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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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good morning to you, and welcome to al jazeera america live from new york city. i am morgan radford. here are the stories we are following for you right now: two days of mourning declared for victims of a deadly clash in ukraine. now, a nation on the brink of civil war. plus, helping thousands of survivors in afghanistan after a massive landslide buried an entire town. saving the future by preserving the past. we will tell you about the new
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digital database from the library of congress. ♪ the violence continues in odessa where hundreds of pro-russian activists attacked a police station in the ukrainian port city. they are demanding the release of those arrested after deadly clashes on friday. al jazeera's jonah hull is outside of that police station >> reporter: this angry crowd that has gathered outside a central police station in odessa believing that a number of people arrested on friday night are being held inside. these people have managed to gain access to the police station breaking down a garage, a vehicle garage door at the side of the building making their way in, smashing windows, furniture and doors on the inside. the crowd, several hundred strong, has been ringed by a line of riot police on the
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outside, evidently trying to localize the violence as traffic passes by and people continue to go about their business. but inside that ring of police feel as if the crowd is continuing to try and gain access, chanting loudly, words like "junta out." "freedom" and fascists" and "we will not forget." they blame the police in large part for failing to stop the violence that happened on friday night and they believe that the people being held inside the cells are innocent civilians set upon by mobs doing the bidding of the government in kiev. >> rallies in support of those killed in odessa are now spreading throughout ukraine. pro-russian activists protested in the eastern city of donetsk all in support of those who were killed on friday. is ukraine's interim president meantime has issued two days of morning for the entire country. those ofce monitors held in ukraine are now back in germany
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where germany's defense minister expressed her gratitude for their release. >> we are deeply relieved that the members of the kidnapped osce team have landed unharmed here in germany and berlin. i would like to express my deep gratitude and respect for the infinitely good cooperation we saw. >> seven military observers were seized last week by pro-russian separatists in the eastern city of slovyansk. an 8th mer was released earlier due to a medical condition. afghanistan's president has declared a day of mourning for those killed in friday's landslide. there are believed to be 2000 people dead or missing in the dudashan region. yesterday, the search was called off partly due to the lack of equipment. now, aid is slowly arriving before the thousands displaced andaj's dominic cain has more >> reporter: sham arakman tends
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t to an injured boy. this child is one of the lucky ones to get prompt treatment. this is one of the clinics set up near the disaster area. >> we found this injured child trapped under the mud. he has injuries on his head. he is undergoing treatment in the health clinic. we provided him with mess medication. >> but many other people were not so fortunate when the landslide happened, it en t entombed most of the victims. there has been a substantial loss of life >> translator: after the land slide i came here to rescue r l relatives. a huge number of people have been killed. a number of others are trapped under the mud. >> for many. survivors, home is now an improvised tent with thousands of people displaced by the
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disaster, aid agencies say they have their work cut out and there are fears that the hillside that fell on this community is so unstable it could happen again. dominic cain, al jazeera. in colombia authorities say there is no hope for finding survivors after an illegal mine collapse. there are mixed numbers about how many people were actually in the mine, and rescue workers say they have pulled out seven bodies but almost 10 more could be below. colombia is one of the world's top gold producers. the government there says half of those mines are actually operated illegally. the vatican's commission for the protection of minors is pledging better transparency for peefts who are accused of sexual abuse who are accused of sexual abuse. victims groups have pressured the church to re-evaluate those policies a key member of the team is cardinal sean 0 maelle of boston who is predecessor was
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accused of covering up abuses by priests in boston for years. >> obviously, our concern is to make sure that there are clear and effective protocols to deal with situations where superiors in the church have not fulfilled their obligations to protect children. >> pope francis established the commission back in december and the group's members include four men and four women all from eight different countries. in india, the longest elections in the country's history are wrapping up. earlier this year, the government gave the jane community minority religious status. >> offers status under the law. it may have been politically motivated. >> he is a self-made man with a head for business, a leading
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property developer. he heads one of the leading construction companies in mumbai. he is a jane, a follower of the hindu faith. they recorded minority status making them the 6th official minority community in india. they join muslims, seek s, christians and farcis. it gives them preferential treatment, financial loans are easier to access. it could be entinterpreted as o to get votes. he told me it wasn't sway anyone in the jane community, calls the minority status have been going for decades mainly to protect the jane doctorine and community, but there are other advantages. >> more and more people will go into the field of education, establish their own, maybe schools, colleges. and there, it will be that they will be able to benefit their
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community out of that >> reporter: across the city, alshar, another business you entrepreneur and his wife, alona know a reserved place for their daughter in the future means the pressure is off of her to attain top marks. the move by politicians didn't mean it is an easy pushover when it comes to voting. >> i always give my word to a person. i wouldn't name any party over anybody but definitely, if he is weighing or she is bringing any work in the country. the jane community in india register less than 1%, more than 1 billion people in the country. yet, they are seen as a community of successful businessmen and women who con tribute millions to the financial ex checker. >> that is getting minority status because the business community is not very happy.
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>> might be the only reason to give this matter the status. >> in a general election, every vote counts. any move by one political party to support or favor a minority group could mean the difference between winning or losing that general election. only when the votes are counted will anyone know if it was the right move or not. mumbai. >> in south africa, people are gearing up for wednesday's presidential e elections. current president jacob zuma and his amc party held a massive rally right there in the stadium in sueto. he said despite a weak economy and allegations of corruption, south africa is in fact much better off than it was 20 years ago. >> we have worked together to build a new society based upon the foundations of human rights, equality, justice, unity and
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reconciliation. we have worked together to build a south africa that truly. >> he is speaking about the end of apartheid and the amc party has won by a landslide since south africa became a full democracy in 1994 when nelson mandela became the country's first black president. one anc opposition party, which is the economic freedom fighters party known as the eff held its own rally ahead of wednesday's election. >> party is trying to capitalized on growing frustrations with the anc. al jazeera's hara mutasa. >> this lady and her cousin are is it excited about vote okay may 7 may 77th. >> i am voting for the anc because the founder struggled and gave us freedom.
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the ruling sfraik congress still has a lot of support. people aren't happy about the alleged skrupings in the amc. 20s million dollar of taxpayer money was spent to upgrades to the president's home. >> that figure is a big appeal for ourselves to win the african nation. by the way, including the president, himself, we need to correct that. >> along with access of corruption, poor service deliver, rising unemployment this could be a tough election. the black majority government has bought some dignity for many of those oppressed during apa aparthe apartheid. it has delivered water and
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electricity. those things are important because although the services are under severe thread. people who have access to water often get cut off. people who have access to electricity often get cut off. >> hussein says he isn't voting? >> i didn't renew my membership because i don't concur with what i see. it is for my own good. the ruling african congress is expected to win this election. it has to not only manage high levels of dissatisfaction but also deliver on promises of a better life made to millions who are so desperately poor. >> hurricane katrina hit new orleans nine years ago but there are still areas that haven't recovered. we will tell you how people are trying to turn an entire
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neighborhood all the way around.
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>> from saudi arabia to indiana, america's first case of middle east respiratory syndrome is finally, improving. health officials say a man hospitalized with the mers virus is getting better each and every day. he worked as a healthcare worker in saudi arabia and became sick after returning to the u.s. just last week. well, more than 100 people have already died from the virus
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which caused many people to be sick in the saudi arabia healthcare industry. while there is no cure for thevirus, it is not very easily spread from person to person. president obama will travel to arkansasan saw on wednesday to visit communities destroyed by deadly tornados. twisters tore through central arkansas last week killing 15 and injuring hundreds. the storms triggered more tornados from oklahoma to alabama and dumped record rainfall on parts of the gulf coast. the president declared arkansas faulkner county the hardest hit county making it eligible for federal assistance. few urban problems are are more subtle in blight. cities fight a fungus disease bought on by dilapidated structures. the problem has gotten worse since katrina in noerz. the city is now leading the chargeew orleans. the city is now leading the charge to turn entire neighborhoods around. >> the stock of gutted,
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abandoned and run-down homes across new orleans has been tied to poverty. but nearly nine years after hurricane katrina, they are a result of those uprooted by the storm. >> thousands of blighted structures in the city with the x on the door from when the search crews came through. >> considered the most blighted city in america after the 2005 hurricane, new orleans seems to be putting a noticeable dent in its ugly problem. >> this lot was overgrown. >> the crumblic home next to zac miller was torn down. neighbors are using the space for community garden. >> it's been amazing how much the neighborhood has changed. there is a to know of new properties that have been redeveloped or new construction on empty lots. >> it's a storm effect. >> a geography professor, peter yanki has been heeding a team in the flood zone since 2006. >> includes homes renovated by non-profits, reconstructed or torn down by the city. in the past four years, he says, the blight count has been
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reduced by more than 10,000 properties. a key goal of mayor mitch landrieu landrieu. >> there was a time period after the storm where there was an acceleration of recovery and it slowed off and leveled off a little bit. but it's still improving. >> in 2010, there were an estimated 40,000 blighted properties in new orleans. since then, several,000 homes have been torn down by the city and are now empty lots. everyone agrees there has been progress. some say there hasn't been enough. critics point to the lower 9th ward where neighbors of neighborhoods appear untouched since katrina? >> a lot of the homes boarded up are, you know, look horrible on these streets. >> you can find this all over the place? >> you find this in every street of new orleans. >> still? >> still. yes, indeed. >> the city has started to expedite the hearing processes for blighted properties. a plight status website.
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>> the pmayor is making progres and good progress but there is still a big, big problem to be overcome. neighbors and city leaders aagree fixing flight inflewence investors looking to add to a city as it continues to come back. jonathan martin, al jazeera, new orleans. >> some of the biggest tech companies are now joining forces. "the wall street journal" is reporting that google, micro soft and apple all say they will notify you if your information is requested by the government. government officials have asked companies to keep data requests a secret to avoid alerting those suspects. google glasses went on sale for 1500 bucks. a new report says the glasses contain $80 in parts. now, the most expensive part of those glasses is short of $14. don't be mad at google.
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the research and development cost isn't taken into consideration. the los angeles clippers continue to dominate the headlines in the nba, but last night, a bright spot for the franchise in what has been a play-off full of distractions. jessica joins us with more. >> there is good basketball being played but we are missing it because we have been talking about the sterling stuff. we talk hoops and we are in the midst of a play-off run in the nba three game sevens are prayed on the same day saturday. >> that's a first ever in the league and two more are on tap today. of course, all eyes have been on the clippers with the owner out of the building, the team is playing some inspired basketball in. in game seven, that went down all the way to the wire, la grinding it out to get the victory, second play-off series in three trials taking down golden state 126 to 121 behind chris fault's triple double. able to exhale in this exhausting series. >> it was about the night.
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everything else was in the past. couldn't dwell on all of that type of stuff. and not diminish how everything has been. >> every time you go through one of those tests, your team gets closer. they start believing. trusting more we went through the golden steak. >> is enough diversity for a while. >> yes, it is. the clippers play on their owner donald sterling is banned for life from the game. yesterday, the nba said the league, itself, would appoint a chief executive officer to run the team's day-to-day operations. meanwhile, one of the guys who has the money and threw his name in the ring to be the next owner of the clippers franchise, floyd mayweather, pretty boy floyd a little bit busy with his hands full with madana, the 30-year-old argen tinnian was supposed to be a longshot who came in about 45 and o.
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madon a. looked nothing like that 12 to 1 underdog and took mayweather down to the last round. mayweather would win to become the first fighter in boxing history to simultaneously unify alphabet belts in two weight classes. from a longshot that was a near miss to the odds on favorite that came from one of the most unlikely of places. california chrome's victory at churchhill downs on saturday was one for the people in the sport of kings. afebruary atly calling themselves in the beverly hillbillies, they showed the world you don't have to break the bank to have a kentucky derby winning horse. they paid over 10 grand. the gamble paid off. they gave the reins to 7 seven-year-old trainer to make him the oldest ever to win the kentucky derby? >> it hit me pretty hard. our dream had come true.
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>> what is it like after all of that to see him win the kentucky derby? >> i can't explain it. i cannot explain it, but i can tell you one thing, i am going to have my 88 ford pick-up painted. >> he can afford to do that now. you know, the winner there nearly $1.25 million. >> was for california chrome. pretty good deal for some of these -- someone who paid a little over 10 grand for him. >> speaking of affording it, let's go back to pretty boy floyd. boxing, my favorite, he said he was putting his hat. he said my team has the money. how much money did he win? >> how about this? all in a day's work like a morgan radford contract, 32 million for mayweather. madona got 1.5 million. he lost. this is all before the t.v. revenue comes in. today, they have more money coming in right now. >> unbelievable. money mayweather. thanks so much, jess. coming up on al jazeera america, some of the most
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extension clifksz of information are storedollections of information are stored are stored in the library of depression, now one of the most difficult restoration programs ever.
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we have been recording sound for more than 120 years, but a lot of that music hasn't been digitized. now, it's in danger of being lost forever. al jazeera's alan fisher is at the u.s. library of congress where some people are trying to change all of that. sc ♪ good night irene. ♪ good night, irene. ♪ >> a voice from the past being saved for the future, a recording from led belly. back to 1934, it's being digitized and preserved for the future. >> you can see it's beret lum num. in these years, in the early s 30s. it makes a shallow groove which makes it a little bit trucky to
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play back as an engineer now the whole operation is part of the ibbrary of congress's efforts to save the country's audio archives. each year it has given or collects tens of thousands of items. it's trying to save them all. >> this is just a small cross section of some of the things that have been donated over the past year. there are mae different formats here many different challenges. they range from famous entertainers to voices from the u.s. supreme court. >> it from around the 150,000 items gathered each year, 15,000 will be digitized. it's a tough decision about which goes first. this tube has a recording of "do we want him" for a campaign song for william mckinneyly. this is a tape master for judy collins' album. this is called a mother. from this, you can make a metal stamper from which 78 disks were pressed. >> it will take several
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lifetimes to work through all there is to save. but many believe it's worth it. >> we have this century and lasted century great artists recorded. they will have a chance. the future will have a chance to hear them and discover them and learn a lot more about us than we were ever able to learn about the generations before us. . >> we have been recording sound for more than 120 years. some of the earliest work is in poor condition, but that hasn't stopped the library. this is irene, a high tech machine which scans early retirements even on wax disks, pushing them through a computer and playing the sound. >> sound recording as well as motion picture and images and things like that are a very modern way of recording our history something about the human voice speaking. some of these things are just spoken words. >> there is a chance with changing formats, something new,
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something wonderful will replace digitization. for the most, it's the best way to preserve american's sound julys. alan fisher, at the u.s. library of congress. another day in the northeast where you will want to have the umbrella close by. not a washout but damp. it's all thanks to an area of low pressure that will continue to move off to the north and east as we go through the day. notice the trailing front behind it. we are getting the push of cooler air, northwesterly winds from canada and over the lakes helping to add a little bit more moisture into those areas like cleveland and areas that are wetter for you but scattered rain showers will be over the region as we get in the afternoon hours and things will wind down. we are soggy across the northwest. getting an onshore flow, a little bit of a cooler air mass
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along the coastline. interior sections will continue to heat up. as far as those of you around the seattle area, we are keeping this rain around nots just for today but really over the next couple of days and we are not going to see a break from the wet weather until about late tuesday into wednesday. >> that's when temperatures will warm back up. it's cool as we ends our weekend but temperatures will at least get into the mid 60s and we will have some dryer weather wednesday and into thursday. we are already feeling the heat across the southern plains and we could really use the rainfall here as temperatures climb well into the mid 90s across texas and oklahoma. it has beg dry. these areas could certainly see record high temperatures. we are getting pretty close. not only as we get through the day today but also into monday but tuesday. >> heat will stick around. tulsa few degrees off from our record high of 96, oklahoma city 94 as well. red flag warnings will be in place today and the heat, the very dry, windy conditions will persist on into monday. morgan? >> thanks so much, eboni. thanks to you for watching
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al jazeera america. i am morgan radford. listening post featuring reporting boka haram is next. for news on the day, head to hello i am i am richard againstburg. you are at the listening post. a huge news story in nigeria and why the coverage is so scarce. the philippines where journalism does not come easily. ethiopia says it doesn't care what human rights groups think. it's putting another 9 journalists on trial. chalk one up to the imagination in our web video of