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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2014 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello, welcome to the news howr, headquarters here in doha? these are our top global news stories. governmental forces battle al qaeda in anbar province. election day violence in bangladesh, mobs attack polling stations. and angry migrants hold the largest protest in israel's history. >> lauren taylor with the headlines from europe including
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destination deutscheland. from germany. >> on to the news hour. good to have you company. we start with al qaeda fighters that are coming under increasing pressure on two fronts in israel and syria. the islamic state of iraq in the levant, drive them out of anbar province. iimran khan has the latest. the agreement to do so was hard fought. local sunni troops insisted they be part of the operation. the standoff is an indication of the tension between sunni tribes
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in anbar province. president has his coordination. >> the army provides the tribes with weapons and everything they need, in its battle against the terrorists. i think this issue will be resolved within one or two days to expel the armed groups. >> reporter: the iraqi army sent out a video, they are limited to the cities, other strong holds remain in the desert on the border with syria and getting rid of the fighters there will prove to be more challenging. only adding to the worries of the iraqi government are the increasing worries of the prime minister. >> we call on the governmental to meet the demands of the people. demands that are not related to terrorism by any means. if there's a further escalation of violence in iraq then worse
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things may happen, especially due to worse things in the region. >> the reason for the criticism is simple. general elections is scheduled for late april. parties are looking to get themselves into the best position they can and forcing prime minister maliki to listen. >> what more can you tell us about that? >> i can tell you anbar province covers a vast area of central and western iraq. the two major cities under control of al qaeda fighters are ram adi. while the military operation going on in ann bar, we've seen other operations in the capitol. two car bombs went off there. >> the government is talking
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about the fact they are having to work at or trying to work at, change of tactic to try oget the operation to be a successful one. >> absolutely, they're on the outskirts, they have made an agreement of one of the sunni tribes, to route these isil fighters, they will put up with some very, very stiff resistance. so it's likely that the operation will happen in the coming hours possibly even this evening. so let's see what happens. but it's a key step, this agreement is the first stage in getting into fallujah. they've got that now so now this operation will happen. >> so it's ongoing operations we'll catch up with you, when things happen, thanks imran. >> continuing operations, more on that. >> syria's armed opposition is pushing forward with what seems
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to be a coordinated offensive against the islamic state of israel in the levant or isil. heanl been working for interests of their resolution. the foreign fighters have created many states in many areas of the rebel held north. imposing their beliefs which many in the opposition believe are brutal. isil for its part has threatened to withdraw their are troops, which would mean retaking much aleppo. stabbed in the back by some groups involved in a corn conspirecy that seeks to get rid of al qaeda before planned peace talks in geneva. rebel commanders deny they are
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waging this war on behalf of the international community. but there are some people who believe it has to do with geneva. >> what we are seeing now is fighting over who is going to be the negotiator with the is regime. and so far there is no unified option. actually, there is a lot of in-fighting in order to produce is a negotiator. >> reporter: the syrian main opposition in compile has thrown its power behind this. importance of supporting revolutionary forces as partners in the fight against al qaeda. the syrian conflict has spread throughout the region and so has al qaeda's influence. the islam ick state in the, set up base there. now, it has a presence in neighboring lebanon.
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>> it claimed responsibility for the latest attack targeting shia supporters of the lebanese armed political group hezbollah. the war against isil may not have only been declared in syria. authorities in iraq and lebanon are also trying to wipe out the group. this may not be an easy battle. another reminder that it will war does not have borders. >> live for us in istanbul. being between opposing groups anita, what do we know more about the voyages in syria today? >> well, the fighting has split four ways now with what we know is the moderate islamic groups, the fighters we associate with the banner the free syrian army. covertly backed but probably
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less and less covertly as time goes by by the islamic front, the far more powerful group complies at least 11 brigades, the syrian army of course benefiting from this, and being able to exploit the fighting between the two groups distracted by each other to pick them off. we are hearing today that in an area west of aleppo called al rash hadin, gone after some of the free syrian army groups there. opposition fighters fighting each other rather than the original objective of the syrian regime. but as the syrian opposition forces felt that al qaeda was targeting them, they felt they had no choice. >> that's something at the moment and of course we'll come back to you as that situation, anita thanks for joining us from istanbul.
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>> one year suspended sentence to 12 activates, not allowed to pro tend proceedings and his sister seen here. they are convicted of setting fire to the campaign headquarters of the former presidential candidate, last may. a charge they deny. the courtroom was packed with supporters. >> this case is not a new case, but we were very worried, very concerned about the existing atmosphere in which activists who took part, even in the revolution against morsi are now being put on trial because of the current atmosphere of polarization in which they were going through what seems to be the current government's desire to basically suppress any sort of opposition to his policies. >> now, staying in jeebt, al jazeera is demanding the immediate release of three of its journalists who are still being health in custody without
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charge for eight days now. mohamed fahmy and ba har mohamed and peter greste, are accused of joining a terrorist groups. al jazeera say the allegations are fabricated nonsense. peter greste, seen here in his laterrest assignment, has reported telephone against the african continent. the three are being held separately, outside cairo, they face further questioning on sunday. sudanese general outside the rebel held town of. the violence comes as warring parties in ethiopia, philipp aguerre joins us on the line from juba.
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thank you for speaking with al jazeera sir. what can you tell us about the injuries inflicted or incurred by your officers? especially the reports of this brigadier general? has he died or is he just seriously injured? >> the war is fought with the dges that it has its lodges. and we are fighting a war, and it's on active service, as these committed themselves to commit or have duties, even though it did lead to his death. so yes, we have lost him. but this is not the time we talk on the losses in the mid year, because whether he is wounded or killed in action, the procedure after the battle fall, we have
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to inform the families, and the relatives if there are losses. so -- >> if that is the case sir i'm sorry to interrupt. if that is the case can you tell us where you are fighting at the moment where the main clashes are in south sudan? >> we have the main clashes are at the eight mile to both town. >> and what sort of resistance are you facing? >> one we have been facing extreme resistance from the forces of riek machar, white army, and the forces that defected from the spla, but the forces have been pushing them since yesterday and we have been giving ground and we are confident that we will take the town of bor back to the government control.
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>> sir, there are talks ongoing in ethiopia by both sides. what more can you tell us about any developments there now that both sides are sitting at the table and talking to each other directly? >> i'm sorry, i'm not qualified to talk about those talks, because that diplomaticness offensive has people that can talk on their behalf. but we wish it will be successful. >> if that is the case, sir, then have your political leaders told you to act in any other way to try and resolve the obvious dispute between government forces and rebel forces? >> the role of the army is to protect the integrity and -- integrity of the country and
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protect the constitution. we'll continue to fight the rebels that have been telling the world they are coming to the south south sudan, protecting the constitution, up to the time results of the diplomatic is translated. we are the implementer of the government policies, defense policies, and we'll continue to defend our territories from this rebellion. >> flirphillip ago, thank you vy much for joining us on the telephone from juba. now, the prize of beauty in venezuela. we talk to women who risk their lives to be beautiful.
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record big freeze continues. one of the greatest footballers of all time, dice, xavier passes away at the age of 71. details on the news hour. now election day in bangladesh was never going to be much to celebrate, with the opposition boycotting the polls, at least 19 people have been killed as police confront antigovernment protestors. john, there's no sense of closure, a tense night ahead. >> i expect so and possibly a tense night ahead-- .
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>> we'll come back to jonah in a moment. but he did actually file a report on how the day had progressed and this is what did happen across bangladesh. >> all calm in the capital dacca. no great rush to the polls on election day, meant this day would go the government's way. >> i gave my vote through the process of democracy and to rch the constitution of bangladesh. >> the opposition once held an election like this themselves. this time they should have taken part for the sake of the country. >> reporter: outside the capitol a quite different picture of polling stations looted and burning. and victims of political violence, hundreds of dead and thousands injured in the past year. many of them innocent
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bystanders. security personnel out in the tens of thousands have, in some cases, used severe force. but to little avail. violence that has been a feature of the bitter decades-long rivalry between opposition leader azir, an opposition leader under virtual house arrest, and hasena who didn't even need to vote, her seat was uncontested. election day is normally a festival but this was not ordinary. a generation that expects more from their politicians. >> someone has to come up. we need a leader, actually, we are lacking of a good leadership. in that case a good leader can solve this problem very easily.
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>> the outcome of this election isn't in doubt of course but the questions of legitimat legitimar political violence that may have prevented many from voting but add to all of that heavy international criticism and it's clear that the government will struggle to establish any credibility or popular mandate moving forward, leaving really only one likely prognosis for the months ahead. there may be more days when the streets of dacca are deceptively quiet tbp more days when the threat of violence keeps people in their homes and away from work. more uncertainty in a country that disprilt would like to put the turmoil of recent months behind it. >> we can return back to jonah in the bangladeshi capitol of dacca. we are assuming a very tense day
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ahead. >> sorry you lost us there. i'm joined by mansour hasan. what happens next? >> this is a one sided election and i think it doesn't really have the moral legitimacy that it should have had, if there was greater participation of voters. so really the government will have to focus its mind and explore ways of starting a dialogue, opening up lines of communication with the opposition, so that they can decide what will be the rules, rules of game for the future and particularly, i think, given the fact that this particular pleks will not carry much -- election will not carry much wealth. they will have another general election which will have to be
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organized soon. >> one thing to say, quite another thing to do, particularly because of the personal rivalry between these two leaders. >> that's true but the leaders understand that if they don't come to some sort of compromise that both the political parties could be under threat. i think generally the level of frustration in the country is very, very high. and people are extremely worried that the future of bangladesh is at stake. and there has to be an accommodation here between the two major political parties. things have to change and i think this crisis may give some opportunities. >> as they get pushed to that point by pressure around them, do you think we expect in the days and weeks ahead more of the same, things to get worse before they get better? >> i suspect so. i suspect that you know, that we may be sort of seeing more strikes and stern measure on the part of the government before
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things start to improve. and i think the international pressure will probably play important role here, but at the end of the day, the public pressure within the country will probably be the determining factor. >> mansour hasan thank you for joining us. administrator, the pressure is on, the government will form a new cabinet as soon as it can but the opposition has already announced another 48 hours of nationwide strike to follow the current 48 hours of nationwide strike beginning monday morning. >> jonah, from dacca, thank you. asylum seekers, gathered in protest against the government's actions against them. this is a one day, first day of a three-day strike by migrant workers who are often employed in low-paid service jobs like restaurants and hotels.
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now, tom ackerman joins me from tel aviv. what was the turnout like? seems to be quite large tom and do you think it will have any effect? >> well, there are 50,000 of these migrant workers, surprisingly quite a number of them did turn out today at least on the first day of what they declared to be a general strike. however what needs to be said here is that they all work illegally in israel. the government gives them, release type visas, temporary visas, but specifically says they are not entitled to work. nevertheless you can see cafes, restaurants and cleaning companies all around tel aviv in particular who employ them but they are entitled to know social services and they are also the government under current law allows them to be held in
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detention for up to a year at a time. so this is what they're asking for. first of all, finding exactly what their asylum status is and many of them are applying for asylum but they say that the government is simply not responding to their requests. the government, its poks is they called them infiltrators, they had to pass the desert to get here. the government has pretty much closed off that conne conduit. if they can find steady means of employment and some kind of straibility they would like to stay here and in the meantime, a whole generation of children are growing up throarng speak hebrew in schools but finding no secure
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place in israeli society. >> at the moment tom thanks for joining us from tel aviv. five days into the new year and five days into new rules on immigration in europe, causing angrageanger. lauren taylor you can tell us more. >> germany's minimum wage is around five times higher than that of bug gai bulgaria. now jer germany's vice chancellr warns that fear shouldn't take over. stop migrants claiming benefits. i'm joined here by a political scientist at the free university in berlin, thanks for joining us. how much concern is there in
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general or generally about these people coming in and taking jobs? >> well, in terms of the public debate, of course these kind of arguments fare often very well, those kind of po populace, much more of the interests here is to create actually new fears and to ride on the tide of an increasing populace and debate in germany about migration. >> we've seen the u.k. for instance has rushed through legislation that prevents u.k. musicians ration for three months. is that the kind of thing that they're leading to in germany? >> that is one of the arguments. actually for the first three months, the new incoming migrants are not entitled anyway
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from socially benefits. but i think the larger issue here is amongst some conservative politicians, there is a dream after creating a for tress europe to create a fortress germany where you know this sort of migration can be, where new internal border can be drawn and unwanted migration can be kept part of germany. this is an illusion, of course, it chides with very basic principles within the eu anyway but it will also of course lead to more resistance in terms of those fathers who actually still hold up to this idea of freedom of movement within europe. >> i mean you mentioned the issue of needing workers, german chamber of commerce, that germany needs 1.5 million qualified workers, but it's qualified and not -- >> correct. >> this is not always going to be the case.
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>> yes. absolutely. i mean, all experts actually know this very well, both in the economy as well as in politics, that migration is very still needed in germany. i mean the entire economic success of germany is actually based on decades of labor migration to germany which supplies the labor force. to an important degree here, this sort of cost benefit argumentation about qualified, unqualified migrants, shies away from the larger bigger issues that exist within germany. it seems to me that instead of this you know apparent abuse of social benefits the bigger problem we see in germany is an increase of racist attitudes and racist violence. in kind of economic argumentation puts away a rights based argumentation, to look at human rights perspective, and the fall back to the cost
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benefit economic argumentation is not anything new, it happens periodically in germany, this is another wave of that. >> thank you for talking to us. united kingdom continues to be hit with heavy storms, a large portion of the country under water. the winter storms are the worst in the country for 22 years and expected to continue for another two days at least. more for you a little later. now let's go back to sir hale in doha. >> we'll have more on the building collapse in india, and riding high, we'll get a sneak peek at the proposed cycle path for london. and this trophy in international cricket.
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on techknow, our scientists bring you a sneak-peak of the future, and take you behind the
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scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life. on al jazeera america >> welcome back to al jazeera, i'm sir hale raman.
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after iraq's government has a major attack to retake fallujah, just 60 kilometers from baghdad. on saturday. across the border, syrian reckless are fighting with the same groups, the islamic state in iraq and levant. by many in syria's opposition. 19 people have been killed in bangladesh in election rela related violence. set fire to polling booths around the country. >> indian politicians have vfted the site of -- visited the site of a building collapse. coastal town of canacuna. >> heavy slabs and twiftd metal are all that remain of the partially collapsed building.
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a sad sight. the building sterlings and the kinds of things the workers were using, and in the background just a sandwich of debris. impenetrable rubble at the moment. from what the authorities are saying it is early on in the investigation but they believe that this collapse is the result of poor quality of building. the chief minister of the state actually saying that the investigations that will follow will also look at the other buildings that have been built because they believe these two are unsafe and need to be pulled down. this will once again shed more light and raise further debate about the kind of standards in the indian construction agency. it is one of the biggest fastest growing. >> at least a thousand people have been killed and thousands more forced to flee their homes. >> we came here to talk peace.
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and to come and tell us these people so that they talk is a condition, and we are not ready to accept anything precondition. >> former head of the united nations in syria. thanks for joings us. there is relief in geneva that the sites are now talking in addis ababa. >> that is good news. the content of the talks is important. that they will agree on immediate cease fire. >> we just spoke to a sudanese army general just a short while ago and he was talking about the ongoing fighting in certain areas. but his main issue was bringing
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peace and stability into the area. he was reluctant to say whether fighting was ongoing. to compromise on the areas such as a cessation of violence. >> obviously, ongoing fighting in different part of south sudan makes ojob of the negotiators very difficult. but they must keep their nerve and keep their cool. it's not unusual for fighting on the ground to get worse, even as people sit around the negotiating table. but they -- so the negotiators on both sides have to keep an eye on the bigger picture and not be unnerved by day-to-day fighting that is quite seriously going on in other sites in the country, which is what the negotiators need to focus on. >> you have been in sudan when it was a united sudan before the split. in terms of how the sudanese
10:36 am
mentality is about compromise and negotiation, even when we talk about those independence talks a few years back, how difficult is it to negotiate within sudanese within their own ethnic groups? >> the united sudan and now south sudan, also, are the results of violence that have gone on for decades. and inevitably therefore positions get extremely entrenched. certainly as far as south sudan now is concerned, violence in separation from the north and then a very young state, why people help to get over their entrenched positions. the south sudanese position quite adept and resilient in surviving over many crises both
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man made and natural. i think beyond the public rhetoric of the leaders, we need to look to the capacities for peace that undoubtedly exist in all communities of south sudan. the peace needs to be built from bottom up even as negotiators try to reach an understanding around the conference table. >> let's hope they can. thanks so much for joining us sir. now there's no respite for people in the united states where forecasters are predicting record low temperatures. people have been warned to stay inside their homes and stock up on supplies. hayda abassi has more. >> after the snow comes the big chill. record low temperatures are predicted to spread across the u.s. midwest. 16 people have already died after heavy snow blanketed the northeast. now people are preparing for arctic like weather from
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minnesota, temperatures dropping to minus 51° celsius. after being warned to stay indoors, thousands of flights have been delayed, public schools in minnesota have been closed. in wisconsin, football fans have helped to clear away the frost at the green bay packer stadium. 40,000 tickets have been sold for game against the san francisco giants. >> we brought our ski bibs and work insulated overalls and big warm hats and i think we're ready to go. >> the snow storm began on new w year's day. >> david hawkins is in detroit. >> people are preparing for this record cold weather the same way they might for a serious winter storm by grocery shopping, buying basic issues like milk
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and eggs and other things they are going oneed during the cold, when they don't want to venture out. some locations have being disclosed they are not going to open public schools, minnesota schools will be closed, some cities and towns in the region have also said they are going to make extra efforts to get homeless people off the streets so they don't freeze to death. >> new york is set to relax its drug laws to allow the limited use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. see the drug used in some hospitals for seriously ill patients. it comes just days after colorado became the first u.s. state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. the at one time state to allow the medical use of the drug. motomotorists in new york city a
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fright when a small plane touched down on a highway. the piper started experiencing engine problems. a highway maintenance crew noticed it was having trouble and stopped traffic. it was a miracle no one was injured. officials overseeing the expansion of the panama canal have already exceed costs by $1.6 billion. the consortium of companies is building locks to allow larger ships to pass through the canal. it was originally expected to cost $3.2 billion. companies blame flawed geological studies and wants the government to pay the excess. venezuela has brought home more ms. universe titles than any other country. but the cost for women who want to enhance their looks is high
10:41 am
and some times fatal. rachel levin has the story. >> winning the crown ask a dream for many in this beauty obsessed country where people spend up to $2.5 billion a year to look good. after oil, the beauty trade is the second most profitable industry in venezuela but it comes at a high price. just ask leonardo cerina whose 29-year-old daughter died this year after getting liquid silicone but to buttocks inject. >> it's shameness, these people kill for $75 to $125 to inject someone. my daughter died for $125. >> now leonardo and his wife are
10:42 am
raising their twin grand sons. he believes that peer pressure pushed his daughter to risk her life. >> the government is not informing the women about their risks, these procedures are deadlier than cancer because they kill within 24 hours. >> venezuela is a world destination for plastic surgery. near 4,000 go under the knife every month. the as i recall con silicon uses is illegal but people go and buy it online. >> the patient likely to survive, he or she could have chronic pain, discoloration of the skin, persists throughout the body. >> reporter: despite the health risks, venezuelans are still injecting themselves,
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sometimes a clear sign that many here are willing to pay the ultimate price for beauty. rachel levin, al jazeera, crak caracas, venezuela. >> huge problem of cars buses advance and bikes sharing the city's roads, it comes when a number of cyclists were killed last year, kim vanil are reports. >> a streamlined ride into the city without a single car bus or pedestrian in sight. sky cycle would run across the rail lines with a hope of transforming the city. is. >> a recognized mode of transport. >> architect admit it wouldn't be cheap. cost estimates for the 220
10:44 am
kilometer network are in the billions. not a pipe dream. >> they're not committed to saying yes, that we want to do it. they're committed to wanting to understand how it could be done. >> cycling has become increasingly popular in london. mayor boris johnson has trumpeted the two-wheel mode of transparent and wants to hear more about sky cycle's plans. many cyclists argue this would be done to make the roads safer. designated cycling lanes have been set up throughout the city but still sharing increasingly congested roads. end of last year, bike deaths, spoke to at a cycling cafe, questioned whether sky cycle would ever go ahead. >> i love the idea, it's at all
10:45 am
practical or cost effective. >> cycling is probably the way forward throughout the city given the congestion we have in london so i definitely think having sky cycle would be beneficial for the city. >> it could be a model for other congested cities. something that would need high level support. kim vanil, al jazeera london. verdict of a poll in his home country released on sunday which also happens to be a birthday. nearly two-thirds of sanyas, a thought many have become disillusioned with him, after his daughter became embroiled in a long running scandal. those are the stories. back to sir hale. in the race to space.
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and in sport, former world number 1 roger federer struck, a week out from the world's first. >> an exclusive "america tonight" investigative series
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>> welcome back. it's sport now. thank you, portuguese football hero eusebio died of 71. died of heart failure, early on sunday morning. prolific scholar see it
10:48 am
forward football great, eusebio da silva ferrera, was born in portugal. it was with portugal's national team where he became known as the black panther. 41 goals, this included the nine which made him the leading goal-scorer at the 1966 world cup in england. four alone delivered against north korea. at club level it was then where eusebio made his name, made to the european cup in 1962, played in three other finals in addition to portuguese championships. in 1969 he was named european footballer of the year, lay tribute and take photographs with the statute that stands in his honor.
10:49 am
str eusebio was a national and international figure. the world will be in mourning because we have lost not only an exceptional player but an exceptional than. i believe i have lost a bit of me too, losing this great man. >> he represented the national team with limitless dedication. we all remember when he left the pitch in tears, crying for portugal. eusebio's tears that day are ours. we weep his death. >> christian ornaldo paid his own honor: always a champion, rest in peace. i died of heart failure on sunday morning, age 71. but memories of his blistering pace and dazzling dribbling will remain. elie holman, al jazeera.
10:50 am
smoke to trevor france, 74b in sports. >> well firstly he was a great man. it's always important. but i think as a footballer he will be remembered as a wonderful goal-scorers. i think it's fair to say that of all the players that i've watched and played against over the years, eusebio probably had the hardest shot of any player i can remember, the exception being bobby gelson but he was a great player, until the emergest of christian renaldo, nobody would doubt eusebio was the greatest player ever lived. but what he has achieved over the five, six years, real madrid and manchester united has been quite phenomenal. we are all very fortunate we're able to see the likes of re
10:51 am
reynaldo because they are exceptional players. chelsea two goals up against der bi, liverpool facing the club that are responsible for their existence, the reds are currently nil-nil, manchester united face swansea in late game. facing at the moment and they got off to a flying start, took an early lead seven minutes into the match through alexa sanchez, doubled their advantage making it 2-nil before half time. barcelona are two points behind real madrid,. european places in the early kickoff, leading 1-nil from the
10:52 am
first half, homicides completed a 3-nil win thanks to second half goals, move up to sixth. cricket in australia have completed a 5-nil asher series with a dominant victory, australia set the tours an unlikely victory target of 448 at the sydney cricket grounds. but not in contention, ryan harris took five wickets, australia claiming a 281 run victory with two days remaining finally getting their hands on the famous ashes urn. score last season, in the 2006-2007 series, they jumped from fifth to third on the world test rankings, fast baller was named man of the series after
10:53 am
finishing with 37 wickets. >> it's very special no doubt about it, a lot of hard work's gone in. the roller coasted ride, the ups and downs of 2013 to get us to where we are, i certainly couldn't be prouder of my teammates. the performance they are pulling throughout the series. also want to pay obviously respects to al stai alistaiaia e england team. i'm sure they'll bounce back. >> i'm desperately trying to bounce back. if i'm not the right man to do it, then people higher up want to change because they think that's the best way then i'll have to stay it on the chin because that's the best suggested. in the dressing room i'm the right man to do it but as i said if i'm not i'm not. >> won his first atp title since 2010 at the brisbane
10:54 am
international. first number 1 beat his long standing rival, roger federer, 6-1, 4-6, 6-3, collected the trophy from aussie great rod laver. count down is on to next month's super bowl. the new orleans saints advanced to the nfc divisional match, at a decisive victory on sunday. shane graham kicked a field goal, to lead to a 26-24 victory over the eagles. john shane has more from philadelphia. >> two weeks ago, the saints changed kickers, shane graham, who had kicked almost exclusively in cold weather cities, that paid off as graham made all four of his field goal attempts in freezing temperatures, including the game
10:55 am
winner, as the saints won their first road playoff game ever. to the tune of 185 yards including 97 by former heisman trophy winner mark ingram, no time to celebrate for the saints, next up, another road date next saturday against the top seed seattle seahawks. i'm john henry smith al jazeera. >> in saturday's other match indianapolis came back from 28 opinions, the san diego chargers host cincinnati and they are dubbing it the ice bomb, as the green bay packers take on the san francisco 49ers. temperatures are expected to drop as low as minus 21° cells yution set for the nfc wild card game in green bay, wisconsin, with wind chill factors could be close to mine us 30 and players will be wearing special protective clothing and free
10:56 am
warm drings and heat packs will be provided for spectators who brave the conditions. that's sports for me. >> thanks. india has taken a massive step to deep space, it successfully launched a satellite using an indian build rocket engine, carrying a two ton communication satellite, just five other countries have its cryogenic technology. the engine had a number of failures. rocket crashed into the bay of bengal, meanwhile, india's plangilian program is hurtling into space, 10th of the cost of nasa's latest mission there. india hopes to be the first asian nation to reach the red
10:57 am
planet. india into the commercial flight business, it comes as a surprise to the about space industry. just in august of 2013, a huge disaster was averted when they discovered a fuel leak just about an hour before liftoff. so indiana's space agency is all smiles with this launch. but the big story here also is that everything on this satellite is made right here in india including the engines and it really shows that india is emerging as a space power. it comes on the heels of india launching its space orbiter late last year. india's was a fraction of the cost, showing that developing nations like india cannot only make it into space but do it cheaper than other countries. >> i'll be back straight after the break with nor news, stay with us.
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good morning. welcome to al jazeera america. i am morgan radford live from new york city. here is the stories we are following for you right now: the nation braces as a wave of cold air heads south and growing concern about the stability of iraq. meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people search for safety in south sudan. first, we begin with a number. >> that's negative 35 degrees farenheit height. >> that's how cold it is expe t


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