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tv   Power Politics  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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billionaires. she is fighting for their agenda. epa. iowans. >> we have talked about privatizing social security as an option. >> ernst has been highlighting instances when braley seemed to responsibilities. >> i was insulted brailley would be on the vet transaffairs committee and miss 79% of the meetings. veterans risk their lives for our country and bruce brailey didn't have the respect to show up to support them. >> these dueling attacks have been going on. this week, a poll found voters identified missing congressional hearings as a bigger problem than privatizing social security. the poll found that ernst was now ahead by 6
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points. experience. >> the truth is both parties are more interested in political games than problem solving. both are failing kansas. >> that's why i am running for the united states senate as an independent. >> polls in kansas show voters now prefer orman and the margin is getting wider. joining us to talk about the implications of this anti-washington mood is michael schur. what do you make of this? >> there is so much to make of immigration. he thinks he is giving them good news on the economy. it's not so simple. the white house should know it's not so simple, that if you take good jobs numbers and take good economy, if the people aren't feeling it in their pocket
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books -- people don't carry pocketbooks and in their wallets, it doesn't translate. i think it's a delicate balance. a lot of these senate can dazed are saying with friends like you, president obama, who needs enemies? and some of them stand to reason with that. however, the jobs numbers have helped the market today and yesterday. so, i think that you are seeing a great deal of em faces on the economy but the people are not feeling it. >> what about the em fas on washington politics because as we noted, con concern about social security usually trumps everything but in iowa, voters say the bigger concern those who missed the congressional hearings? what do you make of that? >> i think it's one of those things on its surface looks so good in a campaign ad and it's an issue people don't fully understand. police man braley like so many conceivably have three, four hearings scheduled at the same
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time on a given day and not attend them. but that graphic, seeing that empty chair, it's worked in campaigns forever. it's like a tax saying this guy voted for this tax whien a cigarette tax could have been attached to a spending bill. it means you voted to increase a tax. but it always has worked. it's worked in local elections but it's an advantage the challenger has because the challenger in many cases is not sitting in congress or sitting vote. so, it's something that only the incumbent can suffer as a barb. >> the challenger gets to deliver the barbs at the economy and saying washington can't get things done. the president and congress have not been able to fix things. again, you mentioned president obama and his speech at northwestern. here is how he tried to reframe watch. >> it is indisputable that our economy is stronger today than when i took. by every economic measure, we are
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better off now than we were when i took. at the same time, it's also indisputable that millions of americans don't yet feel enough of the benefits of a growing economy where it matters most, and that's in their own lives. >> in their own lives, michael, the issue of wages and whatnot is the key issue that voters route now in this mood don't trust the president. they don't trust washington to be able to improve things. >> yeah. well, it's not even a distrust. it's you hear the good numbers but you don't feel it. again, repeating myself but it's like your team is doing really well but you can't afford tickets to the game. and i think that's a problem in translating to voters that they say, okay. yeah, i hear everything that you are saying. i see these jobs numbers. but they are not affecting me. i don't feel like i've gotten a raise. as a matter of fact, i may have gotten a pay cut. and so there are lots of -- lots of candidates that have a very difficult time and find it burdensome to try to translate that. the president has injected
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himself into this election with syria, not because of syria, but, you know, that becomes an issue. isis becomes an issue. now, you give a big economic speech where you say i am not on the badly but my apology are and you see some of these candidates, president roberts is using it, scott brown challenging in new hampshire already up with ads quoting that from the president. >> that's tough stuff for some of these incumbent senators. >> al jazeera's michael schur. the issue of wapt washington getting things done, in village democratic incumbent mark warner is trying to hold on against ed gillespie, a former political strategist, trying to ramp up partisanship. >> mark warner votes with the president 97% of the time. >> that'bi-polar. it's time for a new direction. compassion is measured by creating new jobs. >> in parts of the south,
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president obama is sol unpopular, jeremy oden running for the local public service commission, an agency that regulates electric companies. >> i am going to fight obama and stop the epa. >> stop the epa? vite obama? odom. >> thank you. but it's jeremy? >> whatever, john johnny. fight obama. >> according to the city for public integrity, they have mentioned the president or his policies more than 100,000 times. more than a third of senate ads have a reference to president obama. all together, the president has been mentioned in ads more than 300,000 times this year. last month, the president decided to delay using executive authority to reform immigration and that is now hurting the democratic party with latino voters. a key constitwains t the activists say it is becoming difficult to register hispanics and poll numbers for mr. obama and democrats have dropped farther among hispanics than
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among the population at large. in the north carolina senate race, education continues to be a key issue this fall. democratic incumbent kay haguen has been hammering tom 'til is, the state house speaker over program. >> speaker tom 'til is cut $500 million from our schools, increasing class sizes, leaving students without text books. 'til is opposed a bill to make college loans more affordable. 'til is is trying to leverage the voter anger at washington politicians and the public fears about isil. >> missed half the armed services committee this meeting while isism s grew, hagan kept quiet. the price for failure is danger. >> danger. political strategists say that's over the top. fears about terrorism are showing up in pull polling data. isil has become an issue in the colorado senate campaign fanned by the g.o.p.
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>> isil plotting imminent attacks. what does mark eudall say? >> i said last webel that isil does not present an imminent doesn't. >> really? do we take that chance? >> yes, that audio at the meant was to invoke memories of 9-11. there is another campaign controversy in the colorado senate race. cory gardner is under fire after ridiculing mark udall for having family members who have aspired to elected office. >> 18 years in politics and he's got two conditionses who are senators, too. his dad even ran for president. my dad, well, he sells tractors. >> it is true udall's dad ran for president in 1976. his son told a television reporter the gardner ad is over the line. i am disappointed congressman gardner. i had no intention of running ads or criticizing and insulting his family. i see this as an insult directed
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at my family. this race is between congressman gardner and me, not between our families or our fathers. >> presidential politics, you cannot talk about 2016 without mentioning the bush and clinton families, jeb bush is considering a presidential run. his older brother, former president george w. bush just job. >> yeah. i think he wants to be president. president. he understands what it's like to be president for not only the person running hors d'oeuvring plus family. he has seen his dad. he has seen his brother. so he is a very thoughtful man, options. >> jeb bush is also picking up political ious, aggressively fundraising fall. >> hillary clinton says she will make a campaign decision in early january. the prospects of a clinton nomination juggernaut are not discouraging former virg senator jim web.
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>> i am seriously looking at the possibility of running for president, but we want to, you know, see if there is a support base from people who would support the programs that we are interested in pursuing. >> web is not the most dynamic speaker but on foreign policy, he would be to clinton's right, to the left of hillary could be elizabeth warren. she said she is not running but continues to use the present tense when she says that. warner has teamed up with a powerful progressive group to raise money for democrats trying to keep control of the u.s. senate. chances in that effort would go way up if they are able to defeat republican incumbent senator mitch mccome in kentucky. mcconnell has been getting attacked record. >> where was he? he didn't show up to vote on troop funding, the farm bill, and the va on days he found time for a lobbyist fundraiser and was on two t.v. shows.
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>> this week, a kentucky reporter asked democratic challenger alison grimes who is running that ad how many days she missed as secretary of state. here is the exchange. >> i will stack my record up against mitch mcconnell's any day. attendance. state. >> i have done my job as secretary of state. we are excited to be here today to launch our military. >> let's -- >> thank you. >> strategists point out it's not a good idea to attack somebody on one issue and not be willing to answer questions about that issue, yourself. we are going to take a closer look at the kentucky senate race and all of the money that's being spent on the other side of this break and later, the irreverent campaign of energizeing younger voters. >> not going to let a bunch of kids whining about their student loans ruin my business. >> power politics continues after this.
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♪ kentucky home far away. ♪. >> the late kentucky governor, ab chandler on senior night 26 years ago at the university of kentucky. it remain one of the most popular yo youtube vit yields. it speaks to his refrance for sport and sent i wantality. all of that is crucial to understanding voter perspectives in the senate race and expected to be one of the most expansive in united states history between mitch mcconnell, one-of the most powerful senatorsn and alson grimes. kentucky's secretary of state. libbicase casey spent several days in kentucky covering this campaign. libby, what jumped out at you in terms of overriding issue among
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kentucky voters? >> reporter: people in kentucky are talking about two things: the economy and jobs. our team visited eastern kentucky. now, this is coal country, central appalachia country where the economy has been hit the hardest by the decline in the coal industry. some counties have 12% unemployment. even though they hear talk about the economy improving nationally and kentucky's is improving, jobs are betti getting better. they are not feeling it. >> that's a big focus. people are frankly fed up with washington. there is a lot of apathy toward washington leaders and politicians and a lot of dislike for president obama, something you have been talking about, that's echoing in senate races around the country. his approval ratings are in the low 30s in kentucky. there is also frustration generally with gridlock in washington. to that end, a lot of campaign has gone negative. they are getting blanketed with negative ads all over the air waves, david.
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>> it is going to be the most expensive senate race this year. what does it feel like in kentucky given the number of ads that are running all over the place? >> yeah. this is expected to be even more expensive than the $82 million spent on the senate race in massachusetts back in 2012, which is the most expensive on record. and you see spending not just from campaigns and from the committees that are determined to elect democrats and republicans to the senate but a lot of outside money, because senator mcconnell could become majority leader, the top senator if democrats lose control of the senate democrats see take him down as a big score. so they are pushing hard. though the ads are negative, they are having an effect with people as we talk to folks, we heard a lot of the ads parroted back. they remember using buzz lines. this will make the campains happy saying things like mitch, because they talk about the candidates by their first name, mitch says it's not his job to create jobs.
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and that's a grimes campaign line, they have been pushing hard, rest okay a comment the senate made. and mcconnell supporters say alison is going to support obama. she will ab rubber stamp. >> that's something that mitch mcconnell's campaign is trying to tie her to as a democrat. so those messages are reverbrating. the question is: will people feel motivated by election day to go out and vote, or will they just feel frustrated and turned off by this whole process. >>ays's libby casey reporting from washington. libby, thank you very much. elections in america are not just for lawmakers. many local and state judges are also on the ballot. just a few years ago, three iowa supreme court justices lost their retention races after ruling in favor of gay marriage. money is a factor in these campaigns and fears are growing about justice for sale. ali velshi reports. >> we need a governor. >> 8 serious % of our governs have to stand for election. this is turning judges into
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fundraisers, having to raise money from the people who appear before them in court. >> since 2000, upward of two dozen states have seen judicial spending records smashed and the last election cycle totals reached $56 million with nearly groups. >> as a result, it leads to the problem of judges around the country having to look over their shoulder essentially saying, well, if i make a decision that may sdmreepz people maybe even outside of my state with big money, then i may decision. >> spending in judicial elections is sometimes driven by social issues like gay marriage as scene in iowa. but more often business concerns dominate. organizations like the chamber of commerce have spent big to create conservative majorities on state supreme courts hoping that crucial balance of power will lead to industry-friendly decisions on issues ranges from employee compensation to obamacare. a total of $2.2 million was
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spent this year in north carolina and so far, already $1.3 million has entered the tennessee race. >> liberals control our state supreme court. >> while judicial election spending may pale in comparison to the hundreds of millions of dollars poured into congressional elections, experts warn a little money thrown at the court goes a long way. ali velshi, al jazeera. >> today, in playeolitics, we turn to hong kong, demonstrators want to bible choose their elected leaders instead of having candidates named by beijing, the protest as you can see this week involved clashes with police and there are concerns chinese forces may soon roll in with tanks in a manner similar to tianammen square. in 1989, chinese troops opened fire dmrientors killing thousands. the politics in kohong con are intriguing. earlier this week, we spoke with
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a city counsellor, paul supporter? >> hong kong is like a mosquito on their backs. other cities have tension. they don't want what happened in hong kong. >> the activists there and the movement, that they would accept something less than their initial demands of the executive resigning? >> the only way we are going to have it going is for the government to get involved in that poub debate raging, in every tea shop where all of the t.v.s are on. everyone is watching it all the time and the government has to
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start to communicate into those channels and to participate in the discussion so they can move public sentiment. >> that has not happened yet. the hong kong protests are getting larger. shim own perez retired from his post. the 91-year-old set out to find a new job. at least that's the premise of a video made by his supporters to promote his legacy and peace organization. packing his. he goes to speak to an employment agency who thinks he has no skills. we see perez trying various jobs including checkout clerk, pizza delivery man and gas station attendant. >> shallom.
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. >> smalom. . >> the clip ends with him skydiving and one of the phrases, you are as great as the cause you serve and as young as your dreams. the sen apes to gross peace through sociocomic development. it has been viewed on youtube over a million times. an attempt at campaign numeral florida is not going over so well. plus a version of the infamous daisy ad is airing in new york and rock the vote has a message for younger voters. we will explain.
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welcome back. politics can get short-circuited when a campaign or organization makes ab error in judgment.
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this week, the example comes from the national college republicans. they ran an ad supporting rick scott and ridiculing democratic challenger charlie crist and the group used a parody of "say yes to the dress." "rick scott is perfect. >> rick scott is becoming a trusted brand. he has new ideas that don't break your budget. >> but mom has other ideas. >> i like the charlie crist. it's expensive and a little outdated but i know best. >> an interesting idea but republicans have long been perceived as diminishing women. >> ad portraying women as shallow and superficial is generating controversy. republican strategists say it was a bad idea. here, gub fattorial aspect is behind andrew cuomo and hitting him for being under federal criminal investigation after a lyndon johnson
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1984 daysy ads one of the most famous attack ads in u.s. history. >> 6, 6, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> these are the stakes. do we reelect a governor who may end up in jail? >> generally, an attack ad has to be believable. cuomo may go to jail or may not but that may not be as significant as a nuclear explosion. the ad is getting some attack. strategists in both parties say one of the most effective and entertaining ad campaigns this week came from rock the vote, the organization released a series of ads titled care like crazy. the spots underscore if younger people don't participate, more political power will go fopeople that they may not like. >> sure, voting's a hassle, getting registered and making time to vote. but between golf clinic and lunch at the club, i vote
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because only educated people will life experience should be voting, not kids who think they know everything. laws making it harder for rift-raft to vote? >> not going to glet a bunch of kids whine being their student loans ruin my business. if you live in your parents basement, you shouldn't decide our future the truth is you don't matter. >> i love to see bombs going off >> people running, buildings collapsing, children screaming. bombs pay for my lake house. >> humor can be effective and in this case, it might actually work. a reminder to all of our viewers, young and old, in most states, absentee balloting for the 2014 mid-term has begun. for details check with your locally board. that's it for this show. i am david shuster on behalf of all of us at power politics, ♪
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♪. >> isil fighters retake territory in iraq's anbar province, advance on the main supply route to the capitol. hello. i am david foster. you are watching al jazeera live from doha in the next 30 minutes, 11 candidates for brazil's candidacy. but the real contest expected between 3s main contenders. student dmontstrators ahead of a deadline to clear protest sites. we report on russian volunteers trying to find the remains o


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