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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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russia sees its biggest demonstration against vladimir putin in recent years, as thousands pay tribute to boris nemtsov. welcome to al jazeera, live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead... >> we must end it. i'm going to tell you the steps. nigerian president jonathan goodluck says there's nothing wrong with a government strategy against boko haram, in an interview with al jazeera. testing times for u.s. israel
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ties. binyamin netanyahu is in washington as a row raises over the upcoming address over u.s. congress. >> i'm m buenos aires, where hundreds dom show support for cristina fernandez de kirchner, and her last state of the nation address. what was planned as an opposition strength but in the end it became a memorial march for russian opposition leader boris nemtsov. tens of thousands rallied on the streets of moscow in one of biggest demonstrations in protests against vladimir putin, four years ago. rory challands reports. >> reporter: boris nemtsov hoped sun's -- sunday's rally would be a re-energizing of the
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opposition. boris nemtsov was not here to do it. his murder arguably was a reason why they came. >> we came to protest because they killed a man, a man telling the truth. a man was killed for telling the truth. >> translation: i came because boris was killed and not only because of that because we need to fight. we cannot live like this. i look around and i want to shout. people, i love you. >> reporter: boris nemtsov's face was everywhere. the bullet that killed him was meant for all of us. also was thousands of flags, a political statement in an era when leaders like boris nemtsov were vilified on tv as traitors and fifth columnists. it surprised many that such a huge opposition rally has been
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allowed to take place in the center of moscow. usually these are kept on the outskirts of town. maybe the kremlin are thinking grief and sorrow are more manageable. despite an anti-putin chant of course this was a sombre event, quiet and well behaved. but included in the arrests, an arrest for an explosion that killed 40 anti-russian demonstrations. big anti-kremlin marches are a rarity with freedom tightly controlled. the challenge now is whether it can turn the emotion by the murder into a re-energised push for political change
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the killing of boris nemtsov is a clear message that if you criticize vladimir putin, your life is in grave danger. >> it's a message is no one is safe. not just an opposition leader one of the presidential hopefuls in boris yeltsin's time could be murdered. what could be expected from others, who do not have the same protection of fame and not politically connected to people both inside and outside of russia. it's a moment where many of my colleagues were still free because many of them are behind bars, or outside a country in exile. they realise that it's a moment where everybody has to make a tough choice. if you are standing tall as vladimir putin, you should be ready
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i.s.i.l. targets are being attacked in an attempt to cut off supply lines. i.s.i.l. fighters have attack on tikrit and along the tigris river. iraq's prime minister is trying to oversee the military operation against i.s.i.l. >> i came here to recommend and announce a start of the operation to liberate the province for the tyranny of the terrorists. the priority we have is to secure the safety of our civilians. i instructed our security forces to make sure that the safety and security of our people is first and last. we have a large numbers of residents of the areas who volunteered to help the army liberate the glorious land.
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>> i.s.i.l. fighters released hostages abducted last month. they arrived at a church. 230 other christians are held hostage. they are abducted by i.s.i.l. during the offensive. egypt's president has visited saudi arabia to discuss the creation of a joint anti-terror. >> force. as the first meeting between abdul fatah al-sisi, and king suleiman since the death of his predecessor and a leak about how money was used to fund a campaign against mohamed mursi ousted in a military coup. an egyptian channel has a recorder from the senior aide abdul fatah al-sisi when he was defence minister talking to another official about using money from the united arab emirates to baghdad a movement that led the campaign against
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mohamed mursi, ending in a coup in 2013. >> yes, please sir, we need 200 tomorrow from the tamarod account. that portion that the u.a.e. wire transferred. the money transfer that came for tamer odd, we need 200 only. yes, 200,000 yes, thank you so much the united states now - democrats are debating whether to attend the israeli prime minister's address to congress on tuesday. the invitation to speak was accepted without the knowledge of president obama. binyamin netanyahu has arrived in washington as us-israel ties come under strain and is expected to urge congress to agree with a nuclear deal on iran which they have been pushing for. [ chanting ] >> reporter: delegates to this year's conference of u.s.'s powerful lobby group a.p.a. c
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was greeted by a group of protesters, the police were determined to keep the opponents outside on the freezing pavement. in recent weeks. opposition to the israeli prime minister surfaced elsewhere in washington amongst politicians who have been staunch defenders. binyamin netanyahu's decision to address a joint session of congress without consuting the obama administration led to a debate about their relationship. inside the conference there was an attempt to gloss over differences. u.s. politicians is on hand to give the audience what they wanted. as we negotiate with the iranians they have toppled four arab capitals, what would they do with sanction relief money, do you think they'd build schools and hospitals. given their behaviour today, they are likely to invest in the military to wreak more havoc. last week the u.s. secretary of state belittled the foreign
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policy judgment. on sunday john kerry asked for the benefit of the doubt and emphasised the u.s.'s closeness with israel. i was reviewing the record. we intervened on israel's behalf in the last two years more than several hundred, a couple of hundred times in 75 different forum to protect israel. for some u.s. supporters of binyamin netanyahu that carries little weight. one group published this full-paged advert in the "new york times", attacking president obama's national security advisor seven rice and suggests a divide between her and the ambassador to the u.n. samantha power. such shows of disrespect intensified opposition to binyamin netanyahu, within the democratic party. it remains unclear how deep a shift is occurring in washington.
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some 30 congressional attendants said they will not attend the address to congress by binyamin netanyahu on tuesday. south korea's military says north korea fired two short-ranged missiles off the east coast. the missiles were fired from the city and had a range of 490km. it was as u.s. military exercises got under way. here in qatar, n.a.t.o. is hosting a commence on how to control weapons on mass destruction, coming a month before the u.n. hoped to reach a deal to get nonproliferation commitments. as tom ackerman reports, arms controls are facing new challenges across the globe. at last week's annual parade in moscow participants showed up with a mack up of a cruise missile. the inscription, to be delivered
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personally to obama. international attentions are far from poaching the dark days of the war. when the nuclear chateau hovered over all clashes. but the long-term goals of nuclear disarmament, as espoused by president obama were relegated to the backburner. thank god nuclear weapons used are not in the newspaper, but it's a bedrock of security and we should never forget that. >> arms control fell off the table. >> that's a big reason for the about bulletin of an atomic scientists decision to reset the doomsday clock,en gaming the threat to humanity. it's moved forward to 3 minutes to midnight, a dire reading. >> they are reconstituting recommitting to the type of nuclear postures that go way back into the cold war.
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well russia and the u.s. reduced the nuclear war heads under the treaty. they are spending hundreds of billions to overall the weapons and infrastructure systems, and trading accusations of violating the 1987 intermediate missile treaty aimed at eliminating such weapons to europe. now they are saying you need to come back into compliance. the russians are saying we didn't do it. we don't know what you are talking about, and you are not in compliance either. at the same time. russiaeneded its agreement with the -- russia ended its agreement with the u.s. in danger of stealing or selling the stockpiles on the market. while the risks of exporting technology, there's no evidence yet. the u.s. competition may have a negative bearing on the u.n.
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conference to review the nonproliferation treaty. the countries reframing from nuclear weapons may be acting why not, if the superpowers are unwilling to follow through on their own commitments to disarming. >> still to come on the programme. contrasting style - uruguay's president hands power to his successor. plus... >> i'm in barcelona, where electronic's giant samsung hopes the launch of a new top-end mobile phone will help to secure its future as the world's largest mobile phone
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maker. he's out there. there's a guy out there whose making a name for himself in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you. somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it. welcome to the nascar xfinity series.
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good to have you with us i'm here in doha, these are the top stories on al jazeera. tens of thousands of russians march in moscow to mourn the death of boris nemtsov, he was killed in a drive-by shooting on friday. it was a bitter demonstration no the capital since protests against vladimir putin, four years ago. one of the biggest iraqi forces and militia try to cut supply lines and drive i.s.i.l. fighters from areas near the city. i.s.i.l. fighters have attacked the strong holds in tikrit and along the tig res river. >> israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has arrived in washington d.c. and is due to make a speech to congress on tuesday, opposing a possible nuclear deal between
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the u.s. and iran. nigeria's president vows to win the war against boko haram, as he prepares for elections. jonathan goodluck denies mishandling the campaign against the fighters who have killed thousands in a bid to eradicate western influences, and gave an interview to our correspondent. >> reporter: with less than four weeks to go until the election president jonathan goodluck promised voters he'd defeat boko haram. >> we must end it. i'm telling you the stages. we'll take over the territories they are holding. they are weaker. now it will improve monitoring. superior technology to monitor the activities. and we'll begin to pick them and, of course frustrate the activities, over the period it will go the president denied accusations his government
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mishandled the boko haram crisis. it's not a mishandling: president jonathan goodluck is standing for re-election. the vote was postponed for six weeks because of violence in the north-east where boko haram has been active. we ask whether the election date could be moved again. i don't think so. i believe they have been conducted, as national elections. 28 of this month. i don't see why we should postpone again. i'm embarrassed with the successors. i will win the election. >> if you don't. if you don't win the election will you bow out gracefully. >> by default. if somebody wins the election of course. i'll go my village. i want to top. >> there are fears of
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election-related violence more than 800 were killed. i'm not happy. it's primitive. it's unexpected and we are doing everything to reduce it. we need to recalibrate our security architecture. to handle the elections. otherwise it will go into unnecessary crisis. nobody's ambitious. the president or governor or whatever no one's ambition is worth that. >> reporter: many nigerians say all they want is a fair and peaceful vote and an end to the boko haram attacks. >> school in liberia due to open in several months fog the reopening of ebola. the ones used as treatment doctors need more times. every school will have
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handwashing stations and temperatures checked at the beginning of the day. >> now, small rebel forces in myanmar is on high alert between troops and ethnic minority troops. the liberation army is on a mission to wipe out hundreds of opium farms. florence louie reports. it's a time for extra vige lens according to the national liberation army. fighters patrol around the township. also known as palow are an ethnic minority in myanmar, and one of several groups fighting for autonomy. it comes as fighting in the co-can region continues. >> translation: we are part of the federal unit army connected with the other ethnic groups. we feel the same. we cannot live under the
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pressure of this military. >> reporter: they admit to an alliance with kokan fighters and have come under attack. another reason they are being targeted - poppy fields flourish here, under the control of militia groups. the myanmar army has been accused of aiding and protecting. the militia and troops attacked us with artillery five times. within three days we have destroyed 1,000 acres of opium fields. >> they had agreed to stop fighting a decade ago in exchange for a self-administered zone. they say things had got worse, and took up arms again four years ago. it illustrates how complex a ceasefire is. >> we have a deep-rooted
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conflict. it started in 1948, along with the independence. so you cannot or one cannot simply undo you know almost 70 years of conflict 70 years of destruction overnight. >> several deadlines to sign a peace deal has passed. negotiations continue. >> another round of talks are scheduled to continue. the president wants a ceasefire before elections are held at the beginning of the year. despite meetings that have taken place, the government and a dozen armed ethnic groups are divided. argentine president cristina fernandez de kirchner has given her last african union address, is stepping down and her popularity has been tarnished after the death of a prosecutor who accused her of a cover up. as lucia newman reports from buenos aires, all was going well
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in her speech until she was heckled. >> reporter: as she prepared to address congress for the last time, not a visible hint of the stress that cristina fernandez de kirchner and her government have been under, since the mysterious death of a prosecutor who accused her of covering up iran's alleged involvement in the bombing of a jewish community center. hours into her speech cristina fernandez de kirchner lost her composure when the opposition held up signs alluding to the bombing much. >> translation: i have always talked about it and asked for justice. i have accused the intelligence service of trying to cover it up. i don't need anyone to come here and talk to me about it. >> reporter: in response to last month's massive march honouring the dead prosecutor hundreds of thousands of government activists surrounded congress to show support for their
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president, accused of undue interference in the justice system. activists from pro-government trade unions political parties, grassroots political organizations were bought by bus to argentina. >> translation: in the late 1990s, i had no job. my family was hungry after 2003 the arrival gave me back my dignity at the dinner table. >> kristina knows her legacy is at stake. popularity has been plummeting. years of double digit inflation, crime, corruption charges, and the vice president have taken their toll. yet she made no mention of her government short comings, boasting as politicians do of her achievements. opinion polls indicate that more than half of argentines especially the middle class reject her handling of the economy and confrontational
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still. supporters see her as a champion of the have notes. >> cristina fernandez de kirchner cannot run for president again, but her political party and coalition can. the demonstration is a way of saying we are more we are the majority. a kind of opening shot for the election campaign. >> cristina fernandez de kirchner claims she leaves her country in better shape than it's ever been. in eight months argentines will say whether they agree at the polls. uruguayan's new president has been sworn in for a second time. tabar vazquez stepped down from power five years ago. the 75 leftist leader takes over from the popular jose mujica. he urged venezuelans to together to prove health education and housing.
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>> reporter: there was little pomp and ceremony for the big day. the former king of spain, juan carlos was present, and several regional heads of states includingesing dilma rousseff of brazil. michelle bachelet of chile, and the cuban leader raul castro. many stayed away. little uruguay is not top of everyone said priority list. >> translation: you've just seen a big embrace between an outgoing president and an incoming one, a gesture strengthening our democracy. >> the 75-year-old doctor served as president from five to 2010. heading the left wing brode front alliance and breaking the hold uruguay's two traditional parties held since foundation. he invested in health education and improving working continues. conditions. an oncologist he fought the
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tobacco industry. >> translation: we hope to see another government like the last one he led helping women, children and the elderly. >> translation: he works for the people, with the people and is fighting for them. that's the great thing he's done. >> he's taken over from this man, a former rebel fighter jose mujica, from the same political alliance, but with a different style. tabar vazquez is more formal, less ideological. [ clapping ] >> reporter: uruguayans it seems know what they want. the same party winning three consecutive elections, and they have a new president they had before. familiarity and stability two elements of how uruguayans define themselves. tabar vazquez left office in 2010 with an 80% approval rating. he faces a number of challenges this time around. poverty is a problem, and the new president will want to ensure that uruguay, with a population of less than
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4 million is heard above its larger louder neighbours. now, the world's largest mobile phone maker is hoping a new phone will ring in change. samsung lost a third of its share. the mobile world congress in barcelona, here is technology editor. >> mobile phone makers would like us to believe the launch of every handset is an occasion of great significance. it's no exception in barcelona, with the new galaxy vi. it's the largest maker of handsets samsung, over 300 million. this is a top model to go head to head with the apple iphone 6. it is also in trouble. it had a 34% share of the global market at the end of 2014 but
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it has fallen to 24%. much of that market share has been lost to the low end of the mark, cheap handsets and much of that loss has been to new fast-growing chinese companies, len ovo, and the new kid on the block show me. all have been growing fast. showme launched a phone four years ago, selling it online and is understood to make a tiny profit margin on each phone, but packs the handset with features reserved for more expensive models. last year it sold more than 60 million handsets making it the sixth biggest mobile phone maker. globally around 2 billion smart sets are being made. it's increased to 4 billion, with so many buying new handsets and competition, you see why sam
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set hopes this device will secure its future just a reminder - you can keep up to date with the news on the website at >> gone and some say, forgotten. >> all coy do was just -- all i could do was just keep praying and keep praying that's all. >> a year since little relisha rudd vanished. what's been done to find her? >> we have exhausted a lot of resource he. we will continue to do so. >> what has been done to protect