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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 1, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> here are the stories we are following for you. four and at least 6 63 63 injurn an early morning train derailment in new york city. it stopped feet short of the harlem river. >> by the material i look the up there was rubble flying in my face. >> a passenger recalled the at thterrifying train derailment as it happened. >> marking world aids day. >> and china makes it's way to the moon. for the very first time.
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we begin with the breaking news out of the bronx new york. four people are dead and 63 will injured. a metro train derailed this morning. seven cars derailed as the train was heading southward to grand central station in manhattan. right now there are 63 reported injuries and out of those 63, 11 are critical. ntsb officials are already on the scene. >> in addition to the team leaving from washington, d.c. ntsb investigators from the regional office have been on scene and already gathering evidence as part of our investigation.
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>> this derailment happened in the bronx and we are there. it's worth reporting that this train actually started in poughkeepsie and made it's way to where you are. normally this is an hour and 45 minuteroux tinminute routine tr. anything but routine this morning. what can you tell us about what lapped? happened? i can tell you what we are seeing right now i know there are four fatalities from this incident and three of the bodies have now been removed.
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they had gurneys and stretchers on the scene. we are waiting for an update from the 234678 ntsb who is now conducting the investigation. we have seen them milling around the four cars. i'm not sure if you can see behind me a couple of police officers and then we have the cars on it's tracks and then we have seen that all day. the ntsb is expected to give us an update later. we are not exactly sure when. but really the biggest question on everybody's mind is, how did this happen and what caused this? we know there were four unlucky passengers but there was one
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passenger that everyone in her car survived. all of a sudden the train felt like it was a little more sideways than it should be. and all of a sudden the ru rubbe wagwas anything in my face. i was in a lucky, lucky car. everyone in my car got out okay. i didn't realize the state of the other cars until i got out and i could see everybody. >> a very compelling sound for one of those passengers. the question on a lot of people's mind was the train going too fast. a lot of passengers tell us they did feel the train was going really, really quickly. >> the ntsb is a team to deal with more about what may have
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happened. it's going to be a lengthy investigation when you see the horwoodivhorwoodhorrific accide. >> the quiet holiday weekend was shattered with a suburban commuter train violently derailed. some cars over turned and barreled towards the harlem river stopping just short of it. >> this is an interesting hilly area. you are seeing groups of crews and period two to 300 firefightd police officials here gathering in clusters. >> when we got here naturally was a tha traumatic scene. we had people in cars and we had to use air bags to lift portions of the train and use cutting equipment. the injured were rushed to nearby hospitals. >> officials say the train was
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half full carrying fewer passengers than on a busy work day. >> i was sitting on the train. i wasn't paying attention to anything in particular. and then all of a sudden the train felt a little more sideways than it should be. and by the time i looked up it was completely going off it's track and there was the rubble from under the track flying at my face. the national transportation safety board will be conducting the investigation. >> the ntsb regional office have been on scene and already gatheringest. >> the report on thi on the pree cause of this derai derailment s still on the way. >> to wrap this up 230u four pee were killed and 63 people injured our coverage will continue throughout the day and on our website al jazeera. >> in thailand the leader of the
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anti-government protest has refused to back down. thirty thousand protesters attacked government buildings today. they took control of the state broadcaster and forced the prime minister to take refuge in a police compound. four people have been killed in the protest which, until yesterday, had remained peaceful. >> for the first time in seven days, police in bangkok are fighting back. heavy use of teargas as they faced off with protesters at the metropolitan police bureau. several thousand protesters crowded nearby streets. back and fourth surges as they chipped away at the cement barricade. =as they were soaked with =chemical-laden water. = =at the same time, a similar =scene unfolded near the prime =minister's office. >> this is one group of protesters that have been
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dispatched from government complex. now that's one of three main staging areas for the protesters around the city. they have three destinations. the ministry of commerce and two different televisions stations. sunday was labeled victory day by organizers well before the protesters even hit the streets. in rye sent days they have to been able to roam averaged bangkok. >> and ar targeting government buildings with no resistance from the police the police are holding firm and seem determined to defend government house this could be a long fight for government house and for the right to run the country. wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. >> more than 100,000 people are rallying in the streets of kiev.
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we report from kiev. the pro europe protestors are pushing their way back into the square. the calls for the rows us nation of the president are now growing even stronger after his decision not to sign up to a free trade pact with the european union buckelling to pressure from moscow. a statement says he would do everything he could failed the protestors. they called it an attempt to appease them. >> people came out to say no to
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this government. this government is illegal because it doesn't fulfill it's promises to the people. this government doesment respect human dig nicety and the people of ukraine. >> what is happening here is a revolution. i was here that 23450eu9. i heard the screams and it sounded like the owe pros others were shooting the people. i don't want ukraine to be turned into a site for a massacre. i will stay here until the end. so the pro europe protestors are back inment in square. not just a symbol lick victory but a real victory for this protest rallily. less than 3*6 hours since they were brutally evicted they have retaken the square and intend to stay this time. i a long with several protestors i climbed the mt. al support being constructed in the square for a christmas industry to get a size of the demonstration. it certainly was the biggest
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mounted that ar soy far this week. >> clasclashes have been takes e an police use tear gas and smoke bombs to break through their lines protecting the presidential office. and key off city hall has been occupied by the demonstrators. they are wondering how the shorts will respond. and fears of more violent confrantions. >> on this world aids day, 25 years later united in the fight against hiv. we'll give you a lesson on how to live with the disease.
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>> evey weeknight on al jazeera america change the way you look at news tune into live news at 8 and 11 >> i'm john seigenthaler and here's a look at the headlines.. >> infomation changes by the hour here... >> our team of award winning journalists brings you up to the minute coverage of today's events... then, at 9 and midnight. america tonight goes deeper with groundbreaking investigative coverage of the nation's top stories... >> a fresh take on the stories that connect to you... >> live news at 8 and 11 eastern followed by america tonight on al jazeera america there's more to it. >> today marks the 25th anniversary of world aids day. this years' theme is getting to zero. the call for zero discrimination for those with hiv and aids. we talk about the struggle to contain aids and talks to a man living with the disease.
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>> for 18 years bobby has been living with hiv. >> it's a ritual everyday. i'm used to it by now. >> he says because of advances in treatment his future looks good. >> hiv is not a death sentence but a life sentence. >> we have a life and we concern ouourselves with living and not diego. >> th-- dying. the outlook was bleaker in the 180's. back in 1991 magic johnson was diagnosed with hiv and many people believed it would kill him. he is still alive today. >> now if you are diagnosed with hiv you can live a near normal life span. one million americans are infected with hiv. diagnosing and treating infections early can help control the virus. these days there is an hiv test that people can pie a buy at thl
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pharmacy and use a at home advocates hom head coach hope ie people that don't know they're infected. >> hiv is socially rejected and soitionlsocially and marginalizd >> this are troubling numbers more men are having unprotected sex with men. raising new concerns about spreading hiv blacks makeup half of the americans living with hiv. hihismishis pawnhis panicses 1 . bobby says he got the disease by acabusing drugs. >> it was hard to worry about
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going to the doctor when you had to worry about your food being eaten by a mouse when you were away. now he is volunteering at a center. >> he says you although livingh the virus is not necessarily a war for survival it's still a battle he wants to help others fight. >> and hiv continues to be a major public health issue. according to the world health organization 35 million people are infectedded with th infecte. 30% of the global population live in sub is is a harr sahar. much has been done to fight the epidemic in the last 25 years. without question we have come a long way in the fight against aids we have gone from a disease
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that was virtually a death sentence to a disease for people to have treatment is a chronic illness. there is a great deal of research around a cure we believe that we will have a cure for this disease. in fact we'll have it in our lifetime. we have aways to go but we have the tools to get there and that is critically important. the progress that we have made knowing how to prevent this disease and new tools to prevent this disease. learning treating people with hiv is preventing new infections those are the tools we have. the question we have can we fully employ them if we find the political will and resources to employ the resources we can have a aid free generation. >> the star of one of movie franchises has died. paul walker was a passenger in a deadly car crash on saturday.
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the driver e i., his friend was killed. he is the most famous for his role in the "fast and furious"filletfilms null pahl 0 years old. >> it's a go. cheachina is paving the way for manned moon landings in the future. >> named after a a ancient mood goddess. china plans to land in the bay of rainbows. it planses to activate it's robotic rover. it's hoped the remote controlled vehicle will spend three months exploring the lunar surface. the three objectives are to manage to soft land the craft on the moon to inspect and probe the lunar surface and to be able
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to control and communicate with the craft during the mission. on board of the craft are an advanced collection of cameras including tel telescopes that scientists will use to look at the stars and how solar radiation affects earth. >> we can receive information about the roverrer's workin rovg conditions and we can use this information to send orders to control it's function. >> in 1970s the soviet was the first country to put a roving robot on the moon. it was followed later by apollo 13 that used this moon buggy to move astronauts and equipment china's robot is fitted with more scientific inthrough instr. it has a ground radar. scientists hope to understand with mineral resources exist on
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the moon and important consideration-for-chaiconsideras planned exploration. in 2017 china wants to bring back a rock sample from the moon and manned missions coul could n in 2025. >> well there is a major winter storm on the way to the pacific northwest thing threatenin threg rain and snow in the mountains we are looking at rainfall from 3 to 6-inches of rain in washington and the cascades and mountain snow along i-90 we could see 24 area 24-inches for
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5000 feet and bow below. below. the winds are gusting up to 40 miles-per-hour. right at the coast e. not a lot going on. but later on n in the day the tt will change. along i-5 along oregon. one thing the storm is going to do is knock temperatures down. a high of 54 on tuesday and on the backside of the storm a high of 35° across the north central plains we have scattered snowy flurries across north dakota. that is it going to change. we have the chicago bears taking on the vikings right now in minnesota. 33 and partly sunny but later on it's going to get chilly across portions of minute an minneapol. >> in parts of mexico the police
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cannot be trusted after years of lawleslawlessness some people ae forming their own groups to face the cartel. >> on patrol with the community police. these men used to be farmers and mechanics before they picked up a gun. like jose, after being kidnapped and black mailed had several family members killed by the drug cartel said enough is enough. >> the army is trying to take away our weapons and try and kill us. i would rather die than give up my weapon. hundreds are ignoring the demand to lay down their guns and
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threatening to wipe out the cartel themselves. most of these men took up arms seven months ago. they said they did it to protect their families because the government wasn't able to. >> the cartel is fighting back. these days gun battles say several appointed or so-called community police and the drug gangs are a daily occurrence. this firefight filmed exclusively by the mexican network are a graphic sign that lawlessness is spreading in the troubled state. everyday there are new reports that more and more towns are taking the law into their own hands rather than waiting for the government. another sign that the crisis is worsening are the hundreds of families fleeing their homes because of the violence taking refuge and waiting for the
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state or community police to restore police. even this man says he has more faith in the self-defence groups than the military. the government should protect the people. but if you ask me as a citizen i would say i support the uprising because i can no longer tolerate these criminals. >> with popular support growing daily, for men like jose, it's unlikely that the self defence groups will back down against the criminals or even government forces.
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power of the people until we restore
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>> they are turning the clock back to rediscover an old industry. >> home brewed liquor is a concept that is becoming more popular in the u.s. earlier this month this detroit business opened the cities first distillery in years. despite the crisis they say the area is ripe for growth. two james spirits a distillery located in detroit's porttown area is a company in the business of making liquor. gin, vodka and whiskey are their specialties. >> that is co2 bubbling is it done coming off the top when state lawmakers when two james distillery was established a year and a half ago. the owners considered locations across the country. they say detroit stood apart from the rest. >> there is an energy within the city with people moving down here and new businesses. we put those factors and it was clear to us that detroit was the right place. >> they invested a million dollars into the company and turned this old taxi warehouse into a craft liquor brewing operation with a full staff. from the ingredients to the packaging everything is local. some economists estimate that
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the distillery business has the potential to boost the state economy by hundreds of millions of dollars. like many new businesses coming to detroit the city's financial situation didn't deter them from setting up shop peter bailey sees opportunity. >> this craft distilling movement may help diversify michigan even further as we grow collectively. >> their investment in a neighborhood on the rebound is welcome by many who live here. right now they are on pace to produce 3000 cases of liquor this year in aware house where the aroma is literally
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entrepreneurs who are reaching for the stars so that you one day might live in space. and whose got more game. and should you get in on the action? i'm ali velshi, and this is "real money." >> this is "real money." you're the most important part of the show. join us on twitter @ja real money. now that turkey dinner has come and gone, it's no secret retai


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