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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EST

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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we're following for you. russia telling ukrainian naval forces in crimea to surrender. >> this cannot be the way in the 21st century to conduct international affairs. >> this as the international community scrambles to respond to the russian occup occupation.
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and benjamin netanyahu coming to meet some of his biggest supporters. >> we begin with breaking news out of ukraine. russia giving the ukrainian navy an ultimatum. calling on troops to lay down their arms. nick schifrin join us live by phone from the capitol of crimea. what are you seeing on the ground? >> well, del, what we are seeing is not so much ultimatum to all forces. we believe this is just for the ukrainian navy located, and ultimatum said they need to surrender right off the coast and surrender all of their weapons. certainly in the next 12 or so hours the foreign ministry just releasing a statement saying
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we're not enterin interinterfere yawn-russian affairs. they're stepping up their invasion of crimea by forcing the navy to give up all of its weapons, that is not something that it has forced the ukrainian army in crimea to do yet. >> has there been any response concerning this ultimatum to the navy? >> no, this is just coming in the last half hour. what they've been responding over the last few days the same way. they are aggressive rhetoric. they will use the army, use their military forces and power to respond to the russian aggression, but frankly they have not done that, and we've been talking around crimea. we've been visiting different ukrainian bases.
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and has delivered forces not to fire unless fire upon. without firing a single shot, walking into ukrainian bases and armories and taking them over. we saw one building flying a russian flag with a few dozen russian soldiers. we've seen russian soldiers digging trenches, reinforcing themselves right around this armory. we've had discussion with them. they wouldn't let us interview them but they would eventually let us film them. they're moving in, they're absolutely here to stay at and it seems with this latest ultimatum they are trying to disarm what little resips tense they have tried to encounter. >> and the yo saying that they't
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interfering. it seems that this is an international game of chicken where both sides want search other to do something. we lost our connection with nick schifrin in the capital of crimea concerning this latest stand off between russia and ukraine. this latest ultimatum follows a series of stand offs between russia and ukrainian troops in crimea. we have more. >> they arrived in block access to the novel base in eastern crimea. inside the ukrainian service men refused to surrender. they have turned up to helped their support to the russians surrounding the base. the russian soldiers are leaving it up to the people to commi coe
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ukraincrew miacrimeaen people te >> if they put their guns down we will protect them. i hope they make the right choice. >> reporter: people are angry and suspicious of the new western government in kiev. america, we will not let you through, they shout. while kiev accuses the russians of invading crimea, for many among the ethnic russian majority who live here they are saviors. they've been taking kiev installations in the semi autonomous region. further
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>> shake mohammed, he's supposed to be in trial, and the judge is going to go ahead without the evidencing presented from both sides. as for him, part of a misunderstanding, and a situation whereby they picked up the wrong guy, del. >> and some are arguing that al qaeda leaders should not be offered protections offered by civil court tries. and why? >> a lot of people feel that way, and it all goes back to barack obama's campaign in 2008, he was arguing to close guantanamo bay, and he couldn't do it. and it wouldn't allow this kind of trial to take part in any part of the united states.
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so it remains open. and many are alleging. this trial is being seen by the prosecution that this trial of this magnitude can be hammed in the united states in a major city and it's hoped that the trial will go successfully and it will be seen to be free and fair and no trouble. and obviously they have one eye on eventually closing guantanamo bay and having more trials like this in the united states. if abu is found guilty, he will spend time in a domestic prison. >> coming up on aljazeera america, from time to time, police find themselves dealing with repeat offenders, but there's a different type of program in texas that is forcing police to go the extra mile.
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>> welcome back to aljazeera america. i'm del walters, and here are your headlines. russia giving ukraine an ultimatum. if the international community is responding. john kerry is on his way to kiev for talks. and the trial of osama bin laden's son-in-law. he is charged with killing
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americans on stent 11th. and israeli prime minister is in the united states, today he will meet with president obama to talk about middle east peace, and he will talk to one of the largest pro israel groups. the former libyan, accused of kill -- olympian, oscar pistorius, he said that he thought he was shooting at an intruder when he shot his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. shots rang out and her i.d. was protected in court. >> i woke up from a woman's terrible screams. just after the scream of the lady, i heard four shots.
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it was four gunshots that i heard. the time between the first and the fourth shot was much longer than between the second and the third one. >> if convicted, pistorius faces 30 years behind bars. and it's so closely watched, that there's a new channel focused on covering that trial 24 hours a day. the global sell off spilling on to wall street, the dow down 182 points, and the losses are much worse in europe. markets are down 2% or more, and consumers here could be facing higher heating bills. the situation in ukraine, crudup 2% at this hour, and russia is one of the largest producers.
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the cold weather is driving up demand for utilities. the bitter cold didn't stop buyers from going to chrysler. driving sales up the largest since 2007. general motors sales on ice. a decline in february after a disappointing january. and ford sales fell 6% in february. blaming the bad weather. and ford hopes to make up some of those losses in march. a texas police department taking a new approach with repeat offenders. they are building relationships with officers with the people they are having a tough time trying not to rearrest. more from medford, texas. >> as a father of seven, mike is stretched thin. >> it's like a referee sometimes. >> his 15-year-old has aspergers, a form of autism, and
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needs extra attention. >> empathy, it's a lack of understanding of other people. >> with the exception of a texas police officer, monique, who met his son a year ago after he had run away from home. she's part of the repeat victimization unit. rearresting the same people for the same crimes. paul makes frequent visits to mike's home, a familiar face to the troubled teen. >> he talks to her and he's excited at times it see her. >> gibson noticed a trend. most of the repeat offenders come from a specific group, offenders who suffer from mental illness. they are attempting to build republics and stop crime almost before it starts. >> almost becoming personally
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involved in their lives so we can establish a relationship of trust and confidence. >> ken, with mental retardation in the county. making sure that the individuals are on medications and treatment, reducing the number of people funneled into the county jail and hospitals. >> without before, you don't have intervention. and wha one thing that i can sa, they are building the repour. >> by us interacting with them and finding out about them, we can see things that maybe an officer who makes one call at the house is not going to pick up on. >> the hope is that the extra care and scrutiny will help. statistics suggest that the efforts are working. 79% of those they tracked in 2012 were no longer victimized
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in 2013. mike sees a welcome change in his son. >> he has taken medicine in psychiatrists, and none of these things worked. this was a one single factor that i can point to that had a major affect on his life. >> a change which mike said has positively inspired by his younger siblings, who were once inspired by their older brother's bad acts. they have seen far fewer arrests since the unit has been around. >> and coming up on aljazeera america, a theater that helped to find a way to help blind people enjoy the movies.
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a. >> well, the snow is coming down across washington d.c. and also in baltimore. you can see a heavy band pushing through right now. earlier in the day, we had it
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mixing in with ice, but all of that has turned over to snow now. you see the blue area covering much of northern virginia and western virginia across southern portions of maryland into delaware. 3-6 inches of snow across delaware, but once you make your way down to washington d.c., we could have 6-8 inches of snow. winter storm warnings and advisories that could continue into the evening and tonight. this band of snow will push offshore, and winter storm warnings and advisories extending back to kentucky. across the southern plains, the cold air is pushing down, and i'll tell you one thing, the temperatures have dropped significantly in the last 24 hours. certainly across san antonio and dallas, texas. we have a 40-degree difference. mardi gras getting ready to be
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started. a 30-degree difference as well. we should be in the 80s, but we're only in the 30s. corpus criste this morning, we could see ice on the roads in the houston area. back to portions of dallas. if you're traveling on i-10 or i-35, just a little bit of ice goes a long way. we could see accidents out there if folks are not using caution on the roadways. back to the bigger picture now, dry in portions of southern california. but there's a storm pushing back to the west. and it's bringing snow into the cascades, and the rain into seattle. so it's slow going on i-5 this morning. back to you. >> groundhog day all over again. >> watching movies is part of the theater going experience, but not if you're blind. changing for deaf moviegoers, in northern california, the device
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uses scenes with sounds, to make movies more enjoyable for all, including the deaf and the blind. thanks for watching aljazeera america. i'm del walters in new york, and "inside story" is next. >> struggle against jobs s and high crime and soaring debt it is time times for puerto rico. can the island get back on track economically. it's the "inside story." >> hello. i'm ray suarez and many of the


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