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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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snot ♪ welcome.azeera. to this al jazeera news hour. coming up in the next 60 minutes afghanistan announces the release of dozens of suspected taliban fighters. consider dangerous still by the united states. >> in london with the news from europe, including the european union considered mr. to send it's off peace keeping force to the central african republic. plus? >> anger in london after
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a man shot by police is judged to have been lawfully killed. we have the latest reaction. >> to this unfinished revolution, the prime minister resigns under a plan to end months of political crisis p. >> tourist attraction, we take a trip to the island of the dolls. the government. >> the u.s. -- most of the country and the region and has accused of them of being involved in the killing and wounding of coalition troops. the news washington, d.c. fist jane ferguson details from kabul. >> u.s. portions handed over control of their
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largest prison in afghanistan, to the afghan authorities. in recent weeks a row has erupted over 88 prisoners which the afghan government has said they will release because there is insufficient evidence to keep detaining them. now today. >> the intelligence figures have also been looking into the cases of these 88 men, as well as the review board and they both came back and said that 72 of the 88 men have insufficient or no evidence against them. and recommended that they be released as soon as possible. now this is likely to ensense the americans that have been very vocal, saying that all of the men of the 88 are very dangerous, or responsible for attackings and killing of afghan civilians and international forces in the country. now the afghan afghans are
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saying they have no evidence to suggest that, and they simply have to release these men. the americans say they gave them evidence, and that the review board does not have the authority to simply release people, and that only a court of law in afghanistan should be doing that. now, there has not been a release date, but this is likely to be an extremely big row between the two, who already have deteriorating relations. just to complicate matters even more, the afghan human rights association who deal with detainees across the country, have said that this is much more legally intricate than that, and that the americans may have a final say as to whether or not these men could be released. so this argument is likely to go on in the coming days. that was jane ferguson in kabul. s there anything the united states believes it can do about this? >>ing with, certainly the u.s. has not made a public comment about this
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the president. we are expecting a couple of briefings in the next few minutes here in washington. but certainly the an mid separation has to move forward, because what it really wants is his signature on the by lateral security agreement, which is the u.s. says would be necessary in order to have u.s. troops stay in afghan stan after the end of 2014. they certainly don't like this idea, but they are trying to proceed as diplomatically as they can right now. >> although the united states as you say hasn't made any official comment yet, what is the feeling about what right it has to say that these people should remain in prison in a foreign land in a land from which the united states is withdrawing its troops? >> well, let's not forget, david, there are still u.s. forces in afghanistan, working along with other members
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of u.s.a.f, and working at the direction and behest of afghan security forces and there's going to be there through the end of this year. so the u.s. government feels it has every right to say, for no other reason than to protect its own forces for the government to keep these men to serve out their sentences. but there is that basic fact, that as long as forces are in afghanistan, the u.s. government has to take whatever measures it can, to protect them from any sort of attack. this is something that is of course would be problematic domestically if the u.s. government were not seen to be at least speaking out against this planned release. >> possible deployment of
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700 to 1,000 soldiers would back up french troops who are already there. the country's president is at a regional summit in chad where he is expected to faced renewed pressure to resign. more than one with thousand people have been killed in fighting in the past month, and nearly 1 million have fled their homes. 100,000 of those people are in a makeshift camp near the airport. it didn't exist just a few weeks ago from their barn by philliped had this report. >> the race against time, to stop a killer disease, sweeping through a camp. children are being vaccinated for meise sals. five-year-old doesn't know it, but may be for the first time in his short live, someone in authority is actually trying to help him.
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>> he came to the camp with his sisters because they are afraid of the shooting at home, but they are not completely safe here. >> we had stray bullets coming into the camp, we also had direct shooting towards our clinic so a serious incident. we lad children being shot dead inside this catch. completely unacceptable, of course, and we cannot take the risk any more, so we reduced our activities luckily now it is being calm for a few days and i of course hope it will stay that way. everyone in the camp is christian. the men said if they saw a muslim here they would kill him. >> you appreciate that somebody or something needs to fill the very dangerous power vacuum in this country as quickly as possible. of course, there is that french force here and then there are african union peace keepers as well, but together they
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only come to a few thousand. the shops are opening slowly. on is border, it is not yet the best, so i am comfortable with what we are doing, even though we have some smaller. they lost their father long ago, share mother is somewhere looking for food, they don't go to school. prudence said they would love to go home, if only the shooting would stop, but for now they sit where they will sleep, it is their home.
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more now from lauren taylor, she is in our european news center, considering sending it's own military force to car. and when it does the missions are mostly made up of police and civilian teams. but military task forces have been sanctioned, the first one to the ball kens during the 1990's, then further appealed including africa. last month france deployed 1600 troops to help secure the area. >> the ideas have been kicking around since last month, and apparently the french are proposing two potential options to the european partners. one, would be a force of 1,000, and the idea being that this e.u. force would be able to secure the airport freeing up french troops to carry out duties elsewhere in the country. the second option will be for a larger e.u. force
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that would have the more tricky task of trying to secure the main access roads from the borders to the west and to the north. to facilitate the movement of humanitarian aid. that was obviously the potentially more perilous mission because it was actually involved deploying out into the country as a whole. so those are the two options apparently that the french have been looking at. who are expecting any kind to be discussed in a summit meeting later this month. up until now, the european role has been more of financial contributions so far the e.u. has contributed $17 million to the west african peace keeper whose are working alongside the french, in c.a.r., and also approximately 50 million-dollars in humanitarian aid, it looks likely the europeans are going to be involved we could probably see more logistical support, so for example, maybe transport planes being
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provided. that certainly would be more likely and would be likely to be seen before any potential european forces actually on the ground. there's continued apinger in london over the verdict that a 29-year-old man who was shot dead by police was lawfully killed. his death 2 1/2 years ago sparked riots can spread across the capitol and other cities in london. his family says the verdict is an injustice. >> we came for justice today. we don't feel we are leaving with justice, we feel we are leaving with a grave injustice. we aren't going to hide. we don't feel we have anything to hide for, the people that do need to high, they know who they are. we have done nothing wrong, we still fight for justice, we still want justice, we find out where we go from here. >> that the spokes men, struggled to be heard
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over shouts of supporters. >> al jazeera has again speak to the metropolitan police. >> the killing of mark duncan in 2011 was the spark for a complex and compossible tinderbox of social and economic tensions there was rioting that started in the aftermath in north london which spread throughout the country. so clearly, issues of race and policing are very sensitive. that's why london's police chief sat down with community leaders and local politicians here at scotland yard earlier today. one notable absence was the family of mark duncan himself, they are still too angry at wednesday's verdict to be able to talk face to face with police. but we did hear from mark who is the assistant commissioner for london's
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metropolitan police service. >> ten ordinary men and women that's what a jury is. spent three months they looked at all the evidence, and they concluded that mark was lawfully killed. he had picked up a weapon, he had it in the car with him, and the split seconds he threw it. and the us aers fired. >> in april police are to start trailing video cameras on armed response units which may help with evidence in controversial cases like the mark duncan one. but what it won't do is help the mistrust that exists at the moment between the police and london's asian and black communities. that's a much bigger problem which will take much longer to address. stima lot more to come including. >> in london, where ex-patriot egyptians are allowed to vote on the new constitution, ahead of the rest of the country. >> and more from us too including hope for those left behind by aids victims in kenya. the project that is
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bringing together or fanned children, and grandparents. after what said was a rude gesture, the argentine stars dropped robin be will peer for this and the rest of the sport after this. state t.v. and activists say the blast happened in the villain in the province, causing extensive damage to the surrounding area. where baker have run out of flour. in some areas people haven't eaten bread for three dayses that violence stopped supplies from getting through. more from beirut. >> hundreds of women in the city are struggling
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to find bread for their families. but there has been none for the past two days. as fighting between different rebel groups disrupted the supply to the city. >> children are set to be starving and this woman says there's only god to appeal to. >> the first and only city in syria that has been completely taken over by the rebels. but fighting has resumed, this time between the rebels themselves. rebels have been fighting with members of the islamic state in iraq. both groups have linked with al quaida. >> in the past month, a new coalition of different groups has emerged to end the dominance over many in syria. fighting has also intensified in the past week in the northern parts of syria. where the new coalition seems to push from the
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islamic state out of the city. in iraq, it is the other hard line group that is spearheading the fight. >> another battle that's making the lives of syrians even more. >> in a suicide attack -. >> in the ministry at the air base. >> the prime minister is stepping down, the resignation is part of a deal between the ruling coalition and the opposition to end months of political deadlock. it means the end of the first democratically elected government, which came to power after the revolution three years ago. >> the planned government
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will continue to function, until the new government is formed and endorsed by the national assembly. the president will formally instruct the prime minister to form a new government. once formed, it will be presented to the president to endorse the passing to the assembly. we hope the next government will assume its duties soon. >> the revolution began in december of 2010 with prots over unemployment and a lack of political freedom. the then president fled the country, and since then have stumbled along a rocky road to democracy. in october 2011 the islamic party won parliamently but it failed to get the majority. in august 2012, thousands protected against a draft that referred to women as "complimentary to men." in february 2013, the
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secular opposition leader was murdered, there were violent protests after that, and then in july of last year, the opposition politician mo hamed was also killed and that led to mass demonstrations in a general strike. by october an actor agreed to land over power to a caretaker government, and that the organized fresh elections in 2014. let's bring in stephen executive director of the project for mideast joining us now from washington, d.c. with this are some at least problems solved the r the time being? >> well, it is an important step forward. i think there are two more have important steps that need to be completed. the constituent assembly, continues rad fying all articles of the new constitution. they are trying to finish by next tuesday the 14th which will be the
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third anniversary of president ben nally stepping down in 2011. i think they probably won't finish by that time, but i expect by the end of next week, they should finish, and then the new prime minister has to succeed in throwing together a cabinet and you remember toking a government in the next eight or nine days as well. once those steps are completed that will signal a real milestone on the political side. however, as you noted the revolution would spark not only political grievances but also economic grievances and the new government will have a lot of challenges to face on the economic side. >> things haven't improved marketly, so how does even new administration go about calming the people? >> sure. well, i think they are going to have to hope that the political
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progress will on one hand hopefully spur a little more patience. the new government will be -- have to tell it's people look, we have had resolved very difficult grievances. this transition process is difficult, but we have made real progress, and we can now turn our attention to economic issues in a way that we couldn't. while we were in the middle of a political stalemate. they can also point to it's neighbors the other countries that under the experience ref lewises and transitions egypt libya, yemen, certainly they are faired better than their neighbors and progress to be proud of on the political side, but now they have to really turn their attention to the economic challenges. >> yeah, it is something of a beacon, is it not, in many ways compared to other countries can went through equally disruptive processes, but in terms of the way of life of so many, what's your estimate of how it
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has improved if at all? >> well, tan knee sean is unquestionably a much freer place than it was. it feels much more open than it ever was over ben nally. new the economic process nor tush niche sean has not yet been. the freedom to engang in politics is pretty dramatic and apparent progress. now they will need to make similar process on the economic front. >> talking to us from washington, d.c. nigeria's army has said it has kimed more than 90 fighters. al soldier foiled an attack on residents.
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many of them escaped with gunshot wounds and these are the people they are trying to sort of round off in the town and the surrounding villages. the attack or the attempted attack was felt by the military, is the biggest military attack planned by boca in the north east of this country since the beginning of this year. but the town itself has been attacked several times. in august there was an attack there where six people have been killed and then in september, it was quiet. in october, november, and desks there were three attacks in those three months. and in that process, dozens of people have been killed.
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now the military and the government is saying that it is winning the war against the boca rahon members. state of emergency declared in the state but where the people are asking now, is if the military is winning the war against the members why are these attacks happening at this time? when the military is saying that it is winning the war against the boca rahon members. the million children in kenya have lost their children to aids. many of them end up living in poverty. but as we discover add project in southeast kenya has been offering hope to some. >> her parents died with aids within months of each other, they were left with no juan to care for them, if it weren't for coming here they would have been among the growing number of
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december tuesday aids or fans. >> i would droop out of school, here i go to school where teachers train me, and i live in a home where a grandmother helps me. >> this is the village, the brain child of an american catholic peace who pioneered specialized facilities for abandoned children. in 2006, the home was established to move away from an orphanage to a family setting. beneficiaries are based on financial need, it now has 1,000 organs and 100 foster grandparents living in 100 homes. came here with three of her grandchildren after her hive infected daughter dies. she had no mines to support them. >> i now have 11 children under my care. i took care of them like sibling. >> of the 1,000 children
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living here, 84 are hive positive, there's a clinic outside and counseling is provided to ensure there's no stigma among the children. built by a nonprofile organization on land donated by the government, funding comes mostly from international donors. the village is able to self-finance roughly a quarter of it's needs. >> the village was built as a self-sustaining community, the or fans and elders are given a home, but they are also trained to learn skills to make use of the resources around them. >> livestock is raised here to provide food and milk for residents and to neighbors towns. locational training also ensured beneficiaries have varying sources of income. her sold in nearby markets. 40 of the children who lived and went to school here have been sent to college, two have come back to teach here. >> when they come back, they can relate. they can relate -- i can still be successful.
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>> it's a success story others are trying to replicate. giving home to two generations left behind by the aids pandemic. al jazeera, southeast kenya. schooling up on the news hour, turns smart phones into play things for children. >> she feels like i'm a nice guy, i get along with everybody. so i have to explain to her, she was asking me you are not playing well what is going on. >> why this two time nba olestra faced some tough questions from his mother. after being traded stay with us. >> an exclusive "america tonight" investigative series >> we traveled here to japan to find out what's really happening at fukushima daiich >> three years after the nucular disaster, the hidden truth about the ongoing cleanup efforts and how the fallout could effect
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the safety of americans >> are dangerous amounts of radioactive water, leaking into the pacific eververyday? >> join america tonight's michael okwu for an exclusive four part series, as we return to fukushima only on al jazeera america
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>> you are watching the al jazeera news hour. time to run through the top stories for you. the afghan government has announced plans to release 72 suspected taliban fighters from jail. the decision is made despite objections by the quite. the u.s. says the men pose aiding tore the country and the region.
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>> more than 1,000 people have been killed there, the fighting in the past month nearly 1 million have fled their homes. prime minister alley has resigned all part of a deal between the ruling coalition and the opposition. despite suction objections. director of the south asia center at the atlantic council, joining us live from washington, d.c. it is interesting to read between the lines and know that the spy agency is being quoted by the u.s. as saying these men are a danger, there are pictures of them taking part in battles and yet the president seems to have ignored that.
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the commission that is supposed to look at the detainees. and even after that time, anonymous security officials on the afghan side sided with the american physician, but clearly were not willing to come out into the open. part karzai decided to delay the release asking the u.s. provide more details, and the u.s. did provide some more details and repeated some of the charges against the more agregous defenders. but the afghans appear to have ignored those. this is something to be seen on the by lateral security arrangements between the two countries. >> do you think it's a
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possible that this is being used to some kind of bar gaping chip? that the president is says look, i am going to release these people because we don't have a proper deal, but we can come to an arrangement if we seek out the underlying problems. >> well, the problem is that his own loyal jirga has suggested that they would be an agreement with the united states. and the u.s. had set an earlier deadline of october 31st, and he brushed that aside, and then agreed he would make a decision by the end of the year, which did not happen. so this is a form of bring manship on his part. as he is trying to negotiate the maximum leverage and stay on as long as possible before the elections. >> it is interesting, isn't it, that he believes the mens can stay on longer if he keeps these people in prison, but if he releases they want from prison, the u.s. says the
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dangers to not only u.s. forces but international fors and afghan forces would increase. >> absolutely. and also on monday, a significant that the spokes men at the white house said that the deadline for reaching an agreement on the by lateral security agreement was really now a matter of weeks and not months. so the united states needs to know where president karzai stands. otherwise we face a similar situation to what we faced in iraq, where prime minister refused to sign the status of fors agreement, which is a similar agreement. and the united states basically pulled the plug. i think president karzai needs to be careful because the mood in washington on the hill, and now in the administration is not going to be very receptive his demands. >> understandably in many ways after the americans have spent there. thank you very much indeed. >> a senior police
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officer known for arrested and killing several talibans has been killed. three of his colleagues also died. the new in been he dash has been sworn in, and there isn't a single member of the main opposition among them. and 17 other parties boycotted this week's elections leaving the ruling in the allies virtually uncontested. a number of members have also been arrested since the vote. >> france's president says he will reduce the number of troops by february. the french intervened after a coupe last year to help fight al quaida limpings rebels.
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and restore order. it began when al quaida backs groups began pouring into central mali, leading to this one stable nation's worst crisis in decades. we are in the process of completing our mission, members will diminish from around 2,500 more or less at the moment, to 1600 in the middle of february. then they will decline to 1,000 which will be the necessary number to make sure that there is no resurgence and there will still be some groups of terrorists present in this region, at least. >> but despite the confidence that the mission is coming to an end, he still faces serious problems. there are reports that fighters are regroup income the north who have long fought for aton my in the region, says france's involvement is not lucked. >> what i see is negative is the return of maully, no matter what the reason
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or excuse is. another negative aspect is the random detention practices against innocent people. i don't think that reports of al quaida leaving the area are true, al quaida hasn't left, it is just keeping out of sight. that means efforts to stabilize the country would be undermined. says in amount of p forty-fives will quell their fight for independence. >> history tells us that no foreign forces have success, even if they manage to stay for one, two, five, or six years. i do not expect any success that any force coming here trying to control the area. without coordination with the local people. >> before the troubles began, maully is one of africa's fastest growing economies and a stable democracy, but it's recovery remains fragile. al jazeera.
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time is running out for egyptians to cast share votes. in london. >> it is another would recollecting day for these egyptians but like come patriots around the world, they are preparing to vote on a new institution, almost a week before people in egypt. the man that runs this center, says he hopes the result is a resounding yes. >> this constitution is everybody in egypt the right, look at the articles look at women's rights, children's right, look at the people's right, look at the religious people right, so this has covered everything. >> egypt's 2012 constitutional referendum egyptian christians voted in a specially launch numbers. the bishop in the u.k. says he hoped that will be repeated.
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people just sit home, they can only blame themselves for what may happen if their voice is lost. whether beam agree or disagree, they should go out there and make that choice known. >> voting abroad last five day as chance for millions of ex-faiths to have their say, but around the world, fewer than 700,000 have registered. many voting at the embassy in london said they vote yes. >> we want yes for the country, to establish the country for the future. for the long term. >> the future for egypt, you know, and we hope that there is the road map work out and everything will be okay. >> plenty of egyptians have turned up here to have their say on the constitution. but opinion is just as divided among egyptians outside the country as it is in egypt itself. >> some ex-faiths are answering a call to boycott the referendum. the anti-coupe alliance says the constitution was drafted by parties which supported the overthrow
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of president morsy last year. so i don't recognize what is going on from their government which and backed. but for many this is the stater of bringing hope and stability to rah troubled nation. al jazeera, london. they are accused of spreading lies harmful to state security. al jazeera says the allegations are fabricated. the three are being held separately outside cairo. seen here in one of his last reports from cairo is an award winning correspondent who has worked extensively across africa. mo hamed is an experienced journalist who has worked for several international companies and the red cross.
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and he worked as a producer for most of last year. another two network journalists and mo hamed have been detained for last five months. the verdict in the case which was expected on thursday, has now been postponed until february the 2nd. there's been yet another migrant rescue off the tiny island. the italian navy has rescued 105 people from a boat just south of the island. the migrants are now being processed before arriving on friday. last week italian authorities said they rescued more than 1,000 migrants over 48 hours. the cities ban the comedian earlier this week, accusing him of antisemitism. a few hours ago the judge ordered the ban to be lifted. meaning the first night of the tour won't go
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ahead. those are the words of the head of the public office. france's national debt stands at an estimated 93.4% of economic output. that's up from 9.2% a year ago. by one measure, it is the equivalent to each man, woman, and child in france owing $41,000. the prestige car maker rolls royce has emerged as one of europe's manufacturing success stories as the continent recovers. last year -- the highest number in its history. 3 d printers have been made to create everything from custom fit shoes to handguns. >> it's a meal, but not as we know it. this is possibly the future of fast food, freshly made, straight from the printer. >> that's especially
1:42 pm
designed plate that we have. >> the food dinni as it is known mark as new phase in kitchen appliances, the ultimate gadget for those hard pressed for time, a dish like this is programmed then a short wait, while the meal of your choice is printed out. using capsules of fresh unprocessed ingredients the point is to get more people preparing additive free food without too much purse. >> it might seem very futuristic but it is certainly not out of reach. if you can print your own meals it brings the temple convenience food to a whole new level. >> if printing your own food is an odd consent, but at the end of the day it is a three d. printer so you can say we do print food. but in essence it is a kitchen appliance, it is a higher end, it is a technology kitchen appliance. but it is a kitchen appliance to make cooking easier. >> but will it ever catch on? we put it to the test.
1:43 pm
3 d printed cookies get them right here. >> that's cool. >> is that's awesome. but how is it done? it's good. it takes like a normal cookie. >> it tastes super delicious, it is really good. >> but for some the idea is a little too radical. >> it's from a printer, no. i don't trust it. >> printing a meal might take some time to catch on, the food dinni is still in the preliminary stages and it is not a complete process, a dish would still need to be properly flavors and cooked and that's why human skill can't be replaced. for some discerning diners a meal prepared by printer may be hard to swallow.
1:44 pm
just wait until they can start printing presenters. back to you. >> yes, yes. okay, lauren, the data on that is a little bit difficult to sort out, ran english premier league manager highlights the problems he thinks will have at the 2020 world cup is moved to winter, stay with us. al jazeera america gives you the
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be?this year's hit toy that's the question posed by more than 2,000 manufacturers showcasing the latest designs in
1:46 pm
hong kong. craig lateral security agreementson unlocked his inner child for a look at this year's hottest items. >> remember when toys were similar things made of wood and plastic? most were manufactured and moving parts were a novelty. today the toy industry is a different beast. hong kong remains the epicenter of research and development, china is where the world's toy makers go for manufacturing. china commands around 75% of the global toy export market. worth around $29 billion. the forecast is for a upward trend, bad news for depressed european and u.s. markets. the american standard here, china here. but china about to produce here, and europe and american hire. it must equal. >> rising manufacturing overheads because of increased in labor costs and fluctuating currencies are putting pressure on manufacturers. at the same time,
1:47 pm
retailers are demanding cheaper products resulting in new toys featuring better technology, designed for less. in the past ten years you can never find a submarine with a blasting technology, for $54.99. you would have to go for something hobby grade, but that's something not average family daddy and mommy like are you prime minister prepared to pay for. >> many companies at this hong kong toy fair say they have been forced to reinvent themselves to survive. yet, that may not be enough. >> if you are a big kid like me, then an assignment like this at the world's biggest fair is heaven on earth, but if you are a manufacturer or developer, then this toy fair can be make or break, so what will be the toy for 2014? well, chances are, it will involve a smart phone, or a tablet.
1:48 pm
and involve software application in a toy that marryings it with hardware such as this. because the new kids on the toy box, so we are told, are software application develop pers. >> parents are increasingly buying their children smart phones and tablets. turning these gadgets into toys that will captivate children is the realm of the so called augmented reality toy designers. >> so we start the project about three years ago, and took about one year for the consumer to understand the technology to get it -- to understand it. now we see the product is growing, and people are start asking to features and the function of the toys. with the rising wept of china's middle class, and the relaxation of its one child policy, the domination looks set to continue. oh, and my favorite toy of this year's trade fair.
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craig lateral security agreementson, al jazeera, hong kong. >> we have been hearing a lot about how cold it's been in north america, now take a look at this, parts of niagara falls not falling. much of the 53 1/2 meter falls in ontario and canada covered with ice. the area below the observation area completely frozen. the u.s. midwest and east were worst effected by the blast of arctic air. temperatures have reached minus 37 celsius. >> i am a big fan of winter, i would love to be around. >> okay. >> david, thank you. the world's most expensive player the starting line-up for the match -- although they say it isn't because the afternoon teen made an apparent rude gesture while being substituted on monday. he has been recovered from a calf injury.
1:50 pm
>> everything happened outside, inside the dressing room he is different. the player is calm, he has a good relation with the others, he has the will like everyone to have a good season. he will not start the match, but this is not the reason, it is because we have garrett who did not play, and so bail will start the game. >> the two other first leg matches in the blast 16 on thursday, right now madrid are facing -- later israel take on levante. he says he wanted to spend the rest of his career at barcelona. on wednesday after two months out with an injury. he scored twice. richard reports. >> force brazilian out of this line one hundred sixty-first leg, without him, they go to barcelona an eight minute lead. he hasn't played since
1:51 pm
november the 10th, due to a hamstring injury, as he got ready to come the bench in the second half, he was award add penalty as he took down pedro. in the 89th minute, they return by scoring the third. >> but the argentine hasn't finished, there was still time for him to miss the second. >> barcelona four h anymore winners with the second leg in madrid next week. al jazeera. >> let's have a look at the football thinks lit be difficult for players to cope with with having a world cup in the middle of the premier league season. it comes after the yep --
1:52 pm
the cut off 20-22 tournament will be played between november and january. i think we have them in the middle of the season, and individually the players that are involved they have many problems with that because they are going into a different climate, they come back from a different approach, i think it was difficult to find players performances with a little bit of continuity with the club so i can see how the player can be final starting the season, and then going into a world cup, and coming back, and picking up where they left it. >> golf now in the first event of the 24 teen european season is underway. where jacqueline of france leads after the opening round. shot five byrddys on his way to a first round 67. jacqueline leads the defending champion. he somedays by one shot.
1:53 pm
five under par. yeah, a good face, and raid the grain pretty well, so -- it's a good start for the new year. >> the draw for the australian open will be held on friday, the year's first tennis grand slam, one of the main leader events is the international. ranked 108th in the world ousted second seat in the semifinals. the first ever qualifier to reach that. in straight sets. in the men's defending champion. into the last so australian, accounted for alexandar 6-4 and 6-3. both the seven, through to the final of the classic in melbourne.
1:54 pm
7th for the year's first grabbed slam, he will face a frenchman in the final. to face off on friday. the injury plagued l.a. lakers have suffered their 9th loss in ten nba games. they are missing kobe bryant and several others. jens harden led the way, he is 38.4, equaling a season high, the final score 113-99. two time all star has been practicing with the cleveland cavaliers for the first time since he was with the chicago bulls. he says the most challenges part of it has been explaining it to his mum. >> it's been awkward. i had my family over for christmas and new years and my mom doesn't understand being traded so to me that is one of
1:55 pm
the hardest thins i had to do, explain to her, that the organization i have been with, no longer wanted me there. she couldn't understand why. she feels like -- i'm a nice guy, i get along with everybody. so i had to explain to her, you aren't playing well what is going on. so that was the hardest part. >> rock bin, thank you very much. mexico known for it's architects wonders built by anne kent civilizations recently more unusual attractions drawing in the tourists you may wonder why. al jazeera has that story. >> the canals are one of the biggest tourist attractions in mexico city. a lucked escape from the concrete and high-rises where people can enjoy beautiful canaans once used by the aztecs. these water ways hold many stories.
1:56 pm
nowhere is that truer than here, on the island of the dolls. it looks like a scene from a horror movie, hundreds strung up and hanging from trees. >> the inc.le starting collecting these 50 years ago after he found the body of a young girl who drowned on these shores. >> he found the dolls in the canals and in the trash, he started hanging them up to protect himself and to try to scare away the spirit of the girl. >> now every year, more and more tourists with morbid curiosity come to visit the island. >> there are a lot of legends about dolls. people believe they can stop spirits from harming anyone. >> some of these dolls come from columbia, australia, and even russia.
1:57 pm
they have been brought here from all over the world. this is not the only fightingenning folklore. the most famous legend is weeping woman, it's a frightening tail performed yearly about a woman who drowns her own children in these canals ink stead of surrendering to the spanish concurrers. >> a a long history, we have 17 communities and all of them have their own leggedends we even have bun about men turning into animals. it is proof the mystery that has surrounded these canals is still very much alive today. mexico city. >> at al jazeera guaranteed to bring you the happiest stories around the world. that's it from italy. i will see you a bit later.
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