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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 19, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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♪ confusion in libya as forces loyal to an renegade storm parliament. ♪ hello and welcome to al jazeera and i'm elizabeth on the program. islamic law will be imposed across pakistan. the taliban sends a message to the government. south korean president apologizes for the ferry and
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announces plans to break up the coast guard. a syrian activist tells al jazeera how he survived a chemical attack. ♪ two dead, dozens injured and libya's government in chaos, fighting swept across the capitol tripoli and they launched an attack on parliament and demanded suspension and we will be live at tripoli in a few minutes but first here is his report. >> reporter: attack on the general national congress, the country's parliament and tripoli in a war zone. heavy may sine guns, grenades and weapons were used and fumes of black smoke rising in the air. according to witnesses gunmen driving vehicles stormed the gnc building say they were members
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of the brigade with bases by the airport and this is in the eastern city of benghazi. and they told al jazeera they declared an open war on the government for supporting what they called extremist and terrorists. on friday forces loyal attacked the bases at benghazi and left dozens of people dead and the general said he was forced to act. >> translator: today the national army launched a national battle to defend our nation, the people, and the lives of our officers who are being assassinated. this is not a coo against the state and we are not seeking power or authority and we are not hindering the course of democracy. the blood is sacred and do not
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want to go to arms and they want a battle so let it be an honorable one. reporter: tripoli was accused of staging. >> translator: the acts carried out in benghazi constitute violations of the sovereignty and represent a coo and an arrest warrant was issued by the military chief pros kiter and an order handed down to stand up to any forces and directly target any military jet fighter flying over the skies of benghazi. >> reporter: the government is weak and struggles to reign in powerful malitia and unable to restore law an order with the malit malitia's order. >> reporter: retired general took part in a 1969 coo that brought gaddafi to power and he
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was the military staff at one point and he led a disastrous operation in 1987 where 600 soldiers were captured and he fought exile in the united states in the 90s and he returned to libya to take part of the 2011 uprising and he is accusing the government of not doing enough to stop the malitia of the 2011 uprising and we are joined live from the libyan county tripoli and i guess how significant of that depends on who you are asking but it seems like the libyan government is taking him seriously. >> yes, that's true, because when you hear the statements by the government and in particular by the head of the gnc, and they are also considered to be the commander and chief, he has all the forces that are loyal to the
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government, forces made of former rebels to protect the libyan capitol tripoli. now, the significance of this is that the forces from the western region includes the powerful former rebel group from the town that is very powerful and we could see ex escalation and those troops who understand are making their positions within tripoli to protect them. this is a very significant development. what is also a twist in the chaotic few days a senior government official told al jazeera that the attack on the gnc that took place on sunday is not related to the events in benghazi. that official says that because a new prime minister is submitting his cabinet so the malitia that carried out the attack against the gnc are trying to push the new prime minister to give them some
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minister pull and depends who you ask because you get all sorts of reports but i would describe the situation and tripoli is very tense and people are worried this is highlighting yet another division within the politicians as well as the powerful rival malitias that are trying to impose the interests of their own commanders and groups. >> thank you for the update and that is our correspondent joining us from the libyan capital tripoli. nato rejected a report that russian troops conducting military exercises close to ukraine border is ordered back to their bases and the military says there is no sign troops are retreating after 40,000 troops are thought to be kept there and the situation in eastern ukraine is tense with the separatists and declaring two regions independent following unofficial
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referendum. now, we will fight until islamic law is imposed across pakistan. that is the message from the leader of the pakistan taliban to the government and the comments were made on a video showing him be welcomed by fighters in an unknown location. peace talks have been stalled for sometime now. a correspondent hider is live from islamabad now and kamal, the first such appearance of the new leader of the pakistani taliban in this video and a significant message from him. >> indeed. as you mentioned, the first message from him after he was elected as a leader of the taliban in pakistan in november of last year, the last time he appeared in a radio message was in 2011 after he and his
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fighters were able to escape a military operation and he was seen in this particular mountain high with his men training in small arms as well as using antitank weapons including rocket propelled grenades but the message came at a time when the pakistan chief was visiting to hold talks with afghan military as well as the international force in pakistan. one of the big concerns that the pakistan military has that many of the taliban groups have now established for centuries on the other side of the border and that is of course coming up, for debate but more importantly this is a clear message from the taliban in pakistan that he is in no mood to talk to the government. >> will the other factions of the taliban listen to this
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message do you think and how will this play out in light of those stalled peace talks with the government? >> well, first of all, what has happened is that since the government initiated the talks with the taliban and pakistan even though through the committees that the government and the taliban and pakistan had appointed, this is the first time that we know that there is a serious rift among the taliban. there is a message also known there that has taken up arms against the other factions of the taliban in pakistan. so the pakistani government is saying since there is a split, there is a group within the taliban in pakistan that is going to talk to the government, the government will go with the group and any group doesn't want to talk with them and be isolated and the pakistani
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military is already planning some sort of military operation against those outfits. >> thank you for that and we are joined from islamabad. now south korea's president announced the country's coast guard will be broken up and replaced with a new safety agency. in a tearful address to the agency they stock full responsibility for the government's handling of the ferry disaster. >> south korea president cried openly as she addressed the nation paying tribute to those who gave to others as the boat sank. >> translator: i apologize for the pain and suffering that everyone felt. as the president i should be responsible for the safety of the people. >> reporter: this was also a speech designed to set out our plans promised in the aftermath of disaster to reform her nation and the first target was the coast guard, criticized for helping the crew to safety and not doing enough to get to those
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trapped in the cabins and the entire service would be disbanded. >> translator: the coast guard continued to get bigger in size but did not have enough personnel and budget allocated for maritime safety and for rescue training. >> reporter: a new national safety agency will take over the coast guard's rescue role, the police, investigative one. >> translator: all employees of the coast guard will humbly embrace the nations and the president's opinion and tell you once again that as we have promised their families we will do our best until we find the very last missing passenger. >> reporter: for the relatives of those still missing it was all an unnecessary distraction from minding their loved ones. this man says the coast guard will be agitated and the search operation will be effected and we asked the government do you have the will to continue the operation to find the very last missing passenger or not. back in the personal distress
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was laid in the speech but has a political fight on her hands to recover her presidency. her approval rating has fallen from 60 to 40 and local elections coming up, on june the 4th. >> because of the significance of the issue and shocked that ordinary people face and there is political momentum, that you can take advantage of. that is crisis but i think this is opportunity for her to take critical actions. >> reporter: another of the actions promised to end what the president called the bureaucratic mafia with colusion and this is in the disaster and the president is promising to set right, harry faucet, al jazeera, seoul. two charter flights arrived in southern china carrying injured workers from vietnam and thousands of nationals have been evacuated in the past two days following anti-china rights ayos
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vietnam and they are angry for placing an oil rig in disputed waters and the china correspondent brown has more from beijing. >> the evaluation of chinese nationals from vietnam is gathering pace and 16 over the seriously injured arrived there and there are about 3,000 chinese in total so far that have been evacuated but about 4,000 remain in the country and dispatched four vessels to central vietnam so this evacuation process is going to go on for several days i imagine. now, this latest clash between vietnam and china is not just over china's decision to deploy an oil rig to islands also claimed by vietnam. this is also, say analysts, about china wanting to test american's results to see how far america is prepared to go defending allies in the region
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particularly japan and the philippines. also china says that its actions at the moment are in many ways a direct response to america's attempt to reengage with this part of the world. they say that america's efforts to assert its influence once more in this part of the world is increasing tensions and that is with the united states and not china says beijing. coming up on al jazeera we are in a part of pakistan that the taliban once controlled. pakistan here is coming to an end and i will be looking at the reasons why along with the dire consequences for those who have run out of work. and good bye to a record that is never likely to be repeated. details coming up.
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♪ good to have you with us, these are the top stories on al jazeera, leader of the pakistani taliban say these men will continue to fight until islamic law is imposed across the country and there was a statement to stall peace talks with the government. two people have been killed after rebels loyal to a rent grade army general stormed libya's parliament and has been conducting a campaign against malitia in benghazi and the actions amount to a coup. the coast guard will be
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disbanded in responding to a sinking of a ferry last month which 300 people died and a tearful president took responsibility for the government's response to the disaster. let's get more on pakistan business and union leaders and in areas once controlled by the taliban are urging the government to do more to reduce unemployment and and worried that armed people could be in the group. >> reporter: the national spin off tourism was destroyed by the two-year rule of the taliban and when the taliban was out in 2009 another industry looms. the silk trade and there have been efforts to revive it but talk of government subsidies have not materialized.
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this is one of the few factories left and most of the workers used to operate it have been laid off and those left operate 12 machines. and he has been holding on to stock because he can't sell as a profit. >> translator: i'm only carrying on now for the sake of these poor labors and they already shut down one factory and if the situation goes on like this i will is to close this one. >> reporter: in better times smuggling gave them cheap materials but the supplies across borders stopped and with the costly materials this is what is in store now. what was a thriving industry providing 70,000 jobs handed down through generations now reduced to scrap. this, one of 500 factories, closed down and about to be sold.
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with no jobs available in swat valley there are warnings those falling in poverty can be tracked and one worker losing his job say it may be unthinkable but some feel there is no alternative. >> translator: thousands of people used to work in the silk industry. now it's so bad some of the unemployed who have joined the taliban resorting to wearing suicide vests bring money in to feed their families. >> translator: what other option do i have, i can commit suicide on my own or take a gun and join the talibon just for the money. >> reporter: security may have improved business owners in swat valley say the economic gloom and its consequences is an enemy pakistan's government is under estimating. andrew simmons, al jazeera, swat valley, pakistan. >> reporter: defense trial of
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former bosnia chief just started and he is seen behind his lawyer faces 11 charges with genicide and crimes against humidity between 1992-1990 bosnia war and it was europe's worst massacre since the second world war. at least 44 people have died in the worst flooding on record. thousands of people have been forced from their homes in history and this is the story. >> reporter: in the air on on the ground they want to get to the old and the sick. this is 88-year-old and we meet after her after she was rescued by the serbian army and her house was under a meter and a
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half of water and alone for days without food and drinking water. this is a massive logical operation and trying to completely overwhelming serbia services and they say the damage will cost the country billions of dollars. volunteers have joined the operation here. this man is a personal trainer from bell grade and is rescuing those left behind. >> how many people left here? >> we don't know, about 30 people. >> reporter: it's not clear how many people died here. every official that we asked tells us that they have to wait for the waters to recede to see the real damage that was done and as you can see some of the water is actually pulling back and that there are still many houses completely submerged by the flooding and there are so many people who are waiting to be rescued.
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this man wouldn't give us his name and he says he has seen their bodies and angry at authorities for not arriving earlier. >> translator: they came too late and we have no warning about what happens and the town is destroyed and we have no food and no where to live. >> in bosnia another menace is hiding under the rubble and floods in the early 1990s and the fear is that the floods are washing away boobie traps and the power station is under threat and the capacity at the power plant has already been cut. waters have reached the basement of the plant, a total shut down with blackout most of the country. for now it stopped raining. the worry is there could be another flood surge from the river in bosnia. the ground is already saturated
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and people here are wondering where will all that water go. i'm with al jazeera, serbia. the prime minister has deployed troops to recapture the northern town and warned the government is at war with terrorists and dozens were killed between the army and rebels on saturday as muslim mata visited the region. at least four people have been killed in a suicide car bombing in the northern nigerian city of kano. the explosion happened on a busy street in an area that is mostly christian and there has been no claim of responsibility. al jazeera is demanding the immediate release of the journalists who have now been in prison in egypt for 142 days. the trial of greste and mohamed and fahmy was adjourned and they
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are accused of being with the muslims and he is refusing food and held without trial since last august and on hunger strike for months and he has been put in solitary confinement where attempts have been made to force feed him. syria's airforce chief has been killed in fighting and reportedly died on saturday after rebels attacked the defense base. and syrian citizen journalist told al jazeera how he suffered but survived a chemical attack that took place in august last year near damascus and he has since escaped and the u.s. is working to raise awareness of
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the war and this is his personal account of his journey. >> i'm zachary and i'm 27 years old and i just made it to the united states almost two months ago. i came from a town in the west of damascus. i got exposed by a syrian attack by them on august 21 and my heart stopped for two minutes. and i lost my ability to breathe and i felt like my chest was set on fire, my eyes was burning like hell, it was so, so painful. i felt like somebody was tearing up my chest with a knife. i use the expression of judgment day to describe what it felt like for me to see women and children and men falling on the ground sophisticated without seeing a single drop of blood. i had to pull myself together five days later to go to the
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u.n. to take advantage of my english skills. people started to feel hope again when we heard that there will be consequences for using chemical weapons in syria. but when nothing happened people got so disappointed and disgust from international community. i made it through the borders and then from beirut airport controlled by hezbollah and it was a pure miracle to make it here. i'm doing a speaking tour across the u.s. making events in university and other public events, meeting with politicians. after three years of sacrificing a lot of lives to accomplish or goal in building a free syria, i think that we deserve respect
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and support from the united states. the regime wants us to give up and i think the international community or some countries want us to give up and just go back to be loyal servant to the assad regime and we will not give up and we will continue sacrificing until we managed to accomplish or goal which is building a free syria. >> reporter: three times formula one champion jock has died aged 88. and no one had ever done before or unlikely to and andrew thomas explains. >> he was australia's first formula one champion and won the individual grand prix in 1959 and securing the title that year by pushing his car over the finish line in the united states race and he ran out of fuel in the final straight and fourth
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place there was enough >> i'm pleased what i did today and certainly have a lot to do and thank the keebler and the mechanics who helped me. >> reporter: before racing cars he had been a mechanic in australia airforce and he came in the 50s to race he kept up engineering skills and he is the only person to win a championship in the car he personally helped design and build and which bore his name. >> a man that changed formula one forever. and putting the engine in the rear and win the drivers championship in his name. nobody will do that again, unique achievement and legend. >> reporter: he was formula one champion three times in 59, 60 and in 1966 and he won 14 grand prix bases and based in britain for his racing career and he
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died in queens age 88, andrew thomas, al jazeera, sidney. that story and the rest of today's news including much more on our top story of the disturbances in libya can all be found on our website. ♪ >> fracking is producing loads of oil and gas and plenty of controversy. then you see the gas drilling technologies america's new gold rush. just because the stuff sits under your property doesn't mean you can cash in on it. and whether you're conservative or liberal there's a good chance that ron paul has at least one opinion you grac agree with. and how one american group is taking care of its own. i'm davish