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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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thermal pla blankets. >> winter clothing and shoes are given to the most vulnerable checchildren at the age of five. >> there is not enough money to provide what they need so the conditions in the camp ra remain difficult. we weren't prepared to have it last so long. it took many of the dollars.
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>> has to refugees have no idea when they will be able to return to their country. if the promised funding is not delivered they could suffer of. >> well wwe are live in at the e camp. we saw some trailers being delivered to the refugee camp in jordon. that is an unofficial camp, isn't it? what is the situation there. >> no trailers here. in lebanon they are unofficial camps. we'll show you how people actually live. >> the plastic is not going to protect them from the rain, the snow or the harsh winter. look at the floor, no cement, just mud.
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two weeks ago it was raining afternoon the whole area was flooded. really miserable conditions. people here are telling us that these little children do not have proper winter clothes. international organizations are reporting an increase i in respiratory dissycese diseases. people are not able to by wood or gasoline. and i asked people how they are making any money? they are getting freelance work in the fields but not making enough. this is the drinking water. they get the water from the well but you can see mud. it's not just the harsh conditions people are worried about disease spreading of in this area the wi winters are hah shall. hash -- harsh.
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and the lebanese government is not doing enough. this is a country that has it's own economic problems here. you can see it rained a couple of days ago and it's mud everywhere. >> let's speak to richard anguist. we arwe have heard talk that ths winter is going to be harder than normal of. >> it's going to be the worst in yearin. there is a lot of misinformation and a forecast suggesting that across the region it will be a colder than average winter. which doesn't mean much.
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it could be colder than 100 years. i have don't have much faith in the long-range forecast anyway. that is not the case. >> that is good news. >> we do flow as we have seen in the past temperatures could drop radically. hohow cold can it get. if you looks at the temperature graphics right here. the temperatures do drop rabidly. you are looking at the likes of rah amalgamate ar man. ones you get onto the valley you are looking at a thousand metres plus. and the nighttime temperatures are average temperatures. it can get down to -favour -six or minus eight.
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the grouped makes very hard and the drainage is very poor and they are looking at 50 or 60 millimetres during the course of the month the conditions could be quite harsh. >> what can we say about the long-range weather that the rev gees arrefugees are facing this. >> they can go on for about two weeks. that iyes winter is approaching. any rain causes problems on tented ground but at the moment it's a progression towards the colder winter months. >> richard thanks for that. i will speak to you later on. >> if you are wanting to get more on the information go d doo we have thal.
5:13 am we'll report on the projects that are filling the void. >> and in sport. a remarkable year continues. we'll be here to tell you about the latest record setting. ♪ now the leader of the anti-government protest in thailand is asking them to escalate the democrat on demons. the demonstrators were anry angy about the brother.
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>> the they rejected dialogue. it's not just opposition that is flexing it's muscles. pro government demonstrations are also taking place these are pictures of a rally organized by the ruling party. thailand says the opposition is hurting the country through it's actions. >> if you love the country. please do not hurt the country. please do not hur hurt the econ. >> it does. mean who will win you or who will lose. >> he woo havweavewe have this m bangkok. teens and protestor protestors e anti-government most have been dispatched across bangkok. and next to it there is a special investigations decisionn
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for the police department. they went on to telecommunications companies owned by the government there is a new tactic. a small letter campaign. the army headquarters presented a letter general. simply asking one question are you with us or against us. do they support the anti-government protest or the prime minister the army general came out said they represent all people. there is something interesting going on on the outskirts of the city. the red skirts have held a rally in the stadium. >> some of the protestors have been asked to go out to a university nearby. in the previous six days we have had confrontations face-to-face for those against and for the government. it's been peaceful. the organizers out there are
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going to try to keep the two groups separate. pins and need he i needles theyo ensure it stays peaceful. >> mmla fighters will take up arms again. there is a new fighting in the northern rebel stronghold. mali is trying to rebuild after a coup coups last year. >> we are joined now by monday d who has just returned from mali. this statement from some rebel leaders applies to all of them. what are you hearing? >> that is actually two members of the leadership have given those estimates t statements tos organizations. and that was taken up by the
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media overnight. and just a few hours ago weigh e learlearned from our producer tt the two men are staying for the moment. this does not represent the point of view of the leadership for does it represent the official communication from the leadership. some of the high ranking members of the leadership reacted angrily saying they don't represent the organization. we can understand, you know, that these people have reacted to questions from the president two days after the shooting at the khadr airport where two people were wounded and would killed. they were protesting peacefully over the arrival of the mali prime minister. the situation is tense there and people think on the ground in the north that they have not
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been given their rights. but the process of negotiations is not going as quickly as possible most are in rove gee re camps outside of the country. a lot of grievances that people have are not being addressed. >> how are the negotiations going. that is a sticking point and one of the sources of anger in the north. >> people think that the rebels have actually given a lot of concessions in the first round of the talks in june. they accepted to shall lo to bed have an address in the desert and agree to the ceas cease-fir. in return the civilians the people in the none o north don'k the mali government has given any concessions. the basic right of security has not been guaranteed. we see these shootings now and
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thithen complaints of the mali y shooting. and not investigating to see if they are rebels or any armed group. there is a lot of anger in the north and these tw these two ins in the leadership of the rebel movement, they have reacted, they have addressed thos grievas by the civilians. they are caring about the people and they are not shooting against the civilians. >> clearly a complex situation. mohammad thank you for explaining that for us. >> now the president of the democratic republican lic repub. the former strong old of the m-23 rebels until they were defeated this month.
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it's his first visit since the rebels captured part of it last year. >> the wreckage 6 6 of a missig airplane was found in minimu. people heard explosions and saw smoke on thursday afternoon. >> nigeria has startednd anam bush just program to enroll nine and a half million children in schools. the government hired more teachers to make this happen. the schools may not benefit those that they are intended for. this is a religious call. one of thousands across nigeria. nine and a half million children are enrolled in these
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institutions with no access to schools. a situation that the government wants to change. they came up with the education project in chas classes like thy are taught side by side. this is to ease concerns for parents who distrust western add education. this could have immense benefit for the children. to have acquired skills and when you have acquired skills it's good for you so you can move on on your own or to formal education. >> he always wanted to go to a regular school. now after one year in this school i believes he is on the road to achieve his dreams. >> i'm happy here. i don't have to worry about what to eat, where to sleep. i want to be a doctor. my people need the services of a
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doctor and i want to help them. >> this school is by far better than regular public schools. >> the regular facilities are to give students basic education and skills now children are taking them out and enrolling them here to take advantage of that. which means these kids that they are meant for may eventually lose out. >> but authorities say they won't let that happen. the success of the scheme fee despends on the state government. >> some have taken the program a step further. we have been elected from the beginning it's been extended to up to 100 schools it had continue to grow from state to state. the local government will continue to asises. -- assist. they are still struggling to pay
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teachers salaries an approve schools and facilities and unless that is tackled the project could fail. along with hopes and dreams of millions of children. >> well let's get some weather now with richard. it's wet in the mediterranean, isn't it? >> thanks, shirley, yes. >> it was a few days ago we had a deep low pressure. which caused deadly flash floods. and we have another area at the moment. in fantastiin fact if you look e satellite picture you can see clouds over the central part of europe. that is a weakening weather system this area of cloud further toward the south which begins to develop we start to see hoe heavy rain. we start to see low pressure loe system moving and that is when
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we get the fronts across the middle east. we have the area of low pressure which looks like it's going to bring heavy rain across southern portions of italy. down around the far south we could see flash flooding. the strong winds across the mediterranean moving towards tunisia as well. the area of low pressure will move towards the wes west. it looks like the mediterranean will be remain unsettled. >> the pac pakistani prime minir is in kabul and reviving the peace process is the top of the agaiagenda. it was an important backer of the taliban when they ruled afghanistan during the late 1990s.
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the visit comes when president karzai is locked in dispute with the u.s. over the security pact. the deal is with the u.s. solders who remain in afghanistan. >> jane, both leaders have been speed aspeaking, what do they ho say? >> this morning there was a press conference for president karzai and president shareef. >> they both had speeches. they spoke about peace and economic relations. really this iron they ar afterne going to get stuck in the hard talks of the meetings about peace talks between the afghan government and the members of the afghan taliban. that is the meet an meated and f what is talked about. over the last 24 hours 15 rock edmontorockets have been fired e
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pakistani army. thethat is indicative to the challenges and the pakistan-afghanistan relations here. pakistan has accuse the military intelligence of harboring the taliban across th across the bod givinggiving them save safe hav. they are hoping the new government will be able to push forward with peace talks and seriously take the peace negotiations serious from their end. that is on the agenda for the roast of thfor ert rest of the day. >> as you say they have a new president in pakistan.
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there has been confusion over a general. >> he has been alluded to in a press conference earl earlier pakistani president was asked about the no. two in the afghan taliban here. he was released from pakistani jail several months ago. he was hoped to be a power broker or peace broker in any potential g negotiations between the afghan government and the pakistan government. they want direct talks by the pakistanis. his answer wras was brief. he was released from jail and is in pakistan still. the degree of his fre freedom hs been speculated about. he is held under some form of
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house arrest. he is to be 3407 monitored by te pakistani intel agains intelligd military. last week during the jirga there was a small delegation from the afghan high peace council who travelled to pakistan. the meeting was over shadowed by the news of the security pact with the americans. since then no one from the high peace councilor la council has o talk about how much access they have glyp given him. what is likely to be negotiated today is three-way talks. if he wants to take part in this. >> jane, thank very much for that. jane ferguson in kabul there. >> more to come after the break. including why this protest including young children is putting spotlight on them in
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frank. frank -- france. and the nba have left it until the very last second to chinc ch the cup.
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a group of rebels say they are ending a cease-fire agreement.
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the mla fighter fighters. >> an anti-government protest in thailand has entered a seventh day. they call on supporters to step up their campaign. supporters of the prime minister are rallying as well. a massive demonstration has been broken up in kiev. police used b battons to dispure the crowd. they are angry the ukrainian government pulled out of a a tre deal with the eu. >> this move by the riot police to clear independence square me highway 9highwayhighwabehind me.
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they predicted a crackdown by the president as soon as he returned from the summit in lithuania. the students hoe hav who have be backbone of the protest say they will continue with them despite the reaction at independence square during a predawn raid. the president has decided he wants to strangle this whole movement, the protest movement before it builds into anything like the orange revolution that was seen here nine years ago. it appears there will now be a series of running fights perhaps from the protest years and the police throughout the city they were due to stage a large rally here on sunday all around the square as you can probably see there are riot police making sure that no one can get i in or out. the govenor of the indonesian
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capital has a popularity rating that most would like. some wonder if he can make the same changes to the country as he has to the capital. he is down fo to earth and not y articulate but everywhere he goes he is treated like a rock star. after give free education to the poor he has become a hero to many. >> i'm really happy that i has made school cheaper. compared to others that just sit there he has made a difference to poor people. he travels to hospitals and slum areas and river banks everyday. his main concern is to close the gap between the rich and poor, because he says he knows what
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it's like to be poor. >> when i was a small boy from four years old to 12 years old i live in the river bank with not a good environment and a lot of garr page. garbage. now he is go governing a city of ten million people. he is optimistic he can fix their problems. >> a leader has to go to the people analys an and listen to . touch their hands and meet their needs and make a policy based on that. >> going to the people also
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means taking a bicycle to work. >> the new leadership style he has managed to win over many indindoindonesiindo nichians. >> despite his pop laye populars not announced his in intenses to run in 2014. >> we don't know his intentions. the govenor him s himself leavep to others to decide if he should lead indonesia.
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he says he has enough problems on his plate trying to solve problems in the city. >> at least one person has been killed after a police helicopter crashed into a pub in the scottish city of glasgow. dozens of others have been injured. several people were in the building a the time. scotland's first minutesse minis fatalities are likely. >> africa has made great gains in the fight of hiv an aids. part of that is from funding from the west. those funds have been reduced and the results could be disasterous. we have more on our second part of our series on hiv and aids. she never wanted to become a sex worker but had to feed her children. that was bad enough but things
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got worse when she developed aids the stigma is unbearable and we have changed her name and hidden her face. my son is only three years old and he is innocent and i get aids when he is born. i won did h wonder what will ham when i die. everyone will see him as a child as a prostitute. >> this organization that helps sex workers with aids gets access to life saving drugs. the medication reduces the chance they will pass on the virus. across the nation less than 1% is hiv pose positive that is the lowest rate if the area. local graffiti artists have joined in.
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this graphic is meant to stop the spread of aids. they have have had bles billionf dollars of support from obama. >> this is an aids chin clinic t depends on foreign support. they say they need more. >> we need to add more services an ask president obama to help us. to help us we know that we need help. everyone that needs to be treated has to be treated. >> the u.s. is spending more efficientlynd more peoplefficien africa are on the medication. for people still working on the streets the risk is enormous.
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>> the fight against aids is clearly not over yet. >> thousands of people are accused of treason in zambia have been released but the charges have not been dropped. they are pushing for the independence of an area in the west they signed a treaty in 1964 to relinquish their western region and join a new independent zambia. but the agreement has never been honored. many people are farmers whos whoswhowhose lives are remote. some are afraid to speak out in case of reprisal. we met one farmer willing to share his story e. story. he has lived i on the flood plas his whole life. he lives in a former monarchy in which the king signed a treaty to join northern redee row dee .
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>> our lieder leaders already tt them differently. dollars is already si separatio. after becoming president he has gone back on his word and after that he has been charged with treason. like many people in this province he believes the government has failed to improve infrastructure and basic services. his sons climb mango trees for fun. he can't afford to send them all to school. some have to work. >> i was expecting to make a good living from this. but i need help from government. a plow and seeds and fertilizer.
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i work so hard but i get hardly anything from it. >> after hours spent in the field the day is nearly over. he had a long time to think about what is best for his family's future. he is afraid he may get in trouble for speaking his mind like the dozens that have been arrested this year and askiesedd of being separatists that . >> what i have seen over the years the government has not been able to -- >> their life is a complex scene. around the evening fire the determination burns. >> thousands of haitians have taken to the streets in demonstrations across the country calling on the president to step down. some groups also object to political interference in haiti.
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in the capital the police blocked roads around the embassy. the police used tear gas. >> the u.s. has advised to american airliners to comply with china's new law over the east china sea. china sent air force jets to monitor u.s. and ja japanese aircraft flying flying flew thre zone. the u.s. and south korea are rye fusinrefusing to recognize the w zone. >> we'll take a short break and thin we'lthen we'll have sportse newest and youngest sensation in the word of snooker.
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>> 123w4r-6r7b8g9s they havethen pie thoccupy thewave of debate. >> in a french survey in 2012 sevenseven percent of those askd admitted they were racist. 22 percent say they were a little racist. only 2 24 percent said they were not racist at all. and in 2012 there was a 23% increase in racist in racist ind threats reported in france. it's not without precedence. racism in france reemerges every 30 or 40 years. we are seeing a tangle between the left around security issues, imfrustratioimmigration and humn differences i. in a survey here in france 635%%
5:46 am
of those asked say it's reaction ohuman relations. the far right rejects evidence that raisism i racism is rising. >> i don't believe that at all. >> i think it's a media game. i think the only racism that is growing in france is anti-white and anti-french racism. >> it's not difficult to find minorities that have suffered discrimination. >> there is these youth are regularly called "dirty arabs". they should be prosecuted and made an example of. >> i don't like example. that is very important. let's not take example. i think today the politicians and the media have to take the responsibility and it's a very important moment. >> the princple of legality
5:47 am
means that france is officially color blind. government surveys are not allowed to ask about a individual's religious, racial or h ethnic background. when it comes to racism it's time for everyone to stand up and be counted. >> let's get to sports now. >> after winning this years' masters adam scott is poised to end his best ever season on a high. the world no. 2 holds a four stroke lied after the final -- d after the finaat theaustralian . he won the cup with ja jason da. macel is the second best. he i has yet to win a tournament this year.
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>> it was a tricky day with the wind and i was trying to keep up with this guy and he is playing very solidly. i feel like i left a few out there an and that means i am for back tomorrow instead of a little closer. we have to get off faster tomorrow and try to catch him. >> to spanish football where leaders barcelona will be in action. madrid are getting ready to play on saturday. it the win will take them three points behind. they ther will have to do it wit renaldo. the porhe missed the last champp game because of a thigh injury. >> no, christiano renaldo is not feeling comfortable. he is feeling good. but we he had a scan and he is
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not feeling comfortable. bruno put the host one up and wilson scored deep an rescued a point and ending a two game losing streak. they sit two points clear of the littlreelreereelrelagation. >> anr.c.m.p.arsenal are gettino face on saturday. the gunners can go seven points clear if they win. they are keen to learn about the mistakes made by manchester city an maand man manchester united y
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both came out of the welsh fill you witwithoutcapital without ay played well against manchester united. it's a chance for us to do better. and of course we have the warning of playing against a big team we are in a position where we have a difficult challenge but an exciting challenge because we can do better. the other matches. >> you know the situation they find themselves in at the moment, they are fighting for their lives. it's a great football stadium and great support.
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and they really get behind their team. we will respect them. i respect chris and his coaching staff there, lovely people. it's a great football club. it will be a great atmosphere. it will be a tough game for us whichever way you cook it. >> the netherlands have moved up to the top for a day at least they claimed a 2-1 victory on friday. the winning goal coming 12 minutes in time. but the goal keeper was left a little worse for wear. and further two points clear. >> in japan the yok yoke y they. japan the stadium was
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sowed out. soeld out. the j league will be decided on the final weekend of the season >> the new york knicks have slummeddeslummed theslumped to t consecutive loss by the nuggets on friday. carmelo.carmecarmelo anthony hat second shot to tie the game. to block the knicks on their worst losing streak in four years. >> there was a dramatic finish between oklahoma and the golden state warriors. westbrook sank a three pointer in the final second o of overtie to give them a victory. westbrook finishing with a tally of 34 points. >> the boston bruins have maintained their lead at the top of the nhl eastern conference
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after a 3-2 win over the new york rangers. the tension was high between the two hig high-profile sides at te sold out td garden. boston came out to tie the match at 2-all in the third period. bergeron the scorer. chara then fired in a shot with nine minutes left on the clock to snatch the victory. australian will see the final of the world cup rugby league on saturday. both teams are unbeaten throughout the tournament with australia conceding one try. the team has lifted the tro troy nine times but were shocked by the kiwis in the 2w0 2008 final. i wasn't involved in 2008 but it reminds you how good the new zealand squad is.
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the 2010 kangaroos i coached beat them in the last seconds of the game. they lee minde reminded us theye capable of that. they have had a strong tournament. what hatournament. >> what has happened before does not counsel. w count we put the best foot fod forward and come on top. >> this four-year-old boy from china has become an internet sensensation. he has been viewed tens of thousands of times on the internet. his father puts him through three hours of training everyday. witthat is it for me. >> brilliant. now iran is facing a crisis. it's population is aging and young adults are chooses not to
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have children. the government says it's a threat to national security. a population decline means fewer persians dominated by arabs. >> this is a message from the iranian government to it's citizens. have babies and lots of them not the standard message in a country of 75 million people. but iran is on the verge of a crisis. it's population is aging and it's birth rate has dropped to 1%. the politicians say the country has no choice but to pr pro pro. >> we want to encourage young people to marry as soon as possible. we want them to have employment. to help them have a house. to help them to have a stable economical condition.
5:56 am
conditionand to have them to have more than one children. we say at least everyone should have three children. the encouragement is largely being ignored. divorce rates have risen. and with the bad economy convincing iranians to do otherwise is a challenge. >> fas as for having more childn we are from the working class i'm a wel welder and i should le in a way i can manage my expenses. my children need a lot of facilities and i should see if i can provide what is needed. >> if iran's economy continues to decline they have scrapped family planning programs and increased martial. mar maybe m e
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increasincrease marrying. that means to bur burdennen thee either. many pushing this program agree that rapid population growth is not a solution to anything. it's just going to make the problem worse and it will be a long term solution rear than a a short term one. in the 1980s they doubled iran's population and it made the economic conditions worse so many politicians agree that perhaps the biggest challenge they face is civi simply not repeating the mistakes of the past. and that is it in the news hour team for now. thanks for watching.
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offline - is taken down again as the obama administration works furiously to get it up and running. territorial dispute. china flexes its military muscle in the u.s. in a disagreement over air space. war crimes confession - an 85-year-old american veteran being detained in north korea is forced to apologise. >> the long walk to freedom. nelson mandela's fight for freedom in south africa comes to


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