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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EST

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on al jazeea america aam aadmi y >> fleeing the fighting. aadmi y thousands seek refuge at u.n. missions in south sudan after rebels seize more territory. >> and the rebel leader has told al jazeera he wants to lead the country. >> hello, live from doha. >> a member of russian punk group pussy riot is released from gaol. >> anti-protesters disrupt before elections. >> hazards posed by buildings in
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bangladesh. >> hello, a power struggle is south sudan is intensifying as fears grow of an all-out civil war. towns and cities have been overrun. supporters of riek machar told al jazeera that he want the presidency, and president salva kiir should step down. u.n. nonessential staff and other civilians have been evacuated to juba and have flown to bore. the rebels claim to be in control of bentiu. we are joined from juba with the latest on the situation. >> i'm in a u.n. compound in
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juba where thousands have fled and are hiding here for safety. i'm talking to a u.n. coordinator. you just came from bor, what was the situation like there? >> in bor the situation was intense. i have come off the phone to my office there. the tension continues. there are squirmishes that are ongoing, and i think that not only the parties who were having this political struggle for power here, but it's armed youth who are increasingly taking matters into their hands in different parts of the jonglei state. it's worrying and we will do everything we can in the united nations to make sure the people that sought refuge, that they will be safe. >> here at the base in juba, how many people do you have and what challenges do you face looking after them? >> there's two bases here.
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and as you can see from the throngs behind me, we are over 10,000 people now and over at the other site it's the same number. what they need most is protection. what these people need most is to feel safe. at the moment they don't. the story is the same. tomorrow i plan to go into another part of the country. and what the - the real story here is that this is a political struggle that goes across every community. every community is affected by the slide into a precarious situation. it's a massive blow for the situation in south sudan. a couple of weeks ago we had a private investment conference. delegati delegations from 1200 companies looking to invest. it was about development, and now in the last eight days we have seen it unravelling, the situation. >> can anything be dawn to stop a civil war breaking out?
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>> everything possible must be done at the political level. i'm a humanitarian coordinator focussing first and foremost on making sure people are safe and that we can get to people on time. i'm counting on capitals, those engaged in the process to do everything they can to bring people back to the table to talk to each other and not settle differences that they have by the barrel of a gun. >> do we have any idea about the death toll since all this started? >> i think it's difficult to say with any precision, but i am sure at this stage we'll be over 1,000, and in the low thousands. when we talk about the displaced people who sought shelter in u.n. bases, we are approaching 50,000 people, and that sunday include the people looking for churches. in the cathedral, in the bush, i had phone calls from staff
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members who told me leaving the busy centres and going back to their villages out in the savannah is where they feel the safest. people have to be the judge of where they feel lives will be best secured. i'm concerned now that this is not going to be situation affecting tens of thousands of people. my main message is that in terms. peace keeping and humanitarian response, the occasions is here to stay. we are calling on the donor partners that work with the agencies, unicef, who and the high commission for refugees, everyone needs to step up to the plate. this is when the south sudan need the ngos more than ever. that's the situation on the ground. thousands of people are hiding.
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more disturbing news. it's an oil-rich area. disturbing noose. >> thank you for the time being. french sold yours in central african republic are facing resistance as they try to disarm militias, and they are accused of targetting rebels and going easy on other armed groups. thousands have been forced to leave their home from bangui. andrew simmons reports. >> this is the scene after the french army control confronted seleka rebels. they shot three men dead. the french came under fire after starting disarmament in an area where there had been killing. here they secured the area backed up by a helicopter. they withdrew from a short while. they returned. seleka fighters started to
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spread hate messages towards anyone. then peacekeepers backed up the french. there's an air of hatred and tension. it's a contingent from the peacekeeping force. we saw the situation where the roadblocks set up. we stopped at one. we were threatened with a hand grenade. the threat came from these men who blocked the road. anyone they thought was french, from basing through. most here are fighters from the muslim seleka. rebels louvre through the government. the interim government announced the dead were from the presidential guard. all the men accused them of being tough on the anti-balaka but hard on seleka.
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>> up to now we have not heard of the french killing one anti-balaka. all the seleka are back in the barracks. they only travel with the right papers. as the bodies were about to be driven away a relative of the dead gave this message. >> i'm asking all of you french to go home. since independence you have done nothing for us. now you are manipulating us. sometimes you are with us, sometimes against us. which side are you on. >> this caused fear for the impoverished people. clashes are followed by reprisals on civilians. the interim government appears to be doing nothing to cool down the anti-french sentiment. >> a former advisor to president salva kiir suggested dividing the area into two areas for
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muslims and christians. former vice president riek machar said it's the only option. >> translation: what we are doing at the moment has no end. it's a useless war. we know what to do. we will not be manipulated to serve someone else's political or business interest. we decided that it would be better to split the country in half. in order to achieve peace we are going north. that that want to stay in the south can stay in the south. >> anti-government protesters in thailand are trying to prevent election candidates from signing for february's polls. hundreds are attempting to block candidates. some politicians were jeered and whistled at before giving up and turning around. opposition members vowed to boycott the election until yingluck shinawatra steps down. we have the latest from bangkok. >> hundreds of anti-government
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protesters have been making their way to the police station in bangkok to try to disrupt the registration process for an election that's due to take place in february. the protesters don't want an election to take place and said that anybody who wants to register will have to go through a different stage. they stood in a line of barricades at the stadium where the registration is meant to take police. the election commission was prepared for a scenario and said candidates and representatives will be able to lodge a police report in the police station if they are unable to go to the stadium, as well as register themselves for the election in the police station. that is why the crowd is here. and it's been growing slowly. now, the anti-government protesters have been angered by the election commission's action and it cut power and water to the police station to show their
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displeasure. that tactic doesn't seem to have worked. several parties that managed to reghtsster for the february election, including the ruling party. now, the demonstrations don't want an election to take place because they don't trust the system. >> what they are proposing is an unelected council to take over the running of government while implementing reform. the prime minister rejected this proposal as unconstitutional and say elections have to take place before the plan is implemented. >> a member of the russian punk band pussy riot has been released from gaol as part of an amnesty announced by vladimir putin. mana alyokhina was sentenced to two years in gaol. the second member of the band is expected to be released. peter sharp reports from moscow. >> it was the moment when an obscure moscow all-girl punk
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band became a symbol of protest and opposition to vladimir putin. interrupting morning worship with the punk prayer "mother of god chase putin away", it was pussy riot's last gig for a while. it's not just any church. christ the saviour cathedral is the holiest of holies, the beating heart of the russian orthodox faith. pussy riot's rant at the altar drew outrage and criticism from church and state in equal measure. the court case was carried around the world. gaoled, sentenced to two years in a penal colony motivated by religious hatred. one of them was released later. the sentence triggered international incidents.
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at the news conference last week, he announced they would be free as part of an amnesty. >> i feel sorry for pussy riot, not because they were gaoled, but the disgraceful behaviour. the women undermined the moral foundations of the nation. on moscow streets opinions are different. >> translation: they haven't committed a crime. the maximum punishment is a crime. >> the girls showed their attitude towards putin and society. i recommend another place to do it. the release is part the of putin's charm offensive. >> the olympics are close. already we have a statement from the american president that he was not coming from the first lady of the united states. we have a statement from the french president that he is not coming either. we have a statement from the
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british prime minister. >> both women served their sentences hundreds of miles away from the families and children in moscow. >> al lukema was released. others are expected to be -- mana alyokhina was released earlier, nadezhda tolokonnikova will be released later. >> we are in a refugee camp home to christians and muslims who fled because of the conflict. >> and an 80th birthday celebration.
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>> you're watching al jazeera. hello again. the u.n. is calling for international help as a power struggle intensifies in south sudan. the former vice president forces took control of the capital of the unity state, rich in oil. thousands took refuge at the u.n. mission to scaept the violence. >> a member of pussy riot has been released as part of an amnesty asurroundsed by vladimir putin. french soldiers face resistance as they try to defend civilians. >> hundreds of civilians who fled the fighting in the central african republic crossed into chad. the u.n.'s refugee agency says they are joining more than 70,000 car rev fees who have
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been there for years. our correspondent is there. >> in the chadian jungle - hundreds of refugees from the central african republic recently arrived, fleeing violence back home. >> this man lost his arm in the crossfire. >> i was walking out of my home when a bullet hit my arm. i couldn't find medical care or help. i took my family to the town. we removed warning that the anti-balaka rebels were coming. >> another strict tim said armoured militias tortured him. people were in the shops when arm men attacked the marketplace. old people like me were tortured and shot at. they cut off arms and legs of some and killed hundreds of people. >> chad hosts 70 houz refugees.
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>> the camp has been around for seven years. new arrivals are coming since the recent flare-up of violence in the central african republic. according to the unhcr, about 400 people have been hosted here during the last couple of weeks, in the big structures. many families are sharing the same space. soon they'll build their own homes using the other type of material. >> ngos provided tents for families, the newcomers are beginning to get help. those propagated muslims versus christian haters - alleged to be at the core of the hatred in the central african republic have no physical place here. as christians held a service, muslim neighbours stood aside and watched. >> my sister is married for a muslim. the anti-balaka looked for any
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muslim to kill. >> after the dangers they have seen home, the refugees are hope to find a safe hafen in chad. >> at the refugee camp... >> activists say 40 people have been killed by government forces, air strikes in the syrian city. look at the pictures they are from the neighbourhood. to the military campaign against rebels has gone on for more than a week. >> italy's foreign minister expressed support for iran's participation. >> despite u.s. attempts, and the arraignian president -- the iranian president was met. the government agreed to cap enrichment activities.
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>> in istanbul turkish riot police had protesters demanding the resignation. >> they are angry as allegations in widespread rivalries. the hand of his rival was broken if they used the corruption scandal to undermine the rule. >> and celebrations for an 80th birthday. he wants to continue his official duties as often as possible. concerns for health have grown since he had heart surringy. michael penn is the president of the newsagency in japan, he says there'll be plenty of celebration for the emperor who was well liked. >> the current emperor has been a tremendous success. he is well loved by most groups around japan.
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conservatives love him because he represents the imperial institution and the liberals love him. he's a nice and caring man who does not force his point of view because compared to his father, he has been a very excellent emperor in every report. at 80 years old it is clear that he's not, he's kind of frail. at the moment he wants to continue as he's going for the time being. >> in an aging society like japan, he is in many ways symbolic of that part of society. the elderly community represents him in that sense. also the young. he's an emperor who is possible.
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he has done everything right since he became emperor in 1989. >> many apple ipods will be seen in china. the tech giant has signed a deal with china mobile. they have 760 million customers. >> the united states has been secretly helping columbia's government in the battle with f.a.r.c. that's because of the report by "the washington post." the covert program launched in 2000 helped columbia's security forces. f.a.r.c. husband and peace talks, for over a year. it's a former top terrorism counter. >> the u.s. had important interests in columbia. i think the covert aspect of the
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program began with the killing of an american by the f.a.r.c. of three others in 2003. then things took on momentum from there. just remember before 2003 the f.a.r.c. was designated bit the united states so that there wasn't an issue there. for quite some time before that, the heavy involvement of the f.a.r.c. militants in international drug trafficking was considered a national security threat by the united states and it was made clear as far back as the regan administration. >> the capital's development authority found that thousands of buildings are in breach of construction codes. hundreds needed to be demolished. the building collapse in dhaka - pure safety standards continue to put people's lives at risk.
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>> at first glance it looks like a market. a closer look reveals its nature. this man worked every day knowing the roof above his head could come crashing down at any moment. >> translation: it's scary, what can i do. we can't just give up the businesses. this is the work place where we can vote. >> the ceiling on this part of the market was on the verge of collapse. what is more worrying is people are working upstairs on top of the ceiling. the people here seem to accept this was the fact of life. the market is not just a work place. for many it's their home. trance transthe people here are poor. they have to stay here. the fresh market isn't a rare
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exception. roger the agent si responsible says there are 321 highly vulnerable buildings in the capital. about 5,000 more structures have been found to fly the building codes. a major earthquake presents an earthquake. >> if it's more than seven, building will collapse. in that state, we'll not be able to move from one place to another. because that road is narrow. and there are so many commercial. >> the building collapse was a much-needed call. authorities did not act on the request. whult the parties stall on demolition plans, people in the
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freshing market keep the finger's crossed hoping they'll be the not be the victim of a building collapse. >> pope francis welcomed anti-austerity members to the vatican. he urged everywhere to do everything possible. so every family could have a home. >> today some italians gathered to demonstrate the social commitment. i wished him to make a positive contribution rejecting the temptation to violence and conflict and defending the rights. >> for the latest in the look-back suffers stories of the year. the island of lampedusa is a gateway to start a new life in europe. in a worse migrant tragedy.
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it was one of 50 that died. the first man at the scene was haunted by what you saw. >> this is a year that we'll never forget. this man has been a fisherman. the sea was his second home. two months ago. he witnessed a tragedy that may have been scared. >> we were sailing back to the port. i saw a lot of heads in the water. we rushed to help. >> in the beginning of october he and his brother were the first rescuers arriving at the scene. more than 350 migrants died when their shape capsized. this man and his brother pulled 18 migrants from the sea. he is happy to have saved so
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many lives, that he is sad about those that didn't survive. >> i have had pal pitations and haven't been able to go out at sea. >> since the tragic night the idea of leaving the port sends him into a panic attack. more than worries about himself his thoughts go to those he saved. i hope they'll be happy. god help them. very a nothing. >> for a seaman like domenica home is out at see. >> until he let's go he'd stay on dry land and watch his brother sail away. let's show you what is happening in canada because a massive storm knocked out electricity
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supply for hundreds of thousands including in the city of toronto. ice brought down trees, as you can see there, and power cables, and icy road conditions are blamed for three deaths and christmas holiday plant... that works is in trouble. our digital producer, ra raj is


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