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tv   Listening Post  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EST

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second child. when my son leaves my wife and i will be lonely. >> a couple that cap afford a second child aren't allowed one, and another that could are unlikely too. >> new plenty of news online. per cent hello i'm richard gizbert and you are at "the listening post". here are some of the media stories we are following. a suspicious death in venezuela, and the case for and against the
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arge finnian meet -- argentinian media and their coverage al jazeera defends itself from an employee fresh out of gaol in cairo the ratings down to a mere 619 million viewers for the biggest event anywhere - in china. and breaking down the political story in greece. when an argentinian judge dismissed a legal judge against her this past thursday cristina fernandez de kirchner gained a measure of vindication, not that all the media will see it that way. this story goes back to 1994 and the bombing in a jewish community killing 85, 86 if you count matt niskanen among them. he was the prosecutor found dead from a -- nice nisman among them. his working theory was that the
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government was covering up evidence. in the weeks since, there has been frenzied coverage unfolding against a domestic media landscape. president cristina fernandez de kirchner's government passed laws to redraw the media map, a process threatening the biggest country, a conghomerrate. there's no love loft between them and the government and it's been evident in the coverage of the case. in a presidential election the fallout could have app impact on who holds power in argentina. it's a headlines story. speculation, abbing uses and acrimony. our starting point is the capital buenos aires. four voices on the death of alberto nisman, and what it means for argentina. the journalist from a
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pro-government newspaper page 12. an editor from the anti-government paper. the editor-in-chief of the buenos aires herald. a paper that is more down the middle. and the argentinian academic living abroad. the official media are powerful and she is the most important media, the president, cristina fernandez de kirchner. >> translation: so what the media has done and specifically chlorine is what you can -- clarine is muddying the waters. it may sound cheep, but it's what they do. publishing hypothesis as fact the atmosphere is an extreme polarization of two access. between the two poles it's
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difficult to maintain a rigorous approach with the facts and separate truth from for example. >> the balance of events is now not in the realm of the media, but in the realm of the reader. you need to read two newspapers to get some level of fact or some level of truth behind history argentina has had multiple governments since the bombing of the jewish community center. the crime has never been solve. a popular theory implicated agents suggesting that successive governments covered up the evidence because they needed iranian oil. the government's recent move to replace the intelligence agency with a federal body created further enemies within the state. president kirsch's leftist ways are not popular. the prosecutor was known to be close to the u.s. embassy,
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there's plenty for the conspire tore criminally minded to work with on both sides. >> the opposition and the opposition media say that to silence a prosecutor who had accused the president, somebody in government must have killed him. that's what they spread. >> translation: just this past weekend a columnist wrote that there are rumours saying niceman was assassinated by an iranian command or trained in cuba. something that would be found evil. >> the stance of the official media was to discredit the victim, like one that said he was a spokesman for the c.i.a. mossad in the united states embassy the official media tried hard to link nisman with the interests of the enemy.
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>> translation: therefore, it's within the framework of these two polls that the news coverage relating to the nisman case developed. the prosecutor's widow went before the senate asking that nisman's death not be politicized. her request went unfulfilled. president cristina fernandez de kirchner is not the only leftist smern -- south american leader that must contend with owners leading to the right. nicolas maduro ecuador and others face challenges. cristina fernandez de kirchner was the first to try to reshape domestic media. in 2009 her government passed a law mandating that media ownership be divided into three
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equal starts, a third owned by the state. a third in private hands and the remainder community owned. the clarine group fought that in court. when a paper followed a draft document recommending that the president be arrested a senior aide tore the paper to shreds - literally. >> translation: the fact that a political authority tore an argentinian newspaper in half was unfortunate. it gives the impression that freedom of expression is limited. that is not the case in argentina. the truth is that the draft was relevant for the death of the prosecutor, and the bombing. but we still spend a week discussing it. >> translation: her and her husband nester's approach of challenging the media served them well tapping into public anger (played to the dirt -- deployed to the detriment of the
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media. a kind of fatigue set in. you can't blame chlorine for -- clarine for everything. you can't say the media is to blame for the political and economic crisis and not this case. >> or can you? >> political parties almost always welcome the pore of sa media company, particularly one as big as clarine. there's a cautionary move. when fox moved on from reporting on the political agenda to setting it conservative republican said we used to think fox news worked for us it turns out we work for fox news. there's a lesson in there somewhere, for the argentinian opposition parties. >> the cristina fernandez de kirchner found the perfect enemy to antagonise with much the
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government has been successful taking advantage. it has armed the opposition. because clarene adopted a more vira leapt role. searching the agenda at the expense of the opposition. they were following the agenda, and to an extent he has benefitted the government paradoxically the government on the download this week viewers weigh in on the coverage of the story in argentina. >> the pro-government media in argentina pretty much sided with whatever the government's theory about niceman's death. if you try to read a more objective news outlet it will be harder to find one since right now the population is guided. it's hard to find a media outlet that tries to cover the case in an objective way.
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>> there are alternative media sources that argentines are turning to for coverage of the nisman scandal. there's the association of independent and cultural magazines, which is an association of over 300 independent publications in the country, and people are looking towards independent media. they have done a lot of great radio print and video content about the issue.
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other media stories on the raid car - egypt the leading nightmare continues for two al jazeera journalists, one accuses the network of epic negligence. mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed had the retrial postponed to march 8th. they are on bail after spending more than 400 cases behind bars. >> not providing a safe working
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environmental, no press pass no licences to equipment. >> mohamed fadel fahmy had done multiple interviews saying al jazeera executives in doha failed it take heed of his warnings, the network's decision to take reports on al jazeera english and reversion them for use on the egyptian channel, banned by the authorities but a.j.e. staff in peril. he accused al jazeera's owner, the state of qatar of abusing the al jazeera arabic platform in waging a war against egypt. the free aj staff were taken up with many including channel 4 john snow being a leader. channel 4 did a piece using an interview in which al jazeera's head denied mohamed fadel fahmy's agency. >> there's no evidence of someone saying don't work in egypt. >> al jazeera issued a statement
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saying: also in cairo, a court sentenced a blogger, fatah, to 5 years imprison. he was widely read during the arab spring demonstrations leading to the fall of the regime. he was sentenced for organising and attending a protest in 2013, called to protest a new law in egypt that banned protest. so the media stories in egypt continues. it looks like open season. first it was nbc's brian williams, caught in a lie over his war reporting in iraq. now bill o'reilly has been called into question. a report published in a painga zone says that o'reilly's problem dates back to 1982 when he was reporting on the falklands war for cbs news.
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>> it was a situation in a war zone. >> o'reilly said he was in a combat zone a war zone. no c.b.s. reporters made it to the island. the worse thing that o'reilly witnessed was an anti-government rally. it has been denied. >> some left-wing... >> other journalists in argentina at the time backed the magazine's version of events including a c.b.s. reporter that said what o'reilly called a war zone was an expense account zone. brian williams was the subject of an internal investigation before being suspended for six months, no such probe has been held and it appears o'reilly who has the highest ratings is going nowhere the ratings are in for one of the biggest event on the
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television camera the academy awards. they are down, but an audience of 36.5 million is nothing to sneeze at unless you are chinese. the spring festival gala which marked the chinese new year was broadcast. there, two, the numbers were down. down to 690 million. the rateings stated 800 million is the equivalent of the combined populations of the united states, brazil russia and japan, every last person watching the same programme. the gala is a song and dance extravaganza with hosts and has been on the air for 32 years, and has grown more politicized. last year the chief executive of c c.t.v. said that it would be considered a national project along the lines of the opening ceremonies of the 2008 beijing
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olympics. they take it seriously. the "the listening post" on the most watched tv show on the planet and politics behind it shooting business is about the numbers - the cost of production against the number of viewers, and ad revenues based on the ratings. nowhere are the numbers bigger than on chinese state tv during the spring festival gala when china puts on a show. >> the gala is unique amongst television programs anywhere in the world. the government says it's along the leaps of 700 million viewers at one time. that is probably believable. in every household, as people gathered together. that is the programme on the television. >> the c c.t.v. gala show is
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part of the ritual of the chinese new year celebrations. since 1983 it has become part of the institution in china. >> chinese new year eats dinner the like of the christmas dinner in the west. it has become al jazeera. >> the gala manufactures imaginary china, creating an illusion of harmony and solidarity. this is a time where reality is glossed over and it's more about making people feel good. this year the show foregrounds ordinary people, ordinary joes the masses. different from previous shows, where the focus is very much on the rich and the famous the powerful. you have an ipp certs of world -- inserts of ordinary people getting on with their
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lives, turning to the camera saying "happy new year." >> the first year they had comedy routines dealing with anticorruption. usually it steers away from talking about political oishz. this year the reading - this is c c.t.v. and the government proving that they are confident about their anticorruption campaign confident enough to make fun of officials. >> it can have gun at the expense of the channel broadcasting it. a.c.t. t employees, two parties and executives were fired. the allegations focussed on favourable coverage in exchange for bribes. the song and dance routine has not papered over the allegations. >> it is much laughed at. its reputation has been tainted
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by a slew of scandals. corruption sheikh downs. it's interesting for the party to try to use c c.t.v.'s gala to land legitimacy and credibility to itself. i'm unsure if that works out in the end. >> the political overtones of the gala were evident in the line-up of hosts, eight anchoring the show one face stood out. a legal muslim from the north-west. the site of insurgencies and clashes between forces. beijing stepped up security citing the threat of a global jihadi. this is the first of show host to come from a minority non-han ethnic background. >> he's young, cool good looking and his identity as an
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uyghur in the past it cost attention being the uyghur nationalities. this again is an other to try to put a happy yun i think front, saying that he is a good guy. >> a frustration that you talk to uyghurs that they have is they are portrayed often by state media or state sanctioned events as happy dancing minorities, and they are usually there for entertainment. and i can see how some might see the fact that he is not really marking a qualitative change whatsoever. he's still there as an entertainer and the message seems to be that uyghurs are okay as long as they are entertainers. national unity, economic strength harmony - over four hours the spring fest gala is a nahrrative.
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what ties it together - the privacy of the communist party. >> there's a song dedicated to xi jinping. the yule onliy is accompanied by sleekly put together montage of xi jinping visiting ordinary people. after that i haven't seen these kind of platant personalities in years. not since then. after three decades in business the gala relies on a mix of heavy-handed propaganda it is high. 690 million tune in this year.
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many an social media providing feed back. on china's version of quitter, the video was called sickening and horrible. too man songs, fake hollow and empty. >> it used to be fun to watch. now i would rather sleep than watch in. it's impossible to kick the high ratings, some complain that structures stem from a different area. there's nothing new in the lack of creativity. the last year's director of the show complains that the show is tailor maid to the party's perfection rather than the audiences like him. his ability to make a show that is popular is pretty much hijacked by back and forth
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censorship. >> local stations decided to reject the show they'll show their own version, catered to the local taste and center. >> there's a satellite tv station that is responsible for putting on a vastly more entertaining specular gala pulling in genuine stars, foreign and domestic. >> and completely apart from that, there's social media, an infinite number of things dividing attention. this programme had a captive audience more than a billion people. it is dealing with a changing mark. much has been made of the new china and the looming superpower competing with the world. it is clear that it has come up
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against a formidable challenger about the media, social engagement and changing society. it is clear that it has come up
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the impasse between the european union and sadesa the -- syriza the newly elected party in greece boils down to how they set up their debt. greece does not want to fail because of austerity measures. the e.u. just wants its money back, how to go about that is and the policies. we own a debt of gratitude to the dutch programme trying to tell the story of a political showdown. in the red corner on the left is the greek finance minister and russia's president vladimir putin. in the blue on the right, we have the dutch minister of finance, and germany's chancellor angela merkel.
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see you next time here at the "listening post". father's words about his time here at the kooskia internment camp in north idaho. it housed just 265 inmates, all male, mostly volunteers from other camps. >> it was the only camp of its kind in the united states, it was really kind of an experiment... is this gonna work? >> the men were of japanese descent but were not american citizens, some kidnapped by the u.s. government out of latin america and brought to this country after the attack on pearl harbor. arturo yakabi was from lima peru. because kooskia was under justice department jurisdiction,
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these men were considered prisoners of war. they had geneva convention rights, they knew it and they exercised those rights. >> their food was better, their accommodations were better, the attorneys at the kooskia camp could even get beer. >> summertime digs have produced thousands of objects from the two years kooskia operated during the war. artifacts include art carved from local river rock and so much more. >> he would have loved that there's more studying going on now... he was free to have all that experience. isn't that ironic - "he was free"... i said "he was 'free' to have all that experience". my father liked it. al jazeera america gives you the total news experience anytime, anywhere. more on every screen. digital, mobile, social. visit follow @ajam on twitter.
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