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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 28, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> it's digging deeper it's asking that second, that third question, finding that person no one spoken to yet... >> you can't tell the stories of the people if you don't get their voices out there, and al jazeera america is doing just that. welcome to al jazeera america, these are the stories we are following u.n. peace keepers being held as prisoners. meanwhile, march these soldiers to the death, and the white house now weighs it's options and ukraine says it is being invaded with russian forces fighting side by side with the rebels in eastern ukraine.
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rebel fighters are holding 41 peace keepers. that siege coming after a day of fighting close to syria's border with israel. kristen has the latest from the u.n. >> what we do know from the u.n. is that 43 peace keepers are being detaped, by armed groups. with another 80 plus meise keepers having their movements restricted. there was fighting that starting on wednesday, and connedded into thursday evening between syrian armed forces and armed groups in the area. and earlier this morning, those peace keepers were detained. we don't know officially from the u.n. what group is responsible, but we do know that jabat was fighting in the area, and took control, with other armed groups border check point on wednesday. we are not being told the nationality of the peace keepers, but we have heard from a filipino
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spokesperson, that some members of the filipino contingent, and also fiji are among those being detained. this is a peace keeping mission in the heights it's been there since the mid 70's, there about 1200 peace chemoers and it did happen once back in march, and again in may of 2013. that's some peace keepers were detaped and then later released. >> meanwhile, the islamic state group has executed dozens of forces. they were captured during sunday's battle for an air base, video on social media shows the group humiliated more than 100 captives reports also indicate these soldiers were marched to their deaths they were eventually gunned down. right now the islamic state group controls large groups. the battle for the air base gave control of 25% of the land, they also control 40% of the land in iraq. mike is live for us right
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now, in washington, and mike, all of this activity from the islamic state group is getting more and more attention from the white house. >> that's absolutely right, and as a matter of fact, the administration now nearing decision time to do what if anything about the i.s.i.l. forces the islamic state group forces within syria. now the question. >> the president, today this afternoon, at 4:00 o'clock when he convenes his national security council is whether to expand, the air strike operation now confined to iraq, and now confined to protecting american interests there, as well as averting humanitarian does zahrters, such as on mount sin jar with that ethnic and religious minority where the u.s. air strikes help lift the siege, whether to expand that now into syria and strike i.s. forces islamic state forces within syria itself. within moments we expect to hear from the white house and the person of josh earnest, he is the president's spokesman, he has a regularly scheduled briefing set to begin, he is doubtless going to be peppered with questions about what the administration's plans are, and what would be
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the goal of the policy goal if, in fact, american forces and american led air strikes were to now penetrate syrian skies and strike at those rebel held areas in places like raka, and other strong holds of the state group. make no mistake, what they are considering now is a policy expansion, as a matter of fact, a change in policy away from what is happening to iraq, a significant change, that is going to require a lot of deliberation, perhaps, consultation with congress. >> mike, that was brings me to my next question, will there be that congressional support? >> well, it's hard to say at this point. you can see members now lining up from both sides of the aisle, on both sides of the issue. it was one year ago, september 10th when the president addressed the american people, after backing off air strikes for the first time, he called the need to contain bashar a matter of poor national interest, but because there was no eminent threat, to the united
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states to the homeland, he was going to consult with congress. that logic still hold, that is the question. leaders of congress, to be perfectly honest do not want to put this to the vote on the floor of the house or the senate, as a difficult vote with just ten weeks to go before election day. they never did vote on whether to allow them. again, this is one of the questions still in the hypothetical same, the president has nod meat up his mind about what he is going to do in terms of those air strikes on the table now. >> mike, live for news the white house, thank you. let's go to christopher swift now. mr. swift, thank you for being with us. both sides in the u.s., and it can be argued that getting involved helps
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the state, or bashar al-asaad. it's not just a matter of helping asaad or isis, there's also the free army, and one of the difficulties the united states findsist in right now, is that our ability to leverage that third party in that three sided war is very very low. because the united states was so late to the game in supporting the nonisis sunni rebels in syria. >> it sounds cruel, but why not let them fight it out and figure out what to do with whomever survives. >> immaterial to be clear, intervention will come with some costs. and we have to think about it carefully, but the alternative, which is to stand back and not do nipping, allows someone else to determine what
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the new equal lib bree i am, not just in syria or iraq, but what it will be across the border region, and to the extent that the united states cares about that, and influencing in a more positive matter, we have to be involved in some fashion. it does mean we need to be engaged in this complicated three sided war. >> i did a little research, and i mound that going back to vietnam, almost every war or conflict, began with either military advisers on the ground, or some type of advise discoers. what are the hard questions that need to be asked at this stage? sure texas primary question is what is our objective. in dealing with isis was to protect u.s. diplomates.
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then our objected expand add little bit to deal with the crisis. and now some of the discussion you are hearing at least in iraq is buying the iraqi government enough time to get it's act together, so that they can take the fight to isis in their own territory. the object save much more complicated. initially we wanted asaad out, now we are interesting in dealing with isis as well, and we are late to the game in helping the third party. the most important thing to remember here, dale, is if you look at our history. you look at war generally, if we do not define the mission, the mission winds up defining us. that's why congress has a role to play in this process. and that's why it is very important that the united states approach this process with a clear view towards what object is it hopes to achieve. >> if the u.s. does get involved, 190,000 people are now dead. if it is too little too late. >> well, it is always too
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little too late when you are talking about human suffers but it comes where can u.s. intervention, where can u.s. -- the united states play a constructive roll that's going to tip things in the right direction. that doesn't necessarily always have to be a military endeavor. although at this point, there are some strong arguments that would support a more robust approach. look, this is something that has to be ironed out, inside the white house, and between the white house and congress. and if they are not clear, as to what their objectives are, if congress does advocate it's responsibility, for enganging the white house on these issues then we do have the risk of mission creep, as i said, if the united states doesn't define the mission, circumstances on the ground, the mission will end up defining us. with the war in iraq, and we saw how that turns out
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ever the us. >> mr. swift, thank you. holding an emergency meeting to address the crisis in ukraine, after months of denial, the rebel forces now admit that they are being held by russian soldiers. ukrainian president says that there are thousands of them, with armored tanks nato saying there are 1,000 russian troops now inside ukraine, another 20,000 poised on the border. ukraine's president saying his country is being invaded by russians. >> this was -- >> due to russian troops actually entering ukrainian territory, i decided to cancel a visit to turkey, despite the serve meetings that ukraine desperately needs. the place of ukraine's president is in kiev today. >> hundreds of thousands have been forced to three their homes. >> it's been eerily quiet here.
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i have to say. in that direction, which is the city or the village -- town which is reportedly been occupied by rubble led forces is about nine, ten-kilometers in that direction. so effectively, we are in a no man's land in between the two sides here. it's been eerily quiet, we did see smoke an hour ago, which local residents who have sheltering in bomb shelters said they believe have come from a rocket or some kind of shell. they weren't exactly sure, though. and the streets are largely empty. one phrase i have heard, is people are sitting on suitcases ready to leaf. the opening of a third front, if you like, by russia down here in the extreme southeast, will certainly put strain on the ukrainian military, who is -- which is already fighting both in donetsk, which is further north of here.
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the tax tick is not clear. are they trying to draw troops away in order to try to weaken the advances of the army has made in the last couple of weeks. is it some kind of attempt to build a bridge to crimea? i suspect that's not realistic, nonetheless, the fears and the concerns down in the southeast, and particularly in the city itself. are very real indeed. there's little doubt that the crisis here has entered a new and dangerous territory on thursday. because of the language being used on the highest level, no longer are we talking about rumors or russian involvement that the fighters here, there have been outright accusations and backed up apparently by clear cut evidence. that russian regular forces are fighting alongside separatist fighters here in the east, now, that is very
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dangerous territory, because the use of the word invasion, takes the politics into a very new and untested area. the president, and the prime minister are sending and appealing for international assistance from their western allies. the russian side, for it's part has been outrightly denying any russian troops. the evidence is mounting and how long they continue to deny, what is increasingly becoming undeniable, is really a moot point. the reaction over the next 24 hours 36 hours really could be very crucial indeed. he is the chief of media accusations, thank you for being with us. ukraine's question, saying that his country is being invaded. what are they prepared to do. >> we have noticed a
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significant escalation, in russia's military interference, and the number of troops that russia has operating inside ukraine. they have a strategy of lie and deny. and so today we release the series of satellite images, that clearly show russia combat unis operating. >> no surprise to anybody. they have been denying this and nato has been maintaining it, aside from releasing images what are they prepared to do. >> well, we are in regular contact with our allies in ukraine, and as you might know there is a nato summit coming up next week. and i think issues surrounding ukraine will be forefront of discussions but at the core of what nato is.
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and we are very interested in the collective security of our allies and that's what we have placed a priority on. we have increased air policing over the baltic states. we have increased the number of exercises in eastern europe. we have put nato ships in the black sea and in the baltic sea. and we have september a strong message to russia, that their behavior is being watched, not appreciated, but, of course, we are trying to leave space for diplomatic resolutions to these issues. >> with all due respect, he seems to be ignoring that anybody says because nobody is doing inning. so in left unchecked what happens next. >> quo will implement
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those. >> so from a military stand point, are are you concerned that the troop build up along the border, will be so large that by the time the political leaders decide to do something it would be too late and another portion of ukraine would be under russian control? >> there were 40,000 troops on the border. and they actually pulled many of them wac. back. they have built them up again, 20,000 troops along the border, what is different today as it has russian troops operating right inside ukraine. we arecess the numbers to be well over 1,000. they are well equipped but they haven't overwhelmed. in fact ukraine military forces have had all the
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momentum. for most of august, really pushed back separatists into a couple of enclaves. i think what we are seeing is troying to save face, trying to do something. to bail out those separatists fighters. and do it under the radar. but i guess what we are saying is a nato that's not an option, if you are going to get involved to that level, we are going to expose you, and that's why we put up the imagery. >> before i let you go, if the images that you released were coming out of brussells would nato be as resident saint to become involved militarily as it appears to be the situation right now. >> i think nato has been very involved all along. this is the third time we have released imagery. we have -- enacted a
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number of assurance measures. in terms of our air policing in terms of out presence in the baltic and the black sea. and in terms of our exercises. that all sends a strong message to russia, and i believe that it is having an effect. it might not appear so. i believe it is. of course, needs are not the only way to solve problems. seances has had a powerful effect, i think. and there's got to be diplomacy, and we have to leave space for those kind of negotiations. because let's face it, a conflict between nato and rush are sha, is something that nobody wants. and that's i think we have to try to ray void, and exercise all other options to deescalate this conflict before it gets to something that could be out of control. >> lieutenant colonel, from belgium, from nato, thank you for answering tough questions, tough times we appreciate your being with us today.
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as that cease fire two days old, is holding you are watching al jazeera america.
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the truce between israel is holding but the prime minister is warning he will attack again, if hamas violates the cease fire. in the gaza people have been clearing away the rubble of what was once their homes and businesses and schools. and they are also asking for answers. during that fight, at least 18 people were executed because they were suspected of treason. collaborating with israel. others now in solitary confinement at gaza central prison. an exclusive look inside, and a warning that some of what you may see is disstubbing. >> we were taken deep below the prison, al
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jazeera was glymph exclusive aux says, which is under strict security protocol. responsible for the inmates andty tells me they are dependent isolated for their own safety, because if others knew they would be killed. >> there shall eight prisoners here, we only let them out to use the bathroom and to pray. whenever they leave the cells we cover their faces with a hood. >> we were told by officials they all deny the charges against them. >> suspected collaborators can spend days, weeks, and even years in these one by two-meter cells. before they face a revolution court who will decide their fate. >> on august 22nd, hamas executes 18 israeli enforce pants, seven were killed publicly on this street corner in gaza city. the offense the largest number of collaborators killed in a single day, since it took control of the gaza industrial in
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20007, the execution followed an air strike on a house that killed three of it's most senior military commanders. the single biggest strike against hamas' wing since fighting began. and it's leaders have made it clear, that anyone suspected of working with israel, would also be punished. the family of one of the men who was executed buried him quickly, and without the usual islamic right. they didn't want to call attention to the fact that he was killed on the orders. worried about being recognized they wanted our camera crew to leave, but insist he was wrongly accused. >> my brother is innocent, our lawyers say all the charges against him were false. this is all a propaganda. >> israel has a long and successful history of recruiting collaborators in the occupied batching, and in the gaza industrial. they do so through a variety of different means. sometimes with money, other times it's through
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blackmail, or by intimidating family members. and while these men deny having any ties with israeli, toes, the near suspension of it is how most ended up here. al jazeera, at the gaza central prison. the virus also killing close to 700 people in liberia, and in sierra leone, 220 people have died. including one outside the capitol. and in the democrat republic of congo, there is now word that 13 people have died in a separate outbreak. well, cases of chicken guna are in the rise as well, confirming nearly 700 cases in the u. s. symptoms include high fever, severe joint pain, but they say, the disease is usually nonfatal.
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nationwide hundreds of people have been diagnosed with the mosquito born virus. meteorologist dave warren, tropical storm marie, and this is causing huge swells to hit the coast there of california, so a lot of video has been coming in of impressive swells and waves. up and down the coast, we have seen a lot of video coming in showing that they are large, and a number of rescues that have happened as well. this is the malibu peer, and this is closed down because of that, because of the high surf, but if you can't go on the peer, you can also go under the peer that's what they have been doing, you can see the waives there and them going under the pier, so impressive shots. two waives are high, and this isn't the only place dealing with these increase surfs. and the rip current, we have in california, and texas, and this area of low pressure, monitoring
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that for any tropical development, there's a chance it can continue to intensify, but right now, off the coast, and chris to ball is a hurricane, but moving off to the northeast. up and down the atlantic coast. it could intensify into a system, but is just off the coast. making the best of a bad situation, how a would be groom turned a canceled wedding into his way of helping others.
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jazeera al these are your headlines at this hour. now executing dozens of syrian army soldiers. they were captured sunday in a battle for a military air base.
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meanwhile, 31 peace keepers are also being held with an armed group. president obama now weighing his options with military advisers on how to deal with the state in syria. after months of denial, separatists in eastern ukraine are confirming it. they say they are fighting side by side with them, ukraine's president is calling on the u.n. security council to address what he is called a russian invasion. well, it was the worst of times now it is the best of time. a pittsburgh groom turning a bad break up into a good cause. instead of exchanging vow as major fund raiser, you see he was scheduled to get married this saturday. the food, all of it paid for, so he decided to use the venue to raise money to help provide medical care for kids in third world countries. >> it made you feel really good, it was going to be changing a massive amount of kids lives.
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makes it kneel like it wasn't the worst thing in the world. >> he says he has already received tens of thousands of dollars in donations and probably a lot of people want to mary are him as well. thank you for watching al jazeera america, talk to al jazeera, is next. rosie perez was three years old when her schizophrenic mother put her in a catholic children's home where she was often abused. >> i had to physically fight back or else, you know, my ass was going to get kicked. >> the oscar nominated actress's new book explains how she overcame odds? >> i felt like i was always acting, always escaping into different realities.