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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> amid vie threatens eastern you korean. president putin visits crimea a move the west considers provocative. >> hundreds of girls from abducted in nigeria. did the military do enough to keep them safe. >> the food that is making a lot of people angry. >> a warning for drivers. why you may want to check your rental car twice before leaving
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the lot. >> good afternoon and welcome to al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm morgan radford. >> and i'm michael yves. thanks for joining us. unnecessary and provocative, that's how president putin's visit to crimea today. >> reporter: the visit comes as pro russian forces take over parts of eastern ukraine. and nearly two months after russia annexed crimea. we have more from sevastopol. >> reporter: president vladimir putin arrived to sevastopol, and he alluded to russia's annexization of crimea just two months ago. >> reporter: i'm sure that 2014
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will go down in the annals of our country. >> reporter: the president got to see an air parade featuring fighter jets and helicopters. earlier in the day a much larger than usual march. >> reporter: here in sevestopol they're celebrating since the russian armies delivered them from the nazis. >> reporter: the push in eastern ukraine to breakaway as well. >> now i understand what they felt during their victory day, and when peace returns to ukraine we'll celebrate their victory day. >> reporter: the day is poignant for those who served in crimea since world war ii. he's proud that people remember that era, but he's thinking of
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recent events here. >> crimea became russian without the use of any force. there have been stories about people with arms. it's all nonsense. >> reporter: for russia victory day is a day to celebrate the defeat of fascism. many believe that the same struggle is underway in ukraine. and the appearance of their president made this patriotic celebration. important. >> violence ranged in the eastern ukrainian towns. there is conflicting reports of how many people killed with those numbers ranged from 2 to 20, regardless there are even more people injured. it happened as the ukrainian military tried to wrestle control from the russian supporters. >> today's celebrations come two days in the cities of donetsk.
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reporting on the ground in ukraine and crimea from the beginning of the crisis, we have more on the upcoming referendum, jennifer. >> reporter: that's right. those pro-russian separatists insist they're going to go ahead with the referendum, to make independent publics of at least three eastern ukrainian towns despite the fact that president vladimir putin urged them to postpone the vote. >> this almost the polling station. officials think despite the fast time frame they're prepared. >> we think that everything is ready. we don't have the ballot boxes in place yet. we have meet to go prepare and all the materials are ready 2347 the cities will hold a vote, t
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too. russian president vladimir putin on wednesday called on the vote to be delayed, but the separatists are going ahead any way. ukrainian officials are concerned the polls will lay the groundwork for a repeat of what happened in march. in eastern ukraine it may not be all that straightforward. it's not clear who controls the voter's list and if they're up-to-date. >> reporter: the referendum in itself is nothing but political fraught, and it's only being used by propaganda in russia. >> reporter: ukrainian security services said this proves russia directly supports the vote. they say they're not ready for the vote. the man in moscow telling them to make up the results and 89%
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win. the organization for security and cooperation in europe is monitoring the situation in ukraine. >> obviously if it goes ahead, we create facts on the ground that we'll have to deal with. personally, i don't think it's a good idea at this moment. >> reporter: the separatests don't control the entire territory, just many government buildings, and it's unclear how widespread the vote can be. >> what will happen about this referendum? who will go out and vote? is it even legal? they're determineing to ahead even though they don't control the whole area, you see them printing millions of ballot basically asking one question, do you want to become an independent republic. >> you mentioned the legality of the referendum, and a lot of people say it would not even be
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recognize first degree they tried to declare their independence. >> reporter: that's right, the west is not going to recognize this. kiev is not going to recognize this vote. but that didn't matter in the case of crimea. they didn't recognize that referendum and crimea became a part of russia. we see president putin visiting crimea for the first time. we had vladimir putin calling for the vote to be delayed. we don't know if that was just a tactic to separate himself and prove what is happening in eastern ukraine really is an independent of moscow. of course, that's not what we're hearing. both kiev and washington believe russia firmly has their hands in what is going on in eastern ukraine. >> if no one is going to recognize this referendum as being legal an. is it a sentimental vote. >> reporter: the separatists, me say they'll decide after the vote whether to declare
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themselves independent. we don't know whether they'll do that quickly or in a longer term effected maybe just a move to try and show there is support, pro russian support, or a move to get more autonomy in those cities to make sure that ethnic russians in eastern ukraine have more autonomy, presidential elections are to be held may 25th. >> live in new york city. thanks for the insight. >> seven people were killed in two trait attacks. the attacks took place after the yemeni military said it took over an al-qaeda base. we have more from the capitol. >> the gunmen open fired at military check points near the president palace. then the intelligence headquarters. reports say four soldiers and three gunmen were killed. at the same time they say they
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intercepted a car packed with explosives. they blocked most of the main roads here in the capitol and deployed many policemen and soldiers to control their situation. they are concerned al-qaeda might take the battle to the heart of the capitol. today the minister of defense was on his way to tour areas that the army recently captured, and the convoy recently came under attack. al-qaeda, even though they have lost significant areas they still have the know-how, the intelligence, and the nerve power to launch spectacular attacks against forces. >> the environmental protection agency took the first steps to required oil and gas drillers. it would required drill tours tell the government what is used
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to break up the shale rock. the government has pushed for these rules for quite some time. others oppose the rule saying the chemicals are a trade secr secret. >> reporter: inquiries into the bengahzi attack. yesterday the house approved a resolution creating the special committee to conduct the probe. republicans say that the obama administration has misled the american citizens about that attack. four people including ambassador died. >> we have david shuster in the studio. >> reporter: let's start with the minimum wage. this morning mitt romney, the 21 presidential nominee split with the republican party right wing saying that the minimum wage
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should be raised. >> i part company with many conservatives in my party on the issue of minimum wage. i think we ought to raise it. our party is all about more jobs and better pay. communicating that is important to us. >> in that interview romney communicated categorically he is not going to run another presidential campaign. however two other republicans were considering the race i in 2016 former senator rick santorum and former minnesota government tim pawlenty. they said think also support raising the minimum wage. republicans in congress refuse to allow it to come up to a vote. on the democratic side conventional wisdom says they should avoid talking very much about obamacare. and hagin said republican leaders in her only state opted out of the medicare expansion,
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and that left 500,000 north carolinaens unable to enroll. >> this is some of the most vulnerable citizens in our society. they will continue to seek care in emergency rooms and leave chronic conditions unmanaged which is detrimental not only to thr health but to the economy, too. and it leads to higher costs for the patients. it drives up oh costs for hospitals and the insured. >> hagin's republican opponent tom tillis has been hammering hagin's support of obamacare for months. by the way, this race is one of dozens that will feature ads by the koch brothers. the koch family intends to escalate their 2014 campaign spending to more than $125 million. to put that in perspective i in 2012 the presidential election the koch pac spent 400. million dollars.
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president obama's former chief of staff has apologized after red light cameras caught him breaking the law. over the past two years the mayor's motorcade has had 20 violations for running red lights. emmanuel has told his drivers to knock it off. easy for him to say. all the fines were dismissed. if you saw the disney movie "frozen" or like the song "let it go" which is michael's favorite, you're going to like this story. governor dewhurst and mr. patrick are now facing this attack ad ♪ i'll try to lie ♪ why should they know
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♪ well now they know ♪ he can go ♪ he can go ♪ i good lies to answer for ♪ because danny don't care ♪ what you're going to say ♪ let my lies rage on >> reporter: it's not clear that is going to work. but hats off to the lieutenant governor, do you want to sing along. >> i like the original version. >> you don't like danny don't care. >> i don't care too much for danny don't care. >> maybe it will do it for the voters. >> reporter: there it is. >> coming up on al jazeera america. why apple is ready to drop billions for beasts.
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the headphones created by dr. dre. >> and why those who don't live in the big cities are having a hard time landing a job.
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>> stocks were down on wall street for much of the day, but they rose after a late afternoon rally. checking the big board the dow gained 32 points at the close of business this week. apple may soon be making a multi billion dollar acquisition. they hope to buy beast electronics started by dr. dre. he seemed to make it clear. >> the first millionaire in hip hope. >> posted to facebook last night, the deal would be worth more ma than $3 billion. we go to mike with yahoo finance. this is a big move by appleby buying something and not building it in-house.
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is this a new post-steve jobs directive we're seeing here? >> it certainly is new. apple made very few technology purchases in the past. it shows something about apple's phase of development. they're basically a mature company with are a tremendous amount of cash hanging around >> they already sell beat accessories in their apple stores and they have itones, the top selling music in the world. why is this important to apple's future? >> i wouldn't say this is important to apple's future.
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it's about a month's worth of apple's excess cash flow. the think the way apple is looking at this, as an interesting experiment in adjacent business. not so much of a big bet on the furor the brand. it's not a tremendous bet for apple. beat already has a billion dollars in revenue and it does have a stream of music that could be interesting platform for apple in the future. >> we see tech companies buying other companies. is apple late to the game in this regard? >> reporter: apple is late in the sense that other companies are making more acquisitions than apple has been in the past few years, but i don't think it means that apple has missed out
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on significant opportunities for apple. the news comes down and all these folks who have strong opinions come out and explain about it. so it shows you the risks that tim cook of apple face that other ceos don't face when they're expected to go out and buy things. mark zuckerberg goes out and spends $19 million on an app that no one knows how it will fit into the business. it did cause a flap but nothing like the uproar. that's why maybe apple has been gun shy. in fairness of the critics apple itself said what they want to do is be leaders in every market segment they're in, and they would like to have a single brand approach and do it organically from their own research rather than buy it. but clearly times change and they have $150 billion in cash
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to put somewhere. >> if we look at beat alone. in manhattan or across the country you're likely to see someone wearing beat especially on airports and airplanes, but they're not superior to other brands on the market. is it just about the marketing that they put together that made this company so viable? >> seemingly. seemingly there was this image, the coolness factor among younger consumers who can afford the $300 headphones, i guess. but it does says something about how fast you can build a brand. selling it for $300 that costs $14 to make is quintessential what apple does. it's tremendously high mark up because it's an apple, not because everybody decided it was the best pro you can.
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>> for so many years hip-hop was just considered a culture, a way to make music and for people to make musi money off it, but nowt dr. dre and jay-z has done. it's huge. >> yes, range of pop culture, fashion, in addition to entertainment. there is no doubt that is one element of what apple sees here is exposure to another customer base, another fan base and associating itself to these luminaries of the hip-hop world. it might be appealing. >> not bad for a kid from compton, california. thank you. >> reporter: thanks. >> automakers have recalled more than 11 million vehicles since the beginning of this year. that is more than 2 million vehicles by general motors due
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to a faulty ignition switch, and get this, it's completely legal because the u.s. does not have a law for repairs for used cars and rental cars. rental car dealers can fix cars if it sees fit. >> it's hugely important that there be somebody who is paying attention to this other than the manufacturers themselves left to their own devices our history said that the consumer is not going to be protected that way. it's just not going to happen. it's urgent that somebody is looking over their soldiers on something like this. >> reporter: the postal service is begging congress to pass a reform bill. it lost $2 billion during the first three months of this year
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alone. that was despite efforts to cut costs and even a small rise in its operating revenue. >> netflix is charging more for new subscribers to access its screaming content. starting today people who sign up will pay $9 a month. and it's existing customers will pay $8 a month until may 2016. the company needs more money to pay for more original programming such as "the house of cards." many are beginning to recover from the economic down turn but time is still tough for people in second- and third-tier cities. >> reporter: brian has spent the last year looking for a job and has had absolutely no luck. >> it's been a struggle because i've looked very hard to find a job. i've put in so many applications
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and gotten virtually no responses. >> unemployed he now lives with his mother. >> i feel bad for him, you know. i've always raised him to be very independent, and it's hard to do that if you can't support yourself. >> my mom has been wonderful. without her support dare i may be homeless at this point because my mom has been so supportive. she has allowed me to stay here rent free while i try to get on my feet. >> reporter: at almost 30 years old, he wonders and worries about the future. he here's the prediction that the millennials will be the first generation to do worse than their parents economically and highways heard the complaints that millennials act entitled and spoiled. >> for me to look so long and find anything, you start to question yourself as an individual. >> reporter: while parts of the country has restarted to
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recover, the sacramento area is not one of them and continues to struggle with an unemployment rate higher than the national average. it floats between 8% and 9% here and for millennials is worse. almost 20% of them have no jobs in the sacramento region, and 40% now live with their parents according to the latest census. the damage can be permanent. >> for example, young people who wanare in the labor market durig the recession have higher unemployment rate. >> reporter: after the last two decades the labor market in sacramento an have trended apart from cities like san francisco, and it has made the difference more dramatic and poignant. >> but the millennials seem to be a mobile bunch and can easily locate to the labor market.
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my suggestion, if you're a young person in sacramento look around and consider moving to san francisco. the jobs here are plentiful and your career will benefit in the long run. >> reporter: that's what he decided to do. he applied for jobs in sacramento. that's when he got the call finally for a job interview in customer service proving that there is better luck in the bay area. melissa chan, al jazeera, sacramento, california. >> a big controversy brewing over the labors on your food. the new laws in vermont will require genetically modified food to be labeled.
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>> searches happening around the clock in nigeria for more than 200 school girls who were abducted last month. >> this comes amid allegations that nigerian military was warned aboutage attack beforehand, but they failed to act. we have more from the capitol. >> reporter: could this have been avoided. sources have told >> they had to flee for their lives and more villagers fled to the bush. that's a shocking revelation. we've been repeatedly calling on the nigerian authorities to
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provide adequate security for people of nigeria, especially the schools because they have been vulnerable targets in the past couple of years. >> reporter: the nigerian government response has led to protests around the country. nigeria's president has dismissed suggestions that the girls have been taken into cameroon but admits he does not know where they are. specialists from the u.s. and u.k. are in nigeria to help with the search. the nigerian government said it will investigate claims the military ignored warnings of an attack. if the claims are substantiated it will likely deepen public outrage. >> nigeria is africa's largest economy, and oil is the reason for its economic growth. however, many nigerians live on $2 a day.
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and nigeria's reliance on oil revenues to meet its challenges. >> reporter: nigeria is africa's largest oil producer, but it's pushing the country into an oil crisis. the locals call it bunkering, and it's big business. gangs target pipelines and at least 100,000 barrels of oil a day are stolen from various production sites. that's 5% of the country's total output. the estimated yearly valley is 3 to $8 billion. >> i believe there are many who are involved. you don't operate an operation
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this scale without a lot of people. both locally and overseas. >> reporter: the crime wave has forced companies like shell, exxonmobil and cheveron to shut down wells, stalling production and under cutting the target's output of more than two million barrels a day. the current high price of oil has cushioned the blow to nigeria's bottom line. at roughly $110 a barrel oil revenues remain above government projections. but as it continues companies like shell have started selling off oil leases in the nigeria delta. with no end in site the oil crisis will continue to threaten nigeria's national security and it's dream for a brighter future. >> new reports that south sudan's president has signed a deal with a rebel leader agreeing to a cease-fire.
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he has been accused of leading the charge against the government of south sudan and it's the first time that they have met since the fighting began sixmos ago. protesters wants thailand's interim government to state down. state offices and television stations all in a bid to have an unelected prime minister take over next week. the constitutional court youthed shinawatra, but protesters say that does not go far enough to end her family's influence on politics. >> reporter: the main leader of the anti-government leader has called this the final push. he said this before, and the tactics are the same. he urged support tours march on various sites in the city, the
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parliament, the prime minister's offices and several television stations. >> i'm here to kick them all out. i want them gone. >> the pro tests have been largely peaceful although there are those who are trying to force their way into a government compound. the court recently forced shinawatra to step down as prime minister after fin finding her guilty over abuse of power. one of her deputies have replaced him but they still see him as a proxy of shinawatra. they've been holding demonstrations for the past six months. home to protesters all over the country. some of the protesters have been camping since early this year.
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many say they will stay for as long as it takes until they see a change in government. the caretaker government wants to hold elections in july. parties have easily won elections since 2001 largely because of the populous policies. protesters say poll also not solve the political crisis. >> we have to get them out first. >> they want to put in place an elected government who will be entrusted before elections are held. >> you some will hold a counter rally and raising the take stak. >> in south korea the police arrested the owner of the company who owned the sunken ferry, he's the fifth person from the company to be arrested.
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investigators believe that the ferry might have gone down because it was carrying too much cargo, and what was on the boat was improperly stowed. 273 people died. 31 ear31 others are still missi. no. the honduras an suspected drug trafficker has been extradited to face trial in the u.s. now he is accused of lone dering money. his extradition could mark a breakthrough between the honduras and the u.s. and the premiere has arrived in kenya. beijing has shored up it's investments in sub-saharan africa, which has outpaced the u.s. since 2009. and as jane ferguson reports, students in kenya are seizing
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the opportunity. >> these students are singing in mandarin preparing for china's prime minister. they are all aware of how important his visit is for kenya. >> after years of studying the language they hope to turn their hard work into jobs with chinese companies based in kenya. >> this is one of the good opportunities that we have in a career their teacher is excited too,. >> we realize there are so many opportunities for them ranging--we have so many companies established here in kenya, and chinese people will want local people who can speak the language. >> reporter: many students at nairobi university see their economic future tied to china. >> the place people come to learn mandarin is not one or two
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classrooms, it's an entire institute. all of the classrooms are labeled in chinese, and there is a lot of evidence of chinese culture in these corridors. but on the stairway it's a clear indicator of why so many kenyans who want to learn mandarin. >> reporter: china has been building business ties across africa for years. with deals in mining, construction and trade. china has also been building it's soft power with media outlets across the continent. >> now they have included. >> reporter: but some experts warn that countries like kenya need to maintain business relations with a wide range of countries. >> to engaging other countries. it feeds their relationships and businesses, the kind of cushioning in case things go b
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bad. >> reporter: but for a new generation their dreams are in the east. al jazeera, nairobi. >> now to headlines from all around america. residents in the dallas area are cleaning up after storms and high winds tore through their city. up rooting trees and tore roofs off of homes there. thursday storms knocked out power to 34,000 homes in all but 200 of them had powerrer power restored this morning. a new poll fines 60% in georgia disapprove of their state's newly passed gun laws. georgia gun owners can be armed in schools, bars, government buildings and even inside churches. the poll conducted for the atlanta constitution found 39% of people dislike those laws and at the same time 57% said they believe owning a gun helps to protect people.
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the center for disease control said the deep south has the highest rate of h.i.v. and a.i.d.s. and it's particularly dire in mississippi in young men 13 to 24. we have more from jackson. >> cedric was diagnosed with a.i.d.s. nearly ten years ago. >> i almost died because i ignored being treated. >> reporter: today he is on a mission to stop the spread of h.i.v. in his home state. >> i just think if they were to actually get educationed more about the disease, how it works, how the medication works that would lower the rates of infection. >> 10,000 people are living with h.i.v. in mississippi. >> reporter: although intravenous drug abuse is part
4:42 pm
of the country, it has been called an evolving crisis. >> the number of men with h.i.v. who have sex with other men is astounding. not having access to education, opportunities, employment, healthcare. >> reporter: according to the cdc's national data southern states are leading the country in new cases since 2011. the number of people diagnosed with a.i.d.s. per 100,000 people is highest in the south at 15 shoes 855 diagnosing. jackson, mississippi, leads the nation in diagnoses of men with h.i.v. ages 13 to 24. that's according to a report by the u.s. center for disease control and prevention. but there may be more men out there who have the deed. they're just afraid to get tested.
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>> for my baby city and myself who are still living after my older sister passed it's just day-to-day being ridiculed by our peers, they called us the a.i.d.s. kids. >> reporter: they're campaigning for better access to care and support for what he calls an outright epidemic. >> whether it's education, health disparities, a.i.d.s. and h.i.v. is no different. >> the a.i.d.s. patient could not agree more with the mayor. >> i think we have to look at the attitude that people have, especially against homosexuality in the state of mississippi. >> along side advocates the state health department is offering free h.i.v. testing and support programs with the hope if moore people are tested awareness and education will help slow the rate of infection.
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with a state with little resources and the highest poverty in america. >> it's a new law, the first of its kind in the united states that will require labors on genetically modified foods. some say it will help people know what they're eating but others say it is not self. >> dozens of other countries already have these labels. roxana saberi is here with more on that debate, roxana? >> the fabulous approves the use of mgos and supports voluntary labeling. but growing debate between supporters and opponents of genetically modified foods. >> with this signature... >> it's law! >> the first state in the nation
4:45 pm
to require labels on genetically not food opportunities. we are an approaching. 70 and 80% of the foods we eat in the u.s. contain genetically modified ingredients. but until now no country has labeled a food product as containing gmos. >> if we're going to label and go down that path we would much preview a national uniform system. >> reporter: but there is no national system. since some states have taken it upon themselves to pass their own laws. attempts in california and washington state have failed, but they succeeded in maine and connecticut. but they won't fake effect. three countries ban gmos all
4:46 pm
together. 64 countries allow it. they say that gmo foods use different genes in different ways, so they need to be assessed on a case by case basis. gmos may harm the environment and the people who eat them. they say it will allow consumers know what is in their food. they expect to be sued over its new law. one international group said that they will file a lawsuit in the coming weeks. >> there is a question whether food companies will have to change their labors and in states that might have the same requirement in the future. i spoke to industry analysts, guys who told me that 18 other states are considering similar laws that would require gmo labeling. >> all right, thank you so much for joining us.
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>> coming up an inside look of italy. why they say their lives are worse therein there man the country that they fled.
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america mobile app, available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now >> since the arab spring a flood of migrants from northern africa has fled to europe. and in italy they've had a particularly difficult time trying to stem the tide. >> in doing so they've left many migrants in lem bow. how man--in limbo. >> look at this street, look again. consider this is rome. one of the world's greatest cities in one of the world's wealthiest countries. >> we don't have a home. we're homeless, jobless.
4:50 pm
>> reporter: everyone here i lafayette behind terrible violence looking for a better life. they didn't expect this. >> we don't have a real place to eat or sleep. this is not a life. >> this is your room. >> his room is 160 square feet. he shares it with four people. he has lived here for almost five years ever since a harrowing 72 hour boat ride across the mediterranean. >> the island of lampedusa has always been migrants' most appealing target. but last october a boat like this one full of people dreaming of a new life.
4:51 pm
>> i needed to come here to pray. the cost guard expanded it's patrols today the intercepting more boats and fewer are dying. survivors are offered asylum but many are refusing as they try to move on to a country they consider more welcoming. >> they say it was just the beginning of the problems. >> we can't get a job. we can't survive. >> he and 450 migrants occupy this building. it used to be a government office but it was abandoned until these families moved into every single room.
4:52 pm
>> i came to rome. >> reporter: he tried to flee but under european law bans he landed in italy every other country he asked for asylum rejected him and threw him in jail. >> how many jails in europe have you had to go through? >> he works a view hours a week as a gardner not able to achieve his dream. >> to continue my life. i need to change my life. but not entirely, i don't shares so. >> so now they're stuck. they are not allowed to leave. >> al jazeera america has been looking at the immigration controversy here in utah. "border land" retraces the steps of migrants who died trying to
4:53 pm
get to the u.s. you can see the border life reunion right here sunday night. >> today pope francis called for governments to spread the wealth. he said there should be a legitimate redistribution to the poor. this comes during the events happening in rome. the list is out. the most popular baby names. >> and we told you about apple's bid to buy beat from dr. dre. why would apple make such a big christian. >> the apple brand has always mixed high tech with cool designs. but why offer $3 billion? the inside story of this
4:54 pm
reported deal has to do with online streaming of music. u.s. sales top $1 billion. apple wants to bite into that business, and dr. dre's company may be the way to bite into that competition. we're inside story.
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4:56 pm
>> some football fans are celebrating while others are thinking about what could have been after the first round the nfl draft held last night. johnny manziel expected to be the first-round pick. he said he's thankful for the support in cleveland. >> it means a lot to me
4:57 pm
obviously getting a lot of support already. but there is work that needs to be done. there are things that need to be done in order continue. >> the most popular baby name for 2014 are out. >> while there is a new number one for the boys, an old time favorite kept the top spots for the ladies. we're joined now with the list. >> thank you number 100. >> oh, that's where you are? >> i'm 100? >> i got to be higher than that. >> you are number seven.
4:58 pm
>> top ten. >> oh, man. >> hello from number 27 otherwise known as a gift from god. [ laughing ] here's the boys name for 2013. this is william, a firm favorite number four. at number five its mason, rock solid. popular with people who go to church, jacob, and number two, liam, not like jacob. liam is smooth, and number one is noah for the first time that makes it to the top of the list because we think of the russel l crowe movie. and for the girls, and for number one position that's sophia, and if you spell it with an "f" the name is number 13 on the list. now according to the administration that issues this list, the trend is away from the popular names.
4:59 pm
over 18,000 babies were named noah in the past year, but if you go back to 1950 when james was the most popular name there was a whooping 18,000 votes in favor of those. and the girls sophia in 2013. in 1950 linda, and sharon was number 11 in that year. this year's fastest riser is deleysa. it's number 585, and it's a name from the spanish language show. and for the boys, jayceon. it's the name of two hip hot artists one known as the game. there you go. >> i did not know that his name
5:00 pm
was jayceon terrell taylor. >> the game sounds better. >> i like that a lot. thank you for joining us. i'm morgan radford. >> i'm michael yves. for more on these stories you can always go to have a great weekend. >> it's been widely reported that apple home of itones is preparing to buy beats electronics for $3 billion. why would the company who revolutionized the music industry with the $0.99 download buy