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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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suarez. iran has proven time and again that it cannot be trusted. >> israel's prime minister warns against a nuclear deal with iran which he says would pave the way for a bomb. welcome to al jazeera, live from the hours in doha. i'm z prarn -- elizabeth puranam. >> a call for a freeze in nuclear activity was a recurser to a deal. battling for saddam hussein's home town. iraq's army is making gains
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against i.s.i.l. and tikrit. and why some of china's political elite have been banned from this year's i.s.i.l. gathering we begin in the u.s. where israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu made his case against a nuclear deal. he warned an opposed agreement will not prevent iran making nuclear weapons, instead it paves the way for getting a bomb and added that the deadline for making the deal is a count down to a potential nuclear nightmare. >> this was unprecedented. a later of a foreign country addressing congress to criticize the policy of their own
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president. binyamin netanyahu is here at the invitation of the opposition party and over the objection of president obama. >> here to talk about iran and negotiations over the nuclear programme. >> this deal has two concession, one leading iran with a fast nuclear programs and, two lifted the restrictions on the programme in a sec aid. that's why the deal is bad. it doesn't block iran add path to the bomb it paves it much. >> claims the whot disputes and the (white house -- white house disputes and the president pushed back. >> binyamin netanyahu didn't offer alternatives. >> binyamin netanyahu spoke about the holocaust and other etches and asked the white house to allow more sanctions.
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more than 50 boycotted the people in protest. >> i resend the cronn agree sending tone -- conagree sending tone. what you witnessed was an old concept. if you make the people afraid you can make them do anything. he is an objectionist. there's nothing he would agree to. >> despite the claims there's no partisan, that's how it's seen. a speech that drew protests to the capital. many say the visit was an attempt to give binyamin netanyahu a boot as he heads into his election alienating some members in his party. >> the deal doesn't have to be done as a treaty.
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the president could do this as an executive agreement. >> it could be that the prime minister got his speech but the were the will have the say. >> i think binyamin netanyahu's speech will go down well with the broader electorate. the reason is not for the content. most israelis i don't think worry about a deal with iran. what they do like is seeing the leader of the country standing before u.s. lawmakers, talking about israel's security. they like the fact that binyamin netanyahu's speech was on international channels, his face will be on the covers of
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newspapers from major cities and lends to them israel. although a small country with a small population is important. in saying there, that are people in israel not happy, people that feel binyamin netanyahu exploited his relationship with politicians in the united states in order to make the peach happen -- make the speech happen angering the white house, who wasn't aware with the speech when it was agreed with u.s. house speaker john boehner. many say binyamin netanyahu decided to do this knowing that it would cause a rift to the white house for a short-term gain which is to keep his job when voters go to the polls.
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iran has called this deceitful. binyamin netanyahu is trying to derail nuclear talks some say. >> i don't think it's carrying. weight. they are making ests to derail the deal the more logical lobbies are looking forward to a solution. >> the address comes as nuclear talks take place in switzerland. iran says it will continue with the talks, but reject president barack obama's demonstration to freeze fluke leer activities for 10 years. the -- nuclear activities for 10 years. iran's foreign minister is meeting with secretary of state john kerry. trying to meet an agreement by 21st march. a deadline that has been set
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iraqi army seizes a tikrit city from three sides. many are afraid of troops backed by the militia. iraqi forces are taking control of the city trying to take it back from fighters. i.s.i.l. ruled large swathes of the north and central parts after they fled. tikrit has been besieged from three directions - from the north, west and south: the iraqi arm which is backed by militia, and has resuscitated sectarian divide. the decision to include some fighters has not been able to
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address the forwards of many who were afraid of being liberated from one regime. human rights groups compared i.s.i.l.'s brutality to war crimes and criticized militia for using similar tactics. >> the government never supported sunni tribes. we don't know why it stands with support to the sunni tribes. >> the battle for tikrit is the biggest operation undertaken by the iraqi forces. the iranian weapons and commanders and the deputy leader has been cited. the u.s. says it has not been involved. but collision forces are continuing to hit i.s.i.l. targets in iraq. along the front line the iraqi government is strengthening areas it controls. this is a 45km trench and the
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city. watch towers and guarded points are built to block future i.s.i.l. advances, and it controls down in the neighbouring anbar province. the iraqi army says taking tikrit is important as part of a long-term effort to retake mosul, the i.s.i.l. strong hold in iraq. >> our attacking force was backed by jet fighters. god willing we will defeat them. >> military would only last in the people believe the occupying force has their interests at heart. jordan's king abdullah urns his country to stand up to muslims, saying people that pose as muslims wreak terror and fake piety. it has ramped up campaigns
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against i.s.i.l. since a murder of a jordanian pilot houthi rebels oppose talks from the yemeni capital sapper which they seized in disease. the fighting conditions. we have this report in aden. this is the aftermath of a car bomb attack. witnesses told al jazeera that a suicide bomber detonated a car interest a stadium. the city was taken over by the houthis two weeks ago. the tribes are opposed to the shia houthis coming from the north. they mobilized forces. the attacks on houthis are a regular occurrence. early on tuesday nine houthis
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were killed. as violence continues political parties return. they are debating whether to move the talks. it's been said they should be moved to the south, because it's the seat of the gulf corporation council headquarters. the g.c.c. supervised a roadmap to yemen, the gulf initiative. but the houthis insist the talks remain in sanaa, opposing that it would support rivals. >> as mr houthi stressed the movement and the revolutionary committees believe through national dialogue can we exit the political crisis. >> the houthis accuse them of lying because they refused to design the parties. >> reality on the frowned is
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complicated. nehmeny is divided by two centers that don't recognise each other. houthis pound a call and took over. the fear is the conflict could result in a war dividing yemen further. >> still ahead, one of the men accused of the boston marathon bombing goes on trial in the united states. >> firefighters in south africa battle wildfires that forced thousands from their holes.
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>> they had been trafficking on behalf of the united states government. >> the cia admitted it. >> "freeway - crack in the system". only on al jazee
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>> next. did the police fail misty upham? >> if somebody did something to my girl, i need to know that. >> was is a case of discrimination? >> we had no help from the police. >> a family pleads for answers. "stolen sisters", an "america tonight" special report. next. only on al jazeera america.
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good to have you with us i'm elizabeth prahaam in dough hoe: binyamin netanyahu warned the united states congress against the nuclear deals with iran. iran people called binyamin netanyahu's speech deceitful and an attempt to impose a rational agenda. iran rejected president obama's demand for bailout a. barack obama sought the suspension as a precursor to a deal that's being negotiated in switzerland. iraq's army besieged the i.s.i.l. city of tighe rit from three -- tikrit from three sides. thousands have been fighting to retake the city. >> thousands attended the
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funeral of murdered russian opposition politician boris nemtsov. a fierce critic of vladimir putin - shot dead near the cm line on friday -- kremlin on fright night. rory challands reports. patiently holding offerings, they waited in line. they came to honour a man they viewed as a champion for a different russia. he was one of the best men in the country. it's a shame to say goodbye. >> he was a wonderful man with great charisma and kindness. a charming man. >> i came because no one deserves to die like he did. it's outrageous. >> dignitaries repeating all 28 countries came to the center in central moscow. former british grandmother john major suggested that the message will resonate louder.
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>> if anyone believes his voice will be silenced by the murder i believe they have made an error. his death will accelerate the message and will be an echo chamber for that. >> the service finished with mourners queueing up the road. those that hadn't managed to get in threw flowers at the coffin as it went past. heroes never di. >> at the cemetery on the outskirts of town more wade for the burial. many sang the lit urge yes of the church before it was lowed into the grade. >> interesting stories were told about the cemetery stalin's son is here soviet yet general and people less popular, anna poletkovskia shot dead in 2006 a journal lift.
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and now, of course boris nemtsov. the politician's girlfriend by his side when he was murdered flew back to kiev after three days of questioning from investigators. investigators did not receive complaint at time time and only today she left russia. a leading light has been watched. a level of sympathy suggests it is not as easy as it seems. president obama and european leaders warned of sanctions against russia if there are violations of a ceasefire, the fragile truce is holding, both sides continue to fire crass the
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front lines, we have more from donetsk. it's here that separatists fighting against government forces prepare for the battles to come. in a battered warehouse lie mechanized casualties of war. trucks with mashed wheels. many troveies wrested from the troops on the battlefields of i don't remember-long conflicts leaving thousands dead. now, despite a ceasefire, this separatist army is readying them for future battles. a former demapder is in charge of preparing the war arsenal. he asked us not to show his face for reveal his name. >> if you want peace, you must be prepared for war. the quit will be still with special places to restore it ready for the time it will be necessary to use again. the ukranian armoured personnel
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carrier is covered with may from a field where it was captured. the separatists are repairing it. if the ceasefire fails to hold they'll use the ukrainian equipment against them. >> forces on the ukranian side are preparing for the next battle. what we need is what i would call critical defensive capability. in comparison with terrorist supplied by the russians. we need defensive weapons not to launch attacks put to count apacks. >> with neither site expressing confidence that the ceasefire will hold the fate defends on the neckan aches as on the troops and the front lines.
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>> the 11 month conflict is caused economic conflict. the currency has lost 80% setting a record low against the dollar. to libya, where mill ir ab backed by the legally installed government in tripoli bombed i.s.i.l.-linked fighters who seized an oil city. the government in tripoli, and the rival u.n. recognised government in tobruk carried out air strikes. air planes belonging to the government showed the only working airport. the government calling for a ceasefire ahead of police talks.
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kenya's president burnt 15 tonnes of elephant i've ray as part of efforts to curb poaching. it has a value of 30 million, the largest style to be destroyed. emergency crews in south africa have been battling wildfires waging since sunday. we have this report much bat i'ming will the latest front in the fires. fighters working into the early hours of the morning, trying to get it under control since sunday. residents living near the area are terrified. >> everyone was outside the doors, crying screaming, this side, that side. terrible. strong winds fanned the name.
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pore vis ighty due to mistake temporarily halted the operations on tuesday. it's difficult to say which areas will be contained. if the names are out, fire is out, it doesn't wok like that. thousands of acres of plants have been engulfed by the flames. this is one of 14 they are battling to get under control. cape town officials admit resources are stretched. five homes have been destroyed by the fire. there's feared by the people living near where it's burning that changing winds could put them at rick. it's hoped that the focus will bring much-needed relief. >> two convicted ain drug
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smugglers -- australian drug smugglers have been transferred from bali to app island for execution. chan and sukka mara were sentenced to death in 2006 after the group was caught trying to smuggle heroin. we think the two australians deserve to be punished. but not executed. that is our position. right now millions of australians teel sick in their guts at the prospects of execution for these two. i have been saying again and again this is contrary to indonesia's national interest and best values. police in pakistan arrested hundreds of parents for refusing to vaccinate children against polio. the vaccines are rare in pakistan. this shows a determination to rad kate the disease.
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90% of cases were in pakistan. the united states - investigations have found this the police and court system in ferguson, missouri routinely discriminated against african americans. coming after a white police officer shot dead a black teenager michael brown the trial of the adelaide boston marathon bomber -- alleged boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is expected to begun on wednesday. it's taken two months to put a jury together. it wounded 10 and injured other. alan fisher has for. >> 21-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev looks different to the police picture that has gone around the world. he has been sitting in court. it was expected to take weeks it has taken twice as long the the weather is an issue, finding
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impartial jurors is another. now he'll go on trial pleading guilty to charges, including holding weapons of mass destruction. he was accused of detonating two bombs near the finish to the boston marathon. >> it looked like an. >> i.e.d. from afghanistan. a map was there with a leg blown off. another with a foo foot. >> the brothers were found to be persons of interest. they were spotted three days later. dzhokhar tsarnaev is accused also of a murder of a police officer. boston was placed on lock down. they hunt for dzhokhar tsarnaev who was found in a boat in a backyard. there's many unearned questions, among them. why did a man that grew up and studied here as part of the
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community and country resort to violence. dzhokhar tsarnaev explains his reasons in a note taking responsibility, saying it was retribution for action against innocent muslims in iraq and ag. u.s. attorney general eric holder, a man that opposes capital punishment authorised the death penalty. it will be claimed that novak djokovic was influenced by his brother, that he was dom nearing. it's hoped that it will lead to a life in gaol if convicted, rather than the death penalty. he is the first person to be executed by the government. if the jury finds him guilty it could be many years and appeals before it's carried out. >> former c.i.a. director david petraeus will plead guilty to
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handling classified information. charged with unauthorised removal and detention of classified material. investigators are looking into whether he shared it with his biog raf yes paul aa bradwell whom he admitted to having an affair with. >> the national people's congress sets out the ruling communist party. the gathering has been overshadowed by a corruption campaign. it's china's important annual gathering, a number of faces will be ab sent from the congress. 36 delegates and advisors are under investigation. one is a former aid to the president. many wonder who will be next. so far more than 100,000 low and high ranking officials across the country have been
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implicated. 14 generals were added to the list on monday. >> the president's anticorruption campaign is expected to be a dominant theme of the congress and is a campaign that appears to be far from over. >> the parties never a haven for corrupt officials. we support and endorse the investigation into their cases. >> some analysts belief the campaign is a guise to stop political rivals. >> he was focused on two things. con sol dating power and using it as a political weapon. 3,000 official vehicles have
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been talked with more set to go under the hammer just a reminder you can keep up to date with all the news that you can find on the website, on "america tonight", this is the video sparking outrage cross the country, what follows, a fatal confrontation between l.a.p.d. officers and a homeless man, one of the first task for the body camera programme year. >> it's part of also missing white women syndrome what we know of in the united states,