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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news hour, i'm with the headquarters in doha and the top stories, an early election but fails to put up tens of thousands of protesters trying to force her out of a job. >> live outside the office where the protest leader asked his followers to camp out overnight. >> reporter: french troops disarm fighters accused of hundreds of deaths in the
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african republic and we will be live if the capitol. breaking links with russia and think the time to stop blockading government buildings and worth more than its weight in gold, historic olympic metal shatters auction records. ♪ our top story on thailand prime minister called an early election to stop the political crisis that is gripping the country but has not stopped the tens of thousands of protesters who want to put her out of a job and say she is running a corrupt government on behalf of her bother and they are gathered outside of her office in the capitol of bangkok and they have flooding the streets of bangkok and began marching on the complex on the northern outskirts of bangkok at the
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government house. now at least nine marches started from different locations on the city on descending on government house, that is the main target of the protest and wayne reports now on their progress. >> reporter: the leader of the antigovernment movement called for one more show of strength to topple the governmentments. protesters are on long journey to cross the thai capitol bangkok and call it the final battle and say the objective was cle clear. the protest started a month ago with the stated aim of returning power to the people and as they began the long march the prime minister made a concession. >> translator: brothers and sisters of thailand, i'm yingluck shinawatra the prime minister of thailand and i would like to notify everyone after
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listening to opinions on all sides i decided to request a royal decree to resolve parliament this year. >> reporter: the goals of the protesters have changed and as they arrived at the office of the prime minister it became clear that a new election wasn't enough. >> translator: dissolving parliament doesn't matter and we have come here because we want to restore the monarchy and the nation and it won't solve the country's problems. >> reporter: backed by the opposition democrat party which failed to win the last five elections and the trend will likely continue in the next vote and the people say they want to eradicate the regime of the tax and the former prime minister convicted of abusing his power. >> reporter: they were here occupying government house for three months and the prime minister at the time they were trying to force out was the brother in law of the leader and
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at the moment the protesters are staying outside the fences and the buildings are gathered by security forces. soldiers are symbolically standing in the background for now but this is a country that is seeing a lot of army interventions and politics, something that would be welcomed again by protesters who want an appointed leader to run the country but the goals are unclear and this was to be their final day it seems they are settling in for another long fight, wayne in bangkok. >> reporter: we are live from government house and scott antigovernment leaders urging followers to stand their ground, parliament has been desolved and early elections called and what more do they want? >> yeah, that is really what the protest leader has asked them to spend the night here to stand their ground and they will be staying on this ground overnight. what they want is more than just a new election.
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they want the government rid of yingluck shinawatra and any kind of tax and regime influence as they say and this is through the last two weeks and any influence the ruling party has because of the connection to the foreign prime minister in exile and that is what they want but what they got so far sell shuns that take place in the next 5-6 weeks and the leader of the antigovernment movement saying that is not enough and spoke before we came only air and will speak again me behind me in the coming hours, this is a big rallying speech because this is the final day of this phase if you will of this movement. it will be interesting to see how they transition after they spend the night here, how they transition this into more of a political fight because it sounds like the leader has done this part of it, they have gone to the street, proven their point this way, how they get the ultimate goal as they says the resignation of the prime
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minister of yingluck shinawatra is the big question. >> reporter: the opposition democratic party has also joined the protests. how confident is the opposition, the democratic party, how confident are they at winning these early polls and do they have enough support? >> quite frankly, no, they don't. this party is a democratic party has not won an election for quite some time. the ruling party one the last election two years ago quite handidly and maybe why yingluck shinawatra is against new elections and that is not the end and not the goal. because it's quite possible that they will not win. that they really won't have a good shot at unseating the prime minister and ruling party and that is why they want to go other ways to change the government and one of those ways, the main way i should say is that people's council, the appointment of a people's
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council who will select the leaders of the country and say that is beginning step and they will go back to a democratic system once they rid the government of any influence, any corruption from the toxin regime as they call it. >> reporter: talking to you, thank you to that, scott is reporting from thailand's capitol bangkok. troops are to begin disarming rebel fighters in the central republic and trying to increase security in the country and allow elections to take place and french and african troops have been deployed after days of violence after muslim and christians that left hundreds dead and al jazeera reports from the capitol now of bongi. >> reporter: people find refuge in a church and if it has no protection from french or african forces it's better here than at home and some days the church bells are silent.
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they only warn to ring of danger. and police had no such warning when selica killed most of his family and his wife asked him to leave and thought he would not target women and children. >> translator: i left but i hesitated and i came back. when i got to the house i found the two children and my wife dead. they put the two-month-old baby on the bed and covered him with lots of clothes. >> reporter: this is exactly what the french soldiers want to prevent and this is one of the first times we have seen french soldiers out on foot in such large numbers. these are french paratroopers and here to reassure people and protect them. they will be disarming the various armed groups in the city. rules of engagement mean the french can only shoot when they come under attack. >> translator: there are lots of people calling us directly on the phone telling us that selica
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forces are attacking and when we arrive no one is there and play a game of cat and mouse. >> reporter: they are mounding the death of a leader and want the french to stay but not interfere in the political process. >> translator: and she has to stay and france has to help us hold elections to choose a president deserving on the name and lead the country and she has to stay for the transition. >> reporter: there are some people who are comparing this to ruwanda in 94 and the genicide killed hundreds of thousands of people and the violence here, it is sectarian and religious leaders are preaching peace, not hate. >> translator: there is a growing atmosphere of vengeance
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and you cannot call it genicide yet but there is an emerging certain and now on and central african public is society will never be the same again. >> reporter: there are examples in history where international forces have intervened too late. for the world it's finally taking notice of what is happening here. and i'm with al jazeera, bongi. >> reporter: and we are from amnesty international and live from the capitol, christian thank you for joining us on the show and christian we have seen peace keeping missions in other countries fail and how confident are you that french and african forces will be able to succeed in both disarming the rebels and protecting the civilians at the same time? >> yeah, this is a great question because the big problem is not to have forces only here but it's to ensure that those
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forces have equipment effectively for civilians, for instance it's good to have it in areas but it will be better to have it inside the areas, inside the neighborhood and that is not yet the case now, so we need to have that and make sure people are protected. >> christian it's not just the equipment though, isn't it, it's also the rules of engagement. we just heard where one of the french troops says they fire on people who fire on them, how then can they protect civilians? >> yeah, this is very important as well. it doesn't mean they have to stand and wait until they are tapped but take questions and make sure that they go to the areas and show this is the government taking place and ensure that they protect other communities and mostly christian and everyone here, not to wait until they are attacked to do
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that but to take action to be proactive. >> reporter: christian give us an idea how bad the humanitarian situation is. >> and there are two, four days where have, very complex in terms of relations that took place in banki and people are talking more than 400 killed during this four days. today has come, yes, but there is still a lot of going on in neighborhoods in terms of killings, et cetera. but it's not like it was four or three days ago. >> reporter: and just tell us, how bad is the situation for refugees as we can imagine, a lot of people must have fled their homes, their villages, how bad is this situation for them? >> that is a big problem because we have a lot of inside the city
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and we have stuff at the airport and sometimes more than 40,000 people who are at the airports and those people need protection. apart from the airport there are other sites where people are gathering and those people as well in churches and other places also need protection. and so far we don't see they have enough protection actually. >> reporter: thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate your insight. christian is there from amnesty international. now a police deadline is approaching for protesters new crane to stop blockading government buildings, hundreds of thousands of people have been demanding the prime minister step down and angry he rejected a trade deal with eu with closer ties with russia and it's the largest since the revolution in 2004 and tim friend is covering the store story for us live
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from the ukraine capitol and the temperature is dipping still, protesters are still continuing to defy the cold and the president but are they any closer to achieving their goal? >> well, that is a good question. i mean the mood here i think at the moment is very nervous one because they are at the point i think where this protest which began several weeks ago now could perhaps start to tail off. i mean, if you talk to the protesters they will tell you we are determined as ever to keep going. they have been barricading some of the streets around government buildings and, of course, they are still continuing with their occupation of city hall. but, keeping up this momentum is terribly difficult and particularly as you pointed out the temperatures here are plunging, winter is well and truly set in and to be able to camp out in the main square here, independent square, is
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becoming harder and harder in these harsh conditions. so if you were to ask me if they stopped the work of government with these blockades and sit-ins the answer would be no. they are certainly disrupting the work of the government but he has support particularly in the east of the country which is his home territory as it were and he continues to edge towards moscow for continued support after not signing as you say that deal with the eu for a trade agreement which is what sparked all this protest in the first place, the people here in kiev want to move into the european union's orbit. >> reporter: they may want to do that, tim, however tuesday's deadline of security of forces gave the protesters is looming, are there any signs of them disbursing and what happens next? >> well, that's the next crucial
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moment of course, tuesday morning which is the deadline when this court order, at least how it's interinterpreted by the police, comes into effect. they are being told they must end the city at city hall and they have to stop the street blockades. now intriguingly we are hearing that the european union's chief, foreign kathryn ashton who has a growing reputation for bringing war and factions together is due here to try to find a way through this. and, in fact, the president who has been speaking to the european commission president and the secretary general of the u.n., there is lots of international pressure here to try to stop further violence which was witnessed a week ago when the police heavy handedly moved in against the protesters causing injuries.
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there was an international outcry against that. that is right, that is the next crucial moment tuesday but i think the hope is some kind of compromise, some way through this can be found without further clashes between the protesters and the riot police. >> reporter: tim, thank you very much for getting us up to date and tim friend is from the capital kiev. you are watching the al jazeera news hour and still ahead severing family ties and kim jong-unhas been under the gun for drugs and gambling. and this is the streets of singapore and in sport find out why this shot from onon left tiger woods at the pga challenge in california, those details coming up. ♪
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27 people have been arrested in singapore after the worst riot in more than 40 years, two police vehicles were set a light after they hit and killed a foreign worker in an area called little india and at least 18 people were injured. and charles stratford has more. >> reporter: a police car under attack in the streets of singapore. the crowd eventually overturned the vehicle, others they sat on fire. a rare out bright of rioting in the city state known for the strict laws against public disorder. the incident happened in little india, part of the bangladesh community and the violence started after a bus hit and killed a foreign worker, a crowd then smashed the bus windows and five cars attacked, three of
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them overturned. >> first time in my life i see this. >> reporter: the police commission said he never seen rioting on singapore streets in his 26 years as a police officer. >> we treat this incident very seriously. and we classified the case as one of rising with dangerous weapons and we will spare no effort to arrest those involved. >> reporter: little india is usually packed with people on sundays when construction workers gather on their day off, in a press conference the deputy prime minister appealed for calm. >> this is a serious incident and we started from a fatal traffic accident involving a private bus and a pedestrian, the crowd reacted to the incident and started a riot. >> reporter: punishment for rioting can carry a sentence up
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to seven years in jail and a possible caining, the last riot in singapore happened more than 40 years ago, such a sudden out pouring of angry against authorities will fuel debate over level of discontent over low-paid foreign workers in this strictly governed city state and charles with al jazeera. >> reporter: we have the head of issues at the think center and thank you very much for joining us on the show and singapore is generally a very calm society. what would have been the underlying issues that would have led to such violence overnight? >> i think that migrant workers community has difficulties in coping with the reality, working realities in singapore especially that are now there are problems of payments of salaries, sometimes the workers do not get paid on time but
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sometimes for months they do not receive their monthly pay. but other things, other issues related and come from south asia and they have to pay maybe $5,000, $6,000, $7,000 for agents to come here and means they have a big gap at home and suppression from the family causes a lot of stress. on the other hand when they come here they have a community and speak the language and get together and the weekend they are free to meet so in some incidents like this happen, they are usually excited and talk among themselves but a very among themselves and actually sparked reaction that is very strong. but these problems have been going on for some time and in 2004 there were problems. so the president shows that there are underlying problems in
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singapore with discrimination and payment of salary. >> reporter: at the same time, there has been a lot of online vitreal against the workers in singapore and not just talking about the bangladesh migrant workers we are talking about the mainland chinese migrant workers who come to singapore and there is a lot against them. do you think the events was also perhaps a result of a clash of cultures? >> i do not see this really as a clash of cultures. it's more what the migrant workers themselves face daily. and even for the chinese workers they have problems last year when the pay was discriminated differently among people working as bus drivers. the other problems for singapore is commands and other words, and they are not allowed to even talk about race and racism
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publically in singapore and often there is a fear they will be detained or punished by the government. so when you suppress a community from talking about issues they have not settled, and they are housed in public housing where you are 60% or 70% of the workers are the locals will be chinese and on the other hand the indian population is about 10%. so equally anyone who is allowed to stay in the housing estate will face the point of people are calling the number of percentage in the city that you are from. so for a migrant worker when he comes on the weekend and locals are not pleased and even they do not want their indian or chinese workers in their neighborhood and they will be nearby the housing estate and they would also protect about it and don't want such migrant workers there
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because they will dirty the place and drink beer and throw rubbish. >> reporter: we are just running out of time and thank you very much for joining us on the show. and this is the head of issues from the center. and north korea confirmed the uncle of leader kim jong-un is sacked and has been accused of drug taking and woman nicing and posts have been taken away and harry has more from the south korean capitol of seoul. >> this is the fall of one of north korea's powerful men, uncle and husband to his younger sister in custody and it was reported for some days in south korea came by north korea state media reporting on a meeting which he was officially dismissed from all posts and crimes set out chapter and verse. and said the meeting fully laid
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bear the antibar acts of him and the harmfulness and reaction nature and said his followers did not accept the line and policies of the party in the end they made nothing of perpetrating the acts and disobeying the order of the korean people's army. and talked of corruption, gambling, drug taking and wom womanizing and they took him out of shots where he previously appeared and it's necessary to see who has fallen from grace and this time kim jung-un. >> this puts an ex --
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exclamation point on it. >> reporter: they said last week they believed he had been dismissed and said publically it was monitoring the situation and they said it was anonymous in the media and said he was cementing his power base. and the factor in north korea disagreed and said he was taken down from a rival party and not kim jong on himself. >> reporter: they had a hateful relationship and they worked to check his power and if kim jong-un relies on politics and it grows and those who were enemies in the past would face being purged. >> reporter: the two--year-old leadership has gone through the top-level infighting and once he was regarded as a figure has been humiliated and dispatched and harry with al jazeera in
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seoul. >> reporter: they will hold a special session on monday to pay tribute to nelson mandela, other tributes will be made by world leaders who are also expected ahead of a memorial on tuesday at the stadium. and south africa's first black president died last week on tuesday and we are if -- in johannesburg and what are they doing for the mediva? >> reporter: they are making up the state funeral of nelson mandela in an hour or sos time and in cape town will sit in parliament and special session the last time nelson mandela appeared was 2010 to mark the 20st and verse of of his release from prison and with the
5:28 am
national congress mps mandela and second wife and oldest grandson will be there as will the last leader of apartheid south africa. and elsewhere of course attention will turn to the arriving tidal wave of leaders and dignitaries and celebrities arriving here and the u.s. president expected later as for as three other former presidents and dozens more for this enormous memorial service that will take place in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 world cup and something that nelson mandela had a lot to do with bringing it to south africa and thousand also be there for the four-hour service and spill over in screens across the country with big screens where they will watch the event
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live. it's an enormous situation and put together five days after the death of nelson mandela and the last time they will be able to gather in mass and unity to honor and celebrate the life of nelson mandela. >> reporter: sounds like a great memorial for a great man and thank you for that. that is jona reporting from johannesburg and the weather is getting colder in turkey and not a good sign for refugees in the camps. >> the weather will take a nosedive and take that turn for the worst. looking at the satellite picture it will show you what happened over 12 hours and the clouds are making its way parts of turkey and seeing snow showers today and there has been a fair amount of snow over the past couple of days. here are pictures that we are now seeing and we see the snow really already is quite deep and as you said that is not good
5:30 am
news because in that region we have a lot of refugees and here is some of the conditions that we are seeing already on the ground there. so things are going to be made worse over the next few days by the influx of cold weather and heavy snow. here is what we are expecting on tuesday. the top temperature making it to 3 degrees, a bit further south we are getting to nine and the system is going southward and as it does so it's bringing heavy snow and drag those temperatures down as well. so remember these are maximum temperatures during the day, and allepo at 5 degrees and ankora is 0 and not breaking above freezing. on top of that we are expecting a lot of wintry weather and some could see 50 centimeters of snow. >> reporter: plenty to come on the al jazeera news hour, the only way off is freezing syrian
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refugees escaped them and only to find a new enemy the cold. and back on the court after 8 months and was it happy for the star kobe bryant? the details coming up. ♪ of the peo
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♪ welcome back, you are watching the al jazeera news hour and these are the top story, thailand minister called an early election and dissolved parliament but it has not stopped protesters and tens of thousands have marched on her office. and france defense minister said
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french soldiers will disarm fighters in central african republican and troops have been deployed after days of violence between muslim and christian melitia and they are stop locating government buildings and hundreds of thousands of people have protested against the president for more than two weeks. and more on our top story and that is the unrest in thailand. now that parliament has been dissolved polls must be held within two months but the prime minister yingluck shinawatra could win again with support in the north and northeast and won in 2011 by a landslide. opposition democratic party has not won since 1992 but the members are not at all that interested in new elections and they want the family to leave the country and have the government replaced by a nonelected people's council. and joining us live now from
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bangkok is a professor of political science at the university. and thank you very much for making it on the show. now, we have got the prime minister who dissolved the parliament and early elections called and they want no more of the clan, is that really possible in thai politics? >> well, they are working hard to negotiate, to make sure that the influence of the shinawatra family is reduced and not sure it will happened in the future but demonstrators are hoping that they are demanding that the new elections should be with improved mechanisms to reduce the influence of the family and hoping for and we are listening, waiting to listen to the announcement from the leader of the protest movement in the next few minutes. >> there could be a little
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confusion here for those of us who are not familiar with thai politics, do antiprotesters want no more of the clan or bring the monarchy back and do away with democracy? >> well, i think the main objective of the -- what the so called people's democratic reform committee is to make sure that they have a better political reform in place. they have a better election system in place. they want to make sure that there is no conflict of interest. of course, three and five are in thailand voted for the government's party and two in five work for the opposition party, that will be essentially almost the same in the next election and what they want is a better system so they can have a more even field. i'm not so sure that will happen very soon with any serious
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negotiations. >> reporter: i've been reading some twitter feed from thailand and one particular feed stood out to me and one thai person said it's not that democracy doesn't work in thailand it's that democracy doesn't work for sore losers in thailand and it seems to be an in politics and what would it take for true democracy to truly work? >> i think negotiation is one key or one important perhaps the way of getting off the crisis, the two political parties need to negotiate seriously about how to bring upon a better system, thailand is a democratic country for the last 81 years with many ups and downs, i think they need to ensure possibility, to ensure possibility, i think a better political electorial must be
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made and amendments of the constitution is one of getting out of the crisis and of course another is to make sure the chair power can be arranged and of course lastly whatever the situation that is taking place is under the constitution. i don't think that thai people even the protesters want to do away with the thai democratic system. they just want the same thing but different ways of looking at it. i think that is way we think it's still possible to have a good way out. >> okay, thank you very much for your insight. and he was the professor of political science at the university. and several senior members of the muslim brotherhood are scheduled to appear in court in egypt and face charges related to violence during anti-coup protests in july and among the defendants is the muslim
5:38 am
brotherhood supreme guide who was arrested in august. video taken on sunday shows damaged buildings and an empty street and this lies in the region along the highway between homes in damascus and more fighting going on and rebels still control the eastern part of the town. and let's get now to andrew simmons who is live in beirut and andrew how significant is this partial take over here? >> the fighting is getting more intensive all the time. we have just come off the phone with an activist, an opposition activist in the nearest town on the lebanese border and in syria right now. we are hearing that the eastern part you just referred to of
5:39 am
nebik is more or less falling to the regime forces, that is the syrian regime forces fighting along size hesbollah and iraq and we are hearing the highway in nebik is a strategic highway that connects damascus and hans a control of the regime and we are hearing from sources it's still not secured but there are heavy losses on both sides. we don't have exact numbers but it does sound very heavy. the pictures don't really portray the intensity of the fighting. we spoke to three commanders in asow who described the critical position going on now and they were effectively losing ground and this is what we saw in asow. . >> this is the only way out to syrian refugees escaping the battle of calamoon and the slow
5:40 am
down of the trail of those crossing the border into lebanon is because of the increase in fighting. these women are the latest arrivals, in shock they tell of getting out of nebik, a town that is partly under siege and assad forces with hezbollah are gaining ground. >> translator: we could hear the air strikes and gun battles getting closer to us and last-minute we took the decision me and my daughter to get out and a man drove us to the border and another to the base and we will wait here until my husband and son make it i hope. >> reporter: her daughter is sick with a fever. >> translator: i don't have any medicine. we have nothing. we left like you see us now. we didn't think we could make it here. >> reporter: the sun may be shining on this, the road from kalamoon but people escaping the
5:41 am
fighting ahead there is little to look forward to aside from the wind and rain is the cold and an enemy now and aspects of the war it shows no mercy. and it has makeshifts camps is an over crowded and shivering form of destitude and 60,000 refugees and the situation is dire. there is some heat under the canvas of the first transit camp in lebanon and 70 families housed here and next door has permanent shelter and homes of families of the martyrs and protection from the cold new arrivals are settling here. the u.n. is handing out winter clothes packs for the children. but the people have all been told by local authorities that they have to leave to make way
5:42 am
for the families of dead fighters. >> translator: i knew this but where are we supposed to go? anyone that just arrived i bring them here. >> reporter: covered by blankets is an old man found outside, he is sick and needs medical attention. in another camp they try to repair the damage from a storm that left some with no shelter for the night. this man says we have nothing, we have to burn plastic bags to make a fire. while the fighting in kalamoon causes more civilian deaths and many of them children these people prepare for the syrian war's third winter, it's nothing more than a will to survive. and of course we are hearing now in the weather forecast that temperatures will plummet in the valley well below zero in the coming days and weeks. now, we are also hearing from inside syria the situation in kalamoon is critical on the
5:43 am
medical section as well because supplies are not getting through, there is a shortage of food, no one knows the number of civilians in a critical state right now but it's a dire situation and it's ongoing and turning in the regime's favor. >> that is andrew reporting from the lebanese capitol beirut. the secretary of defense hagel is meeting pakistan prime minister in islamabad and trying to repair relations between the two countries and have been strained by differences over security and attacks by unmanned aerial drones and he wants closer ties with washington and supports the afghan peace process. and hyder has this update from islamabad. >> check hagel arrived in islamabad to hold meetings with the pakistan military chief and the pakistan prime minister, and the prime minister was accompanied by the foreign
5:44 am
policy advisors as well as his defense minister as well as the economic affairs minister was also present in those talks, the two sides reaffirming their commitment to continue the strategic partnership between the united states and pakistan, however, the pakistan need was still concerned about the ongoing drone strikes in pakistan against where there is considerable anger now and most of the political parties that were blocking the nato supplies from going into afghanistan are still continuing with their protests. the americans would be concerned because they would be conducting a major logistic operation from withdrawing the hardware from the country and will be needing pakistans for the exercise and therefore there was a lot to talk about between washington and islamabad but the pakistans are trying to improve ties with u.s. and said high-level
5:45 am
contacts between the two countries were helping matters. >> reporter: still ahead in sport we will have the latest from the series as australia continues dominance over england right after the break. ♪ consider this: the news of the day plus so much more. >> we begin with the government shutdown. >> answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> it seems like they can't agree to anything in washington no matter what. >> antonio mora, award winning and hard hitting. >> we've heard you talk about the history of suicide in your family. >> there's no status quo, just the bottom line. >> but, what about buying shares in a professional athlete?
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al jazeera america is growing and now more americans are getting the high quality, original, in-depth reporting al jazeera america is known for. >> to find out more about al jazeera america go to ♪ welcome back, you are watching the al jazeera news hour, a court has given the final go ahead for u.s. airways and american airlines to form the world's biggest airline. the judge hearing the case refused to grant a last attempt by consumers and travel agents to block the airline merger and
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argued the deal would hurt passengers because it would result in less competition and higher prices. venezuela is in the ballot box and keeping control of the local councils and they hold two prizes and that is the capitol and the oil city and mary ann reports. >> reporter: 18 different elections in 14 years and a new call to go out and vote again. just 8 months after electing a new president they went back to the polls to elect over 300 mayors and 2500 council members. >> translator: this is evidence that i'm contributing with a grain of sand to change my country and if you don't vote you can't complain. >> reporter: this has been marked by one of the highest inflation rates in the world at
5:48 am
54%. and it puts the capitol at the third most violent in the region and food short a shortages increased in the last months and hopes the vote will change the government. >> translator: i love this country and respect it, i want to see it free, a country like many others. >> reporter: but polls predict 50% of venezuelans will remain with the government. many people here tell us they will continue to build the governmental candidates and many people here have benefitted from the social programs. and it is flooded with garbage and water is scarce and crime rampant but don't want to loose the food and healthcare. >> translator: my daughter studies at the university, i
5:49 am
have a pension and when i go to the doctor i get my medicine for free. >> reporter: despite that, there will be no more elections until 2015 and the opposition consists of the government's power in parliamentary elections and said there will be a devaluation and the inflation is likely to increase with unpopular moves the president will have a challenge to keep the people and factions within the government party supporting him until the end of the first term in government but that is still a few years away. >> reporter: time for sport. >> thank you very much, alls australia have 218 run win on day five of the test and resuming on 246 for 6 and had 4
5:50 am
for 57 and this was one of the bright spots for the tourists and making 69 but the australians wrapped it up in an hour and 7-40 in the first inning. confirmation of the result makes viewing if you are in australia on 312 which is highest total of the series and the teams head to purse for the test that gets underway on friday the 13th, yes, and england has not won there in 35 years. >> these two wings satisfy because of the work put in over a long period of time and it is in a fluke they won't the first two matches and hard work in the uk and thought it was close and not over the line and disappointed not to have success in england. so we as a team believe the work has been put in for a long period of time and seeing results which is very pleasing. >> we have to be honest with ourselves and have not played well after the two games but the
5:51 am
only guy whose can change it are the guy in the dressing room and we can't mope about it. >> reporter: and south africa won the series against india and the 42nd odi declares this to the late nelson mandela and when the game got underway they gave south africa a total of 280 for 6 and they will take four wikets and had 146, south africa win by a massive 124 runs and take 2-0 lead in the 3-match series. and there is serious crowd violence in brazil and the game was stopped for a quarter of an hour into the first half and took police several minutes to
5:52 am
intervene and putting rubber bullets in the stadium and one fan was air-lifted to the hospital and 160 people were in attendance but they lost 5-1 and had more security concerns ahead of the world cup in brazil. footballer dj campbell is one of six people being questioned after an investigation of match fixing in british football was launched, the national crime agency examining allegations from the newspaper and say the former nigeria told an under cover reporter he could fix the world cup matches and also said he had been previously sent off on purpose for over $100,000. >> this is my first time, okay,
5:53 am
this is role playing. >> i'm not playing football yet because you have cards. >> i'm sure of that. >> how much did you get for last night's game? >> this is the thing we do and other out there and can we say what it's going to be, can we say it's in the first half? can we say it will be in the. >> last. >> last to the first half is that possible? >> reporter: 1-1 with everton on sunday and went ahead with ten minutes to go and coming up, the back and winning united last week and equalized four minutes later and had the goal and five points clear of liver pool and everton is fifth. and golf and tiger woods blew a four shot lead in a tournament on sunday as zach johnson got
5:54 am
the title and a playoff of woods and johnson both had 18 under par after four rounds and we report. >> reporter: tiger woods came close but not close enough. woods was paired with the fellow former masters champion zach johnson for the final round battle and it was the 18th hole after getting birdies on 16 and 17. zach johnson appeared to be finished after he put his approach shot in the water. but having taken a drop johnson produced this moment of magic. tiger needed par on the final hole. but he placed his second shot in the bunker. woods recovered to save par to force a one-hole playoff. woods and johnson would play 18
5:55 am
again and tiger found himself back in the same bunker. after zach johnson two putted for par, tiger needed to sink his par putt to force a second playoff hole but johnson completed the come back finishing four under on sunday and 13 under overall for the tournament. >> it's nice especially when it's my last tournament of the year and tiger played great and a couple putts here and there and the ones i missed he got and he is the host. >> it is pretty impressive what he did on 16, 17 and 18 and he got me. >> reporter: the world challenge was johnson's first victory of the new season as his final appearance of 2013. and i'm with al jazeera. >> reporter: amazing, to the nba and kobe bryant returned to the court after 8 months out for injury and in the absence the lakers made a poor start to the
5:56 am
season and unfortunately it wasn't really a happy home coming for the nba fourth highest leading scorer and finished with 9 points and four assists but the raptors and had 106-94 with. and olympic gold medal won by jessie owens in the 30s broken a record in an auction and they continue the inspiring legacy that owens left. >> this is one gold metal with a very collorful history and it hs been snapped up for nearly $1 1/2 million and the highest paid for an olympic metal and it's not just a symbol of sporting triumph and he was a black american athlete was competing at a game that hitler used to display a powerful nazi germany but as hitler watched on the 23 year looked on he shattered
5:57 am
supremacy and didn't do it just once but owens captured four goals in the 100 and 200-meter dash and the four-meter relay and the long jump. at the time he was also the world record holder for the long jump, a distinction he held for 25 years. yet the olympic glory did not guaranty an easy life and he returned to a segregated america and faced financial troubles and declaring himself bankrupt at one point and he became a successful public speaker but it's that moment in 1936 that has continued to shine in the life of jessie owens as a historic victory of a prejudice. >> what a story. >> thank you very much. and stay with us here on al jazeera, we have another full bulletin of news ahead and also a reminder you can always keep up to date for all the news on our website and stay with us. ♪
5:58 am
ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america still experienced some racial tension. so my parents who both started out in segregated schools made sure i knew my history as a young african american girl. they made me learn about martin luther king's march on washington and watch nelson mandela's acceptance speech when he first took the podium as president.
5:59 am
>> so help me god. >> fast forward 17 years later. i'm an eager college senior. and it's no surprise i chose south africa as the place to go for my fellowship. when i got there, i started teaching kids in one of the country's poorest townships, kids all born the year that mandela was freed. they were, as we say in south >> on america tonight a remarkable breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. >> just a miracle... >> people who had no hope now tell their extraordinary stories. >> i thought i was gonna die... on america tonight on al jazeera america >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> here are the headlines at this hour.
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>> only on al jazeera america. ♪ the east coast is the latest part of the country hit by a nasty winter storm, snow and freezing rainfall from washington to philadelphia adding to nationwide travel troubles. after weeks of huge antigovernment protests across thailand the prime minister dissolves parliament and calls for new elections. [chanting] a day of prayer in south africa for nelson mandela and leaders including president obama and three former u.s. presidents expected to attend tuesday's memorial service for the late south african president. >> and a crime was never committed a


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