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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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consider this. the news of the day plus so much more. answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> it seems like they can't agree to anything in washington no matter what. >> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. the world's largest democracy chooses a new leader from the opposition party. what the landslide victory means in india and with the united states. and general motors slapped with a $35 million fine over waiting too long to fix a problem with its ignition switches. >> after god told me i was going
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to be made president i went out and got the presidential seal tattoo on my shoulder. >> reporter: and idaho's governor gets all kind of period. >> a change of leadership in the world's largest democracy. partial results from india's election shows the main opposition party will win a decisive victory. people took to the streets to celebrate. >> the win by the india's peop people's party known as the bjp, nervandi modi will be india's next leader. [♪ singing ]
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>> a new political chapter center the world's largest democracy. welcomed with a loud bang and a burst of color. at the party's headquarters victory celebrations started early. party supporters gathered to revel in what transpired to be a landslide victory led by modi. >> i'm so happy with the people and i bow to you and i thank you for all the love that you have shown me. sisters and brothers i'm thank thanking you from the bottom of my heart. i respect and solutio. >> before the first results were announced the party held prayers in anticipation of a good performance. but it was viewed as a mere formality. they described the win as a new start for the country. >> we used to look to the west
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for support and development. but now we are going to be the kind of country that people turn to for help and support. >> we respect all religious. modi will take care of people from all states. he's done it before. he will do it again. >> in stark contract the party office was desserted. this election result is the worst in the parties history. only the media stayed to hear from sonya gawped di sown gandh. >> we hope that which ever government is formed they will do the best for the country. and i will congratulate that new government. >> as the outcome of polling became clear, the area filled up quickly. >> this is the first time in
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india's history that a non-congress party won on its own. >> india's people's party has returned. >> we're joined now from washington, d.c. roz, it's good to see you. what's been the reaction to the victory? >> we're hearing that the president did tell modi to congratulate him on the party's victory. this is the white house spokesperson jay carney. >> congratulate india and the people of india on an historic national election which saw more voters cast their ballots freely and fairly than any election in human history. we congratulate the modoi and
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the jbp in winning. we look forward to working with the prime minister and the cabinet to work on shared democratic values. toney, we're also understanding there had been questions whether nerandi modi would be allowed to come to the united states. we're hearing now from state department officials that mr. modi once he becomes prime minister will be welcomed to the u.s. on what is known as a-1 visa for heads of state and government. >> from washington, d.c. thank you. ten people were killed and dozens more were hurt in two explosions in kenya's capitol. the explosion occurred in downtown nairobi. one hit a minivan used for
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public transportation. there had been a series of attacks, and they wor worn warnf the possibility of more attacks. >> kenya call these batatus. millions depend on them every day to get around as a form of public transport. lately they've become deadly. targets of repeated attacks where crude explosives are thrown at the bus or placed inside. in this case an explosive seals to have been thrown at the side of the bus. often small ball barings are used in the attacks. >> breaking up a protest near the mine where 292 people died tuesday. protesters say negligence played a role in that disaster. the turkish government and mine operators deny claims.
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>> the clashes eventually turn into a stand off. the water canon behind me was used, and beyond that the crowds were fewer in number now. they were calling for stability on the part of the government and the mining company for this disaster. the police used water canon, probably to keep them from marching through the town. also crowds started to gather. some were running away, some were running towards it. ordinary people want to stand in solidarity. it was a very emotional scene.
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this was a very ugly affair. it appears now to be ending in a reasonably peaceful fashion. >> country's wealthiest man urged workers. kiev is trying to retain control of the region. the u.n. is concerned the stronghold fos. the penalty is a maximum the federal government can impose. the problem was discovered a decade ago has been linked to 13 deaths. bisi onile-ere is in detroit with the latest round for bad news for g.m.
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bisi? >> reporter: tony, i can tell you during the press conference the head of the transportation department made it clear that general motors broke the law, and had the auto company come forward sooner lives could have been saved. as you mentioned $35 million is what general motors is being fined. it's the maximum penalty under the law, and it's a record set payout to ntsa. it was only a few months ago earlier this year when general motors came under fire after it came forward and waited more than a decade to report recalled vehicles. this defect has been linked to more than a dozen deaths as well as multiple crashes. ntsa conducted an investigation and found that g.m. new of the risks but did nothing. >> since november of 2009 g.m. has had information linking
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ignition switch problems with airbags failing to deploy. they had that information and they told no one. they didn't tell ntsa and they didn't tell their customers. in the meantime customers were driving cars with a safety defect. crashes happened, and people died. >> reporter: soon after the settlement was made gm came out with a statement that the company ceo mary barra released this statement saying we have learned a great deal from this recall. we'll focus on the goal of becoming an industry leader when it comes to safety. as part of the settlement g.m. has agreed to make internal changes to improve safety there within the company. now g.m. things are not over for it just net. they're still under investigation by two congressional committees as well as the justice department, and the company could face criminal charges down the line.
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>> you know there will be civil lawsuit as well. bisi onile-ere for us in detroit. people are starting to turn to their homes in southern california. evacuation orders are being lifting even though file wildfis are still burning. firefighters have extinguished some of those fires, but some have grown larger. we go to marcos, california, brian, give us an update with what is happening there now. >> reporter: the latest on this one, the fire they're most worried about in populated areas. it's 10% contained. it's a deceiving number. the fire is not actively burning right now. the situation looks pretty good. it's slightly less hot than it was yesterday and the winds are not as high. we are standing in front of the few houses that have been destroyed. this one burned to the ground. what might be a bigger concern today is you can see over my shoulder far off in the distance, that's camp pendleton
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with a big plume of smoke. they've evacuated some of their renot camps. so far we have no word on whether there is any structural damage there. that's the major fire burning at this point. in residential areas north of san diego, it's quieter today. >> i know the structure behind you, that's destroyed. and i've lost count of structures destroyed. but for people returning home, what are they finding? what kind of conditions are they finding their homes in. >> for the most part they're coming home to their homes, but they do come home to an area where it's devastation all around them. it's burned down, ash to the hillside right up to the front yard. it looks like a moon scape.
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>> are investigators saying anything about what may have caused the fires? >> there is always the suspicion of arson. fires like these for the most part don't start naturally if they're accidents or intentional. a lot of these started within a close proximity of time which always gives them some suspicion that one or more firebugs was driving around the area starting them. it's happened before. >> brian in san marcos, california. thank you. the v.a. top official resigned after allegations of falsified records. erik shinseki issued a statement accepting the resignation. both men were grilled by a senate committee. he has been with the va
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healthcare system for 20 years. >> contradicted by the campaign manager. christie said he had no knowledge of the planning. he also said no one on the senior staff had prior knowledge as well. but they said that christie is wrong and they've been talking about it with federal prosecutors. >> republican candidates former florida governor jeb bush and marco rubio are now being encouraged to run by former bush
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secretary of state con condoleea rice. >> i hope he runs. marco rubio, he i have great respect, and i like his immigration stance. >> she said she is not going to be on the ballot in any fashion. today in michigan john conyers was seeking his 26th term appealed a ruling that found he was ineligible to be on the ballot. in michigan you need a thousand signatures, conyers came 600 short because most of the signatures were collected by people who were not registered to vote. this is the congressman's 81st birthday. no. washington, a high school senior just won the primary race for delegate and
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the loser said that the teenager outcampaigned her. she said she's pro-life, pro business, pro family, and she said it's not brain surgery. hats off to the brainy league of women voters in idaho. this week they sponsored a republican party debate for governor and included everybody. it got a little bit wild because we're going to show you the candidates. that's incumbent butch otter. no one is going to remember anything that the incumbent governor said because two of the challengers were unforgettable. the guy on the far left, harley brown. >> we bikers, discrimination. we're cop magnets like a playboy bunny wearing a mini skirt gets hit on all the time.
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>> and the holder man who looks like zz top. he is a bible expert and staunch defender of state property right. >> i have as much right to see manhattan island as they have come out to look at our wilderness. we've got a bunch of eastern idiots running everything. but it was brown who stole the show. >> after god told me i was going to be president i went out and got the presidential seal on my shoulder. i started a presidential campaign right there. i'm a type aa plus guy. >> i'm not sure what the aa means maybe alcoholics anonymous 37 but they said they're going to choose freedom over political correctness. >> i don't like political correctness. can i say this? it sucks. it's bondage, i'm about as politically correct as your
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proverbial tird in a punch bowl. >> they'll flush it down tuesday may 20th, and the governor is expected to sale in the victory. >> god told me i was going to be denzel washington, it didn't work out that way. >> reporter: that's your power politics. >> terrific. thank you. coming up onal jazeera america. highways been called the ceo candidate. we'll look at how india's newly elected candidate. and new video of franklin roosevelt walking. elt walking.
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well, what are you waiting for? you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. >> let's go to some business now. a late day rally helped late in the week. the dow picking up 44 points on the day. returning to our top story, the u.s. does not have th the best
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relationship with narendra modi. highways not been able to visit the u.s. since his visa was revoked in 2005. but now that could change. we have more now from washington. >> reporter: in diplomatic speak this was the ultimate show of respect from newly elected president barack obama. his first state dinner hosted for the indian prime minister. they promised a new push that would help both countries' economies. it's had lopsided results resul india increasing it's exports to the united states by an additional $20 million leaving the u.s. to file multiple complaints to the world trade organization. experts believe that modi will level the playing field. >> they spoke about the need to open up foreign investment where it could be helpful to india.
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>> but for that to happen modi would likely need to visit the united states. something right now he cannot do. his visa was revoked in 2005. at that time the state department said that his inability to stop the riots that left many dead mostly muslims, said he was no longer welcome. >> no individual automatically qualifies for an u.s. visa. u.s. law exempts certain heads of state an. >> but a bjp supporter said he's-lobbying to get modi's travel pan lifted. >> a lot of people have problems with modi's nationalism. >> he said he's been told as head of state that modi will be
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able to travel to the u.s. and he looked much more promising than turned out to be. >> and he ran on a pro business platform. now that he is in charge what does that mean for global trade. alyssa ayres joins us. let's talk about two of the largest economies in the world. do you think there is potential here, real potential for a better relationship with the bjp in charge? >> i do. thank you for asking that extremely pertinent question. this is mr. modi's signature. he has created a very business friendly investment environment in his home state, and he talked
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about finding ways to do that facially. >> and he's corruption-free, is that true? >> corruption scandals have been unfolding across india. >> is it true that washington has been frustrated by india's failure to open up more to foreign investment and address some of these issues around intellectual property violations and do you see modi as a man who could bridge those issues? >> there have been some frictions that have grown a little more louder, i would say over the course of the last two to three years. some of these are areas where i think the platform led by prime minister elect modi is well placed to make a difference.
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as you mentioned, sectors with strong political mandate and should be in a position to open up sectors that have been limited such as insurance, for example, which has been pending for ten years. that could be hopeful in building the infrastructure he talks about wanted to develop for india. >> narendra modi was denied a visa in the wake of riots. >> that's correct. >> and nearly a thousand people were killed, mostly muslims. >> yes. >> is that going to be a sore point for the new government as the u.s. and india more deeply engage? >> well, i think that the narrow question of the visa specifically is likely no longer to be a real issue. he has been exonerated by india's own legal processes. there were questions about his culpability, so that's changed.
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of course as head of government he would qualified for a different kind of visa. that's likely not to be an issue. the question is i can't read minds, but the things i've seen as mr. modi quoted as saying he's been very pragmatic. he has been quoted that relations oh among nations do not matter on individuals. i think this is going to be okay. >> of course america is not the only large economy out there attempting to do business with india. india has a strong trade relationship with china. are you convinced that these three nations, the united states, india and china will work together effectively? >> you're right about that. two years ago china overtook the united states to become india's largest trading partner in goods
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alone. i know that india is not happy with its composition in its trading with china as they are with the united states. i think there is opportunity to the trade relationship and i would say it will continue to grow. >> alyssa ayres, on the counsel of foreign relations joining us in new york. next time join us in studio. >> thanks so much. >> our coverage of india's elections next. we'll continue to look at narendra modi and the changes likely to take place in india under his rule. and thousands of nesting birds threatening endangered fish in the north east.
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how experts are trying to protect the fish.
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>> the man destined to be india's next prime minister has had a history of controversy, but narendra modi has managed to lead his party to one of the largest victories in history by focusing on india's economic future. >> narendra modi is the son of a tea seller, something that he reminded voters of time and time again, bringing his mother out to set him apart from his main rivals, rival from wealthy family. but his history is not without
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controversy. he is a self confessed hindu nationalist and has close connections. an alignment that many indians are prepared to brush aside. the man now voted in as new prime minister. >> the persona of a leader has become bigger and larger than the identity of the party. and the party is identified by this man. it is a kind of largely---multi wave. >> reporter: during his career with the jbp, he served the state. he had some successes there as well as travesty, two. 1,000 people were killed in riots in 2002. he denied any involvement in the violence but it was enough for
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the u.s. to refuse him an visa, and the u.k. just ended blockedr block of him. >> this is still a figure whose been able to present himself as the common man. his voters are hoping he can deliver on his election promises to improve the economy, create jobs, and build an efficient government free of corruption. despite his controversial past, it's the future that indians are looking to. >> algeria has evacuated its embassy in libya. threats of an attack forced them to recall all of their staff.
4:33 pm
the ongoing security issues are having a deep economic impact. >> libya lives on selling it's oil and gas. the oil terminal works smoothly. but libya's oil and gas facilities are under threat. since the fall of moammar qaddafi's regime, they became targets of armed grouped. they demand federalism, better salaries and end in the
4:34 pm
corruption of oil sales. the crisis the general national congress, and they reached a deal with the militias. only two ports were opened. it has cost libya dearly. chairman of the finance committee in the general national congress. he said they had to propose a budget with the deficit of $8 billion because of the blockade by militias. >> the meter is still running, if you will, regarding the revenue losses. up until newest mates are $15 billion of revenue lost. this is revenue not recognized. it's not completely lost because this oil still remains in the ground, but it is a revenue not recognized in a budget year which makes it very difficult to meet financial commitments and pay salaries and pay financial
4:35 pm
commitments to local and international suppliers. the deficit from previous years and the issue of government bonds. but the new up coming government knows it has to act to restore credibility and restore securi security. al jazeera, libya. >> in nigeria the country's president is being heavy criticize. president jonathan said security concerns forced him to cancel the trip. boko haram said it kidnapped the girls and plans to sell them o off. france devoted military assets to help the apology nearan efforts. in columbia, the country's two rebel groups greed to a
4:36 pm
cease-fire. talks in cuba have become columbia's best chance for a cease-fire to cover the country's may 25th election where voters coul for further negotiations. in guatemala, half of the people with advanced stage of h.i.v. are getting the care they need. but there is a concern not enough is being done. human trafficking, sexual abuse and drug use among migrants make them prone to h.i.v. transmission. we have one group's mission to educate guatemalans of the dangers. >> manuel mendoza said's lucky to be alive after decades of living what he calls a reckless life. the 44 was diagnosed h.i.v. he returned to his native
4:37 pm
guatemala looking for help. >> i felt very alone and helpless. i told myself today i'm going to die. i have to accept i have this disease. i can still have a good life. >> more than a dozen h.i.v. positive people live with manuel. health worker dee smith built the clinic five years ago. it was her response to those dying alone from a.i.d.s. >> it's documented two-thirds diagnosed wit in the country hae been diagnosed along with the commercial and migratory travel. >> reporter: it marks the border between guatemala and mexico. here goods flow freely between the two countries. with little government control, drug, sex and human trafficking
4:38 pm
are rampant. northern-bound migrants desperate to escape poverty have nothing to lose, and they are vulnerability are key to slowing down the h.i.v. transmission. >> some of the most important work being done along the border means breaking tabus and precautions that could save them. >> reporter: nelson has been educating people along this border about hiv prevention for more than a decade, testing and free condom handouts, he is making progress. >> people are often afraid. but once you identify yourself, they're happy to receive an information pamphlet and condoms. thankfully it's been a successful program and we've been able to reduce the number
4:39 pm
of h.i.v. migrants. >> many living in hospices want to return to their communities. they hope to spread the message of h.i.v. awareness. >> an unusual request from a man on death row. >> it is very unusual request. a death row inmate in missouri wants his execution next week to be videotaped. russell buckley wants to record any evidence of extreme pain in case it goes wrong. his lawyer said if he survives he could use the evidence to oppose another execution. it comes after a botched execution in oklahoma last month left an inmate writhing in pain. an explosion in a tennessee steel mill has injured six works. it happened in the part of the plant where the metal is melted
4:40 pm
down. a man in prison for his role in the watergate scandal has died from complications from a stroke. the 1972 break in at the democratic party headquarters led to nixon's resignation. pennsylvania's state archives has released rare footage of a scene few americans have ever seen. president franklin d roosevelt walking. this film pretty amazing shows him struggling to a seat at a baseball game in 1937. he was paralyzed from polio from the waist down. but they were able to keep that a secret. >> they worked really hard for people not to think of their
4:41 pm
president as paralyzed. >> jimmy deshawn caught these moments on cam are a. the eight second clip is only two known extended film clips showing the president walking. some experts say this film can solve a myth that roosevelt was trying to hide. >> thank you. the army corps of engineers has spent millions of dollars to try and protect endangered salmon from the bird called the caspian turn. the turn's breeding ground sits on the columbia river that sits between oregon and washington state. they have been feasting on young fish, threatening the salmon and steel head there. the government said they're making progress, but this started 20 years ago. we have more on this. >> reporter: hey tony, here is the basic question. how do you convince thousands of
4:42 pm
nesting birds to take the nursery somewhere else? that's what the core of engineers has been trying to answer since the 90s since they acknowledged that the caspian turns have been having way too much fun enjoying the salmon buffet on the colombian. at nesting time the sound never stops. >> turns are not quite birds. >> reporter: donachie lions of oregon state university said the low-lying island at the mouth of the columbia river just a few moments by boat is perfect nesting habitat for the caspian turn. that means trouble for young fish like salmon and steel head heading to the motion. >> it's 99% or grater fish. >> reporter: 14,000 turns nest here easting an estimated 5 million young salmon and steel head a year. still that's about half the number eaten in the late 1990s
4:43 pm
when the army corp of engineers under orders to protect the fish first started moving turns to change their diet. when they relocation program began the islands were home to the biggest nesting and breeding colony of caspian turns in the world. 15 years and they still are. it's a big price tag, but money well spent. far less than other fish protection projects renovating dams the corp operate and the salmon have to navigate. >> lyons with a team of biologists monitoring the program have seen practicing progress. first this colony was moved 13 miles down stream. closer to the ocean with a bigger seafood money. >> things like anchovy, herring and sardines.
4:44 pm
>> artificial nesting islands have been built from southeastern oregon to northern california. success has been varied but thousands of the highly atappible turns have relocated. meanwhile, the nesting area has been shrunk. fellow mesh discouraging any new nesting sites. survival rates have improved but not as much and as fast as hoped. >> the progress is slow and turning upwards. >> reporter: while wildlife managers work the turn problem, now the double crusted more hungry for salmon. than the salmon-hungry caspian turn. the price tag is still unknown to deal with them. >> the next step is a little bit more the seam. the corp how looking to establish a breeding island in
4:45 pm
the south end of san francisco bay. in seattle, i'm adam schauffler. >> after brown versus board of education, we look for new rights of civil rights in our schools.
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real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. >> with the world's largest election effectively over and a preliminary winner named a lot of focus is surrounding narendra modi. joining me an editor of huffington post. thank you for coming back. i got to tell you modi, as you know, and i'm going to dive right into this with you, is accused of doing little to stop the riots in 2002 when he was at the time first minister in that state.
4:48 pm
and we recall about 1,000 people died. most of them muslims. the u.s. denied him visa. the u.k. just re-established ties with him in 2012. did he then, does he now have sectarian prejudices. >> thank you for having me here. >> yes, modi has been, as you said, accused of not doing enough during the riot of 2002. since then he has been cleared by a special investigative team and actually having any part of the riot. that said there has been plenty of evidence that he has indulged in anti-muslim rhetoric. before he took the national stage in this way there are several inflammatory speeches of
4:49 pm
his that you can find in you look. but since the national campaign we've seen that he has worked hard to remake himself as a statesman. as someone who can appeal across large swaths of india's population. who can appeal across communities, and is putting a move beyond his community path. >> well, i want to push you on this. i want to get to histone and temperament. telling bangladeshis to get packing. there is an immigration problem in the country. telling them to get packing once he gets elected during the campaign. that's not a responsible approach to the immigration problems facing india. tell me about histone and temperament and how he manages complex people issues like borders and immigration, for
4:50 pm
example. >> you're absolutely right. there is absolutely needs to be concern about his past. he has come from hindu hil miliy formed around the right wing. his larger philosophy looks like it's very much not non-inclusive despite his utterances otherwise. in a recent interview he said that anybody--and that they were talking about his statement, and he has, in fact, invited bangladesh and hindus to come into india. he said anyone who follows the hindu way of life is welcome into india. if you're a family who left
4:51 pm
india a hundred years ago, you can come back. it's about the hindu way of life. to your property he continues to--to your point he continues to say things that are worrying to the least. >> welcome to the program. editorrality huffington post, thanks again. tomorrow marks 60 years since the landmark 1954 court decision brown versus the boar d of education in topeka, kansas. the closure of schools has prompted a new fight for civil rights. ash har quaraishi has more. >> words don't always come easy for jeanette taylor's son michael. >> as a single mother of a special needs student they hope to one day they can read
4:52 pm
together effortlessly. but she worries that his education is suffering. >> you're figuring you at how to close schools so you give a shiny new building, a bunch of laptops and it's not overcrowded. >> reporter: in a budget shortfall, the chicago school board voted to close 49 poorly performed and underused schools. only a handfuall but a handful d in the southwest sides. >> the groups contend the charter schools publicly funded but operate independently cherry pick students and kick out
4:53 pm
poorly-behaved students. one complaint alleges that chicago public schools is deliberately setting schools up to fail in order to close neighborhood schools in african-american communities. it points to data in which .6% white students were effected and 87.6% black students were affected. >> they're taking art and physical education as online classes. they can't even take physical education. that's a civil rights issue. >> proving discrimination can be tough but the complaint can help bring changes. >> the office of civil rights will look to see if chicago did take enough steps and if they can take greater steps to soften the impact of the change that took place.
4:54 pm
>> over the last three we have worked hard to make sure that capital funds have been equitybly distributed. >> we still live in segregated city. it is about civil rights. this is 2014, this should not happen. >> coming up on al jazeera america. growing cartilage from your own cells could revolutionize things like knee replacements. jake ward next. and you may not think much about honeybees, but they are vital to american agriculture. their population has been declining for years, but a new government report has good news. ray suarez is now here with a before were washington. >> 23% of the u.s. bee
4:55 pm
population died over the winter. that sounds bad, and it is, but it is an improvement over the last eight years. on our program we're going to be talking about what's called colony collapse disorder. it's an environmental mystery story and multi billion dollar business story. bees pollinate a third of the food you eat. join us for inside story.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
>> aging athletes across the united states are waiting for the day when science can simply grow them new knees, right? we may now be one step closer. researchers at columbia university say they have found a way to grow cartridge in a lab from your own stem cells.
4:58 pm
we're using the knees for longer and longer periods of time. and until now replacing them has been pretty much impossible. cartridge is not a heart orchid any. it doesn't have any natural blood supplies. it doesn't adhere or heal itself. it does what it does until it against out. new researchers at columbia university has joined a numbe gg number of researchers who are trying to grow new cartilage using stem cells. they use what is known a multi potent stem sel stem cell, coule implanted. this does not use embryonic stem
4:59 pm
cells. they're not quite to the place of native cartridge. native cartilage is ten tiles more slippery than testify lone and ten times more slippery than ice on ice. but if they can make this work you could some day going in to harvest stem cells and replay knees in one go. >> i need that. barbara walters has hung up her microphone. today she signed off from her daytime talk show "the view." >> you when women tell me that they entered the field of journalism or studied it because of me, that makes me very proud. >> walters isn't completely retiring. she said she's going to continue to file occasional reports.
5:00 pm
that is all the time we have. tony harris in new york city. "inside story" is next. for more on any of our stories head over to our website at >> the crisis of the bees, mass death, threats to agriculture has gone so far that the slowing down of the decline is framed as good news. what is happening to the bees? that's the inside story. >> hello, i'm ray