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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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>> a leading commander in the al nusra front is killed in a syrian army attack on idlib. hello, i'm martine dennis live from doha. also coming up in the next half hour - peace talks begin. not with each other. libya's feuding factions refuse to meet face to face. a russian dissident is released from prison after serving a 15-day sentence for promoting a protest rally. >> hanging by a thread a dramatic helicopter rescue of
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200 skiers from a broken italian cable car. but first, a senior commander of the al qaeda-linked rebel group al nusra front has been killed in syria. he died in a government car in the city of idlib on thursday. the al nusra front claimed he was killed in a u.s. drone attack last week. now the group is confirming his death in idlib along with several other commanders. zeina khodr sent this update from beirut. >> senior commanders of al nusra front killed, a major blow a powerful hit at an important time. a time when the group is coming under pressure from many channels including international channels.
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they want nusra to disassociate itself from al qaeda. al-nusra is al qaeda's branch in syria, on the list of terror organizations and sanctions by the u.n. there's pressure for it to become a syrian organization. there are splits. the men killed are believed to be the hard liners the extremists in the organization. those that do not want to it's place from al qaeda. this is undoubtedly weakening the organization the visions. it's one of the most powerful players, it's the main rifle of the government on the ground. we'll have to see how this plays out in the next few days if the divisions become deeper. over recent days they were sending a message to the west, declaring war on an ally. the movement was forced to
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disband. it was refusing weapons from the u.s. the message was we are the force on the ground, we can eliminate anyone we want on the ground. we'll have to wait to see whether or not this group will succumb to the pressures from the outside. fighters from islamic state of iraq and levant started destroying another of iraq's important archeological sights. the ancient syrian city of nimrod is on the tigris river, dating back more than 3,000 years. the government says bulldozers were used on antiquities. the latest destruction follows the release of an i.s.i.l. video showing artefacts in mosul's museum smashed by fighters. >> israeli police are saying a palestinian car driver has been shot and injured after his vehicle ploughed into pedestrians in occupied east
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jerusalem. four of the five hurt are israeli police men. it happened on the border dividing east and west jerusalem. >> libyan's recognised parliament in tobruk says air strikes end in three days in an attempt to promote talks. representatives are meeting in morocco, as militias fight for control of libya's oil fields. hashem ahelbarra has more. >> reporter: they are walking to the meeting hall. but libya's feuding factions are not ready to sit together to talk about a way out of the conflict. this is the go between. united nations representative is meeting with the tripoli-based government, recognised as lig mitt by the country's
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constitutional court. we came here because of a crisis, they continue to bomb our cities we want the talks to proceed. >> reporter: the u.n. envoy moves to another room to talk to members. internationally recognised city of tobruk. libya has two governments and armies, and have been fighting for control. >> translation: the fact that we are hear means we are building trust. it hasn't been the case in the past. the parties want to implement a problem rival factions in the past brushed aside calls for dialogue each laying a claim as the
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legitimate power in libya. there's a sense that it is possible to make a deal and it is important because in the last month, this was not the case. >> reporter: for years violence claimed the lives of thousands, forcing others to flee for safety. it has played into the hands of groups raising concerns na libya's civil war could destabilize the region. it's up to the bitterly divided government in tobruk and tripoli to settle their differences and agree on a roadmap to end the civil war.
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>> peace talks between two rivals in south sudan have been adjourned. salva kiir and riek machar have been in ethiopia but failed to meet a deadline on thursday, aimed at ending the fighting a russian dissident has been released from 15 days in prison arrested for promoting a rally where boris nemtsov was due to speak. he was murdered on the eve of the protest. nevali accused the kremlin of ordering the killing, something denied by the russian government. >> i know you will have lots of questions concerning recent tragic events. i have expressed my opinion, and will not add more for now. i'd like to say the activity will not change, we will not say anything. the act of terror that took place will not meet the ends.
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i am sure it will not frighten anyone, me or my comrades let's here more from rory challands, our correspondent in moscow. >> alexi is dismissive that boris nemtsov was murdered because of the relationship in moscow, he said it was rubbish, he was murdered by a government intelligence agency or a group, on the orders of the political leadership of the country and names vladimir putin as being a possible origin of that order. so where next for the opposition. well, many of them might consider that their safety is in danger you could argue that he has been for some time a prominent member of the opposition than boris nemtsov, and maybe he is a more obvious factoring for assassination.
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another opposition figure was warned at boris nemtsov's funeral that her work may be next. the work goes on. the report that boris nemtsov was working on calls putin and war, the investigation of the russian military involvement in ukraine, that will be published and the opposition march which became boris nemtsov's memorial march, that has been rescheduled for april. but to make any kind of significant head way. the opposition will have to overcome the prevailing mood in russia at the moment which is one of fairly strident conservative national. >> that will be difficult, indeed. >> an opposition leader from turge eize stan was shot dead in al jazeera, killed by an unknown
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assailant in istanbul. a banned organization group 24 - he is one of the president's outspoken critics police in south korea are investigating links between a knife attack on the u.s. ambassador and alleged assailants. ambassador mark lippert needed 18 stitches after his face was slashed at a forum discussing korean matters in nearby india, a lynch mob broke into a high security prison and murdered a rape suspect. the 35-year-old was dragged from the prison paraded naked and beaten to death. he was accused of raping a 20-year-old woman last month student leaders in myanmar
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are accusing government leaders of trying to kerb academic freedom. protests have turned violence. we have this report student protestors say it was a heavy happened crackdown on a protest. police say they came under attack after telling demonstrators to disperse. >> security in plain clothes were doing this in downtown yanggon. what do they show does the brutality belong in the day and age. >> demonstrators were angry at the government for pushing a bill. they are calling for changes to the school system and the right to appoint unions. demonstrations have gone on for months authorities say it's the first time they have taken action, despite the fact that activists did not give permission. student activists want to march to the city in nangon.
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>> we are protesting because we want reform of the education system neglected for something like 60 years. we have written letters to the parliament, had a lot of meetings and submitted demands. they don't care much that we had to have this. they are calling themselves the 88th generation, named after student protests it sparked a movement. the military suppressed the protest, intensifying the crackdown on activists and writers. a lot has changed in burma. a semicivilian government is in charge after 49 years of military rule. >> translation: the government is watching us and no decision has come from them yet. i think they want to cut us off and stop other students joining us. we think they are trying to separate us from outside communication. >> reporter: after the arrest and squirmishes, campaigners say they'll continue the protest until demands are met
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more to come including... ..on patrol with a new police force in southern yemen. plus... >> will the capture of the mexico's wanted man bring peace to the violent south-west of the country. coming up, i'll tell you more. pash >> as the amount of drugs grew guns came in. >> murder rate was sky-high. >> this guy was the biggest in l.a. >> i was goin' through a million dollars worth of drugs every day. i liked it. it's hard to believe that a friend would set you up. people don't get federal life sentences and beat them. >> they had been trafficking on behalf of the united states government. >> the cia admitted it. >> "freeway - crack in the system". only on al jaz
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hello again, let's look at the top stories from al jazeera. a senior commander from al nusra
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front has been killed. he died in a government air strike in the city of idlib on thursday. israeli police say a palestinian man has been shot and injured after ploughing his car into pedestrians in occupied jerusalem. four out of five hurt were border police men. five have been injured. a russian dissident has been released. alexi was rested for promoting a rally where the kremlin was due to speak before he was murdered. the family of an argentinian prosecutor said independent forensic tests show he was murdered. alberta nisman was found dead in his home in january, hours before he was due to testify in congress. an official pointed to suicide. lucia newman latin american
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reporter reports. >> reporter: results confirmed what everyone in argentina suspected, that prosecutor alberta nisman did not die by his own hand. >> i want to let you know na alberta nisman did not have an accident. he did not exit suicide. he was killed and his death was an asags nation that deserves answers and on the part of the institutions of the republic. >> alberta nisman was found dead in his apartment from a gunshot wound to his head. suicide was not ruled out. alberta nisman died the night before he was to deliver a report to congress alleging kirsch and her foreign minister had conspired to cover up the involvement in the 1994 bombing of a jewish culture center. alberta nisman's former wife said the results indicated that the prosecutor did not die
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significantly and may have suffered. his death casts doubts on the president who denied involvement. and suggests alberta nisman was murdered by rogue members of argentine's intelligence that wanted to implicate her. conspiracy theories abounded. while there seems to be little doubt, there is still no hard evidence pointing a finger at who might have pulled the trigger. >> rock newman al jazeera. >> now he was one of the most wanted men in mexico and a week ago the drug lord also known as la tuta was arrested by security forces. it headed the knight templar cartel which terrorized the state with a campaign of kidnapping and extortion. his arrest revived hopes that life could improve. we have this report from one of
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the gangs strong holds. lines of big business in the state, south-west mexico. not just of the producers, buts the knights templar cartel, who spent years offering them and other businesses a simple choice - pay up or face death. no more. >> translation: the extortion was systematic. you had to pay the cartel as if it was a tax. now that has gone. >> reporter: the capture of gomes, the leader mexico's most wanted man was the combination of a year-long operation in which forces flooded the state. >> translation: today we find an economy that is reactivating increasing tourism, a place for investment again. >> reporter: this man's brother was stabbed to death on the
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sidewalk three days ago. >> translation: on the street the interior minister is lying because crime has not gone down we have assaults, robberies, the police are not controlling the situation. they ride around. that's all they do. >> reporter: federal forces and vigilante groups weakened the knights templar cartel but left behind an army of unemployed young criminals. people we talked to say they are not longer being extorted but the criminals roam the streets. 400 were killed between december and january. toss not the sign of a state fully under government control. jobs were needed to offer a way out for those that earn their living through crimes. >> translation: they contaminated our society. there are people who the knights templar train, who are infected
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and are waiting to rise up again. the government has to invest in economy. as the government celebrates the send of a rule. the family roous another host life. for them true peace is net to arrive. there has been demonstrations in the yemeni capital sanaa over the abduction of two women. the protesters called on the government to do more to fine them. a frenchwoman, and her female driver were kidnapped by gunmen. the president put local militias in charge of all government institutions in aden. the group is known as popular
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committees, and is it responsible for security. they have gone to meet some field commanders. >> these are the men in scplau order from southern yemen. the militia has been controlling the city for months. now they have replaced the security person. the committees are a key factor. security. they were able to defeat terrorists more efficiently than countries and governments much. >> on the president's orders the popular committees guard the airports and public institutions. >> translation: we welcome the committees among us. they are useful. we had a lot of weaknesses. they helped, especially in matters of crime and illegal weapons. >> the popular committees were created in 2012. the purpose was to fight against al qaeda.
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they are said to have shown efficiency and made success. that's why they rely on them now, for protection and to deep security in aiden. >> we saw the aggression that took place and in northern provinces. we can't let the same thing happen in aiden. regarding security in the north, the committees were open to the idea of anti-houthi offensive. >> we limit ourselves to the kouth, and welcome the president. we are not ready to go with him to fight the houthis in the forth. >> some say it isn't their fight. >> we will mobilize forces for war, once we have military order, as well as an agreement between all tribes and provinces. >> right now, there's no plan to make a military move on the houthis in sanaa. and people say they are
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concerned the brens of political players from the capital may turn the south into a playground for instability. al qaeda operates here and only the committees are here to protect the south when the circus came to town, it used to be the greatest show on earth. now a famous american company. ringling brothers are retiring a star performer after shocking video emerged of elephants being beaten. you may find some of the pictures disturbing. >> reporter: for more than a century in america, the elephant parade is a star that the circus has come to town. the star attractions from the wrigley circus. 13 president obama determines are heading for -- pacaderms are heading for retrirt after the
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company announced they'll no longer be the part the act. they'll join a center in florida, where they join others that are too old or resistance. >> if they are not comfortable. they stay and live here receiving the best of care. >> that's not what animal right champions say in these undercover videos in 2009. the organization says handlers can be seen beating the animals and sinking bull hooks into the skin of baby elephants, which cry out in pain. in 2011 this video of an elderly elephant being beaten prompted british government to ban animals for circus following china's decision to end elephant circuses. elephants will be draws in other
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areas. rinkling said the decision was part of local laws. critics say they've been losing popularity. another factor, the 65,000 a year maintenance per animal which is not exactly peanuts. tom ackerman. >> an airliner slid off the runway and hit a fence after landing in snowy conditions in new york. 132 passengers and crew managed to escape from the delta airlines jet without injury, and it took place at laguardia airport. ukraine accused pro-russian separatists of violating a ceasefire after a soldier was killed. the truce is fragile, with both sides accusing the other of sustained violence coming as the government passes a law
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creasing armed forces size by a third. trust of politicians is at a low after a series of corruption scandals. close to 2,000 are under investigation. a neighbourhood group is trying to restore confidence by changing the way towns are run. >> sonya reports. >> it may be a sleepy commuter town. in its own small way, it has been revolutionizing politics. 23,000 people live in the middle class community and it has taken grass roots politics to another level level. four weeks ago the council decided to take matters into their own hands. the priorities to take local politics accountable and get rid of bets. they won, beating a 24-year hold here.
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once they are in power they began to make necessary repairs. they reduced wages, trimmed down expenses. all this while most held on to their day jobs. >> we don't have the ideology. our own ideas management, okay. we just think that we have to manage the city as if it were a home. first you repair the pipes before buying a new tv set. >> reporter: it would seem an extraordinary defeat at the time when spain is divided between the left wing politics. it's an alternative. the neighbours of this town ruffled the feathers of political parties. it had new comers on the scene taking note. spain has a huge problem with trust and its elected figures.
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the latest is that 96% of spaniards have no faith. employment and corruption are at the top of the list. no less than eight have been uncovered since 2000. 676 local councils from found to misuse funds. it goes across political parties. more and more voters are looking for ways to ring in the change in this election year. what the neighbours have shown is that it dan we impossible even without the support of mainstream political parties. >> all right. let's have a look at the amazing pictures. this is a rescue of hundreds of skiers skiers. they were stranded on a cable
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car. they ground to a halt at a resort after high winds blew down a big tree. with the cable at risk of snapping rescuers were winched down by helicopters and they managed to get everyone out without injuries. you are with al jazeera. night. hello, i'm ray suarez. federal agents raided buildings in three southern californian counties, looking for pregnant women arriving from other countries with a goal to giving birth to an american citizen. if you make it to the united states, a newborn gets you a passport and social security number. it's a squirmish in the immigration area.