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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> an angry crowd attacks the police station in odessa. the ukrainian city where 42 people died on friday. >> hello. this is al jazeera live from doha. also ahead, a string of explosions rock the kenyan cities of mombasa and nairobi. no hope for thousands buried under a landslide in afghanistan. those who survived are in desperate need of help. and sky scrapers and highways, panama gets a $15 billion
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makeover. pro-russia acvisits have stacked the police headquarters in the southern ukrainian city of odessa. this comes two days after violence left more than 40 people dead in the city. police have now released most of those who were arrested on friday, earlier, supporters smashed windows and broke down a gate at the police compound. jonah h. ll sent us this update. >> anger has been building since friday permating the shock, if you like. and building in particular because people on sunday were allowed into the remains of the burned down building in which so many people had died on friday and they had gone from that building en masse to the central police station where around 100 people action we believe, were being held, being arrested after that violence pro-shan crowds
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have been gathered outside the police station angry lee demanding the release of their comrades, shouting, freedom, freedom and fascists at the police who they see as representing the government and the authorities in kiev. eventually the anger bubbling over to a point where they got access to the building through a side vehicle entrance to a section of the building and started causing damage to property there. the police were looking on a ring of steel around them, police holding their shields. and at some point, extraordinarily, a decision was taken to acquiesce and one by one those arrested and detained inside began to leave the building into the arms of the protesters outside eastern ukraine mean wheel government troops are continuing their
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operation to stop pro-russia rebels from taking more towns. ukrainian forces are manning check points on the outskirts of slovyansk, a pro-russian stronghold trying to make a ring around the city but have yet to enter it. >> this follows clashes against acvisits in thety the previous day. burned out vehicles were found on saturday having been set on fire by russian activists to block the approach of ukrainian soldiers. >> in other world news, aid supplies have started arriving in northeastern afghanistan. 2000 people are missing and feared dead. twice that number have lost their homes and are in desperate need of help. dominic cain reports from barashan on friday. . >> scene from the air, the force of friday's landslide is clear. the village that lay in its path
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has been engulfed. now, first aid tents stand near where houses once stood. shams rakman tends to an injured boy. this child is one of the lucky ones to get prompt treatment. this clinic is one of several that have been set up near the disaster area. >> we found this injured child trapped under the mud. he is undergoing treatment of the health clinic. we provided him with mess medication. >> many other people were not so fortunate. it entombed most of the village. estimates of the number of people killed vary. but it's clear there has been a substantial loss of life. you have a the landslide happened, i came here look with my friends to rescue our relatives. we couldn't rescue them.
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a huge number of people have been killed. a unusual of others are trapped under the mud. >> the govern of the profess has said the houses are under so much mud that it will be impossible to reach the people bur irked there. instead, they will make the area a mass grave. >> today has dbeen de-claired a day of national mourning because of rescue efforts to find any bodies with thwere discontinued the houses, around 50 to centimeters of soil. >> for many of the survivors, home has become an improvised tent. with thousands of people displaced by the disaster, aid agencies saw they have their work cut out. there are fears that the hillside that fell on this community is so unstable it could happen again. dominic cain, al jazeera. >> in syria, there are growing hopes of a cease fire to end a
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two-year siege in homs. rebel forces have reached a partial agreement with the government that includes allowing rebels to pull out of homs with the operation being monitored by the u.n. in exchange, rebels will release what they say are hezbollah fighters and syrian army soldiers. a final deal is still being finalized. meanwhile, certain i can't's refugee crisis is der issue fo ministers from five countries held a special meeting at the refugee camp in jordan. syria's neighbors and the u.n. are urging the international community to do more to help millions of people who have fled the fighting. jordan, turkey, egypt, lebanon and iraq have added their names to that plea. nigeria's president "good luck" jonathan has promised to find more than 200 school girls who were kidnapped. he spoke to state officials for
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the first time. church services have been held tries the country. people fried for the missing girls abducted in borno state by boka haram. reports suggest the girls have been sold to fighters from the group. >> south africa's political parties are holding final campaign rallies ahead of elections on wednesday. the supporters of the national african congress have been gathering. the opposition party, economic freedom fighters were holding final rally in pretty other i can't. tanya page is there. we will hear from her. first, at the african national congress in johannesburg. >> a tough crowd to please. supporters want to know why there are corruption allegations in the ruling african national congress. they want to know why there is poor service delivery. some people in the 90,000 stayed annual.
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some say the speech was boring. the president carried on. he promise today create jobs. he promised to tackle corruption in the ruling african national congress. he promised to deal with the land issues. he says that he will try to work hard here to make sure more land is redistributed to landless black south africans. zuma knows he has a lot of support because of the legacy the amc has. black south africans thanked for helping to end apart eye i'd and bringing freedom. he will be counting on that loyalty come the election on the 7th may. we have got some radical policy ideas. he wants to nationalized the country's mine and banks and sees farms from white owners without giving compensation. he wants to introduce a minimum wage of $450 a month and double the salaries of police officers, teachers and nurses.
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there isn't a lot of information and daily given by the party as to exactly how it will be achieved and the critics are certainly slamming those ideas as unaffordable and unrealistic. it may not be very long depending upon the outcome of a corruption case. it will be rejected from parl parliame parliament. two years ago. his radical messages are resonating who say it hasn't done enough to benefit their lives in the last 20 years. >> a suicide car bombinger killed six soldiers in yemen it happened in the province where the arm has launched an offensive against fighters from al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the province is also a focus of the operation. more than 60 al-qaeda fighters have been killed since campaign started on tuesday.
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stefanie dekker reports >> reporter: it's a show of force designed to get rid of al-qaeda in the southern provinces. the military campaign was launched on tuesday and now even more reinforcements have arrived in the prove incident of shabwa. it's a tricky operation. >> the government will have a difficult time trying to defeat first of all, because they are very experienced at fighting and because of their unorganized tactics of war. >> many have been killed on both sides including a local commander and an army officer. one al-qaeda leader says the longer this campaign continues, the more support their group will receive. we are not alone in fighting the enemy. we fight the enemy together with the tribes who con dem the u.s. drone strikes here and the bar barrick by the arm. i expect the longer this goes on, the more support from the people we will get.
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>> using land and air tactics to push them out. the united states says that this off chute of is extremely dangerous. from other gulf state remember the president earlier in the week said that 70% of these fighters are not yemeni. >> number is a bit exaggerated. >> shows there are many foreign fighters and the international community needs to help. >> drones have targeted this area before. there was a backlash after many civilians were killed. for now, it's most likely yemenis who are to confront the powerful group. maybe say this operation could take months. stefanie dekker, al jazeera. >> government forces in south sudan say they have taken back control of the town of bentu. they have been battling fighters loyal to former vice president,
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the capitol and has changed hands several times since fighting began in mid december. joining us on the line is phillip aguiellr. on the light from the capital. thank you very much for being on our al jazeera. first of all, can you confirm to us that your forces have retaken the town of bentu? >> yes. in full filament of the constitutional man date. recaptured town at 4. bentu is now in the hands of the government security forces. >> the nature of the war, we are more confident this time that
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not only bentu. the problem with south sudan, the army have regained the control of this because attacks, mobilizing in various places and now, they are on the move. >> can you tell us what the situation is as far as the civilians your forces have been trying to regain control. what is the situation of the civilians? are they still in the town? have they been able to leave? >> the civilians, the army is strictly the civilians will be protected by the forces and the
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same, been captured this morning. officers and soldiers to protect all of the civilians will be provided protection and are in charge of what will happen during the operation according to the code of operations, and their properties. >> you say the military operations continue. so what about peace talks? talks, xlom attic talks to end this fighting? >>diplom attic talks to end this fighting? >>. >> i think territories of south sudan.
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we believe that this conflict initially is a political quarrel. the politicians definitely will continue to resolve the conflict. with regard to the security, whatever. south sudan must be protected by the army and all. >> thank you very much indeed for talking to us. south sudan's military spokesman on the line from juba. still ahead on the program, this classroom is learning a language of a different kind. how children as young as 5 will learn to code in the u.k. plus sky scrapers and highways. panama gets a $15 billion makeover.
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six soldiers in southern yemen, where the army has launched an offensive against fighter from is al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> at least one person is reported dead after two bomb attacks on buses in kenya's capital, nay roby. several others are set to be injured. no one claimed responsibility yet. in the port city of mumbasa. several of wounded. january ferguson reports and a warning that some of you might find the images in her report disturbing. this is all that's left of the bus that was started. police sestakers threw a grenade at it while and passenger while riding on a bike. he mergency services arrived to carry away the injured. i sue three people dead after the blast.
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there were marionn man injured. we took 8 people to hospital. many more took themselves to get treatment. >> minutes later, a second attack in the same city, a bag with an improvised explosive device was spotted near the reef hotel. people passing by managed to take cover before it detonated. remarkably, no one was killed. police say they don't yet have an explanation for who was behind the blast. but kenya has become a target for the some all s /* somali al shabaab. they are trying to punish the government for sending troops to crush the group. in response, the kenyan government launched operation ussalama watch. it has been described as critics as police erin had asment of somalis living in kenya. on sunday, the kenyan police said the operation would be
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intensified. maybe used the momentum in the future. if anything, we will increase the intensity of this operation. >> it has been over two and a half years since the kenyan defense forces entered somali to push al shabaab out. since then, attacks inside kenya have increased. a conflict the kenyans had hoped would be fought inside somalia continues to take the lives of kenyans. al jazeera, nairobi. >> reports from northern ire lapped suggest the sinn 15 leader gerry adams will be released. he has been questioned over the noon 72 murder of jean mcconville, a widowed mother of 10. let's go live to al jazeera tim friend who joins us in northern ireland. tell us what you are hearing about this report that gerry adams will be released soon
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>> reporter: several sources saying that gerry adams will be released in the next hour. you will recall that he arrived here voluntarily on wednesday evening and then was taken into custody here at amtrim police station. he has been intear gated since then although he arrived here voluntarily, he is under arrest, remains under arrest until he is released, and he is being questioned about a number of things. the main one being the murder in 1972 would you the ira of jean mcconville who was wrongly, as it turned out, suspected of being a police informer. mr. adams has always denied any involvement in that crime and similarly, he has always denied he has been a member of the ira that said it carried out that killing bren a tension few days and the concern is that the
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arrest of the sinn feign leader, the ma the man who many considered helped deliver the peace after three decades of violence, 3 and a half thousand people dead should be taken into custody in this own way and his own party talked about political policing, a dark side to policing. in turn, the unionists, opposition or the other side of the argument have accused sinn 15 of making political capital, trying to black male the police. the tension has been increasing here amongst loyalists, unionists, there may be some anger if and when mr. adams is finally, released. >> we will be going back to you, tim, as soon as this reaction and as soon as he is released. tim friend live in antrim in northern ireland. five and 6-year-olds will be the
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first in the developed world to start learning computer coding at school to create a generation of high-tech entrepreneurs. kim vanell splapz >> reporter: in southwest england, these students are taking a language class of a different kind. >> objective c. >> like with french or spanish, there are rules and exceptions to learn. they speak to a computer creating games, applications and websites. >> this is a good thing to use because you want to start my own business and employ someone to do my website, i can do it myself. >> teaching programming is a trend globally. israeli high school included computer science a decade ago and australia, denmark and finland are looking to make similar changes. but come september, england will become the first g 20 country to teach computer science rather than computer literacy. students will start learning to
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write code from the aiming of 5. they will go through four stages from learning algorithms to creating and altering programs all the way through to learning the hardware and software of a computer. it's a far cry from the days of type and listen and microsoft office to youtorials. >> that's the way the government wants it. teacher jonathan talbot basics the changes and says coding has real world applications? >> they don't do it to play games but make games so they are economically viable as a 16-year-old rather than in 40,000 pounds of debt. >> most teachers are on board. not all of them are ready. matthew rogers is helping train other teachers but said not enough funding has trickled through. >> it's not just i need to read a quick book about this. it's actually they need to understand how it works. >> one of coding's biggest supporters is tano the company distributed low cost computers to get would-be coders around
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the world up and run be. >> the next creators are in places like tans kntanzania, soe are trying to create a new kind of computing experience. >> new create is what the u.k. government says it's investing in as it trues to compete in the global innovation race. kim vanell, al jazeera, london. at least 11 people have been killed during fighting in iraqistit of fallujah. the city west of baghdad has been held by antigovernment fighters for more than four months. reports suggest at least two people were wounded when shelling hit part of fallujah's south. >> libya's parliament has chosen a new prime minister. he's been sworn in by the general national congress. he needed 120 votes to win. h libya's previous prime minister
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ne resigned three weeks ago citing security concerns. the trial of three al jazeera journalists has been adjourned again until may 15th. they are accused of falsifying news and conspireing with the outlawed muslim brotherhood. a fourth journalist has been detained since last august. he has been on hunger track for 104 days. al jazeera rejects all of the charges against its staff. panama is known for its famous canal. now it is getting ready to expand in the hope of becoming one of the shipping capitols of the world. a report from the seaport of cologne. >> panama's makeover is well underway. cranes fill a skyline crowded with sky scrapers. new highways are being built and the country's first metro was
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inaugurated. it's hoped the expansion of the canal will double trade volumes, attracting hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue. >> panama is in the middle of a $15 billion infrastructure campaign to rye make the country into one of the biggest shipping and logistic hubs in the world. the president of panama likes to compare it with singapore with a third of the population living in poverty, the analogy seems far-fetched. the port of cologne is an hour's drive from the capitol. the residents here feel as though they have been forgotten. >> we don't get any benefit. people go without eating or they live picking up scraps from the floor. it shouldn't be like this. for each ship that goes through the canal, the government receives money. we should be living in better conditions. >> americans found the port when the canal was built 100 years ago. then it was renowned for its beauty. now, it's known for its acute
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poverty and crumbling buildings. >> we need a lot of work, a lot of help. look at the house. yesterday, the floor fell and the intravrns to the steps. it fell downentrance to the ste it fell down. >> the world's second biggest free-trade zone. it accounts for 15% of panama's $36 billion gross domestic product. economist strabis says while panama's government wants more foreign investment, it lacks some basics. >> you have high levels of corruption, very low levels of good government. i am not opposing infrastructure you qua size it and pay so little attention to governorance and to the need to rebuild the social network. the elderly poor now receive
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$100 per month pension and new public schools are being built. but for the residents of cologne, the benefits of panama's economic miracle have yet to materialize. alez an draw jobiti, panama. >> more news on our website, world that you haven't heard called black sites, cia principleses around the world that you haven't heard about including two possible locations revealed just this week. are we still in the shadow of abu ghraib? we discuss right now.