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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2014 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> a suicide bombing in iraq's kurdish region killed five people. >> from doha, also ahead, israel begins demolishing homes of palestinians behind recent attacks in jerusalem. >> burkina faso's interim prime minister is named. >> going to the polls, i've returned to the birth place of the revolution. i'll ask people here if anything has changed.
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>> wee begin in iraq, five people have been killed by a suicide attack in the autonomous kurdish region. let's get more on the attack with i am imran kahn. >> an explosives laden vehicle detonated, killing police and civilians, lighting a number of cars on fire and shooting a black cloud of smoke and some rap necessarily into the air. we were expecting an attack in erbil, isil have been very clear that they wanted to attack erbil. in august they sent a message saying that we will send a volley of car bombs and suicide bombers into the city of erbil
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itself. also on social media, also this isn't confirmed, through isil accounts are claiming responsibility for this attack. however, i stress that isn't confirmed from isil officially but social media accounts that follow isil quite closely. this attack comes as quite a shock because of how secure the surrounding areas are. this isn't a residential area where we've seen bombing in the rest of the country. this is supposed tube high secure area within an already very secure area. >> as you say, the attack occurred just outside the governor's office. what has been his reaction? >> he's been speaking in the last 15 minutes, saying isil fighters are only 1,000 kilometers arm from erbil.
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they have threatened erbil before, and now he is saying that the kurdish area people are ready to fate, take up the challenge of fighting them, but they are a real threat. >> imran kahn there on the suicide bombing in iraq's kurdish region that killed five people. >> israel has started to demolish the family homes of people connected with recent attacks against israelis. in the last incident on tuesday, two palestinian authorities stormed a synagog in west jerusalem and killed five people with that. >> this was the home of the palestinian man who rapidly his car into a crowd of people waiting at a light railway station in west jerusalem a few weeks ago. a woman and a baby were killed and now israeli forces have demolished his family home. >> this is collective punishment. you cannot punish a whole family
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for the actions of an individual. there is no horizon for us palestinians. our situation is only getting worse. we have no hope. >> this is the inside of the family home. israel forces came to remove the rest of the families living inside this apartment block. before they exploded this flat, leaving it in rubbles. >> the trial prime minister made it clear those who attack israelis will have their homes demolished. benjamin netanyahu said it will serve as a deterrent. >> as a nation, we will settle the score with every terrorist and we have proven we will do so. there are some who want to uproot us from our state and capitol. we are in battle over jerusalem, our eternal capitol. >> it was another tense night. israeli activists took to the streets in response to a synagog attack. two entered the synagog with a
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knife, an ax and a pistol. >> work with us and then slaughter us. >> in occupied east jerusalem, palestinian protestors also fought with police. fire and smoke were seen coming from the neighborhood where the attackers were from. israeli forces raided the homes of the two men and arrested members of their families. in recent weeks, jerusalem has witnessed a state of violence partly over a contested holy site sacred to jews and muslims. it created not only a security challenge, but with unfor the overall peace negotiates efforts when demands for jews to have access to pray. >> this is not really helpful for the peace process and for trying to deescalate the situation and tension in
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jerusalem. >> as israeli and palestinian leaders struggle to find a starting point to resume negotiations, the conflict continues on the streets. aljazeera, occupied east jerusalem. >> we are getting reports of a car bomb in central yemen. it happened near radah. three houthi fighters were killed. we will bring you more details as we get them. >> in israel libya, a ceasefirea response to the deteriorating humanitarian situation. we have more from the libyan capitol, tripoli he. >> the ceasefire has not been implemented on the ground yet, because it was only initiated by
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only one party, one side of the conflict, which is the renegade general forces in coordination actually with the united nations special envoyee to libya and the united kingdoms special envoy to libya. on the ground, there was no coordination with the other side of the conflict. if you look on the ground, the situation, there is no opportunity for the medical core to get into the affected district inside benghazi has has
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been suffering from a densely shelling and also fighting in densely populated areas. >> 15 people including women and children have been killed in an army drone strike in darfur, seven others also killed. security and medical officials say they were killed in a gunfight between armed groups and the egyptian army. >> ambassadors from bahrain, saudi arabia and united arab
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emirates are expected to return to doha soon. >> aljazeera continues to demand the release of our three journalists now jailed in egypt for 326 days. they are falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. all are appealing their convictions. >> the interim leadership in burkina faso named a lt. colonel the transitional prime minister. he's already in a position of power after the military took over when the long time president fled to ivory coast following popular protests. we have more from the capitol. >> it was a very short statement, here it is, one line that basically says he is now the prime minister. groups started talking about what happened in the negotiation, saying it was one meeting when he came and he said he told them he doesn't plan tag
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back to the barracks until after election next year. the army is telling people on the streets that the reason why he was made prime minister is because civil society, religious groups agreed to make him prime minister. the minute the announcement was made, there was swift action with people calling in wanting to know how did this happen. they thought the process would be led by civilians. there was one civil society member taking questions. it was said the prime minister could be a civilian or soldier. they decided to just accept it, but they warned him that they are watching him closely. if he goes out of line, they are
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ready to go back to the streets. >> the first freely contested presidential election in the countries history. we went back to the birth place of the revolution to see what progress has been made. >> he has a plan. he wants to set up a company for unemployed graduates is advising him on his business proposal. there are many dreaming of a better life. muhammed wants to vote but thinks most politicians don't care about his region. >> a street vendor had been
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humiliated bay police officer and in despair set himself on fire. his death almost four years ago led to the overthrow of the government in what became known as the arab spring. people here are proud of this city's place in history, but today still struggle to sell their fruit. >> there's only unemployment here, nothing else. when i go to the market at 4:00 in the morning, if i sell my fruit, i eat. that if i don't, i don't eat. >> there is still a lot of interest in the elections. it has the highest of new registered voters in the country. many here still believe in the goals of the revolution and hope things will change, but they're frustrated it's taking so long. >> this is one of the reasons why. the industrial zone is still a waste land, despite government promises for money and
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definiteliment. >> it can develop on its own. >> tunisia's next parliament has to implement it. people are still waiting for their lives to improve. >> still ahead, goodbye apec blues, smog returns to beijing after a week of clear skies. we'll have the details. >> worth 1,000 words, a war photographer tymps children in guatemala to deal with violence from behind the lens.
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>> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy, let the journalists live.
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>> welcome back. five people have been killed by a suicide attack in erbil with, the capital of iraq's kurdish region. the car bomb went off outside the governor's office. >> the israelis have demolished the east jerusalem home of a palestinian. it comes a day after a synagog attack left five people dead. >> libya's defense ministry agreed to a truce declared by the renegade general in
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benghazi. forces say the 12 hour ceasefire is in response to the deteriorating humanitarian situation. >> rivers from around the world are in rome for a united nations conference on nutrition. the meeting is looking at ways to reduce the number of malnourished people. >> in sudan, a famine is looming because of civil unrest. children are the hardest hit. >> it's hard to see who you place like this can be a lifeline, but it is. children pick over the waste. sometimes among the garbage, they find scraps they can eat. sickness is never far away here. mostly, the families collect
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plastic bottles they can sell. >> people are lacking a lot of things. they don't have food items, don't have electricity and then because of the unrest here, last year, he they hide themselves here. >> those who have made this their home are better off than many others. children's hospital, a long way from the worst of the fighting, but even they are continually treating the malnourished. this infant has a high fever, has the distinctive light hair coloring of poor nutrition. she has brought her son, knowing speedy treatment can ablife-saver. >> as one little boy goes out,
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another tiny patient comes in for his assessment. >> nearby a the a camp, children are screened every day and given high supplement nourishment. the babies on the whole recover quickly. the mother's relief is evident. most of the mothers and children here fled bloody fighting to the north back in january. many lost their husbands and separated from their families and all are too scared to go back. >> of course here, it's easier to access and treat those in need and good progress is being made. it is a different picture across the country. >> the malnutrition rate doubled to 235,000 children who are severely acutely malnewer i should, which means they're very close to starvation. >> a huge aid effort is continuing in south sudan but one thing is needed more than
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any other to give its people and its children a chance, and that is long-term peace. nick clark, aljazeera. >> four women have been found dead inside an indian spiritual leader's compound. it's unclear how they died. police say the bodies were handed over from inside the compound of the man. tuesday, officers were attacked when they tried to arrest the man, who is wanted over a murder case in 2006. thousands of his supporters used guns and sticks against security forces. >> eastern ukraine have fears of a new cold war. weapons are not just fighter jets or rocket launchers. it's things people depend on, oil to apples. we have this report from poland. >> these apple formers are on
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the front lines of an economic war raging between russia and the west. these apples became a casualty after moscow slammed the door on most agricultural imports from the european union, a tit for tat response for economic sanctions slapped on russia. russia is inflicting major pain in this farming community, an hour's drive south of warsaw. orchards for as far as the eye can see grow this, the famous polish apple. poles love these, but so do others. in 2013, poland exported 677,000 tons of apples to russia. that's 56% of all its apple exports, but that all ended on august 1. there's nobody to buy those apples now and that's going to cost polish apple growers $659 million this year. that panic over apples is a
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symbol of bigger fears spreading across a european continent whose economic health was already turning rotten. sanctions are taking a big toll on russia's already-stagnating economy. lower oil prices put the country on the brink of recession. the ruble plunged to record lows and the bank of russia projected investors would yank $128 billion out of the economy in 2014, more than double the amount they took out the year before. even more important, putin holds a huge weapon in russia's economic war with the west. during the 1980s, moscow built a web of pipelines, linking its siberian gas fields to gas thirsty households and industries in europe, using ukraine as a transit state. europe today is vulnerable if russia turns off the spigot.
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in an attempt to fix that problem, poland taking the most aggressive action of any european country to free itself of russia's energy dominance. >> poland expect an l.n.g. terminal to be built by 2015, helping poland wean off the 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas it imports from russia. half that amount will come into the new terminal by ship. i discussed it with former polish president and cold war icon, lech walesa. >> just a few more months, years, we'll be independent from russia. russia will lose out, because we and others will not buy. now we are not able to do it,
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but will be in the immediate future. >> it's part of an economic war planting discontent from boardrooms in berlin to apple orchards in poland. aljazeera in poland. >> indonesians are protesting cuts to oil subsidies. the government said it will save billions of dollars. >> closing factories and reducing traffic in beijing, we report on the ending of what locals are calling apec blue. >> beijing this time last week, clean air, and clear skies. it gave local people a sarcastic new phrase, apec blue.
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of course, it was never going to last and today smoggy skies returned. the president said he hopes there can be more apec blue days. >> we are bearing the consequence of our pollution, the health impact here for so long, i think there is a clear signal from the public and those who are from the policy making circle that this kind of air quality is not acceptable anymore. >> in beijing today, the government's official air quality index was 292. the reading from the u.s. embassy, which most foreign errs trust more reached 334, extremely hazardous to health. >> for millions, it meant a familiar return to stinging eyes and itching throats. >> what can i say about this awful weather? what can i do?
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you have to live with it. >> too many factories around beijing. this is the reason we have such smog. >> the world bank said china's rapid industrialization causes 400,000 premature deaths each year. the pact agreed to at apec summit commits china to ensheer it's carbon emissions peak by 2030. if present trends continue, more than 7.5 million people could have died here because of the air they breath. aljazeera, beijing. >> on thursday, u.s. will recognize the international day of the rights of the child. around the world, a child is killed by violence every five minutes. those most at risk live in communities ravaged by conflict, but the threat is everywhere.
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in canada, 14% of high school students are bullied on line or through texts. in the u.k., more than 17,000 children were taken into care last year after suffering abuse or neglect. in australia, one in 10 parents questioned say it's ok to use canes and sticks. 70% of girls murid are under the age of 10. >> guatemala has the second child homicide rate in the world, but one group is confronting the problem through the arts. >> gomez documents life in his neighborhood, but growing up in one of the city's gang infested red zones means danger is never far away. not long ago, three children were shot dead while playing in a park just down the road.
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the sense of fear and distrust is always there for him. >> in our neighborhood, there are kidnappers and hit men, people dedicated to killing. at night, we bar the doors shut, because we're afraid they'll try to come into our house. >> he is one of dozens of local children learning to express themselves through photography. the fact that guatemala has the second highest child homicide rate in the world is often reflected in the photos. >> with a murder rate 800 times higher than the united states, the children often suffer the most. >> photo kids was founded to offer children an escape from the violence. the former war photographer said her student's trauma is similar to what she saw in conflict
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zones. >> when you walk on your way to school, you have to protect your shoes. you have to protect your notebooks, your backpacks, and you're going to meet these guys on the way to school and they're going to be waiting for you on the way back. these kids live in almost constant fear. >> evelyn grew up in the garbage dump and was one of photo kids first students. now she's the group's administrative director and knows first hand the capacity of photography to transform lives. >> sometimes people ask why we give a camera to a child. they don't realize that giving them a camera gives them the power to see that they can do more, they can tell a story and change that story, starting with themselves. >> this year's photo kids graduates prove 13 here can and do change their stories, determined to live a different kind of life and perhaps an inspiration to children looking
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for a way out. aljazeera in guatemala city. >> if you'd like to find out more about that story or the latest news, click on to our website, >> he shoots, he scores. and basketball fans around the country go wild. the shot at the buzzer did not win the game, but it covered the spread. it's inside story. >> hello, i'm ray suarez. all the big team sports in america have taken great pains