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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> on the next talk to al jazeera lawyer david boies gives surprising insight into his most historic case bush vs. gore and tells of his relentless fight for civil rights >> this is the defining issue today... >> talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america >> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm david shuster with a look at today's top stories. following new violence in eastern ukraine, moscow and crimea, vladimir putin parades russia's military might. nigeria, efforts arrive to help fight boko haram, the group alleged tclaim responsibility of
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kidnapping school girls. and in today's power politics. [♪ singing ] >> statiststrategists call it te creative ad this year. today russia's president vladimir putin puts his own personal seal of approval on his country's annexation of crimea. the state department called butten's visit provocative.
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>> sailing past russian crews ce ships president vladimir putin alluded to russia's annexation of two months ago. >> i'm sure that 2014 will go down into the annals of our whole country as the nations firmly decide to be here with russia. >> the president also got to see an air parade featu featuring fr jets and air parades. victory day is a big deal across russia, but here in sevasto. l they're celebrating 60 years that the russians delivered ukraine from the nazis. >> the push of eastern ukraine for the breakaway as well.
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>> now i understand what they felt during their victory day and when peace returned to ukraine. >> many are proud that people remember that era, but they're thinking of recent events here. >> crimea became russian without any force. there have been stories of people without arms. it's all nonsense. >> rightly or wrongly people believe a similar struggle is herisunderway here in ukraine. >> while putin was in the ukraine, gun battles intensified. there are conflicting reports of how many ukrainian soldiers and pro-russian separatists were killed, but the told number of
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dead range from two to 20. they trade to regain control of a local government building. given the violence in the east, putin caused diplomatic whiplash in several western capitals. it was two days ago when they scheduled the referendums. the insurgents decided to ignore putin and jennifer glasse was reporting on the ground in ukraine. she joins us live in new york. >> that's right. the pro-russian separatists say they're going to go ahead with the referendum on sunday. on sunday this school in the eastern ukrainian will become a
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polling station. despite the fast time frame they're prepared. >> we think everything is ready. today and tomorrow we have meetings to prepare and all the materials are ready. >> despite division and violence between pro-russian splittists and the ukrainian military. president putin called for the vote to be delayed but the separatists are going ahead any way. tha repeat of crimea in march wn the polling was followed bay independencdeclaration of indepd voted to join russia. first there are the logistics printing all the ballots. it's not clear who control all
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the lists and if they're up-to-date. >> ukrainian securities said it proves russia directly supports the vote. allegedly between a pro-russian leader in positive co-and a separatist in donetsk who say they're not ready for the vote. >> we will not recognize a referendum of this kind. obviously if it goes ahead and we trea create the facts on the ground. it is not a good idea. >> reporter: the straightists don't control the entire territory, just government buildings. and it's unclear how widespread the vote will be. >> that throws everything into a
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state of uncertainty in ukraine. we've seen violence, problems and this vote in the west will no, in the west itwill not be r. >> putin wanted the threat of the vote but not the vote himself. >> it's unclear the west believe moscow's hands are very deep in what is going on in the ukraine. moscow denies that. trying to give plausible deniable but wanting the vote to go ahead is unclear. of course they have the presidential elections in the ukraine on may 25th. >> thank you for joining us. south africa polling commission has said they now have the difficult task of
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tapping the high unemployment rate. the opposition democratic alliance party polled in 22%. half a dozen military advisers arrived in nigeria to help the government search for more than 200 school girls abducted last month. they have requested an ai aircr, something that the u.s. is considering. there are allegations that the nigerian security was warned of the attack. >> could this have been avoided? sources tell al jazeera and amnesty international that nigeria ignored warnings that boko haram was about to attack this group. it left the extremis extremeistc
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group free to attack. >> the number of fighters to attack the town. it's a shocking revelation. we've repeatedly called on authorities to provide advocate security for the people of apology neaofnigeria. >> the response has led to protests across the country. this was on friday. nigeria's president has dismissed suggestions that the girls have been taken across the border into cameroon. but he admits he doesn't know where they are. specialists are in nigeria to help with the search. the nigerian government said it
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will investigate claims of the attack. if it is substantiated it will likely outrage the public. >> there are educations of a major break through in efforts to end for man five months of fighting in south sudan. a mediator said that they agreed to a cease-fire during talks in east jeopardy i can't. they also agreed on talks to move the country forward: more than a million people have been forced to flee their homes. in washington, d.c. a day after the republican house formed a special committee to investigate the bengahzi attacks. yesterday by vote of 232 to 186
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the house with seven democrats crossing over approved the special committee to conduct the probe. e-mails have raised new questions about what the administration knew about th the 2012 attacks. four americans, including chris stevens were killed. time for today's power politics and some high profile politicians in both parties have turned conventional wisdom on its head in the past 24 hours. let's start with the minimum wage. mitt romney republican party presidential nominee split with the g.o.p.'s right wing. he currently said the minimum wage, should be wanged. >> i part with many in my party on the issue of minimum wage. i think we ought to raise it. our party is all about more jobs and better pay. communicating that is important to us. >> in that interview romney indicated categorically that he will not run again for president.
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however, two other republicans who are still considering the race in 2016, rick santorum said pawlenty say they have approve of the raising of the minimum wage. kay hagin threw caution to the wind. she limited that republican leaders in her home state opted out of the medicaid expansion under the affordable care act. that decision to opt out left 500,000 north carolinaens unable to enroll. >> these are some of the most vulnerable citizen citizens in r society who will continue to seek care in emergency rooms and then leave chronic conditions unmanaged, which we know is detrimental not only to their health but to the economy, too, and it leads to higher costs for
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the patients. it drives up costs for hospitals, and it drives you have cost for the insures. >> north carolina speaker has been hammering hagin support of obamacare for months. the koch family intends to escalate it's spend to go $125 million. to put that in perspective, a presidential election year the koch family spend about 400 million. in chicago democratic mayor rahm emmanuel president obama's former chief of staff has apologized after red light cameras caught his motorcade breaking the law. over the past two years the mayor's motorcade had 20 20 violations, 17 tickets for running red lights, three citations for speeding. he has told his drivers to knock it off. easy for him to say.
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all the fines were dismissed. finally to the republican primary in texas, if you saw the disney movie "frozen" or you like the song "let it go," you'll like this story. david dewhurst is trying to hold on to his seat but he's trailing dan patrick, once a radio deejay who once let ladies paint him. now he's facing this attack add. [♪ music ] ♪ won't let them see ♪ that i'm a phoney ♪ disjockey. ♪ why should they know ♪ why should they ♪ danny go ♪ danny go ♪ i can't lie to you ♪ any more ♪ that's my name ♪ danny go ♪ and i've got lies ♪ to answer for ♪ because danny don't care
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♪ what you're going to say ♪ let my lies wage on ♪ it never bothered me ♪ any way >> hats off to the lieutenant governor for the song choice. considering the tween demographic locked up. that's the day's pow politics. in detroit why automakers have recalled more than 11 million vehicles we learned today some of the cars and s.u.v.s may never get repaired, and it's completely legal. bisi onile-ere joins us live from detroit. bisi, why is that some of these recalled vehicles are not going to get fixed? >> david, according to a "new york times" report there are a number of safety watchdog groups who are pushing for legislation that would require used car dealers as well as rental car companies to make
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fixes when they come scenario a recall. as it stands right now these businesses don't have to make these repairs. what has a lot of people concerned they also don't have to inform their customers of any issues. there have been a number of deaths as well as crashes attributed to what some are calling a lack of oversight. right now there are two bills pending in congress that would require these companies, these used car dealerships to make these fixes when they come across a recall. considering all of the negative attention that general motors has received over the couple of months in connection with its delayed ignition switch recall, one analyst i spoke to said right now it would be hard for lawmakers not to act. take a listen. >> it's hugely important that there be somebody who is paying attention to this other than the
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manufacturers themselves left to their own devices, you know, our history says the consumer is not going to be protected that way. it's just not going to happen. it's urgent that someone is looking over their soldiers on something like this. >> last year over 20 million vehicles were recalled. the fear is there is still a large number of trucks and cars out here on the road. just today forward motor company as well as chrysler issued 2 million recalls for safety concerns. >> why can't a law be passed. this is clearly an issue concern. >> reporter: that is so very true. from what i gather we have these used car dealerships as well as rental car companies, and they can't come together on the language that should pertain to this bill.
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and you have these safety groups who are really discouraged and upset by the lack of urgency. >> bisi onile-ere, thanks for that were. just ahead in albuquerque, new mexico, where controversial police shootings have infuriated the community, activists confronted the city council with silence. we'll talk with one of the protesters next. plus apple seems ready to spend a billion dollars on the beats head phones by rapper dr. dre. if i told you that a free ten-second test
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>> in more controversial police shootings in albuquerque, new mexico, activists say any efforts to stop the protests, last night seven demonstrators were removed from a city council meeting. this is the second meeting protesters have demonstrated at this week. they chose to offer silence instead. there have been 39 shootings by the albuquerque police
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department since 2010. they have found a pattern of police using excessive force. joining us is dave corea who has been protesting against the police violence. what has the response been like? >> overwhelmingly positive. i think people here are tired of being scared of the police, and tired of a city in a police department that doesn't care that they're killing people that ignores the doj report and continues to kill people. >> does the city council care? it seems that all they wanted to do was remove you from their meeting last night. >> well, that's what they did. after issuing a warrant, we held a people's assembly, and we did the work that think city couple has not--this city council had not done.
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if they had done their job four years ago we wouldn't be in this position right now. >> what was the decision, what was driving the decision to get up and offer nothing but silence last night? >> well, their reaction to our protest on monday was to dra cul public comment. if they're going to cut off civic engagement that's going to be our reaction. apparently standing silent is against the wall in albuquerque yesterday. >> what do the police say about this latest shooting? have me released more of the tape? last i saw they had released only a portion of it. what's the latest? the only thing they've released is a video before s.w.a.t. arrived and then handcuffing a man they just shot and killed. this is a department calling a justify shooting. all we know is that they shot
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and killed and then handcuffed him. >> it sounds like you're not making a accusation about this shooting but that the police department has a lack of credi creditability. >> there is no credibility and there is no accountability. it's as though every criticism played out in the killing of a man last week. >> with received criminal trespass notice. we're barred from the city hall. we're barred from the entire building.
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>> what do you plan to do next? they're being very aggressive to move you away and keep the demonstrations away from city hall, what is the next plan? >> well, we will quickly and swiftly challenge these criminal trespass citations any way we need to and however we need to. >> david corea helping to demonstrate against the police actions. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> apple appears to be on the verge of its most expensive acquisition yet. they're going to buy beats electronics and they're willing to pay $3 billion. apple is not commenting publicly but it's generating a lot of attention. why would apple buy beats.
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>> we're all just trashing our heads and trying to figure it out. i think what it really comes down to is it's not the hardware that beats is known for. beats is a hard wear company. it's not the brand. it's not as if apple needs brand help. i think it comes down to the sense that apple's itunes business is down quite a great deal, 18%, the whole market for digital downloads that it's built on is falling apart. everyone is going to subscription model and beats has a service that allow offers a subscription to music. >> what are some of the other things to apple, what are some of the other accusations that it might be interested in going
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for. >> well, david, that is the great question we're all going to be kicking around with beers in our hands. if you had $159 billion in cash after it's huge stock buy back, why would you blow it on beats? with all the things you could buy, you could buy google and facebook, these companies that are building robots and going to mars, they could have bought go throw for probably around $8 billion. they could have bought tesla for $30 billion. imagine an apple car. you know, you could have bought comcast for $100 billion and still have $50 billion kicking around. the idea that dr. dre and jimmy are going to be the recipient it's of their biggest acquisition is mind blowing. >> thanks for coming on. >> thanks, david. >> after a huge loss the postal service is pleading with
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congress to pass a reform bill. it lost $2 billion in the first three months of this year and that was despite efforts to cut costs and a small rise in its operating revenue. netflix is asking for more for its streaming content. starting today new subscribers will pay $9 a month. existing customers will pay $8 until 2016. pro russian separatists will go on with a vote. we'll look at the referendum and allegations that the voting will be rig: it turns out a lot of people in georgia are unhappy with the state's loose new gun laws.
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>> you followed their journey across the border >> it was heart wrenching... >> now see how it changed the lives of the people involved. >> i didn't go back to the person that i was before i left... >> an emotional borderland reunion >> this trip was personal to me... this is real... >> long held beliefs >>...illegal in mexico too.. >> learn the language! come here... >>...most ridiculous thing i've heard in my life >> tested by hard lived truths... >> these migrants are being exploited >> beyond borderland... only on al jazeera america
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a. >> returning to our top story the u.s. state department said russian president vladimir putin's visit to crimea was unnecessary and provocative. he went to the black sea peninsula to celebrate the 69th anniversary of victory na nazis. with us is lincoln mitchell, adviser at human rights at columbia university. your thoughts about the referendum this sunday? >> i think this referendum among other things is a bad precedent. they decide to have a referendum. if that happens in ukraine, it can happen everywhere. it's a bad residence.
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secondly, it's difficult to put an election together on short notice. will there be attempts to election fraud, the answer is yes. just the logistics of putting an election together, it's going to be an attempt to wave enough barn that says they want to separate from ukraine. >> what do you make of vladimir putin's actions earlier this week to suggest that the referendum be postponed. does he want these elections? or does it put them in a box? >> he could be playing it either way. there is very good reason why he wouldn't want this election which is if this election happens, we can know with great certainty. we don't know how the votes will be cast but we can know it won't be reported out. we know that's going to happen. whether or not the people vote that way, that's a different question. if that happens that will give the ukrainian military every
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reason to be much stronger in their opposition. that's what countries do. when countries secede. i could say here in the united states, every american should know that from our own history when 11 states tried to secretarsecede,it was a bloody . >> and with with its own civil war there are those who are thinking about joining the south. what does russia do if crimea is annexed, and then provinces decide-- >> if those provinces report out a victory, it forces russia for a stronger military action. that is probably not a wise move for putin. a military invasion into, if that happens, then there is very likely a strong insurgency against that, and that in the long run is not good for russia. you can see the incentive for putin saying, well, maybe we
6:33 pm
chute have. but on the other hand the incentive for putin to want to do this, it continues to destabilize and weaken ukraine. >> he's visiting the black sea fleet. he made a big deal of the parade and the military might. what did you make of it? >> well, that isn't an unusual gesture. to me that gesture is that crimea is now russia, come and change that. what happens in ukraine in the next few weeks, months and years, this is a very strong statement. >> after the result that we should get an sunday, how do you think those results to be treated in ukraine. >> well in kiev they're not going to be taken seriously at all. i also suspect there are going to be eastern ukraine who will be angry because they know their votes weren't counted. we know from the day that
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leading up to this election even months back this is a strong sentiment in eastern ukraine that they would like closer ties with ukraine than russia, and there is a strong sentiment for seceding from ukraine. there is a strong group of extremists who want that, but that does not represent the majority view. and certainly in the rest of the country. >> lincoln mitchell, adviser at the human rights institute at columbia, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> officials say seven people were killed, the attacks took place after the yemeni military said it took over an al-qaeda base. we have more now from the capitol. >> reporter: gunmen open fired at the military checkpoint near the presidential palace. then the attack, the intelligence headquarters reports say four soldiers and three gunmen were killed.
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at the same time security forces say that they intercepted a car packed with explosives. they blocked most of the main roads here, and deployed many policemen and soldiers to control their situation there are concerns of al-qaeda might take the battle to the heart of the capita capitol. today the minister of defense was on his way to tour areas that the army recently captured, and the convoy came under attack. this is a clear indicator that al-qaeda, although they have lost significant areas, they still have the know how, the intelligence, and the nerve power to launch spectacular attacks against the forces. >> and in south cree police have arrested the head of the company that owned that sunken ferry over fear the owners may destroy
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evidence. the fifth person to be arrested, investigators believe the ferry might have tipped over because it was carrying too much cargo and some of the cargo was not stored properly. they have believe that he knew about the problems in advance and did nothing about it. 273 people died, 31 others are still missing. in honduras for the first time ever a suspected drug trafficker has been extradited to face charge in the united states. it's government has sent him to the united states. the security forces captured him in march. he's accused of laundering money and moving large amounts of cocaine. his extradition marks a breakthrough regarding drug extradition efforts. in thailand, demonstrators surrounded state offices and intelligence stations in a bid to have the unelected prime minister take over next week.
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constitutional court ousted shinawatra, but protesters say that does not go far enough. we have reports now from bangk bangkok. >> reporter: the main leader of the anti-government movement has called this the final push. he said this before. and the tactics are the same. he's urged supporters to march on various sites in the city to parliament, the primary minister's offices and several television stations. >> i'm here to kick them all out because the cab inspect members are still here--the cabinet mems are still here. i want them all gone. >> reporter: the police fire tear gas at a group who are trying to force their way into to a government compound in north bangkok.
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shinawatra was forced to step down after being found guilty of abuse of power. protesters still see the interim leader as a proxy for shinawatra, the brother o brothd premiere who was ousted in 2006. they've been holding demonstrations in the capitol for the last six months. bangkok's largest park has been turned into a camp home to protesters from all over the country. some of the protesters have been camping here since early this year. many say they will stay for as long as it takes until they see a change in government. the caretaker government wants to hold elections in july. parties have easily won elections since 2001 largely because of the populous policy. protesters say polls will not solve the political crisis. >> they want to put in place an unelected government who will be
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entrusted with reform before elections are held. pro-government supporters say that is undemocratic and will hold a counter rally on their own on saturday raising the stakes on the power plays. al jazeera, bangkok. >> back in the united states just a short time ago there was a big decision in arkansas on gay marriage. morgan radford has more on that and other news around america. >> reporter: that's right, david. a judge struck down arkansas' constitutional gay marriage band opening the doors for couples to get married. defending the ban on gay marriage even though he allowed same-sex couples to wed. he said it is his duty to defend the ban. the state is expected to appeal. residents in the dallas area are cleaning up after thunderstorms and high winds tore through their city. winds up to 70 mph completely uprooted trees and then tore roofs off of homes.
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thursday's homes knocked out power to 34,000 homes and all but 200 of them had power restored as of this morning. a new poll finds 60% of people in georgia disapprove of their state's new little passed gun laws. georgia gun owners can be armed in schools, bars, government buildings and even inside churches. the poll conducted from the atlantic journal found 59% of people disliked these new laws but 57% of them say they believe that owning a gun helps protect people. and over in ohio five high school students will be charged with vandalism for going too far in their senior prank. they cut down 23 trees surrounding the campus. unluckily for them surveillance cameras caught them smack dab in the middle of the act. the student could get suspended
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or ex-spelled. i believe you were a prankster back in the day. >> we consisten skipped school. that was our prank. what about cutting trees. >> it's a little extreme. >> it may be one of the toughest jobs in science braving arctic weather to learn how climate change is affecting the planet. we'll learn how researchers do it. and much of the food we eat is genetically modified but there is a new effort in vermont to make sure that food carries certain labels, and it's all causing quite a stir.
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children at work only on al jazeera america .
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real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. >> the island nation of green land is not very green at all. most of it is covered by a sheet of ice that is two miles thick
6:44 pm
but the glaciers are melting thanks to climate change. we visit with scientist who is are keeping a close eye on who is happening there. >> the folks who travel there kind of become a family. we make a lot of meals together and look out for each other. this is a big part of what makes this whole thing bearable and rewarding. >> it looks to me like it's a little close. you have pork sausage. mine is reindeer. >> what are we going to have to drink? >> this is an ice that we picked out to the land terminating glacier today. we're able to bring home a 20-pound block. this ice is special because it contains small gas particles
6:45 pm
that will public up when you add a little bit of liquid to it. in this case we were able to find a little bit of whiskey and poured it in there, and you can hear the bubbles. >> the glaciers are speaking to us. >> cheers to that. >> the glaciers may be speaking to us in other ways, too. i went to see for myself what it looked like up close. 80% of country is covered in an ice sheet, and in some areas it reaches two miles deep. but this gigantic and ancient ice sheet is shrinking. it's losing more ice each summer than it gains each winter. since 2003 green land has been experiences a net loss of 200 billion tons of ice a year. as it melts it has the potential to speed up further climate change. >> green land being one of the world's primary ice masses acts as a buffer.
6:46 pm
it absorbs energy. as they start getting smaller the potential climate to africa or papa new guinea begin begins{^l" ^}. >> it's warming. >> and the early indicators are going to happen up here. >> techno contributor, doctor, tell us more about how those melting ice sheets are effecting the climate as far as africa. >> the ice sheets act as a buffer to climate change. and the ice sheet in green land is about the size of the state of texas. that same ice sheet acts as a giant mirror bouncing the sun's raise back. that has an impact o from the
6:47 pm
sun's heat. >> what is the mood like. >> the mood is of concern, year on year when they return to green land they see with their own eyes changes to the climate. they've got really sophisticated instruments on board that aircraft, but even with their naked eyes they can see the changes that happen every year. >> is there anything that took you by surprise in this trip that you made up there? >> what took me by surprise was the innovation in technology on board that aircraft. they're able to actually visualize what is happening underneath the ice sheets. a few weeks ago they found the landscape of green land. rivaled that to the grand canyon, and they were able to see that with laser technology. >> doctor, it's going to be such
6:48 pm
an interesting program on techno. thank you for giving us tease today. you can check out techno saturday nights 7:30 eastern time and 4:30 the west coast. right here on al jazeera americ. a new law that will require labels on genetically modified food. the laws of vermont say that it will allow people to know what they're eating, but groups who say the foods are safe are not happy about it. dozens of other countries have started with these labels. roxana saberi is here with more on these debates. >> reporter: the fda approves the use of gmos and supports the labels that contain them. now there is a growing debate between supporters and opponents of genetically modified foods. >> with this signature, vermont
6:49 pm
is the first state in the nation to require labels on genetical y modified foods. that means the majority of packaged food in vermont will have to be labeled. the grocery association estimates 70% to 80% of the foods we eat in the u.s. contain genetically modified ingredients. >> as we said from the start if we're going to label and go down that path we would have much preferred to continue with the national uniform system as we do with everything else that is on a food package. >> reporter: but there is no national system. some states have taken it upon themselves to pass their own laws. attempts in california and washington state have failed, but they succeeded in maine and connecticut. but those laws won't take affect until a certain number of nearby states require labeling. across the world three countries ban gmos all together.
6:50 pm
the world's health organization has not said whether genetically modified foods are safe, only that they use different genes in different ways and so they need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. many say the gmos harm the environment and the people who eat them. the labels will help people know what is in their food. they expect vermont to be sued over its new law. one group said it will file a lawsuit in coming weeks. >> vermont still has to figure out how gmo foods will be labeled and if food companies will have to change their labels just for product they sell in vermont. i spoke to an industry analyst. there are 18 other states considering similar legislation that would require gmo labeling right now. >> so interesting. thank you for this fascinating report. coming up, we will reveal the most popular baby names
6:51 pm
of 2013. some of us actually had babies last year. we'll take a look at what those names tell us about the changing times, and then it's "real money with ali velshi." >> reporter: coming up with "real money" with all that cash apple could buy anything. why would it buy dr. dre's beats electronics? i'll have a look. plus johnny manziel la, if you've got job skills cleveland wants to draft you, too. we'll tell you that and more on "real money."
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>> remember that video of amazon's drone? well, uavs take off the faa has selected six civilian drone sites to test out uavs for the utility and their safety. one of the sites is in texas. it's hoping to lift its local economy by cashing in on drones. out here on the seemingly
6:54 pm
endless plains of texas a lot of folks are counting on a new industry to take flight. >> there has been a lot of work. sometimes it's been a major headache but it's been fun because you know, i'm at the leading edge. >> reporter: david runs the unmanned system program in corpus christi university. the leading organization behind the drone test sites set up by the faa. out of 25 fiercely competitive bids hoping to become the silicon valley of drones, these six sites intend to make what may seem fantastical today into the future. >> a lot of people son the amazon video. it was rather cute. what it didn't though was how the amazon helicopter would avoid colliding with the
6:55 pm
dominoes helicopter bringing your pizza. >> it's something that they will need to improve for the civilian use to grow. they estimate 750 commercial drones could be flying by 2018. entrepreneur's david company works with corpus christi with their drone program. from drones that defect when a field may need to be fertilized or watered to unmanned planes in search and rescue operations. >> it can be done without putting a pilot's life in harm's
6:56 pm
way. >> reporter: the trade group projects the trade site could have an impact of $8 billion statewide. $260 million of that in south texas alone with 1200 new jobs created in the region. but until the faa finalizes the regulation coveraging drone use and officially opens air space the industry remains grounded with possible delays to come. industry analysts suspect the drone market could double to $12 billion over the next decade. the nba has appointed a new ceo for the los angeles clippers. richard parsons, former chairman of citigroup and time warner and his employment comes as the result of the donald sterling scandal. the league announced it would appoint a ceo to oversee the team's operations. some football fans are celebrating while others are thinking about what could have been. after the first round of the nfl
6:57 pm
draft, clowny was the first man picked. the big loser is the most pola polarizing figure in the draft, johnny manziel fell to 22. he was picked by the cleveland browns. forbes estimate the slide cost manziel $12 million. some of us had babies in 2013, and the most popular baby names for that year are out. and while there is a new number one for boys, an old favorite kept its spot at the top for the ladies. john terrett is here with the list. thank you, david, number 18 as you are now known upstairs in the newsroom. i am john, number 27. otherwise known as a gift from god. there go. let's crack on. these are the top five baby boy names. and right in there at number five is good ol' rock solid william and mason. we have jacob, very popular for
6:58 pm
people who go to church. liam at number two. liam is nice and smooth as opposed to jacob, which is quite hard. that is one of the reason why people use liam. and number one is noah. that's arguebly because of the russell crowe movie by the same time. but to be honest with you that is just a guess. in reverse order for the girls. number five is ava. isabella. hanging on from the 1970s is olivia as in olivia newton john, and number two, emma, and so now the number one most popular girl's name for the third year in a row is sophia. if you spell this with an "f." becomes number 13. what is interesting this year is how the trend is actually away from even the most popular names. for instance, just over the 18,000 babies named noah this
6:59 pm
past year compare that to 1950 when james was the most popular name with a whooping 86,000 newborns and the same for girls, sophia polling at 21,000 last year. but in 1950 linda polled almost 80,000 newborns and sharon came in at number 11. this year's fastest riser is the name deleyza, to 585. now deleyza is a name that comes from the spanish language reality program put out been nbc. the program i has a very cute toddler on there called deleyza. everybody loves her. and for the boys, jayceon. and jayceon is the name of two hip-hop artists, one of whom you
7:00 pm
would have heard of because he's better known as the game. >> jay-z? >> no, jayceon he's known as the game. >> i'm david shuster. and "real money with ali velshi" >> well, it might be the most powerful source of energy known to man. the sun harnessing it for our homes and businesses, it would help the planet but it does not come cheap. hard working americans crashing and clawing their way into the middle class only to fall back out again. i'm looking at how it happens and what we can do about it. plus what apple wants from dr. dre and why it could fork over $3 billion to get it.