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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> i'm david foster with the al jazeera news hour. glad to have you on. this is what we have coming up in the next 60 minutes. we were nearly at war, now sudan is asking south sudan's leader to make peace in his fight against rebels. iraq, prime minister urges the people of fallujah to push al qaeda linked rebels out of their city. schools closed, peep to stay
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in-- people told to stay indoors to prevent life threatening arctic temperatures. >> i'm sarah burns, with stories including: lawyers of the party of egypt ousted president outline their ca case against te military in london. the london black cab gets a new year makeover. >> south sudan's president has requested the deployment of joint forces with sudan, to protect oil fields which are threatened in if south. salva kiir is peteing in juba the capital of the south. nearly came to war over issues
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less than two years ago. less than a thousand people have been killed, in recent fighting with government forces in south sudan. those loyal to kiir's ex-vice president, riek machar. in we came here to understand what we can do to stop this war. our belief is that military solutions does not sof the problem, and the problems are very complicated so the people will at the end sit and negotiate until they reach an agreement. >> in the capital khartoum. we come to you sort of in the middle. what do you know of the negotiations taking place in addis ababa? >> yes, conflicting reports about the negotiations in addis ababa. the main negotiations is that they are somehow stalled because
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of the rueful of the south sudanese representative delegation there to accept their and in thademands that were prey the rebel side basically to organize elections, for more participation and specific conditions that they have submitted there, and the juba side, those represent manage salva kiir are still refusing to accept those conditions. we also know that in sudan activityada itself,south sudan l cease fire to the rebel leaders. in fact, he has not been participating actively in the recent fighting but he was a rebel leader and he was a separatist, break away faction there in the south for some time there, for several months he has
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been a headache for the government in juba and now they are saying that they want him to do the same thing, they want him to declare a cease fire and juba would like to show that it is making progress both in terms of its relations with khartoum and the support khartoum has shown, to the president, and the cease fire with one of the rebel actions, saying this is a tremendous progress and gaining ground against the rebels. >> you make the point that yaya and his forces, have been against the government for some time. now they're peripheral to what we're seeing at the moment and possibly something aside what the government wants to put forward saying look, we're making progress and with this lot you should do the same. >> yes, if i understand your question well, juba has
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capitalized on these two developments today that the visit of rm many president bashir on the one hand and what seems to be a cease fire with one of the rebel factions, they are expecting the rebels to respond to this by either realizing their fight against juba and trying to top the government is a lost battle and they have to get concessions in addis ababa during those talks or at least realize that they can't actually make any advances against juba. but the world is now waiting perhaps for the reactions of mr. riek machar main rebel leader in the fighting to topple the regime and advance against the capital of juba, waiting for his reaction to see if these two developments, they are going to dent his resolve to advance towards capitol. >> when you say the world is watching it is not an
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exaggeration is it? taking part in these talks in ethiopia, with all the oil there, i want you to give me an idea there of the significance of a possible joint protection force between ada and south sudan. to over-- between sudan and sowd south sudan in these oil rich areas. >> good question david. let me start by saying this conflict has drawn the attention of not only the world but western powers, the united states and other countries for many years to bring stability to sudan and to help south sudan decide its own future. now they are keen on seeing positive developments there. that is why i say the world is waiting for the reaction of the rebels. april your question about cooperation between sudan and south sudan, it is a great
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surprise to see that because the government has been showing complete neutrality. they have not sided with either of the sides, but this visit today shows that omar bashir, has decided to come out, and khartoum has agreed to send 900 holy technicians to the south to -- oil technicians to the south. are he hasn't said how he's going to do that because the oil wells are still under the control of the rebels. discussions with joint forces i think in the next few days we'll show where that is going to be a fact on the ground very soon. >> mohamed, thank you very much indeed, regardings negotiation
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regarding south sudan. thank you. drive out what called terrorists, al qaeda backed forces called islamic state in iraq and the levant, imran khan reports. >> reporter: confident fighters prepare for ooh afternoon assault often fallujah by progovernment sunni tribes. they say they are ready to face any challenges. elsewhere in the city is is the effect of a shelling campaign. iraq's army is also prepared for the attack. troops have circled the city and are led by sheik abdur al risha. >> withdraw the army from the cities and go through the islamic state in iraq and the levant, this is due to some bl
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i.s.i.l. rebels there. i.s.i.l. rebels were trying to bring the battle to cities of fallujah, they will be thoroughly defeated in the desert. >> all the indications that it could welcome soon. but how did we get to this stage? for much of 2013 the sunni tribes in anbar province protested, their prime minister nouri al-maliki, the were blocked with both sunni and shia l political parties. this was seen as a provocation to the tribes. the i.s.i.l. was formed taking advantage of the political power vacuum and waging a bloody being battle across the country. the anbar tribes unofficially
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accepted their preference and just last month i.s.i.l. fighters killed over 20 iraqi soldiers. by that time al-maliki had enough. sunni tribal rivalries came to the fore. will this operation be able to bring peace to the region? perhaps not. perhaps when al qaeda and other groups have been supportings it, they simply regrouped in other areas. imran khan, al jazeera. >> the fighter for syria there too it's under pressure too. rebel groups have been trying to drive the fighters outer of their strong holds. the battle has stretched to the town of el rocca beings. troops being run by i.s.i.l. in that area the group has apparently withdrawn from several bases in syria, handing
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them over to jabat el nusra another al qaeda backed groups. >> they have emerged as one of the two strongest groups in syria fighting president assad. now, it's not the first time they clashed with rebel groupings but it's the first time we see a united front formed by rebels whether islamist or not against i.s.i.l. this united front seems to be determined that they will rid syria of this group. the attack honor i.s.i.l. has extended to many groups outside syria and what is very interesting ask 92 thee groups have managed to get the fighters in i.s.i.l. to leave their positions to even run away from outside syria. this is the main objective of this attack, they want to rid the area of such an extremist group and they feel it is
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necessary in order to rally the international community with syrian opposition. >> we're getting reports that at least ten people have been killed in the village of balza, in the eastern city of aleppo, the atax carried out by the government. bangladesh's prime minister has insisted her reelection is legitimate despite the boycott by opposition parties. she will not enter into any talks until they stop what she calls terrorist activities. jarrod hall reports from abeing dhaka. are. >> she denied that there was a crisis in the country. the way forward she told me is now in the hands of the opposition. >> now we realize that they made a mistake, not participating in the election. they may come forward to you
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know, discuss with us or make or are but they have to leave all this terrorist activities behind. >> earlier i melt a senior official in the bangladesh party and asked him how far he was willing to go towards a compromise. >> where can't say except to say that the government has to be acceptable to all sides that can guarantee a level playing field. >> the electoral commission says voater turnout was higher than expelled. have the opposition says the count was rigged. most aspects of sunday's election in bangladesh are in dispute. sheik there hassin went on from
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our meeting, despite her insistence, she accuses the opposition of terrorism for organize straighting violence over the election. they in turn have their very long list of demands. there seems to be little room for compromise. >> while the parties have argued the country has suffered debill taillighting strikes, these opposition shots were filmed on monday. in dhaka's central hospital, thousands of civilians caught up in violence over recent moss. this man told me his wife is in intensive care. >> for many people affect by them. but i am quite -- i -- i can't say it. >> she was on her way to work when men with petrol bombs
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attacked. >> i can understand what happened here. this is our female being to hide this, this is my question. why they doing this? >> reporter: there are few besides the prime minister who believe there is no crisis in bangladesh. assuming there is only the country's leaders can solve it, if they're willing to try. jonah hall, al jazeera, bangladesh. >> coming up. anger in israel why thousands of african migrants are marching to the american and european ex bases. also. >> you can buy drugs you can buy people. >> we take a look at the dark side of the worldwide wek. web. and coming up, sports fans pay their rment respects to a footbl
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knowledge hero. fans pay their respects to eusebio. >> legal team to london and barbara sera in our london center will fill us in on the reasons why. >> david, lawyers for the freedom and justice party were in london to outline their case. international criminal court last december, he sent us this update. >> the international legal team have been outlining exactly why they say the international criminal court should look into their allegations. although egypt is not a state party to the icc, the team here have issued something called an article 12 declaration. that's when a country in effect gives the icc jurisdiction to investigate what's going on in its own country. now as long as the icc accept that the morsi government is the
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legitimate government of egypt and the team here say that they probably will do, because the african union is also of the opinion that the morsi government is the democratically elected government of egypt and stilt in effect the rulers of that country, they say there's no reason for the icc to delay. >> i'm quite convince they'd in this case the evidence that shows very clearly that the situation meets the test of gravity. and so the icc should exercise jurisdiction. of course this is dependent upon the failure of the military regime to itself conduct proper investigations into crimes committed in egypt. but at present there is no indication that the military regime is carrying out such impartial fair investigations into what has happened in egypt. on the contrary the evidence
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seems to suggest that the military regime has control not only over the security forces but also for the judiciary. >> now at the press conference on monday the team have been stressing exactly how strong their case is, in their opinion. they've got video evidence, they've got photographic evidence and they've got statements from eyewitnesses both inside and outside egypt. they say this proves beyond doubt that the security forces fired live rounds at unarmed protestors. notably when they cleared out two sit-in camps in august 2013, they say in total between july and november last year at least 1120 people lost their lives but the true number could be even higher. they say all these incidents add up to what they call crimes against humanity. now, the legal team have stressed that if their plan mand wamandatewas extended to beforee
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3rd of last year, they could be prepared to look into abuses under president morsi. they haven't been asked to do so. they are stressing that at the moment there's a clear case to answer by egypt's current leadership. >> we're going to have more news later in the news hour. let's go back to david in doha for more in egypt. >> barb, thank you very much. egypt has summoned one of iran's prechts tiran'srepresentatives,e involving egypt's army and peaceful as it puts its protestors. day after at least 17 people were killed on friday. one of al jazeera's egypt based producers has been interrogated by state prosecutors and will be
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questioned again on wednesday. mohamed fahmy has been held without charge for the last five years. fahmy, baher mohamed and peter greste have been accused of joining a terrorist group. al jazeera say the allegations are fabricated. they are being held separately outside torah imah prison in ca. mohamed fahmy is an accomplished author and baher mohamed has been working with al jazeera as a producer for most of the last year. african migrants in israel are appealing for international support in the face of the israeli government's determination to drive them out of the country. thousands have been master planning to the u.s. and to european embassies as partly of
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protest demanding work rights and better treatment all round. tom ackerman reports >> reporter: for the second day troops turned out, relevant representative accepted their petition, ignoring their situation. being. >> i do think it is time to really revisit some of the policies in the past. because in the end, what we would like to see is that israel lives up to the spirit of the 1951 convention. >> reporter: brought along his israel born daughter maya to the demonstration. his visa, being expires in two
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days. the immigration office has refused to act on his extension request. so he, his wife and child will be subject to removal to the government's new self described conditional use facility. deep in the negev desert, a place of indefinitely detention. >> did i not come here for work or for money. i'm asking for asylum. i was forced to be a soldier in eritrea for four years. if i go back i'll have a problem. >> protestprotests won't help nl strikers. further migrant rivals netanyahu says, "now we are determined to remove work infiltrators." >> who were pressured to leave voluntarily in 2013. what happens to the other 45,000
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he didn't say. tom ackerman, al jazeera tel aviv. >> snow and icy weather conditions have brought many parts of the united states to a complete standstill. the midwest has been hit by some of the lowest temperatures in two decades. northern and central parts of the country, thousands of flights have been disrupted. schools in some places have had to close and people are being warned to stay indoors and before they do so to stock up on supplies. usher kareshi has the latest in a very cold chicago . >> we are looking at temperatures in the minus 10 to minus 15° fahrenheit and it is about minus 40 below. it is brutally cold here with wind chill, chicago public schools have been closed session down, classes closed today because of the temperatures. that's something happening in schools across the midwest
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because of the cold snap. in illinois, governor says warming centers have been offend up, for people whose heat isn't working. according to noaa, fros frostbis likely. it is very dangerous out here and people are basically being told that if you do not go outside you should not go outside and you should stay indoors as you weather this cold standpoint which we expect cosubside here in the midwest add least sometime mid week to later this week. >> the alleged founder of an online black market is awaiting trial in new york. russ albrect is accused of operating the secret silk website. john hendren takes a tour of the
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deep underweb. the shady underbelly of the intrpt. >> there is a place on the internet it's become a black market bazaar for crime. >> you have everything there. you have hits for hire. you can till people. you can buy drugs. you can buy people. i mean, there is everything we in society say shouldn't exist in sistledzed society. if it's not there, ask for it, and somebody might produce it. >> you can pay an assassin to go after a certain person for, you know, $6,000 plus. >> reporter: just don't ask him to videotape it. this killerrer has standards. there are teenagers for sale. unregistered guns you can make on your 3d printer or have delivered to your door. and drug sites together with
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checkout counters from happy, presumably high, customers. >> you can purchase whatever you like, cannabis, stimulants. >> welcome to the deep web. hundreds of times larger than the worldwide web and unnervingly easy to navigate. >> all made possible by the onion router, which masks the computer's address. >> you've connected to a bunch of medicines around the world. >> and by bitcoin, a digital currency experts say ask untraceable. the fbi's shut down of the drug site the silk road, replaced two months later by the silk road 2.0, but those rely on human sources. >> i can use it to kidnap
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people, rob banks, bringing a pregnant woman to the hospital. a car is a car, can you stop it? >> it's no surprise criminals and pornographers are early adopters, but so are the green party, any minority seeking a safe haven on the web. an era in which the u.s. national security agency has tapped into much of the communications of the world, the deeb weapon may be fulfilling one of our most unusual fears, but free speech on the internet. john hendren, cambridge, massachusetts. >> human rights workers say assaults against women are becoming increasingly brutal. and milking it, why the world's biggest milk producer, india,
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could soon be delivering around the world. andrew's president, raul will be here with all the details on that. is and how the fallout could effect the safety of americans >> are dangerous amounts of radioactive water, leaking into the pacific eververyday? >> join america tonight's michael okwu for an exclusive four part series, as we return to fukushima only on al jazeera america
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>> no doubt about it, innovation changes our lives. opening doors ... opening possibilities. taking the impossible from lab ... to life. on techknow, our scientists bring you a sneak-peak of the future, and take you behind the scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life. on al jazeera america
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>> david foster with the al jazeera news hour. let me update you with the top stories. iraq president has called on the people of fallujah to drive out what he calls terrorists. al qaeda fighters belonging to the islamic state in iraq and the levant. the political wing of the muslim brotherhood has sent a political wing to london, freedom of justice party filed a complaint at the international criminal court in december. the alleged crimes include the killing of thousands of peaceful protest oorgors and illegal detentions,. protecting oil fields
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threatened by rebels in the south. salva kiir has been meeting with sudan's president in juba. the two countries nearly came to war on oil and other issues nearly two years ago. let hear from l ahmad salomon. who excess he believes they've put aside their differences. >> they've had a quite checkered past together, armand bashir and salva kiir. but they've had some agreement over oil fees between sudan and south sudan. that money is vital for both countries. if it were to stop like in the beginning of 2012 it would be really detrimental. we had 16 months where the countries weren't receiving oil
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and south sudan, 98% of its revenues come from oil. i think it's going to be really difficult for sudan to have its troops permanently stationed in south sudan. talking about the oil fields, that's something differently and if there were an agreement where they could provide a buffer in the sort term then i'm sure that that would be something that might be positive for all parties. but certainly in terms of the economics of this it's important for both countries that the oil continues to flow and riek machar himself has said that that is also his aim. >> thousands of people in the democratic republic of congo. who quild our soldiers. we know that, we know some
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people who have killed them, we know them, we would like for the government to set for those people from now on. >> at least three people have died in a suicide attack in afghanistan. police there say that three people were killed when a car bomb exploded, three others injured. the taliban says it carried out the attack. restoring women's rights after the taliban, has been cited as one of the objectives of a very long war. but more than 12 years on, attacks on women where they are actually up by 26% last year alone. human rights activists say the exr assaults are becoming increasingly brutal. woman woman's face was -- one woman's face was so badly
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disfigured she almost died. >> satara was beaten with a rock, stabbed repeatedly and then had her nose and lips cut off. she says her attacker was her husband, a drug addict she released to support. she tried to tell us her story. but her words were unrecognizable. spoken in agony. they had problems before but it was not like this. if i had anyone the problem would come to this i would have killed him with my own hands. >> reporter: as with so many cases in afghanistan the assault happened in her home. the very place where women in conservative societies should be safe. >> translator: do you see this blood? when we first came, she was lying here. the blood is from the lips and the nose. there was a lot of blood, it last now dried, the blood on the walls are from her hands. she was semi conscious saying a
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few words. >> those who work with women across afghanistan say there are increasing reports of women being assaulted. 2013 they saw 26% increase of reports from women saying they had been violently assaulted. women are protected under afghan law but the state rairls brings culprits to justice. human rights activists there say satira's case is not only one of the worst ones they saw, but that her husband is still at large. >> the cutting of the lips of a woman, and another who was chopped into pieces with an ax by her husband, unfortunate the perpetrators of the crimes did not face justice. >> the men who attack them are unlikely to stop.
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politicians and officials continue to pay lip service to women's rights. but could see the violence get even worse. jane ferguson, al jazeera, kabul. milk, most of it has been produced for local consumption. more recent milk contamination scares in choinl ma china may hc is production in the world. >> milking the traditional way, millions of indian women are often the ones who spearhead milk production at village level. she began in 1966 with one cow, she now has 15. she's one of 3 million in this state and 50 million across
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india. she's part of a cooperative, a system that mass been growing in are popularity amongst indians for 50 years. >> it takes a while to build up a herd but with the coofn support i'm earning -- cooperative support i'm earning enough ting support my family. >> while milk yields are low, quality ask high. the competence sold locally. with the could you a commodity and breeding techniques improving there have been increases in herds and milk. milk. milk, these people are also the owners of the cooperative. 80% of the cost price to the consumer goes back to the farmer. india's milk production is set to increase according t to
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government many sources, this summer. >> farmers are getting encouraged because of good price. we expect minimum 5%, increasing in production. and by 2020, our milk production should rise to 200%. i'm very sure. >> the strength of the indian milk industry, farmers prefer to organically produce their herds. milk safer for consumption in india and abroad. >> india's milk production that is grown in the last three years. if there is a contamination prices elsewhere in the board india could welcome to the
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rescue. >> state media saying it was in the ning ja region during a religious spoin, four said to be in a critical condition. >> well, the british chancellor has branded what he call 2013, a year of hard truths, as he pledged to cut another $40 million in spending. >> george osborn slade out his plans in a keynote speech, in which he warned that only further austerity measures. >> the bad news is that there's still a long way to go. we're borrowing around 100 billion pounds a year and paying half of that money a year just in interest to service our debts. so we've got to make more cutle. 17 billion pounds this coming year. 20 billion pounds next year and
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over 25 billion pounds further across the two years after that. >> well, meanwhile thousands of lawyers have staged an unprecedented walkout of courts in england and wales. opted not to attend court proceedings. the british government tends to cut fees as part of their austerity measures. nigel wilson said this action had the back of almost every law firm. falsely portray lawyers doing criminal aid as high-earning so-called fat cats. >> it's absolutely not about money. you have to have the rule of law, it's an item that we put great store by. and in order to do that, you have to have an effective criminal justice system. if you trim to the bone the earnings of those that represent
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the criminal justice system you no longer will be able to inform the rule of law and the figures that are being caused by government cuts are putting people below living wages. >> angela merkel has been injured in a skiing accident. the german chancellor suffered a fractured pelvis after a skiing trip. she will cancel meetings over the next three weeks when she'll be mainly working from home. from buildings along coastal areas of britain have been evacuated, as large waves threaten homes and businesses. rising river levels inland. dozens of flood warnings remain in place. now change is coming to london's city streets. nissan one of the world's
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biggest car makers has unveiled its version of the iconic cab. launching a cleaner greener electric version. simon mcgregregor wood has the story. >> one of the world's biggest car makers is trying to muscle in on a famous london icon. it's an existing vehicle redesigned to look like the real thing. >> we try to capture the essence of the london black cab but at the same time, we try to bring freshness to both the design but also to the execution in terms of quality, reliability, driver comfort, passengers comfort. >> they still have the bulky body, the orange light, an amazing turning sirnlg of less
1:44 pm
than eight meerdz. meters. it is an it is an attempt to fuse the iconic characteristics of the london cab with low emissions engine technology. city officials are putting pressure on taxicab companies, and nissan will produce an electric version of this vehicle in 2015. thank you lofty ambition into working reality will need a huge investment in infrastructure as well as the right vehicle. >> the mayor knows he's got a problem with air quality. electric vehicles are a solution, there are no fast charge points planned for london and as a result of that the first electric taxi is going to go somewhere else which is a great loss to london. >> what about the skeptical
1:45 pm
cabbie, the person who has to drive it every day? >> during the day, a person wants a vehicle that looks like a taxi and not a van. >> does this do a job? >> well, a bit in between. >> from well orchestrated corporate launch to becoming a recognizable part of the city life, could be a long journey. simon mcgregogregor wood, al jazeera, london. back to david in doha. >> is it good enough to meet the russian competition? and in sport real madrid stride to close the gap between coming up if you stay with us.
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(vo) al jazeera america
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the. >> california's the place well-known for its film, technology and wine industry. now there's a very fishy product bringing in the big bucks. rob reynolds does a taste test. >> from the outside you'd never know they're making a new kind of california gold in these buildings. but here there's money being made in dozens of huge tanks, swarming with sturgeon. sturgeon aren't likely to win any beauty contests, but their briny eggs are the exquisite and expensive delicacy long schooled
1:48 pm
by czars, movie stars and now by lucy belman, the quality control queen of the sterling caviar company. >> a lot of people can't say they get to eat caviar for a living but do i. >> for decades russia and iran produced 95% of the world's caviar. that all changed when the soviet union collapsed. that said peter struffeneger. >> the money didn't flow back into supporting th supporting ty system. they overfished the caspian no. i.t. was functionally extinct. >> endless circles clockwise around their tanks, it takes eight to 12 years for them omature and grow into the really
1:49 pm
big guys like these. sturgeon have been swimming around on earth for 225,000 years, longer than dinosaurs and more than human gourmets dwochts developed a taste for their eggs. >> how do -- how long do they live? >> some people feel emotional 100 years but maybe -- more than 100 years, but some say 250 and beyond. >> despite their longevity, farm raised sturgeon is pe persnicke. each jar of california caviar sells for about $300. but here is the big question,
1:50 pm
how does it taste? >> hmm. that's very good! caviar lovers, bon apetit. al jazeera, california. >> not a gourmet dish. >> fans in portugal have been paying their respects to the football legend eusebio. fans gathered the stadium of light in list bon where his coffin was carried around, the club he played for for 15 years winning the european cub with him back in 1962. eusebio widely recognized as one of the best players of all time. real madrid played their respects to the portuguese
1:51 pm
player, including their own portuguese starren christian, reel just conceded after five minutes, eight points behind bars lone barcelona. >> syria and napoli, one of seven in italy on monday. much needed win over atalan. second half there. now in the last hour it's been revealed england has been ruled out for six months because of a knee injury. it means he will miss the world cup in brazil. he picked up the injury during his team's victory during spurs english cup on saturday.
1:52 pm
meanwhile, criticized brazil over its preparations for the tournament. failed to meet a december 31st deadline. speaking to a swiss newspaper, blatter says has no far behind in preparation since i've been at fifa, even though it's the only host nation which has had seven years in which to prepare. promising the country will stage the cup of cups. michael schumacher remains in an induced coma for eight days after suffering a concussion. german's condition remains critical but stable. he has undergone two operation he since hitting his head on a rock, in the french skiing
1:53 pm
resort of mirabel. the san francisco 49ers have clinched a victory in their wild card playoff against green bay. the packers had leveled the score at 20-all with 20 minutes remaining but phil dawson kicked a field goal to secure a three-point win for the 49ers. 77,000 fans headed to the game, tailgate being hot food and drinches. officials had promised free cocoa and coffee. san diego chargers moved into the divisional series for first time in four years, after they beat the cincinnati bengals 20-10. on saturday, the new orleans saints will face the seattle
1:54 pm
seahawks. the hawks clash with the new england pait rots and san francisco 49ers and san diego will meet the denver bronccos on february the 2nd. in dallas, carmello anthony scored 15 of his 19 points in the first quarter. they went on to win, 92-80. four day trip through texas. the anaheim ducks have moved to the top of the nhl stancheon. anaheim came back to level the match at 3 apiece after regular time but corey perry, tipped the game 4-3.
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worlds best golfers are in action for the first pga event. third round of the tournament of champions in hawaii. webb simpson made four birdies. 14 under level with dustin johnson. heading into the final round in maui, teeing off in a couple of hours time. players have been continuing their preparations at the sydney international. but yelena yankevich is out. the number 4 seed was beaten 6-4, 6-2, in the first round by marin makarova. check out >> what a great player.
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raul, thank you very much. >> india's knowledge technology has taken another leap, bano batnaga reports. >> the booster technology la launched this rocket puts india in the same league as just five other countries and marks a big step forward in the space program. it nows joins u.s., russia, japan and france in the cry owe-club. only countries that use cry owe technology to produce the huge amount of thrust used to lift heavy satellites into space. >> the most important part of this mission was the right-testing of the indian vehicle and its performance as required, as expected for the mission.
1:57 pm
>> reporter: the indian space organization, has been denied by russia under pressure from the united states. this latest cryogenic launch comes on the heels of the mars orbiter probe. that was a major source of pride for indians. indian's mars orbiter was launched before moscow's mars probe and at a reduced cost. lucrative pay loads into space. india's space program competitive. not having to pay to launch its own satellites and now can charge other countries who wish to launch their own. banha batlaga.
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al jazeera. felicity bar will be with you in just a few minutes.
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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we're following for you. the u.s. supreme court putting a stopto gay marriage in utah. in washington it's back to work. dealing with issues like unemployment insurance and the nomination of janet yellen. and that arctic winter blast has a lot of you shaking in your boots. those state officials in utah who oppose gay marriage winning a victory in crt


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