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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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>> hello, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz in new york. merrill newman is back on u.s. soil. the korean war veteran has his long-awaited homecoming after being detained in north korea. >> cheers greet french troops in the central african republic. >> finally as a family we are humbled by the messages of condolence and support that we receive from government and people of the world. >> the family of nelson mandela makes its first statement since his death as the memorial grows
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for the antiapartheid leader. power outages and a travel nightmare. wintry weather spreads across the u.s. >> tonight a u.s. veteran is home with his family after being held in north korea for more than a month. merrill newman arrived in the 85-year-old was accused of committing crimes while he served in the korean war. his family called merrill newman's time in north korean's hands, "a very difficult ord eel", >> melissa chan has the story. >> when merrill newman made the trip, he would not have known how difficult it would turn out. after weeks of detention he's in the u.s., looking healthy, with his wife by his side and a simple message. >> it's been a great homecoming,
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and i'm tired, but happy to be with my family now. thank you all for the support. very much appreciated. >> merrill newman was a soldier in a korean war. his visit to pyongyang was a long-planned vacation down memory lain. he was no ordinarily soldier. the north koreans released this concession video, likely forced by newman, admitting his affiliation to the white tigers. for merrill newman the war was ancient history. for north korea, ever ready to fight propaganda, merrill newman was an enemy of the state. the two countries never signed a peace treaty, technically are at war and his release likely required the personal approval of the leader kim jong un. why north korea decided to let north korea go now is a mystery.
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>> after merrill newman comes home and has a chance to get rest, we'll have more to say about his unusual and difficult journey. for now though we ask you to allow us time to be with him as a family. we ask that you not forget another american, kenneth bae, still held in the dprk. >> kenneth bae sentenced to prison. he was caught spreading the wor greater threat than the soldier >> it was never clear when or if merrill newman would be let go. happily for his family and wife he returns in time for the holidays. nearly 400 people have been killed in the central african republic. 10,000 fled the capital when fighting broke out days ago.
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the african union is sending troops. 2,000 french soldiers will be on the ground. we have this report. >> soldiers are protecting the airport and the runway. the french have a strong u.n. mandate to protect civilians in this country. you can see that the airport is just completely empty. there's no civilian planes that are landing. there's a humanitarian crisis which is developing. thousands of people have come to the airport because they have nowhere else to go. seleka and anti-balaka are targetting people in their homes. this is the only place they feel safe. >> translation: everyone you see here is a christian. there are no muslims here, we have no application. the muslims have seleka to look
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after them. we are central africans but there's nobody to defend us. >> translation: we have nothing to drink, there's nothing to eat and we don't have money to buy anything. >> there are some international charities which are helping the people, but food and water are limited in the city. there are almost half a million people around the country who have lost their homes. >> the french sent a fighter plane that flew low over the city in a way to intimidate the seleka and anti-balaka fighters. the big question is when will these people be able to go home, will they want to go home. more than 100 people have been killed in the past few days. the situation outside bangui is also unstable. >> in a 2-day summit on africa wrapped up in paris. the french president is calling for elections by 2015 to remove
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rebels who took control earlier this year. much of the u.s. is in the grip of a freezing. four homeless people froze to death. in california the ploughs can hardly keep up with the snow. the cold snap made driving dangerous, including the midwest. by inch. 4 numbers of in blooming tonne in indiana. snow and ice in the mid-atlantic. washington d.c. will be under a 24 hour storm watch. it is cold out there, and it looks like it will get colder. >> it's weather fit for polar bears and penn gins. the air is breaking out across the area. let's start where the storm begins, which is west coast. this storm is making its way over to the east coast, impacting the spire united states.
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we had wind gusts 36 miles per hour in san francisco. doesn't sound like much, but they have gotten a polar snap. it's 39 for vegas. it's not quite freezing, but we have the freezing temperatures to the north central area, and we'll be below freezing in california. i don't think there'll be much dreaming going on, there's be a lot of heaters clicking on. there's a freeze warning impacting much of california. and we have a freeze warning for parts of the central coast. san francisco is not in the freeze warning. close enough to the water, it will stay further inland. if you look at what is happening, there's great ski snow for snow borders. low pressure will track across the country. as it swings down we'll have the
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snow to the north of the front and a mix of rain and snow and we have ice storm warnings. we have an ice storm warning impacting northern louisiana and to mississippi. coming up i'll show you where virginia will be hit. >> see you in a little bit. >> it is now sunday in south africa, which means the official week of mourning for nelson mandela has begun. an eternal flame was lit on saturday in qunu, his home town. south africa is preparing for world leaders ahead of the memorial service and funeral. >> nick schifrin join us from outside his home. what is the latest there? >> good evening, it is well into sunday morning. there's a few dye hards to my left on the street. it meant so much to mandela's
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history, and the history of apartheid. so many came out to hon or nelson mandela's struggle and lessons. >> this street once hosted apartheid's most bloodiest battle. outside nelson mandela's old house, bands plays protest songs. in a quiet corner, they thank the nelson mandela by teaching a different fight. he was a champ, but now he's coaching kids. >> he said to me i must g teach the children. i give my live to the children. >> he was urged to help the community. >> we live under a difficult time. i mean, i wouldn't be alive
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today. i went to show other children what they do in life. >> nelson mandela loved boxing and considered it an outlet for stress and anger. while running the first law firm, he trained here. today it's the soweto ymca. >> i used to get in a lot of trouble. >> what kind of trouble? >> you know know, with people and stuff. >> young men train today in a modern base. when nelson mandela boxed here, the room was made of concrete. we are in hard times. now we are free. >> thanks to nelson mandela. >> thanks to nelson mandela. >> thanks to nelson mandela, south africa's fight is kept inside the ring. >> people have changed with the fighting. >> here, all of this, this is the equipment that nelson mandela would have used.
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>> outback a security guard shows me the equipment nelson mandela once used. memories of a boxer and chose a different fight, and why. >> in a few hours south africa will begin a national day of mourning. on tuesday there'll be a funeral that president obama will attend. it will be one. biggest, emotional memorials we see in a lodge time. >> not just a memorial, but a week of reflection and prayer; is that correct. >> absolutely in a few hours we'll see mosques and churches, celebrating the man, remembering the man on duetuesday. it will be a huge memorial, 90,000 filling the stadium. on sunday a burial. nelson mandela said a man's life
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should end where it began. he'll be buried in qunu, where he was born 95 years ago. >> nick schifrin live in johannesburg. >> nelson mandela was a remarkable character. one of his guards said he couldn't help but grow close to nelson mandela on robben island. >> nelson mandela was my prisoners, he was my friend, a person you could look up to. if you want to know something. we as a country will miss him. >> he was nelson mandela's prison guard from 12 years, from 1978 until his release in 1990. >> the first children born at the end of apartheid are learning about it as history. we have more on the generaon known as the born-free. >> a first-time fist to south africa's parliament. these youths have no memory of that day in 1994 when nelson
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mandela delivered his first address as president of south africa. now an opportunity for them to learn about the democracy that was born at that time.> the fir emblem in front. that's where the president sits. he sits there alone. this is where he has his own place. >> from the tour guide an anecdote demonstrating that the great can get it wrong. >> the former president was once making a speech and he noticed a next to him. he asked finally what was going on. he found out from the speaker as to what was going on. he said to him with-mr president, you don't have to worry, no one is in danger, but the reason that button goes on and on is you should have finished speaking long time ago." >> underlying the laughter, a
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genuine acknowledgment of the sacrifice that nelson mandela made. >> it changed my life. i think that it's a big thing for me, that nobody would have done for me. >> i think he played a role for the young people of today. he made a sacrifice for where we are today. there's a lot of opportunities that came from what - from the decisions that he had made in the past. >> i can say he's a hero. he start believing. >> for many people they fought for his democratic ideal. nelson mandela is not only for south africa, he's for all - the whole world. he recognised as a peacemaker, as somebody who has done a lot
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for his people, not only for black people, but for the whole nations of the whole globe. >> but it's not only the lives of the youth that nelson mandela changed. >> i remember in the '80s when we were students. there were instances where we were marching, but we stopped. i remember out of our navy, we used to have thoughts that we were coming to destroy the place. years later i was working in parliament. it was unbelievable. a large number of people believe in the nelson mandela magic. i believe for some people who voted for the first time in 1994, he wouldn't have done it if not for nelson mandela. youth had never known anything, but they have one thing in
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common. what nelson mandela left behind - the right to vote. >> secretary of defense chuck hagel arrived in afghanistan to visit troops. they were at a standstill on a security agreement. afghan president said he would not sign the agreement until next year. hamid karzai said he was not there to lobby hamid karzai. >> i was assured it would be signed. >> there'll be progress in february, when the n.a.t.o. people will meet on afghanistan. >> a date in infamy, pearl harbour was attacked. 400 japanese planes bombarded the u.s., pushing them into world war ii. >> today thousands gathered at pearl harbour, including veterans and survivors.
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it was held on the shore. >> still ahead on al jazeera, why the prime minister of thailand says she will not use force against angry protesters. plus, why the feds are telling people to skip the paper elections when applying for health care.
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>> protesters in the ukraine return to the street in force. the president met with russian president vladimir putin. it sparked fear that is an economic deal may be reached with russia, further distancing ukraine from europe. o organizers hope a million protesters show up. >> street demonstrations demand
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government leaders resign in thailand. >> after five longs years that r this map is walking back into politics. the former prime minister was a member of a banned party. this is a member. >> to be back as a member of the party made me feel like we have our political rights back. i have not planned my future or received any position. >> this is the brother-in-law of former prime minister thaksin shinawatra, ousted in a cue, convicted of abusing his power. >> parts of bangkok bear the scars of fighting between police and investigators. they claim the government wants to whitewash his crimes. it is believed the attempt to
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push through an amnesty bill was a bad move. >> it was a mistake. i believe so. but that was over. now, the bill was not passed by the upper house. >> that has not been enough to stop the protesters, vowing to eradicate the thaksin regime. you are left with little doubt about who is behind this party. it is complete with its own library in the name of thaksin shinawatra. there's a whole section devoted to the billionaire. despite the opposition his party and family are not giving up on getting him home. >> we face so many obstacles. there is still a way.
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i cannot commence the details at the moment. >> thaksin shinawatra's party has won the last five members. the return of members boosts the ranks but will rile opponents. thailand's prime minister yingluck shinawatra said they'll be open to talks. >> translation: our family doesn't want to be part of the problem. we want a democracy. >> the prime minister said she would not use force against protesters. they are pushing for a final push on december the 9th. >> mark morgan is here with the sport headlines. the big sport story is college football. >> that's right. we have one result just in.
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the table is set for tonight. and you i discussed it could be chaos tonight. for now, top ranked florida state and ohio. the task is clear. a win for each - they will square off in the b.c. s title game. the undefeated seminoles due to beet duke. oklahoma state expected to face a duffer task. buck eyes taking on michigan state. a loss by either opens the door to other teams to slide in the national title game. third-ranked auburn beat mississippi in the scc title game. central florida and smu. blake bordells looking for room and finds it. it was the winning score. 17-13 was the final. heading to a b.c. s bowl for the
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first time in history. >> check this out. three seconds left, buf los with the ball. they take it, shoot, it's a 30 footer, a three pointer. crowd storms the court. the streak is over 75-72 is your final. >> i hope no one was hurt running on the court. those are the headlines. i'll be back in 20. >> here in america it's called the other football. we know it as soccer. sport has yet to catch up with nfl, n.b.a. and nlb. major league soccer is adding fans and teams. we show a sport league with a different model. >> games preparing for the cup. the championship cup is a battle. the league is a single business
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entity. >> we created a structure allowing us to think of things that will help the game grow and to try to avoid competng against each other at the franchise level. the league, the teams, handle the players' contracts, avoiding salary caps. parity is a priority. >> i don't think that you can find another soccer league at the world that can say the same thing. we believe we have one of the most competitive leagues anywhere in the world. >> they are trying to be disciplined, organised and >> major league soccer has a salary cap of $3 million. >> soccer salaries can't touch the pay of the big three.
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baseball's per team luxury tax kicks in at $178 million. the nfl is $123 million. probasketball $59 million - per team. the entire mls league payroll $89 million according to their office, which each team allowed to overpay a few star players. as the sport grows maintaining this will be a challenge. >> the reality is that money talks, and players are working towards their livelihoods. they have limited careers. they want to make as much money as possible. >> the players understand they need to work with the league to grow the sport in north america, and says next year when the contract is up, they'll negotiate hard for better pay if renews grow as expected.
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another comment, negotiating a better broadcasting deal, which is in the works. and making the onscreen product more attractive. >> tv ratings locally and nationally have not been good. >> if america warms to the game, keeping players happy and the fan base growing, it'll be major goals for the u.s. >> still to come on al jazeera america - going to the polls. venezuelans are about to vote in the first regional election since hugo chavez's death. electronic secrets advertised as safer than regular cigarettes. why some officials are questioning that claim.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz with the top stories this half hour. he was held for weeks in north korea, merrill newman has been reunited with his family in california. north korea detained the tourist
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and accused him of crimes during the korean war. >> nearly 400 people have been killed and thousands displaced by violence in the central african republic in recent days. in an effort to ease the tension, the deployment of troops has increased to 6,000. there'll be a total of 1600 soldiers on the ground tonight. >> in south africa it is already sunday, the official week of mourning for nelson mandela has begun. a day of prayer and reflection will take place, remembering the life and legacy of the leader. >> in an organisation tra trans-africa led the movement. i had a chance to speak to nicole lee about the legacy in the united states. >> i think there are two prevailing issues that he dealt with. one was justice. apartheid was unjust. the fact that u.s. policy
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supported apartheid was unjust. he stood as a symbol of someone standing for justice at all costs. reconciliation is something that he leaves with us as well. you must tell the truth. you must have a fuel hearing. everyone deserves justice. we need to put aside our differences and do the very best that we can as individuals, and i think what he showed is he did give his best and the nation was born in part because of that. for americans it's a lesson of how much power we have, if you will, to change policies when we disagree with them. >> talk about your work or trans-africa's work. how difficult a fight was it? >> well, you know, it's interesting because, you know, for so many people, especially young people, they think it was a fait accompli, that apartheid would beoverturned.
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we know that was not the case. when we were founded in 1977, apartheid was an issue we were concerned with. as they began to take on the system in terms of how the u.s. government was in support, we came up against many roadblocks in congress. president regan was not in favour of our work. helping the u.s. do the right thing around apartheid. others felled no, nelson mandela is with the a.n.c., it was a terrorist organization so a.n.c. should not support. we saw on the ground an opportunity, an opportunity to make sure the u.s. embodied the best of its values as it related to south africa, making sure it
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did not support apartheid. >> talk about how nelson mandela influenced foreign state policy. >> an interesting thing is nelson mandela did not abandon friends. there's something i know, clinton talked about, he disagreed with nelson mandela on the issue of cuba and his relationship with fidel castro. nelson mandela did not forget his friends. they stood with him. making sure countries in africa could stand together and do what was in the best interests of their people, may not necessarily benefit all. all people around the planet knew that it is possible, that you can make the impossible possible. and that is what happened, and
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that is, to me, what his life embodied. >> that is why the world is remembering nelson mandela. >> thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> today egyptian authorities released 21 women and girls sent to prison for protesting. they had been ordered to spend 11 years behind bars, but it caused widespread outrage. >> in syria new developments about a group of nuns in the hands of rebels. the human rights organization said they were taken after they overran a business. they were not kidnapped but were escorted out for their own safety. the pope called for prayers on their behalf. >> since the fighting began in syria, more than 2 million have fled the country. violence is not the only threat. there's a serious lack of food. we have more from the border
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with jordan. >> trickling down on foot from no man's land into jard anian territory. hundreds of refugees accept fighting. 80-year-old mote qulla arrived with her mentally challenged sun and said hunger and starvation brought her here. >> translation: food supplies have been cut off. mills and bic ris are destroyed. if people see someone with a bag of bread they bit on a loaf like they would at an auction. >> most are pure and destitute and had to pay smugglers. they arrived with nothing about documents and clothes on their back. for most they experienced the
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longest trip to safety. >> translation: i am sure the camp is better than living under air strikes. we lost a lot of family members. any life here is better than living in syria. >> syrians used to cross. thousands crossed through. the safer, longer alternative route is crossing in jordan. >> this is why the daily arrivals dropped from thousands to others. jordan has been accused of turning refugees away. it insists borders are open. >> why did the numbers drop. i think it's due to the security situation inside syria, not on the situation at the jordanian boarder. >> the u.n. refugee agency agrees. >> often there's a lot of
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checkpoints, there's a lot of fighting going on. as you can see this is a desso lit location. people find this is an easier place to come through. >> it will take four days for the refugees to be screened and taken to camp. the longer journey is the one yet to start. that's the search for security and human dig gnatty. lls on sunday for their first regional elections since hugo chavez died in march, since nicolas maduro took over they have suffered food shortages and high inflation. we have this report. >> polarized for decades. venezuelans go back to the polls to elect mayors. five years ago under hugo chavez
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the majority of seats were won by his party. my perception is there's a growing number of people in vensa in the middle. people should be cabbing them. >> there are significant food shortages around the country. crime in the capital is surging. the inflation rate is one of the highest in the world. economists say the economic crisis is growing. >> we are dangerously dependent on oil. the government used the resources without saving international reserves. it caused a fast expansion of cash. international reserves fall. >> in a country where 96% of income is oil exports, for many venezuelans economic policies are failing. >> the government is an
8:39 pm
official. monday's elections show how loyal you will continue to be for the government party. that's the case for 65-year-old retiree. he juggles every day between markets for his mother and wife. >> translation: we have to go around to find products. i vote for a candidate because the food shortages are because shortages are harding them. >> ut opposition still doesn't have a clear agenda. >> the opposition does not have a clear answer. delinquency, food shortages, it doesn't show people how to invest or cree at jobs. >> in the last presidential election the government won by 1 percentage point. in a country immersed in an
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economic crisis. they may bike mayors and local councils. it feels like a referendum. >> in thailand the country's prime minister yingluck shinawatra says the government is willing to negotiate with protesters aiming to overthrow the government. yesterday government threatened to overthrow leadership. >> we are joined by tristan via skype from bangkok. we haven't seen the violence. there was a truce. do you get the impression that the protest movement is losing momentum. >> yes, i definitely do. we don't think the protests will continue with the same numbers up until november.
8:41 pm
the main goal has been to have a lot of people creating the position. it looks like it's legitimacy and open up the possibility of military intervention. >> why has that happened, especially seeing there's enthusiasm and momentum. >> we have to keep in mind that in bangkok it's never been a stronghold of the government. really, they get most of their support interest outside the country. bangkok pulls in 100-150,000 people. it's not good representation of what the fast majority of thailand bequeeths. >> there was an introduction for the king's birthday which is a national holiday there. is part of it the logistics of organising crowds and rallies. >> there has been five days. they've had a break. it's slowed down from here on
8:42 pm
out. the logistics are hard. we have protesters over a large city. it's hard to move people from one side to the other. >> sorry, for the thought of. >> they have protests outside the city, to the city centre, moving back and forth. it's hot as well. moving people back and forth is difficult. >> yet they are calling for the large turn out on december 9th, in two days here. what do you expect to happen if the opposition turn outs is not what you expect? >> well, the opposition is calling for millions of people to come out. i'm expecting it could be a large crowd. i don't think that many people will be out. we are guessing that there'll be a slow down in the protests. then again, the protest leader suthep thaugsuban said if millions don't come out. they'll postpone the process.
8:43 pm
>> long-term, what do you think will happen. do you think the prime minister and her family will remain in power. >> yes, her partiry will continue to survive this one episode. >> the shinawatra family has been in control for a long title. >> thank you for your time today. >> thank you, it's a pleasure. >> eight people died there when a police station was attacked. it happened south-east of the capital. authorities blamed rebels from the armed revolutionary members. blasts destroyed buildings. international custody battle 13 years ago is in the spotlight. he left cuba for the first time
8:44 pm
since his return to the island in 2000. >> translation: i have lived happy in cuba for 14 years, let there be no doubt. whoever is interested in this, i'm happy living in cuba. >> gonzalez is attending a conference in ecuador with 200 other students. he says he does not forgive his american relatives to keep him in the u.s. he calls on the president to lift immigration from his country and calls for a meeting. mark morgan with the sport highlights ahead.
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>> welcome back. new concertains for those applying for federal healthcare. health officials are discouraging people from lodging paper applications. consumers need to enrol by december 23rd for coverage to begin in january. tobacco analysts say sales for cigarettes will double, toppling 1.7 billion. they were invented to be safer than tobacco cigarettes. government agencies say they could pose unknown risks. >> electronic cigarettes are
8:47 pm
popular. it is called vaping. >> it should be a good thing, it's a step in a smarter tobacco. >> it was a smart move for this man. >> i tried patches and guns. these are the only things that worked for me. >> they don't have the tar of cigarettes, but they can deliver nicotine. >> they are catching on. >> intuitively. these are nicotine systems with dozens of other chemicals. the odds that this is harmless, harmless to those taking in second hand vapours is small. >> the los angeles city council passed a law requiring a licence, banning sales on the streets. it discourages sales to minors. they marketed to young people and flavours like bubble gum and
8:48 pm
gotton candy. >> regulation is catching up with electronic cigarettes. the f.d.a. is writing new rules. three states are treating them like cigarettes. 100 cities, los angeles among them are restricting electronic cigarettes. and another bill where they could be banned where tobacco is prohibit prohibited. the "the los angeles times" said there was not enough harm to restrict them. >> until there is more conclusive research, government agencies should be wary of ov overreacting. >> we don't know the dangers, what they will be. >> adam says it's fine to keep e-cigarettes away from kids, but
8:49 pm
fears that overregulation will drive smokers back to tobacco. >> we are trying to help people get off tobacco products. >> free-wheeling days may be over as the government looks at what is coming out of that devi device. >> mark is back with sports. the b.c. s a making a stand. >> i think a lot of people wish there was a play-off this i can't remember. >> top-ranked florida state can advance to the b.c. s title games. this afternoon number three auburn and missouri met. each hoped for a victory. what a game this was in the scc championship. they received a new 6-year
8:50 pm
contract. >> mick marshall fumbled. they scooped it up. 17-14. later in the second, 304 yards. this is one of four touchdowns. third quarter, james franklin, returning from markous murphy. 34-31. it's like a video game. that was corey grant. >> they would never trail after that. there's a 15-yard run. cameron, they start to pull away. a 2.conversion. but tray mason will score towards the end. they go on to wrap it up. winning the scc title. >> well, i'm blessed to be able to coach the guys and see how fast they came. there's not a better feeling in
8:51 pm
the world. it's unbelievable to watch them grow and get better. we are playing our best football. >> we feel like we are the most talented team in the country. the whole entire season we fought together and feel blessed. >> in the big 12 oklahoma renewed their rivalry. here is why. this is a fake field goal. bosum with a short pass. tied at 17. fourth quarter oklahoma up by three, desmond rowland a one-yard run. last chance. blake bell - picked off by justin gilbert or is he. he can't hold on. this was huge. they are still alive. same drive, bell. in the end zone there is jay lan, seven yard. another win, 33-24.
8:52 pm
texas and bay lor. he went 30 to 20. the man said the championship - heading to the fooeesta bowl. it is week 14 of the nfl season. the steelers were in the hunt. the talk is about mike tomlin being fined for stepping on to the film. reporter and asked if it was too much. you have to wonder if the punishment had been a little loud. that's neither here nor there now. he was fined $100,000 and mrs. tomlin is probably not happy. the steelers are more concerned about the threat of losing a draft pick or a modification of draft pick. that won't be determined until
8:53 pm
the final draft order is set. the threat of that is enough. >> the seattle seahawks made a statement by improving 11-1. the seahawks have to be number one. who would you say is the second-best team in the league right now? the eight people has the broncos at number two. they have peyton manning one of the greatest quarterbacks. von miller is getting on time, getting good and helping the defense. my vote is for the new england patrio patriots. you can argue they should have. they averaged 32 points so that offence is getting healthy at this point. they have a good shot at going 13 and 3. that is what tom brady does. the patriots lost three games, average losing three games during the stretch. they've been good with him at
8:54 pm
quarterback. we know what their history is in the play-offs. >> there's a lot of advice given to the patriots, broncos, chiefs and the coach. seems like the bengels are flying under the radar. should we pay them more tapes. >> they have a 2-game lead in the division, they are undefeated at home, 5-0. there's three home games left. andy dalton said they want to make the next step, winning a play-off game, something they haven't done since 1990. it's been rough for the saints. worked on in seattle and their plane had a tough time getting home. will this help the panthers heading into the sunday night showdown. >> the panthers hope it helps
8:55 pm
them. the cracked windshield kept the saints, something they didn't need on a short week. they have a hot team of football. the saints are playing at home. we know it is one of the toughest venues to go in and win as an opponent. the second thing helping them is two losses were to asc teams. the panthers go into the game knowing they need to sweep the two games over the next three weeks against the saints to win the division. >> we'll know more about that in ohio state michigan. we'll have the results, highlights of that. we'll make sense of it all. >> see you at 11:00. >> rebecca will be back next, with the weather.
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it is very early for the amount of cold air that we have had head south. in fact, for as far south as the cold air has gone. that usually doesn't happen until we get to january.
8:58 pm
look at the temperatures in canada. we see temperatures below zero, down to 20 degrees, and this is the cold dry air that has been making its way down to the u.s. it's been seeping through mountain valleys, blasting into the pacific north-west, where they had snow in the coastline of washington and oregon into the valley, down to california. california had rain and record lows. places like sacramento. they had record rain fall. all the cold air heading to the u.s., driving textures all the way into texas. you can see what it feels like in the pacific north-west. 11 degrees. seattle - one of the moderate places feels like 24. that's not the only place where it's bitter cold. let's go to the midwest. the canadian border. temperatures are below zero.
8:59 pm
30 degrees below. i'll add that this is about 20 degrees or so below the normal temperature for this time of year. from the west coast to the mississippi. i want to note the direction of the wind, the direction the arrow is pointing towards. toronto, you have a west wind and a north-wester by for philadelphia and albany. this indicates that the cold try air is moving into the north-east. temperatures - 23 for toronto and pittsburg. you bet all you need is the moisture riding over it and you have problems. as you get closer to the atlantic it will be freezing rain. we have a warning for ice accumulations going into effect tomorrow through monday. it will impact washington d.c. we'll get a few inches of snow for chicago and detroit. a cold storm.
9:00 pm
we'll keep you updated. this is al jazeera america, live from new york. i'm jonathan betz with the headlines. the american war veteran who has been detained by north korea is home. he landed in san francisco and reunited with his wife and son. >> u.s. secretary of defense chuck hagel was in afghanistan and was told by his counterpart that the stalled security deal ll be signed in a timely fashion. it could keep intergs -- international forces in afghanistan. >> a


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