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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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>> anger in oklahoma. fraternity members forced to pack up after the university of oklahoma bans them for a racist video. protesters say the school is not going far enough an unprecedented letter. senate republicans send a message to iran saying any nuclear deal could be short-lived. white house are says it's ironic that they are siding about the hardliners. credit check - easier ways
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to deputy what is in your credit report a toxic dispute in texas. the battle for cleaning up one of the dangerous dumps in america good evening, i'm antonio mora this is al jazeera america. a university of oklahoma fraternity has a little more than 24 hours to leave campus. they cut ties with sigma alpha epsilon chapter after members were shown in a video singing racist song. erica pitzi joins us. the administration moved quickly to punish the kids and hinted that there may be more penalties. >> that's right. fraternity brothers have until midnight to move out, many members did not wait packing up this afternoon. the before of students in the video has been called disgraceful. they went so far as to say they
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shouldn't have the privilege to be called oklahoma. >> there's a lot here about racial tension. to see the video was eye opening for sure. >> this is the video causing outrage at the university of oklahoma. the 10 second video is said to show some members of the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity, the group posted a video online. the university president said on monday he is shutting down the fraternity. >> those student will be out of the house by midnight tomorrow night. the house will be closed and as far as i'm concerned they won't be back, at least not while i'm president of the university. >> reporter: as soon as the
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video went viral. vandals hit the house and the fraternity responded with this statement:. >> these people acted in a reprehensible and disgraceful way. they shouldn't be allowed to call themselves sinners. >> reporter: there was a rally on monday against racism. >> i was hurt and shocked. >> deeply outraged and disturbed by the incident that took place. i don't think we were surprised by it. i don't think it shows the climate that we as student attend schools. >> reporter: others don't want the school recognised as part of the school. >> learn and grow from it. >> school leaders are talking about consequences for the individual students that could include suspension expulsions. meanwhile the governor of
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oklahoma is weighing in, throwing her support behind the university president, saying oklahoma is a state that does not tolerate this kind of disrespectful behaviour erica pitzi, as we said the school moved quickly to punish the fraternity. some say more has to be done about racism on campus. a top football recruit said the video disturbed him enough to decommitt. a current player hinted at bigger issues. >> there has been a break down with my coming here and there's issues with athletes that we feel have not been addressed. >> he is angry that the same fraternity cheered for the african-american athletes at games. >> anthony is the president and joins us from oklahoma. good to have you with us.
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your chapter of the n.a.a.c.p. put out a station praising actions taken by a university, but you believe more needs to be done. what are you asking for? >> one of things i'm asking for is to sit down with the university president. to talk about the issues that sets it out on a university campus. well, we know that there's issues out there, we are asking to sit down with him. to meet with n.a.a.c.p. youth and college chapter. opening a dialogue to talk about the issues on the campus and work with the university as we talk about working with them we'd like to see more african-american student recruited. as we recruit them, we want to retain them and graduate the children. >> the school has 5% african-american students less than the percent of african-americans in oklahoma. the head of the group on campus
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said that other fraternities need to be looked at. do you have any indication that there are broader issues at the university. >> well, i agree with them. that was the purpose of the n.a.a.c.p., and me working about the university. looking at this here, but look at other fraternities, and let's start down logging. what can we do to change the image to work with the students so they can feel safe. >> behind the fraternities we commemorated a 50th anniversary and the importance to the civil rights movement. how are relations at the university. we heard eric striker say there has been an institutional breakdown. is that the case as far as you know? >> that's students on the campus, and they are busy with the staff there. there's a lot of time that there's an institutional
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breakdown in racism. they need an out, they need to meet with the president to address the issue. sometimes they go to class, but they don't feel there's anyone to talk to. that's why the n.a.a.c.p. - it's important to open a dialogue to make sure students and staff members, that these things that happen, they have an outing. the final question for you, what should the punishment be for students found in a racist video, while it was said is offensive. should a consideration be given to the fact that people that age say and do stupid things? >> no we should not look at the age bracket. these are college students. high schools are students, these are college students we have to look at is this a pattern of racism is this what they were taught. one of the things they should do
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is i don't think the students need to be but they need to come before there and start dialoguing in why they feel they can go on the university and say these things public. we have a male student, and look at the female student on the bus to see if they belong to a sorority. and see if it's a pattern of racism. anthony douglas, good you have you to join us. the court in ferguson in missouri has appointed an appeals court judge to hear cases. the judge that was appointed resigned. it's been called little more than a revenue center. governor nixon described the move and said:
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1,000 gathered to protest the shooting death in maddison, of a black teenager by a police. kenny said he was responding to a report of a man disrupting traffic. and when he tried to stop robinson the team assaulted him. robinson was convicted of armed robbery. he was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder anxiety and depression. the killing points to bigger issues. >> there are bigger issues highlighting universal problems with law enforcement and how the procedures are carried out. many of event we witnessed circulated around the news. as it pertains to the systematicic targetting to young black males.
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>> the chief of the maddison police department responded in this case contrasting it with ferguson. >> we have young african american men that are unarmed and lose their lives to police. i can't negotiate out of it. it is what it is. >> officer kenny has been put on administrative lead. the police chief apologised to robinson's family in a blog post president obama declared venezuela a threat, and declared a national emergency over the threat imposed by venezuelans, and improved sanction, bit on a law passed by congress in 2014 in response to the crackdown on anti-government protesters
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an unprecedented foreign policy battle is pitted in the white house. 47 senator signed a letter addressed to iran's government. it could undercut authorities to negotiate a nuclear deal. john terrett joins us now. >> there were. good evening, what the republican senators were trying to do is to let iran know that many remain in power long after president obama leaves office, and that any deal signed with the current administration needs congressional approval. that was met with derision from the white house. >> the deadline for a deal with iran is approaching. there was time for the west and iran to agree on a programme. 47 senate republicans faced themselves in the middle of diplomacy. a freshman senator led the
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charge. drafting an open letter and warning a deal needs the say so. we want to make sure. congress approved this deal. it does not and will not stand for iran. >> in that letter the senators wrote in part: that led to a critical response by the foreign minister, who said their letter undermines the credibility. thousands of agreement have been or will be entered into by the u.s. they insisted president obama's successor, saying such an action would be a violation.
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they said iran was trying to establish nuclear negotiations. >> i would discuss this as a partisan strategy. undermine conducting foreign policy. >> president obama weighed in too. >> i think it's ironic to see some members of congress wanting to make common cause of hard liners in iran. it's an unusual coalition. i think what we are going to focus on is seeing whether we can get a deal or not. >> that letter from 47 republican centers boost tensions between the white house and those opposing to any accord. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu was in washington telling a joint session of congress that iran can't be trusted. and despite everything it wants to build a bomb
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the fbi is offering 5 million for the return of bob leveson, he went missing at an iranian island resort. he was working on a rogue mission for the central intelligence agency. iran denies it is holding him a top u.s. military official was in baghdad today. >> military campaigns are about priorities. >> joint chief martin dempsey would consider using air power to safeguard iraq's antiquities. during a news conference the defense say the country is relying on other nations, for help including neighbouring iran. in syria on sunday... i.s.i.l.-run oil refinery and other targets were hit by coalition forces in raqqa. a u.k. based activist group said
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30 were killed in the air raids. >> terrifying moments at a railroad crossing. the train accident sent dozens of passengers to the hospital and snarled amtrak services across the south. >> the thing i remember the most is that baby coming out. >> an amazing story of survival how a toddler hung upside down in a car seat in an icy history. >> and you make one mistake - new rules that could reshape your credit
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>> oh my god. oh the national transportation safety board tonight is investigating this crash of an amtrak commuter train into a tractor trailer in north
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carolina sending a train car toppling over. at least 55 passengers suffered minor injuries. the truck had gotten stuck trying to cross the stuck. the train was going from rawley to new york city. it's the latest crash involving a train and a vehicle. a commuter train in new york smashed through an s.u.v. killing six. three weeks later a metrolinked train hit an abandoned pick up truck. one died, 30 injured. >> an 80 month old girl has been rescued after spending 14 hours trapped no a carr seat in a fridge it utah river. she is in stable but critical river. the mother hit a barrier driving off the bridge. the 25-year-old died. a fisherman spotted the crash and called 911 in time to save the 18 month old.
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>> i grabbed the baby out of the car seat. i could tell there was life in her, i could see her life open. it was an impact that you are able to save a life and help someone, help someone out and - yes, it makes you feel great. >> officials say the car seat saved the little girl's life, because she was strapped in, she likely never touched the frigid water. >> the number of victims eligible for compensation from general motors is rising. the numbers of ignition deaths was capped at 74, more than a week ago. others are eligible for compensation. investigators say g.m. did not recall vehicles with faulty ignitions for more than a decade. >> wisconsin is the 25th state to give workers the right to opt out of unions.
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[ clapping ] >> gunner scott walker signed the right to work law. it prohibits mandatory membership allowing workers to not pay union dues at privately owned business. the state majority leader called the bill a game changer. >> i think one of the big changes that this act will bring is it will change the relationship between the union and the union membership. they'll have to be more responsive responsive, sell the idea that the union is of value, that is what is happening in indiana right now. >> it has drawn state-wide protest, and president obama expressed concern about the bill saying it's no coincidence that the rise of the middle class america coincided with a new class:
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credit reports affect everything in our lives, one mistake can effect buying a house, getting a loan or a job. all that could change. paul beban has been looking into this. the agencies are looking at a major overhaul. >> they are calling it the biggest overhaul in a decade. for years, the convooluated system was stacked against people like us but a deal has been hammered out with the big three credit agencies. >> consumers will get complaints resolved, getting bad debt off their reports, providing a huge relief to 200 million americans who are on credit reports when they are buying homes, cars when they are getting a credit
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card or getting a job. this is a huge break through. >> 10 million consumers have errors on their credit report through no fault of their own. the deal he has worked out is nationwide. the headline here is it will be easier for people to get the errors fixed in their reports much the companies have to use specially trained employees to hear consumers and resolve the disputes. nobody likes those. they are not taking a creditors are word for it like when the credit card companies said you made a late payment. and also important a big change in how medical debt is reports. there's not going to be a waiting period. it will give you more time to deal with your insurance company in case you have a dispute. the credit agencies are supposed to do a better job letting people know they can get a free credit report and you can do an at the website. analysts say it's good news for
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consumers, the issue is making sure the credit bureaus comply. >> it will be a biggie for a lot of people. >> fans of a.p. o shows including game of thrones will no longer need a traditional cable subciption to watch. that's because the network teamed up with apple. the service will cost $15 a month, offering all content past and present. apple announced the release of eagerly anticipated apple watch. the miniature computer is to hit stores in late ape. the company is calling it the most advance time piece ever. the least expensive model starting at 350. >> it was supposed to have been taken care of years ago. a toxic site is a riverbed. locals say it's still as dangerous ass ever.
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. >> three. two. one. >> with that this year's iditerod sled race began on a new route after moving further north after a lack of snow. 78 ushers are crushing the course. the winner getting 7,000 and a pick-up truck. a list is kept of america's toxic waste sites. near is a riverbed in hylands texas outside houston. as heidi zhou-castro reports, it faces a threat much >> reporter: this river, a thorough fare a retreat for water front winning, and the site of one of the worst toxic waste dumps in the u.s. >> in your experience, working with the e.p.a. in many sites, how bad is this one. >> this site is pretty bad. >> in 1965 a waste disposal
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company covered 15,000 acres of land with sludge from a paper meal. no one knew the sludge-like material contained dioxins. >> we used to swim in there and fish right there. sam was a child when the waste filled pits across the riff river center his home. he still lives across the street. >> we didn't know what it was. >> reporter: by 1958 the paper company left and the river rose submerging the pits. high levels of dioxins were found in fish and crab caught near the site in the '90s. in 2005 a state agency rediscovered the sites. >> the pits were leaking and upcontained for four decades.
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no one let us know that they were there, or we should rechriate -- shouldn't rechriate in the river. >> reporter: jacky became sick when he moved. she was a track star when she felt ill. she had seizures and two years later had cervical cancer. >> my dad has a rare form of bone marrow cancer. there are self other people in town that have multiple myloma. we are talking town of 7,000 people. >> reporter: the texas department of health is investigating the waste pits impact on public health. everyone is working diligently to do the best for the site. ken is a contractor for waste management. one of two companies responsible for the pits. he says the waste is covered by
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app armoured cap and 60,000 tonnes of rock a temporary containment solution ordered by the epa. how do you know the cap is working? >> it's regularly monitored and carefully subject to constant review. >> there has been no indication of dioxins escaping. that is why the e.p.a. should allow the site to be capped rather than rely on the companies to remove the waste. >> leaving the waste could save $80 million. the community has been vocal in wanting the waste gone for good. >> if you put it here you need to get it out. >> you don't thing the armoured cap is working. >> no. the e.p.a. is studying the site. the agency will contain it or
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move it i'm antonio mora thanks for joining us. "inside story" is next. have a great night. hi i'm lisa fletcher. female genital mutilation and cutting is illegal in the united states. that doesn't mean women here are safe. a travelling tradition is in place in africa and the middle east it's impacted half a million in the u.s. and more than 130 million women worldwide, it's a difficult topic, but an immigrant from gambia who