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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> they're locking the door... ground breaking... >> we have to get out of here... truth seeking... >> award winning, investigative, documentary series. chasing bail only on al jazeera america this is al jazeera america, i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. a military coupe now official in thailand. warns lit hurt relations between the allies. legislation to end nsa collection of your phone data passes the house. but critics say it is watered down, and 50 senators call on the nfl to change the name of the washington red skins.
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secretary of state jim kerry, sates -- the army chief who is now prime minister says the move was necessary, to restore stability and order. after the military impose add nationwide with curfew, this is the 12th time the military has taken control of thailand's government since 1932. al jazeera has more now. >> with with that announcement, thailand came under military rule. the chief forces his come rats in uniform have taken over all functions of government. a full reversal of what he said when he announced marshal law two days earlier. all radio and television, have been ordered to release these army materials. the plain cold war anthems. citizenned have been ordered to stay in their
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home. >> it's nothing. for making people crazy. and -- nothing. and then -- to see and -- we have a new government. >> i hear that there are -- take control of the whole situation. the whole political situation, in thailand. >> do you think it is better military is in control? >> in this situation, the best way to make the whole situation better. >> the justification is to restore peace and order after sporadic demonstrations in bangkok. prime minister was ousted when the constitutional court judged chief acted
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illegally when she fired an official. the so called yellow shirts who had been demonstrated for months threatened mass strikes. to force out the ream innocence of the government. they wanted an unelected prime minister to be elected by the senate. who support the administration, insisted elections be held to resolve the political crisis. they called for all party leaders to join talks at an army location, that's where they were when the troops took over, and brought them to an undisclosed location, simultaneously announcing the coupe to the nation. >> night has fallen on bangkok, and thailand enters another era of military rule. al jazeera, bangkok. >> the united nations says the u.n. approved sangs today against the nigerian radical group.
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this comes as protestors gathered in the capitol to call on the government to do more to find 300 school girls abducted last month. that protest took place as people in the city mourned those killed in tuesday's bombings. al jazeera is there, in aen waying here, mohammed's report con stains some disturbing images. >> outside the city, the bodies keep eastern ukraine arriving, one after another. mourners are here to bury the bodies who died in two bomber attacks that tore through a busy market, on tuesday. 40 just able to get out, just part of her body, this is very unfortunate. >> the red cross officials was still look for body parts. some on the roofs of nearby buildings. in the hours after the
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attack, they found complete bodies thrown there by the force of the explosion. >> whoa. just like that. >> irene was lucky to have survived. she was buying food from one of the stalls when the bomb was detonated. >> she says i might be saved but i am not happy after seeing all those people that died and got injured, what happened sheer is terrible, i am still in shock. >> this is the devastation caused by the blast, the goods that they were trading at that point remains true all around, to second hand clothes, the lives have probably brought an end, the fire pummeled the market, and police are saying they will have to go into them whether there is anybody under the rebel. >> at hospitals across the city, the injured received treatment. >> i don't know what happened. i just -- i just found myself in the fire.
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everywhere i was running in the fire, i just don't know -- i think it was real at first. so when i realized pain that i was running in the fire. and i said no, i can't die here. pack at the cemetery, they have finished with with the first burial. >> may god punish those who are killing off people, he prays.
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with with so many boko haram attacks, it's no surprise that people here seem to have more trust in god than they do in the government. mohammed, al jazeera, central nigeria. >> russia and china move today to block a united nations security council resolution on syria. this resolution would have referred the bloody three-year-old conflict to the international criminal court, for possible war crimes and crimes against humanity, prosecutions. our diplomatic editor joins us live now, and james, we with have seen this movie before. if you would, take a moment here and walk us through this? >> well, this was an important moment, the first time in more than three years of bloodshed, all of those deaths, all of those crimes, and the u.n. security council have the chance to refer the hold file, everything done by every society, to the international criminal court that then could open a case. it went to a vote, a majority, 13 voted in
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favor, two voted against, but those two happen to be china and russia, that have a veto. >> i think i really am ashamed. in the sense to tell them, we are sorry. my country, france, that for said it publicly. we are willing to engage into a military operation. in the end of august, last year, after the chemical attack by the regime, that the french contact -- really that's a fact. really, which means that in the coming week withs and months that we with have been more deffation, more rapes, torture, it's really awful. >> so deadlock the
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security council continues peace efforts going nowhere, and wet the death toll on the ground in syria just continues tonant. >> absolutely. so james, what happens now? is there any momentum to move forward on anything in this regard. >> well, i think possibly a little bit of progress on the chemical weapons front. we are hearing maybe they will get that last part of the chemical weapons they can't get out of syria. there's some sign of some positive movement there, the other area i think we will see some not necessarily progress, but certainly some action in the security council, is the humanitarian situation, in the last couple of hours. al jazeera has obtained this. and he sent it to the security council, he says the situation is getting worse, they have not getting as many food supplies into syria as they were. some countries now say it is time for a new resolution to try and force more humanitarian access. that of course, brings us back to the same thing we have seen, are we going to get a veto again.
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let's take a look at the state of the conflict. says at least 162,000 people have died since the war began three years ago in 2011. shows us where things stood last may, now the rebels controlled a lot of territories you can see here in the north and west, the rebels have lost a lot of ground. not just the government forces but also the fighters with the islamic state of iraq. nato said today that limited russian troop movements near the ukrainian border may suggest preparations for withdrawal, this comes as at least 13 ukrainian soldiers were killed when gunman opened fire in a check point. the deadly iest attacks in weeks. >> al jazeera has more. >> the attack took place
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in the early morning hours of the morning. soldiers say prorug separatist approached them in several vans marked with the logo the ukrainian bank. >> it's terrifying and i can't even collect their bodies. he has been laying there in the field for 30 minutes already. in an amateur video. one gun ship is firing. did he lose his mind completely. victor who does not want to show his face, says he rushed to the scene to help rescue the soldiers. he witnessed the helicopter as it opened fire on one of the vans
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belonging to the pro russian separatists. >> the soldiered are hiding trying to shoot back, but they were being destroyed. then the vans left, the ambulance arrived and the helicopters came in. symptom of them started running towards them, two landed and one was still flying. it started shooting into the van, it destroyed it on the third approach, but it also hit a ukrainian. this is just one of four attacks. the security chief has predicted that more attacks will come. it's a fear many here share. our government is suppose to prevent such attacks and find a peaceful way out. people are angry with the current government. they should find a compromise.
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he was the worst yet on ukrainian soldiers. but it underlines how vulnerable. they are, and how difficult lit be for the government in kiev to regain control in the east of the country. al jazeera. >> the white house today condemned what it call add horrific terrorist attack. more than 30 people were killed in nearly 100 injuries at a marketplace, the troubled shinjon region. it is the deadliest act of violence in years. two vehicles drove into a crowd of shopper shoppers e attackerred threw explodes out of the wind with does. saying the attackers will not succeed. tensions between north and south korea are getting worse. north korea fired shots near a south korean patrol ship today, it happened near an island along a disputed border. the incident comes two days after north korean ships crossed that line, prompting south korea to
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fire warning shots. more now. >> the south korean military says two north korean artillery shells fell within hundred 50 meters of the patrol boats. of the northern limit lime, that separates northern and southern waters, north korea does not recognize. the south korean cans said it appears to have been land bailed artillery, the island which was attacked by north korean artillery in 2010, with the loss of four lives. south korean officials say they ordered the evacuations of locals to bomb shelters, they ordered shipping back into pouter, and they fired back from this vessel five warning shots landing within the same kind of range of the north korean patrol boat, just north of the northern line. now, this is interesting because earlier there week, three north korean patrol boats came south, of that maritime border, they were forced back by south korean boats warning shots were fired, north korea says that it was simply policing
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illegal chinese fishing vessels and that iten wayed south korea that it would target ships. south koreans have contacted north korea, they say by the military hotline, saying they will hold north korea responsible for any further such action. they already warned them they will retaliate if attacked. >> the house took the first step towards changing how the national security operates. lawmakers passed a bill that calls for major changes. details of that program were revealed by nsa leaker edward snowden. libby casey with more now. >> the biggest change to government surveillance that the house build would make is that it takes it out of the hands of the nsa american's phone call records. that information about who you called and when you called them, would no longer be kept by the nsa.
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>> advocates of personal privacy, pulled take support at the last minute. that's because major changes were made, in the last week or so. meetings between congressional leaders intelligence committees and the white house, tinkered with with the bill and did create some softer landings. one change, there is no longer an independent advocate called for on the fisa court, someone representing the american people, instead it is all government represented. instead, there could be friend of the court briefs something that's already allowed today. also, some internet companies like google and facebook, also apple say they are now concerned there's a loophole that could allow the government to look at their customers internet data.
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well, congressman democrat of california that represents the silicon valley, talked about why he wasn't going to support 24 bill on the house bill thursday morning. >> . >> i am popular this bill has been weakened and i can no longer support it. >> congressman honda was among 120 of his colleague whose voted against this, it still passed the house, and now goes to the senate. the top democrat on the judiciary committee, put out a statement today saying that while he approachuated the move forward to protect privacy, he was disappointed that the bill changed and ultimately didn't meet all the requirements that he and others were with calling for. she is a senior policy
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advisor. i asked her how she would grade the level of transparency in this bill. >> i think it would give eight d on transparency. now that is saying right now i would give the nsa a cross the board failing grade. >> right. >> it still doesn't really increase that, it provides for more oversight, and some people to get a better view into what the nsa is doing. but this is really just a tiny step forward. in fact, the freedom act as it stood when we supported it, was a step forward, it was substantially better than how it is now. but still more needed to happen, and one thing that needs to happen, is we with need to start opening up the super secret national security agencies. to public accountability. and we haven't seen a law yet move forward that does that. >> well, amy's organization pole did support from the u.s.a. freedom act, after house leadership, and intelligence officials
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weakened every provision of the bill. coming up, 50 of the national's senators sending a letter the nfl, to insist the washington red skins change their name, why they say their team is on the wrong side of history, plus, new figures show more americans are leaving big cities and moving out to the suburbs.
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built for business. half, half of the u.s. senate sent a letter today asking him to change the name of the washington red skins. the senators say it is a racial slur that needs to be erased. john is here with with more, and the reaction to it. >> that's right. and this story is about nationwide sport, which is in the off season. >> absolutely. >> but it has it's roots really in another popular nationwide sport, which is very much still on going. i believe we are down to four teams right now. here is the story. >> for the red sins controversial over their name won't go away. spurred on by the speed with which the nba moved in donald sterling's case
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when he was caught on tape making racist remarks 50 senators have written to roger gadell saying the time has come for red skins as a name to go. the senators wrote we urge you and the national football league to send the same clear message as the nba did. the racism, and bigotry have no place in professional sports. and the letter went on, the nfl can no longer ignore this, and perpetuate the use of this name, as anything but what it is. a racial slur. in a response, the nfl spokesman tweeted the intent of the team's name has always been to present a strong, positive, and respect. image. in the past, red skins owner has been blunt about refusing to change his team's name, he says the team honored the name red skins and native american traditions. last may, he was quoted as saying we will never change it, it is that simple. never. you can use caps. but for some native
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americans the name remains an insult. of the united nations, is leading the fight to change the red skins name. >> if it is offending people, then it is time to change it. >> it may be time, but there's no sign yet that the team or the league is ready to make a change any time soon. this situation where the story keeps coming back, and it is where the publice most part don't think red skins is as mush of a racial slur as an african-american would if he has the n word used against him. how the president is saying if i was the team leader i would think about changing it. now you have 50 senators writing to the league. and i think probably the time sooner or later when the time does come, but it isn't yet. >> we were with talking about this at 4:00. i put it out to the folks watching our program, and we got that same kind of
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mixed reaction. people are saying it is time for this to change. let's get it done, and others sayen -- >> majority of the people in the bleachers are african-americans and they don't particularly -- they are not particularly calling for the name to be changed. so we will have to see how it plays out. somewhere have been close to the man that runs the red skins dan snyder friend of his apparently as the story goes has taken out -- a patent. >> the name. >> the brave hearts. >> john tear rett. >> thank you. >> can grow everything bigger in texas even the cities. according to the census bureaus four of the term are in the lone start state for the second year in a row. the fastest broing in the country.
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except far gitters burg maryland the other fastest are in the best and south, the west is in the middle of a population boom. the report and what it means for the american consumer is the suspect of tonight's real money. david chuteser in for ali velshi, and he joins was more. >> tony, in addition to where these communities are growing the passest, there's also some fascinating data about the balance in terms of suburbs verses cities. nor the last three years americans have been moving to cities at a faster clip, and again that's a reversal of a trend that favors suburbs for a century. it suggests that suburbs are poised to retake the lead. american cities collectively grew by one with%, compared to 2012.
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growth grew just a little less than 1.9%, but that is a gap that is shoppers and risking. some of the fastest growth and populations we have seen, in the south and the west, in fact, the area around the texas state capitol, go t the title of america's capitol for population growth. the number of residents there is going up anywhere between five and 8%. >> hey, david, anything more in that report about what is happening in tempters of growth in america. big cities. >> in terms of sheer numbers america's big cities added a lot more residents to their populations. new york city, our home that led the pack getting some 61,000 people last year, houston, los angeles, san antonio, texas, and phoenix, they followed. each ating between 25,000, and 35,000 last year. one big city was the windy city, chicago, america's third largest by population, it only added around 5,000 people last year, but that of course still beats detroit, which lost almost 10,000 people. >> and what else are you
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working on? >> tony, we are look at the latest forecast for the upcoming hurricane season that has come out, we are also going to talk to a home builder that works on homes that are made to survive a hurricane, and he knows this, because he lost his home several years ago, made it his life mission to make homes safer. great interview, coming up. >> terrific, david chuter in for ali velshi tonight, on real money. 7:00 p.m. eastern on al jazeera america, and coming up, thailand's former foreign minister joins us. with his take on the coupe in his home country, now that the army has taken control of the government, we will find out what he thinks will happen next, and hear from the california woman, who finally escaped captivity after ten years.
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real reporting that brings you the world. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. officially declared ahas
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coupe. but secretary of state john kerry says the decision could negatively impact u.s. thai relations. the military imposed martial law two days ago. thailand military has frequently stepped in to influence politics. joining me now, just with us a couple of days ago. he is thailand's former minister, and now a professor of law, and diplomacy at ucla. good to sew you, sir. >> good to see you back again. they didn't turn ask actual military coupe. >> i was expressing my hope, that the declaration of martial law would have been enough, but so what happened after that was with that they were true negotiation sessions.
6:31 pm
twenty-first one went with with a good atmosphere. the second one i heard, lasted for two hours. and ended up in kind of a deadlock. so that led to this -- what are the differences here. why deadlocked? >> this is -- deadlocked i of course i wasn't in the meeting. but what i heard is that they had the key participants negotiating with one another. some key leaders were taken invited to be in the room alone. to talk it out and apparently apparently >> a couple of days ago you were supportive of the military imposing marshall law. we'll go to the video take, and then a question, here it is. >> what we have experienced is
6:32 pm
another opportunity to reset the country. the country was walking off the cliff, so to speak. and it needs all the energy now to reset. it's important for the military to come out being very impartial now. that's the key. >> do you approve of this further step - a full-on military coup? >> i was hoping that the marshall law and the negotiations after the implem t implementation of marshall law would have moved ahead. it looks like it failed, and it seems like this was the consequence. >> so is that a yes? >> so i hope - yes. so the thing is the country had been in deep crisis, and i hope now, looking forward to the future, this will provide the needed stimulation for us to
6:33 pm
move forwards towards democracy. >> what's the next step? the next step i assume there'll be an interim prime minister, and we should see the move towards elections, and i hope that... >> does it feel like egypt to you? >> no. no. at this point i am still hopeful, you know, so far, in thailand, there has been no violence after the declaration of marshall law, and so far after the cue de tar there has been no violence, and i hope that peace and civility can be maintained. when we were at the cliff, what we were afraid of would be more violence. and now we are able to move back. that's the point. >> what about the shinawatra family, those that support the shinawatra re family, the red
6:34 pm
shirts, do they become targets. should they protest. they clearly were calling for new elections. i didn't hear that call from the military leaders today. >> yes. the protests have been ended. so at this point no groups larger than five. the protesters have left for their home, on both sides. so far what we have seen would be equal treatment for all sides. and i hope that that equal treatment will continue and the law will be followed. and hopefully a peaceful resolution will come as an as a result. >> your thoughts on essentially total government military control of the media at this point? >> that, of course, is something that i was hoping not to see. what we saw two days ago was the closure of the partisan station.
6:35 pm
>> and that's been extended. >> which was broadcasting hate campaigns. at this point in time i hope that the blackout will last a short time. it may be necessary for the immediate emergency situation, but i hope that the press will be able to do their work in a short time. >> thailand's former foreign minister, and now a professor of law and diplomacy from l.a., joining us from los angeles. good to have you on the programme. >> thank you, good to be back. floodwaters in the balkans are starting to recede, revealing the scale of death and destruction. many were killed and homeless after the worse flooding in history. bureaucratic issues are getting in the way of provides aid in bosnia and herzengova is
6:36 pm
impeding aid. >> reporter: aid is not getting through to hundreds of small villages. people are becoming desperate. this woman escaped with her life. now she has nothing. >> we need water, food and clothing. we have nothing, we have lost our house. we have nothing, we need help. >> locals arrive with diggers to try to clear the debris. here, no house is left untouched by the worst floods to hit the balkans in living memory. it will cost billions to repair the damage. two died in this area when mud ripped through buildings. hundreds are homeless. >> translation: i started to cry, wh else could i do, this is
6:37 pm
a catastrophe. >> some of the villages will be gone forever, rebuilt away from the rivers. >> in many places drinking water is contaminated. there are carcasses of dead animals, and mines left over from the war add to the horror, they've been dislodged and could explode. amongst the despair, a claimer of relief. in bosnia a family cat is rescued alive from the wrecked family home. in mallee taur egg fighters accept a ceasefire. the u.n. and france urge the rebels to hold peace talks. the army began an offensive to drive the taur egg fighters out of mali. french soldiers helped them defeat rebels. the country's self-defence force
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is holding drills to practice defending a group of disputed islands. they claim control of a stripping of islands near the southern coast. most of the area belongs to china. territorial disputes over uninhabit the islands raise tension. in spain a poll finds a record number of spaniards do not plan to vote in the parliamentary elections starting on sunday. the party ended huge economic problems. spain's austerity project left a lot unemployed, a bad sign for the future. lawrence lee reports from madrid. >> reporter: at the school 10-year-olds draw what they see their country going through. there's a man looking through a bin at a restaurant. a woman shivering because electricity is expensive. cuts to the health service. children sharing a sandwich. the teachers realise parents can't afford to feed for clothe
6:39 pm
them. >> in summer they bring winter clothes, in winter, summer clothes. you can see them with not the right material to be in the class. they don't bring pens, notebooks. >> reporter: they called in a charity which is spending money on spanish children as it does on those in asia and latin america. this is what austerity has done. >> this did not take place seven or 10 years ago. in spain there has been a version of structural poverty. that is not the segment we are working with, we are working with a segment that is directly affected by the crisis. >> any school child understands there's a contradiction inside spain. this country may have the fourth-largest economy, but has 30% child poverty, the second worst in the whole of the european union, not just the eurozone.
6:40 pm
the only place worse is romania. >> the ritz hotel in madrid is full of journalists, allegations of corruption involving famous people. claims of money hidden in swiss bank accounts, corporate bribery of politicians. the prime minister wants his conservative friends jean claws jonker to be the next president. spain, they insist will be fine. austerity is calming fears in the money market. >> i believe that you have to have fiscal changes. don't believe those... >> it doesn't wr to work here. >> you can't have growth by accumulating deficit. >> reporter: madrid will be in the news this week, its two teams playing each other in the euro cup final.
6:41 pm
you wonder how many know about the young shig on emergency rations. the latest joke is etch knows the date of the european cup finals, but not the elections. a california woman held in captivity for 10 years. we have that story and other headlines. >> yes, the man accused of holding the woman captive was reigned today. he was accused of kidnapping the woman in 2004, when she was 15. garcia inflicted years of abuse. forcing the young woman to marry him and fathering a child. >> i'm so happy and privileged to be with my family. that's what i want all the time, all the time. i cry for them, for my mum and my sisters. >> reporter: . >> a neighbour said they didn't notice anything unusual.
6:42 pm
garcia denies the charms. >> mcdonald's workers protested for the second day in a row, demanding that the company raise the minimum wage to $15. the current minimum is $8.25. critics plan to confront the c.e.o. of mcdonald's during the shareholders' meeting. hundreds from arrested yesterday. . >> in d.c. president obama praised and poked fun at the seattle seahawks. >> world champions. level football team in america. i - i considered letting sherman up here to the podium today. giving him the mike, but, yes, we got go in a little bit, so... >> and the president was referring to quarterback richard
6:43 pm
sherman's remarks which made headlines after the nsc game. he went on to commend him for overcoming diversity and winning a scholarship to sandford. beast mode was not there and the president said he'd like to take tips and admires that they avoids the press. >> that was good. beast mode. i think i figured out a way to say it five times in the 4 o'clock show. i'll let it go. the u.s. agencies that investigates air crashes calls for testing on the lithium ion batteries used in 787, boeing planes. the recommendation comes after uncontrolled overheating lead to a battery fire on a boeing dream liner, that happened last year. lisa stark has this report. >> reporter: the ntsb believes the process used to certify the batteries was inadequate, not taking into account how the batteries would be used in the
6:44 pm
real world. they are still investigating a battery fire on the japan airline jet, happening a year ago in january. the safety agency wants better and more testing for the lithium ion batteries to make sure they don't overheat and catch on fire. the f axe a in response says -- f.a.a. in response says it's working with battery experts and foreign officials to come up with standards. boeing says it improved the battery design and the testing in the wake of the problems with the batteries. the way the batteries are tested and designed should meet the ntsb recommendation, and the ntsb says it looks like boeing is meeting the new recommendations that the agency made, but the f.a.a. still needs to come up with new better standards for the, and needs to apply them across the board to the batteries in use and the ones in use in the future.
6:45 pm
it's not just the 787 using the lithium ion batteries, they are on use in the airbus a 378 and the boeing 777. the f.a.a. will look at the recommendations to see what more needs to be done. >> lisa stark from washington. it's been a rough start to the spring with tornados decimating south. good news as we head to the hur scientific. 2014 will have a near or below hurricane season. noah says there's a 10% chance of worse than normal conditions. a typical season lasting from june through november. there'll be fewer hurricanes because of cooler waters and el nino. kevin is here to explain how that is possible. >> i'll talk about that in a moment. because we have a lit the less hurricanes doesn't mean the danger is not there. i'll tell you more. average name storms 12.
6:46 pm
we expect 8-13. below average as well as hurricanes. category 1 to five. major hur gains category 3 to 5. we expect to see 1 to 2. we talked about el-nino. in the atlantic there'll be vertical wind shear. the downward motion in the atmosphere is more, suppressing tropical development in the atlantic. currently this is what we see. warmer waters here towards the caribbean, cooler in the atlantic. in the atlantic temperatures will be cooler. you need the cool waters to fuel the storm. like i said, 1992, there was six name storms. one of them, tony, was hurricane andrew. we know how powerful that is. just because the numbers are lower, be prepared. >> andrew of florida, right. homestead. homestead that was decimated by
6:47 pm
andrew. appreciate it. thank you a new stamp unveiled honours one of the first openly gay officials. it is not without controversy. details next.
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they were sent across the peace corp and helped guatemala and others. they are back, to use the expertise to help struggling people. a programme giving economically challenged towns a jumpstart. >> reporter: opportunity is passing by some towns. shuttered doors make up the town. business is not exactly booming, except at the ice cream parlour on a hot day.
6:50 pm
>> $6.97. >> reporter: 32-year-old matt wolf wants to put durand on the road to prosperity. as a peace corp volunteer he helped a village develop prawn, chicken and vegable farms. he's one of the students to help institutes of rural affairs. durant will be a challenge. >> when you don't have businesses, young people will not stay. >> the fortunes faded three decades ago when manufacturing dried up. unemployment here is high nearly 10%. for wolf, it isn't all that much of a stretch. >> when he was in the peace carp he had to accomplish a lot with little money.
6:51 pm
in fiji he relies on volunteers, and is doing that in durant as well. using his laptop he is designing a website, highlighting the small businesses there, in hopes of attracting visitors to the community. visiting businesses like sopeno pizza. his idea is to drum up support for a grant. hopefully to add it to the pizza business. >> would you be interested? >> anything to help would be great. >> reporter: and rallying volunteers for movie right. >> the idea is to get people tight-knit, interacting. >> reporter: a volunteer says wolf is breathing life into the village. >> he is organising us, helping us keep on task. >> wolf asks himself every day
6:52 pm
if it is worth saying. the answer is yes. >> it's worth working on and improving. people here are motivated in the community and want it improved. >> wolf wants to leave behind a legacy of opportunity in durand that will provide a brighter future for the youngest residents. a new storm honours harvey milk, one of the first openly gay officials. a the u.s. postal service calls him a visionary leader. some conservative groups are upset. >> reporter: the postal service is releasing a stamp. it will print 30 million. gay rights activists see it as a victory. conservative critics say milk was no role model. >> my name is harvey milk, i'm here to recruit you. >> for many, shaun's portrayal of harvey milk was the first
6:53 pm
time they heard of the gay rights leader. milk was gay when he won a seat on the san francisco board of supervisors. a disgruntled colleague shot him to death. the postal service is honouring him, saying he gave home to the l.g.b.t. community when it faced discrimination. >> i'm proud that the nation honours a leg as si of a brave and courageous man. >> the white house marked a launch. a rare honour for their stamps. it comes after seven years of campaigning by milk supporters, saying he was a visionary. >> in his time he not only was about gay civil rights, but also reached out to seniors, people of colour, issues, and the farm workers. >> but some conservative groups like the one that made the video say milk doesn't belong on a
6:54 pm
stamp because he was gay and preyed on children. >> harvey milk was a dishon orable man, a sexual anarchist, a predator of teenage boys and boyish looking young men, and a public liar. >> it saddens me that these fanatic right-wing groups attack the reputation and the legacy of harvey milk that way, and you should remember whose shoulders we stand on. >> others like cole porter and tennessee williams appeared, none honouring an l.g.b.t. activist like milk. other stamps sparked controversy, like malcolm x, associated with violence protests. >> thank you. still to come on al jazeera america - comments from dallas
6:55 pm
maf ricks owner mike cuban. here his comments on racism and social media. then it's david shuster in for ali velshi on "real money." >> coming up on "real money," we go high on the hog with the iconic brand harley davison, how they are going high market with a new generation of riders and sending man to mars - the level part of the story, how they are planning to pay for the mission. all that and more on "real money". money".
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6:57 pm
>> dallas maverick opener is fending off an interview in which he talked about racism. he told a magazine that the country has come a long way putting bigotry behind, but it's not outlines easy for everyone to adapt. >> we are all prejudice in one way or the other. if i see a black kid in a hoodie and it's late at night i walk to the other side of the street. if on that side of the street there's a guy that has tattoos
6:58 pm
all over his face, white guy, bald head, tattoos everyone, i'm walking back to the other side of the street, the list goes on of stereotypes that we all live up to and are fearful of. >> i have to tell you he's taken a lot of heat for those comments on social media, including the comment about hoodies. we have more. >> reporter: some people associate the hoodie comment with trayvon martin. he was wearing a hood the way he was shot. he sent out this tweet: . >> he went on to say: >> he's been getting criticism like this one, greg cody, a sports columnist:.
6:59 pm
>> also michael wrote this: >> now, some people have been supporting cuban. you have a basketball player in college: >> on june 3rd the n.b.a. owners will vote on whether to force donald sterling to sell the l.a. clippers. cuban says he knows what his vote will be. >> it was hot on social media. >> look up - two men in china did that, saving a life. this is amazing. they were out in the neighbourhood during a thunderstorm. when they saw a 1-year-old boy climb out on to a window above. the boy falls and the men are
7:00 pm
there just in time, and they managed to catch the baby. one more time. they returned him to his mother. one more time. there you go. that's all we have time for in the newshour. david shuster in for ali velshi tonight on "real money". [ ♪ music ] city-dwelling americans look to the suburbs. we show you the intriguing report and fastest growing communities. home in indiana, the greatest spectacle of racing, a creative effort under way to boost the indy 500. an ambitious plan to put humans on mars is getting attention - that may be the key to fingerprinting the problem. i'm david shuster in for ali velshi, and this is "real money".