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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 26, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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check check > welcome to the newshour, live from al jazeera's news center in doha. these are the main stories - running battles in bangkok. an officer is killed as anti-government demonstrators fight the police. >> the turkish prime minister reshuffles his cabinet after three senior ministers resign over corruption investigations. >> after the battle al jazeera has access to the town of bor, the scene of intense fighting in south sudan.
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and half a million homes left without power as snow falls across the u.s. and canada. >> fighting between thai police and protesters in bangkok killed an officer and injured dozens of others. security forces fired tear gas at anti-government demonstrators to prevent them break into a stadium as candidates were signing up for new polls. the government has been urged to postpone the vote, scheduled for early february. >> i'm joined from bangkok by our correspondent. is the government calling for a display in the vote? >> the government has not issued a statement yet, but a politician from the ruling party
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said they do not agree with any postponement of the election. the main protest group has said that the postponement of the election will not meet their demands. they want the prime minister and her ministers to step down, and a postponement will prolong the administration of the interim government. now, they are clear in their demands. they say the government has to step down. they don't trust this government and are refusing to negotiate. >> so how do protesters - what is their strategy going forward. are we entering a new phase of greater civil disobedience to shut the government down. >> well, it would seem that way. the protesters have been very adamant. we are seeing violence after two weeks of relative calm. that does not mean to say protesters have been retreating.
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there are still protests on the streets. and these protesters have been there since monday. it was on on thursday morning that the situation turned violence. they are saying that they don't want elections, they want an unelected body to take over the running of this country, and implement reforms. now, they don't trust the electoral process. the government, the ruling party and parties that support it have been winning elections for the past 14 years. and say that the election will bring in the same government, and they want to rid the country of the shinawatra family, which is the party that yingluck shinawatra and her brother thaksin belong to. >> thank you from bangkok. >> allegations of corruption at the highest level of the turkish
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government has forced the prime minister to reshuffle his cabinet, months ahead of a crucial election. recep tayyip erdogan has replaced half his cabinet. after the interior, economy and environment ministers quit their jobs after their sons were arrested in an investigation. more resignations are called for. things turned violence when riot police used water canon against bottle-throwing demonstrators. the corruption investigation led to the arrest of 24 people, including prominent businessmen. let's take a look at the high-level probe in a little more detail. >> investigation was made public last week when police launched raids at dawn against the officers of businessmen and others close to the prime minister. it comes and concerns allegations of bribery, particularly for construction
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projects. perhaps, remember, the protests in the summer in istanbul, over controversial projects there. there are allegations of money laundering, including transferring cash in contravention of u.s. sanctions. around 4.5 million in cash has been recovered from the home. chief executive of the state-run bank. let's get more on this from istanbul. how smoothly is the government functioning after the resignations and reshuffles. >> it's small compared to yesterday. new ministers are handing over, and there is a fresh cabinet in turkey. there is a name distant. he is going be in charge of being the interior affairs minister, and he was not in the
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perimeter, an mp, mevlut cavusoglu, he was appointed from outside the parliament, which is rare in turkey. he's a former governor and trusted name by recep tayyip erdogan. he's known to be supporting the tough measures taken by the police earlier this summer. he was supporting the measures taken by the police. now that name to be in charge of is the police department in turkey. we can redirect it. the prime minister is planning to deal with the internal opposition in turkey. >> all right. talking of protests, what is planned for today. how is the street reacting? >> yesterday evening there were protests in both sides of istanbul and in ancar. there were thousands of people. i have seen the signs asking
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recep tayyip erdogan to resigned. it's calm. there may be something friday evening calling for that. recep tayyip erdogan, as i said, will need to deal with that protest as an internal opposition. it's not the only internal paigs, but the gulan movement, for the last week and before that - a muslim cleric based in the u.s. they are known to be strong in judiciary and police departments. they'll need to deal with that opposition. there's a security council meeting. we don't have the official agenda. we can only speculate that. it will be one of the articles. >> thank you so much from
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istanbul. >> five people have been injured after a bomb hit a bus in the egyptian capital in cairo, close to the university. security forces found and defused two other devices in the area. let's go to peter greste, joining us from the egyptian capital. what can you tell us. i understand the device went outside the buses. it was full. it had about 30 passengers. five of them were injured. one is in a serious condition. the authorities have been looking at the bomb itself. we understand that it was a crude home mead device, made of gunpowder, sugar and nails. it seems similar to the kinds of devices going off around the country. this is the first time any
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devices seems to have caused casualties or damage. we don't know if it is parts of the same group responsible for the other devices. the authorities that have been investigating the explosions haven't been yet able to come up with any particular or group or organization. no one has been charged. there's a lot we don't know about who was responsible for these device, what the target was or what their aims might be in laying the charges? >> another development. what has the reaction been like to the announcement of the government declaring the muslim brotherhood. one of the oldest political movements to be a terrorist organization now. well, diplomatically at least, saudi arabia was quick in coming out and applying support for the move. saudi arabia said that they were sympathetic to egypt. that they stood in solidarity in
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egypt. in its fight against terrorism. broadly across egypt, as you might imagine, there has been a lot of discussion and comment. it's difficult to say quite where the lines are going be drawn, but broadly those in support of the muslim brotherhood are insisting that because they don't recognise legitimacy of the government, because they don't recognise the legitimacy of the government, they refuse to recognise the authority to declare the broadas a terrorist organization and insist that they'll carry on with the protest that they've been carrying out on the streets almost daily for the past couple of months. there are other people who are seeing the blast as a justi justicification, vindication to declare the brotherhood as a terrorist group. there's no evidence lijing the brotherhood to the attack.
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there's a lot of people who believe the brotherhood directly or indirectly are engaged in terrorism and are connected with the blast. so what we are seeing now is a deepening of the divisions that exist in society. >> thank you so much. >> more on the top story on the violence in the south sudan town of bor. amid-jonglei state, seized and held by fighters loyal to the former vice president riek machar. haru mutasa is the first international journalist to reach there, and her report contains some images that may be disturbing. >> collecting bodies in jonglei state will be a grim task. army officials say these men defected and joined the rebels, al jazeera can't independently verify this. officials are among the dead. the killings happened
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during days of fighting where troops and rebels loyal to the vice president riek machar. riek machar tried to topple president salva kiir, he's on the run with other rebels like this man. >> they are moving together. they are collecting all the cars - the government cars, the cars of the ngos, the cars of oil limited. almost over 100 cars, small cars and trucks. they are moving with them. they are moving together. >> riek machar denies allegations made by the government. people here have experienced violence before. in 1991 a power struggle between the founding father and another destabilized the community. government forces recaptured bor from the rebels on tuesday.
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it's now quiet. people are taking advantage of the calm. they are going to their houses to salvage what they can, and then they are heading back to the u.n. base for safety, even if it means walking past dead bodies. >> we are waiting for this. >> the bullets were coming down like rain. people raided a house and stole everything. >> more u.n. troops are coming to south sedan. people hope they arrive and that the violence ends. then the focus shifts to the number of dead people and investigating alleged acts of crime from humanity from both sides. >> haru mutasa is in the capital juba, and joins us live from there. a lot still - dust settling. where does the fore stand --
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does the story stand. >> the kenyan, ethiopian president are speaking with salva kiir. there's violence in unity. to speak more about what is going on there i'm joined my ms fox from m.s.f. you have operations in malaka, what can you confirm? >> there's ongoing fighting. our teams cannot leave the compound, but we'll continue activities when we can leave the hospital. >> and bentiu. >> there has been heavy fighting in recent days. we are scaling up our emergency response capacity, including flying an emergency response team to bentiu for surgical capacity. part of the team is our surgeon operating in syria, and they'll treat more at the hospital
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there. >> and bor? >> in bor the situation remains volatile and flew it. we understand there's needs there, and we have not been able to access that area. >> what kind of injuries have you had with the patients. >> gunshot understand. >> in a situation like this, how does it make it difficult for the organizations to do what they are doing. what challenges are you facing. >> in addition to normal activities. we stablilize our normal activities for existing patients, but we are trying to expand the emergency capacity in the country. what we are concerned about is humanitarian access. in bor, where there's needs, we are eager to know what the situation is, and safely access the populations in need. >> thank you very much. >> as i mentioned earlier, the
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kenyan president and ethiopian p.m. are meeting president salva kiir. there'll be a press conference or statement later. many people in south sudan hoping the country will be a step further to having peace talks that could end the violence that we see now. >> thank you so much. >> still ahead on the newshour. bangladesh's new cyber law which crit. >> insist is the government's way of silencing the opposition. >> critics turn activists. we look at the street protests dubbed the brazilian stream. >> in sport a world record sees australia take the ashes against england. nsh >> china summoned the japanese ambassador to explain why his
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prime minister visited a war crime memorial. many are honoured at the yasshumi shrine. a lot of regional reaction breaking out over the visit, isn't there? >> well, that's right. this shrine is controversial. any visit by senior japanese politicians will revoke a response. it has done in this case. we have response from the korean, and the strongest response comes from the chinese in a strongly worded statement from the foreign ministry. it says that this action was unacceptable, has talked about it presenting a huge obstacle or bilateral relations. relations between china and japan are at their worst because of the ongoing dispute as to territory in the east china sea.
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japan will bear the consequences of this action. what those consequences are likely to be it didn't specify. we have yet to see what they could be. we are likely to see rhetoric. both sides indulging in a war of words, seen to be playing off against one another. we see the response from china. it might be reciprocated by more rhetoric from japan. that's where we are up to at the moment. >> this is the first visit by a japanese leader since 2006. i wonder why he felt he needed to go. he said that he felt a country had a right to visit it their war dead. it will be seen as trying to
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apiece his constituents. he was elected on a socialistic agenda, and was to mark the first anniversary of him coming to power. there are reasons behind it. as he has said, apart from being a war-like gesture or war monningering, it's a way of declaring japan's dedication to peace protest, that they never want to see another war again. it plays into the hands of hardliners in japan and china. there are people in china who want china to take a more assertive stance in dealings with japan. china has been criticised over the imposition of air defense zone and its claims in the disputes over the territories. this will be proof, if you like, for those nationistic elements in china to say here is this wore monningering leader of japan honouring a shrine which,
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according to them honours japan's immaterialistic past. >> thank you so much rob mcbride. >> now, more than half a million homes in the u.s. and canada lost power because of delays in snow. many are in the dark. temperatures drop to minus 15. dominic kane reports. >> it may look like a winter wonder land. for many across canada and the u.s. there has been little cheer. hundreds of thousands of homes have been left without power by an ice storm. a combination of blizzards and the cold has taken its toll on the electricity and transport networks. in buffalo the conditions are treacherous, with accidents as road users lose control of their vehicles. in cleveland the weather caused a 28-car pile-up on a road. across the board a main concern
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for the emergency services is getting the power grid online. a lot of people don't have heat. the sooner we get up and en, the better. >> many in vermont spent much of the day in the cold and dark. firefighters went door to door to check on residents and shelters. across canada and the u.s. many resorted to using generators, but it increased the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and deaths have been reported. for the moment there is little chance of a let up in this arctic blast. forecasters say these conditions will not ease for several days. >> let's get some weather with steph now. are the people in north america going to get a break from the
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weather? it looks like the worst of the weather is over, insofar as the ice storm has cleared. what we would like to see is temperatures rising, so the ice on the ground and in the trees can clear away. unfortunately we don't have anything like that on the cards. the temperatures - minus 1 for today, zero as we head through friday and above freezing. come monday the temperatures will drop away once more to minus eight or nine. so unfortunately that won't help us clear the ice. the good news though, is that we are not going to see more in the way of wintry weather. the snow that is mauling will fall today. it shouldn't be too heavy. that should clear by the tim we get to friday. thinks won't get worse, they just won't get better. things have been active.
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you can see the area of cloud over the past 12 hours. that certainly has given us heavy rain and it's still raining in switzerland. it's not the only place we've had blooding. >> these are pictures from belgium and portugal as well. goes show how bad the flooding situation has been over europe in the past couple of days. there's another storm system working towards us now. it's going to work towards the north-western parts of the u.k. and also into friday. >> thank you so much. >> government sources in chad confirmed the killing of five peacekeepers in central african republic. chadian soldiers have been accused of siding with the muslim seleka rebels whom they are trying to disarm. peacekeepers protested. we have more from chad's
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capital. >> paying the price. chad is burying its first soldier killed in banky in the latest violence in the central african republic. he died when a grenade was thrown at the patrol. chad's 10-year-long peacekeeping role is a controversial issue. part of the central african population accused chadian troops of siding with the muslim seleka rebels. chad redeployed hundreds of soldiers from bangui and place them near the borders, to reduce friction. the anti-chad hatred affected the expatriots. thousands described acts of revenge and returned to the chadian capital. the government denies negative
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involvement. >> chadian nationals lived in central african republic for techates, in harmony with the population. now people would like to consider chad responsible for everything that happened, and peaceful chadian workers that contribute to the country, never dealing with politics, are being incriminated. chadian authorities believe that if the situation in the central african republic continues to deteriorate, the number of chaddions fleeing will reach hundreds of thousands. if that happens, they'll have a crisis they can't handle on their own. the crisis affected chad's central border. where half a million's of chad's expatriots of concentrated. >> we have families in the
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central african republic. we fled from there in 2003. we have serious concerns about the fate of rely dives, because of what is it happening. previous conflicts is about politics. and there's issues between muslims and issues. >> south sudan has a mix similar to the central african republic. fears are mounding that any major spillover from the crisis may reignite chad's civil war, pi pitting the south against the north. >> now, as 2013 comes to a close, al jazeera is looking back at five of the biggest stories of the year through the eyes of those involved. >> in brazil many citizens turned into activists, thousands took to the streets in the brazilian string. among them melissa and todd harpin, seeing the rallies has an opportunity to push for
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change. >> as the streets of brazil overflowed at protesters in june, it was unclear at the time what was happening and where it would lead. this couple watched it on tv. this woman had to tell her husband. >> she sent a text saying, "there's a lot of people on the streets, there's a protest, it's really big. it's the first time i have seen my people come together for something in years." she said she was sitting here crying. >> every day we hear complaints, you know, and then you ask yourself what are you going to provoke a change. >> the answer was simple - join the protest instead of just watching them from the living room. >> melissa and todd are well educated and from upper middle class families. they are living comfortably with good jobs, but both felt they
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had something at stake with the protest. >> i want to see my country be a great nation, see my people not struggle when they need a doctor or eighth grade without knowing how to properly read and right. i want to see my people drive. why not, you know, go downstairs and join them in the street and claim something good for everybody. >> todd and melissa represent the larger cross-section of society that took to the streets in protest. a moment when brazilians of all ages and backgrounds stood up and demanded to be heard. >> melissa says brazil is a better place because of it. >> there's always something that comes interest it. it's either your sense of citizenship or proprietorship or a direct improvement that the
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government decides to do. >> this is why there has been a team of many making it happen, and they'll take to the streets once more, should the people protest again. >> still ahead on the newshour, the factory of cuban art. the story of an artist building his dreams from ruins. and this sport the crews hoping to handle a tough yacht race. andy will be here with that story and more.
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>> you're watching al jazeera, here is a reminder of the top stories. fighting between thai police and protesters and the capital bangkok killed one officer. security forces fired tear gas at demonstrators, preventing them entering the stadium. >> mediators between the president of central african republic and his rivals. over 90,000 have been killed. china summoned the ambassador to explain himself after the prime minister visited a war shrine. 14 convicted war criminals are among those honoured. >> victor gow is director of the china national association of international studies, joining me from beijing. to put me in context the war cemetery contains the remains of
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2.5 million people, the vast majority who are not convicted war criminals. many leaders visit war cemeteries, some of their dead might have been commemorated. is this a dose of double standards because of the outrage. >> the yasukuni is different, it's a war memorial honouring the 14 a-class criminals who are tried and convicted for their war atrocity and crime against humanity in the end of the world war ii. now, for prime minister shinzo abe to visit the yasukuni in his official capacity as the japanese prime minister, it reveals his true nature as a neo-japanese facet. why, he wants to rearm japan and deny the war crimes that japan
5:33 am
committed during the secoworld ii. it may lead japan to a path not netsry. countries in the united states and japan and china are outraged by incense tisty and disregard to history. the prime minister shinzo abe will be dealt with was a neo-chinese fasist because of his visit to the yasukuni shrine. >> if he is viewed as a neo-chinese fasist, how will china react to his visitor. >> china will condemn t the chinese minister has put it straight. the visit has been condemned. most people in the united states who are conscious of the crimes
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in the world war ii, who bombed the pearl harbour, many british soldiers, australian soldiers and officers will be outraged as we are in china and south korea by a visit to the yasukuni shrine. it's no exaggeration to call shinzo abe a neo-nasie fasists as a disregard to the war-time responsibilities. are we likely to see the reaction play out in other areas. we are seeing tensions over islands claimed by both japan and china. will we see a firm stance in that dispute and others? >> the dispute between china and japan over the islands is related directly to japan's war-time responsibility.
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because in the cairo declaration and in the declaration it is made clear that japan needs to surrender the tert trace to china as a result of defeat and unconditional surrender. therefore, japan needs to come back to the negotiation table with china and resolve territorial dispute in peaceful manner. that's the only sensible way and the good solution in this part of the world. prime minister shinzo abe may drag japan further down on to a path of danger which will have untold consequences if not put to a stop. >> thank you so much for your thoughts. >> return to the political situation in turkey. recep tayyip erdogan had to
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reshuffle his cabinet due to the resignation of three ministers. now to a professor. can recep tayyip erdogan survive this challenge? he has survived many in the past? >> he has survived many challenges is is said to take on the change and get through it, yes. >> how many of an internal dispute is there this time within the ranks of the arc party. >> seems there are several disputes. one of them is essentially the movement where some have departed. this is one sort of conflict. but then in the party, a
5:37 am
minister who resigned left his position as a member of parliament alleging that he is suffering for acts which the minister himself is responsible. others that feel like him - one of them resigned later in the day. not a minister, but a member of the parliament. it may be that this internal restlessness will continue for a while. >> now, let's not forget, her sold something of a power struggle between the galan movement and the art party >> what are they saying? the movement is associated with newspapers, agencies, television stations to get a message out. >> there seems to be a wore
5:38 am
directed to the government party. but the important thing is that the major incident of corruption charges is not being addressed and it's more being presented as a power struggle exclusively and i think the gulan movement is going to take that, if i mention it more and more, to deal with corruption, rather than the power struggle. >> thank you so much for your thoughts on that. >> gunmen in libya backed the port. there has been civil unrest since an uprising in 2011. it's not clear which group the fighters belong to. the government in bangladesh gave itself sweeping powers to regulate people's online
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activity. it will choke the press and limit spirit of speech. >> supreme court lawyer is arriving at court. this time he is not coming to try a case. instead, he is here to fight for his freedom. one of the most prominent human right activists is the first to be tried. his defense it is to release a report. the report said 61 protesters were killed. others say the charges are split igly motivated and the government set up a tribunal to suppress criticism. >> activists and citizens or political activists who are distance voices in the city of the regime will be punished
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under the oppress if law. the government says it's not the case and will protect it from the attacks. if anything. will it be inciting, anything - bad comments from social media. so that it's not harmful for the society. >> until the late "90s, if you wanted to watch more than one channel you had to buy one of these. phone operators are unrolling 3 g service, but it left the government struggling to cope with rapid advance of technology. >> social media use is booming in bangladesh. this has broulent trbs. >> scenes like these have been spread, inciting riots. critics feel it goes too far.
5:41 am
>> it is far more harsh than similar laws in place for print publications. the potential for chilling media freed um under the act is great. >> bangladesh ranked as low as 144th in the press freedom index with the chance of it slipping further to the bottom. >> now, 18 haitian migrants died when their boat capsized. rescuers saved 32 of 50 people on board. police intercepted the boat and toed it to sure when it overturned. an agreement between iran and world powers means sanctions will be eased. the restrictions hit the sector hard, slashing profits and jobs. >> we have this explanation from
5:42 am
the city, the site of iran's biggest car manufacturing plant. >> back on track. people in the car industry found a renewed sense of optimism. the country wants to become one of the top 10 automakers, producing 3 million cars a year. that goal is at least a step closer because of nova scotia's nuclear agreement, including lifting sanctions on the car industry. the plan is removing the sanctions, we go to the direction to remove all weakness point of industry. not just purchasing mass parts from the foreigners. >> iran's main partners pulled out of the auto industry in 2012. it followed a ban on trading with tehran's car-building
5:43 am
sector. at its peak in 2011 iran produced 1.7 million cars annually. this year the government says production dropped by almost 40%. while iran wants to reclaim what it lost, so, too, do the foreign partners. but iran's mentality changed since sanctions hit. >> during this time the industry was not silence. of course, they went to the other sources, and - which was not originally as guys as before. >> this self-reliance was tough. last year they deported 95 million parts. less than two years ago. but the country is determined not to rely on import like it did in the past.
5:44 am
>> according to figures, the industry laid off 100,000 workers because of sanctions and the bad economy. what sanctions relief could mean is thousands of men and women could get the jobs back. >> and every car that rolls off the production line means the prospect increases. >> coming up on this news hour, if you can't handle the heat, get off the court. n.b.a. champions were hot on christmas day. all the sports after the break.
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>> welcome back, it will cost you $300 to divorce your wife if you live in the northern nigeria states. a new law has been introduced because of the amount of divorces. it's a lot of money when you get by on $2. >> this woman is back in her parent's house after her 20-year-old marriage collapsed. the troubles started when he husband brought in a new wife. >> he kept mistreating me and showing preference over the second wife. i never dis-obeid them. i can't understand. you give someone your life and they betray you. >> a woman and all her children are thrown out. the story is echoed by women as
5:47 am
young as 16 whose marriages have ended. there are more than a million divorcees. >> the rate of divorce in kahno is staggering. four out three marriages divorce. many blame it on how expensive they become and how religious and local resources abandoned their obliges. weddings have been brought in. the government took a step further. divorcing a woman for reasons attracts a $300 fine. the government is ready to enforce the law. hopeful it will solve the problem. >> leadership should come out and take action. take the bull by the horns. the consequences of the broken marriages as you have seen it is
5:48 am
the production of young men and women and the families who are ignored >> divorcees, however want a minimum fine, $1,100. such fines are illegal. >> this law has no basis in islam to allow people with the means to do as they please. why do they make marriage so expensive. we have lost our values as a people. men want the government take tougher measures. introducing a fine may discourage some, but for most divorcees and their children, life will never be the same again >> let's catch up with the
5:49 am
sport. >> south african contributing great jacque kallis took to the field for his final test match, retiring at the end of the test after south africa came close to chasing down a world record target. a lot of expectation around the final test of the series. the afternoon session getting under way. now, a world record crowd watched australia dominate england on day one of the fourth ashes test. australia have an unassailable 3-0 lead in the series. more than 91 spectators were packed in as england struggled. kevin pitter sen uncovered illness. a couple of late wickets saw mitchell johnson with good
5:50 am
scores. >> we didn't bolas well as we'd like. you want to make sure you are on. we pulled it back and had 6/220, with three chance, it's down as well. it's a good day. >> disappointing and more disappointing is the fact that we have a lot of starts from the top six. the positive is very kev there, and if he has a good couple of hours, things can change quickly. disappointing that no one has got a big score. >> in the n.b.a. 10 teams were in action. amongst them defending champions, miami heat against the lakers, and the san antonio spurs hosted the houston rockets. it was a silent night for the hosts. >> tis the season for basketball at the staples centre. the los angeles lakers host the
5:51 am
miami heat minus kobe bryant. the lakers could have used koby in this one. with the heat lebron james and dwayne wade were in peak form. leading the heat in scoring with 24. the heat had a 51-46 lead at the half. the lakers shrunk the difference to a 2-point. the heat had a 51-46 lead. the lakers shrunk the difference to two points, nick young to three and drawing a foul. la couldn't catch up. lebron james putting up 18 points. kobe bryant talked about the fracture in his knee which he suffered last week. >> it's coastal not something that, you know, wanted to have happened, but there's nothing you can do about it. from that standpoint you look at injury for what it is, something
5:52 am
that will heel and be as strong as it was. i was fortunate it wasn't a minnize cues. near christmas day meeting, and san antone hosted houston. jeremy lim kept the spurs off the board. san francisco within six points before half-time. dwight howard had two of his 15 increasing the lead to eight. the spurs closed the deficit to within three points. but the rockets cruised from there. james hardin had a game-high 28, as houston won 111/98. >> well four out of the d five home teams lost their games on wednesday. they beat brooklyn 95 to 78.
5:53 am
kevin durant scored 28 as oklahoma city beat new york 123 to 94. the golden straight warriors edged out the la clippers 105 to 103. the english premier league is one of the few european leagues not taking time off for a winter break. all teams in action with defending champions away at hull. united aiming for a fifth straight win in all competitions. >> away games are harder than the home games. we have to make sure we do the job right. we have done well. we'll try to keep it going. hopefully pick up points. >> let's have a look at the fixtures. leave leaders liverpool are away at manchester city. liverpool have 17 fit first-team players available, while city
5:54 am
have won all of their home league games this season. full am are away at norwich. clint dempsey rejoined them for a 2-month loan stint. second-placed arsenal away to west ham and chelsea. they are at home to swan si. >> points behind both leaders. we are there. we have reasons to keep going. the way to get the first objective, which is the top four in champion's league , which will be hard for everyone to finish the top four. the best way to get top four is to be close in the title, in the title race. let's enjoy it, the moment. >> you need a lot of things to get points at stamford bridge. you need to play a good game, well organised. a good goalkeeper and a bit of luck. >> qatar is hosting the west asian football federation
5:55 am
championship. syria are not defending their title. qatar themselves opted to select an experimental side. they were open to a draw until the winner for qatar was scored. >> "wild oats xi" looking good in the sydney-to-hobart yacht race. they are aiming to win for a record-equalling 7th time. we'll keep you up to dates, but more sport later. >> cuba's artist struggled to find ways to showcase their creations. a musician found a solution - turning an abandoned building into a place for the arts.
5:56 am
>> havana boasts hundreds of crumbling buildings, slowly and painstakingly restored to their glory. renowned musician took this power station and is renovating it to house his dreams, the factory of cuban arts. it's a place allowing cuban artists to enhance their work. >> in this particular corner of havana, this former power station is being slowly it painstakingly renovated to provide a showcase for the best of cuban art and culture. >> fame was found at home and abroad. like cuban artists he had to struggle to be heard. >> there are a lot of talented youngsters out there who have
5:57 am
nowhere to perform. >> with his own money and the support of the cuban authorities, the factory of cuban art will be home to music, photography, cinema, theatre and arts. >> there's a public out there hungry for culture, who want to see photography, music and classic art in the same place. when i was at the school of the art. the artist, musicians and photographers are related to the same energy. there's never been anything like this before in cuba. not of this quality. >> the dream is slowly coming to fruition. emerging from the ruins, it's hoped to allow cuban art to breathe and thrive. >> that brings us to the end of this newshour. we'll be back with another full
5:58 am
bulletin of newshour. stay with us.
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> a political scandal rocks turkey. thousands of protesters take to the streets to demand the resignation of the prime minister. >> as hundreds are killed and thousands flee the violence, south sudan's president calls tore an end to ethnic killings. african leaders work to avoid a civil war. >> a brutal ice storm levering thousands in the dark. utility crews working over time in the united states. >> being eight - a new perspective on the struggles of being without a home through the eyes of the young and


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