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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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only on al jazeera america. this this this this this this this this this this outcomes taves. back to the offensive grown. craig smith, he got a break-away. they have to give it up. another game. jonathan taves has scored the game-winning goal short-handed, over time. hawks win. hawks win. hawks win. >> hi. it i am jimmy butler. you are watching chicago's home for bull basketball, comcast sports net. ♪ white sox facts, hello and welcome to sportsnet central. i am kelly crawl. this friday comeback win over edmond ton, coach q is not happy? >> we have to be better. >> what he is happy with is tave-o time. the bulls could be looking for more mixed buckets against the spurs? >> we search he had them out, got going. >> a broken foot isn't keeping
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chris sayle down. >> step in the right direction. >> it's the wrong director illinois's tourney holtz. sportsnet central where the unexpected is ex pentecostal. you are connected to sportsnet central. >> since the death of mini m i & o so, the sports world has paid respects for the baseball trailblazer. the outpouring continued with another chicago legend taking his final bow. jim latta has more. >> it is a sad day, but many did have a great life. i just thought he was going live forever. it is sad. >> a funeral for one of baseball's best friends. the final goodbye began with services at holy family church where family, dear friends and ginrations of fans paid tribute to an ambassador and a pioneer of his game. >> he was unfairly passover for the hall of fame, mini said even if it hurts on the inside, i will always be smiling on the outside. that was mini's maxim throughout his life. >> that's his message to us today. >> played five decades. first man of color to play in this city, you know, it is one of those things that mini did that was special. but he loved me i don't think i have ever seen mini noso not sign a game. he lowered game. he was proud of his heritage. he was also proud that he was a major league ballplayer playing for the chicago white sox. >> sometimes, we take people for granted t and you don't fully, i think, appreciate them while they are here. i think this man was appreciated. i think he was loved. i think people expressed it because he was so outwardly giving of himself to you. just a couple of weeks ago, i had to bury my teammate for so many years, ernie banks. you know, hereto hear the other day that mini m i & o so had passed away, two great people, who great baseball players who loved chicago. >> i am from cuba. then he is the only one of that made it possible for us where he issist ocally. there is this sense ofhit about him that's truly amazing. he was the latin jackie robinson. >> in the tradition of it chicago legends lost, the cuban comment made one final trip to the place that was his own heaven on earth. >> if we were all like mini he made us feel good about ourselves. he was so easy to love: he celebrated baseball. he was one of baseball's great ambassadors. it's a shame that a man like this doesn't get to see it. >> you don't feel a void. you go on. you have the memories. nobody can ever take away the
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memories. you know, we should not not' hold back as far as talking about mini. as long as i am alive, i will always at that mini and the good times. >> thank you, daddy, for being the best confidante, source of wisdom and the most amazing patriarch that we could have ever hoped for. >> antoine burnett in his first shootout as a blackhawk, a chance to win it. hawks win. antoine burnett in his first shootout as a hawks, gwg. >> antoine burnett making some noise in his second game with the hawks, a win, two points, exactly what the team needed on paper. but on the ice, not even close. coach q needs a lot more from his team than what he got against edmondton and saturday at practice, he made sure they knew it, yelling to quote, get pissed off. he wants more intensity from a group that's gone 14-11 and 3 since the new year. things need to change everywhere. >> i think last night was a. >> win. at the end of the day, you know, you've got to look at the overall team game. i think we have to be better. i think we are playing a very dangerous team tomorrow and the pace is what we are trying to go talk about and try to get set and we've got a real fast team coming in here. edmondton is quick. rangers are fast. >> when you go through that up and down whatever our record has been since christmas is a reason why it's win 2, throughs 3, so that means it's fluctuating. and so obviously, there are things to get pissed off about. i think the standard around here as not been met yet on the a consistent basis. i haven't been here that long but they do a lot of winning and expect a lot of winning. so, i think that's a real message that you get the two points last night, that's great. you need them. obviously each got to the wake up and realize that wasn't a well played game. >> looking to mix things up, the blackhawks second powerplay during saturday is's prior tarabinan. more so to get dejarnin. but the young forward has made a strong impression in his limited time with the big guys. based upon merit performances crossed board guys get a chance and he didn't play but it wasn't because of how he played. i thought he was coming off of a real strong game. times, you know, being patient and you get an opportunity see how he goes with it. >> i play wherever they put me to pay. i am excited to play whenever i get the chance. so, i just go there and try to enjoy the game and help the team. . >> the nhl, blues and maple leafs f coming in two points
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ahead of the blackhawks in the central division. this game, real chipy early on. first period, jack sill, ott on the receiving end of an upper cut, but you can't win hockey games with just punches guys. later in the first. james skwartsz his 22nd goal of the season gets st. louis the 1-nothing lead. a few minutes later, tjoshi going to net his 18th with that nice backhander, blues cruise from there going on to win 6 to 1. here is a look at your western conference standings with the preds dropping 6-straight. it's making the race more interesting. st. louis is two points behind with two games in hand and the hawks are just six points back, also william two games in hand. bulls look to get back in the winch column against the spurs after falling to the pacers on friday and despite the team loss, ricky do you go mcdermott walked away with a moral victory in his best outing as a pro, the creighton star finally, showed he could play with the big boys. mcdermott turned in a career high 16 points against the pacers, 12 of those coming in the second quarter and with derek rose and jimmie butler out for a while, the 23-year-old with likely see more playing time. a chalking enging year, it has been for do you go mcdermott coming off of knee surgery in december. but his work ethic and will is something coach thibadeaux has noticed and appreciated. >> it was good. good to see him, the ball go in for him. hopefully, he can build on that. he did a good job for us. you know, that's what we want him to do. he had a body move well -- buddy move without the ball. we screamed well for him, searched him out, got going. he maids the game simple. it was good. >> nate robinson back on the court. the clippers signed him to a 10-day contract. he is expected to suit up for la's road game against the warriors this afternoon over the last nine season, robinson has averaged just over 11 points per game. now to the college hoops where i will know lands over rpi top 10 teams. a road win here, you bet. it would go on long way. for rice, 25 points, nice finish on the alley opinion there. led by as much as 13. perdue goes on a 20 to 6 run. davis, the 3 pointer there, boiler makers in front. later in the half, davis going to strike again. again t counts for three, perdue up 8. under seven minutes left in the game. aj hammonds, watch them rebound here, nice offensive board gets it to go. boiler makers now at 13 and that
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capped off a 35-9 run for perdue three minutes to go. perdue by 11. tj thompson delivering the dagger. boiler makers win 63-58 iliani could be on the outside looking in more a attorneyey bid. northwestern looking to avoid playing day 1 of the big 10 attorneyey. early in the ball game, leading the break, that bucket right there, 1,000 pounds for his career at northwestern. finished with 15 on the day. picked it up in the second half. aaron white making his presence felt on senior day with the style issue dunk. he finished with 28 dunks. up 10 later in the hatch be. clemons off of the mark but adam wood bury is there in the lane to clean it up. the hobbling eyes win their 6th in a row, 69-52, nu can get a buy in you are nebraska and minnesota lose today. sparttans and hassiers doing battle in bloomington. down bad pats. sparty up double digital. at least 5 seconds left, hassiers crawling their way back. zislos with the 3 ball and indian kuala is within 3. can you believe this? under five seconds, travis trive missed the freethrows t the ill advised time t yogi misses the game-time free throw less than one second left. appoint 7 seconds left. marvin clark has to do is miss the free throw for time to run out but he makes it on accident and he is beside himself. sparty hangs onty to win 74-7 to t it's just getting you pumped up. isn't it? the march madness, it's all upon us. dreams are made and dashed all in the same night and the ivory league is up for grabs. we will have that plus the bears make the call on a couple of veteran defensive players. what are the chances? free agent randall cobbs leads the packers. we will tell you plus white sox chris sayles sheds light on rehab. all of that when sportsnet central returns. welcome back t the berries rebuild continues, stephen pyah, the defensive tackle is an unrestricted free agent and has had no conversations with the bears about re-signing. there are a number of teams interested in the 27-year-old including washington, dallas and arizona. how about chris conte? he has confirmed he will not be back with the bears either. the safety was a third-round draft pick in 2011. he started in 52 of his 57 games in a bears uniform and conte has had a history of injuries including concussions but it is said he will test the free agent market. it looks like packers wide receiver randall cobb will be staying in green bay and not hitting the open market. the deal is roshthd for 4 years
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and $7 million. 17 which is gar an teeneded 91 catches, more than 1200 yardseportedly for 4 years and $7 million. 17 which is gar an teeneded 91 catches, more than 1200 yards and 12 touchdowns. our spring training coverage is brought to you by act electronics, appliances and more. chris sayle is feeling the itch as spring training games resume for his sox teammates. he is stuck nursing the fracture in his right foot while his buds dicks are playing ball, he has been going through shoulder exercises and throwing off a wall from his to keep his arms strong. the timetable remains the same according to the team meaning another two weeks or so before sayle can resume baseball activities. >> the biggest worry is a bum foot. it is what it is. i am not going to lose sleep over it. like i said, it's still here. i am not cut off. we are not dealing with any major issues. it's a minor foot injury, and we are going to deal with it, and it leb will be better eventually. when that is, i don't know but we are doing everything we can to make that as soon as possible. i am doing what i am told and they keep saying it's getting better, getting blet better. so no pun intended, we are it's a step in the right direction? >>. >> look at all of the jokes today. >> be sure and join us wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. for inside look presented by] with the top of the white sox rotation. you will hear more from chris sayle and well as geoff. each took free agency. t at 9:00 only on csn. >> how about some spring training action? white sox mariners in arizona. hector on the bump for the sox, forces the pop up to right. garcia is there shutting. 6 up and 6 down in two innings of work. bottom of the first, jose abreu grounds out to short but some aggressive base running, beating a tag at home plate, sox up early 1-nothing. top of the thioate, sox up 1, rugiamo putnam deep and gone to left. rough day for putnam hand eric, the two sox pitchers combined to through allow nine runs and two innings. sox falls 11 to 7 how about the cubbies, take okay the rockies. jason hami. i bet he wants that one back even though arianado will take it. some kid will take that home as a souvenir as the rockies go up 3-nothing. chris bryant, another kid home happy with this one deep to center field. his first homer this spring, cubs fans, i know they want to see more of that this year and then later on, how about
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stariling castro? mid season form already with this. great play short, not enough though. last time illinois state knocked off a top-101984, red burs facing wichita state in the missouri valley t wichita stayed up 2, dashon knocks down the 3-ball. red birds take the lead with 2-20 to play. 21 seconds left. isu up 3. having trouble inbounding the ball. fred vanbleet picks it off, takes it the to the hoop. scores shockers cut it to a 1 point ball game. illinois state would make a pair of free throws to go back up 3, one last shot for wichita state. bleat is going to throw up a prayer here and it is off of the mark. illinois state pulling off the upset winning 65-62. they are one win away from an ncaa attorneyey berth. illinois state will face the winner of this game. loyola and 11th ranked northern iowa. the panthers unleashed a 3-point barrage off of the penetration. matt bow hanon is good for three, up 11. in the second half, jeremy morgan showed he could also 12ri7 the long ball, knocks down 3s on back to back possessions, hot hand there. north earn iowa wins 63-49. they will meet illinois state and the championship game. an automatic ncaa bid up for grabs in the ohio valley championship game, number 2, 5, murray state could be out if they lose to bellmont. straight to the finish. bell mont up 3, cameron kane. oh, my gosh. three is good tying the game at 85. less than 10 seconds to go. murray stayed up 2. taylor barnett right back with a 3 of his own throwins. desperation time for murray state and they cannot even get a shot off that's doable. bell mont wins, 88-87. bruins are officially in, in the ncaa tournament. murray state now on the bubble. if you thought that was good, how about this? yale boat harvard on friday to pull into a tie for first in the ivory league. if they could beat dartmouth saturday, the bulldogs would be dancing for the first time since 1962. and this, we start in the final 20 seconds, dartmouth down 3 to inbound, john golden going to kick it out to miles right who dials one up from distance so we are tied at 57 after yale with a free thrhrow. maldunas is good. he is the hero with less than a second left. his lay-up just beats the buzzer. watch this one more time. you know that crowd is going nuts. dartmouth 259-58. yale and harvard will have a one-game play-off for the ncaa automatic bid. duke going for the season sweep over north carolina.
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blue devils pete the tar heels by a bucket in their overtime win in the first meeting this season. check out the highlights. duke victory saturday night could almost guarantee a one seat for them. markus page hits the 3 in transaction to give his team a 7-point lead. he had a carolina high, 23 on the game. duke now up 1 in the second half. okofor. his running made, jones, had himself quite a night, though, too, came back from energy several in the game, hits a huge 3 from the top there. he had a game high 24 points. duke wins 84 to 77. and when we come back, we will check out some high school hoops. the girls 3 and 48 state titles on the lines. welcome back. high school girls state finals, all of the marbles here we are start with aaa, the state title game, the team morton and rochester. we are going to pick this one up after the teams do their little breakdown in the second quarter late, rockets passing it around the arkansas arch here sappeti switches squishes it. she is good. she had a team-high 19 points, rochester 22-16s. emma high schooler leading the charge gets the bucket to go here morton pills pulls out the 47-37 victory. they are state champions for the first time in their program's history. how about that? congrats, girls. the 4 a, bennett and friend playing in their first state title game, tie game in the third quarter. red wigs wings on the fly. emily trammic knocks down the free ball there. bennett takes the lead 36 to at the 3. five minutes to go. tackling doyle going to find katy for the score. doyle let all fours with 18 points and the bennett girls win their first state title in school history, 61-39, the final: >> the plays of the day are presented by lexus. >> number 3 coming to you from the lsu arkansas game final possession for the tigers, keith hornsby at the buzzer. you can count the three ball and you can count a win for lsu. clutch, 81-78. tigers, number 2, also a buzzer better, number 9 kansas at number 15, oklahoma. sooners jr. buddy heil, the tip-in is good. as time expires, great plays, right time for that young man. oklahoma wins 75-73 on their home court. back to west lafayette for a play of the day. >> numbers for the ilaini afternoon. >> ravante rice taking home our play of the day honors with that alley opinion dunk, only hoping they could have won that one. we appreciate you joining us here on sportsnet central.
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don't forget for all of your sports news 24-7, stay logged on to finals neckedfection weekend. kelly krawl. see you againsoon. ♪ this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this for more than 50 years, the diocese of grand rapids has served the people of west michigan by providing the blessing of mass on television and now through the internet. this is bishop david wachoviak. welcome to sunday mass at the cathedral of saint andrew. we want to thank you for your faithful support of this program and invite you to join us now and every week as celebrate god's love. >> welcome to the cathedral of saint andrew. today, we i will celebrate the third sunday in the season of lent. all readings and music for our liturgy may be ford found in or would youship aid. please join us in our opening hymn, "the cross of jesus." ♪ come, 0 god, renew your people. ♪ we who long to see your face. ♪ stren en hearts that have grown feeble. ♪ fill our lives with truth and grace. ♪ only you can win our freedom. ♪ online you can bring us peace. ♪ only in the cross of jesus. ♪ will the captives find release. ♪ deep within create a new heart. ♪ melt away the winter chill. ♪ help us now to make a new start. ♪ help us now to know your will. ♪ washed in waters of forgiveness. ♪ cleansed in waters of news birth. ♪ lead us to the cross of jesus. ♪ bringing life to all the earth. ♪ in the darkness that surrounds us, we have lost you see from our sight. ♪ even though your love has found us, we embrace the powers of night. ♪ scatter now our deepest darkness. ♪ guide our hearts in to the light. join us to the cross of jesus. ♪ help us set our living right. ♪ call us forth to walk in justice. ♪ rescue us from sin and grave. ♪ through the power of your spirit, breathe in us the breath that saves. ♪ strengthen us in our communion. ♪ one in word and cup and bread. ♪ here within the cross of jesus, all who hunger will be fed. ♪ in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit. amen. >> the grace of our lord jesus christ and the love of god and the communion of the holy spirit be with you all. ♪ it is welcoming all you, you that i am standing here today. we welcome you on this third sunday in len, a little more -- a little less, rather, than
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halfway through. >> that's on time since we had to move our clocks forward last night. but anyway, we are here to celebrate the lord, to be aware of the great gift he has given us in the temple of his father. so we welcome in particular today our people watching us on television and those watching on the worldwide web. sisters and brothers, let us acknowledge our sins and so prepare ourselves to celebrate the sacred mysteries. i confess to almighty god and to you and to you, my brothers and sisters, that i have greatly sinned in my thoughts and in my words and what i have done and what i have failed to do. through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault. therefore, i am blessed mary, the virgin and you, my brothers and sisters to pray to me for the lord our god. may almighty god have mercy on us, forgive us our sings. give us to everlasting life. ♪ lord have mercy. lord have mercy. christ, have mercy. ♪ christ have mercy. lord, have mercy. ♪ let us pray, 0 god, author of every mercy and of all goodness. who will in prayer and thanksgiving has shown us a remedy for sins. look graciously on this confession of our holiness that we who are bowed down by our conscience may allegation be lifted up by your mercy through our lord jesus christ, your son who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the holy spirit, one god forever and ever. amen. ♪
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>> hard to believe a friend would set you up. we will get federal life sentences and beat them. >> on behalf of the united states government. >> i admitted it. freeway, crack in the system continues tonight 10:00 eastern only on "al jazeera america." don't miss
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. >> a quick reminder the top stories, niger and chad lost a joint offensive. this after the group pledged allegiance to isil in an audio message posted online. in mali three people have been killed in an attack on a u.n. base in kidal. witnesses say gunmen fired rockets and shells on the compound. a team of independent investigators has released the first report on the disappearance of mazlaysian airlines mh-370. they say the battery he knewpired a year before the plane disappeared. tensions are high in hong kong over a surge in the number of cross-border traders. protesters resent the intruders. rob reynolds reports. it is becoming a regular weekend
12:14 pm
occurrence, always rowdy and increasingly violence. protests by hong kong groups against mainland chinese traders with the police trying to keep order. they are called parallel traders. visitors using multiple entry visas to cross the border back and forth with bothulk purchases of goods they resale in mainland china. according to protestors, they are making life in local border towns unbearable. >> it's affecting property prices and the cost of goods in the shops and it's getting harder for people to just get around on public transport. >> while the vast majority of hong kong people would reject violence a survey by one of the main political parties has found 70% are in favor of measures to control visitor numbers. >> it's just no measures taken -- if there are no measures taken, i think the signatures will go worse. you can see in the last few weeks, there are protests and
12:15 pm
serious conflict. >> the problem is bringing in measures that just target the traders and don't put off the growing influx of mainland chinese visitors and tourists to luxury goods. >> many mainland visitors would point out their shopping trips have helped hong kong through recent economic down to your understanding. they don't understand why they are resented. in their view: do you want our money or not? the people who come across the border. >> reporter: the issue has fueled the debate about the troubled relationship with mainland china especially in the wake of the occupy central movement calling for greater freedoms. >> because it reflects the frustration of hong kong people with the government it's lack of ability to do things without referring decisions back to bang jing, it's lack of willingness to stand up for hong kong interests rather than the interests of the leadership in beijing. and that very much emanates from
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the core reasons that the occupy movement started in the first place. >> the legacy of the movement providing the i am pettus for a fresh cycle of demonstrations that have a worrying tendency to turn violent. robert mcbride, al jazeera, hong kong. >> australia's government is keeping up pressure on indonesia to spare the lives of two australians facing eminent execution on drug smuggling charges. clemency has been rejected but he said he hasn't ruled out abolishing the death penalty in the
12:17 pm
future. we are continuing to do what we can. >> a court in russia ruled three suspects in the killing of boris them nemtsov be kept in custody. another man was charged with the murder while a decision is to be made on a fifth suspect. one man admitted involvement. nemtsov was shot before he was to lead a protest march. fighting in eastern ukraine has left at least one soldier dead and three others wounded over the past 24 hours. that's according to the military. the fighting with pro-russian separatists coincides with the end of a deadline for creating a buffer zone by pulling back heavy weapons. both sides accuse each other of ignoring it. here is john hendron. on the rebel front line the cease-fire is a noisy one.
12:18 pm
oleg sa. shkov takes us to a french where gunfire and mortars are clearly heard. get down he says. did you hear that grenade launcher hit us. we are 800 meters from the front lines. we are told that grenade launchers are being used to fire on the donetsk people's republic positions. right now hen we are waiting for the firing to stop. >> on the other side of the front lines a few days earlier, ukrainian forces said it was separatists who were firing on them. >> in principle, the cease-fire is holding but there is regular small arms fire so complete cease-fire can't exist. before you arrived here, several small shells landed on our side. before we fired back there were again 5id launchers firing at us. >> saturday was the deadline for both sides to remove tanks, artillery and other heavy equipment from the front lines.
12:19 pm
both sides say they are compliant, though we spotted this separatist tank concealed behind a building in a residential neighborhood of done donetsk about 10 kilometers from the front line. each side accuses the other of violating the heavy weapons ban. >> the rebel army has withdrawn heavy artillery from front line petitions. right sector and ukrainian forces have not withdrawn any items of heavy artillery. every night, thing move forward their military equipment and heavy artillery. every night, they are coming closer. >> with daily violations of the cease-fire and apparent violations of the heavy weapons ban, it is not at all clear the end of the conflict is any closer. john hendren, al jazeera, on the front lines amount eastern ukraine. 50 years in the state of alabama a march helped security equal voting rights. in a few hours, a group will retrace the group.
12:20 pm
it's part of a series of events that led by barack obama. in selma, live now. there have been mixed feelings there over just how far america has really come in terms of its civil rights did the president's speech earlier add clarity or reassurance to that debate? >> i think it did reassure some people. perhaps the word clarity is not applicable in this case because it's a very complicated issue, race in america always has been and likely always will be. i wanted to point out today much more relaxed atmosphere here in selma than yesterday because, of course there is no security for a presidential visit. you can see on the edmund pettus bridge behind me the crowds of people who are wondering around enjoying a warm sunday weatherwise. with regard to president obama's speech i think that he made three points. one was there had been a great
12:21 pm
deal of progress in civil rights, in voting rights and in the relations between the races over past 50 years. on the other hand, he said that go no farther the report that his administration released this week on the blatant and really rather aggressive racist oppression by the police force in ferguson missouri of the black residents of that city and he said that this is not unique although it's no longer as indemic as it was in the days of jim crow when please forces in places like this were all white and they had pretty much cart blanche to do what they wanted with the african-american population. those days are
12:22 pm
over. >> a black city and about 40% of the people here live below the federal poverty line. so a lot of work yet to be done. both in race relations and political empowerment for african-americans and especially on the economic front. darren? >> rob reynolds there in selma. thank you now, rallies are being held around the world to mark international women's day. in india, the day has taken on particular significant following a number of hoe profile rape cases. crowds gathered at a motorral in mumbai demonstrating messages. the day has significance in africa. much of the food supply is produced by female farmers. they sow the seeds and tend fields and a lot more but many don't own the land. erica wood reports on the
12:23 pm
campaign for qual land rights in south africa. in this dry region these women have teamed up to grow vegetables on a collective farm. they are able to grow enough to feed their own familiars and also to sell what's left over. >> before, we used to have to buy everything. now, we are able to grow everything. so, it's not only beneficial to us and our families but even the other community members who come and buy from us. >> some estimates suggest up to 70% of all of the food eaten across the continent is grown by women but few actually own the land they farm. the disadd -- they are disadvanceaged by unequal laws and tribal traditions that favor men. they say that leaves womenville nerable. >> when women take the lead they take the money and buy alcohol. >> the benefits of giving women the rights to own land and the skills to work it are
12:24 pm
exponential. studies have proven that women are far more likely than men to use the income they get from the land to benefit not only themselves and the children but, also, the wider community. mavis has won multiple awards for her farming. the former schoolteacher started outgrowing the maringa tree to combat the malnutrition of the local children. it's been so successful, she is exporting and mentoring other women to farm the tree. >> they are going to grow up. they are going to feed their children. they are going to take their children to schools. they are going to do anything for the whole family. >> and mavis is benefitting the whole community. any profit she makes, she puts back into a breakfast program feeding hundreds of local children. >> and this is cucumber. >> the head of the rural women's movement a passionate campaigner of women's land rights says securing rights will help africa withstand the effects climate change is having on food security. and she says farming is crucial
12:25 pm
for women's independence. >> when we are financially secure, the chances of us being abused, the chants of us facing violence is very slim. >> farming for women means more than just financial security. it's also security in terms of food, health and education, empowering them to dig themselves and their children out of the cycle of poverty. eric add woods, south africa. >> tomorrow on the importance of women's empowerment and development, i spoke earlier to christine a dwarte cape verde's finance minister. women in power is no longer a policy option but is becoming an imperative. why, today, women until power is an imperative? because as you are aware, i am
12:26 pm
sure, we are claiming for total trans transformation in order to end the vicious cycle of poverty. the only way to get trans 40 medication in africa and to go beyond managing poverty, the only way is buy involving women in these profits. >> as you say, government policies are inadequate. legislation is slow. gender equality and violence against women are still big problems very briefly, what should governments and the international community be doing? >> i think it's time to start action. so far, we have been talking. international conference, regional meetings policy paper, concept notes. now, it's time to introduce, to incorporate in the public policies all across africa concrete measures to empower
12:27 pm
women on the legal front, on the prop property rights front, on the economic opportunity's front, et cetera, et cetera. >> thousands of protesters have march the through tokyo demanding japan end its use of numeral power. march the 11th will mark the 4th anniversary of the fukushima power plant melt down. japan's nuclear reactors were shut down after the fukushima incidents. now, the first ever attempt to fly around the world using only the power of the sun is about to take place. weather permitting the solar impulse will talk off from abu dhaibi on al journey that will take around five months. stefanie dekker is there. >> reporter: it's about pushing the limits a test of human he willration with a key message. >> when you have seen that plane, that flies day and night with no fuel, you can never accept after that somebody tells you that it's impossible to
12:28 pm
implement renewable energy impossible to save energy that it's impossible to be more energy efficient. this is the flying proof that the world can be much cleaner. >> they will be taking turns to fly the solar powerured plane around the policied for the very first time. >> by a week months makes it completely unique, but to be able to do that, we have to build an airplane which is completely energy efficient. >> let's give you a bit more detail about this plane. it's wingspan is the equivalent of a 747 jet. it weighs about the same as a family car. we are told it has the horsepower of a scooter and, of course it flies wholly on the power of "the sun." it could complete the journey in just under a month but it's not about how fast it can fly. we will land in indiana, china, the u.s. back to abu dhabi. each time the goal is to reach
12:29 pm
students t children medias and governments. our goal is to raise the popular support to have a million people inspired by technologies who can tell to the government, yes, we support this. go for it. >> the cockpit is small, but there is a toilet and a reclining seat. small comforts on such a huge challenge, the longest the plane will be airport will be over the pacific ocean from china to hawaii, a flight estimated to take around five days and five we will be tired. we will be maybe exhausted. we will try to avoid it. this is an exploration about how we do and how we are and who we are. so next to a mission, next to the technical challenge that's also al human challenge. >> they are piners with a firm goal who say it's time to take care of this planet and anything
12:30 pm
is possible thanks to the power of "the sun." stephanie decker al jazeera, abu dhaibi. a kick quick reminder, keep up up-to-date on all of the news. there it is on the screen >> that's ♪ ♪ >> hi, i am lisa flesher and you are in the stream chances you know someone who has bad or knee surgery, but there is growing evidence that these and other brothers may be used too off and could be detrimental to your health. a game changing way to detect cadgessers early. he is doing it with a smart phone, a 3 d printer and in less than an hour. and later. gnarly half the world's languages will be extinct by