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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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check check > you join us for the al jazeera newshour. these are the stories we are covering in the next 60 minutes. the south sudan looks to bolster its military as rebel forces move on oil fields in the north of the country. >> scuffles outside the prime minister's house. thai police push back anti-government protesters in bangkok. >> the battle for aleppo. we have an exclusive report on
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the fight to control a former hospital turned military post >> the former oligarch mikhail khordorkovsky says he has no political ambitions following his release. >> the future of south sudan may depend on who controls the lucrative oil feeds in the north of the country. the government led by president salva kiir has tried to hold off a rebellion by forces loyal to his vice president. troops are advancing on jonglei to recapture bor from rebels. forces have taken control of unity state, an area with a great deal of oil. we have, to the north and east, upper nile state and from here the bulk of south sudan's
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revenue comes. >> and now live to juba the national capital. the major battle for the economy is taking place in the north. how difficult is it to work out what is happening at all? >> it's very difficult. that's why some people are concerned. they are not sure what is going on. one side says this, the other says that. the government says they are in control, people shouldn't panic, they should fix the problems. a lot are worried that the violence they see now will escalate. >> the crisis and south sudan is becoming more dangerous. the government is sending troops and tanks to take on the rebels. >> renegade soldiers have taken control of bor and are attacking
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people. gun higher hit three military aircraft as they were about to land and evacuate american citizens. four u.s. servicemen were injured. in the middle are civilians, looking for protection. 35,000 are camped out at u.n. compounds in bor, juba. >> bor is a strat eegic location and within the crisis both factions and the government forces are using it as a point that they want to dominate. >> however, even the united nations has become a target. on saturday it held a memorial service for two indian peacekeepers killed at a base. it had been attacked by 2,000 armed youth from the nuer tribe. >> the attack happened like a frontal attack on the base itself. the two peacekeepers were killed
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in action in protecting and trying to prevent the entry into the camp. >> the fighting began with a power struggle between rival factions in the army. it was worse when the president accused former deputy of attempting a coup. >> they are suspected to be involved in the attempted military coup. >> african foreign ministers met with the south sudan government to resolve the conflict. it has not done anything get. now the worry is the violence has turned into civil war. >> the danger of it moving into tribal and sectarian struggle is high. all political leaders in the sudan have supreme responsibility to make sure that it does not degenerate into tribal and sectarian conflict. if it does nobody master on how
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to resolve such conflict. until they do, the fighting will go on. and the country will remain one of the most unstable. >> here you have a fight that is said to be fought along tribal lines, is it as simple as to say, you know, one side of the tribal divide supports the vice president, the other supports the current president. it will be fought out in that way, or does the vice president have a smaller but determined group of people on his side? >> it's complicated. it's hard to know how much support riek machar has. it's not one tribe supporting this person, or one that. it's a con vulated conundrum of so many things. talk more about the future or the way forward i'm joined by the opposition leader for the
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s.p.l.m. d.c. thank you for talking to al jazeera. what do you think about the crisis at the moment? >> well, it is very much worrying and we are concerned about the situation. we think that the priority at the moment is to bring an end to this conflict. we are encouraged and commend the president for having shown leadership. by accepting to negotiate with the rebels. and we are also happy that the other side is there. we need to move in that front and we are grateful for the international community that has stood firm to see that this unnecessary fighting is brought
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to an end. we, as southerners, we risk the goodwill that we have gained from the international community all this time. >> do you think riek machar will be willing to meet the president for peace talks? >> i am told through the media that he had expressed readiness, and i think that both sides should approach talks without preconditions. they should go in with an open heart. there's a point i want to say, regarding the way forward. you know in our hurry always to stop the conflict, and bring an end to the suffering of innocent people, we condemn anyone that targets the civilian population. we look for a quick fix. i think this time when we are talking about the way forward, to bring about peace, when time
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comes for the side to sit down, it must be a national dialogue because it's a national crisis. >> is this a power struggle or is it tribal? >> it is a power struggle that has unfortunately turned into a tribal thing because of the targetting of civil population. we should not approach it as purely a tribal conflict. it is a power struggle between the politician, and a politician between the same party. that is why the solution cannot be only in terms of the two of them talkingful it should be now national dialogue of all the political parties to map the way forward for south sudan, an opportunity that we missed two years ago. >> some people in juba are panicking. you see people leaving the country. what are the chances for the
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fight to come back to the capital city and the rebels reaching here. >> it's a question of people leaving. doan forget this is a season and a normal situation you find juba is empty at christmas. that is one factor. we are not denying people are going away because of fears that there could be incursions into juba. at the moment, they move quickly. the idea of such an event would be more remote. >> an update from one of the people in south sudan in the political spheres, known by the population, his tag on what is happening in the country. >> clearing some of the confusion, but not all. thank you haru mutasa in juba.
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>> a train has derailed and crashed into makeshift homes in the kenyan capital of nairobi. it came off the tracks in the slum area, home to a quarter of a million. scores of people are possibly trapped in the message. we will go live to the scene of the crash. one wonders what kind of rescue operation, given the difficult circumstances and the nature of the area, that they are able to mount. >> it does appear to be a difficult operation that we are witnessing here first hand. what is going on is essentially workers trying to clear the railway tracks, the commanding police officer at the scene tells me they have brought in a crane, but it needs to be driven on the tracks they are trying to clear to lift the two wagons that had flipped over. we understand the trains - there was 22 wagons in the train,
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carrying wheat, headed to uganda, and the police officer tells me that it appears that the cargo was a heavy cargo and that's why it had two engines, one at the front, one at the back. it appears to have been quite heavy for the train, for the engines to operate. and that appears to be the initial cause that police are sighting here for this cargo. you can sense a lot of tense at the scene. police pushed people away after trying to flip over the dragons and the police officer tells me it's not clear whether people are tracked beneath the wagons, they'll figure it out once they shift them over. >> thank you. live for us at the scene of that rail crash in nairobi. >> minor scuffles broke out in
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the capital between anti-protesters and police in thailand. thousands are outside yingluck shinawatra's house calling for her to step down, despite the fact she called elections. the main opposition party said it would boycott the ballot next year. let's talk to a political columnist joining us from bangkok. only several thousands rather than the 3 million protesters had asked for had turned up. nevertheless the protest is continuing week after week after week. what does the government do to end the situation in bangkok? well, i believe the government is playing calm and not trying to ascertain the protesters. so far any violent confrontation has been kept to a minimum.
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>> i understand that. what does it do to end it all? >> well, there's no end in sight, but tomorrow the protesters planned to visit the site where the registrations of the candidate for the snap elections will take place, it's unclear whether they'll try to block the candidates and prevent them from their candidacy or not. they said they will not, but we have to wait and see. >> one of the protesters say the reason they won't take part in the elections is they want political reforms before the poll. is that a possibility within government circles. is that being discussed? >> well, i don't think it's a possibility now. the country is divided. one side not wanting to take part in the snap elections.
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yet on the other side wanting to take part in the elections. we are at a deadlock. a deadlot is something that drags on. you have said the army and security services did little to inflame the situation. do you see a point when it will be necessary to employ the security force, to clear the streets? >> i don't think so. i don't think the government will do that. by doing that it will invite anti-government sentiment. however, the plans, snap elections on february 2nd could be an indicator, if it goes ahead, and less than half of the voters show up to cast votes, it could spell legitimacy crisis to whichever party wins the snap election in february. >> thank you very much for talking to us. live from bangkok. >> rebel fighters who belong to
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what is called the al-nusra brigade captured a strat eegic position in aleppo from government forces. the syrian army used it as a base, but it was a hospital. >> two huge truckloads of explosives are detonated, within hours the air forces declare victory. the target is the hospital or what is left of it. it was transferred into a military outpost by bashar al-assad's forces this year. strategically located the top floors over look key roads looking to the northern country side of aleppo and another to the prison, also used as a base by the syrian army. >> translation: this is just one
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of a series of attacks which will target the regime everywhere, we will not rest until we reach bashar al-assad's palace in damascus. >> as with most gabs made by rebel fighters the capture of the hospital is followed by government reprisals. >> shells filled with explosives and other bombs drop from the skies as forces try to limit the advancement. both sides are preparing to see who will win the next round, the fact that a hospital intended to save lives has been reduced to a symbol of death and destruction leaves many wondering what possible victory there could be to either side in this bloody war. >> five people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in the syrian province of homs. students are among those that
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died. the syrian observatory for human rights said the car blew up near a primary school near the town. >> still to come... >> he fell down inside the church. >> stories of loss. we hear from victims of boko haram violence in nigeria. and on top of the world - if not the world, then the spanish football league. not a team you might expect to celebrate. we'll tell you who it is a little later. >> the former russian oligarch and arch kremlin critic says he has no further political ambitions, the oil tycoon was released after 10 years in prison after being pardoned by
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russia's prime minister vladimir putin. in the hotel behind you mikhail khordorkovsky is staying and he met up with his family. is there much word from them or, indeed, him. >> yesterday was all about his family. we waited outside the hotel for a glimpse of him being reunited with his mother and father. he did it away from the glar of the world's media. we should here about his plans, but he has spoken to one russian magazine. in it he said he had no political ambitions. he said the russian authorities were keen to get him out of russia, and spoke about the companies in which he had been held. >> because for a year and two months and two and a half months in segezha, i had long meetings with residents. all the other times i was on a prison regimes and therefore had
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no long visits >> to run a successful campaign from outside russia, if he decided to do so, you do need a lot of money. mikhail khordorkovsky had hays money taken away from him during the course of his trial. it will be interesting to see the questions thrown at him about who he may get financial support from and if he's interested in that. >> yes, absolutely. i think we all want to ask him lots of questions. it's interesting where he decided to hold the news conference. we are at checkpoint charlie, a symbol of the cold war, where the allies crossed east and west jeremy. mikhail khordorkovsky is somebody that bridges the gap between east and west, but this is a press conference, where it will be held and less than two hours time, and we will hear about his political ambitions. he says he has none. many would be surprised. if you met mikhail khordorkovsky at a party.
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he's not the person that you expect to sit quietly in a corner. he's been a critic of the kremlin from behind bars and we don't expect him to sit quietly for long. >> a party may be something he's looking forward to. we'll be live to the press conference later on al jazeera. >> in germany riot police battled protesters from being evicted from a cultural center. 80 protesters were injured in hamburg. 2,000 riot police were put on the streets in an area notorious for confrontations involving left-wing activists. >> seven people have been killed near benghazi, all killed are thought to be soldiers. it's thought a suicide bomber set off the explosives in front of an army town. 16 people at least were hurt. police charged 13 people over
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the worst factory fire ever in bangladesh. the building owners, security guards and managers are charged with culpable homicide and causing death due to negligence. 111 people dies in the blaze on the outskirts of dhaka. >> a preliminary investigation into the crash in namibia dugses the cap stain deliberately crashed the mozambican jets was plying from maputo to angola when it crashed in bwabwata national park. >> 2013 drawing to a close. al jazeera is looking at five big stories, talking to those people caught up in the events. let's go first to nigeria. there has been a spate of attacks by boko haram. the u.n. says more than 1200
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people have died since may. we talk to one woman coping with the loss of her husband. >> 2013 has been a difficult year for this family. her husband was killed when boko haram attacked in a catholic church the previous year. several were killed in the suicide bombing. she remembers what happened as if it was yesterday. >> it hit my husband. he fell down inside the search. the other police used a gun. they didn't know what is inside. the car is trying to enter. so that police shoot the car. >> renaling regina lost the family home and spent most of 2013 selling vegetables in the street, but it's not enough to
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live on. >> mum has not paid the rent. many families have been affected by boko haram. the group, which wants a strict form of islamic law has been behind many bombings. hundreds have been killed in the attacks. thousands have fought the groups in may when a state of emergency was declared bit the president. most victims have not received help from authorities following the attacks. this year the church has been trying to get back on its feet. >> had is where the suicide attackers debtonated their explosives. you can see the impact of the attack over here. despite what happened, the church has reopened and regina still attendants mass here. >> we see the wreckage of the vehicle used in the attack. it's a reminder of what
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happened. regina says she comes here to pray and think. >> i feel bless said. sometimes when i come to church i watch and think about what happened. >> regina wants to put 2013 behind her. she is praying that 2014 will be a better year for her and her family. and it will be the end of boko haram. >> the second part of the series will be on the italian island of lampedusa. we'll hear from a fisherman, the first to arrive at the sinking boat and is haunted by what he saw. time for the weather during this newshour. >> thanks very much. you may recall in the last test match in perth temperatures touched the 40 degree mark.
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we have seen that heat making its way across australia over the last few days. thursday a high of 39 degrees in melbourne. penrith, which is to the west is a western suburb of sydney getting to 41. to the south we have lighter shading on the map and cloud and rain steaming in. it's a southerly buster. turning into 18 degrees celsius on monday with the cloud and rain making its way through. up to the mid 30s for sydney. as the with buster pushes through a top temperature of 22 as the cloud and rain makes it way in here. cooler clearer weather coming in behind for the fourth test in melbourne for boxing day. further north cloud and rain. big downpours a responsibility. flooding on the cards here over the next couple of days. a little flooding into parts of
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south africa. central and eastern parts of south africa seeing heavy rain, pushing towards the eastern cape. 28 degrees celsius, a sticky 28. looking around 25 degrees by tuesday. cloud and rain in place. heavy rain making its way further north. southern areas tans significantia with -- tanzania seeing flooding and northern africa as well. heavy rain making its way across tunisia and the north-eastern corner of algeria. >> a southerly buster, so good he had to say it twice. thank you everton. i like that one. evert everton fox. a 75-year-old man is the first person to receive a new heart
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powered by watch batteries and made by biomaterials to reduce the possibility of rejection. unlike other artificial hearts this one can beat up to five years. >> this is a world first, an artificial heart to stay in the body for five years. surgeons at a paris hospital implanted another in a male patient on wednesday, so far he is doing fine. >> the patient is doing well. he's getting better every day. i saw him before coming to see you. we are talking to him. he's recovering, resting. we are correcting things little by little and will take away the drips and drains necessary in this situation. >> doctors designed the heart to reduce side effects by using cow tissue to connect the high-tech device to the patient. as you understood the great
5:28 am
advantage was the biological material. that's the first aspect. and another aspect which is important is all the assistance in the heart, the computerized assistance, because it adapts in real time. >> thousands die while waiting for a heart donor. the artificial heart aims to change that. it weighs a kilo, three times the average healthy human art. it runs at lithium batteries, at a cost of $240,000. it's almost out of the reach for most people. the implant fits number 90% of men and only 20% of women. the company, carnat, is working on a smaller one for women. human trials must finish. three more terminal patients must receive the heart in coming months. >> do stay about us if you can on the newshour. we have this coming out of indonesia. >> this means we pay around a
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quarter of our income to water. and this is only when water supply is good. >> why a glass of water is a luxury and why so much of what there is is undrinkable. >> riding the waves in rio where there's no shortage of champion surfers. >> in more traditional sport, the clippers show why they are a big gun in the west. the full sports bulletin coming up.
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>> let's round up the top stories. south sudan are trying to stop a rebellion by forces loyal to the former vice president riek machar. both sides are claiming control of the oil rich unity state. >> riot police in thailand confronted anti-government protesters outside the prime minister's house. the opposition wants to force yingluck shinawatra out of office and reform the political system. >> a train derailed and crashed in makeshift homes in the kenyan capital. there are fears people could be trapped in the wreckage in nairobi's slum. >> events in south sudan, joining me live from london is a sudan expert head of the bridge institution. it appears to me what we were reporting was a minor
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insurrection now appears to be gathering momentum where it may be give for all sides, rather than just two sides, to rein this in. absolutely. the violence has already created a cycle of revenge and fear that is difficult to stop. the longer the violence is alout to continue the more difficult to break the cycle of violence and the danger that the country will descend into civil war. >> this is characterised in some quarters about who controls the oil. there's a lot that happens to a lot of people. because it's tribal, that is control over one particular thing, control over water supply as well. >> to be honest, this is a fight over power. it is a very fierce political battle, tragically violence,
5:33 am
which has taken strong ethnic connotations. people need to bear in mind that this has been played out against a backdrop of long-standing divisions and animosity between different groups in south sudan, rooted in the past civil war, a brutal civil war leaving scars in the population that has not been healed. much has been made of ethnicity. i believe ethnicity is less the cause of instability, and more a social system that is emphasise the when troops are under threat, and i think we are seeing at the moment it's an initiative manipulated to create enemies between groups for political purposes, that has happened many times in south sudan. >> as you point out there has been divisions within the
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s.p.l.m., the sudan's people liberation movement for years, before the country became sudan and south sudan. if you could boil those down to differences between the current president. what are the major areas of disagreement. >> i think between the religious leaders, it's not just between the president salva kiir and riek machar. there's deep problems within the s.p.l.m. leadership. not sufficient the president sacking the top leadership, and these were the leaders that took the country to succession. there has to be a struggle for power. >> is there because it's a new country that it is difficult for people to come out of fighting a
5:35 am
guerilla war into the real politics of holding power, or because these divisions will be impossible to settle six because of the historic proportions of them? >> it is a new country that is born out of a very brutal civil war that was characterised by large-spread destruction of livelihoods and it was forced by largely autonomous groups along ethnic lines. and the reality is in a country that reaches the peace agreement, once the process for succession was started. the process of dialogue and consolation is all but halted. all the focus was supporting sudan to become a state, but not enough investment was put in
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helping the conditions to be heeled and the country to find a national identity. >> good to get your thoughts on that. thank you. talking about events unfolding in south sudan. thank you. >> there are an estimated 10 million roma people in europe. many are facing segregation because of who they are. in greece recent wrong allegations have made it tougher for them. as john tells us there's one community fighting back through education. >> this man wants his grandchildren to grow up middle class. they share his dream. he wants to be a policeman, and she a teacher. all authority figures where roma are usually on the wrong side of authority. in the greek up to, as elsewhere
5:37 am
the roma is segregated. that segregation begins in this elementary school, built to keep them out of site. more than 500 are enrolled. only half that many fit inside. >> in may the european court of human rights ruled that the greek government discriminates against the roma, by running this school exclusively for them. through that lawsuit 23 roma children won the right to transfer to mixed schools. only three have done so. >> that's because they've been held back with bureaucratic formalities. >> translation: if you go to the mixed element ris, you see the role. no one is complaining. the government wants to place five roma students there, one non-roma to three roma. >> only a handful of roma make
5:38 am
it to middle school because grades are pure and by 12 some roma girls are being married off to become part of a cycle of poverty fuelling prejudices. authorities and the media wrongly assumed that a child living in the camp must have been an abducted werner. she was roma. all the same the local mayor says he can't sacrifice the non-roma half of his constituency. >> the romas didn't attend school until the 1990s. as soon as that happened ghetto schools were set up. now roma assist now education is important to find work and get away. >> it is hoped that the court decision will lead to closure of the roma school. given poverty the fight is unlikely to end there.
5:39 am
>> in pakistan, nearly two years, food to fuel and costing more and more. the opposition leader imran carn is claiming the government and he wants there to be a rally on sunday. >> this weekly shopping is not what it used to be. they've had to cut back on basics like cooking oil and rice because prices increased dramatically. the father of four is not sure how he is going to feed his family because costs keep rising. >> it is very hard to survive these days. prices go up day by day. i have electricity bills, school fees for my children and medical expenses. i have no choice but to look after my family. inflation is on the rise after austerity measure were implemented by the government. it's aimed at a $6.5 billion
5:40 am
bailout by the international monetary fund. the imf approved the loop package. in return it required the government to make deep budget cuts, increase tax revenues, privatize taxes that operate at a lose. some economists say the measures added to the administration of the rupee and slashing of fuel sub siddies have contributed to the inflation rates of 11%. seizing on the anger caused is politician imran khan, the leader of the movement for justice party which controls the northern kiber province. the prime minister is squarely to blame for the rising prices. the political analysts are here, questioning kahn's motives. >> the government of imran khan are putting and wanting to
5:41 am
detract the attention of people from issues of unemployment, health issues, and by taking out rallies and protest demonstrations. they wanted to detract the attention from the real issues. >> whatever the case for people like this, all they want is for the prices to come down so they can provide for their family the way they used to. >> nearly half of all people in indonesia, more than 100 million, they have no access to clean drinking water. for those lucky to have it on tap, it's not fit to drink. water bills are some of the highest in asia. for the rest buying bottled water is a train on income. more from jakarta. >> something many take for granted. but for this woman it's not a matter of turning on the tap. this mother of five struggles
5:42 am
every day to find drinking water. after buying six gallons she barely has enough for her daily consumption. >> translation: we may around 30, $0.40 for three gallons. this means we pay a quarter of our income to water and only when water supply is good, otherwise it is more expensive. we have to queue the whole day, we are not sure we will get it. >> it's an essential part of daily life and is important for good health. water is a luxury item. they pay a huge part of daily income to buy it. even then it is too dirty to drink straight away. >> this is the of water and millions of others in jct jakarta. after being treated it reaches a
5:43 am
third of houses and still is undrinkable. polluted rivers and mismanagement are reasons why many indonesians have no access to drinking water. >> if you talk about mismanagement i don't want to comment. i do want to sigh we have lived up to our targets. we have doubled our customers in 15 years, but we have not been given enough useable water sources. indonesians who have access to tap water complain about its quality. it's unusual to washing food let alone for drinking. >> most people are forced to buy bottled water. something as crucial as water was never a priority. >> if you ask me why it has not been fixed the water system should have been fixed 30 years
5:44 am
ago because it was already a problem. the problem is classic. it comes down to a lack of money allocation. >> the government is to supply drinking water by 2015. it doesn't mean it can be drank from the tap, but at least people won't have to depend on dirty rivers. >> coming up, guess who has down it again. bayern munich cap a memorable year with some silver ware.
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>> president is warning entrepreneurs to take advantage of business opportunities, castro has legalized small businesses, but is cracking down on these competing against state-run enterprises. >> a chinese billionaire has been killed in a helicopter crash in france. divers are searching for three bodies, including that of his 12-year-old son. they took to the air after buying hit chateau. and now to sport. >> we start with football. there's a leader in the spanish premier division. atletic madrid moves three clear of barcelona with a 3-2 victory. it didn't come easy on saturday.
5:47 am
>> few teems have a chance to look down on real madrid in spain, atletico suffered a setback. levante a goal up after 2 minutes. atletico got on the board through godden on the half hour park. >> and the league's leading scorer, diego costa put them ahead after the break. >> that was not the end of levante's challenge. pedro rios with a stunning strike to level the match at 2-2. atletico had one more escape hatch, a 76 minute penalty. costa clinched the victory and top spot with his 19th goal of
5:48 am
the season. savia bounced back from coppa dell raya with a 2-1 defeat of via real. via real's lose aloiing sociodad to leap frog them to fifth. 3-1 to the fourth-leg win in a row. >> barcelona have a chance to replace atletico on sunday. they'll have to do it without star players who was injured. and namar suspended after being shown his fifth yellow card. this is barca's last match heading into the winter break. >> translation: i pauls always -- always like to play with the whole squad. the fact that some are away is no good. it's good for us and our rivals.
5:49 am
>> in the english premier league liverpool beat cardiff 3-1. the one shoots the reds to first place ahead of manchester city. who bet fulham. liverpool's position is a marked improves when they finished in seventh last year. spurs are aeights, taking on southhampton. >> i said before and repeat, it's unprecedented for a club to go from 7th to first. it doesn't happen. at this moment in time as we sit on the top of the table it shows the great work that the players and the football club has aligned to and we will keep the momentum going. >> cardiff's loss to liverpool compounds a difficult week for the manager. he was told by the club's malaysian owner to resign or face being sacked. mckay is adamant he will not
5:50 am
walk away. >> i'm someone who will not resign. i don't think there's a need for that to happen. anything beyond that is a conversation with the mla and myself. we'll look at anything beyond that. at the moment crystal clear. >> bayern can be the first german club to win the f.i.f.a. club world cup beating casablanca 2-0. dante opened the scoring seven minutes into the match. it was doubled to seal the win for the european champions as they lifted their fourth major trophy this year. >> translation: i'm very happy for bayern and the club. it was the first time they won the club world cup. it's something we never one before and now they have it. i'm happy for the managers of the club and the supporters of
5:51 am
the club. >> bayern was seven clear. bayer leverkusen lost and dorted misunderstand lost. a mistake was made giving berlin's player possession. he scored their second, coming from behind to beat dortmund and hand them a third-straight win. >> over to johannesburg, where it's lunch on the final day of the first test between south africa and india. the south africans are chasing 458 for victory. they are far off and are currently 236 for four. as for india, they need six more wickets for victory. >> meanwhile englands troubled ashes tour of australia was thrown into chaos in the last few hours when graham swan
5:52 am
announced his retirement with immediate effect. more of that on the website. check out the south-east asian games will come to an end in myanmar. it's been a major event for a nation recovering from decades of unrest. while the host bagged 84 gold medals, the tournament was not without its problems. >> the last time myanmar hosted the games was in 1969. the government hoped it would showcase its reform process and woo international confidence. despite low attendance, for some local sports fans it was worth it. >> translation: we spent a lot of money, but we are proud. it's been 44 years. it's word the money. we earnt a lot of medals and we
5:53 am
are proud of our country. >> translation: i'm hope myanmar has been open to the world. >> there was questionable decisions and a riot when myanmar lost a match. angry spectators flooded on to the pitch and threw stones. fans set aside billboards. flags, hats and t-shirts. rioters threw stones at police who huddled behind shields and responded with water canons. the big winner was thailand who finish top of the medal table. one of the highlights where the thai women beat vietnam in the finals. >> i'm glad to see the development of thai players.
5:54 am
normally the hosts win golds. thailand showed its players were not inferior to others. if nothing else the 27 south-east asian games would open myanmar to the rest of the girls. this the help. for many the competitors, this will become the highlight of sporting careers. for others it would be a springboard of the 2014 asian games or the olympics in 2015 in rio. >> two favourites to win the western conference clashed. the oklahoma city thunder beat western champions, san antonio spurs. the la clippers were in action, beating the den ver nuggets hitting alley open going 11-2, two minutes in. it was blake griffin that sold
5:55 am
the show. 112 to 91 winners, clippers sit fourth. >> an hl star led pittsburg peng wince. crosby storing his goal. he's now scoring in 10 consecutive games. the flames have lost four straight. >> that's all the sport. >> thank you. put surfing on one of the world's famous beaches alongside gun battles and turf wars over drugs. you have the para develop that life for some in rio de janeiro. >> this is where anderson feels at home, riding the waves at the iconic beaches in rio de janeiro. he has been surfing since he was four. he's a champion. some day getting in the water is
5:56 am
tough. >> translation: when there would be shoot outs in the community between police and traffickers. it made me sad. i knew i would not be able to go the beach that day, and i would be searched by the police. >> pichachu lived with violence. his father was a drug dealer killed by a grenade. his uncle taught him to tackle the waves. the sport was mainly for rich clid. >> when i started it was tough to get into susk. the boards were expensive. to learn i would wait for the water to rise and for someone's strap to snap and i'd grab their board. >> it was used as a way to grab kids off the street. >> it's 15 minutes away from where the kids live, an expensive area, it's another world. >> pichachu and his friends live in a poor community of 70,000
5:57 am
people. it used to be controlled by gangs until police established a permanent presence here four years ago. >> surfing is an escape for joyce, helping her focus on her future. it teaches her respect, but also discipline. >> translation: it do think i'm a role model. many girls get pregnant when they are teenagers and do nothing with their lives. young girls see me and see a pretty girl who surfs, and who is their own person with their own style. >> back on the beach pichachu affects his terms. he's determined to hang on to his title and travel the world chasing waves. >> rachel levine, the girl from ipanema beach. another bulletin of news after the break. we'll be back later in the newshour. bye-bye.
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>> out of prison and free to speak his mind. russian billionaire mikhail khordorkovsky is taking aim at the kremlin. >> plus... ..the ruling government in south sudan is trying to regain control as hundreds of troops advance on the rebels and sthous onwards of refugees find sanctuary in a human compound >> in colorado the teenage girl shot by a classmate has died. family and community are devastated. >> a medical patient in france - a patient receives an artificial heart designed to


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