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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EST

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welcome to aljazeera america, and i'm stephanie sigh, here the stories we're following for you. a fourth explosion in egypt after deadly bombings target the police, and our continuing series on education in america. we look at a tutoring program that could literally save lives.
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they were supposed to meet face-to-face today. but talks between the syrian government and the opposition aimed at ending syria's civil war could end without anything. the government is threatening to leave egypt until progress happens soon. both leaders met separately today trying it find a way forward. and another thing has happened, al qaeda has issued a statement calling for unity among the syrian opposition. nick has been covering the conference, and good morning to you, what is the latest some >> reporter: >> reporter: well, stephanie, in public and private, the two sides are opposing. and i would be dizzy with all of the spinning that each side is
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doing, and in the meetings and in public, what the syrian government is doing is accusing the opposition of standing in the way of these talks. that talk at 11 a.m. this morning was planned to be a face-to-face meeting, and as you said, it never happened. and instead, shuttle diplomacy. in front of the press, 40 or 50 cameras, we first heard from the syrian government saying that the coalition had canceled a face-to-face meeting. >> we had a very good meeting yesterday with mr. rahim. and what happened in this meeting, we agreed that today morning, at 11:00, we should meet here, and he would chair the meeting, and the syrian government would be on one side and the opposition on the other side. >> you have no problem with that? >> absolutely not. what are we coming for? >> but you think that the opposition must have a problem with this. >> absolutely, if there's something wrong and any change, then it must be the other side.
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>> what do you hope to achieve? >> we hope to achieve peace >> reporter: then we saw the opposition come out to the same place and the cameras, and they said that the government has to drop its demand, it's refusal to talk about a transitional government that would not include assad and then we heard the opposition party in the same place. >> they have not accepted geneva communique, and how do accept if there's no foundation for negotiations. they're not coming and negotiating with good will. obstacles to just run away from a solution. >> reporter: and so that's both sides trying to position themselves in public, trying to convince everyone that it's their side on the right when it comes to these talks. and nevertheless, nobody has left these talks, and the officials say yes, we may have back and forth and agreements,
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but fundamentally these talks have not continued. >> and the civil war is continuing as well. another attack in aleppo today. more from geneva. explosions and clashes in egypt have left at least 19 people dead with a fourth blast in front of a movie theater. earlier, a deadly attack in the police headquarters in the capital, cairo. at least five people were killed. and then there was fighting between deposers of mohamed morsy and security opposers, and 13 people died in these clashes. the attacks come a day after the egyptian revolution began. >> explosions in cairo friday morning. this is the largest one. a suicide bomber rammed the car, surrounding the main egyptian police headquarters, killing people.
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damaged the famous museum of islamic art. the metro station closed, and also causing casualties, and then a third smaller blast targeted the police station about 4 kilometers from giza. but caused no casualties, according to the authorities. >> a pickup truck had two passengers inside. and stopped outside of police headquarters, and a suicide bomber detonated himself. >> reporter: according to the egyptian ministry, it was a violator resist act, and a child's body was found. they accused of what they call extremists, there have been arrests and violence since the coup last year, and supporters
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of the muslim brotherhood. >> we will continue with our roadmap, and operations are the last chance before they vanish. >> the explosions struck, the head of the third anniversary of hosni mubarak. they call it their efforts to break the coup. >> our producer is mohammed and peter have been deigned in cairo for 27 days. on thursday night, they had their detention extended by an extra 15 days. they're accused of spreading lies and joining a terrorist group, allegations that aljazeera says is totally unfounded. two journalist journalists frome staying have been detained for 5 months. a boil be point.
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in kiev, protesters have spread to five cities, and protesters have broken into and are occupying several buildings, including the minister of agriculture. our jennifer glass is in kiev, and the on met with the president yesterday but what came of that? >> stephanie, i have to say not much came of that meeting, and when the leaders of the opposition came out here, they told the people to be disappointed, that none of their demands, the president stepped down in the early elections and the government be replaced have been fulfilled. and they told the demonstrators to stand their ground but asked them to remain peaceful. and i have to share with you, stephanie, kind of a hopeful moment today, a few hundred yards where clashes were taken part since sunday until a truce was called yesterday afternoon. today what happened was, one of the policemen went over to one
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of the protesters and said, look, we asked is you to leave. and the protester said to him, we can't leave, because if we leave, there won't be fair elections. they got on megaphones and were taking to each other civilly and explaining at least a little bit of dialogue among the people theory. one bright spot in a tense situation in kiev. >> that's a nice bit of color for us, jennifer, and meanwhile, they're turning kiev into a flashpoint for this conflict. and can you remind us of what the protesters are fighting for? >> this started out in late november as a protest when the president yanukovych refused to sign with the european union. and the countries in the west were hoping that an agreement with the european union would help with the corruption here. that's how it all started nine
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weeks ago, but as the government continues to ignore the demonstrations here, there was a crackdown on demonstrators in late november and early december, and really, the momentum of this grew and grew, and so they have been here in this square for nine months, and it spilled over on sunday. and now president yanukovych, anybody who has been arrested should be detained because they should be released and draconian laws were passed last week and signed into law, and they have to be scrapped. and the ukrainians are worried that their country is turning into a dictatorship and a police state. and that's something that they don't want. not only here, but in eight other cities in the ukraine. >> jennifer glass reporting from the capital in ukraine,
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jennifer, thank you. the biggest movers and shakers from the business political, ali velshi is there, and he caught up with the international monetary fund. >> reporter: it's fueled by the private sector, and that's a good thing because we have observed a drive because budget policies were tightening public spending, were increasing revenues, and that drug is gradually fading away as we move to 2014. growth in the u.s. should continue to instructin strengthd that's good. >> and ali velshi will have more today and tonight on "real money." recreational marijuana in colorado and washington is bringing in big money for both of those states, but banks and credit cards are reluctant to
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work with retailers. thomas has more. >> reporter: standing in line in the snow. >> reporter: colorado made history on january 1st when the state legalized marijuana for recreational use, the first in the country to do so. by noon that day, customers were lining up for bubba kush and it's the cash end of the booming industry that's has president obama's administration rethinking its pot policy. on thursday, attorney general, eric holder, announced that he would soon announce regulations that would allow banks and credit card companies to do business with marijuana distributors. because cannibus remains classified as an illegal narcotic under federal law, most have been operating on cash
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basis. owners are explaining about the security risk of using large amounts of cash, or taking their earnings to irs offices to pay their tankses. holder said you don't just the huge amounts of cash in these places. they want to be able to use the banking system. so we'll be issuing some regulations i think very soon to deal with that issue. colorado's pot business could possibly rake in as much as $600 million this year, and it's that number that may have other states following suit when it comes to decriminalizing marijuana. but decriminalizing marijuana use got an unbe expected endorsement at the forum with governor rick perry. speaking from switzerland, he said, as the governor of the second largest state in the country, i can start us on
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policies for decriminalization. and as for its medical use, others as well. georgia may be days away from introducing a bill to make it the first state in the southeast to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. >> there are families leaving our state to go to colorado because they need access to this medical cannibus. >> but it's not as strong louisiana where doctors have the ability to prescribe marijuana but patients are not able to buy it. it's something to look at. >> i continue to be opposed to legalization of marijuana and when it comes to legalizing medical marijuana, i'll be willing to make it legal for very strict use for patients. >> saving students through math. we continue our continuing series on education, by looking at how after school tutoring is
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helping teens stay out of trouble. car makers are looking at cars for the future. and how general motors is making greener be factories as well eact
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to pay fannie mae more than $5 million. it claims it bought more than $2 million from bad mortgages from lehman. a federal just has to approve the settlement. it was one of the biggest in history. an automaker is taking its cars to a new level when it comes to recycling.
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a manufacturing plant in rochester, new york. >> every year this general motors parts plant produces a million manifolds 10 million fuel injectors, and million dollars more in engine parts, but not a pound of garbage. at this sup state new york plant, general motors has spent millions of dollars figuring you out how to recycle everything that would otherwise be thrown away, from plastic wrap to packaging to industrial waste. >> we didn't expect to be landfill free, we didn't think that would be possible. >> especially challenging, oily sludge coming from screws. >> we failed seven times, and the eighth solution worked. >> they spent months figuring
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out a centrifuge. >> it starts out like this. >> the powder goes to a waste energy facility >> reporter: since 2005, 110 out of gm's 161 manufacturing facilities have gone landfill free. among the heatest, last month in rochester, new york. >> all of that adds up. close to 138 million bags of garbage are kept out of landfills like this every year. >> they keep enough trash out of the landfill to fill the beds of 1800 chevy trucks. >> it's important that we have fuel efficiency and the auto industry is one of the worst contributors to global climate change. so progress is great. but we need to see more of this
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and fast. >> reporter: gm is committed to the projects, though it means more work for their employees. >> it will get better. >> reporter: they discovered something unexpected about its trash. >> we seemed that nobody would want it, and we were wrong. >> reporter: after spending money on recycling, general motors makes $1 billion a year off of it. it. >> somebody buys it? >> they spend money on it. >> reporter: trash that's truly treasure. >> nasa spent rovers to mars in hopes of finding water, and ten years later, still finding surprises.
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>> welcome back to aljazeera america. i'm step stephanie cy. today government leaders were
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supposed to hold their first face-to-face meeting with opposition leaders, and now the delegation is threatening to head home. in the ukraine, protesters have broken into and are occupying several government buildings, including the secretary of agriculture, they are fighting to retail independence from russia. it's violent on the eve of the anniversary of the mubarak uprising. people are dead and there are classes between the muslim brotherhood and egyptian security forces throughout the country. 13 people have died in those demonstrations. ten years ago, nasa's rovers spirit and opportunity landed on mars. the mission was only supposed to last three months, trying to find water. one of them is still alive, and
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pictures from opportunity's mission near the planet's equator. here's jacob moore. >> ten years ago, humanity traveled to the red planet. we didn't go ourselves exactly. we packed up our biggest ideas and questions into highly sophisticated robots to the planet that we only hope to see with our own eyes. the robots were like siblings, setting down three weeks apart. thinking this they would last 90 days, but they lasted until 2010, and opportunity, which landed second, making it the younger of the two, is still alive. and at the moment, it's exploring the rim of the crater and continues to send valuable data home. they were supposed to determine
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if there is water on mars. science said it's about cold certainty and choice, but going to mars was a dreamy idea. in fact, the rovers were named by a nine-year-old girl, sophie, and spirit and opportunity to make her dream come true. it was an illogical idea, it was crazy, but this sort of dream is what science is about. it's about traveling beyond what we know, and not just we manage to do it, but we're still doing it ten years later. >> that's aljazeera's jake ward. weeks after it landed in 2014, it found evidence of water, and over the course of his life, it has beamed back more than 100,000 high resolution pictures. at least three people have
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died and 20 injured in a massive pileup in indiana. the interstate that connects chicago to detroit was like a parking lot early it morning. traffic stood still for miles on the eastbound lanes of i-94. the crash involved nearly 50 vehicles, including 18 semis. low visibility was a factor. and indiana isn't the only state contending with slick roads. fall out from the storm. >> it's a tragic accident and three people lost their lives. when you get the conditions, blowing and drifting snow, we're looking at similar conditions right now across portions of the south. you can see snow pushing across eastern texas all the way into louisiana, where across northern portions of louisiana, we have seen up to 3 inches of snow. that snow will continue on and off throughout the day. and then we get a push of air. conditions will improve tremendously tomorrow.
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but after today, on i-10, across central portions of louisiana and its pushing into mississippi. we have a coating to an inch of snow on the ground right now. look how chilly it is. 23° in dallas. looking at cold air pushing in out of canada across the north central plains. as we track through. this evening it's going to continue to be chilly over the next several days. we have a winter storm warning in portions of michigan, a winter storm advisory.
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also into western new york. snow in the midwest and the northeast. back to you, stephanie. >> thank you, and thank you for watching aljazeera america, i'm stephanie cy. >> the demonstrations in ukraine's capital are spreading into the rest of the country. protesters have died and the embattled president is talking to opposition leaders who want new elections. ukraine is the "inside story." hello, i'm ray soares.


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