them are holding those demonstrations. they do turn violent once in a while and today that is exactly what happened. now according to the interior ministry the students actually spilled outside the campus. the security forces used the protocol that is now spelled out by this protest law, which first verbally warn the students to go back inside the combust -- campus. the students stayed outside, they fired a water cannon. we heard that one student has died with bird shot. it is an escalation that keeps going on. with this protest it's very difficult for anyone at this stage to carry out any kind of
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protest because simply because the students have to go through the dean of the university and the dean of the university has to ask the security minister for permission. it is a feeling like the government is trying to all out stifle, just when if country is going to head towards a constitutional referendum that promises to be quite a heated debate on this. >> let's bring in sahar aziz, a member of the egyptian rule of law association. hajar, what does this say about the state of the law in egypt right now? >> well i think it shows that the military forces are desperate and exposes their fear of legitimacy.
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up from 18 to 21, sentence them up to 11 years in prison it shows a mockery of the law and shows that they lack legitimacy. >> the rule of law in the military government in egypt, do you think those kinds of stories are causing a shift in that support? >> yes, i think many of us including myself are very concerned about july 3rd as representing a military coup were concerned that it was going to start out as a brutal reaction to the muslim brotherhood, now being arrested detained, left in the middle of the desert, sexually harassed and so the brutal police state is returned. >> and so what is the long term fear now for egypt? >> well, the long term fear is how can you have a state that in
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fact is democratic in tune with egyptian ideals but not run by the military and not run by for example the muslim brotherhood who abused their powers, for one year, but how account egyptian government find meaningful ways to express their dissent? the government is very corrupt. and many of the groups that are protesting that's their last resort. they ask for amendments to the constitution and they get completely ignored. the last resort is protesting. and bringing back the mubarak regime absent matt underwood m .
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>> clearly it doesn't understand the region. obama's policy has been consistently to wait and see which horse is going to win in a particular race. i.e. dispute. and that has exposed america's disinterest. on the one hand america supported the elections and morsi won fairly. on the other hand, they now support the military which conducted a coup and they keep flip-flopping and i think all it does is make america less relevant and as you see with general asisi, he is now going to, what its values are stick with them and be consistent. >> does it make it less relevant but does it also make the united states possibly less influential there? >> absolutely, when i mean less relevant, i mean less
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influential. many of those who started the revolution viewed america as supporting and propping up the dictatorship, the mubarak dictatorship. that was the case around the middle east, people hoped that the people not the government would support their own government, let's support this democratic movement that is authentic and indigenous. but what's happening is the american government is doing business as usual, let's focus on our own geopolitical interests, protecting the border with israel and democracy is a lofty talking point. secretary kerry and president obama need to be more consistent and forceful in supporting democracy through industrial reforms, not necessarily supporting a particular party,
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but in supporting fair and free elections, the right for people to protest and have freedom of expression and freedom of peace so long as it's not absolutely disruptive. but this antiprotest law is the absolute extreme. you can't get permission to protest against the police which is what most of the protests are about without going to the police to get permission. the police are going to delay the granting of a permit or they're going to brutally attack protestors. >> the crack down certainly continues there without question. thank you oyour time tonight, happy thanksgiving to you. >> china has sent war planes, escalating the tension over its newly declared air defense zone. this comes after japan and south korea flew planes over the same area, defying china. two days earlier united states flew planes over that air space.
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stephanie skalwin has more. >> it might take one tiny miscalculation or one tiny misunderstanding and these islands could become the center of a large international conflict. to the japanese, they are the sinkarkus, to the chinese the dius. air defense identification zone or addz, they're the most talked about area. >> china japan and korea are all facing domestic issues and they want to divert people's attention to security and diplomatic measures. these countries want to find another issue they can quarrel about. >> china's decision to impose its control over the air space has upset its immediate neighbors, japan and south korea, but the chinese argue it
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is u.s. that is most annoyed. >> the addz was originally introduced by the united states after japan's defeat in the second world war to secure japan's safety. this is a u.s. invention and china is trying to introduce a new order. that is why the u.s. is more sensitive to this than japan. >> and on the streets of tokyo, there is concern. >> translator: i just can't understand why anyone would do this. if you don't know what your neighbor's thinking that becomes a reason to be afraid. >> my feelings of mistrust, anxiety and nervousness has all increased. >> until a u.n. survey more than 40 years ago, that suggested there could be large oil deposits beneath the sea bed around them. and that's what got taiwan and then china originally interested. but now, with so many countries
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involved a small misstep could have serious quebses for peace in the -- consequence for peace in the region. that's why vice president joe biden hopes-avoided when he visits the region next week. with oil deposits yet to be proven the islands hold little value and it could all be a high stakes confrontation over nothing. stephanie scalwan, al jazeera. >> according to the associated press the u.s. is looking to destroy thing chemical weapons of syria, in international watchdog agency needs to approve the idea first. and the u.n. says iran has given inspectors the green light to tour one of its nuclear plants. the international nuclear reactor agency, the deal signed
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with six world powers calls for work at that plant to be stopped. afghanistan's president says a u.s. air strike wounded one child and killed two women today. president hamid karzai is still in a standoff with the u.s. over an agreement that could drive american troops out of afghanistan by 2014. he says he won't sign the pact if strikes like this continue. in bangkok protestors have cut off power and water to the police headquarters. they are accusing the priessments of corruption -- prime minister of crumtion and demanding she -- corruption of demanding she step down. hundreds of thousands demonstrated this week. in kiev, they were protesting sequential of talks with the european union. the crowds were calling on
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government officials to sign that trade pact and back away of relations with russia. >> hello there, we are looking at some much better weather than we were yesterday but a lot of people are still dealing with snow across the great lakes. particularly across parts of michigan. you can see it pushing there, as well as pennsylvania and new york. yesterday was horrible travel conditions across pennsylvania, particularly highways 80 and 81. snow all day long. snow is continuing today. snow is across the northeast, new york at 32, soon go below freezing, neighbor not that low, maybe to 27 we think. washington is at 34, atlanta 38. down here towards the south it was very cold last night. hard freeze warnings were all along the gulf coast. we don't expect the same thing tonight but it is still going to be quite cool. well, that is what we're looking
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at. lake effect snow could be dumping anywhere from six to eight inches still across many areas but by tomorrow the winds are going to change, that is going to end, things are going to get better. i'll bring you your friday forecast as well as sunday where people are going to be returning home. >> coming together with a holiday meal, served with a generous helping of community spirit. we were supposed to be shopping tomorrow, right? why, then, are people shopping tonight? jennifer glasse join us. >> i'm staff sergeant amber wilson, located in afghanistan, i just wanted to wish my family and friends back hoanl a special holidays and i want to give a special shout-out to my students at sherwood middle and high
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>> well, the balloons did fly in the 87th macy's thanksgiving parade in new york. high winds threatened to ground the festivities and the temperatures in the 30s but the crowds certainly did come out today in midtown. to the white house, where the president reminded americans to be thankful for here and abroad. >> the freedoms to think what we want and say what we think, to worship according to our own beliefs. >> obama talked to ten service members this afternoon, wechg them a happy thanksgiving. the first family is enjoying a low key holiday, surrounded by close friends and family. the seasonal sales, some even starting today. jennifer glasse is live in new york at macy's flagship store. it is one of a handful of retailers open today. jennifer open today on thanks
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for the first time ever, right? >> that's right. for the first time in macy's 155-year history it's broken with tradition and opened its doors on thanksgiving day. it happened just a few minutes ago. and hundreds of shoppers poured in. we spoke to some of them, a lot of foreigners visiting from out of town, brazil, other places, it didn't matter to them that it was thanksgiving, but others in new york, said they didn't have anything better to do, some traveled here just to shop at macy's. macy's not the only retailer breaking with tradition, kohl's opening on thanksgiving as well as j.c. penney and staples. target opened, walmart opened up its thanksgiving specials,
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opened a little bit earlier this year as retailers try oget a jump start on the hop day shopping season. >> talks about that, why are so many stores opening earlier on thanksgiving than they ever have before? >> i think it's a combination of things jonathan, first of all, the shopping season is shorter this year because thanksgiving is so late. also these retailers that have these big stores are competing with online shops. internet shopping. and i think that's taken a big bite out of their business. but a couple of retailers are actually trading on the fact that places like macy's are opening. nordstrom and costco making a point they are not opening on thanksgiving because it is a family holiday and they want to keep it that way. >> it's a little encouraging that people do think of it as a family holiday not a shopping holiday. jennifer glasse, at macy's
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aflagship o store. thank you. survivors of disastrous toarchedz banded together this -- tornadoes banded together for this time the holiday. >> when you look at the damage you see why, not much has changed, when these tornadoes hit in washington. but today, a lot of the high schools and churches were donating free meals for a lot of the victims and temperatures responders, where they have the biggest feast of all, crossroads united methodists church, so many food that was donated but they had to put on the brakes. in fact they rounded up about 1200 pounds of turkey so it kind of works out. for the victims here, this tornado really tested their faith but the results really strengthened their faith. >> these people are amazing.
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like god's soldiers on earth. they are ages fo angels for me. i adopt them all of them as a family. they are so wonderful. >> in fact, norma was telling us as she hund on for dear life as her apartment was going up around her. nearly 1500 homes were damaged or destroyed in this situation, and helping out as well as lots of donations pouring in jonathan. >> these survivors how are they coping, what else are people doing today? >> well, they're getting some good news. in fact this week president obama declared 17 counties in southern and central illinois as disaster areas. that opens up grant money to give them home loans to get their homes back in shape again and renovated and give them
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short term housing to get through all this. also yesterday, the black hawks charities, the chicago black hawks hockey team, rounded up donations as well, the governor is here. but even though they lost everything the giving still continues and will continue long after thanksgiving. >> all right, ross is here with the head lines. so broncos have something to celebrate today. >> they are very thankful on this thanksgiving. open heart surgery earlier in the month, for the coach of the broncos. the plan is to either have him in the coach's box upstairs or on the sideline on december 8th. time to cowboy up because the dallas cowboys running wild against the oakland raiders,
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three touches, fancy football points and rally back from a 14 point deficit, 31-24, dallas in first place in the nfc east, 7 and 5 record. green bay packers, matthew stafford had a monster day, 300 yards, that one to megatron, 40 to 10 for their first thanksgiving victory since 2003. as for the packers, they're expecting their aaron rogers to be back undernumbers next week. >> thanks ross. good news for spaiks junkies. comet ison was no match for sun. comet approaching for a slingshot around the sun but only a trail of dust came out
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the other end. an amateur, caught isom today. >> mike, isom went by, what can sky watchers expect next? >> the comet is there, dust is there. the nucleus isn't nearly as broit as it was. so -- bright as it was. so it's really too early to tell. i doubt we're going to see a really super-bright comet like they were predicting earlier. >> and mike this is kind of dicey, because we didn't find out until a short while ago that it actually survived. >> as of 20 minutes ago, all the reports had said it had died. and it was already expected to show up on this camera and it didn't show up and i it was really dim before it went in or dimmed a lot before it went in.
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and i got several e-mails from the top astronomers an the letter -- on the alert list saying it was gone. and then images showed up and there's clearly something left. >> isom, are we going osee something else and if so, what will we see? >> the best predictions is we could see a comet as bright as a moon, which men's it was a naked eye comet, about half hour before dawn you would see this ball in the die and a really long tail that could stretch 20 or 30° in the sky or maybe longer. we still want to look over the next three to four days you would want to wake up a half hour before dawn and look to the eastern sky and you might see something. >> well, there's been a lot of confusion earlier in the day, this was a thought that the
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comet had survived but nu there's agreement with the astronomers that it didn't survive. that was del walters talking. i can't be the company that stands up and says we care about our employees. >> a pizza hut manager says he was fired after refusing to make his employees work on thanksgiving. >> here are the headlines at >> here are the headlines at this hour. this hour. >> only on al jazeera america. >> only on al jazeera america.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz with tonight's headlines. in cairo clashes erupted between egyptian security officers and protesters, over a group of women for holding a peaceful protests. news services showed china's air space over the east china sea, move raises the stakes in the standoff with the united states, japan and south korea over the
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zone. the community of washington, illinois came together to feed the thousands of people who lost their homes in the devastating tornadoes earlier this month. about 1200 turkeys were donated for the feast. and some americans are getting a jump on the thanksgiving tradition of shopping. kmart started business at 6:00 this morning. walmart and target are opening later in the evening. but it's not happening everywhere though. laws in maine, massachusetts and rhode island, ban shopping on thanksgiving. katherine barrett, what are the crowds like out there? >> well they're growing quite a bit. this store is set to open in just half an hour. there have been people camped out here all night. there are people who started to line up this afternoon. but now the line stretches around the building and back across the parking lot. store managers say it will take
8:31 pm
until at least 9:00 p.m, even if they open in half an hour to cycle people through to get what they want. they are handing out tickets so there won't be that mad trampling dash for if -- for the door. there were people with tents up who had been camped out here all last night. >> i only had one blanket on me, like a jacket, a sweater and some sweats. my toes were frozen the whole night. >> just first time for me to stand in this line. so it's upsetting. >> we had a big brunch for thanksgiving so we did it all in for breakfast and then we came here. >> now, that young man had talked his dad into giving up that turkey dinner to come here. he saved his own pennys to pay half the cost of a 46 inch television. the gentleman who shiferred all night overnight said once he got
8:32 pm
what he thought were the best deals of the year here, he's going to leave here and go shopping at another mall. jonathan. >> jeez more shopping. i'm curious when you talked to people waiting in lines what are the specific deals they're hoping to get? >> well, again, this 46 inch television that that little boy wanted so badly, he said he could get for $300 less than the regular price by being here today. seems to be those big ticket televisions, some things like ipads, that people are really -- think they're going to invest their time in instead of their money here. but this is one of the earlier stores to open, earlier store openings across the nation. many opened not until 8:00 p.m. local time, this one at 6:00 p.m. that's a big shift from last year when they opened at midnight. certainly creeping, that consumer race to the finish line is creeping into thanksgiving.
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jonathan. >> katherine barrett outside seattle, thank you. a pizza manager who refused to open his store for thanksgiving is now unemployed. the franchise owner forced him to resign. when word got out social media exploded with outrage. the corporate pizza hut facebook page, the company offered him his job back, the franchise is open today and he has no intention of going back to work. >> why can't we be the company that care about their employees, the only two days they are guaranteed to have off to spend with their family. >> in a statement pizza hut said, we feel strongly the situation should be avoided. the majority are closed on thanksgiving. we strongly recommend that the local franchise eare restore the
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manager. but the owner said this incident was the is last straw. the time of the giving nature of the season makes more people think about volunteering in their community. as al jazeera's juan carlos molina reports, it is a year round need. >> thousands of homeless people come to places like this. the bowery mission, to get a nice hot kneel. >> you have people taking time out away from their families, helping the people that don't have anything going on for themselves. >> peter ortiz had been living on the street for about four months when someone from the mission gave him a chance to get back on his feet. >> every day every night you could come around here and find some comfort. >> james macklin has worked as an outreach organizer for the
8:35 pm
organization that took him in. >> once i was a taker and now i don't have that many nickels and dimes again but i can certainly give them myself. >> macklin says it's people like jasmine that make this possible. >> when i founder out about the bowery mission, that they give this thanksgiving feast, i said, this is what i need to have connection with. >> i didn't know this was going to happen. >> they had over 600 volunteers to help prepare and serve thanksgiving meals to the homeless. >> during the holiday the outpouring of support is overwhelming. the bowery mission like many others had to turn away volunteers for thanksgiving,
8:36 pm
huge wave of donations in november and december. but the need of organization he like theirs who feed and help the homeless is constant. >> we serve 365 days of the year. thank you for coming thanksgiving, but think about helping us the rest of the year. >> it's a message that many organizations like the bowery mission want people to hear. juan carlos molina al jazeera new york. >> and if you would like a knish you may be out of luck this year. there is a shortage this season. al jazeera's christophe putzel hit the streets to find out why. >> when the biggest knish producer lost its machine. >> the fried version of the potato delicacy. >> there is one way to create a
8:37 pm
media fire storm in new york, deprive us of our delicacy. the square knish is suddenly more elusive in manhattan than peace and quiet. >> good morning, can i get a knish? >> no we have no knish. >> to be honest i've never eaten a knish. i enlisted laura silver to help me understand just what people are missing. >> you have to think of the struggle, people coming to the lower east side to make a living, so a knish has all that history wrapped in it. >> knish is a filling with potatoes, and dough, there was a fire at the factory that caused the shortage. >> when the firefighters came in they absolutely did what they had to do, but the water damage that the machine sustained rendered the machine inoperable.
8:38 pm
>> this is stacy ziskin. her family's company has cornered the market on square knishes. the alternative: customers have to opt for the less popular round knishes. >> when i had them on brighton beach, they came in wax bags and you used to buy them on the beach and that's all they were good for. >> i visited a knish shop selling round knishes for other than a century. to one of the owners, a square fried knish is simply not a real knish. >> if you haven't had one of our knish, you really haven't had a knish. >> i wasn't able to taste a round knish but i did eat many
8:39 pm
round once and a piece of new york history. >> when do you think you'll get back the knish? >> last week of november, first week of december, which does coincide with hanukkah this year, that is our hope. >> a florida woman awaiting trial in a controversial stand your ground law case, has been released on bond. an appeals court said that she should be granted a new trial january 15th. a ferry in hong kong has crashed injuring 25 peoples. boat traveling from hong con to macao. authorities say there is no reports of people missing, an
8:40 pm
investigation is underway. five years ago, an attack in mumbai killed 164 people. orchestrated by the pakistani group, targeting the taj hotel. in his new book the siege he tells the stories of those trapped inside that hotel. >> i think the thing that struck us most was the way in which the entire operation was probably run for lest than $40,000 u.s. dollars and yet some incredibly innovative hi fi equipment and on the other hand, created a simple skype like internet telephony connections, every action could have a reaction,
8:41 pm
they would see if the fire was raging big enough. >> do you think the use of that technology by this group may partly explain why a relatively small group of armed men were able to hold off the indian authorities for so many days? >> i think a whole combination of reasons, i think the innovation definitely helped. i think the way they familiarized with the city. i mean the team that went in and the suicide squad, the average age was 21. and none of them had ever left pakistan before, but they had trained using surveillance photos, around the taj hotel. >> do you think india responded all it could from this horrific attack? >> i think it's quite the opposite, the city in the end saved itself. guests, commuters, lowly paid
8:42 pm
taj staff workers and finally when they eventually arrived the indian special forces put up a brave fight. but there's no sign that any of those agencies that were called in to do battle with this suicide squad have been upgraded. they are still la languishing under. >> why do you think india hasn't done more? >> irthink the political authorities wanted to protect their own careers. rather than understanding the process of constructive criticisms they produced a report that was frankly considered locally a white wash, much to the mounting concern of the people of mumbai and as we've seen at this fifth anniversary many people have vocalized that nothing has advanced. >> that was adrian levy.
8:43 pm
detroit lions break a long standing tradition. also ahead, that deadly crane collapse at the soccer stadium in brazil. but hopelessness... but hopelessness... >> it's either kill or >> it's either kill or be killed... be killed... >> america tonight, right after >> america tonight, right after live news at 8 and 11 eastern. live news at 8 and 11 eastern. >> welcome to al jazeera america >> welcome to al jazeera america i'm john seigenthaler, i'm john seigenthaler, and here's a look at the and here's a look at the headlines... headlines... >> al jazeera america, >> al jazeera america, there's more to it. there's more to it. millions who need assistance millions who need assistance now. now. we appreciate you spending time we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. with us tonight. up next is the up next is the golden age of golden age of hollywood going golden but hollywood going golden but elsewhere. elsewhere.
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why l.a.'s mayor has declared a why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. entertainment industry there. next. next.
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>> a union leader says safety precautions were ignored at the soccer stadium. funeral for one of the workers killed has been held in the home town. al jazeera's alan fisher has more. >> this is the moment the crane collapsed crashing into the stadium in sao paulo.
8:46 pm
investigators are trying to establish what may have caused the crane to fall over. one theory meant heavy rain couldn't hold the crane and the part of the work it was trying to put in place. work at the stadium was already behind schedule but workers don't think this latest incident will stop the opening of the requisites. delays accidents and street protests, this latest incidents means that workers have been killed at three world cup venues. and there's questions about corners being cut for all stadiums to be ready. >> that crane that crashed could take double the weight. how is it that it can take double the weight and then it picks up something minimal and makes a mess like that? that's what i want to know. are there safety measures or not? i think not. >> and we are two hours from sao
8:47 pm
paulo, fabio luis's daughter said he was looking forward to the first games. >> he said that he was such a hardworking person he would die at it, and that's what happened. >> construction officials say there needs to be a 30 day halt on work at the stadium to investigate who is to blame, allen fisher, al jazeera. >> all right, ross is here with sports and thanksgiving so of course we have to talk about thanksgiving football. >> have some pumpkin pie some mac and cheese. tide for the first place in the
8:48 pm
nfc east but the cowboys never make things easy. that was the case against the oakland raiders, the come back was from a 14 foot deficit, it's called foreshadowing people, outside of his own end zone and oh my goodness, you've got to be kidding me. jenkins gobbles it up, 22 yards the other way. buckle up, because jennings, runs right into the cameraman. tony row romo and company cowbot up. de marco murray ran for three touchdowns on the day. improving to seven and five on the season. aaron rogers broke his collar
8:49 pm
bone, something had to give today, lions were giving it away early on. morgan burnett, scooped up the mac and cheese, after that the lions would get their boogie on. ross, i love the name, had game, stafford finderring his favorite target as he throws it to johnson, megatron takes it to the happy place, three touchdown passes, the lions would feast on matt flynn and the lions winning 40 to 10. yes 40 to ten. the lions sitting pretty in first place in their division with a 7 and 5 record. >> obviously coming off a short week, a team that is a really talented football team coming out, getting a win is what we needed to do, made it happen.
8:50 pm
>> making splaiks earlier in this game and we had enough time to correct them. if we do this way in practice we'll be fine. >> john fox heading back to work on monday. earlier in the month he had open heart surgery but now fox is back in denver for thanksgiving. the plan is to have him upstairs or on the sidelines on test 8th. imagine spending thanksgiving in the bahamas? number 1 team in the country was in bahamas, would you rather be in kansas or in bahamas? 18-year-old kid putting on a show for the jumper running the fast break taking it coast to coast and then wiggist at 6'8", the jayhawks had a 14 point lead
8:51 pm
in the is he half, cody miller took a strong waik forrest, because wig inns showing off his true steps, can prove to 5 and 0 on the season. florida and purdue in the classic game, that was my impression of the commercial. super-sophomore lighting it for the cowboys, 30 points as oklahoma state, held off 97-87 victory. the nba has fined jason kidd $50,000. he was hoping to call a play during that stoppage but it didn't work out. now kid is going to lose 50
8:52 pm
grand. he just had the cup, somebody ran into him. >> too much sugar in you, ross. >> stay with us, weather is with kevin corriveau and the nation across the pond, are. >> i'm sergeant short, i like to wish my mom, dad, my baby sister brooklyn and my wife jennifer a very merry christmas and i'll be hope to see you soon.
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>> and now, a techknow minute... >> and now, a techknow minute...
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has tonight's exclusive report. has tonight's exclusive report. >> stories that have impact... >> stories that have impact... that make a difference... that make a difference... that open your world... that open your world... >> this is what we do... >> this is what we do... >> america tonight >> america tonight next next only on al jazeera america only on al jazeera america >> hello, this is mary kay getter from cheyenne, wyoming, wishing a warm holiday wishes, from bagram, afghanistan, special lo love to my husband and son. where the mayflower was built, now they are making a replica. carl bostick. >> today the port of herrage is
8:55 pm
a busy port. lots of ships going in and out. but in thanksgiving we think about the late 1500s, the mayflower was built here. these days, herridge is building on its reputation with the mayflower project, a bit of history, that means jobs for the sagging economy. >> we're building a boat. not just any boat but an exact replica, in time for the 400th anniversary of the mayflower. >> not just a boat, but the mayflower, one of the most memorable boats in history. >> christopher jones moved here for business reasons. there was simply more trading here for the mayflower as a
8:56 pm
cargo ship, tim beneficiary wool textiles even wine. he accepted a new car go, planters and adventurers who wanted to go to the new world. with. >> now called the mayflower this was christopher jones favorite pub. >> wills who? >> from the people on the mayflower. i give and bez bequeath the lest of my,. >> imagine hundreds of people, there was a baby born on the voyage, some died on the voyage. >> this was given to the church, in the year 1620. the same year that the mayflower sailed. i often wonder whether christopher jones himself would have received communion from this chalice. as he worshipped at st. mary's.
8:57 pm
>> jones died the year after the voyage. he was buried here at st. mary's. >> we don't actually know where christopher jones is buried because they didn't know then the significance of that journey that he made with the pilgrims. >> christopher jones died thinking the mayfloir voyage was a tragic misadventure, not knows it would become one of america's greatest adventures. herridge, england. last night at this time, we had over 99 moo planes in the air across the united states, now we have about 2800. quite a different story. we have a lot of weather, no delays though. snow continues to fall across
8:58 pm
the united states expecting it to last for about 24 hours. new york is just at that freezing point. chicago 27, minneapolis at 20. and here's that snow. so if you are traveling and you're coming home tonight or tomorrow, still a few problems there, 80, 81. the snow hasn't melted yet quite, that's going to be a big problem there. we are looking at albany at 18°. the wind chill not too bad but it is bringing down to about 10 in that area, portland, maine, how about 10° for you there? a big problem on how many in change in temperature. we saw boston 17° cooler than it was this time, portland main, 24° cooler. overnight low temperatures are still below freezing. we're going to be seeing a
8:59 pm
gradual warmup. we will seize rain and snow mix in your forecast in monday and tuesday. right now we're seeing atlanta at 38°, birmingham, 33, houston, 36. across this area, ten to 15° cooler for this time of year and that means we do have freeze warnings in effect, northern florida alabama as well as georgia. this is probably going to be the last night. yet the -- yesterday the freeze warnings were extending over texas. these are morning lows we are seeing new orleans getting close to freezing at 38. orlando, a little bit better, last night you were looking at about 34°. that's a look at your national weather, jonathan has your headlines right now.
9:00 pm
water to disburse crowds. over 21 women and girled sentenced up to 11 years in prison. afghanistan's president say as young child was killed and two women wounded in an air strike today. the president blames america, and says if the attack continues it gives them more reasons to not sign a security agreement with the u.s. we have been keeping a close eye on comment isot which flamed out around the trip around the sun. the comment which was first


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