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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2014 2:00am-2:31am EST

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of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can effect and surprise us... >> don't try this at home... >> tech know, where technology meets humanity only on al jazeera america ♪ ♪ you are watching al jazerra live from our head quarters in doha. also ahead, back home two u.s. citizenses are freeze by north korea after the intervention of a toppin tell jenks official. >> i just want to say thank you all for supporting me and lifting me up and not forgetting me. at the same time i was not forgetting the people of north korea. >> they have had enough. an unguarded comment made by
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mexico's attorney general is fueling protesters' anger after the disappearance of dozens of students. and warnings of a new cold what are as germany prepares to mark 25 years since the fall of the berlin wall. ♪ ♪ hello, first to afghanistan where there has been an explosion inside the police headquarters in the calf tap kabul. that blast happened outside the office of the police chief. at least one person has been killed. we are hearing jennifer glasse joining us from kabul telling us how at the managed to get inside the headquarters, jennifer. >> reporter: well, that is the big question that clearly a huge breach of security here in the afghan capital. not only did the explosion goal off inside police headquarters, it went off on the third floor of the police building by the
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police chief chief's office, hid was killed. seven people injured, including one child. it's a very busy time it was the height of the hush hour. many people are coming in to get things signed. to get documents that they need. the taliban have claimed responsibility and they say it was a suicide bomber. the afghan police say they are still investigating. but either way, the fact that the explosives got in so close to the general, kabul's police chief. he is unhurt but certainly a very huge breach of security here today. >> are we expecting casualties to rice, jennifer? what is the scene right now over there? >> reporter: well, right now they have the interior of the building closed off while their investigators try to figure out how this could possibly happen in the police head quarters. seven other people have been injured. we don't note extent of their injuries, among them was one child. to give you an idea, regular
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afghans are in the police headquarters. there is a very, very serious vetting procedure to get in this building or any other government building. people are searched. bags are searched people are patted down sometimes one, two, three times and this is a very secure compound in the certainty of kabul. not only is the police headquarters there, there is a prison there, a court there. there is also the kabul governor's headquarters as well. so it should be a very, very secure area of kabul. but as we knowinger explosives got in the taliban saying it was a suicide bomber. the police say they are still investigating. >> all right, jennifer, thank you very much for the time being. jennifer glasse reporting for us from kabul in afghanistan. two american sid sens released by north korea have arrived back inned united states. denth bae and matthew todd miller were freed after the u.s. director of national intelligence flew to pyongyang for talks. bae had been sentenced for 15 years for anti-government
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activities, miller six years for espionage. >> reporter: back home on american soil, kenneth bae step off a plane at a military base in washington state. followed by matthew todd miller. the two men were immediately reunited with their families. miller was jailed earlier this year for disturbing the peace. bae a christian missionary had been convicted nearly two years ago for trying to convert north koreans. >> thank you for all of your support and prayer. and your love. that is really been encouraging for me. and for others who are in the same shoes. thank you. god bless you. >> reporter: the men's release by the north koreans was welcomed by president obama. >> it's a wonderful day for them and their families. and obviously they are very grateful. for their safe return. and i appreciate the great job
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on what was obviously a challenging mission. >> reporter: director clapper is james clap he should the u.s.' director the national intelligence, in a statement the u.s. state department called clapper key to the men's release. we are grateful director of national intelligence clapper who engaged on behalf of the united states in discussions with dprk authorities about the release of two citizens. it's not clear why clapper was brought in to negotiator whether he had a second reason for meeting with officials in pyongyang, the north koreans reportedly prefer to negotiate with either former presidents or high-profile diplomats on the fate of u.s. citizens. there is some speculation by releasing the men kim i don't think un might be trying to soften his country's image. north korea still fashions sanctions bus it refuses to stop its nuclear weapons program and the u.n. security council should soon refer kim and other officials to the international
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criminal court for human rights violations, neither b avenue. nor miller will be prosecute today travel to go north korea you can but the obama administration is warning other americans it's not a good idea to visit. victoria, al jazerra. >> speaking to robert kelly joining us via skype from south korea he's a professor of the political science of diplomacy. you know the americans coming out and saying no concessions off erred to north korea. that's on the public face. privately could anything have been given to them? >> yeah, well, in the past the north koreans have been pretty canny negotiators they usually ask for some quid pro quo which the northwest wants something out of north korea. if i was the north koreans i would be asking for three things, one, some kind of relief on the sanctions since north korea has engaged in the nuclear tests and missile tests the
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sanctions have gotten tighter i would ask for relief on the banking industry, the north koreans keep a lot of money offshore and places like hong kong and it's made it harder and harder for the north korean elite to import luxury goods if i were the north koreans i would be pushing for that. america probably didn't give any formal but maybe they are looking away. it's hard to believe they gave them away for nothing. unless they are looking for a major breakthrough with the americans we don't know that they haven't said anything to that effect yet. >> what about this human rights report that the united states wants to refer north korea to the i.c.c. how much could have that weighed in the north korean's decision to release the men? >> yeah, that's sort of the third thing i was going to mention there. that's actually increasingly become a big deal to the north koreans they have began giving speeches in press conferences in in new york in theup, which is
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unprecedented we have never had north korean officials go on saying they don't have labor camps they are reeducation camps for people that love our dear leader. that they have are they are even admitting these things tells us that they might be worried and trying to get the americans to hold off for six months or a year to relook at the resolution on this. something like that. again, we just don't know. but we know that the north koreankoreans are more scared at this in a while. they have never used to talk about this stuff and now they are. >> negotiations, robert, obviously very second five, done behind closed doors, but what's interesting, the involvement of clapper himself in this. >> yeah, that's actually kind of a new one. in the past the north koreans have milked these arrests of americans for a big high-profile visit from a former president or high up official. this is pretty important for the north korean when they stand next to an american president or something and tells the north korean people that it's a real country and important the americans take it seriously and
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stuff like that. obviously president "real money" president obama will for the go. staff can't go. last people thought maybe mill are you clinton might go or something like that. i remember meme saying that. clapper went that's odd, he's an intelligence person. we'll see if there is ideal going in the background as your correspondent mentioned. >> okay, robert, thank you, robert kelly joining us from south korea. u.s. air strikes have hit a gathering of fighters from thize lamb i can state of iraq and the lolevants a u.s. military spokesman says the strikes hit a convoy of 10 vehicles thought to be carrying senior members of isil near the border crossing between iraq and syria. officials say they can't confirm if the isil leader was part of the convoy. he made a rare public appearance in july which he gave a sermon in mosul. now a leaked report from pakistan says that isil has recruited thousands of fighters
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from right across the country. take a look at these pictures showing the group's name on buildings. in the provincial capital where they are said to have been recruiting the most. and the report from the regional government there says isil plans to attack military inning at that layingses and official buildings and also target members of the minority shia community. al jazerra continues to demand the immediate lease of eights journalists who have now been detained in egypt for three sometimes days, peter guest a, are a us coulded of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood appealing against their prison sentences, fahmy and greste sentence today seven years in president, mohamed was given an owe additional three years for having a spent bull net his possession which he picked up at a protest. in an off the cuff comment made by mexico's attorney general has further fueled anger
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amongst protesters. jesus murillo was recorded saying live on air i have had enough. he was talking about the apparent killing of 43 students that went missing in september in the southwestern state of guerrero. protesters set fire to vehicles and they also attacked several government buildings. in response to murillo's comments they have been chanting enough, i am tired with corruption. here is adam rainy from mexico city with the very latest. >> reporter: protests in mexico on saturday turned violent in the state of guerrero. as students and angry protesters torched vehicles and state government houses in that poor western state where the students went missing. meanwhile protests converged on the plaza where hundreds if not thousands of people protesting against the government calling for the resignation of the attorney general, calling for
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the resignation of the president. this comes a day after the attorney general announced on national television that suspected criminals in the case had confessed to killing the missing students. he played grizzly images of evidence and also reenactments of these people confessing. how they killed the students. but, of course, after playing this provocative material, and saying this before a national audience, the attorney general said that he still considers the students missing. whereas the family members see this tactic and strategy by the government to give updates on the case as a way to keep saying the students are indeed dead and not look for them alive. which is the main priority for the parents of these 43 missing students. they keep saying they want the government to put as much energy in to looking for them alive as they are for looking for them dead. still ahead on al jazerra, the kenyan government tries to diffuse a tribal war over cattle and grazing rights. and is met with deadly results.
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and defiant catalans pushed ahead with a symbolic referendum for independent. details in a moment. >> get a first hand look at what life is really like under the taliban. >> we're going to be taken >> it's so seldom you get the access to the other side >> fault lines, al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us... emmy award winning investigative series... special episode on the front lines with the taliban on al jazeera america >> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation...
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>> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy,
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♪ress in the new democracy, ♪ hello again. the top stories on al jazerra at least one person has been killed in a suicide bombing inside afghanistan's police headquarters in the capital a kasami bull. the explores happened just outside the office of the police chief. north korea has released the last two american citizens in its custody. kenneth bae and matthew todd
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miller have touches down in tacoma, washington. protesters in mexico's guerrero state have torched vehicles and a tacked a government building. it's where 43 students went missing in september. the new i can't me new yemet will be sworn but but houthi members will reject it telling members of the parties to the make roles in the cabinets. earlier this dismissed the current president from its leadership accusing him of soliciting u.n. sanctions against sadder. a report from sanaa. >> reporter: this is yemen's former president when he was handing overpower to his successor president in 2012. he has now sacked his long-time
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ally from the leadership of the general people's congress. a party he formed in the 1980s. and remains one of the biggest political factions in yemen. the deposed president has all rejected the new government. a move that is likely to deepen yemen's political divide. he other excuses him of orchestrating the united nations sanction that ban the deposed president from travel ago broad and freeze his assets. yemenis are divided over the sanctions. >> translator: the sanctions are wrong. domestic issues are none of the u.n.'s business. leave us alone. >> translator: i think the sanctions are count are productive. they will push supporters to side with the houthis. >> reporter: shia houthi rebels still control the capital san s,
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they go ahead they were push out if a new inclusive government is form. now that there is a government, it's not clear if the political tension will get better. dozens of female activists took to the streets of sanaa denouncing the presence of militias. >> translator: i hope this new government will pave the way for the state's different institution to his resume their activities and tackle the challenges that we face. >> reporter: the houthis have made huge military gains over the last few months. and very few here believe that the shia fighters will bargain the territory that they control for the sake i've few ministries in the new government. the houthis have repeatedly dismissed accusation that his they are plot to go seize power. but the presence of their fighters on the streets of the capital sanaa and their expansion in the south raise many questions about their motives and their political agenda. al jazerra, i saw is that.
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kenya is pending military to the valley after 23 police officers were killed in tribal violence the army is trying to retrove stolen weapon that his caused a surge of unrest. but as this report says governments are being accused of heavy-handed action. >> reporter: tribal elders from the community hand over a firearm to local active vives in northern kenya, it's one of the weapons stole friend 23 security officers who were attacked last week. the el didders were given the men by men too afraid to hand it over to the government. the young men are believed to have killed the officers in this truck. for which an arrival tribal have fought for control. >> maybe after this giving the government their guns we now calm down and ask the elders who are these boys who did this problem. the killing of the police
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officers was a peak of raise of tensions between the two trikes, but they fought for decades over cattle, and grazing land. now oil and other natural gases have been discovered. and the battle over areas with these resources has become a politicized so 50 indicated and violent. he says his son was did h decapd by a man from a rule tribe. it's been a month and his son's headless body remains at the local most ware. >> i i cannot bury him without a head it's a taboo. >> reporter: roughly 2,000 police and soldiers have been deployed to disarm the trikes holding thousands of illegal firearms. we have spoken to some of the people who live in the area and they accuse the security forces of burning down their homes. this is one of the homesteads that was destroyed allegedly by security officers, hundreds of people have fled, but we cannot
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see any civilian movement on the roads, thousands because we have told people have gone forth third interior and the bushes and the hills of this vast region. at one townsender this man has just come from his hide out to find his shop still smoldering. it's one of several that were destroyed here. >> translator: they say they are looking for guns. but we are very far from where they the attack happened and we have no guns. >> reporter: the police spokesman told us that any formal complaint will be investigated. these people are worried, they say they want peace, but many are concerned if the government does not deal with the route cause of the conflict and those fueling it, then things may get worse. al jazerra, northern kenya. mmorocco has decided not to host next year's africa cup of nations throwing the turn in the
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to doubt. they had asked for the event to be postponed due to the ebola crisis. moore rocco rejected to hosting the competition. the tournament is due to take place between january 17th and february eightth. sam by ans mourning the late president, critics of his government saying over spending in some areas have led to budget cuts in the struggling education system. tania page reports in zambia. >> reporter: new reports in rural zambia make the ride home from school much smoother. it's part of late president michael's ambitious development plan. it includes new hospitals and schools. as well also a 100 percent pay raise for some workers. the spending spree has led to an aid billion dollars budget deficit. student are paying some of the
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price, fewer are know able to attend university for free. and if the new budget is approved, soon no one will. they'll have to get government loans they'll need to repay. >> it means there will be no future for us. so once the government after look figure nba to that sector of seeing people not only paying for their primary and senior but also their college. >> reporter: the government also imposed a public sector wage freeze and canceled subsidies on fuel. rural parts of zambia have to be developed so new roads are necessary. but they are come at a cost that has left some people wonder figure they should be such a high priority for the next government. >> we need to go back to the drawing board and revisit all the infrastructure spending that is happening in the last three years. we need to reorganize ourselves, both socially, economically, and
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politically. >> reporter: sam bee's robber riches means it enjoys steady economic great. but most zoom bee ans still live in rural areas and below the poverty line. economist robber says the next leaders sudden make education a priority. >> the quality of education in zambia is unfortunately one of the worst in this region. and that has a significant effect on the employability of people coming out of the system. >> reporter: if the prospect of paying off a loan puts poor students off university, they may find their new roads won't lead very. tan that page, zambia. in defines of spain's central court. while the vote sun official and unbinding some catalanses already live as if they are a separate nation, more from
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barcelona. >> reporter: imagine a future in which catalonia becomes a nation. these children certain can. >> translator: we want catalonia to be a free country. and we want the right to vote for independence. >> reporter: his dream is shared by many. on sunday, catalans take part in a public consultation on independence after the spanish government blocked an official referendum the same day calling it illegal. but despite madrid's resistence, some have long flown the independence flag. in 2012, he became the first mayor to declare his town free catalans territory. since then, 600 towns stopped paying taxes to madrid and send them to catalonia's government instead.
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>> translator: what the spanish government does not understand is that, the more it tries to stop catalans from deciding their few he should the more they will react and go to vote. >> reporter: why sunday's public consultation is not recognized by the spanish government. to many catalans around here it is a recommend run in all but name. and given the number of catalans flags hanging from windows and balconies here, it is already clear that many support independence. catalans have long claimed that because of their history, culture, cust you woulds and traditions, they are a separate nation from spain. despite attempt by the government to stop them, they insist the time for independence is now. al jazerra, barcelona. celebrations are being held in germany to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the perlin wall. berlins are make 15-kilometer stretch where the wall once divided communist east germany
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and the west. it's fall in 1989 became a powerful symbol of the end of the cold war. former soviet union leader mikhail gore be chev will attend and says the world is a the brink of a new cold war. >> europe and the middle east against the backdrop of a breakdown in dialogue between major powers is a concern right now. the world is on the brink of a new cold war, some people are even saying that it's already begun. >> the symbol may be gone but the wall has remained a tourist a tracks. nick spicer takes us in to the celebrations. >> reporter: east germany built the wall after a quarter of its population fled to west germany. it said the barrier was to keep western fascists out. the east german people tour the wall down and the regime was called the peaceful revolution.
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nowadays the wall is big business in berlin, trinkets and tours seen on offer everywhere. there is a checkpoint charlie site. the guards sunday real they are actors but the tourists still paid $3 to get their picture taken. this is another phone iy checkpoint located in a shopping mall in downtown berlin, proof, if any is needed, that's wall is good for business. the wall is also a cause of reflection and history of where the world is going now, if you are german it's almost a place of pilgrimage. >> translator: it was a wonderful thing when you consider how long the wall had been standing. people had to live under the communist regime. essentially locked up. so when the wall fill, i was relieved that there was now finally freedom for all germans. >> reporter: for some tourists the wall say cause for faith in
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the few he should because so few thought a quarter century ago that it would ever fall. >> and then it came down, so it's actually hopeful that perhaps hong kong or china or other parts of the world that are suffering such a system or in a very bad position it's hopeful for them because there is an example set. >> reporter: the fall of the wall led to jeff machine reube characters the single european currency and the treaty that created the european union. almost all of the wall is gone now. some fear its lessons are at risk of disappearing as well. >> there is a danger of that come play defenscomplacency falu can see with ukraine, you know, event over there that that is not to be taken for granted. >> reporter: on friday, lights began leading up 15-kilometers of where the wall once stood. an art project that's part of the commemoration. a pathway for people to wander
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and wonder of the power of peace of protests and the changes brought tout whole world since that day in november 1989. nick spice, he al jazerra, berlin. just a remind are, you can always keep up-to-date with the news on our website, hi, i am lisa 9/11er and you are in the stream. did elay controversial decisions until after the election. muse, dark money gone digital. how the shell company is shelling out record amounts on causes and all the while being one of the most secretive industries on where the money goes. hater, is it time to redefine civic participation, while some say it is not all about the vote when it comes to changing micks.