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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> on the next talk to al jazeera lawyer david boies gives surprising insight into his most historic case bush vs. gore and tells of his relentless fight for civil rights >> this is the defining issue today... >> talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america >> pro russian accept are activities pushing forward with a vote in eastern ukraine despite public assistance against it and the request of russian president vladimir putin to delay it. >> the missing school girls gain celebrity report. a picture at the heart of the campaign causes controversy. >> struggling to survive after fleeing violence.
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why asylum seekers in italy are having trouble with their new lives. >> if it wasn't safe i wouldn't let my kids ride it. >> the hard work behind the roller coaster a father built in his back yard. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. >> i'm bell cat. >> russia turning its attention away from the cries in ukraine, paying tribute to the past. >> tens of thousands lined up to celebrate victory day. the annual holiday celebrates the triumph over germany in world war two. >> pro russian accept are a activities refused the request from vladimir putin to delay you a to know knee referendums set this sunday. 70% of eastern ukrainians, including russian speakers want the borders to stay the same, while only 18% support secession from ukraine. we are covering today's festivities in moscow. we just got word that vladimir
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putin is in crimea after attending today's celebrations in moscow. was this expected? >> well, it had been rumored for quite some time and frankly, it is the sort of thing he would do. his attitude toward all the criticism from the west is crimea is russian now, it's done and down, get used to it. going there like this may be read as a defiant for bold move, but it's exactly the sort of thing putin does. >> on the issue of defiance, how concerned are russian officials over those pro russian backers move forward. >> the only announcement by the kremlin was that they will take time to analyze that, but there isn't really very much time. this is friday and the referendum is supposed to be held sunday, so i think the
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message from the kremlin is well, we're just going to wait and see how it goes. there in donetsk, they say they're ready. the statements coming out of the self appointed government's spokes people is they are very confident they've got everything set up, polling stations, ballots. they are ready to go. so i guess we all are going to have to wait and see. >> russian saying the elections won't mean anything unless they end those military operations and open dialogue with rebels. do you see kiev making such a move? >> well, no, their response has been a pretty big no on all that. it is hard to see how elections can take place in the midst of what increasingly looks like a civil war, but the ukrainian election commission has said that if there are some regions
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of the country where you can't have a vote for some reason, we'll just not count them, and in this respect, the ukraine probably can hold an election on may 25 over most of its regions. >> fred weir joining us from moscow. thank you very much. >> ahead, much more on the crisis in ukraine, including a conversation with robert hunter, the former ambassador to nato. >> nigeria's president said the abduct school girls will be found. they were abducted by the armed grube boko haram. the president thanked the u.s., britain for their help in the search effort. they believe the group has been split and taken out of the country. this has become the tipping point and will be the beginning of the end of terrorism i have
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nigeria. the archaist getting plenty of on line support. a movement that ha sprung up on social media #bringbackourgirls. nigeria said their own government was slow to react. >> i think it speaks of a bigger problem, which is that because of the lack of impunity and because people believe they can get away with this, people will commit these kind of crimes. >> some other famous actors also taking part in a social media campaign to support the victim, sean penn, bradley cooper and justin timberlake say real men don't buy girls. a photography took images for the campaign said her pictures are being misrepresented.
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amy said she took this three years ago about a thousand miles away from nigeria. she said the girl involved was not involved with kidnapping or sex trafficking. >> both sides accuse each other of human rights violations in syria. thousands of people have been killed, more than 1 million fleeing their homes. we are joined now from the capital of ethiopia where talks of taking place. what will mediators put on the table in talks today? >> the mediators since the talks started have not had any breakthroughs, except for the cease fire agreement signed, now
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abused and violated by both sides. with the talks having no progress a understand very little happening here at the venue of the talks, the feeling of the made 80s have been that they need to bring the two principals and his former deputy. today, they are here to try and bring about some way of going beyond the current stalemate and agreeing to something that would see the conflict in south sudan come to an end. right now, they are in consultation with the prime minister of ethiopia and later in the day are supposed to meet face-to-face for the first time since the conflict began. >> humid, thank you. >> a south screen court will decide in the c.e.o. of the company that owns the capsized ferry can be charged. he knew the boat was overloaded when it lest port but didn't do
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anything about it. he is currently in custody along with the 15 surviving crew members. 273 people died and 31 others are still unaccounted for. families of the victims are staging a sit in this morning in seoul, many relatives clutching photos of their loved ones and some begging for just 10 seconds with the president. they want more answers from the president about the search operations. a presidential aid plans to meet with the families later today. >> an oak he can court now delaying the execution of a death row inmate for six months. that stay only applying to charles warner, a convict baby killer. the state won't carry out executions while last weed botched execution is investigated. ia man was given a myth at your of drugs. >> protestors and police
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clashing in bangkok, unrest coming days after the prime was ousted for alleged corruption. the tpepl mon straiters say the removal is not enough. they say they want the countries entire political system reformed. >> the main leader of the anti-government movement has called this the final push. he said this before, and the tactics are the same. he's urged supporters that march on various sites in the city to parliament, the prime minister's offices and several television stations. >> i'm here to kick them out. i want them all gone. >> the protest has been largely peaceful, although police fired tear gas at a group trying to force their way into a government compound in north bangkok. a court recently forced the prime minister to step down after finding her guilty of
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abuse of power. one of her deputies has replaced her at interim leader. the protestors still see him as a performy of the brother of the former foreign minister. he was ousted in a coup in 2006. they've held demonstrations in the capital for the past six months. bangkok's largest park has been turned into a camp, home to protestors from all over the country. >> some of the protestors have been camping here since early this year. many say they will stay until they say a change in government. >> the caretaker government wants to hold elections in july. parties allied have easily won elections since 2001, largely because of his populace policies. protestors say polls will not solve the political cries.
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they want to put in place an unelected government. pro government supporters say that is undemocratic, and will hold a counter rally of their own saturday, raising the stakes in thailand's protracted power play. >> this is the third time a court removed a prime minister in thailand since 2006. coming up, we take a closer look at the charges that led to the ouster of the prime minister. >> back in this country, severe weather threatening the mississippi valley today. >> let's turn to our meteorologist. >> another active day is expected across the central u.s., starting to push further east. here's a look at all the rain trailing along the cold front extending from the great lakes to the gulf coast. video out of minnesota yesterday, there were a number of tornadoes reported. you can see here that a lot of
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damage did occur. this looks like it's out in an open field, but there was damage and hail up to two inches in localized areas. that tornado threat has waned, but the cleanup will take place today. conditions aren't looking all that favorable around the minnesota area, because we expect more rain. the area of low pressure heads eastward. in advance, we have moisture in place. we'll deal with heavy down storms, strong storms from indianapolis to st. louis and back into san antonio we could be dealing with active weather here, as well. across much of texas, it looks like that has pushed eastward, but we'll still have areas across texas that will move into the lower mississippi valley. around jackson later today, shreveport, you will need to watch the case, because conditions deteriorate through the day. for now, looks like rain, some heavy at times, right into the
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delta, mississippi. keep the rain gear handy. further north, this cluster of storms prompted a severe thunderstorm warning but that has since waned. storms continue to move off the east coast as we get into at least the weekend, we'll see improving weather conditions. in the west, next storm system dives from the pacific northwest into the four corners region. with it, temperatures are going to be turning much colder and this blue indicates snow showers and that will take place around denver saturday night into sunday. we'll start off the weekend stormy, by mother's day, we will be dealing with snow, winter storm watch in denver. >> snow may be gone until july 4. >> a nationwide audit ordered for the department of veteran affairs. >> all the people that are a part of this, they should be held accountable, because it's a crime. >> an investigation into claims that dozens of veterans died because of treatment as a v.a.
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hospital was delayed. >> violent clashes between students and police in venezuela. what was behind the riots that left at least one dead. >> today's big number, $3,200,000,000. >> why this amount is music to the ears of one music star and could create the first billionaire rapper. vé
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>> there are no new iphones or ipads, but apple has got a new beat. $3.2 billion is how much the tech giant is paying pour music company beats electronic. >> that company makes beats head phone made famous by artist and cofounder dr. dre. beats bought back it's shares which resulted in a $500 million investment from the carlisle group. if the deal goes through, carlisle would walk away with over $1 billion for its
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foresight. >> africa's ruling party is on its way to winning a fifth consecutive election. the african national congress has over 53% of the vote. the win should lighten the pressure on president zuma. the a.n.c. has been in power for 2020 years. we are in pretoria. is this vindication for president jacob zuma? >> i think it is. it's certainly a big victory for them, not as big as five years ago when they achieved 55%, a slight slip but staying above the 50% threshold. president zuma has been hammered
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in the media. people on the streets say they are really angry particularly about the spending of $23 million on his private home but this proves how deeply rooted support goes particularly in the rural areas. >> as you allude to, it's not a resounding victory as seen in the past. is the opposing democratic alliance finally gaining ground? >> i think the d.a. as it's known here is the big success story of these elections. it was 16.7% at the last count but now more the 22% of the vote. that is a big gain. i was talking to its leader just a short time ago and she said this shows that some voters are tired of waiting for the a.n.c. to pull its socks up as she distribution. lots of people unhappy, many saying they don't have the
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services they expected to have 20 years after the advent of democracy here in south africa. she says the a.n.c. is the party of patronage, but the d.a. is the party of good governance and say these results prove that. >> tanya paige reporting from describing da, thank you. >> pull its socks up. president obama is in northern california attending fundraisers for the democratic national committee. he'll unveil several actions rewarding solar energy, today the president visiting a wal-mart store in mountain view, california. the president will announce a private-public partnership with more than 300 u.s. companies committed to cleaner more efficient energy. a job training plant will train workers in the solar energy field along with a $2 billion investment to make federal buildings more efficient. >> businesses are scrambling to
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capitalize on emergent drone technology but a lot of work has to be done to see how they will share the sky and coexist with other flying machines. >> out here on the seemingly endless plains of south texas where wind turbines easily outnumber people, a lot of folks count on a new industry to take flight. >> there's been a lot of work, sometimes a major headache, but it's been fun, because, you know, i'm on the leading edge of this. >> david bridges runs the unmanned aerial system's program aat corpus christie university. >> a lot of people are familiar
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with the amazon video, it was rather cute. what that video didn't show was how the amazon helicopter was going to avoid colliding with knows helicopter bringing your pizza. >> it's called sense and avoid and still one of the unperfected technology in drones that researchers in corpus christie and other test sites need for the industry to grow. >> here we have two unmanned aircraft. >> american aereo space advisors works on the drone operations. while drop deliveries may still be years away, lucrative applications already exist from drones that detect when and where a field might need fertilizer and water to unmanned
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planes checking watering. >> these aircraft can fly 12-16 hours on a gallon and a half of gasoline. >> the test site will ever an economic impact of $8 billion statewide, two must not $60 million of that in south texas alone with 1200 new jobs created in the region. until the f.a.a. finalizes the regulations covering commercial drone use and officially opens the nation's air space, the industry remains grounded with possible delays to come. >> the u.s. spends more than any other country on the research and development of drone technology. worldwide the amount is expected to reach $12 billion within the next decade. >> the head of the department of veteran affairs expecting a grilling next week in the senate, testifying about
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allegations that dozens died waiting for care at a v.a. hospital. the house subpoenaing a general yesterday along with several other top v. officials trying to find out why the waiting list for veterans needing care was destroyed. tracy pots has been following the investigation. she is live in washington, d.c. what did this subpoena cover? >> it covers any sort of documents related to what happened at that phoenix hospital. this house committee all voted in favor of the subpoena. they want to get to the bottom of why it was taking so long for some of these veterans to see a doctor. >> i'm now going to sign a subpoena sport production of emails. >> lawmakers are giving the v.a. until may 19 to turn over emails and documents about who destroyed a secret waiting list. steven cooper was a doctor there and had stage four prostate
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cancer. he had to wait three months for treatments. >> had i stayed at the v.a., i would be dead. >> all the people who were part of this should be held accountable, because it's a crime. >> president obama spoke about the controversy. >> if we are serious about making sure our veterans are properly cared for, then we've got to fix congress. >> congress democrats and republicans are backing v.a. secretary, the american legion wants him to resign. >> i don't believe that just changing someone at the top is going to actually get to the solutions that many of us are looking for. >> we need good information before we start chopping people's heads off. >> the white house said the v.a.'s backlog of cases has been cut in half since last year. the order to review all the v.a. hospitals, he testifies here next week. >> that testimony is happening
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before the senate veteran affairs committee on thursday. the senate will question him. the house right now wants those documents. >> a big temperature shift is coming, let's go straight to our meteorologist. >> we are going to feel the heat across the eastern u.s. we are now starting to see our temperatures warming. that is good news especially getting out around the d.c. area where we expect 80's. we're going to be cooler around the chicagoland area, right now at 66 degrees and temperatures will only make it into the mid 70's. yesterday, we set a record high of 93 degrees at chicago midway, so definitely not feeling that kind of heat today. we will feel the warmup from philadelphia southward with 70's and 80's, but the rest of the northeast will stay on the cool side with the clouds. >> thank you. >> immigration not just a controversy here in america. >> italy is dealing with the
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rush of migrants arriving from africa. >> i need to change my life, but here, i don't think so. >> many are worse off since crossing the mediterranean. why italy won't let them leave. >> a panel investigating benghazi. some say they are just not going to attend. >> two college students going to extremes to avoid final exam, even risking death? one of the stories making headlines this morning.
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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. >> i'm stephanie sy. ahead, we'll talk about the continuing battle over benghazi, republicans launching a new investigation into the attack on
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the u.s. consulate in libya. some say it's just politics as usual. >> a father and son working together to build a pretty sweet back yard roller coaster, sweet being the operative word there. >> why an increasing number of women are putting off motherhood until later in life. >> nigeria's president saying they will find those school girls kidnapped. jonathan saying he believes the girls may have been split into smaller groups and taken out of the country, jonathan saying the kidnappings will be the beginning of the end of terrorism there. >> the leader of the rebel movement in south sudan and the president are meeting today. the u.s. pressured them to come together to end the blood shed that have left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands displaced. international human rights groups accused both sides of committing war crimes. >> plans are moving forward for voting this weekend in some of
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those pro russian regions of ukraine, despite the call of vladimir putin to put them off. some ukrainians don't want to see changes to their country's borders. >> we are joined from washington, d.c. this morning by the ambassador. thank you very much. >> why the about face by vladimir putin asking pro russian accept are a activities to hold off now. are economic sanctions working causing him to think twice are are we seeing another political ploy? >> putin is demonstrating that he can sweet, reasonableness, now that he's already got crimea, this wrench did you mean's going to go forward. whether or not he really wanted to stop it is another matter. that's going to demonstrate strong support for pro russian
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elements. now that's let's go forward with the elections across the country on the 25th of may. he said that's a peachy idea, because he knows that in that part of ukraine, there's going to be a big pro russian plurality, so in effect, he's going to say i got what i wanted, you notice people are moving my directions, people you better behave if you've got russians in your midst, because i'm right around the corner. >> i says he's pulling his troops back in the eastern regions, the pentagon saying they're not seeing any indication that is happening, what are we to make of those troops still amassed on the borders? >> i think he's still trying to send a message, i'm here, i'm the big bear, you've got to take me seriously, don't kick me anymore the way you did for a lot of years. when this comes to an end, to
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keep everybody a little bit uncomfortable in the future about taking on russia. he's a tactical, very masterful in his tactics and so far, he's winning. >> talks about your clash of cultures, may nine is victory day in russia, the anniversary day that the soviet union announcing that nazi germany surrendered and there is a massive show of force in moscow. is he trying to make a statement that even nato doesn't believe exists anymore, that being that russia is this military might that everybody, the entire word needs to fear? >> i think nobody wants to see this mill at herrized. certainly not putin, because if he starts doing that, then over time, they will really be isolated. this is about his domestic politics. a lot of russians said we kind of miss the day when we were a super power.
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they like what putin has been doing in crimea and elsewhere and by holding this great big circus, this is macy's thank giving day practice raider for the russians. everybody is going to feel good until they go to the grocery store in a couple of weeks and find that their pay packet doesn't go as far as it used to. this is just show and tell for the people of russia. >> ambassador hunter, thank you for being with us. robert hunter is the former ambassador to nato joining us from washington, d.c. this morning. >> since the arab spring a flood of migrants have headed to europe. they have tried to stemmed tide, but in doing so left african migrants in rome in limbo. >> look at this street. look again, now consider, this is rome. in one of the world's great
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cities, in one of the world's wealthiest countries, asylum seeker's lives are worse here than where they fled. >> we are homeless, jobless. >> everyone here left behind terrible violence looking for a better life. they didn't expect this. >> we don't have a real place to eat. we don't have a real place to sleep. this is not a life. it's bad. >> this is your room. >> his room is with 160 square feet. he shares it with four people. he's lived here for almost five years since harrowing boat ride across the mediterranean. >> up every night until 2:00 a.m. >> the island has always been migrant's most appealing target, the closest entry way to europe, 70 miles from the african coast. last october, a boat like this one full of people dreaming of a
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european future capsized. nearly 400 died. in his first official visit outside rome, pope francis made migrant death a rallying cry, urged the world to see the immigrant as our neighbor. >> i needed to come here to pray, to carry out a gesture of closeness. >> the coast guard expanded its patrols. today, it's intercepting more boats. pure are dying. survivors are offered asylum but many are refusing, so they can move on to a country more welcoming. >> we've been here for six months. >> how long in the future will you stay? >> another country. >> this man accepted asylum. that was the beginning of his problems. >> we are not integrated into society. that's why we can't get jobs, we can't communicate and can't survive. >> instead of the slum, he and
7:36 am
450 migrants occupy this building. used to be a government office, but then it was abandoned until these families moved into every single room. >> i cam came to the city. >> he fried to flee, but because he landed in italy, every other country he asked for asylum rejected him and threw him in jail. >> how many jails in europe have you had to go to? >> about 10. >> he works a few hours a week as a gardner, unable to achieve his dream. >> i need to change my life. here, i don't think so. >> so they're stuck. they can't change their lives here, but they're not allowed to leave. nick schiffron, aljazeera, rome. >> aljazeera america has been
7:37 am
taking a closer look at the immigration controversy here at home. our groundbreaking series border land had six americans retrace the steps of migrant who died trying to get to the u.s. this weekend, the group will reunite to share their stories about the whole experience. you can see the reunion right here sunday night at 9:00 eastern. >> there have been fierce clashes between police and students in venezuela, leaving one dead, four injured. it began early thursday morning when national guard troops rounded up anti-government protestors and dismantled their camps. following the raid, a police officer then was shot to death. there is a new partnership that is changing the landscape in mexico's drug wars. vigilante's have until tomorrow to put down their guns and join police. some of embracing the idea, others are not.
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>> slugs shot collected and saved, all part of an official gun registration. vigilantes amassed this fire appear for a war against the cartels but now that the knight's templar has virtually disappeared, the government has told the vigilantes to stand down. once registered, they can keep guns, but starting saturday can no longer patrol at self defense units. they have to be folded into a new police force. >> we're going to keep working as rural police, as rural defense forces. we are the people, legal and uniformed. >> the security commissioner says anyone patrolling without official authority after saturday will be arrested. >> from may 11, any self defense member carrying a gun, patrolling and trying to rid the streets of criminals on their own without being in official uniform or without the authority from the state will be detained.
7:39 am
>> some self defense units are weary of disarming in light of reports that a new cartel is forming from the ashes of the knights templar. some called it a failed state. fearing they could lose their guns, thousands have chosen to follow the governments plan. >> after operating for so long after the law, vigilantes are putting their fighting in it. such trust was unthinkable just months ago. >> steps away from the registration, vigilantes are sitting for competency tests for the new force. many have applied. >> neither the government nor we not government could carry this out alone, but together we can both fight organized crime. >> a growth faith in a
7:40 am
government that for years was absent from this violent corner of mexico. >> it is estimated there are more than 9,000 vigilante gangs across mexico. >> the mayor of a texas town said a police officer who shot and killed a 93-year-old woman should be fired. on thursday, protestors marched to the police station. they want the officer off the force and placed under arrest. reuben gomez said he will recommend he be fired saturday. he fatally shot a woman responding to a 911 call about a disturbance involving a woman and a gun. >> we're going to fight. we're going to fight. this is our territory. >> we have a right of self defense. we don't believe that this man is following the law. >> the recommendation from the mayor is that we go ahead and terminate the officer. >> texas rangers are now investigating the incident which was officer stem's second
7:41 am
faithal on the job shooting in less than three years. >> for the first time, taking the stand in a federal terrorism trial, claiming the world trade center was brought down during a planned demolition. he is accused of setting up terrorist training camps in oregon 15 years ago and securing satellite phone services during a kidnapping in yemen in which four hostages were killed. >> house republicans voted overwhelmingly for a new investigation into the u.s. consulate attacks in benghazi, saying they are unhappy with the previous seven probes and say there is new information to consider. departments say this is election year politics. >> on this vote, the yea's 232, anyway's 136, the resolution is adopted.
7:42 am
>> the newly created house panel include seven republicans and five democrats. house speaker john boehner said the committee armed with new information will get to the bottom of what happened in benghazi, libya in 2012 and whether there was an obama administration cover up. >> our committee sought the full truth, and the administration tried to make sure that they wouldn't find it. >> but the white house says congress has already thoroughly investigated the attack which killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >> got facts yesterday are the facts today and will be the fact no matter how often or how long republicans engage in highly partisan efforts to politicize a tragedy. >> democrats mulling whether or not to boycott the committee say republicans are playing politics. hillary clinton recently said there is nothing left to find.
7:43 am
>> that's their choice and i do not believe there is any reason to continue in this way, but they get to call the shots in the congress. >> the state department initially blamed the attacks on protests sparked by a you tube video mocking the prophet muhammed. newly released white house emails instructed u.n. ambassador susan rice to underscore that these protests are rooted in an internet video and not a broader failure of policy. >> republicans call this a smoking gun, since rice in a round of interviews in days after the attacks said that she received that information from the intelligence community. >> joining us now to discuss the potential political impact of a new investigation into benghazi is joe watkins, former aid to president george h.w. bush. seven congressional committees have already investigate the
7:44 am
benghazi attack and mistakes made when it came to security. why is this inquiry needed. >> because of the disclosure of the white house emails making it look that the white house wanted to avoid a campaign mishap. this happened during the reelection bid of president obama in his bid against mitt romney. the white house was also in campaign mode as well as in government mode. >> last year, during congress hearings a poll found fewer than half, 44% of americans said they were even following the hearings and in the same poll 44% already felt that the obama administration had been dishonest about benghazi. my question for you is do you think this latest investigation is going to change minds? well, i think that if the
7:45 am
investigation is handled in a dispassionate way, in a way that just tries to find the facts, what happened, when did it happen, who new what and why they may have said what they did, if there's any truth to cover up, americans will take note of that and it will of course impact the administration and probably on the mid term elections. >> how much of this investigation do you think is an attempt by the republicans to pillory hillary clinton's potential candidacy in 2016.
7:46 am
>> she beats all the republicans in a potential matchup. this could have an impact on that, too. >> sounds like you agree that this is political. >> well, it is political, but then there's another side to it as well. that is that four americans lost their lives. the ambassador along with an aid and two other aids separately were killed by mortar fire afterwards. if you were a member of those families, you'd want to know exactly what happened and why and how can we prevent this from happening to other ambassadors and personnel in dangerous parts of the world. >> joe watkins, thank you. >> pennsylvania's governor won't fight a decision banning that state's voter i.d. law. the republican governor saying he'll uphold the ruling. a judge ruled the law was unconstitutional violating the fundamental right to vote. it would have required all
7:47 am
voters to show photo i.d.'s. >> the lawyer who took on california's prop eight said it is time for gay marriage to be legal in all states. david boyce said the fight for same-sex marriage is equalling to the civil rights movement, telling john siegenthaler about the important legal issues surrounding the battle for marriage equality. >> depriving people of marriage equality couldn't help anybody. didn't help hetero sexual marriage, didn't help my marriage, the fact that my gay neighbor can't get married. there wasn't any legitimate public purpose. it was simply a product of discrimination, of a belief that people were different based on sexual orientation. because that didn't serve any legitimate governmental interest, there was simply no governmental base, no
7:48 am
justification for discriminating based on who could and couldn't get married. >> once again, someone has recorded a conversation with l.a. clippers owner donald sterling, making that recording public. we hear him defending himself in his own words. aljazeera has not you a they didn't indicated the audio. >> you think i'm a racist? you think i have anything in the world but love for everybody? >> coming up in our next hour, we'll have much more of that new audio tape of donald sterling, plus we'll tell you why he and his wife seem ready to fight the nba's efforts to force them to sell the clippers. >> now to today's headlines making news around the world. this first story is going to make men say i told you so. a danish study shows a demanding
7:49 am
spouse and whiney kids can lead to an early death. they used to think stressful situations would only affect mortality in women. apparently what they think might be behind this is cortisol levels rising up, which could affect health. >> i never agree with you at all, this time 100%. >> i emailed this to my husband this morning with the top line i am literally killing you. >> i'm not going to say anything. there are a million ways to get out of taking college finals, but two georgia students went way over the top. they basically said i am looking for someone to run me over with their car. i don't want to die. we just want to be injured enough to get out of taking our finals here. please help. >> you can post anything on
7:50 am
craigslist these days. >> football fans are waking up overjoyed or mes clown knee was drafted by the houston texans. >> johnny football not being chosen higher in the draft sends a bad message to him. the cleveland browns say they are lucky because they need a quarterback. >> if we can build a coaster in the back yard. i really couldn't think of a good reason to say no. >> why not? a father built a back yard coaster. >> the images that show the polar ice cap maybe melting faster than we think it is.
7:51 am
our discovery of the day. >> you're looking at a live shot of a legendary landmark, abbey road. the truth. >> our current system has gone awry... >> a justice system rum by human beings, can run off the rails. >> sometimes the system doesn't serve and protect, and the innocent pay the price. what goes wrong? >> it's a nightmarish alternative reality, sometimes you can't win... >> an original investigative series. when justice is not for all... the system with joe beringer only on al jazeera america a mob,
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>> moderate to heavy rainfall will continue to come down. we expect one to three inches in mississippi and alabama, flash flooding will be an issue.
7:55 am
watching heavier downpours illinois and indiana. indianapolis be on the watch, we could be dealing with active weather today. >> fathers bond with their kids, one dad spending his time creating something unique. he explains the ups and downs of building a roller coaster in his back yard. >> the latest project we've been working on has been a roller coast their we built in the back yard at my house here in california. the idea mostly came from my son, lyle. he is a big fan of roller coasters and when he gets interested in something, he digs all the way to the bottom of a topic. we came back from a trip to a bunch of amusement parks. when we came home, he asked if we could build a coaster in the back yard. i couldn't think of a good
7:56 am
reason to say no, so i said yes. we looked adderaller coasters that had been built. to do research, you tube and google and see what was out there in terms of who built things in the back yards, mine isn't the first that got built. we took those two things, combined them together and where we could, tried to improve on it. building a coaster definitely had its share of challenges. the first thing you learn when you start a project like this is you learn just how strong your upper body isn't. the coaster once we finished it has about 180 feet of lynnary track, so the ride is 180 feet from beginning to end. it took me about 300 hours of labor to finish. i think the totally cost was $3,500. i get asked is it safe. that's what we'll want to know
7:57 am
most of all and my answer is absolutely. if it wasn't safe, i wouldn't let my kids ride it. if i can use that as a platform to teach kids about science, that's a great opportunity. >> still doesn't top the little racing car i built with my dad. will and his son started working on another roller coaster with steel rails and a lift system. >> pro russian separatists in several cities are moving forward with a referendum to secede but a new pole shows most people want to remain a unified country. >> house republicans approve a panel to investigate the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. departments threatened to boycott the committee calling it election year politics. >> researchers making a new discovery on a disease affecting
7:58 am
more than 300 million people worldwide. why exercise may go a long way in controlling type two diabetes. >> we are back in two minutes with more news. we'll see you then. >> on techknow... >> we're heading towards the glaciers >> a global warning >> is there an environmental urgency? >> that is closer than you think... >> even a modest rise, have dramatic impacts on humankind. >> how is it changing the way you live today? techknow... every saturday, go where science meets humanity... >> this is some of the best driving i've ever done... even though i can't see. >> techknow... >> we're here in the vortex... only on al jazeera america
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>> you followed their journey across the border >> it was heart wrenching... >> now see how it changed the lives of the people involved. >> i didn't go back to the person that i was before i left... >> an emotional borderland reunion >> this trip was personal to me... this is real...
8:00 am
>> long held beliefs >>...illegal in mexico too.. >> learn the language! come here... >>...most ridiculous thing i've heard in my life >> tested by hard lived truths... >> these migrants are being exploited >> beyond borderland... only on al jazeera america >> moscow pride, russian president vladimir putin pays tribute to world war ii veterans and vows to defend the motherland. >> benghazi politics, represents calling for another investigation. departments debate to potential boycott of the committee hearing. >> breaking point, survivors of the landslide in afghanistan fighting with one another over scarce aid making its way to the
8:01 am
village. >> round two, new recordings of l.a. clippers owner donald sterling surfacing, going on the defense as his wife fights to hold on to the team. welcome to al jazeera america. >> russia today briefly turning attention away from the current ukraine standoff to pay tribute to the past. tens of thousands lined up to celebrate red victory day in the red square. >> this is russian president vladimir putin arriving for victory day celebrations. he is onboard a boat. he is in crimea, his first time since that vote to separate from ukraine. >> immediately after the celebration, president vladimir putin took off for crimea. you see him speaking there right now from sevastopol. russia annexed crimea, the
8:02 am
international community saying it was an illegal annexation. >> we want to go to fred wier in moscow covering today's events. was president putin's trip to crimea anticipated? >> there had been rumors and they were not confirmed until he actually stepped off the plane about an hour ago, but it is exactly the sort of thing he would do. his style is of course to push back when he's criticized and the whole world pretty much did criticize him for annexing crimea, so the message he's sending by going there and participating in this huge display of russian naval and aviation might is to say, you know, we have crimea, we have brought it home. it's russian now, and that's the
8:03 am
end of it as far as we're concerned. there's just -- that's the putin way. >> fred, pushback maybe the phrase of the day, because how concerned are russian officials now over those pro russian rebels moving forward with autonomy wrench comes when vladimir putin indicated that he did not want that to happen? >> well, it's really not clear what putin was doing. it was just a few days before this referendum that he made that really unexpected statement and so far the kremlin's been pretty silent about it. i think they -- i don't know what all it means, but certainly it's just two days away now and when it happens, then we'll see what the kremlin says, we'll see what they say in donetsk where they'll have the referendum.
8:04 am
kiev will be in totally new territory at that point. >> reporting live from moscow this morning, fred, thank you very much. >> nigeria's president said they will find the kidnapped school girls abducted last month by boko haram. speaking thursday at the world economic forum, he thanks the u.s., britain, france and china for their help in the search effort. the girl may have been slit into smaller groups and taken out of the country. the president says these as i had nappings have become a tipping point to be the beginning of the end of terrorism in nigeria. >> house republicans voted for a new investigation into the consulate attacks in benghazi, saying they are unhappy with the previous seven probes and say there is no information to consider. the democrats say it is election year politics. >> on this vote, the yea's are
8:05 am
232, the nay's 186 and resolution adopted. >> the newly created house panel include seven republicans and five democrats. house speaker john boehner says the committee armed with new information will get to the bottom of what happened in benghazi, libya in 2012 and whether there was an obama administration cover up. >> our committee south the full truth, and the administration tried to make sure that they wouldn't find it. >> but the white house says congress thoroughly investigated the attack which killed u.n. ambassador christopher stevens and three others. >> the facts are the facts and will be no matter how long house republicans try to politicize a tragedy. >> some say republicans are playing politics, trying to gain an advantage in election year, trying to damage hillary
8:06 am
clinton's 2016 presidential run. clinton who was secretary of state during the attacks recently said there's nothing left to find. >> that's their choice and i do not believe there is any reason for it to continue in this way, but they get to call the shots in the congress. >> the state department initially blamed the attacks on protests sparked by a you tube video mocking the prophet muhammed. newly released white house emails raise more questions. they instructed susan rice to underscore that these protests are rooted in an internet video and not a broader failure of policy. republicans call this a smoking gun since rice in days after the attacks said she received that information from the intelligence community. >> secretary of state john kerry has been subpoenaed to appear before a benghazi hearing. he is scheduled to be in mexico
8:07 am
that day. >> the head of the department of veterans affairs can expect a grilling in the senate next week, testifying about allegations that dozens of veterans in arizona died waiting for care at a of a hospital. the house subpoenaed him yesterday along with several other top v.a. officials trying to find out why the waiting list for veterans needing care was destroyed. lawmakers are giving the v.a. until may 19 to turn over the emails and documents related to that secret waiting list. >> a court decision will be upheld, a judge concluding the law was unconstitutional. it would have required voters to show a photo i.d. at the polls. the measure was introduced during the 2012 elections. democrats say it unfairly targeted minority and student voters. >> a botch execution delays
8:08 am
another execution now for six months. an appeals court issued the stay for charles warner, convicted in the rape and murder of an 11-month-old girl. the lawyers for warner requesting the stay while the state investigates lethal investigation procedures. last week, oklahoma officials bungled the execution of another inmate. warner's, skiing now slated for november 14. >> a deadly fire at a mansion owned by former tennis star james blake. deron campbell was living there with his wife and two teenage children. police have a surveillance video showing campbell purchasing $650 worth of firework and empty gas cans days before the fire. the remains of four people were found inside the house each suffering gunshot wounds. >> the f.b.i. now getting involved in that stand out of with rancher line of bundy,
8:09 am
saying bundy owes fees to use government land. >> donald sterling's voice has not been heard publicly since being banned from the nba. >> this time, he can be heard defending hips. another development in the case. >> absolutely, the release of this new audio by radar on line is one development in the saga. his estranged wife also has made news of her own. both developments make one thing clear, thester links don't plan on leaving the nba without a fight. >> in audio recorded by a friend, donald sterling says he's not a racist. >> you think i'm a racist?
8:10 am
you think i have anything in the world but love for everybody? you don't think that. you know i'm not a racist. what about when i hear that tape, though, that tape of her? >> i grew up in east l.a. east l.a., you die to get out of there. i got out of east l.a., i was the president of the high school there. i mean, and i'm a jew, and 50% of the people there were black and 40% were hispanic. >> with the nba trying to force sterling to sell the clippers in the wake of being caught telling associated v. stiviano not to bring black people to his games, sterling said the law is on his side. >> you can't force someone to sell property in america. >> his estranged wife seems to people the same way. mrs. sterling as co coner neither wants to sell her 50% share of the clippers nor should
8:11 am
she have to. >> her property rights are valuable and in this country, we protect property rights. she wants to hold on to her property rights, however, she does not want to manage the team or do day to day operations. >> mrs. sterling has also been alleged to have a history of racist behavior. clippers head coach doc rivers said having either remain as an owner would be troubling. >> i think it would be a very hard situation. i'll say that much. i think it would be very difficult. i guarantee you, every person wouldn't be onboard with that. >> it's important to note that unlike the first audio recording between sterling and associate v. stiviano, this latest recording has not been you a they didn't indicated. mrs. sterling plans on attend in the clippers playoff game tonight. that series is currently tied at one game apiece. del. >> thank you. >> no new iphones, ipads or anything else, but apple got a whole new beat, putting in a
8:12 am
$3.2 billion bid to buy beats electronic. that deal could be announced next week. it would be apple's biggest acquisition ever. beats electronics gained fame for headphones made famous by dr. dre. >> a deal to create the world's largest advertising agency collapsed. the proposed merger between omni com and francis. ist was worth $35 billion. the rivals hoped joining forces would allow them to compete more effectively but had a hard time who would run the blended company. >> snap chat taking a hit, settling federal charges over deceiving customers over its privacy policy, admitting it didn't delete user photos and messages and spied on its customers. the penalty includes privacy audit for 20 years. the company has since updated
8:13 am
its privacy policy and notification to users. >> the severe weather hitting parts of the u.s. will be sticking around today. >> for more on the severe weather, we turn to our meteorologist. >> unfortunately, some of the same areas could see round two again today. we're find ago very slow moving stormistic moving eastward. we'll have the system around through our mother's day weekend. today the main threat of severe weather stretches from indiana and illinois down into missouri and into san antonio. it's right along ahead of this front where we are going to see the bulk of the active weather. still wrapping around this area of low pressure and the twin cities, we could see more rain today. it's spotty around minnesota. a shower or two could pop up. south of indianapolis we had a number of tornadoes reported, back into california and missouri there was damage. the threat will be the damaging
8:14 am
winds, as well as large hail, can't rule out a few isolated tornadoes, but that threat has waned. this morning is a soggy start to the day across the lower mississippi valley and into parts of the midwest. it looks like the bulk of the activity will be moving into mississippi later today and behind it, we'll get a push of drier air moving in. much of the southwest will enjoy quieter weather, but this morning, rain along i-10. new orleans will be wet and it will turn stormy there. rain on the move through the midwest. earlier today, a severe storm warning was prompted. that has weakened but still talks of heavy rain. next system on the move from the pacific northwest into the four corners with snow. >> family members of the victims of south korea's ferry accident staged a sit in in seoul friday. relatives clutched photos of loved ones. some could be heard begging for just 10 seconds with the
8:15 am
president. relatives want the president to deliver a speech about the sunken ferry search operation. 273 people died and 31 others are still unaccounted for. >> the head of the company that owns that capsized ferry now in police custody. he was detained thursday ahead of a formal arrest on allegations that he knew the ferry was overloaded leaving the port but did nothing about it. prosecutors are reviewing his actions before seeking a court order to formally arrest him. 15 other surviving crew members are in police custody. >> heavy rains in northeastern afghanistan hit by that landslide last week, more than 2,000 people buried in that and 4,000 still missing. we report on the measures some are taking just to survive. >> they've been sitting here for hours, waiting for something to eat. this food has been supplied by supporters of the country's
8:16 am
leading presidential candidate, abdullah abdullah. volunteers tried to distribute the meals in an orderly way, but scuffles quickly broke out at people pushed their way to the front. >> the desperation here is many people here haven't had a hot meal in days. they're worried that the food will run out before they can get something to eat. >> overseeing the delivery of this aid is a member of parliament. she tells us the government is doing its best. >> we understand it's very difficult, but we would like to establish a system. we will be here for some more days to improve the system. the distribution committee will distribute the understood to the most needy people. >> the chaos continued as more people forced their way forward, but not everyone here looking for food is directly affected by the landslide. many have come from neighboring
8:17 am
village. people like this man, what the government calls an opportunistic aid seeker, someone who has come to the district knowing supplies are veil and taking whatever he can get. >> i'm poor. these people who suffered in the landslide are my brothers, but i need help, too. >> so-called opportunist aid seekers are partially to blame for the chaos surrounding the delivery of supplies. organizers often provoke anger for halting districts, because they have no idea who's in need. the sat reality of this poor region is that most people are. aljazeera, northeastern afghanistan. >> president karzai vowed that houses will be built for the survivors. >> two countries nearly 5,000 miles apart finding themselves moving closer together. why china is investing billions
8:18 am
of dollars in kenya and other parts of africa. >> thailand clashes, police and demonstrators facing off after the court ousted the countries s prime minister. tensions rising. >> a massive sand storm swallowing an entire city, that captured by a citizen journalist.
8:19 am
8:20 am
>> welcome to al jazeera america. let's get a look at the videos captured by our citizen journalists around the world. >> a young boy is recovering after getting caught in a roll up gate and hanging in the air in brooklyn, new york. the firefighters and other emergency crews used tools to free him while a crowd watches. the boy may have become stuck trying to ride the gate as it rolled up. >> in egypt, staring down a monster as a massive sand storm bears down, engulfing everything. the storm damaged property
8:21 am
there, clod ago tourist sailboat which sank. >> some severe weather brewing back here at home. instagram user capturing the height of a storm system that hit dallas yesterday. you can see the rain pummeling her front yard. >> more severe weather hitting parts of the u.s. with temperatures heading up. >> we have more. >> a number of places are going to feel the heat across the southwest, but there are few exceptions to the rule, mainly here along coastal areas of california where temperatures are going to stay on the cooler side with highs hitting the seven's, mid 80's around las vegas. the next couple of days, low 70's through the first half of the weekend, mother's day, sunshine, low 80's and closer to 90 degrees by the time we get into our next work week. our warm up is going to be swift in the new york area, clouds around the wet weather and
8:22 am
possibility of a few thunderstorms. we'll hit 80 degrees or close on saturday. we will definitely feel that heat building. by the time we get in on sunday, mother's day looks like we'll see the rain clearing out and temperatures will hover around the 80-degree mark. much of the the heat stays around the u.s. chicago, much cooler, mid 70's for you, still 10 degrees above average, but yesterday, we hit a record high of 93 degrees. that will not be the case. looks like 70's will remain in place until saturday. we go up to 70 aren't the houston area. >> >> edward snowden's revelation calling for increased intelligence oversight in britain, a new report calling documents an embarrassing indictment on the lack of accountability, calling for a radical reform for before i hadden's intelligence agencies. the current system undermines the credibility of those agencies and parliament itself.
8:23 am
>> the chinese premier said beijing will help build high speed rail ways and airports across africa saying it will promote stability across the countment. last year, kenya signed deals worth more than $5 billion with china for a railway line and an energy project. >> these stands are singing in mandarin, preparing to perform for a china's prime minister. they are all aware of how important his visit is for kenya. >> i studied mandarin for two years now. >> after years of studying, they hope to turn their hard work into jobs with chinese companies based in kenya. >> this is one of the good opportunities we have to get a career or even talk about careers or employ people. >> their teacher is excited. >> you realize that actually, there are so many opportunities
8:24 am
for them, ranging, you know, we have so many companies being established here in kenya and realize that the chinese people will want local people who can speak the language. >> many students at the university see their economic future tied to china. >> the place where young kenyans come to learn mandarin is not just one or two classrooms here. it's an entire institute, all of the classrooms labeled in chinese and there's everyday of chinese culture in the corridors. on the stairway is a clear indicator of why so many young kenyans want to learn mandarin. there are many photographs of kenyan business people in china selling their products. >> china has been building business ties across africa for years with deals in mining and trade. china has been building its soft power with media outlets across the continent.
8:25 am
>> now they have included environments. >> experts warn countries like kenya need to maintain business relationles with a number of countries. >> a multiply lateral approach is that it gives the businesses the relationship the kind of what you would call the cushioning in case things go bad. >> for a new generation of kenya's professionals, their dreams are in the east. jane ferguson, aljazeera, nairobi. >> pro russian accept are a activities in ukraine ignoring a call by vladimir putin to postpone a secessionist referendum as they remain animate about going forward with the vote. >> the new exercise plan giving hope to more than 300 million people around the world suffering from type two diabetes. >> the late shift, a number of
8:26 am
american women having children later in life hitting an all time high as more and more women enter the workforce, what the new trend could mean for fertility rates. >> our images of the day, the first round of the nfl draft, plenty of action surrounding clowney and manziel.
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> a gorgeous live shot of mount rushmore. it's visited every year by more than 3 million tourists. it features four presidents, washington, jefferson, lincoln, can you guess the fourth? >> theodore roosevelt. i only voted for three out of the four. welcome to al jazeera america.
8:29 am
>> ahead in our next half hour, a growing number of baby boomers are preparing to retire. one in six by mid century, double the current percentage. the major effect that will have on younger people in the workforce. >> ahead, researchers offer up a new way for the millions who live with type two diabetes to try to manage the disease. russia celebrating a major moment in history, tens of thousands lining up to celebrate victory day. the holiday commemorates the triumph over germany in world war ii. it comes amid friction with pro russian accept are a activities. >> the pro russian accept are a activities were urged to postpone their referendum and negotiate with the government. citing a unanimous vote, its chairman said the referendum would go ahead. >> we don't have contact with vladimir putin. we found out about his proposal
8:30 am
through the mass media. >> representatives announced that they would do likewise, and in the separatist strong hold of donetsk, the focus of an ongoing effort by ukrainian forces to dislodge armed pro russian groups the message was that here, too, they're ready for sunday's vote. >> the majority of the region and of the city will vote positively. i talked to many local citizens and all the sections of the population. everybody supports us and wants a better future. >> with that in the corners of occupied eastern ukraine, the interception was comprehensively dismissed. >> >> i can only expect and i think all the cities agree with us. the separation from on you crane for our own independent donetsk, people's republic. >> we are oriented to european
8:31 am
policies, not to europe. roots of most of the people here are deeply in russia. >> with soviet music blaring in the square, the square for several weeks have been occupied by several people of the republic. many hope it will become the seat of an autonomous government. >> the hopes suddenly raised by president putin appear to be unfounded. >> the director of the institute for democracy and cooperation also a former member of the presidential council of the russian federation joins us. we saw earlier this morning vladimir putin arriving in crimea by boat, celebrating the annexation. your reaction. >> it's not an enactionation, it's rejoining crimea with
8:32 am
russia after referendum where people expressed their will to rejoin with russia. this is the case. my reaction is that this is the right time to be in crimea, because put putin after all this events never visited crimea. this is not new territory. several hundred years, crimea was part of russia. >> one of the things that seems to be coming out of this dialogue is that the people in ukraine, regardless of which side you're on, aren't getting an accurate picture of what's going on. you're in the u.s. and see both sides of the story playing out. you see the people in crimea saying things are going to be better for them under russia. do you believe that and that they're being told the truth. >> everybody believes, because, you know, the life level and income level in crimea and the ukraine is two to four times
8:33 am
lower than in russia which means -- gee would it be better if they stayed with russia -- i mine stayed with ukraine and the european union or stay with russia. >> the problem is the majority of crimeans are ethnic russians. they want to keep their language and identity and they were afraid that this radical nationists from the western part of ukraine are going to destroy their identity, ban their ability to speak in their native language, so grow their kids in russian culture, a understand this was scary thing for them. that's why they decided to rejoin with russia. >> one of the things that is so concerning is the redrawing of borders. the united states, a lot of people in pennsylvania speak german, people in wisconsin speak german. what what that is when you redraw borders because a lot of people may have hailed from one country even in europe. >> it is not something new and
8:34 am
something very exotic. during the last 20 years, tens and tens of new countries emerged, which means borders are redrawing, new countries emerging, and if, you know, everything was fixed once and forever, united states still could be the colony of great britain. things are changing and we have to be adapted to that. >> the director for the institute of democracy and cooperation, former member of the russian federation, thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> leaders in the south sudan conflict will meet face-to-face for the sits time since fighting reresulted there, both sides accused of violating how many rights and targeting civilians for they are ethnicity and affiliations. thousands have been killed and more than 1 million fled their homes. we are joined from the capitol of ethiopia where the talks are
8:35 am
taking place. are there power sharing options on the table with these talks? >> yes, that is one of the main issues being discussed right now. as we are speaking, the south sudan's president are discussing an disagreement with the mediators. in these agreements, first of all, it is called and agreement to stop the fighting so that humanitarian aid can get to the people who need it most. in many places, people need your gent food, aid and medical supplies. the other issue is how to share power not only between those parties who are fighting or engaged in fighting in different parts of south sudan, but all
8:36 am
political parties in south sudan. this is one of the issues, which is going to take a long time to convince to agree to. >> we'll want to continue to follow developments there. muhammed, thank you. >> it looks like south africa's ruling party now on its way to winning a fifth consecutive election. the african national congress has nearly all of the blots counted. the inevitable win should ease pressure on the president who faced accusations of corruption. we are getting new polling numbers. where do we stand now? >> >> i think you have the latest right there, the a.n.c. with 90% of the votes counted, the biggest opposition party in this country, this gives you an idea
8:37 am
of the margin between the two is on about 22.2%, coming in third is the economic freedom fighters on about 6.2, so you can see the very big spread between number one and two. i think that speaks to the com nance of the a.n.c., the consistency of its legacy, it being the party of nelson mandela, many still hold fast to that and the fact that it helped lead south africa to the freedom that millions here enjoy still no opposition party coming close to seriously challenging it. >> that domination starting to fade. the last time the a.n.c. seeing 65% of the vote. is this victory a vindication for jacob zuma? >> there was a lot of talk leading up to this vote that they might go blow 60% which would have been a huge blow for
8:38 am
zuma. mean analysts believe we would not have seen him stay in that position blow 60. this proves that although these things are good news stories and a lot of people do on the street complain about these sorts of things, got fact that yes, there are on going huge strike, one of the longest in this countries history and the platinum sector, there are almost continuous service delivery protests, people don't have access to proper sanitation, water and electricity, there aren't enough jobs, one in four unemployed, the economy isn't growing fast enough, worry about corruption, nonetheless they vote for the a.n.c. >> that fake sign language interpreter who performed at nelson mandela's memorial is making a turnaround, now starring in a new ad for an israeli start up. >> now i want to make it up to
8:39 am
the whole world. >> he said he was hallucinating when he began signing nonsense during the four hour ceremony in december. he stars in the video for an app. the company says they chose the fake interpreter because he made the worst live show ever. >> ballistic experts taking the stand in the trial of oscar pistorius. a social worker testified that he is hard broken off the the killing, dismissing suggestions that he is acting in court with his emotional responses to testimony during the trial. pistorius is now selling his home where he accidentally shot steenkamp. he has accepted an offer but won't say how much the house has sold for. >> one dead, several others injured during a fierce clash
8:40 am
between police and protestors thursday. it started when national guard troops rounded up hundreds of young anti-government protestors and dismantled their camps. demonstrators filled the streets following the raid and a police officer was shot to death. members of congress began debate on economic sanctions against top venezuela officials. >> political rallies continue in thailand after the ouster of the prime minister. her opponents want to see even more government officials run out of office. >> from here, the park, thousands of anti-government demonstrators fanned out across the city, head to go strategic areas. they are asking the television networks to not broadcast government news. the fire brand leader is heading to government house, he said, where the prime minister usually sits, but for the last few months, it hasn't been occupied because of security concerns.
8:41 am
that's where he's heading and asks demonstrators to join him there. this is they say the final four remove the government of the caretaker, the former prime minister, but this they have said several times already. she of course has already been ousted from power. wednesday, the constitutional court said that she acted in a non-constitutional manner when she transferred an official from one position to another. the next day, on thursday, the national anti corruption commission said that she had abused her power in the way she handled the rice pledging scheme. that may take her to the senate for impeachment, which would ban her from politics for the next five years. this is all part of a big push that has been going on in the thai political landscape really since 2006 when her billionaire brother, then prime minister was
8:42 am
ousted from power by a military coupe. they say they are innocent of corruption and the forces here are also anti democratic because they don't want to let the democratically elected governments stay in power. this is a very deep, troubled time, deeply troubled time for thailand. >> this is the third time the court has removed a prime minister in thailand since 2006. >> the obama administration is warning school districts across the country not to deny enrollment to students in the country illegally. the announcement from eric holder and arnie duncan in forms districts they may be violating federal law turning away students over their immigration status. federal guidelines layout which documents schools can require. >> same-sex marriage another hot button issue at the center of
8:43 am
political battles. david boyce is the lawyer who took on california's prop eight. he talked about the important legal issues surrounding the battle for marriage equality. >> it's absolutely clear when you deprive the fundamental right of marriage, you hurt them emotional, reputationly, their place in the community, economically. the same kind of damage is done to the children that they're raising. the second thing that we set out to prove was the that depriving people of marriage equality couldn't help anybody. didn't help hetero sexual marriage, didn't help my marriage, the fact that my gay neighbor canned marry. there wasn't any legitimate public purpose. it was a product of discrimination, of belief that people were different based on sexual orientation. because that didn't serve any legitimate governmental
8:44 am
interest, some was no governmental basis, no justification for discriminating based on that who could mary and who couldn't. >> you can hear the full conversation in his fight to bring equality to every state on talk to aljazeera saturday at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. >> president obama will attend campaign fundraisers for the democratic national committee and unveil actions rewarding solar energy, today, the president will visit a wal-mart in california. he will announce a private-public partnership with more than 300 u.s. companies committed to cleaner more efficient energy. the pot ordered a new job training plan to educate 50,000 new workers in the solar energy field along with a $2 billion investment to make federal buildings more energy efficient. >> a growing number of you are leaving your cars at home and using pedal power to get to work. the number of those riding bikes has increased 50%.
8:45 am
nine in 10 people still drive but biking growing faster than any other type of transportation, cities investing in bike share programs, bike lanes and pedestrian friendly streets. don't be surprised if your coworkers arrive sweaty, out of breath and smelly. >> the baby boomer generation stretches for beyond marrying, a population explosion that began after world war ii has not slowed down much at all. one in six people is expected to be 65 or over by the middle of the century. how that will impact our economy. >> the world is on the brink of a major economic power shift. according to a recent study by the united nations, the number of senior citizens worldwide is expected to triple from over .500 30 million in 2010 to 1.5 billion in 2050. meantime, birth rates in motor regions are plunging. that means more retirees and
8:46 am
fewer workers to support them. in the u.s., about 21% of the population will be 65 or older by 2050, up from just 13% in 2010 with spending on social security and health care expected to double in the next decade alone. the good news, we're aging more slowly than many our countries, china is also among the fastest growing. its share of seniors will triple by mid century from 8% in 2010 to 24% in 2050. in japan, roughly a quarter of its citizens had already hit 65. by 2050, they'll account for more than a third of the population, raising concerns pour many workers. in europe, the population is getting older and shrinking, despite a strong economy, even germany is expected to lose 20%
8:47 am
of its workers over the next four decades. in some countries, abling actually means growing into the workforce. africa will continue to boast the world's youngest population with explosive population growth in kenya and nigeria fueling the workforce. india will reign supreme by 2050, home to 1.6 billion people, nearly as many as china and the u.s. combined. with only 13% age 65 or over, they'll be the force to beat. aljazeera. >> the u.s. census bureau backs the report, estimating that by 2050, there will be more than 83 million americans over the age of 65. >> it is projected to be one of the top 10 killers of the next 15 years. >> the discovery researchers made offering those suffering
8:48 am
from diabetes a way to help control the disease. >> beyond borderland... only on al jazeera america
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8:50 am
al jazeera america, take a new look at news. >> welcome to al jazeera america. just ahead, why more women are choosing to become mothers later in life. >> this is a live image of the brooklyn bridge on a gray and rainy morning, wet weather in some cases with severe weather across the country. >> we'll look at where else there will be rain. >> further south, we're watching the rain and thunderstorm activity brewing across the southern plains marching eastward getting into the lower mississippi valley. rain has pushed across mississippi. this is an area where it's warm and moist. it's going to be a humid, sticky day making your way out and about. we're starting to clear things out behind our storm system.
8:51 am
it's a slow mover. we have rain wrapping around the low pressure. around the twin cities, he with expect more rain showers, but much of the activity around milwaukee into chicago, indianapolis just now starting to see light rain pushing in. you will need to watch the skies closely. we could deal with the threat of severe weather. in the northeast, rain fairly spotty. where we are getting it is making for a wet start to the day, along with fog, bringing visibility down to half a mile, be extra careful, give yourself time and keep the umbrella handy. >> ebony, thank you. >> football fans waking up this morning overjoyed or pessimistic about the upcoming season, day one of the draft in the books. houston texans choosing clowney,
8:52 am
buffalo getting sammy watkins. that caused manziel sliding down in the draft where the browns scooped him up with the number 22 pick. sounds like that movie that was just out. >> i don't know the name of that movie, del. >> draft day, kevin costner. >> ok. >> the 2014 world cup begins in brazil, the stadium hosting game one was officially opened yesterday. questions remain about whether it will be ready to host the large crowds. we have the story. >> it was a day for smiles at sao paulo's football stadium where the president was on hand for the official on the ground. this was an inauguration in name only. the eyes of the football world will be on the stadium for the opening match of the world cup between brazil and croatia in less than 35 days. the 65,000 seat venue, the cost $500 million, has a pitch that
8:53 am
is ready for international matches, but look closely, and little else is ready for the spotlight that is about to be shone upon it. heavy machinery is used to lift seating into place, much of the interior work is close to being done, but construction workers still scurry about. >> it's here that you can get a feel for how much work needs to be done to get this stadium world cup ready. some people look at scenes like this and they say the stadium will get done, others say it's going to be impossible. we'll find out in just a few short weeks. >> temporary seating is put in place for added capacity during the world cup, but it's little more than scaffolding right now. >> at ground level, they're still moving earth, perhaps symbolic of the heavy lifting still needed to be done. on the same day, a 32-year-old
8:54 am
construction worker was killed, electrocuted, bringing to eight the number of workers killed in construction accidents at world stadium projects. the team that will call the stadium home after the world cup remain optimistic. >> certainly the stadium is ready. i've been following the construction progress since the place was just an empty field. i am confident. >> we only need to finish the exterior. i think it will be done in 10 days. it's only the finishing that remains. >> despite these scenes, they hope their predictions are true and come the opening match, any delays will then not matter. aljazeera, sao paulo. >> the world cup begins june 12 through july 13. more than half a million fans are expected to attend. >> more women are putting off being moms until after their prime child bearing years, at
8:55 am
least nine times as many as four decades ago. the percentage of women who have their first child over 35 has gone up from 1% in the 1970's to 15% now. putting off child bearing allows them to pursue education and careers, but also note that having a child later can come with health risks for the women and child and impact the economy. >> a new vermont law will require companies to label food made with g.m.o.'s. the governor signed the law yesterday, saying his constituents want to know what's in their food. many are concerned about the safety and environmental impact of g.m.o.'s, the law will go into effect july 2016. food groups already threatening to sue, including the grocery manufacturers association. a food fight fund is being set up to defender the law. >> hundreds suffering from type
8:56 am
two diabetes could benefit from a simple exercise plan. we show how it's all about when you exercise. >> researchers tracked blood sugar levels during different intensities and durations of walking exercise. some days, the subjects did 30 minutes of moderate intensity walk before dinner, other days did six one minute burst half an hour before each meal. they found the high intensity burst reduced blood glucose levels by 12% across the entire day. activated by exercise, the muscles appear to better absorb sugar in the blood. >> we have the meal and we have blood sugar that goes up in the muscle. it's a very large tissue in the body is able to take that glucose up and keep the levels down and under control. for a period of hours after the
8:57 am
exercise. >> athletes have long timed their exercise and eating to maximize their absorption of sugars. the same principle works applied to people with type two diabetes. the teams are now looking at the feats of other forms of exercise, and long term effect of different workouts. the findings underscore the importance of the timing and intensity and should be considered especially by those suffering or vulnerable to type two diabetes. >> more than 300 people suffer with type two diabetes around the world. >> that will do it for this edition of aljazeera america. >> another look at the crowds gathering in donetsk, president putin arriving. also shotout to lee and barbara
8:58 am
walters. >> happy mother's day. >> our current system has gone very far awry... >> there's huge pressure on the police to arrest and find somebody guilty >> i think the system is going to fail a lot of other people. >> you convicted the wrong person >> i find that extraordinarily disappointing... >> to keep me from going to jail, i needed to cooperate. >> somebody can put you in a death chamber >> it's not a joke >> the system with joe beringer only on al jazeera america
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