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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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says geidner was a liar. but he was there on the front lines during some of the most difficult times this country has faced. that's our show. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news hour, i'm live in doha, the top stories on al jazeera, american screens join the search for nigeria's missing school girls. israel's former prime minister is sentenced to jail over dodging property deals and 20 are killed in a series of attacks in the iraqi capitol baghdad and a water shortage in brazil's biggest city and is the city ready to host the world
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cup? ♪ the u.s. says the strikes over northern nigeria as part of a rescue effort to find 200 kidnapped school girls and boko haram operates in three states in the north and there was a state of emergency a year ago. boko haram has bases with chad and two other countries and they were taken and sought they were held somewhere in this area. on top of the surveillance the u.s. sent a team of 30 experts to help with the search and china and france have sent technical experts and on monday boko haram released the video offering to swap the girls for jail members. u.s. experts are studying the pictures closely for any clues that might help them and we will
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go to abuja and how does is the search and rescue effort shaping up and how difficult is this going to be? >> reporter: details emerging from washington about the makeup of their 30-man team. we understand that this team involves officials from the state department, from the dissent department and we have f.b.i. personnel and military personnel from africa, that is the u.s. military command in african command, but also washington clarifying that it has been authorized by this country to operate manned surveillance aircraft so these are essentially recognizance aircraft and manned missions flying above nigeria to glean intelligence as to where the girls are. this is the area and the focus of where the search and operations has been taking place. since we added the sam beesta
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force and in times it was a flourishing game reserve and not in more, in the past few years boko haram has been in total control of the area and most villages moved to areas nearby and it's a vast area and stretches around five different provinces including borno and 60,000 kilometers. now, that is twice the size of a country like belgium, not saying the search is spanning the entire 60,000 kilometers but boko haram has been very active and in control of the majority of the force and a large part of that force lies in the state where the search has been focused. that just gives you an idea of the extent of the size of where the search has been taking place. >> very difficult indeed and we saw the first pictures yesterday of the girls since they were kidnapped a month ago. how have their families been reacting? >> well, it's very interesting.
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i mean many families, we understand haven't even been able to watch the video themselves and don't necessarily have satellite television or power in their village's but we have spoken to some families who said they have not been able to locate their girls in the video and talking 270 girls and not all appeared on the video but this morning the school principal told al jazeera that some of the teachers from the school were able to identify a couple of girls on the video and so have some family members speaking to the media. you can imagine how distraught they are to see their girls in that condition particularly some of the families are christian families and seeing their girls forced to wear the muslim headscarf and some people have mixed feelings because some people find comfort in the fact it means the girls are alive but it's distressing to see them in
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that position in captivity. >> we can only imagine what the families are going through and thank you very much indeed. the search for the girls has turned into a huge global story but for nigeria it's the same, bad news. we scanned tuesday's local newspapers in nigeria, the nation is running a story about an on going bribery trial involving the government and gas and oil companies and corruption is a major problem in mie gear yeah and more on the legal fight of the formal central bank governor, sus -- and he was suspended from good luck jonathan and a gang dressed in military uniform kills three in a town in the north. the political opposition accuses the government for allowing the country, the biggest economy in africa right now and in other news in nigeria.
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joining us for more on this is mr. wanco in abuja and he is a civil service activist and thank you very much for joining us. why is the case of the missing school girls not on the front pages of a nigerian press? >> well, there has been a lot of worry among nigerians but the nigerian media has not picked this up as should have been the case because it has been so much of this bad news coming from the northeast part of nigeria. there has been previous kidnaps and abductions of school girls or even unmarried citizens. but more to the extent than we have. this is really quite a lot of people kidnapped at this time in one single incident. >> there are some who are suggesting this case could, in
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fact, turn out to be good news for a president good luck onthon out of the elections next year because it basically takes away, distracts from the many other issues that nigeria is facing right now, do you believe that? what do you think the fall out from this is going to be? >> well, the fall out is evidence, we have a government that has not been able to deliver on their promises. they kidnapped and the incident in borno is one incident and beyond the kidnap the country is in terrible crisis. nigeria has a downtime of government and infrastructure collapsed across the country, unemployment is at its highest ever, and insecurity and no jobs in the northeast and across the country and fellow nigerians it's a sense in which you feel you have very little government presence, very little government actions, very little going on in
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times of government trying to respond to the needs of the people. in a lot of ways nigerians are providing for themselves. we are looking for where our budgets go, we don't know where they go. they are not addressing the concerns that nigerians have and quite frankly looking towards the elections and nigerians will be asking the question has this government delivered. if you cross that bridge nigerian has a lot of disappointment and beyond the kidnap and abduction which the government has not shown any ability to deal with. there are several parts that the government failed to address. >> a lot of criticism over the government but says it's winning the war over boko haram. a few months ago some governors in nigeria were suggesting or perhaps negotiating with boko haram would be a better solution than the military solution. do you think that good luck jonathan is still considering today in light of the events of
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the last few weeks or months or is that out of the question now? >> i don't believe that boko haram solved any problem. i do not believe they have issues to negotiate with the government with. >> the military solution isn't working either, so what now? >> the military solution is not working. first, because we don't know that this government has even applied the defense budget to provide equipment for the military to fight with. but beyond that we are also worried that the government itself has been unable to deal with the development question. you have the military option of course but beyond the military where we can win this war against terrorism for instance you must also deal with the issue of providing infrastructure and provide employment and rebuild and a lot of the parts of the country and
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have been destroyed by this. we do not see the government is showing competence to be able to do this. >> thank you for speaking to us, and hee is with a nigerian civil activist society and he is in abuja. world news, the prime minister has been sentenced to six years in prison over a multi million corruption case. and olmert was convicted for his role in the holy land affair and found guilty of taking bribes in a controversial real estate deal during his time between 1993-2003. the scandal led to his resignation as prime minister in 2008. al jazeera is in jerusalem and said he is expected to appeal his sentence. >> reporter: he was sentences to six years in prison and given one million fine in his involved of what is known as the holly
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land affair. he is expected to appeal this sentence. the holy land real estate affair involved his time asthma -- as mayor and convicted of bribery charges and has 45 days to appeal and the supreme court will decide if he will spend the time in a jail cell or not and maintained innocence from the start and if and when sent to jail he will be the country's first prime minister to do so. >> 26 people have been killed in iraqi capitol baghdad and several car bombs exploded in shia neighborhoods and close to 80 people were injured and we are in baghdad and another day of violence in baghdad. tell us about what happened today. well, it comes after a relative period of calm i do say relative period of calm since elections when security across the country was on high alert.
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we saw a series of car bomb ings like you say. the six in neighborhoods and another one in a sunni neighborhood and seen kidnaps and assassination reports come out this morning as well. now the baghdad operations command, they are the people who are tasked with securing baghdad have placed the blame for attacks squarely on the soldiers of the islamic state in iraq and say the isl fighters issued a statement yesterday where they said they were going to attack shia targets in baghdad and across iraq and the pattern we have seen today. this is key to why we are seeing violence here in baghdad. in the statement i also saw criticized and as we hear the leader of al-qaeda who is allegedly in afghanistan said he let down the movement and praised bin laden and there is a struggle between al-qaeda and in
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syria they placed their support with another group and not iso and we say, a, because of a spill over from the conflict in syria and iso wants to see themselves at the forefront of the violence and jahad have been doing for the past year and not getting credit from the other groups and all that means is we are seeing much more violence on the streets in baghdad and across iraq. >> thank you very much indeed in baghdad. still ahead on the news hour, fighting to join nato and why georgia has chances of becoming a member of the military alliance. plus $3 a liter and rising, why the price of petrol is rising in one of the arab world's poorest country and they are feeling the heat in the nba playoff. ♪
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iran and six major world powers are beginning a round of nuclear negotiations on tuesday and the aim is to draft an agreement before the end of july and susan rice said iran must agree to actions, not words or there will be no final deal, u.n. report says the nuclear program have recently slowed. and tuesday's talks are the latest on a series on the iran's nuclear program. in november iran agreed to a seven-point plan for sanctions being eased and it implemented the steps and include giving access to two sites to nuclear watchdog and it wants more information about fast acting detonators that iran insists are for nonnuclear use and they must
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engage fully with the investigation if talks are to be successful. oil pipelines and power plants in yemen have been, targeted with people struggling with blackouts and we report and people are becoming increasingly angry. >> reporter: this isn't a traffic jam during rush hour. it's a line up at a petrol station. people in yemen are facing severe fuel shortages. sometimes they have to wait for days to fill their tanks. arguments turn into scuffles. >> translator: we have been suffering from fuel short afor months and we pay the price and others make the profits. >> reporter: fuel prices in yemen are high compared to neighboring countries. a liter here can sometimes sell
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for almost $3. in nearby qatar it sells for 25 cents. and when the pipelines come under attack which happens very often, refineries start rationing supplies and having stations like this to shut pumps. this is not the only problem people here face these days. attacks on power plants by armed groups or angry tribes often throw the capitol into darkness. and he works for a cement company. he is one of millions forced to cope with blackouts that sometimes go on for more than 18 hours a day. >> translator: it's really too much for us to handle. on one hand you hear fuel shortages and then the power cuts. our patients is running thin. if the government doesn't find
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permanent solution yemen will face an uncertain future. >> reporter: to cope many people have bought or rentered diesel powered generators. despite the excessive noise and air pollution they are often the only way of keeping the lights on, i'm with al jazeera. >> reporter: french police round up six men on homes in the eastern city of strasberg and they told their parents they were going on holiday to dubi in december and they traveled to turkey and entered syria to join fighters and they say the men were recruited by social media. france is asking the u.n. security council to refer to both sides in the syria war to the international criminal court and says crimes against humanity and war crimes are likely to have been committed and cites evidence forces for seven mass killings and rebels accused of at least one massacre.
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al jazeera correspondent has been on hunger strike in an egyptian prison for 113 days and he has been taken from his prison cell to an unknown location and earlier his lawyer asked the egypt authorities to transfer him to hospital within 48 hours. resent medical tests shown his health is failing. and three other al jazeera journalists continue to be held in egypt for 136 days now. greste, bahmy and mohamed are accused of conspireing with the muslim brotherhood and is a terrorist organization by egypt and al jazeera rejects all charges and demanding their immediate release. ukraine's interim prime minister is preparing to meet with the european commission on the country's on going crisis and separatists in east say they asked to join russia and claimed 90% of people voted for self rule in donsk and we will go to
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brennen and you have been talking to the head of the administration and what has he been saying? >> a very interesting thing he has been saying. let me remind you who he is, he is the kiev appointed governor, not the self declared governor who sits in the occupied city administration building just down the road behind me so he is loyal to the kiev government and what he said, first of all, he dismissed the referendum that took place on sunday as nothing more than a sociological questionnaire and the donsk republic as it has been called here exists in name only and simply doesn't exists and no polici policies, no economic policies and no security policies and negotiations and talks go on on a daily basis between his staff and people within the occupied building, the donsk republic
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leaders and said one of the problems they are having in getting any coherent dialog going is the personnel change almost on a daily basis and they are never quite sure exactly what authority the people they are talking to actually has and said it started off at 11 people and now talking to 5 or 6 people and no one person in charge. that under lies the difficulties that there are in trying to deescalate, resolve this crisis, come to some kind of agreement which will bring this whole thing to an amicable end, the two sides don't be able to sit down together. >> and so how do people feel there after the referendum poll? >> reporter: well, to a certain extent they are feeling a little bit cheated i think. some people that we have spoken to clearly believe that what they voted for on sunday was not quite what they are being delivered today. and the vote was for self rule and yet pretty much as soon as the polling stations were closed and results announced the
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outcome was a rapid veering in a totally different direction and that is a request to russia for russia to absorb this region into part of the greater russian federation and of course there is a hard core of people that actually want that but many of the people who voted on that sunday and all of the people who didn't vote on sunday, who stayed away from the vote, they certainly do not want that. >> paul is in donsk and thank you very much indeed paul. french president is due to visit georgia and nato membership is high on the all da and georgia sent hundreds of soldiers to fight along nato troops in afghanistan and pushing to join the military alliance and we report. >> reporter: safely home, courtesy of the united states airforce. they might look american but these are georgians. >> it's a great pleasure for me
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to be safe at home in georgia in my mother land, you know. >> reporter: georgia's armed forces received support and training from the u.s. military. these soldiers are among more than a thousand georgia troops that are part of the international security and assistance force in afghanistan. georgia hopes to continue to be a contributor to any future mission there next year. they are a welcome nato ally and taken casualties, at least 29 soldiers killed and more than 120 wounded. in return georgia wants nato membership. >> the trust that is there between our militarys, it's so high that i want the politicians to catch up with that trust. >> reporter: nato could guaranty georgia protection from russia with whom georgia fought a war and lost in 2008. but is there the political will? president obama doubted expectations in march.
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>> neither ukraine or georgia are currently on a path to nato membership. and there has not been any immediate plans for expansion of nato's membership. >> clearly it was quite unfortunate for us. >> reporter: to send russia a stronger message says georgia defense minister. >> there should be a smart, reasonable but very effective combination of sanctions with a military deterrent and putting more military assets around and in the close vicinity of the russian federation. >> reporter: last week britain's foreign minister said georgia deserved something and there is talk of them getting an nato map to membership. >> georgia is a valued partner to nato and i'm confident that the summit in wales will want to
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recognize the program georgia is making and the work that we all do together. >> reporter: georgia put more of its soldiers in harm's way than most european countries. but for now it's long march to nato membership continues, i'm with al jazeera. the european union's top court made a surprise ruling giving people the right to be forgotten online. the court ruled that individuals can ask google to delete personal data produced by its search engine and the decision by the european court of justice relates to information that is out dated or inaccurate and google says the ruling is disappointing. time for a check on the world weather with richard over the u.s. >> yes, there is quite nasty weather across the u.s. at the moment. looking at the satellite there is an area of cloud developing across the south up into parts of the midwest. and we had some significant rainfall totals here over the last 24 hours from this frontal
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system and it's a class set up system with high pressure in the west, the jet stream digging down and warm air from the south and we had significant rainfall totals over the last 24 hours and in texas 62 millimeters and north in cleveland, ohio, 67 and we have seen pretty nasty storm damage. these shots come from 60 kilometers west of des moines, iowa and tornados we expect and thunderstorm activity and to the west we had significant snowfall affecting parts of colorado and wyoming, anything up to 30 centimeters of snow and looks like it's going out now getting down to the southern rockies but the rain towards the east is certainly developing and would like to see more storms as the system pushes in from the west and the mid-atlantic seeing revenue rain and severe thunderstorms expected over the next 24-48 hours and
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temperatures coming down to new york to 17 degrees. >> richard thank you very much indeed. scientists warn that glasiers are falling apart and this is over the last 20 years. >> reporter: for years we have been warned the mighty frozen continent is melting and two separate studies paint a soak interring picture what is being described as an irreversible and unstoppable form. this is western antarctica previously thought to be stable has started to retreat and this is a simulation and shows the six glasses in the sea that are being affected and the reasons say the researchers is global warming. the glass is set on the continental shelf below sea level and causing ice to thin
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beneath and as it melts the ice above retreats into the sea. the six glasses in question hold enough ice to raise global sea levels by 1.2 meters but it disappears and would destabilize neighboring sectors of the ice sheet. >> if it goes in the collapse of the whole western sheet we are talking 10-15 feet, this is going to affect millions, if not billions of people around the coastline throughout the world. >> reporter: and areas such as these that are most threatened. every year people in small islands in the pacific and low-lying coastal nations see the atlanta gradually disappearing. the fear is that one day all of it will be under water. most scientists agree that a rise in ocean levels is inevitable given our current trajectory but they are urging people and governments to do as much as possible to slow down
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that process. gerald tan with al jazeera. still ahead on the program, a preliminary deal has held but what about the next phase of nuclear talks between iran and six world powers? analysis coming up. and we examine the rule of so called killer machines and being debated at the united nation. in sports joe closes in on a major milestone at the masters and details coming up, in at 20 minutes and do stay with us. ♪
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welcome back and you are watching the news hour with me and reminder of the top stories, the u.s. started flights over northern nigeria looking for more than 200 kidnapped school girls and the nigerian government says it will not negotiate with boko haram after the group offered to swap the girls for its jailed members. former prime minister has been sentenced six years in prison over a multi million corruption case. he was convicted of accepting bribes leading to property deals. and 26 people have been killed in a series of bomb ings in iraq baghdad and several car bombs exploded in predominately sia neighborhoods. and release of the ambassador to tripoli and he was kidnapped by gunmen in libya last move and freed on tuesday and has now arrived home. early jordan released the prisoner and he had been serving
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a life sentence for a planned suicide attack on an international airport and we are in tripoli with the latest on where he is now. >> reporter: the family of the libyan prisoner has confirmed their son did arrive to tripoli on monday. and then he was moved to benghazi and then the jordan ambassador we understand was released. we also understand from sources within the family the negotiations was based on the fact that first the jordianians will release the prisoner and then he will be set free and this is not ideal for jordan and puts libya's image into question because the government is weak and insecurity and harming libya's image. >> reporter: more on our top story in the search for the
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school girls kidnapped by nigerian rebels boko haram and human rights groups say nigerian government is partly to blame for the growing instability in the country. last year human rights watch said the government failed to address widespread poverty, corruption and police brutality. boko haram has a long record of violence and kidnapping and we report now. >> reporter: this is believes to be a boko haram training camp in northern nigeria, the men have been shown how to use automatic weapons. the group has existed for more than ten years and loosely translated boko haram means western education is sinful. and the members want to create an islamic state and stamp out activity linked with western society. for the past five years they led an armed campaign against the nigerian government mainly in the north of the country, attacking schools, police stations and unofficial buildings and thousands of
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people have been killed or wounded. the group leader is this man. a radical person who says he endorses killing and last year the nigerian president good luck jonathan declared a state of emergency in the three states where boko haram is strongest. borno and two others. an al jazeera team from these pictures in march while four attacks killed more than 100 students in the past year. in one incident 32 students were killed at the federal boarding school in the remote town and every building in the school compound was burned down. the international community has condemned boko haram for the u.s. government calling it a terrorist organization. >> let me be clear, the kidnapping of hundreds of children by boko haram is an unconscionable crime and we will do everything possible to support the nigerian government to return these young women to
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their homes. >> reporter: while many muslim organizations have called for boko haram to be disbanded, and we agree. >> and we have a security analyst and based in abuja but janie's -- joins us from london and they are helping the military with the search operation for these missing school girls and how difficult a mission is this going to be and tell us about the area where this is going to be happening. >> reporter: thank you. i think the difficulty you can get a sense of the complexity, not just the difficulty of conducting this oppression from the area reports by your correspondent from nigeria and not immediate but about 11:00 and the reason is because of the size of the area, the terrain
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and the sheer complexity of the culture factors and ethnicity, religion and all of that will make it more difficult and more complex. and it's important to put in context that this these under lying factors makes it deal with insurgency and dealing with terrorism and the drive of terrorism is religious beliefs. >> a difficult mission you say but nigeria's military has been essential for peace keeping in africa and sarah leon and why have they struggled to maintain security with its own borders? >> i think it's important to clarify that. the mandate and the mission in a peace keeper scenario is totally
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different from that that you have in the case of the conflic conflicts raging in nigeria and it was peace keeping, it was a different kind. and i think the reason people are able to appreciate what the military is doing right now is because the group of media particularly social media has made citizens across the world more aware of what is going on. in liberia and syria they were able to bring a resolution to those scenarios at huge costs. but because of the relative difficulty of accessing information then many people are not aware of the huge cost in this and let's not forget that also took some time to accomplish. so i believe that in the long run it will take time, international help is welcome but it will take time ultimately to take the local forces to
6:37 am
fight the insurgancy. >> is there a risk that this may international like the agenda and push them into an alliance with other groups like al-qaeda-linked groups? >> well, i think differently and i do not think it will international like it because boko haram is not just about international. i believe what we are confronting today in knee gear yeah is not boko haram like we used to know it in 2007 and 2008 and i think after the forces against elements of boko haram in other places it mutated and what came back is not boko haram as we knew it and we are dealing
6:38 am
with al-qaeda and al shabaab and life and region and i don't think boko haram will be international, i think they always have been international and i believe the da mention -- dimension is boko haram since i came on board. >> thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and thanks for joining us from london there. a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. a vietnamese patrol vessel retaliated against ships after being attacked by water cannon and it halled approaching an oil rig in the sea and they put the giant oil rig in a place claimed by vietnam. the philippines charged nine chinese fishermen regarding turtles in waters and they arrested them and ceased the boat last week and had 550 giant turtles and most of them dead.
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thailand's anti-government protesters are celebrating a birthday at the headquarters in bangkok and hundreds chanted for the senate to install a neutral prime minister. the protesters want the current caretaker government to step down and want a new prime minister to over see reforms before a vote in july. now it's just two weeks agree -- until peace talks are at the center of campaigns and the government restarted negotiations with the revolutionary forces of columbia park and trying to end a five decade old conflict with the rebel group and the president is fighting for a second term in office. he started talks with pa, rebels back in 2012 but opponents accused him of getting too many concessions to the group and the latest round of concessions is in the cuban capitol of havana and focus on the illegal drug
6:40 am
trade and why these talks are so important. >> reporter: the government negotiators arrived in havana, cuba to talk with them which started early on monday. many here see these round of talks as crucial for two reasons. the first one is the government and rebels are very close to a deal on the issue of drug trade-in the country. they have been talking about it for six months now and many are hoping that they will reach a deal, have a resolution on this point by the end of these talks. the other issue is that the talks, this round of talks end on may 22nd, that is just three days before presidential elections here in the country, many think that a positive outcome from havana could help the president in this bid to be reelected here in columbia. now, this point has been particularly complicated for him
6:41 am
to accept many of the things the government negotiators are asking and dangerous in a way for them because the drug trade has been a major way of funding their operation for decades now. now, this new round of talks comes just days after the police raided an office in the north of the capitol of columbia and arrested a man accused of spying on the negotiations. essentially this is between the government and the spark and the attorney general said this man was trying to poison the peace process and also work for another opposition presidential candidate and close to former preside president. >> we told you earlier six world powers are beginning a round of negotiations on tuesday and the aim is to draft an agreement before the end of july and joining us now is a lecture on
6:42 am
iran at the university of manchester and live from manchester and thank you for joining us and these talks are to find a permanent deal and do you think the preliminary deal agreed on in geneva was a good basis to work on and was iran satisfied with the preliminary deal? >> yes, indeed, this is a good basis but things have moved on since then. there is a growing rise of concern and opposition to the geneva a accord and they are trying to convince the leader who has the final say on the negotiation that geneva was a set out and the whole process should be disbanded. the government itself rohani and allies which are the chief negotiators and the oil ministers have all expressed reservations and caution with
6:43 am
respect to the west's adherence to the deal and iran's continued difficulty in the international financial markets and continuing with obstacles to trade allowed by the various sanctions are also cases in point that iran is suspicious, both the moderates and the hard liners within iran are still not fully convinced that the west is genuine about reaching a final deal by the 20th of july. so there are quite a lot of aspects still to be discussed and to be resolved. >> iran suspicious you say and as you say the supreme leader has expressed miss givings about the deal and what does iran want in the permanent deal? >> well, they stated that iran expects all sanctions to be lifted by july. the minister claimed no country should pose any limitation to
6:44 am
the quantity of oil, crude oil iran is exporting. other demands are unsettled access to the international banking system from which iran is particularly, has been particular to in the last couple of years and it's a set of clear economic measures that iran wants to be implemented straight away and the crisis group says it could take 5-7 years for the measures to be i'm med fully and there is a clear disconnect between what iran wants and inspires and what realistically it could obtain from the courts. >> do you think they can reach an an accord by july? >> well, it will go down to the wire. i don't think this round of negotiations could inch closer to it. of course the big thorn remains uranium enrichment and can see if there is political and technical ability by both sides
6:45 am
to reach accord on this issue by july. however, the iranian side has been saying for months that the process could extend well beyond july. and they said recently emphasis put on domestic production and that can up set the sanctions and the iranians hope for a deal but want their conditions and they're expecting in a way for the process to last beyond that. >> and thank you very much indeed for sharing your viewpoint with us. thank you. coming up, here on the news hour the defending champion spain get ready to announce there is more ahead to the world cup in brazil and details next and stay with us. ♪
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♪ welcome back, they have long stocked the corridor of sci-fi films and sometimes serving justice and sometimes killers and machines or killer robots as they are popular and known is being debated at the u.n., technology report and we explain. >> reporter: in the 21st century a weapon will be invented like no other. robotics killer machines have long been the subject of science fiction. evil cyborg dealing with the forces of good and mistake the nature of humanity but now that fiction is close to be coming an issue of fact and it's a subject of international talks.
6:48 am
robots like these being developed in the united states are increasingly able to be armed and put on the battlefield. >> hoping to get closer to the action and look around a corner and make sure there are no civilians there and make it possible for the human to make the decision. we are not saying there shouldn't be robots on the battlefield. we are saying it should always be up to a human being to make the decision as to whether to fire the weapon. >> reporter: there are already some autonomous weapons used and this missile system developed by the u.s. military often fires on incoming threats and south korea used robotic armed guard posts with the border with the north and the human makes the final decision to shoot. israel used this drone and once launch can automatically attack radar stations and currently each military decides how and when it can use these weapons and the u.n. talks are aimed at
6:49 am
bringing the use under one international treaty but some experts say the technology is evolving too fast for this to be effective. >> given that these machines have such specific tasks, missile defense as it's called and think of the attack against the nuclear enrichment system and this is the pure robot if you want. you cannot just discuss all of those machines in one treaty. >> reporter: many countries haven't put forward their official positions on the use of killer robots but they are expected to be widely different in views and in particular between the countries with the most to gain from technology and those which most fear their potential use of force. i'm with al jazeera. construction work on brazil's arena world cup stadium has resumed and it was suspended following the deaths of a worker
6:50 am
and he died after suffering an electric shock at the venue and the 8th worker to die during construction for next month's football world cup that kicks off next month and in the largest city they are struggling with a water crisis and it could lead to rationing during the competition and we report from south palo. >> reporter: in this home they don't waste one drop of water. no water is allowed to go down the drain. all water is reused in any way possible. >> translator: if it's dirty water we use it to water the plants. if it's soapy water to clean clothes we use it to clean the floors. it's important everyone tries to conserve. >> reporter: and for now she has water to save but maybe not for long. this is south palo's main water reservoir or what is left of it,
6:51 am
a moon scape of dead nothingness, cracked, parched earth and in the couple years it received a quarter of average rainfall but demand the water has gone up and this is the result. this time last year this reservoir was at 62% capacity. exactly one year later, today, it's at 9.8% capacity, the lowest in recorded history. the visual effects of that are pretty obvious. but the long-term effects could be quite dramatic. experts say even if rainfall picks up again, which is not guaranteed, it could take anywhere from 5-20 years for this reservoir to recover. the state water agency is now drawing on what they call a dead water supply, a last resort ground reserve that is estimated to last a few months. such extreme measures are necessary because the reservoir is one of the key sources of water for busy south palo, south
6:52 am
america's largest city with 11 million people. despite the low levels the governor says it's unlikely there will be water rationing this year. >> translator: we need to declare water rationing right now so people start saving water. it will be difficult, yes, but its difficult so the little water we have can be used in a sustainable way. >> reporter: at the reservoir the day after we filmed here the water levels dropped to below 8% capacity, a water crisis that is quickly going from bad to worse. i'm with al jazeera in brazil. here is raul. >> stay with brazil fame and defending champion, world cup champion spain will announce the score for the brazil cup in a few hour's time and they have already won the title in two european championships and attempting to be the first time since brazil in 1962 to
6:53 am
successfully defends the trophy and if they do succeed and they will also become the first european team to win a world cup in south america. and the spanish great will be part of that squad hopefully and on monday he was part of the celebration as his club and the city celebrated winning the english premier league title with the friends and they claimed the epl crown on sunday with a win against west ham and it's the second trophy this season and winning the cup and it's the fourth time they won english league tidal over all and manual palagrini from manchester united from his first season in charge. >> i think everyone is sitting there around the club, the atmosphere has been positive, the fans have been positive, the team has been positive and everyone has been happy this season and winning the league and the la-league is excellent
6:54 am
and this is the shape of the manager but the whole team as well as you can see only smiles today. >> reporter: defending nba miami heat served notice they are not ready to give up their title just yet after losing their first game of the post season on sunday against the brooklyn nets, the heat and particularly lebron james are eager to show they are the team to beat and four time mvp with 49 points, miami won 102-96 and if they win game five on wednesday they will go to the eastern conference finals. >> i'm just happy i was able to make enough plays to help the team win and that is all that matters. definitely was not at ease and it may look that way but it's hard work and dedication to all our guys and put in a great effort to get to the game. >> reporter: the nhl playoffs
6:55 am
the canadian sent the eastern semi final against the boston bruins to a decider and won and trailing 3-2 in the series the canadians started strongly and scoring as early as the third minute with a goal and carry price kept the bruins attacks scoreless at the other end. and thomas managed two goals in second and third periods giving montreal 4-0 win and back to boston. the ducks are 3-2 up in the best of 7 western conference series and the la second period goals for the ducks giving them 4-2 victory over the 2012 stanley cup champion and tennis and we cruised in the second round of the rome masters and follows his straight sets win over the
6:56 am
frenchman who was 5-1 lead and winning back 6-3 but opponent strong in the second and having to dig deep and saved to set pointss before coming through with the ukrainian 6-3-7-6 and one win away from 300 wins on the atm tour. 12 seed also advanced and up against frenchman, the 22-year-old lost the first set but recovered well, winning the next two 6-3-6-4 to set up a next round match. and spanyard moves to the second round and beating them in straight sets. well, number two yankovich is in rome for the italian french open
6:57 am
is back on track and failed to play in madrid because of a wrist injury. >> it was better than a week ago and not an easy decision to not go to madrid with a big tournament but i had to listen to the medical staff and of course the experts that have explained to me i have a certain amount, and a high risk and if i go there with injury and return. >> reporter: tour de france and he won california and the sky rider finishing the 20 kilometer trial course and 44 seconds faster than the rest of the field and 23: 18 and giving him the over all lead as well. >> that is it for al jazeera and do stay with us for more coming
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>> wildfires rage in populated areas in texas and new mexico. how the weather could affect a round the clock battle to contain them. >> irreversible and unstoppable, the melting ice that could race water levels to dangerous levels. >> a growing number of americans desperate for children