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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> nato accuses russia of sending tanks and artillery and troops across the board into the ukraine. >> the ukraine government is now deploying it's forces to the east. you're watching al jazeera live from london. tensions flair between israel and palestine as israeli settlers are blamed for burning a mosque in the occupied west bank. a deal between the u.s. and china is hailed as historic, but will they follow through on their pollution pledges?
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and? celebrations of the european space agency as after they manage to land a spacecraft on to a speeding comet. thank you for joining us. the united nations security counsel is about to meet in emergency session to discuss the rising tensions in eastern ukraine where a cease-fire agreed in september is looking increasingly fragile. they believe that russian tanks and troops have been entering the company true the border that straightests controlled. >> tightings like this have increased significantly in recent days. tanks and other military equipment on the move. kiev said that separatists are
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being supplied by russia, and not just tanks but bomb cat troops, too. and allegation that nato has backed up with its own observations. >> across the last few days we have seen the same thing that osce is reporting, we've seen columns of russian equipment, primarily russian tanks, russian artillery, russian air defense systems and russian combat troops entering into ukraine. we do not have a good picture at this time of how much we agree there are multiple columns that we have seen. >> moscow's position since the fighting began in eastern ukraine is to insist that it has no military role in the conflict. they have dismissed the comments calling them alarmist and anti-russian. it's a message probably meant mortar domesti more more
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domestic than international. >> to allow such a pretense, that's what russians going to be to be doing. they're going to deny. >> the cease-fire appears to be dead. both the rebels and the ukrainian army are preparing for increased hostilities. >> we see all their movements. their positions and of course we're waiting for them to react. i see it as an end to be ready to fight. the prospect of escalating bloodshed has alarmed the u.n. and a security council meeting has been called for later on thursday. >> rory and james for us. let's go to rory first in
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moscow. rory, the russians have always denied helping the separatist ukrainian forces. this is no exception. is there anything in the timing ten days after the separatists had an selection in eastern ukraine, and also when pratt barack obama seems weakened domestically. >> it's basically a situation where moscow has pledged to the rebels that it will defend them. it will support them, and it will shop them from being defeated. you've got the rebels in ukraine who are talking to russia. and saying that the ukrainian military is about to launch an offensive. you have got to help us out. essentially that's probably what russia is doing. and in terms of the timing, well, this is not particularly good timing for any kind of military offensive in ukraine, whether that be on the rebel
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side or the ukrainian army side. the autumn months in ukraine, especiallessentially turn the crowds to slush and mud. the clouds become low. it's very difficult to do any kind of decisive push in any direction. so the analysts i've been speaking to here are saying this influx of military hardware is basically more intended to keep the status quo. it's to defend the rebels. it's to stop them losing any significant ground. yes, the fight something most likely to breeze because the rebels and the ukrainian army are saying that they're preparing for such a thing but it's unlikely that we'll see tanks in kiev come christmasti christmastime. >> rory with the latest. thank you. now let's get the latest from james bays at the united nations
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in new york. this emergency meeting is due to start in just under a half hour. what are we expecting to come out of it? >> well, this is a meeting that they've been talking about for about a week or so here at the security council, and they're contemplating whether to have a meeting because they've been breezingly concerned about troop movements near the ukrainian border. it seems that the troop movements over the ukrainian border. it is the u.s. who has finally called this meeting. i think you're going to hear very intrenched volitions repeated. you heard the russian position. you heard nato's allegations. i'm sure you'll hear similar things from the russian deputy ambassador. the ambassador is away today. and from western ambassadors. in many ways i think you're going to hear from others is going to be the most interesting thing. those others are the u.n. they're representative from the department of political affairs,
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and national organization that has monitors in the eastern ukraine. there i think we'll get a neutral opinion of what we believe is happening on the ground. that's the most important thing to look at. >> we'll touch base with you later on when we have heard from that emergency meeting of the security council. james bays at the u.n. thank you. >> there has been a further increase. palestinians security officials have accused israeli settlers of carrying out the arson attack which destroyed the first flew of the building.
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>> it serviced around a thousand families and now you can see that it's mostly just ash. let's take a look at what happened here in this mosque after what investigators are describing as an arson attack carried out by israeli settlers. you can see holy books have been burned. you can see windows blown out. it just under scores the tensions we've been seeing not only here in the occupied west bank buts wills in occupied east jerusalewest jerusalem and israel. we've seen palestinians targeting israelis resulting in deaths, and now we're seeing settlers targeting palestinians. it would appear that the israeli authorities are trying to take some steps trying to calm tensions just today, and the
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israeli border guard was taken into custody, but many say this is not enough, and many palestinians are feeling that they are being oppressed, attacked, and this is another example of that. >> in what is sure to add to the tensions israel has given the initial approval in the construction of 200 new homes in jerusalem. the new housing development is slated, there has been no compete comment from palestinian officials. >> military advisers have arrived in western reak to train government forces. they'll work in the anbar province. previously they had only worked in areas around baghdad.
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and erbil in the north. iraqi soldiers have retaken control of this strategic to beiji. they're alsos trying to take back the largest oil refinery on the town's outskirts. a car packed with explosives blew up at a checkpoint near the police headquarters in central baghdad. nine other policemen were injured. >> syrian rebels are warning they could lose their main stronghold near the capitol of damascus. government forces are gaining ground close to doma and creating a siege of the city, and it's affecting hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped inside. >> these people are appealing for help from the international community. the syrian government has closed the last supply road in like
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some other suburbs it has been under siege for more than a year. >> this is a disaster zone. we're calling on the opposition government who are supposed to represent the people. >> they have also been under constant fire. many civilians have been killed in the near daily attacks. people hearsay that they no longer have the medical supplies to treat the wounded or those who are sick. it is not just medicine. residents have been finding what wood they can to stay warm as winter begins to set in. shops are closed because they have nothing to sell. >> the children are malnourished. people don't even have bread. we survived the siege for a long time. sometimes by eating grass but the alarm bells have started
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ting iing i ring. >> it is considered a vital gateway. >> they tried to open from the only humanitarian corridor. this is a message from them. they want to starve people to they surrender. >> fighters say they will not compromise because it will end the fight north of the capitol. >> u.s. president barack obama has hailed a new climate change deal with china as historic and a major milestone in u.s. china relations. the world's two biggest polluting nations agreed to work together to reduce their impact on the environment. it is the first time that china has pledged to cut emissions although not until 2030. from beijing we have more. >> china's government engineered clear skies for this week's apec
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summit shutting down polluting factories and cutting the number of cars on roads by half. on wednesday the presidents agreed to measures that might one day inhour thos ensure those blue skies are not the rarity. a deal was confirmed that would cut both country's green house commitment. >> to slow, peak and reverse the growth of carbon emissions. >> it was an historic agreement. the united states has committed to cut its emissions from 5 levelemissions from 2005 levels by 2025. china did not set a specific
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target but said it's emissions will peak by 2030. significant because this is the first time that china has made such a promise. this will hopefully encourage other nations to take action. >> we have announced our target for climate change for the two countries after 2027. we agree that we should promote further talks in the 2015 conference in paris. >> while both leaders agree to disagree, nothing appears to be off limits. politely restating their statements on greenhouse emissions, human rights and calls of democracy in hong kong. >> i described to him why it's important for us to speak out for the freedoms that we believe are universal. rights that we believe are the
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birth writes of all men and women no matter where they live whether it's in new york, paris or hong kong. >> both president obama and i believe that when china and the united states work together we can become the balance has of the world stability and propeller for world peace. >> domestic politics could still derail obama's climate change pledge. adrian brown. al jazeera, beijing. >> history has been made in space with the first-ever landing by a man-made object on the surface of a comet. the sea life probe touched down on the comet just over three hours ago. it was the culmination of a decade-old journey. the lander, the size of a
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washing machine, is taking samples from the comet's sample, which they hope will shed light on the creation of th of the solar system. we're joined now from the mission control in the germany. it must have been an credibly exciting time when three hours ago it figured out it had landed on the comet, but did it have more details on what the probe, how it latched on, whether it's safe, and if they've had anything come from the comet yet? >> well, there is a huge cheer in the mission control room, and that was carried through to one of the briefing rooms. a lot of people here have spent their life working on this mission. for them it's a hugely satisfying moment to get that signal from the probe. but soon after the details has
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started to come through. the harpoon system to hold the failed to deploy. it's not clear whether the lappedder has some how not landed correctly, or if it was just a soft landing and the triggers did not operate. they say it is powered up. it is sending signals back, but the room was about what status it is in. and then it slowly started ten minutes later. >> we'll be waiting for that. in the meantime, what is so certainly about a comet? what is it about the landing of this probe that scientists believe they'll learn more there about the origins of life here on earth? >> well, they always thought, they always puzzled, how and
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why water has got to earth. one of the theories is that water came on board comets which collided with earth. but they have not been able to test that because they never visconteed a comet. well, that's all changed. we now have a comet probe that will look for organic particles and amino acids that they believe are the building blocks for protein which can lead to life forms. the theory that maybe comets brought water and life to earth are being tested, and the months ahead as it moves towards the sun and warms up they'll get more information about what is actually carried on comets like this, which formed before the solar system. >> fascinating stuff. at the european space agency mission control, thank you for joining us. still ahead here on al jazeera. increased criticism for india's
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voluntary sterilization campaign as more women are admitted into hospital. and photographers from around the world compete for one of london's most prestigious portrait prizes.
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>> welcome become. nato says that it has witnessed russian tanks and combat troops moving in to eastern ukraine over the past two days. russia denies it, but ukraine's government said that it's
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positioning it's armed forces to try to respond to the threat. palestinian security officials have accused israeli settlers of setting fire to a mosque in the occupied west bank. >> the world's two biggest polluting nations have agreed to work together to reduce their impact on the violence. >> yul: now the parents of a teenager who was shot dead by police in the u.s. have traveled to in a knee have a to speak about the case. michael brown's case parked weeks of civil unrest. the union committee on torture is asking the u.s. government for answers. from geneva here is paul brennan. >> what began just three months ago in a small town of missouri brought the parents of michael brown to the heart of the
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geneva. their aim is to prove that policies in the u.s. can amount to violation of international law. >> this trip is very important for the family. making a powerful step towards justice. we need your help. that's why we're here. we need the help to get this done. >> the family are convinced that the killing of young michael brown and the level of force used by the police during the subsequent street protests amounts for violation to the u.n. convention or torture and cruel and degrading human treatment to which the u.s. is a signatory. the u.s. is being questioned on its commitment against torture. >> we've learned in the past and strengthened our implementation of the convention.
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>> the committee's questioning were wide-ranging from guantanamo bay to death row of prisoners but the recurring theme was the question of the accountability of law enforcement officers. >> in any country, and also in the u.s. it's important that the public knows what it does to insure transparency. >> it on thursday afternoon they will have to return to this room with answers. the outcome could redefine the nature of law enforcement. it is perhaps a very wide steps of the tournament torture to apply what happened in ferguson. but the family of michael brown are convinced that they can make it stick: paul brennan, al jazeera. >> a voluntary sterilization campaign in india has been heavily criticized that more women were admitted to hospital, some in critical condition. 13 women have died after surgery
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in a government-run health camp. we have more. >> this is a state hospital where relatives have been coming in and out all day. they tell al jazeera that women have been experiencing vomiting since steriledation over the weekend. officials say that all sterile indications are done by doctors who have experience by sterilization. but we heard the opposite, that the clinics are not hygienic, and in many sterilization camps, having a death is common.
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the fact that so many have happened at one time is the only reason why there is attention being brought to it now. >> men in istanbul were targeted by the waterfront close to where u.s. destroyer uss rolf was docked. this shows the group putting a plastic bag over one man's head. 12 people were arrested. >> at least 13 people have died in two car bombings. ten people were killed and 15 injured when a car packed with explosives blew up. the current home of the internationally recognized parliament. three policemen were killed in another car bombing near an air base. egyptian state media said that a ship has come under attack by unidentified boats in the mediterranean.
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some forces were injured and is being airlifted to hospital. other military patrols went to help firing on the boats before arrests at least 20 people. al jazeera continues to demand the immediate release of hour journalists who have now been detained in egypt for 319 days. mohamed fahmy, bader mohammed, and peter greste are falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. they're appealing against their prison senses. >> now it's one of the most prestigious photographic prizes. >> thousands of photographs actually 4,193 photographs were all entered in this year's competition.
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the enormous pile of pictures all by professional photographers. this photo o of the national library won fourth prize. one from estonia won third price. skate girl is running up. documenting young afghan girls in kabul. >> they have to really focus, and then they all line up eage eagerly to know escape time. >> the london based photographer is this year's winner and gets $20,000 in prize money. >> the sun came out behind them. i had my camera, and it was just an obvious picture to take. i took about eight shots, and one of them was absolutely
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perfect. >> the composition and lighting feels like an old master's painting. the dug's uncertainty as he sniffs the baby's hand and the boy's complete fascination and wonderment all caught in the photographs. laura won the young photographer's prize for her picture of an orthodox usual girl. because of the digital photographer more and more people from around the world can enter. there have been submissions from 60 countries. this insured a wide variety of subject and story. a colorful indian guru is juxtaposed with the intensity of a free syrian army rebel all represented in the exhibition that runs until february. the only rule for the photographic portrait prize is that the picture was taken within the last year. and it's clear from the 59 chosen that they must tell a human story.
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jessica baldwin, al jazeera, london. >> we can get another look at all those pictures by watching that report again on our website, where you'll also find all the other stories that we have been covering. this is our top story on the website increasing tension in eastern ukraine. >> two years ago, buddhist mobs tore through rohingya muslim communities in western burma, attacking anyone in their path. it sparked a wave of sectarian violence that spread to other parts of the country, with little hindrance from the authorities. now tens of thousand of rohingya, are housed in primitive camps under government armed guard, while others have tried to flee oversees to malaysia. but as jason motlagh reports, the refugees are being exploited and abused by people traffickers, while aien