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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> the system with joe burlinger only on al jazeera america >> hello, welcome to this news hour. these are the top stories on al jazeera. >> an u.s. prisoner of war has been freed after being held by the taliban for almost five years. we'll be live in washington, d.c. >> join me in rebuilding this country. [applause] >> malawi's new president said that it's time to fix the
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problem's major problems, but he can't do it alone. in london the top stories we're covering in europe. migrant influx, 735,000 people arrive on italy's shores in 24 hours. as gunfire rages on and ukrainian military jets fly ahead pro russian activists rally for peace in the eastern city of doneskt. >> an u.s. soldier who has been held prisoner by the taliban in afghanistan for almost five years has been freed. sergeant bowe bergdahl was released for five afghan detainees from guantanamo bay. qatar brokered the deal.
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how did this exchange come about? >> well, we're getting more details through anonymous officials at the white house, the obama administration's favorite way of communicating with the press. we have known for some time that the white house has been pushi pushing for the release. so they have been freed to qatari's custody. these negotiations have been going on for some time. we have new anonymous officials saying seven weeks ago an opportunity arose to resume
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talks. this only recently became possible. with the commitment of the premiere of qatar, we were able to obtaining is the bergdahl's release. the deal has been done. sgt. bergdahl was released in the custody of u.s. special forces. >> do we know how he is? he's been held for an awfully long time. >> we understand from the administration officials he's well. he was able to move by himself. he was able to walk by himself. he broke down in the helicopter as he was communicating with special ops forces. we understand he's in good health. we know that he was transferred to bagram air base. his parents will hold a christians on sunday. we'll get more information then. >> life for us from washington, d.c.
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thanks very much. >> now malawi new president said its time for people to forget the disputed election and focus on rebuilding the country. he is being sworn in less than 24 hours after he was declared winner of the controversial vote. al jazeera reports. >> reporter: things were a little chaotic. opposition accused of the democratic progressive party of rigging the bowls. the allegation that the president denies, but he knows he need opposition to work with him. >> join me in rebuilding this
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country. it is obvious there are problems in this country. no single person can do it. we need the help of the opposition, the clergy, the press, unions, all of us together must work to rebuild this country. >> that may not happen. some people say they feel cheated. >> we have a president now but we are to still fight for justice. in as much as we have a judiciary system, an executive body and legislature we are a broken nation. >> reporter: malawi has a process that whoever has the highest vote wins. he had only 36% of the vote. that means many people did not vote for him. but he has to prove to many malawiens that he is the right
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man to lead. >> reporter: reality will sink in. malawians need jobs. people need to be paid on time. he knows he'll be judged on his performance. his five. year term in office will be a test of his legitimacy. >> the leader of the opposition in kenya has called for dialogue. he was talking in a major rally organized by the coalition r reform for democracy. he has been in the u.s. for the last three months. he addressed the safety and high cost of living and called for reconciliation across religion and tribal lines. >> muslims and christians can live in peace. kenya belongs to 42 tribes.
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not just one or two, so we must find work for everyone. >> south sudan's leaved reik machar said he's committed to the cease-fire signed earlier this month. fighting has killed thousands and forced millions from their homes. he said he was forced to signing a peace deal in ethiopia, but machar said that is not true. >> i wouldn't say that it was false. he's saying that the road map agreement.
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no one is being forced to accept it. >> i am hoping that he'll come. i >> people who had been kidnapped have been rescued. the fighters fled when they were attacked by security forces. >> al jazeera has obtained audio recordings from two inmates at egypt's high security prison
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north of cairo. they have accused the authorities of ill treatment. here's what they had to say. >> we got up to find the area to find the exercises closed. outside are the vehicles of water canyon and electricity and water cut off. they're trying to kill us all instead of torturing us. our families respect allowed to visit us. we want the entire world and the human rights organization and urge the honorable people on the judiciary and police that we are being held this is has happened due to our strike. wthe electricity and water was shut off. the situation is intoltolerable.
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we're waiting to die. we were just waiting. waiting. >> the documents of reports of civilians abducted by the authority of the state. they were forced to confess to crimes. they are not being charged or referred to prosecutors of court and have no access to their lawyers or to their families. deputy at human rights watch said that egyptians are not being held accountable.
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>> we know that conditions are extremely bad, extreme overcrowding, terrible hygienic conditions, terrible food and so forth. the allegations that the shorts are imposing collective punishment if, indeed, they are cutting off water, cutting off electricity, this type of thing this, ratchets it up to a new height. it's not something that we've been able to investigate ourselves, but it certainly is consistent. it's certainly credible. it's consistent with the things we're hearing from very credible egyptian human rights organizations. look, we know that--we're looking at a situation of very high level of impunity for offenses like torture, like unlawful killings, collective punishment on the part of security forces.
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this is a climate in which things like torture, unfortunately, thrive. that's the situation we're looking at in egypt today. we see this time and time. we saw it this past week with the presidential election. mr. al sisi's apparent victory, and this clap trap about road to democracy and so forth. i'm sorry, i'm not seeing any such thing. i was in cairo just ten days ago for about a week, and i can tell you that the people--people i know in cairo, egyptians are very, very apprehensive about what the future holds. >> al jazeera continues to demand the release of its journalist who is are detained in egypt. mohamed fahmy, bader mohammed, and peter greste have been held in prison for 154 days. their trial is due to resume on sunday. they are accused with conspiracying with the muslim brotherhood. al jazeera rejects the charges
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against its staff. abdullah elshamy has been held in prison without charge or trial for the past nine months. he has been denied a doctor to document his poor health. in syria rebels say they have oh blown up a tunnel in aleppo killing four government soldiers. it shows the attacks in the government held area of old aleppo. another tunnel which ran under a historic hotel in the city was also blown up. it was held by regime forces. in fallujah eight soldiers are thought to be amongst the dead. the iraqi army has been carrying out offensives to drive out
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anti-government protestors. in the capitol riot police use water canons on protesters there. demonstrators threw fireworks at security forces. turkey's prime minister earlier gave this warning. >> if you attempt to go there i'm sorry but our security forces have clear orders. they will do whatever is necessary from a to z. you will not be able to go to the square as you did last summer. >> coming up in this hour, pointing the finger at china the
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u.s. defense secretary said it's to blame for destabilizing the region. reports from t to you tunisia and unemployment of its youth. >> italy's navy said it has picked up 3. migrants. >> there have been 3,612 new arrivals including hundreds of children. migrants from syria and north africa were found in 11 boats during saturday and friday. since they've been taken to
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ports in sicily. the coast guard also says that 43,000 people have made the perilous journey so far this year which totals the number of migrants in 2013. we spoke with a doctor with doctor without borders who has been treating the migrants say they have many health problems. >> mainly skin diseases due to poor hygiene in the last month, and the trauma and infections. mainly we see these kinds of diseases. in the last several we have seen more and more very young children. many of them not accompanied, and many women. this clearly change a lot the type of people that we see. in the last month we saw really a lot of children coming.
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>> you've been talking to some of these migrants. what do you think would discurrently them from making the journey? is there anything that would stop them from trying to get across? >> well, i don't know, honestly, and i don't think so because they are all coming from really hard conditions, so i don't think there is something to stop them to come. maybe if situations in their country change, but nothing that we can do from here. >> migrants from north africa getting to the european union through spain, but many are doing it by land. we met one woman who is one of thousands hoping to settle in the e.u. >> reporter: time moves slowly at the immigration camp. after making it across the border these migrants are now at the mercy of spanish bureaucracy. it could mean months in limb we before they discover if they're
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allowed to live in the e.u. but for now life goes on. traveled 5,000 kilometers over land from cameroon. he is one of 400 people who stormed over the boar border this week. >> i said, victory, victory, victory. victory because i am here now. >> reporter: victory it may seem, but the sudden influx of new migrants has overwhelmed the camp. the posh government spent 13 million ru. successfully reducing the number of migrants who make it by boat, which means many more will try
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to make it over by the fence. >> reporter: pressure is mounting, they know that another sudden influx of migrants could happen at any time. the fence is no longer an obstacle for those who search for a better life. >> pro russian residents in eastern ukraine say they're being killed from all directions. the military's campaign against separatists goes on. activists held a rally in the city square waving russian flags and singing russian songs. they addressed the crowd to keep up the fight against kiev. the fighting continues between the army and separatists. >> we are being killed from all directions. this army surrounding us has to be stopped immediately. i don't know by what means or methods the army should be withdrawn from here.
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>> a large rally calling for peace, but also a firm message to kiev. >> reporter: that's right, 2,000 pro russian activists turned out today, that is not unusual. these rallies are held most weekends. but what is unusual three leaders from the self declared people's republic of doneskt addressed the crowd, and they reiterated they'll continue to fight for autonomy from kiev. they wanted to rally more. you can tell the mood has changed. people in doneskt feel like the fighting is closing in on them. and the fighting has been a couple of hours from here. we had the airport siege on monday, and people were killed there. and i think people are
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increasingly frightened, reports of families leaving and reports of more ukrainians now entering the city. >> and funeral, what can you tell bus that? >> reporter: this is the funeral of a military general who was killed when a helicopter was shot down by pro-russian separatists in slovyansk on thursday. this funeral was held for this general, where he was from. it was an important day because that was the day that he meant to return to his home city when the battalion was to return arrive there today. that incident on thursday drew a very tough response from president electric poroshenk
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president-elect poroshenko. >> tensions are beginning to flare in the capital why the ukraine up rising began. they have resisted calls to clear out and a thousand activists are still living there three months after presidenta president yanukovych was forced out of office. >> reporter: secretary of defense chuck hagel spoke in singapore. >> china has called the south china sea the sea of peace, friendship, and cooperation, and that's what it should be. but in recent months china has under taken destabilizing unilateral actions asserting it's claims in the south china
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sea. we also oppose any effort by any nation to restrict overflight or freedom of navigation. whether for military or civilian vessels from countries big or small. the united states will not look the other way when fundamental principles of the international order are being challenged. >> deputy chief of staff chinese arm responded to hagel's comments when the two later met. >> we were very candid and more than expectations. i think the speech made full comments on your view or rather your criticism of china although i do think those criticisms are groundless i do appreciate your candor. >> it mostly surround disputes of rich fishing grounds and areas of potential gas reserves. that area over lapse claims of
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other countries as well, including vietnam, indonesia, malaysia, brunei, philippines, taiwan. and overlaps japan area of senkaku in china and diaoyu islands in japan. we have more from singapore. >> reporter: blunt language from defense secretary chuck hagel. they say that this dispute in the region could have international ramifications. he welcomed a move by japan friday evening at these same talks where the prime minister said they want to become more
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involved. weighs in the region. and the defense secretary said that in just six years 60% of air force, and navy from the united states will operate out of the region, so obviously this is something that is very important to them moving forward. >> pakistani army said it killed 15 gunmen following a taliban ambush in the northwest. it happened near a tribal district bordering afghanistan. the fighters covered over from afghanistan and attacked military posts killing one soldier. the chief minister has called for a federal investigation into the gang rape and killing of two teenage girls. the police are accused of responding too slowly. the girls 14 and 15 years old were found sprinkled hanging from a tree. five suspects have been
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arrested. women's rights groups are demanding justice for the victims. they're marching through the streets of ne new delhi saying justice against women will not be tolerated and authorities need to take such crimes seriously. >> here to come on this news hour. india's street kids are give an opportunity to bank on a better future. we'll tell you how. plus. >> in caracas, the latest world index has venezuela the most miserable place on earth. the daily struggle for basic foods and services and running water. we'll have the latest from the french open as rafael nadal continues his quest for a record ninth title.
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>> there are many street children in india, and 70% of them have to fend for themselves. their hard earned money is often lost, stolen or taken by their parents. >> ever since he can remember he has been picking garbage from the streets of new delhi.
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he collects paper, plastic, and bottles. anything he can sell. he has one name is one of at least 70,000 children who work for a living. he wants to save for a better life. but the $5 he earns a day is usually spent or taken by his mother. >> if i could open a bank account then i would be able to deposit money and open a business in the future, to use it to do something big. my money would stay deposited, and that would be big. >> the reserve bank of india could not agree more. it issued a directive in may asking financial institutions to allow children over the age of ten to open accounts without adult concept. organizations that work with destitute families say the decision would help working children save their way out of poverty. >> they have big dreams.
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they want to become policemen. they want to become army men. >> reporter: many of these children say they want to open accounts to save money, but most don't have photo identification and can barely read or write. that will make it difficult for banks to help them. >> reporter: while the directive isn't binding, banks say they are on board. but they will need identification to open accounts. actually it's a very empowering idea. however, as you can well imagine there will be difficulties. implementation of getting these accounts, and there after ensuring that they are properly handled. >> he has no proof of who he is, but he said he'll do whatever it takes to get identification so one day he can dance all the way to the bank.
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>> al jazeera, new delhi. >> foreign business people were once with welcomed to buy agriculture land, but it seems that that's no longer the case. that goes back to lauren to find out why. >> reporter: yes, many foreigners are forced to leave, especially asian farmers who say they have been left stranded without visas. critics warn that georgia will be at risk of losing foreign investment. >> yethey have come a long way from home, but now they may have to return. georgia's government won't extend their visas. he said thinks summer's grapes may end up rotting on the vine. >> they just want to push all the foreign peoples from here to
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their own countries because they think we have taken their work from them. >> georgia's previous government spent money on ad campaigns like this one to attract foreign investment. entrepreneurs, many of them from asia and the middle east, acquired visas easily and bought cheap, and often abandoned farmland. while that has caused friction yavinder work to get along with his neighbors and learning the language. this is the justice ministry where foreign nationals apply for visas and residence permits. in february and march less than 50% of south aarons and iranians were give visa extensions. 100% of appeals were rejected. the ministry declined to
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comment. lawyers have dozens of clients fighting deportation. >> people who are married to georgians, who have property in georgia, who have businesses and big investments, they're denied visas. they're facing danger of losing everything that they've been doing here for the past two or three years. >> back on the farm 20 local workers are paid a regular income. they may soon be out of a job. yahvinder and his friends say they will keep applying for visas, even if they get sent back to india because managing the farm is going to prove very difficult, indeed. many asians have already abandoned georgia, taking their dreams and their money with them. al jazeera. >> bosnians are remembering
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3,000 civilians killed during the 1992 to 1995 war. white arm bands are worn to honor serbs who were forced to wear them. it was 1992 since ethni an ethnic group was treated this way. in russia water levels rise and forecasters are predicting more rain in the coming days. russian police have detained gay rights activists. two women being seen pulled into police cars before being driven away. other activists wave rainbow flags. protesters are protesting
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against laws that discriminate against the gay community. >> it may boast some of the most recognizable sites in the world but moscow is not popular with globe trotters, it seems. moscow came bottom in trip advisers' list of 37. i'm new to moscow, and i admit there are challenges. for one, the alphabet. then there is the almost constant diabolical traffic. how are you supposed to get across these roads, any way. the helplessness of tokyo's residents helped it to the top of the chart. new york was second and barcelona came third. with so many seemingly superior
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destinations we were surprised to find any foreigners on moscow's red scare at all put but there were plenty and despite a few grips by and large they were happy. >> people have been friendly and manage to speak english as much as they can. >> we stayed outside of the city center, and it was really depressing, especially with this weather, but if you enter the inner circle, everything is nicely polished. you see people cleaning and it's beautiful here. >> reporter: soviet communism is suspicious of outsiders, and russia has 74 years of it. that's a difficult legacy to overcome. but new projects like revamped park are making moscow's urban landscape more attractive. and the younger generation is doing its bit as well. >> not too many people speak english.
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many people in russia have started traveling, so we understand tourist who is come to moscow to visit. >> reporter: moscow may not be the easiest destination for foreigners, but it is improving. any way who said travel was supposed to be easy. al jazeera, moscow. >> that's the latest from europe this news hour. let's go back to lauren in doha. >> thank you. still to come on this program, fighting crime from the skies. how mexican police are trying to stay one step ahead of the drug cartels. and in sports, one of golf's biggest names are being investigated by the fbi. r
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fault lines the deported only on al jazeera america
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>> in the fight against crime has taken off in mexico. police commanders are hoping that it will make cities safer. >> reporter: it's the eye in the sky. latest effort by the police in the state of mexico to hunt down and capture criminals. from hundreds of meters above these police officers monitor neighborhoods for suspicious activity. >> before we started these fly overs, criminals would escape. they would scale walls or rooftops and get away before we arrived on the scene, it was too late. but now we can arrest them. >> reporter: the pilots are in constant communication with the officers at command center. whenever they suspect a crime, the pilots are called in to back
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up the operation. homicide are down 12% on a national level, but not in the state of mexico. in the first two months of this year murders rose from 303 to 374. extortions and kidnappings are also up dramatically. some government officials believe the spike in violence could be the result of cartels looking for new territory as the government tries to push them out in the neighboring state. the surge in crime worries mayors. >> we see killings and kidnappings that we didn't see before in the state of mexico, so we're trying to take those preventive measures so it doesn't spread to other cities. >> the president sent in federal forces but extra boots on the ground may not be enough to curb
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the violence. >> it's important for the state of mexico, on the one hand federal forces are well trained,in, well organized, and they work well together. but the only way that the crime levels will fall is through the reform of municipal and state police departments and especially the judiciary. >> for these officers fighting crime from the sky not only gives them a new perspective but also a powerful tool they hope will eventually make their city safer. al jazeera, the state of mexico. >> now a new study claims venezuelans are the world's most miserable people. the world index measured misery by measuring the economic factors of from each country. we have reports from caracas. >> reporter: the line outside of the supermarket starts at 8:00 a.m. no one knows what the food truck will bring.
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it's a lottery. sometimes i come for rice, oil, but i can't get it. sometimes we spend all day waiting but the supermarket doesn't bring the things we need. >> after a two and a half hour weight and 100 people in the queue the truck finally arrives. it's a big one with lots of basics including flour, sugar, butter, chicken. but supplies are rationed. each person is only allowed to buy up to two of each products. >> over the past year the lines have been getting longer in this district, and the food shortages are critical. the government must solve this situation and listen to us. people are furious. >> according to the world index venezuela is the most miserable country in the world using inflation and unemployment rates as well as gross domestic products. other statistics are equally depressing. the price of food in venezuela
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higher than 18 other countries in the region. in the second quarter of 2013 more than 730,000 venezuelans slid into the extreme poverty category taking that total to 2.8 million. this is one of the poorest neighborhoods in caracas. there are more than 1,000 slums like this all around the city. millions of people are living high in the mountains, but the quality of life is very low. no one in these areas has regular jobs, there is no running water. instead residents use containers to stock up from water trucks owned by private companies. >> this is not a problem of the international market. it's not because of falling oil prices or sales. it's a problem of the prime ministertive economic model the government has chosen. it must release the exchange rate. it has to negotiate with the private sector and understand
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that it's critical for the country's development. >> waiting in line for two packs of flour, i've never seen venezuela like this before. >> in a long battle with no end in sight. >> now time for all the sports. >> thank you very much. laura, world number one ralph nadal is on track to claim another french open. the spaniard is battling with a back injury, but it doesn't seem to be slowing him down, moving into the third round. >> on the hunt for his ninth title, rafael nadal is certainly making his intentions clear, to leonardo mayer.
2:50 pm
in the women's the win over spain. and she hit the ball so hard, very ball, and i needed to stay low and focus from the first ball to the last. >> hampered by a leg injury, former wimbledon champion crashed out to 2009 winner svetlana. 9-7 in a tense deciding set that lasted more than three hours. >> i left out there everything that i could, yeah, i came up with a win. but that was very close to the loss as well. i was very strong mentally, and i'm very happy with that. >> while former french open anna
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is going home beat no one straight sets by lucy saparova. sarah pope, al jazeera. >> world cup coach has named the final squad for 2014. they'll face manchester city, but manchester united and chelsea has made the cuts saying it has been warming up for the world cup with the 2-0 victory against bolivia. they have also been in included in the squad since opening world cup game since 2010 finalist netherlands on june 13th. san antonio spurs can book their spots in the nba finals later over the oklahoma city thunder. the spurs lead the best of search series, 3-2.
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they will take on miami heat who advance to the finals for the fourth straight year with victory over indiana. 37 all season miami supremacy has been challenged by indiana. but with the 3-2 lead at home in game six defending i can' champions show their experience on the big stage. lebron james with just seven points in game five, a career low, but he responded with 25, matched by chris bosh. a dominant performance, a 117-92 victory. as the heat ended the pacers' season. >> it just doesn't happen every year. we're fortunate to be part of this three times.
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you just can't take these moments for granted. we're competing against the michael jordan of our era, the chicago bulls of our era, and you have to tip your hats to them for the way they played this whole series. >> reporter: miami joining the celtics and the lakers as just the third team to make four consecutive trips to the finals. >> this is not nothing that happens every day, but we've worked as an unit, we sacrificed as individuals to be in this moment, in this position, so we understand where we're at right now, but i mean, it's still crazy, too. >> reporter: either san antonio or oklahoma could face a massive task in the finals. they meet in game six of their series on saturday. al jazeera. >> lax clippers owner donald
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sterling has filed a $1 billion lawsuit against the nba. the 80-year-old is seeking damages after being banned for life for making racist comments. it came ours hours before the nba approved a deal with former microsoft ceo steve ballmer. shelly sterling sold the team after finding his husband to be mentally incapacitated. phil mickelson is part of a major probe into finance, gambling and sport along with billionaire investor. and excepting suspicious trading
2:55 pm
patterns since 2007. no charges have been made. mickelson is ten shots off the pace at the memorial tournament in ohio. casey included a shot six birds and an eagle for three-stroke lead. the lead at this tournament will include automatic qualification for next month month's open. shy lan can had beaten england in the international by seven runs.
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>> to the defending champions, the chief have been beaten at home by the australian conference leaders. scoring in the final mints of the game and wraps up a 33-17 win. >> that's it from me. >> two weeks left before the world cup in brazil. artists have been covering the wall with art. along a very boring road. railway track on one side. roadway on the other and a very long four kilometers that needed
2:57 pm
to be liven up. authorities decided to contract with graffiti artists to cover every element of the game of football they could think of, the passion, the disappointment, the victory. >> the largest wall in latin america, and it involved 70 artists. the proposal is the fun watching the game, an animation story of the wall. i show the expressions of fans during the game starting with the beginning, and included the moments of tensions and sadness and until we reach the goal. we have the sensation of watching animation frame by frame. >> nobody expresses themselves on the football pitch better than the brazilians. now the world cup is providing inspiration for brazil's artists
2:58 pm
to express themselves, too. >> stay with us here on al jazeera.
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her resignation for, and you didn't take it. >> italy and welcome to al jazeera america. here are the top stories we're following at this hour. the u.s. makes a deal for sgt. bowe bergdahl's release. >> this kid who has mental health issues has three pistols and 400 rounds is ridiculous. >> reporter: you may be a target as smart phone crimes are growing. now tech companies are feeling pressure from consumers.