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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EST

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joining us. an egyptian court is due to deliver its verdict in the trial of ousted president mubarak accused of inspiring to kill protesters. hello, this is al jazerra live from our headquarters in doha. also on the program, nigeria's president vows to leave no stone unturned in the search for the perpetrators of a mosque bombi bombing. pope francis makes a visit to istanbul once the greatest christian city. the united nations committee tells the u.s. to investigate
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police brutality. ♪ ♪ an egyptian court is due to deliver its verdict in the retrial of former president hospital knew mubarak, this is the scene right now outside the police court in cairo where a few people have gathered i5000 police have been deployed as part of a massive security operation. mubarak is accused of conspiring to kill protesters during the 2011 revolution. let's reminds ourselves of the events leading up to this trial. on january 25th 2011. hounds of thousands of egyptians took to the streets of major cities calling for mubarak to step down. 18 days later he quit but by then more than 800 people are died in fighting wit fighting wy forces. he was wheeled in to the
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courtroom cage on a hospital bed to face trial on corruption and his role in killing protesters. he was convicted and sentence today life in prison. but six months later the court through out the conviction on technical ground, a retile was ordered. it began in may 2013 and a verdict is now due today. while there were harsh words for the former president from some people in cairo. >> translator: we expect the death penalty. anything else we won't accept. >> translator: he was already sentenced for his crimes in the first trial. if he is found innocent the country will be in chaos and another revolution will happen. no one will dare to stand against it. i am warning the police and the army if they want a fair and just country, then we must have vengeance. >> well, joining us now here in the studio is our senior political analyst. good to have you with us. this was dubbed the trial of the century. with a lot of excitement initially. four years on, are people in
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egypt today as interested in the fate of hosni new bar h mubarak. >> in the last trial of six or seven main security o officials who were directly responsible for the death. mubarak is accused of being politically responsible. at the end of the day those security officials are directly responsible. when they were acquitted. people start losing faith then. you know, that this trial is in any way serious, independent or that it's not politicized and this is one of the big problems happening inky squint today. i must say i am not totally objective about this, because the way i witnessed how our colleagues were tried in egypt. i don't exactly have huge faith in egyptian legal system. although historically speaking it was known to be more independent even during the mubarak rule. >> right. >> but there has been certain polight saying going on since
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the revolution, but certainly since the so-called coup. and sevens then more people have lost faith in the trial. >> the initial trial, a retrial was ordered in 2013 on technical ground. what does that mean exactly. when you talk about it being politicized or not. are they still after him or have me moved to onto others. >> he has spent three years in prison already, i think even if he is is quit -- [speaking at the same time] >> so that's almost behind side the point. but clearly the trial against mubarak is political excellence. he's accused being complicit in the actual killings that were going on during those early weeks from january to february
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of 2011. but let's be honest, his successor, you know, the former one, president sisi has also provided over the killing of several hundred people in rabaa, so for the justice system under this new president that witnessed the killing of several hundred to be accusing the former one, mubarak of being comcomplicit of those killings, that sort of creates a lot of dilemma for egyptians who look at the situation and aren't exactly clear of what this all legal lingo means to them. >> talk about the dilemma for he egyptians, we saw big protest on his friday, the biggest actually for quite a while in egypt. do you think the revolutionary furfur that was there were in 2011 is still present in egypt or has it been completely extinguished. >> certain the jeanni jean genit of the boll o boll.
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the it has been quite global. and so the counter revolution their i term counter terrorism and now security measures being taken against anything that looks democratic. this is a testimony to the continued spirit of the revolution, which we have seen yesterday. but it's also a bit problematic in the sense that those very liberal, democratic, seconds you lahr and muslim and nonmuslim voice that his we have seen in 2011 have more or less receded. because of the crack down and oppression the more cat alex streamist voices coming in to the streets because basically the middle ground has caved in in egyptian. the message to the egyptian youth which is the most problematic message coming out of egypt, if you are peaceful and join the political process,
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you might end up in prison or dead. but if you carry violence. you could escape, you could run, you could go to iraq and fight and control some land somewhere. so it's very problematic. and that's why the trial today is so important. mean figure those security officials are put back in prison, and mubarak is, you know, charged and indicted for what he's done, the complicity in the killing of pro testifiers, this regime might be accepted ailing message that, look i am not holier than thou but i am ready to start some sort of a process. >> thank you very much. again we are waiting on the verdict of the trial of former president hosni mubarak. this is a live picture in the courtroom the judge will deliver the the verdict. when that happens we'll bring that live to you. six african soldiers have been killed on the camp bastion
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army base. british soldiers handed over the camp in late october. this comes a day after an attack on foreign targets in kabul killed two british embassy employees. let's go live to charlie stratford in the capital for us, in kabul. first on the attack a camp bastion, what is the latest that you are hearing? >> reporter: we spoke to a government official down in helmand and he said this attack on camp bastion was going, he talked about a large coordinated attack by the taliban, he said at least 20 taliban fighters had been killed. six of whom died when they detonated their explosive devices, as you report he also said that there had been six afghan soldiers killed and another seven at least wounded. this attack comes amid a massive escalation, if you would like of attacks by the taliban in afghanistan. seems to be daily attacks here
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in kabul. and when you look at the size of camp bastion, this was this large, still is, is a massive military camp that was handed over by british forces to the afghan national army. when you look at the size of it and the amount of security down there, and then see this kind of taliban attack that's happening there, it just shows you the ability of the taliban, seemingly to strike when and where they like. not only in the capital and the large cities but against these large military targets and they had vowed to do this. certainly in the wake of the security agreement that was approved by the parliament here. that will see foreign forces stay in the country to try afghan forces after the end of this year. >> okay, charlie thank you very much, charles stratford live for us in kabul there. pope francis is in istanbul on the second day of his three-day trip to turkey, he will tour a mosque and visit nearby sophia the business busis
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entire search. all eyes will be on whether he prays at the sensitive site. bernard the first day went well what are reexpected today? >> reporter: well, any visits to by pope to istanbul is always infuseed with symbolism, this right at the founding of christianity was the most important city it's business ann fine empire. business an fine, any visit by a pope is huge. it was converted in to a mosque and the modern turkish republic was it made a museum. after visiting the hope just proves across a few hundred meters over to sultan mosque. perhaps one of the greatest piece of on the monarchy texture, the most important mosque in turk i and also known
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as the blew mosque, when pope benedict district visited the blue mosque he was seen to turn towards mecca as they prayed. the vatican always said he didn't pray but he had god in his thoughts. i think that was playing with words, all eyes will be on how pope francis conducts himself in the sultan mosque. thank you so much, bernard. bernard smith in istanbul on the pope's visit to turkey. we want to bring you now pictures from inside the courtroom in cairo whereas we edges inned earlier we are awaiting a vert on the retrial of former president hosni mubarak, he's in the courtroom. he has arrived. and he's still on that hospital bed which he's often been seen on since his trial began inside the cage in the courtroom. mubarak awaiting to hear his fate in -- accused of, of course, of conspiring to kill
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protesters during the 2011 revolution. we'll bring that to you live, of course, here on al jazerra. let's move onto nigeria in the meantime. the president has vowed that the perpetrators of friday's mosque attack will be brought to justice. more than 100 people were killed as they prayed in the city's main mosque. from northeastern nigeria, a report. >> reporter: witnesses say the scene after the explosions was one of absolute pandemonium. bodies were strewn across the area as people ran in different directions. one witness said there was a stampede as people tried to escape the scene. and it's believed that caused more fatalities, particularly among children. angry young men immediately took to the streets to vents their frustration over what they said was the inability of the government to stop boko haram's violence. they burned tires and attacked police cars, but security forces ultimately contained them.
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anger has been building over the endless state of attacks for the past few months. particularly as the country heads towards a much-anticipated election early next year. >> this is only going to fuel that sort of speculation that the nigerian government is -- has its foot on the break in terms of trying to actually take an aggressive response to boko haram. >> reporter: just last week the traditional ruler made unusual marks urging nigerians to defends themselves against insecurity. a reference to boko haram and a swipe at the government's handling of the radical group's action. the government and the military say boca harass has been sustaining losses in its attempt to hold onto ceased territory. but a number of recents bombings targeting crowded areas and cities in the north show how the group appears intends on sending a message, it's still able to strike at will and at the heart of some of the country's most crowded areas. al jazerra, northeastern
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nigeria. >> all right, still to come on the program, we report on why residents of a kenyan border town are living in fear. plus calls for an investigation in venezuela after dozens of prisoners die after are drinking a poisonous mix of drugs and alcohol. we'll take you live to cairo, of course, where a verdict is due in the retrial of former president hosni mubarak, stay with us.
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♪ ♪ welcome back, a reminders of our top story on al jazerra.
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former egyptian president hosni mubarak has arrived in court in coulcairo where we will hear int a few minutes whether he has been found guilty of conspiring to kill protesters in 2011 revolution. this is a scene outside the police courts inside the police court in sig sigh cairo. we were hoping to show you scenes from outside. but hopefully next time. again, the judge due to arrive in the courtroom any moment now to give his verdict in the retrial of hosni mubarak. in other news, pope fran frs is in istanbul. on friday he called for renewed push for peace in the middle east. and nigeria's president has vowed that the perpetrators of friday's mosque attack will be brought to justice, more than 100 people were killed as they prayed in the city's main mosque. now, the arab league is
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meeting in cairo to discuss the latest tensions in jerusalem over access to holy sites, palestinian president ma move a boss held talks on friday ahead of the meeting. let's go live now. what exactly will they be discussing this meeting? >> reporter: they will be discussing with the foreign minister, the situation as you said. the reconstruction in gaza and the violence in jerusalem and the west bank. we expect them to talk about the palestinian move to go to the united nation to his get a security council resolution that sets a two-year deadline to end the israeli occupation. we expect meet to go fucus on the arab support on such initiative and kev are revoluti. they expect air to be to support
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it and lobby for it on behalf of the palestinian. ohno from pa palestinian officil goes that palestinian president mahmoud abbas should have gone to the united nation security council for this resolution within three weeks of making the announcement that he was seeking to get this resolution in a speech that he made at the united nations general assembly at the end of september. therefore there has been a delay. there are many reasons for this delay, but we know from a senior palestinian official that we spoke to this morning that he expects abbas to still go to the united nations within days, he said. >> okay. thank you very much. live for us there. we want to take you now to egypt once again and cairo where wwe are awaiting a verdict in te retrial of former president hosni mubarak. the judge expected to deliver the verdict any moment now. mubarak himself has arrived inside the courtroom. the former president is accused,
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along with seven of his former police commanders of involvement in the killing of hundreds of demonstrators during the 2011 revolution that ended his three decade rule. he is also facing charge of -- charges of corruption, in this case, in the corruption case he is tried along with his two sons and hussein who is being tried in a se absentia that is one ofs closest association. the courtroom there in cairo is packed with people awaiting the verdict. also a number of people outside the courthouse waiting to hear the verdict. some 5,000 people officers have been mobilized ahead of the verdict as a security measure i guess. join is us here in the studio is our senior political analyst. first on the importance of this verdict. >> well, you know, it's been four years. but it's still important. i mean, president mubarak did
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preside for three decades over a certain dictatorial regime of sort. and he has been responsible for the death of hundreds, at least, in the very few first days of the arab spring. so in a way, this will -- could give the egyptians some hope that perhaps the knew system in egypt is open to change, to reconciliation and so on and so forth. however, if this court is totally politicized and all these -- and all these security heads and political heads are going to be released and found not guilty, that certainly will sends a message that the new rah jim is egypt not about to reconcile at all with its past or presence. >> i wonder, you know, this has been a drawn out process, a trial, a retrial, is there still a sense of urgency needed today
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of holding mubarak to account? >> not exactly. for the simple fact that his successor, president sisi is responsible in the eyes of many egyptians for no less deaths than president mubarak, because if you remember, a year and so ago, during the -- during the confrontations of ra ran a and e signs that people were carrying. to now be talking about i think -- to now be talking about mubarak when sisi is in the eyes many of th is guilty of the sam. >> the audience has arisen, the judge has arrived and we now now be listening to what he has to say about the fate of former
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president hosni mubarak. let's take a listen. >> translator: in the name of justice, in the name of justice and in the name of the people we start the session. mubarak presents. [ inaudible ] ab set. present, present,. [ inaudible ] presents. present. [ inaudible ] present.
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[ inaudible ] present. [ inaudible ] present. inning en present[ inaudible ] . [ inaudible ] present. during the first session on the 11th of may, 2013, i have said and i have reminded myself of the saying of the mohamed, please be upon him, that the muslims live from the 60 to the 70 and i am sick two years old now. i have spent 40 year old in the judiciary and i am about to go
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to a level mighty. i need to reminds myself that i am over 63 years old and i can see myself dead and i can see myself and saying to me, come on, what have you done in life generally and what were you verdict in the yeah dis jew disy particular. the pour he had mohamed has a saying the judges are to be. [ inaudible ] without knife. which means that the judges have sufferings and i cannot -- i cannot forget the profit saying when he says the one who doesn't thank people will never be able to thank allow almighty. from the bottom of my heart. from the bottom of my hearty to
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thank. [ inaudible ] and. [ inaudible ]. i would like to be grateful to them. i would like to express my gratitude because of the good and greatest that they have done because of their support to me during the process and the cause of the case until this moment. thank you very much for both of them. and at the same time, we need to thank and we need to express our appreciation to -- i cannot forget at all the prosecution because the people of the prosecution have done a great job in this case. within very difficult circumstances, very, very
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difficult circumstances. that's the least i can say. at the same time, i would like to thank my colleagues with whom i have worked since the retrial. once again, i would like to trace the role of my colleague. [ inaudible ] hussein, general prosecutor of north cairo and i would like him to allow me to deliver this letter of appreciation. sit down, please. thank you very much. i am very grateful to you. also i would like to express my thanks and gratitude to mohamed ibrahim, the technical role of
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the prosecutor. and in is a letter of appreciation at the same time i would like to express my thanks and appreciation for my colleague. [ inaudible ] and this is also a letter of appreciation to him. maya lomay alla al mighty suppod you bless you. a verdict as an introduction then the result. so with both introduction and the results, the vert is there. i am not coming here to give a
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lesson, everyone watching and listening to us they are more better than me and no no, knowle than me, but let me say that the court has examined all the papers of these kaz case accordg to two orders and two lists number 1,227, the prosecution general issued this on the 23nd of march 2011. 60 daze later, the prosecution general issued the second which is 3,000 -- the number of 3,642 for 2011. and both of them have included seven charges.
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each of which is a crime. with these seven charges there were two. [ inaudible ] and the first one, the prosecution i will -- i will talk in brief. and the defend. [ inaudible ] the force commander,. [ inaudible ] on the charge of security headquarters. [ inaudible ] as well. the head of the state security, that they have taken part in the killing of the protesters and i would like to talk to you in brief without details bse