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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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... you africa leaders threaten total war on the men who abducted tnigerian girls. hello. you are watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also on the program, driving home his victory, thankful for support, in turkey. >> translator: i told my leave me. yes have the strength to go on. >> survivors of the mine disaster describe their ordeal.
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they said more could have escaped if officials helped they will. >> we hear from the lawyer of a sudanese woman sentenced to death for refusing to give up her christian faith. now, a kidnapping, hundreds of school girls, boko haram has attracted the world's attention and united american and african powers against it. chad's president said african powers will wage total war on the group. the president says boko haram has proven links is a threat to the west and central african region. good luck jonathan is attending the meeting. . >> the president said there is a
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strong determination and there is no doubt about that. they are very determined to deal with the situation to wage total war on boko haram. >> boko haram is no longer a group started in 2002 and 2009. it has changed and is an al-qaeda organization. it's better described as a al-qaeda group. >> william hague is those in harris and said the u.k. is willing to help fight boko haram. >> nigerian security forces have not been well-structured for this kind of thing shown by the problem getting worse with boko haram. so we can help with that. >> is why we are offering to imbed military advisors with the
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nigerian headquarters. we work with nigeria in many other ways on counterterrorism. >> reporter: we have correspondents standing buy in paris where that conference is being held and in nigeria's capitol. let's go to tim friend in the french capitol. tim, a lot of talk about the threat of boko haram, but have we seen anything like an action plan to combat it? >> reporter: well, i think one is slowly but very slowly emerging. they've got a huge and very difficult task ahead of them, and i think underlying all of this talk of unity that we are hearing on the platform that the president olan shared with the african leaders after their summit here, behind that was all of the concerns about how much they were prepared to kuwait. for instance, i said some difficult i -- sense some difficulty between nigeria and
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kameroon whether there will be allowed hot pursuit of boko haram fighters across the border into kameroon. i think that is something that still is possibly a long way off being settled. francois olan said they are a surprisingly efficient fighting force. i think the international community has been slow on this. i think most observers would accept that. and, also, i think the african leaders, themselves perhaps, have been reluctant to admit the extent of the problem until now. but as you were describing in your introduction, it is now west africa and central africa where they see the risk spreading. >> tim, do we know whether they have discussed anything about the fate of those kidnapped girls? >> well, they certainly discussed it, but i don't think they had much available to them
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that they could actually deploy or even talk about exercising. they either negotiate, which they ruled out, or they go for possible military action fraught with difficulty as president olan said, we don't know where they are and if we found out where they were, it's quite possible they are now split up into separate groups and given boko haram's record, i suspect the leaders believe that if they got wind of any pending military assault, there could be further casualties. i think that's something they may not want to risk. the third possibility is that the african leaders just try to contain this and hope the world's attention shifts elsewhere eventually but i think having gone this far, that's not going to happen now. >> okay, term. many thanks for the update from the french capital of paris where that summit is being held. let's go to the nigerian council
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where mohammed abdou is standing by. tim says a lot of talk in paris about regional unity. how realistic is separation between nigeria and the neighbors in the fight against boko haram? >> reporter: >> reporterwell, it's been quite difficult before now for any cooperation to take place between nigeria and its neighbors and particularly between kameroon and nigeria. they enjoy diplomatic relationships but we know boko haram have used the porous borders there, exclusively inhabited by muslims and is seen where boko haram usually operates in. they have gone across the border whenever they are being pursued by the nigerian army and to pick up supplies and the statement that was given in paris by the
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president of chad and kameroon as well as nigera. however, in the past few hours, nigerians have been reacting and they are saying they will come in with help, but the work of finishing boko haram from nigeria needs to be done by nigeria's forces and they say let's not forget boko haram has been just a fair distribution and, also, unemployment. they say these issues need to be resolved before we can talk about, you know, finishing boko haram forever. >> okay. we will leave it for the moment, mo. thank you for joining us from abuja. tim friend is joining us from
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paris. india prime minister elect is celebrating his election victory in the sacred hindu city. his new constituency. the he led the right-wing vjp to an absolute malth. earlier he got a hero's welcome from his party workers in the capitol new delhi. >> reporter: a celebration continues. party workers gather in the headquarters in new dehlhi. a sweeping victory stunned the nation. newspapers are describing this event as momentous. many as coming to terms with the enormity of the historic moment in indian politics. >> translator: the numbers we achieved in this election were expected. i was sure. it's down to it. >> if you capture corruption, inflation will come down and
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make life easier for everyone. >> modi left his home state for delhi on saturday to claim his prize, the prime minister's office from india. cheering crowds, thousands lined the route. young and old trying to get a glimpse of their country's new leader. >> modi won an outright majority, the first politician to do so since 1984, a moment to savor and reflect on. >> he flew to the east of the country, one of two constituencies he won at the polls. here, he performed a series of religious rit yuldz, tshowing devotion to his faith. security is tight around modi. sips his victory, a cordon of security surrounds him. he won't have as much freedom as he did during the election campaign. india has seen two prime ministers associated in the past.
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no one is taking any chances. the vjp and it's sglrmths supporters will continue to celebrate at the general election and behind the scenes, ministers are being appointed and the final formation of the government is finalized. modi will be sworn in as india's new prime minister early next week. phil ramin, new the delhi. >> rescue operations are over at a turkish mine where hundreds of workers died. tensions in sorghum oma are reasoning high. police have banned demon demonisstrations there. 30 people including lawyers and union members were arrested. anger over the deaths of 301 and growing sympathy explosion on tuesday. the last two bodies were retrieved just a few hours ago. the recovery operation is still officially over. the pithead all but silent. the last two bodies were
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recovered and the job became that of an undertaker the last few days. the total stands at 301. with the end of this operation has come more allegations that more could have done to save likes. one miner who was rescued had this to say: >> there is an official for each task. at least already people to keep track of everything. they have devices. for example, when the methane gas increases, the device starts to make a sound. security hear it. according to what we heard, a shift supervisor was aware of it but he ordered miners not to leave until the shift ended and 70 back those who were leaving. the officials could have warned us before. no one informed us until the smoke came to where we were and if they would have let us leave early, we would have survived. when we got out, moak was everywhere. >> lujack was one of 150 miners
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going down to start a shift. only 15 of them survived. this is how he described his ordeal. >> it's impossible to describe. you feel no strength in your body. you feel like: should i move or not? you lose all of your strength when you take five steps. you don't even have the strength to raise your arm. i told my friend, leaf me here -- leave me here. you go. yes have the strength to go on. let me stay here, i said. i laid down. my friend said no. if we go, we go together. he took my arm. if my friend was not there, i would have been dead by now. >> the recovery operation may be over but the calls for accountability and the company that runs this mine and also for the government to do something about safety in turkey will continue undoubtedly. there is a lot of anger in the air. >> plenty more to come on the program including a report from milawi where the president is running from noerm term despite
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another corruption scandal on her watch. coming to a screen near you could soon have a very different meaning. could be established, and i would be released >> what if you admitted to something you did not do >> the truth will set you free yeah don't kid yourself... >> the system with joe burlinger only on al jazeera america
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a sgau stories this hour here on al jazeera, african leaders meeting in paris say they are preparing for total war against boko haram. nigeria's president held a summit saying the armed group took 2 sent school girls last
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month and has been behind a series of deadly attacks. india's prime minister elect has been celebrating his victory. he has been performing rituals in the sacred hindu city after a occur parade through new delhi. he won an absolute majority in pardon parliamentary e elections. >> the last two bodies have been recovered bringing the number of dead to 301 in turkey. tensions remain high in sorghum oma. police arrested protesting members. >> the final day of campaigning in malawi ahead of the presidential election on tuesday. from the people's party, seeking free elections, the votes are being held amid a corruption schedules alleging millions of dollars were stolen by officials. al jazeera's muta sorghum a is
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in the southern malawi. >> reporter: it's a tight election. it's a scandal some people feel he should have done more with so much money missing under her watch. the candidates, four clearly are seen the strongest of the lot. some come from the south. this renalon, and a lot of the vot votes. the problem is these opposition leaders also have a tight race. she is being optimistic. a lot of analysts say it will be a tight race and if she does win, it could be by a slim margin. >> the sudanese government defended a court ruling sentencing a pregnant woman to
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death for allegedly abandoning islam and marrying a christian man. a judge ruled that she should be hanged. she insists she is has always practiced christianity and there is an international outcry and india india's foreign minister is trying to intervene to save the woman's life. >> al jazeera is demanding the immediate release of its journalists. the trial of the 3 was adjourned against on thursday. they are falsely accused of conspiring with the outlawed muslim brotherhood. they are due back in court on the 22nd of may. democracy activists in myanmar have joined to call for changes for the constitution ahead of next year's e elections current rules prevent sorghum uji from running for president. here is this report.
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>> reporter: >> reporter: for years, regarded as the icon of democracy, the opposition leader is leading the call for change. this time, to reform the constitution. this constitution was drawn up because the government and the army lacks confid eps. there is no confidencence. there is no confidence. some people have no confidence in their own future. the constitution was drawn to use as a shield. >> it bars anyone who is relative holds foreign citizenship from becoming president. >> would include sorghum uchi who is late t requires 75% of parliamentary votes to and the constitution. >> gives a lot of power to the military, guaranteed 25% of seats in parliament. this is one of a series of
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nationwide rallies aimed at getting support for constitutional reform. there is no indication the government is listening. days ago, the president said parties working for reform must work within the boundaries of the law or they may be at risk in the country. >> a normally civilian government has been in charge since 2010. it introduced some reform and been rewarded for the listing of sus -- lifting of suspension of sanction you, but it is reluctant to do more. >> everything is new to us. we are faced with many changes. if you push too fast for more changes, it may be a mis step. >> the opposition has tried to organize. those efforts have amounted to nothing. they are adamant that the constitution has to be fixed. >> we cannot rely on the constitution because its structure is to provide a shield for the previous government, to cover the mistakes of the
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previous military recommend e-mail, to protect the entrenched in the army and contain the movements of other political parties. >> the national league for democracy won a landslide victory in elections 24 years ago. but the military prevented it from a taking power. polls are due next year. sorghum uchi may see victory snatched from her. this time, by a constitutional flaw. the plane carrying government and military officials has crashed in the northeast of the country. the defense minister and deputy prime minister are among those confirmed dead in laos. other high-level officials also believed to be on board the 74-300 plane. yemen's army has sent additional troops to the south where fighting is continuing in towns controlled by al-qaeda.
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gains made by the army a week ago were reversed when there was a surprise attack. a sorghum ha abara has more. >> this is the town of yemen's shambar province. the army says these are fighters killed in its offensive these are bunkers and tunnels dug by al-qaeda to move safely in the fault line. the armed group retreated leaving behind weapons and explosive devices ready to be used in suicide bombings. security forces say they have stopped many attacks in the capitol. >> we have defeated al-qaeda in this area. the fighters have fled. we will make sure the terrorists will never be able to return
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here. >> this is where the army is concentrating efforts. the last stronghold in sorghum hamwar province. land for a final mention to recapture the town quayled fighters i know our people. >> the government is weak in these areas. support is crucial. it's been three weeks since the military offensive against al-qaeda. the army says it's a matter of days before it is in control. al-qaeda leaders and fighters have already retreated to more rural areas. >> syrian government forces have launched further attacks on opposition areas around
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damascus. another barely bomb was dropped southwest of the capitol on friday. government helicopters are using the barely bombs to get rid of opposition fighters. two iraqi soldiers have been killed in western ambar province. and more killed in fall uminga. iraqi forces have been trying to retake control of fallujah. the western u.s. fire fighters continue to battle several out-of-control fires in california. the largest blaze near a military base has already consumed at least 6,000 hector sorghum, destroying a dozen structures, causing $2 million in damage. police have arrested a 57-year-old who was seen setting one of the fires.
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the worst flooding on record in bosnia. peter sharp reports there are warnings of further flooding. >> three months of rain in less than three days. the worst floods to swamp the balkan sorghum since records began 120 years ago waters flood across flood beforfences. landslides cutting through communities with no warning. scores have died. the dettoll is expected to rise. >> it's a catastrophe. when we saw the first two houses
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start to slide down, when it started disappearing, you do nothing but cry. this morning, my house, everything i worked for, for 38 years, it's all gone. i saved my daughter and wife so it doesn't matter. >> local schools ant sports centers were filled with thousands who lost homes in this on once-in-a century disaster. >> we left the car bind, the motorcycle, the chain saw and valuables. we grabbed our mobile phones and ran. >> some enduring a long wait for news of missing relatives >> translator: last time i spoke to my uncle was yesterday. since then, there has been no information. it's cold and wet. i have no communication with him or the rest of my family outside the serbian town, there is a sense of emergency. teams deployed are preparing
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defenses. even prisoners volunteered to help. weather experts predict a new floodway moving down refer is expected to strike on sunday. peter sharp. >> voters in switzerland are expected to reject a proposal to having a minimum wage. a reality recent poll found 64% are against the wage boost. it asked whether convicted pedophiles should be banned from working with children for life. film makers hoping to get a break that's almost impossible. a different method of getting films out there. coming to a screen near you could soon have a very different meaning. the cannes film festival. >> big names, big scandal, the
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big apple, but no big screen. welcome to new york. this movie shows a desgraced french politician. you will struggle to find it at cannes. it's being released exclusively on the internet. >> this is partly to do with power. you see, movie makers find themselves about behold en to film distributors because they are influential. controlling how movies are released, they regain some of that power and on save money in the process. of course, this all ties in with our insatiable demand to have everything now, now, now. the i am pages brought about by technology. if a film is released in a cinema, you have to go there. online, all you need is one of these or, say, one of these and y you may enjoy it. >> star trek may be a 16.
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star wreck enjoyed success thanks to the net. this is the next generation. as far as its concerned, the web is the only way to go. >> you have a direct connection to your fans, working with the fans, you know exactly the way. you know how it to sell the film to your fans. given the access, this is i believe the best way to serve the film, itself. >> this was released in theaters but not before viewers had a chance to watch it online. there is a real push to bring power to the pixel. makers are put in control albeit with the help of the people. >> if you put something on line doesn't mean anyone will see it. you have to have a good piece of work and an audience. >> an exclusive online release that was so popular, the seek we will is now in production bringing it all in to focus
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while the big-budget blockbuster may stick on the old way of doing things, for now at least, for the smallest film makers there is nothing to lose by them helping themselves. at the cannes film festival. >> at a screen near you, all of the latest news. emsteinem >> i became beautiful when i became a feminist. up to then, i was a pretty girl. i was not beautiful. >> the face of feminism, glory steineim believes it is raging on. >> a blue collar union job paid more than either one. she has expanded her message beyond women's liberation to address oeshl social activists. she turned 80 but refuses to let age slow her down or advance the fight for equality. >> they say the movement i