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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> and the unconventional future of the movement >> they're many faces for feminism, including beyonce' >> talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america this is al jazeera. good to have you with, these are some of the stories we are concentrating on. another official building in the eastern and i. further are killed in air strikes on aleppo. >> i'm lauren taylor with more news from europe, including claims that the arrest -- for questioning over a murder, is
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politically motivates. >> i'll be here with all the days sport, including 20 years on from. thousands gathered one of the greatest drivers of all time. >> the president of ukraine has announced that he is bringing back military conscription with immediate effect. to the pro russia insurgency. along with ukraine. paul joining us live from kiev, tell us more, paul. >> good evening, david, the aannouncement was made today, public bank holiday took many people by surprise, although the parliament here voted in a closed session earlier last month.
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april, to bring this in, urging the president to actually do it. well, the president alexandar has done it, he put it out in his official grass debt. an official publication, a decree saying that men between the aimings of 18 and 25 of graduate level plus those who are graduated and with military training already, will be now subject to serving at least two years of national service within the ukrainian military. the decree as you say, comes into effect immediately. what is not clear whether they will start joining immediately, or wait for the autumn intake. it was originally scrapped under president he passed in 20 think teen. so this year was scrapped. now it has been introssed by the interim president,
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and directly in events in the east. it said as much, it was given the situation in the east and the south. basically we will see the arm ad forced raise where they are at the moment. could be as much as 1 million men. >> so a statement of intent paul or something practical, something that could actually make the russians think again about anything they may want to do. >> well, clearly, there will be a lag between the recruits to getting them trained in a state where they will provide some kind of effective deterrent, or directive opposition to any russian forces. and whether or not the government here in kiev wants to use these and indeed regular army force whose are already part of the army, against those elements in the east, is really open to tactics.
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the international committee is urging the government not to use violence against the separatists in the east because the fear is that that would provide a pretext for russian troops to sweep across the border, under the excuse, if you like, or protecting russian interests out there in the east. so the tactic for the moment, remains restraint, and of course there will be a lag between these conscripts becoming battle ready, if you like. but certainly a statement of intent by the government here. >> thank you. in kiev, well, earlier today, pro russia separatist attacks the prosecutors office in the city and barn by phillips was there. >> yet again, ukraine's police were overwhelmed. trying to protect the prosecutor's office, and for the short term they kept the crowd at bay. blue they soon retreated.
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they shelters in a carport. this is them under their shields. the protestors move in, grabbing shields and helmets from the policeman. the police are led away, one by one. the chance of fascists shame, they are terrified. the police armor vehicle approached, and then retreats as the crowd threatens to attack it. by now the crowd has taken over the building, they storm the prosecutors office, because they say it supports the government in kiev, which they do not recognize. >> and so is the photograph of government officials go up in smoke, the police are now where to be seen, and the protestors are firmly in control of another building. and this is yet one more example of how the authority of the government in kiev is collapsing in eastern ukraine.
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>> we caught up with two protestors using their newly seized gear, do they have any intention of giving it back? >> it depends on the authorities in kiev. if they let us live peacefully, we will give the equipment back, if they don't, we will keep it. earlier in the day, the rush started peacefully, they are in high spirited as supporters are now too afraid to take to the streets. we bump into the mayor, elected before the crisis, haranged by all sides. cautious, about what should happen next. ref run dumb should take place, the same time as the presidential elections. it needs to be organized by the commission. this is the decision that kiev will make. we hope. >> but the prorussian
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protestors want a referendum in early may, they say they won't wait any longer, and they feel that nothing can stop them. al jazeera. a very good idea of the tensions on the streets in addition to what we have just seen, look at these pictures which just arrived here at al jazeera. clearly on the one side you have the authorities frying to transpire. to prevent the protestors going into the prosecutors office under an enormous amount of pressure they are. by drying to protect themselves in the building with a barrage of stones, all descriptions there is finally as you can see,
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these surge is too much. it is a massive protest of the tensions there in this year ukrainian city. okay. >> now, news out of sir is yeah. bombs have been dropped again, this time on a market in the northern city of aleppo. at least 33 people are reported to have been killed. the attack was in the district, and it results also in a number of injuries. the latest attack coming after the dropping of barrel bombs on the northern city, where rebels are still trying to repel government forces.
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well, today, we are hearing that the attack came two missles that they were fired by government war plans. they hit tour buildings were destroyed. shops were set ablaze, and it seems that the level of destruction has been huge. it comes one day after another mistle hit another neighborhood yesterday. on wednesday. and in that missle hit a children's group, at least ten children were killed. as well as eight adults yesterday. perhaps yesterday, but there are some where they carry on as normal.
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>> experiencing the worst of the violence, as being undersiege? >> there was so much concentrated in terms of activism and industry. now, the city is divided some parts of it are under the control of aleppo. in areas controlled by the government, they are trying to bring normalcy as much as possible to the population there, because they want to show as this opposition and the wave of opposition has ended. in the areas controlled by the rebels, it's life is much more difficult, because they are under siege, and the government doesn't allow anyone or out, supplies electricity, water shortages so life there is more difficult. however, the rebels are also fighting back, and they are trying to regain
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control. we have seen them launching the old city, it hasn't worked yet, but they are trying. >> on sunday they launched their own, against the old city, and more civilians were killed then as well. john kerry made the comments where talks are underway between south sudan's government, and rebel forces. the u.s. is considering sanctions against those involved in the violence, it's feared that thousands have been killed and more than 1 million people made homeless since the conflicts started in december.
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to bring to an end the conflict in south sudan, he said there would be seances that would be enforced on all those that are involved and who are seen particularly civilians just based on their ethnicity. who will stop aid from reaching those who need it most. will be coming from countries that a neighboring sudan, particularly kenya, and ethiopia whose foreign ministers an added deployment of troops to south sudan, so that they stabilize the situation. he also spoke about an issue that is consider clothe to the harts of most, which is the slinking space for civil society. he says the government, should stop harassing journalists and arresting them based on flimsy
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excuses the radical group is believed to be behind the abductions. nigeria's government says it is hard to track down the group that abducted them. play also have their own ways of operating. and one threat they have, is that 11 years of war -- if you are dealing with somebody you know, one on
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one, you can some out. and let us talk right in terms of reaching out. it is difficult to reach out to them completely because they don't come out to talk to the government, so that challenges us. some of is girls may have been sold off or force bly married. >> the wash against terror is on first, and the government forces are winning this war, accept that people are -- this is also ainge tear the public has not told the whole truth. amena is one of the few lucky ones that managed to escape. she spoke of her ordeal. >> we thought they were soldiered and they asked us to board a vehicle.
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my friends and i jumped and we realized they didn't look innocent to us. >> the group which is against western education, has been responsible for dozens of attacks. and unless the government can provide safety to its citizen it is activities are likely to become more brazen. some of the things coming up on the news hour. >> we will see how may day celebrations have made a long awaited come back. the minimum wage goes up, but will it make any difference? we are live. where despite recent criticism from a top olympic committee official, this city says they will be ready for the 2016 summer olympics.
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the british prime minister denies that the arrest of a leading republican politician in northern ireland is politically motivated. lauren taylor is in our news center with details. >> thank you, david. yes, police near belfast are continuing to question jerry adams as part of a murder investigation. they have suggested the arrest is a deliberate attempt to undermine the peace process, and was linked to elections late they are month. adams was arrested on wednesday for questioning over the 1972 killing at the height of the bloody conflict in northern ireland known as the troubles. the republicans wanted northern island to be part of the republic of ireland. the conflict also divided two arms. between 1968, over 3,600
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people were killed. jerry adam has been president, the political wing, he is also a sitting m.p. in the irish parliament. he was a key player in the good friday agreement, which ended the conflict. under the agreement, prisoners were released but unsolved crimes continues to be investigated. al jazeera is at the police station, where jerry adams is being held, so he is still in custty? >> yes, lauren, it's been an entirely static day here. nothing at all but it has been 24 hours now since he walked in here voluntarily. to meet this appointment, and you can only assume based on that they have had a sustained line of questioning against him. as to what he might or mite not have known about the abduction all those years
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ago. i should explain under the terms of british law, they are allowed to hold him for 48 hours that would take us up to 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow night. by that time, they either have to release him, or apply to a court so they can hold him for longer. or charge him. now there are some very hard line loyalist voices anti-republican voices on places like twitter saying they understand that jerry adams is going to be charged with something, possibly tonight and might appear in court tomorrow. that may be true, it may be entirely wishful thinking but certainly, jerry adams opponent tonight are feeling that finally the history of the 1970's has caught up with him. whether the questioning shows how far this is from
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being at peace with itself. >> it was claimed she had helped to wounded british soldier, and that she is was an informer. she simply disappeared. her body discovered years later. it's also immaterial my kateed the man that would later be an architect of the peace process. some spent thursday telling journalists he was pleased they had not togetherren jerry adams. >> these people didn't care about that. >> would apologize for it. >> the u.k.'s leaving
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unionist, said it was entirely reasonable of the police to do this. and did not demonstrate political bias. >> we have an independent judicial system, both in here in england, and also we do have one in northern ireland, and there's been no political interference in this issue. we have independent policing authorities independent those are vital parts of the free country and the free society we enjoy today. mr. adams party said it was a disgrace. >> the timing of this, because he offered to come forward, and yet that offer was not taken up at that time, our argument is that it is clearly very suspicious that the police have deciderred to arrest them. >> which all goes to prove how close to the surface all the old remain. for some years now, they have been wrestling with conflicting demands.
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you have to let by gones be by gones but on the the other, this' always a demand for justice. arresting jerry adams may make it look like no one is above the law, but it also runs the risk of perpetuating an endless cycle. mr. adams continues to maintain his innocence, in the end, is that time here is no healer. given all that, how does this effect the peace process? well, it can't do it any good, you can safely say. a bit difficult to tell, because it still depends what happens if he is released without charge, then possibly things can carry on for a bit. i think it is very difficult to the outside world to understand quite how terse the atmosphere remains in places like belfast, because there aren't bombings and
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shootings every day. media organization shut down their bureaus and the assumption is that it is all finished but it is actually not. most of the anger doesn't come from the republican side, it is coming from the other side, from the pro british unionists loyalists side particularly working class men they talk openly about taking up arms again, and they have seen it espressed in things like riots in the streets. now maybe the arrest may appease them slightly, and take the heat out of it, but if he is charged and they really get cross about this, because they think it is entirely unfair, then
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the government collapses here, what happens then is most difficult to forecast at the moment. >> okay, lawrence lee with the contacts there, thank you very much indeed. they have no guarantee of minimum hours or pay. from there, jackie roland reports. >> it is a may day tradition in paris, despite the rain, trade unions bring their banners on to the streets. they are protesting including some pensions and welfare benefits. >> french workers are fearly protective of their rights. after all they have fought for years to protect them. so it is hard to comprehend
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what they are being asked to sign. >> most french people officially work a 35 hour week. with strict rules for weekend shifts, they are shocked at the eye of a zero hours contract. >> it is modern slavely, it stops people from planning their lives. >> for me it is not a contract, it is an aggression against the worker, that is not a contract. >> these are increasingly common, the government is under pressure to address this growing trend.
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the world is changing quite rapidly, that means they will find it difficult to compete with the rest of the world, inform they don't embrace a more flexible approach in the labor market. public sector work has already tightened their bets. they have had to embrace pay cuts. creating jobs is a priority, and one way to do that is to make it easier for companies to hire and fire people. bike i don't know say that robs workers of their rights and puts them at the mercy of employers. >> green peace activists have tried to block the first shirtment of arctic oil. into waters off the dutch coast to stop a russian tanker from reaching. green peace says it is trying to raise awareness of the dangers linked to
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drilling for oil. anti-europe party has face add hostile reception while campaigning. >> hit in the face with an egg in the city of nottingham, his body guards were quick to put him back in the car, the man who threw the egg was taken away by police. let's go back to david in doha. we are going to talk computing and basics now. the programming language that a is is said is by some to have inspire add generation. 50 years ago, professor and the student created basic, it ended up taking the computing world by storm, during the d.c. revolution of the mid 1970's and 80's. 50 years ago today, zack sims wasn't born.
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an on lye interact platform that offers free coding classes in six different programming languages and zack, i know you will explain to me what that means because i haven't got a clue. i wonder if we can compare the invention of pace wick the invention of the internal combustion engine for cars. it is definitely that fundamental. i think what they did is open it up to a new generation. to make it easier for anyone to learn how to program computers even before they were as fundamental to our lives as they are now. >> you don't need to know how to program a computer to get the most out of it. those of us that don't think the same is way that you do. >> you do need to know how to program to get the most out of your computer, but beyond that, i think computing is effecting basically every single industry. we are seeing journalism become more digital, we are
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seeing agricultural before more digital, people that know how to program have an edge over those that don't. >> the time it may take for me to learn how to do this, could be better spend doing the journalist that i like doing. >> so i think as a complete package, people need to know how to understand at least even if they are not implements how to understand the world around them, and the forces that are shaping their industry. you may not need to be a programmer, you should just understand the basics. give us on idea of how it works in. >> there was a language that was similar enough for anyone to understand, and this is before computers were as abundant as they are now, so it is the first lowering of the barrier for people to access the power of the computers at the time. >> and yet, these days it is not really used is is it? it has gone away of a lot of things it is in the
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past? basic was a precurse tore a lot of languages, microsoft has a product called visual is base take a lot of programmers still use that was built on the original version, so i think the fund mental concepts that emerged are still around today. zack, thank you very much indeed, it stands for the beginners all purpose symbolic code, i have learned something today, happy birthday. why did it become basic, thank you. >> zillion to come on the program, we co on the cocaine trail in west africa to visit what is being described as the first na rco state. stay with us if you can
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here on al jazeera. r
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>> these protestors have decided that today they will be arrested >> these people have chased a president from power, they've torn down a state... >> what's clear is that people
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don't just need protection, they need assistance. >> al jazeera america presents borderland's dramatic conclusion >> no one's prepared for this journey. >> our teams experience the heart breaking desperation >> we're all following stories of people that have died in the desert. >> and the importance... >> experiencing it, has changed me completely... >> of the lives that were lost in the desert >> this is the most dangerous part of your trip... >> an emotional finale you can't miss... >> we got be here to tell the story. >> the final journey borderland continues... only on al jazeera america
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al jazeera news hour withm me. the news out of kiev, from the president is that ukraine is bringing back military with immediate effect to cope with the unrest. if the war there isn't stopped. where south sudanese and rebel leaders are discussing how to end the fighting. police in northern ireland are continuing to question jerry adams about a woman 42 years ago. denied any roll in the on
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duction, shooting andser credit burial of gene. a government battle hasn't stopped protestors from taking to the streets. those willing to face -- >> the state made it's presence felt on the ground, it is not going to allow any rally to take place here. the demonstrators try to defy the band. they gathered in several neighborhoods but police used tier gas and water cannon to push them back. we celebrated peacefully, and there were no incidents. but today we have this meaningless ban, it is our constitutional right to demonstrate.
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more than 30 people were killed. two square has long been a traditional rallying point for unions but as of late, it has taken on a new meaning last summer antigovernment protestors occupied the square for weeks it became a venue for political dissent to be voiced. they were eventually forced out and reinstated it's authority. >> the square has symbolic value for the government and the demonstrators. but this is not just a fight about where to hold a may day rally. it is part. a struggle between those in power, and those that feel that they are abusing power. and provided the unions with this alter nit site. >> if there's a rally that lasts all day, this will disrupt lives.
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>> it was shut down on may day, this was supposed to be a day for workers to celebrate and demand their rights instead, may day has shown that the divisions within turkey. there have been more pro and antigovernment protests in venezuela. these come a day after the president raised the minimum wage by 30%. mariana sanchez has the latest, now joining us live, these antigovernment protests have been going on for months now, and then we see support for the president from other people out on the streets. what is the reality of the situation there? as a country, polarized completely at the moment? >> no, the country is continuing, life goes on, there are pockets of people protesting on the streets every day. or every now and then.
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but the movement has mainly died down. we are -- seeing pockets of protestors here and there. and in different cities. and the group of students who have set up tents in some plazas emulating if you will the occupy wall street movement. but it is quite surprising that they have been protesting in general for nearly three months now. because in the history of the last few years especially when i have been living here for a long time, they would never protest for more than a week. so i think these will continue. >> when you see a 30% pay rise, you may assume that that could calm the feelings of those that feel grieved about their living standards. and yet, not all of those that are going so get this money think it is right.
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that it is good enough. >> what people were telling us yesterday is that it's a really a joke for many, because while it seem as lot of money, 30%, what happens is that the market, the markets here, functions or the currency functions with the black market. so in what it turns out to be is only $67 in increase in wages which is not much for the cost of living of everything here. and also the government while they gave this minimum wage, they also and did not announce that they were reluctant to move the controls on the prices of some is. and for instance, the chicken has gone up 129%. just on monday, so people are really not very happy,
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of course, there are some supporters, of course there are people who say well, the government is taking care of us, but the majority of people we have been speaking to are not happy with this pay raise. pass neighing, thank you very much. >> plans to impose attacks on goods and services in ma play sha have brought mass protests in that country. poor people can't afford any increases as florence reports now. labor day protests don't usually draw huge crowds. there's anger against the plan, known as the gst. it is make the people poorer and poorer. >> the timing also angers
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many. while the removal of some subsidies last year have added to the rising cost of living, but the government says the tax is necessary. >> the malaysian government first looked at the goods and services tax several years ago, but it was only recently that the bill was passed. is a downgrade of sovereign to negative by international ratings agencies. and even though basic food items including rice, and public services will be exempt from the new tax, he still thinks he will be worse off. just take rice for example, it may be exempt, but before it is pack and sold, it needs to be -- who is to say prices won't go up.
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who will be hardest hit. but that's not been enough to keep them from marching. five protest against taxes they say they shouldn't have to pay. florence lee, al jazeera, kuala lumpur. >> a suspected gas explosion injured prisoners and guards jailed in the united states. more than 100 were hurt, as the county jail in florida, it was extensively flooded during recent storms but there's no word on whether there's any connection of that to the explosion. scan da's controversial mayor, at least toronto says he is getting help to sober up. he admitted to smoking crack cocaine during a drunken stupe for. screen grans from a video that show ises the mayor smoking something, in a pipe.
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the self-professed drug dealer who shot the vid is owe claimed it was crack cocaine. shortly after the mayor said he was taking leave to get help for an alcohol problem. a step lucked by his older brother and campaign manager. >> i encouraged my brother, to take this time for himself. and for the sake of his family, many people believe they can handle any problem by themselves. >> nobody is going to cover me. >> but he is also in trouble for offensive remarks about women, ethnic groups and gay people. ever since he first appeared in avid is owe -- he denied it until last november, then this stunning revelation. >> yes, i have some smoked crack cocaine. but no, do i, am i an
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addict, no. >> after that the mayor promised to clean up his act, give up drinking and lose weight. not long after more reports of him involving erratically, and making offensive comments. experts say that's classic behavior, and the mayor needs to consider stepping away from the public eye. >> i wouldn't be surprised if things don't change if it happens again. >> toronto city council stripped the mayor and it has been largely a city head since then. no charges layed yet, it's fair to say he has survived scandals that would have destroyed other politicians. so is with the latest evidence end his career and cost him the election?
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this most damaging set of events is something he can recover from. >> as the major starts rehabilitation, many here at city hall are hoping attention will now focus on the october election, on policies and challenges and not the antics and addictions of one of the contenders. abdullah has been held without charge since august. and the english journalist peter guess a, and baha have been in jail for 124 days. they are accused of providing a platform to the outlaw brotherhood. al jazeera rejects all of the charges. >> still to come.
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one quarter of all of the cocaine passing through ginny. it is a tiny country in west africa and has been labeled the word's first
2:47 pm
malcov state. a car being waged against powerful cartels. >> when they bake director of police, he knew his biggest challenge would be the drug traffickers. >> since 2013, we have managed to arrest many foreigners trying to get drugs out of the country, now the drug traffickers are using -- who arrest them as well. >> a series of poverty, and corruption have helped into a drug trafficking hub, from here, cocaine from south america is smuggled into europe. this is the largest island. it takes roughly four hours
2:48 pm
for a small plane from brazil to fly here. inform the trade to involve powerful individuals in government, business, and even the military. but it is not just ginny. every year, all the cocaine from south america to europe, transits through west african countries the united nations estimated that $1.2 billion of cocaine passes through the region. >> i find it a bit hypocritical, and unfair, to put the blame on west africa. they are victims. and so they should give more equipment, and training to west africa. >> but it is ginny that the u.n. labeled the world's first state.
2:49 pm
airtight testimony world minister elect disagreed with. >> if you compare with other regions would you say there's more presence of drugs than in other countries? i don't believe. but it's not enough for the government to say we are -- we do not -- it is not enough. what we should do is work with our partners. >> will be expected to do precisely deal with the problem, and dismantling the drug scar tells but he has already said himself to do that, is going to need help. >> time for sport. >> the formula 1 community and supporters worldwide have been marking the death of -- 20 years on, regarded as one of the greatest drivers of all time, the brazilian was killed when he crashed at the 1994
2:50 pm
grand prix. alysse holeman reports. >> he was always a man to pull to a racetrack. 20 years on, current drivers and kimi raikkonen join thousands at the rice track, to remember one of formula 1's greats. >> err remember when it happened and it was a very sad is week for f-1. >> a minute silence was held at exactly 217 local at the time which claimed the brazillians life during this grand prix. he was just 34. >> a sad moment, but on the other side, we all have good memories here. won three world titles in the last 80's and early 90's.
2:51 pm
known for his fearlessness and passion. his commitment was awesome, his ability was -- greater than i had ever experienced before. i had worked with great drivers then in the past. >> it wasn't just his driving but charisma and looks which helped his global popularity. >> he cares about people. and we could see that as a family, and with people that he didn't know, he was so warm and kind, and cares about everyone. i think this is something really beautiful that i see when i remember him. that i saw when he was alive. >> on the final morning of his life, he had discussed
2:52 pm
the race establishment of the grand prix drivers association, in an attempt to improve safety and f 1. there has been no deaths in formula 1 since. it is always said that something like this much happen before it is changed but at the end of the day, it is important that something changed. after this moment, they did a terrific job chasing layouts, changing safety criteria, changing. the really significant thing is that was the catalyst for change on the roads, so it is literally without question, saves tens of thousands of lives. >> the anniversary was also marked in native brazil, many fans gathering. 20 years later his enduring popularity lives on.
2:53 pm
will be delivered on time and on budget. earlier this week, senior olympic commit fee official was way behind schedule, but the australian has now back fracked on that criticism saying the city will deliver an excellent games. gabriel reports from rio. signs of the times, construction. this will be a heart of the summer olympics but there isn't much yet to see raising from the ground. but it is not just the future olympics venues elsewhere in rio, roads are being ripped up, and hotels are being built to make up for the nearly 30,000 rooms short fall. all part of the promise to use the game to transform the city, the local fisherman, they haven't seen it yet.
2:54 pm
rio is not ready, day-to-day life is very kay t yoic. >> even brazilian tourists visiting feel things are lacking. >> all we are seeing is just a mess in the city, we have three hour traffic jabs it is total confusion. >> the local organizing committee use this is video to try to show progress is being made, two years and three months before the games start. construction at the olympic park is moving forward, full speed ahead, they say, and the foundations are in place for all 31 condominiums at the athletes village. >> we are moving ahead on a pace that will take us to 2016 on time and on budget. then it is going to be much easier to spot progress. >> the the aquatic center, will host swimming events it needs only minor modifications tock ready.
2:55 pm
>> we could get our first chance to see how ready rio is, as early as the first week in august. that's when the first test event is going to be taking place in the city, here at the bay behind me, that's when more than 400 sailors from dozens of countries will be here to take part in a practice event, but the city of rio has come under increased scrutiny, for high pollution levels here in the bay, pollution levels that some people say are unsafe for water sports. but on lookers are waiting for then co crete being made, to turn into signs. also al jazeera, rio degeneral anywhere row. >> this year's european champion league final will feature two teams from the same city for the first time. athletic madrid will play real after playing chelsea. prompting this react in madrid. it will be the first european final appearance
2:56 pm
in 40 years. i don't see a lot of difference between a team that won the league two years ago and a team that hasn't made the semifinal for the same tournament, it is a trueing dwell match, and he who works hardest with will take the match. >> the second leg of the semifinals kicked off in a few minutes. preparing to have a fight back, they have lead the rivals 2-ny in the first leg to move closer to the quarter finals. however, they have overturned a deficit to the fifth three. >> meanwhile, they will look to defend their 2-1 advantage in the second leg semifinal. being held at their own stadium. all trail yeah is is back on top of crickets world test rankings for the first time since 2009.
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captain michael clarke looked to be enjoying the news, having led his side to victories in the last six months. the ozzys have also retained their top ranking in one day international. >> it's been a tough couple of years to be honest, i guess one of the positives of experiencing the tough times makes life today even more special, so for me, it's obviously ex-freely satisfying to be captain of the australian team, and to see us go from number 5 to number one. >> there is much more sport on our website, for all the latest check out /sport. there's also details there on how to get in touch with our team using twitter and facebook, the address again, that's it for me for now. >> it is a remarkable turn around from correct australia. >> that's it for me on the news hour team, thank you for watching.
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