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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 19, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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this >> welcome to the news hour, i'm follow 8folly bah thibaugh in d. five members of china's military for hacking. >> very latest news from europe including.
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was back to base. hundreds of thousands forced fps from mayor homes with flooding in bosnia. more to come. >> what does he think of his mentor, taking over at manchester united. plus, just three weeks away from the world cup, venue venues stil under construction. we'll have an update. >> on the brink of civil war with fighting, with heavily armed militias, military commanders have defected. former credit general halifa hafta, libyan government accuses
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him of staging a coup. the army has sent more troops to the capitol. the outgoing government meanwhile has told parliament to shut down until a new election is held. let's go to omar, top development and there top commander of the libyan army says he's joining where forces with haftar, how significant is there? >> reporter: this is very significant. only join to the movement this the general and his forces are gaining. the commander of the libyan special forces, the members of the libyan special forces at this critical time in benghazi and libya and because of the emergence of criminal terrorist groups we will stand with the
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will of the people and we will join the battle. this battle is of course declared by retired general we ask the revolution ris to stand in front and confront terrorism and we will back the institution of the libyan states and the reasons and a idols of the revolution that toppled colonel gadhafi. only a few hours ago, another commander of a prominent base in eastern -- of libya called the tobruk air base, joined the force he with the general. very significant developments indeed. >> since the fall of moammar
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gadhafi two years ago, to control rebel fighters brought him down. most powerful brigade, still control many areas across southern tripoli the capitol. it was responsible for sunday's attack on parliament. it blames religious hard liners, for not controlling lawlessness across the country. men fought against armed groups and in the eastern city of benghazi at the weekend killing more than 80 people. adding to libya's instability, several transcribed have declared regional autonomy and want more oil money. libya's had three prime ministers since march. so omar, very difficult political situation, three prime
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ministers since march, demanding the government hold elections, do you think that will a new government be able to rein in these new militias? >> i don't think any new government can. and that's why we had the three previous prim prime ministers lg their post. sceangs what you have is a very weak government with no ability or the capability to rein in those militias. any government that takes power in tripoli will try to keep things calm, rather than leading to it a level where everything explodes. now this care taker government has initiated a plan of ten points. you mention some of them to hold early elections and to ask the freeze of the current parliament
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and to have this caretaker government continue until new elections are solved. this is a very difficult situation. i don't think this government or any government can be to be very frank with you, this initiative we'll have to see what the general national congress will reply to this initiative. because as now, at this moment, they didn't come up and say what they think of those developments or these initiatives. so now, this is a very critical time for libya, people are very worried when you speak to them they toll you we are entering slowly into a civil war. >> hamar salee, thank you very much indeed. the united states has charged five chinese officials with cyber-credit hack into
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security. >> this is a tactic that the united states government categorically being are, our economic security and our ability to compete fairly in the global marketplace are directly linked to our national security. >> well beijing reacted swiftly to the charges, let's go to kimberly halcut. >> these companies, northeast in the united states is an industrial state and the companies were involved primarily in areas of nuclear, schooslersolar and steel manufa.
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worked together and through cyber-hack were able to acquire internal e-mails and internal communications that gave chinese companies a strategic advantage over u.s. companies in litigation that was taking place. the attorney general also alleges that in some cases the market was flooded with a cheaper comparable prowrkt to a u.s -- product thanto a u.s. product and many jobs were lost and this had an impact dot united states. a specific dollar was not named. i can tell you in wider more broader cases, the u.s. faces as many as 24 to 120 billion dollars in terms of economic loss as a result of cyber-hack and cyber-espionage. this is something that president obama pledged to tackle, there was a team of officers pledged to look into this and this is
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the first case resulting from that pledge. >> the u.s. had been building pressure over china, china has been quick to deny these allegation he. what's the impact likely to see on already tense relations between the americans and chinese? >> indeed. it is certainly going to inflame already intense relations between the u.s. and china. the attorney general was very vague when asked by reporters what are the extradition rules relating to chinese officials? woe this appear before a u.s. judge and jury to answer to these charges? you can already hear from the chinese response, the fact that they say these are fabricated facts, that isn't likely that that is going ohappen. what is the point of this? china isn't the only nation that
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the united states is worried about, are accused of stealing information. the united states has zero tolerance for these kinds of activities, will do everything it means to curb what it says is illegal activity. >> kimberly halkett, in washington, thank you kimberly. more from julie. have. >> russian president vladimir putin has ordered military forces to return to their bases. nato has expressed skepticism. rory challenge has this. >> en estimated 40,000 troops official on exercise though battle-trained and battle-ready. but on monday, vladimir putin ordered soldiers back the their bases. >> this is a postponement of a
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real big war which is really very good. it's not yet a decision not to have it at all. i mean this is not a strategic this is more ever a tactical decision. a tactical decision that gives us everyone some breathing space maybe two months to seek a political solution that would be permanent. >> reporter: nato is skeptical, it has heard this so far from russia in the past weeks. >> so far we haven't seen any withdrawal at all. i strongly regret that because a withdrawal of russian troops would be a first important contribution to deescalating the crisis. >> ukraine's border service has noticed a reduction in russian military activity in the last week though it stopped short of calling it a withdrawal. but if the soldiers do led bass
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to their barracks, why might have putin given the order? well reduced military capability could be a factor. russia's army, demobbed and replaced by a new inexperienced draft. also, mr. putin might be feeling more optimistic about a federalized future for ukraine. also, he might be looking at the costs and thinking that the sanctions that russia is incurring are not worth it. ukraine has brought east-west relations to their lowest point for decades. and russia is trying to work out who its friends are. >> translator: these relations require a substantial rethink. together with our partners on the eu nations, where we're, where our assessments coincide and where we disagree and what to do to bring those relations back. >> reporter: there may be the
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whiff of deescalation in the air but this crisis is far from over. rory challenges, al jazeera, moscow. >> two meter water search is now heading towards the town at least 39 people have been killed in the flooding against bosnia and serbia, 3,000 landslides have been reported across the region, as well. 10,000 people have been rescued from the worst-affectareas. >> town center under water. streets are, businesses, and schools, deep under this muddy deluge. and this is serbia's most important power station. half of the country's electricity comes from here. it is now under threat.
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so quickly that no warning and they couldn't get out of their house he in time. -- houses in time. serbian soldiers try to set up barricades. on the ground, serbia's isabel mntminister of defense visits. he admits that his government is overwhelmed by what's happened here. >> when you have a situation that is the worst rain in more than 100 years, you can imagine the scope of the situation. >> reporter: in bosnia too, many villages have been destroyed. in tusla, some cleanup is expected -- credit but more landslides are expected. >> reports of new ones ever hour. in our district we had some 1700 active landslides.
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>> reporter: more than 50 countries have sent help. but this region needs dredging equipment and people like vesna and zoran need foot fort hood and water. >> this is a terrible situation. we feel so helpless we don't want to be a burden to anyone. >> and under the threat of that already being hit hard by floods, people are being told to move again. even emergency staff are being evacuated. the mighty river sends another surge of water this way. al jazeera, serbia. still to come this news hour. >> i'm simon mcgregor wood in paris. expression of their devotion has some locals up in arms. >> plus meet herman. one of the growing number of
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endangered animals being conceived by using frozen material. later in the news hour. first the leader of the pakistani taliban has released a statement telling the government his members will continue to fight until islamic law is are imposed across the country. stephanie decker has more. >> a carefully orchestrated video. first we see the are leader of the pakistan-i taliban. vowing to continue to fight until muslim law is imposed across the country. told his men that would be suicide bombers should prepare for confrontation with pakistan security forces.
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but some see the significance of this video as more of an internal power play at a time when there are differences inside the taliban. >> he is trying to exert his authority, the foot soldiers in ttp, when he took over many of those who understand the tribal society knew from day 1 that i would not be easily accepted by the masud tribe. >> that's a tribe that traditional reply supplied the bulk of the fighters. he is not from this tribe. creating a bit of unity reminding his men that the pakistani government is their common enemy. stephanie decker al jazeera. >> early results from seats in
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parliament but l fell short of a majority. imran khan has more. >> the cloiks led by prime ministe94nourial-maliki, no onea majority to be able to form a government. now what happens next is parliament meets. if there was one party that had a two-thirds majorities they could automatically form a government. that hasn't happened. what happens is deal making horts trading, lotle of deals are in back dhoonls try to get a majority block. that's a simple majority that's required. half the total plus 1. to form a government you need at
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least 165. now, that will all take place within the coming weeks, months. most political observers say iraq will be without a government for at least three months while this goes on. wonder whether iraq will be without a government until at least december. >> to syria now and reporters from the town of manje suggest people are on strike. shops businesses closed. the people are protesting again. saiislamic state of iraq and the levant, being undertook in the last month. more than 50,000 of them are civilians. the government side has apparently sustained the biggest loss, more than 62,000 of its troops. rebel deaths are estimated at 40,000. those figures come from the
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syrian observatory for human right. so difficult to verify the sources. now south korea's president has made a tearful apology over the government's handling of the sewol ferry disaster. harry fawcett reports from seoul. >> south korea's president cried openly as she addressed her nation, paying tribute to those who this given their lives as the sewol sank. >> i apologize to the nation for pain and suffering that everyone felt. as the president i should be responsible for the safety of the people. >> reporter: this was also a speech set out to impact her plans. the coast guard criticized for
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not getting to those who were trapped in their cabins. the entire service will be disbanded. >> the coaferght continued -- coast guard continued to get bigger in size. >> a new national safety agency will take over the coast guard's rescue role, the police its investigative one. >> translator: all employees of the coast guard will humbly embrace the nation's and the president's opinion. we promise we will do our best until we find the very last missing passenger. >> but for the relatives of those still missing it was all an unnecessary distraction from finding their loved why ones. this man says the coast guard will be agitated and the search continued. park hun hei has a political
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fight on her hands to recover her presidency. her approval rating has fallen from the low 60s to the mid 40s and there are local elections coming you on journey the 4th. >> because of the significance of the issue show that ordinary people face, there is political momentum that she can day advantage of. though it's crisis i think this is opportunity for her to take critical actions. >> reporter: at of those action he promised to end what the president called the pure accuratic ma mafia. deep seeded probd revealed by this disaster in which the president is promising to set right. harry dpawsette -- fawcett, al jazeera, seoul. >> up to two-thirds of north
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korea's 23 million people it is thought do not have enough food. nine people have died from a cholera outbra outbreak. number is expected to rise as health officials struggle to contain the can outbreak. thousands around the city are at risk. now to the north one of sudan's main opposition loordz has been reaforted. seized after cuferg the military of commuting are human rights abuses. it's feared that his detention will further destabilize. he served twice as prime minister of sudan before being overturned by a coup in 1989. he leaves the ruling national congress party and is wanted by the international communal court
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for alleged war crimes congress party as an important religious figure and a one time leader of the muslim brotherhood. for more on the political situation in sudan let's factual to linda beshai, live from washington, d.c. linda, very good to talk to you. tell us first what you make of the arrest of sonny kalmadi, and how much of a threat do you think he is from omar bashir and the ruling corng party? >> it is business as usual but a bit of a new twist. sadr khalmadi, quite a bold move for the regime has arrested him
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are. support had been flagging, and from the fact he is distancing himself from the regime to such extent by this harsh criticism and putting hymns out there for arrest i think play indicated there is a shipt afoot in politics. >> the uma conference what, impact do you think this will have on the reconciliation process that al bashir has thought, and what effect because of ahamadi's arrest? >> i think the reconciliation process is probably geg to be deremained by this rest. are on the other hand it wroos t
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showing, reconciliation process was very elite driven process at least so far. it might be helpful to use this as an opportunity to reconsider the way this national dialogue process was going. and to configure in it a way that is a national dialogue and not a any elite based dialogue. the arrest may well trigger supporters of the alma body, in we have seen a security of troops over the weekend in khartoum over the weekend. that is a where ouring development. >> certain omar bashir's government, since the three years ago credit, can still come out on top at elections next year? >> that's the question everyone
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is wondering. i think the ncp, bashir's party, is very capable of running elections that see him win. i'm quite sure of that. the real question is whrks those elections be managed in a way to make them look even remotely free and fair and proper in response to cg having widespread looks of violence that may affect them. >> within the new rule party do they all strongly support are oarm pashir. >> well, imha they would say being publicly and privately, there is probably a sense that even brashir himself will find a way to step down, gracefully. he has been in powrt an awfully long time, it comes with burdens
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this time, there is a crisis in the, ruling party in the sense there is are agreement e-disagreement. >> bashir ot to the next rural should tak -- ruler should take place. there are many different opinions about how, which steps, which should come first, the ordering the timing these are all dell cattle situations which is unfortunately. >> the linda besh parvetioni, thank you for can joining us. going it happened in mandera county, the somali based group be al shabaab is expected to be against the attack. monitoring is can, why could
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l only shorchg apology stations in cairo. the issue has been resolved and monitors will inspect the entirety of the country. al jazeera continues to command the be be 142 days. the trial of peter greste, baher mohamed and mohamed fahmy. , and are abdullah al shami has been on hunger strike and has been put in solitary confinement where attempts have been made to force-need him. still ahead on the al jazeera
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news hour. we ask if thailand can afford its continuing political crisis. plus beating obesity. a new report calls for a global response to a growing problem. and in sport, find out who has replaced this man tiger woods as golf's new top man. stay with us. >> al jazeera america presents the system with joe berlinger >> mandatory minimums are routinely used to coerce plea bargains >> mandatory minimums >> the whole goal is to reduce gun crime, now we've got people saying "this isn't fair"... >> does the punishment always fit the crime? >> had the person that murdered our daughter got the mandatory minimum, he wouldn't have been out. >> the system with joe burlinger
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>> we have to get out of here... truth seeking... >> award winning, investigative, documentary series. chasing bail only on al jazeera america >> welcome back, you're watching the news hour on al jazeera, remind you the top stories. libya, heavy fighting in militia in top cities. and joining with a ren gate general. five chinese military officials are accused of hack into the computers of u.s. companies to gain trade secrets. beijing says the charges are fabricated. ending military exercises on
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the border of ukraine, no sign of pullout. thailand's economy has been badly affected by months of political turmoil. so badly that its growth forecast for this year last been cut in half. partly because of a sharp drop in are tourist numbers. scott heidler reports. >> here they sit gathering dust in a field outside bangkok. unrest in the country has put a heavy cost on the tourism industry. estimates of $3 billion loss this year with the drop of a million tourists. >> for chinese tourists the drop has been more than 50%. on average we receive about 1,000 tourists per month but in the past two months we only had about two to 500.
2:35 pm
>> here to put off buying new buses, getting a bank loan was much harder than it was, but much more than a downturn in the number of tourist tourists arrig here. threatening its long term economic outlook. the largest mobile operator ais is losing money. buying fewer phones and spending less on services. their confidence in the future is down. some predict the country will fall into a technical recession later in the year. once it marks two consecutive quarters of negative growth. >> it will get worse not better. it is flow into the stock market and into the thai bot. will flow into next year. >> since the government is not operating normally, the board of investment has not met i in
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months, holding up tens of billions of dollars. the ones who directly live off consumer and tourist spending confidence. >> i can survive but what about people who are on minimum wage like drivers and traditional masseurs, i don't know what they will do, it's never been this bad. >> rival political groups there's no path out of thailand's dim economic future. scott heidler, al jazeera, bangkok. >> folly thank you. the former serb army officer who was called to the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia to give evidence said he was never ordered to fire on credit immigrants in sa sar why sareiv.
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to target civilians a key charge against mladich. >> only open in response to enemy fire and oanld on observed targets. all military activities were defense activities. >> the prosecution can allegation that mladich had masterminded a campaign against residents of sarejevo. some 10,000 people were killed many by snipers and shelling . during the war, mladich earned the nickname the butcher of
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bosnia. the 78-year-old faces charges crimes against humanity and genocide. , some of the worst atrocities committed in europe since the second world war. twom 2 million were left homeless as bosnia split apart along ethnic charge. radko mladich was also involved in the 1995 massacre in credit srebrenica. , bodies dumped in mass graves. mladich credit denies all charges. jonah hull, al jazeera. the former head of the international monetary fund,
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credit, credit phil lovellll has more from cannes. >> this is not a documentary, not a bio-pic, argue that it's defamatory and point to similarities, about a french man who holds a key influential position and accused sexually assaulting a maid in new york. this has been generating, not picked up by any of the major film distributors, not given an official screening at the cannes film fifth, gone straight for
2:40 pm
people buy on a pay purview basis should they wish to do so. the movie's director says as far as he's concerned he's not on trial, he is an artist, freedom of speech, from america, the land of the free, country of the free, land of the brave, the fact of the matter is this would always call controversy about a hugely high pro time case.this movie is still available online, not been pulled from computer service. the fact is that many people will be seeing this because of this legal action, reading headlines, many are likely to seek it out just to see what all the fuss is about. >> a bridge in paris has been the focus of a bitter argument. doned with thousands of padlocks, some say it's damage one of the city's lan landmarks,
2:41 pm
simon mcgregor wood. >> ponpont des arts, locked in love, that's the big idea. the idea has traveled far and wide. they come from all four corners to express their love in metal. even those no longer in the springtime of youth, brian and audrey. >> it really is lovely, great idea. >> i think it's a very romantic idea, really, and i thought paris was the place for romance. >> reporter: on such a day it's hard not to get drawn in by all this love. unlicensed padlock sellers are on hand in case you feel the urge. not everyone is carried away. hate it, have started a
2:42 pm
campaign, no love locks. >> if it is okay to start vandalizing people's heritage we can't get up in arms if somebody is pillaging a museum in the other part of the world. just because it's in the name of love, it can't ever be okay to vandalize people's heritage. >> the locks are causing harm. they feel their bridge has been hijacked. this row has put the city in a spot. you've got cultural sensitivities to think about. on the other, wonderful tourism, based on the reputation of the city of love. these are bad economic times after all, hard to see them doing anything to turn this away. so there's no end in sight. chambers are add -- chains are added, panels being collapse
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under the weight of it all. simon mcgregor wood, paris. >> that's all the news in be europe. back to folly in de la. >> these animals came into being by the help of frozen genetic materials. >> this is the bio-bank of frozen repository of sperm, eggs, dna and cells from dozens of species. used in breeding programs here in toronto but other goals as well. >> understand ugh reproductive health, making babies, so reproducing the genetic material for the future. but a big mandate of ours is also the long term vision so the long term banking and that's where the bio-bank plays a big
2:44 pm
role in what we do. >> there is genetic material from around the world at the bio-bank here but strong emphasis on wildlife. >> the wild position is are infected by tuberculosis. >> although we have a lot of land it's the fact that we are creating isolated populations. as soon as a highway goes in or a mine goes in you've cut them off from each other, because they don't have genetic flow between them. >> the marmot population would have been eliminated, if not for this, powerful images of half of the more than 6,00 6,000 specien
2:45 pm
captivity around the world. >> zoos have some of the last populations of these animals and are breeding them to save species. when people want to be mad at zoos for this, i say let them go where? this is the last opportunity for them. >> now researchers in both countries anxiously wait to see if she gets pregnant. helping creatures like these survive the ravages of sharing space with humans, the biobank and others like it are fighting to keep the world's animal species alive. daniel lak, al jazeera, toronto. >> find out if the pacers can whip the heat, in the final round of the conference finals. back after this shortly. shortly.
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>> welcome back. obesity is threatening millions of lives around the world. it causes more preventible disease than tobacco. the world obesity association, at least 500 million obese people around the world. obesity is defined as a body max index of 30 or more measured by a person's weight in kilograms divided by their height in meters squared. the world obesity federation
2:48 pm
says countries need to create stricter controls. head of consumers international which worked on the obesity federation on report. >> we are seeing that decide related ill health is a bigger killer worldwide than tobacco. by 2016 we expect 2.6 billion people overweight in the world. being overweight is bigger than being underfed worldwide, a catastrophic problem, a global crisis, we believe consumers international along with our partners in the health sector what we need is some kind of global convention comparable to what we saw around the tobacco industry to get the food industry to really move on these issues. because they're simply not doing enough. supermarket today, for instance, anywhere in the world, and the
2:49 pm
large majority of those products will have added sugar, added fat in products which simply don't need to be there. we need to reduce those and tackle those issues. incrementally work with the exeansdz to bring down the -- companies to bring down the level of salt fat and sugar in their products and begin to change the way people eat. the only way we get to the root cause, the fundamental cause of why obesity is killing so many people around the world. >> time for sports, raul. >> host brazil will open proceedings against croa croatin june. daniel schwei nfereeiner report. >> opener between brazil and
2:50 pm
croatia and one of the semi finals. only it is not finished. there was plenty to cause concern at the trial match. 25 days before the tournament starts. >> this man says he was in charge but couldn't tell us where to find the press accreditation. we should have faith in god, he said. these are the grand steps to the main entrance of the stadium which on june the 12th the dignitaries will be climbing for the opening game of the 2014 world cup. but what you don't see is what i can see now from another angle. building materials and unfinished work, it will all be finished at the last minute say fifa officials. no, i'm not tearing out the seats. these are the many thousands still waiting to be installed before the kickoff on june the 12th. about 40,000 fans saw this game
2:51 pm
between corinthian and figarenze. this is a great stadium with great acoustics are and it will be a wonderful sporting arena when it's finished. the question is: will it be ready for the start of the world cub? the brazilian authorities say it will. football is a religion here. you must have faith we were told. but many are placing theirs in god rather than in the world cup organizers. daniel schweiner, al jazeera, sao paulo. >> dutch national coach has signed a three year deal with the former premier league champions but the 64-year-old will only report for duty after
2:52 pm
the world cup in brazil. following his retirement as a player at the age of 40. well are van hall comes to manchester eun united with a grd pedigree. 1995, are guarding a young, do victory after ac m ac milan. are major influence on his assistant, are relatively some of successful years, dutch title this year in 2009, and that resulted in a move to munich will produced another league and cup double in 2010, as well as a can return to champions league,
2:53 pm
jose marina, who manages manchester. >> more important than that is he is a great guy. see great man. and i wish him are -- i wish him good. >> that's what jose thinks about it. now, knightsbridge studio, it's fair to say that most of those relationships ended badly. he's a proven winner but also, very abrasive. >> he is very abrasive, yeah, it's the end of the worst-kept secret in football as you can say. he's very abrasive but david moyce had an abrasive side but
2:54 pm
what he didn't bring was that winning pedigree at the highest level. louis you have read through his achievements and it just goes on and on. it's very exciting times for manchester united. it will be fantastic and fascinating to see. to play against hit pro-protege jos everything marino, so we are looking forward to doing battle with him as well. >> it should be great fun reporting united as well. how important is it to that brand that they secure the services of one of the so-called big beasts of european football? >> it really mawks a huge difference. david moy's name, manchecht united is perhaps the biggest footballing blant in the world.
2:55 pm
marry the two together and it looks like they could be in for a couple of great seasons. around the world the asian market is absolutely huge for united. and you know, when you're not finishing in the champions league places then you're starting to lose some of that so i think we'll see louis van hall. >> what's his minimum requirement, champions league football next year? >> i think absolutely minimum champions league title next year and manchester united's pedigree. >> have to end it for now. >> thank you very much. breaking news out of the united states. the london imam has been convicted of terrorism charges in new york. his trial credit lasted two
2:56 pm
weeks. christian saloomey takes a look. >> standing up for rights of muslims around the world. that is what the egyptian preacher abu hamsa argued he did back in 2004. >> only the start and has in his mind afghanistan, iraq, saudi arabia. you will pay the most because we have made it for you mr. bush if you are not with me you are against me. >> but they didn't believe him. a court in yemen sent his son and stepson to prison, for plotting an attack. convicted of insighting violence and then was extradited to the u.s. for trial in 2012. he faced 11 charges, including supporting the 1998 kidnapping
2:57 pm
of 16 western tourists in yemen. trying to help a u.s. government informant establish a terrorist training camp, a year after the september 11th attacked abu hamsa organized a conference to honor the 19 hijackers but not the victims. hamsa denied the allegations in court. he said it was not illegal to have a point of view. promised not to are hold him here, the superplasm prison in colorado. it was a convince to the government carrying a sentence of up to life in prison. kristin saloomey, al jazeera in new york.
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>> breaking news, the london abu hamsa was found guilty on all counts, all 11 counts he faced and he is likely to be now facing life in prison. plenty of more on this on al jazeera in just a few minutes. of course there's plenty more on our website, are do stay with us. are are
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