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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> this was a storm of the decade >>...hurricane... >> we can save species... >> our special month long focus, fragile planet announcer: this is al jazeera. hello, welcome to another newshour from al jazeera at our headquarters from doha. i'm adrian finn gin. coming up, the war in yemen, and the people in harm's way. houthi rebels raid homes in the capital, detaining politicians and journalists tight security at churches in kenya after al-shabab attacked a university killing 148 people the battle for yarmouk.
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i.s.i.l. in syria fights to take control. 2,000 people have been forced to flee robert adams with the sport. under attack. turkey's team bus shot at. live to istanbul for the reaction. so we begin in yemen where the saudi-led coalition continues its assault against the rebels. the coalition is shelling targets from the sea. the houthis continue to attack the city of aden. saudi arabia-led coalition jets bomb the capital sanaa for the 11th day. there has been fighting in the central area. there were reports that 14 houthi rebels have been killed while fighting tribesman. security has been stepped up. tribesman prepare for a houthi
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advance. gerald tan has the latest developments the saudi-led coalition released an 11th night of air strikes. the target included a military base and other locations that controlled houthi rebels and fighters loyal to a former president salah. this village near the capital city was affected. four rockets came down on the village. they said they were target ght the militia camp. where is the camp. these are sleeping muslims. >> overnight the home of several politicians were ransacked, several were arrested for support of the strikes. >> it is a result of our collection over what is done with the supporters.
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particularly the rates. we reject the procedures again. further south - the fight is for control. the support cities are strongholds. jets from the coalition air dropped weapons, bolstering the supporters as a bombing campaign began from the sea, aimed at the houthi supply lines and depots. there's no indication whether ground forces would be deployed. parts of aden have been without water and electricity, for two days. for fighting it's adding to fears of a growing humanitarian prices. >> we have been able to get in there, the medical supplies that we need to distribute them to the hospital or the ministry of health so they reach the health clinic. russia is appealing for a pause to the air strikes, and opposed
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a number of measures. allowing for the aid to get in. and civilians and diplomats to get out. the u.n. security council has been deliberating the proposal. a political solution to the conflict. diplomacy is not felt on the ground. >> ali abdullah saleh known to be former members of al qaeda. tribal fighters are trying to push them out. the houthis managed to gain some positions. signs that yemen is in the grip of war. as you heard, the united nations security council considered a russian proposal for a pause in the air strikes so that humanitarian aid can get into the affected areas. the u.n. said more than 5-00 have been killed since the bombing campaign began a few
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weeks ago. more than 5,700 have been wounded. tens of thousands have been forced to take refuge across the see. a human rights activist and blogger - she left her home in aden joining us from the line. what's the situation right now? >> it is very peaceful and very calm. a mountainous area. there are no air strikes. in aden of course the security situation - there's air strikes every light literally. 3-5 air strikes targetting houthi areas and buildings. how close to the fighting. tell us about how you managed to get out of aden. >> only hours in the morning. usually the conflict it settled
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down between 8 and 10am. after that they had to take a car and zoom out from aden to where the houthi rebels are situated. it's reached to locations. you managed to get out of aden. what about the people that are still there. what are the conditions like for people living at aden right now? >> conditions are devastating, actually. we had random shellings on homes by houthis, there's no water and electricity. i feel like the humanitarian crisis in aden is worse by the hour. we wish that there were cooperations between the houthis so we could pass by with medical supplies in necessity for the civilians. >> thank you for talking to us.
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hakim al-masmari is the editor-in-chief of the "yemen post," and joins us on the line from sanaa. what are you hearing, the latest from yemen? >> complete anger from the people because it's not enough. what it does try to do something, civilian casualties are the region for the result of efforts. they are almost in control of the houthis. they are under control. there is resistance but the houthis are in control, and the weapons given was not enough. they need medical support. many - by the dozens because of a lack of medical support. medical operations that were needed. right now, most of the deaths are because of those injured,
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who were not able to get medical support on time. it's not the only thing for sufferers it's medical support which is critical for these fighters. >> what about the raids and detentions we heard about? >> i'll be honest two weeks ago when the raids started, saudis had the support of the local people. they had the support of hundreds of thousands of people now after the attacks on the neighbourhoods the high toll of civilians. people are shifting sides. and people are rethinking why they accepted because of the growing or increasing death toll by civilians. this is a war of civilians. more civilians killed the less
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support saudi has. the less support saudi has, the less support president ali abdullah saleh has. egypt's abdul fatah al-sisi says securing access to the red sea off the coast of yemen should be a top priority in the fight against rebels. he says the strait is important. egypt, part of the saudi-led coalition that launched the military operation against the houthi rebels at the end of march. >> with me in the studio is an advisor to the past three yemeni prime ministers. i know you want to talk about what hakim was saying but first the involvement and what president abdul fatah al-sisi said today. >> egypt is threatened and the
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iranians can extend their hand. that's what the houthis are trying to do. presenting a golden thing. they feel enclosed. egypt is putting 20 billion. so that is - that puts egypt... >> if there were crowned operation in india, the saudi led coalition followed up the air operations with the ground invasion and egyptian troops... >> egyptians interfered. six or seven times. the last time in the 1960s, beside the ground forces they are careful to deal with the yemenis. i think if there's feet on the
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ground. it will be part of it for sure. >> let's talk about what they were saying. let's say the more killed and injured in the civilians taking the brunt, the less support there'll be for a saudi led operation. i agree. not because of that. eem are question why until now. it is not targeted. the palace is in sanaa. there's pobd around it. very have moved. the rebellion is not down to the houthis, it's down to salah. >> there were forces there. it amounted to 10,000. they are driving in and in. they cannot pull back. there would be a lull. the hussies are a front.
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>> yes, for sure. so for a parliament house in human sirrian aid. particularly in aden. they need today, water and medicine. russians are asking for a pause in the strikes. the houties are showing that they are pushing deeper and deeper. so if there's a pause in the strikes. will show as if they are not too bright. there are 80%, 90% are in the hands of the resistance. >> good to talk to you. >> thanks indeed. >> two people have been killed in an explosion in cairo, and exploded on a bridge. the health ministry said one of the dead is a policeman. the blast left a crater in the
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ground. more to come here on the newshour. we'll speak to people in india. saying the slaughtering bulls is killing the livelihoods. >> as millions of kath legs prepare to mark easter. a chinese city. a large bible country in this a country that is atheist. >> as the men prepare to protest the miami masters, the champions - well you can see - a little later. now, in syria, hundreds of civilians in the yarmouk refugee champ in damascus escaped to safety after it was shelled. i.s.i.l. fighters took control of the camp on the outskirts of the capital. one people more than 150,000
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registered refugees lived in yarmouk. many fled due to the conflict. there are some 18,000 people living in terrible positions. most of the buildings have been destroyed. now as i.s.i.l. fighters control more companies, it is likely to get worse. >> stefanie dekker is following conditions in yarmouk. what is the latest from there, stephanie? >> as mentioned, we are hearing reports of people getting out of the camp into neighbouring areas. they have been part of a reconciliation government. said is reaching them. there was a statement from the u.n. agency dealing with the refugees. they managed to get aid to 94 civilians. having said that some are managing to get out. it's difficult to confirm the
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numbers. between hundreds up to 1,000 we are hearing. people remain trapped because it's a battle between i.s.i.l. and palestinian factions inside the camp. difficult conditions. we spoke to an activist in the camp. he told us that people are terrified from the barrel bombs that the syrian regime is using, and hearing reports that i.s.i.l. captured a number of fighters from the opposition groups two have been beheaded. one of the imams have been beheaded by oil. certainly a brutal war. and i.s.i.l. in control of the majority of the camp - 90% we are hearing from the syrian observatory that monitors the situation. difficult to confirm a fluid situation. we are reporting from beirut because we can't be there. what is clear is the flight of the civilians is dire. >> you have a palestinian group
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trying to repel this i.s.i.l. attack. you have the syrian regime shelling the camp. is i.s.i.l. the only group fighting to take over this camp? >> well there have been allegations against the al qaeda affiliated nusra front. that they allowed the fighters to get into the camp because of the checkpoints. it's a complicated story. there was a deal we know this between the government and palestinian can factions in the camp to end the fighting meaning the factions lay down their line and the end of aid coming in. he told us the syrian minister that nusra doesn't want this they don't want the camp anded over and that's why they allowed the fighters to get in.
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it's a complicated situation. it comes down to the people besieged for two years. 80,000 civilians, many are dropped in the ongoing battle. >> hundreds of people in gaza held rallies to express solidarity. hamas organised the demonstrations. it is calling on the u.n. to do more to help palestinians in yarmouk. >> iraq's prime minister said the islamic state of iraq and levant can't be defeated if it uses foreign fighters. they want governments to do more to protect people. said president haider al-abadi. in the iraqi city of tikrit almost all shia fighters left after reports of violence and
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looting. they helped the army capture the city. hundreds of shops and homes were broken into or set on fire since wednesday. iran's foreign minister warns that his country will not report the terms of the agreement if the west violates the deal. the agreement includes the lifting of sanctions against iran. >> we will prove to the world we are committed to our promises and others are seeking pretext. if at any time national interests are armed, we'll decide how to act. any time a deal is finalised, we will act. then we can return to counter levels. indonesian government is taking action against a fishing company forcing thousands into slavery. there are fears that hundreds tracked similar conditions.
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some of the rescued men had been taken. a rescue operation in this region and not before. a convoy not protected by the navy bringing 315 fishermen to safety. men were smuggled to indonesia, forced to work without a salary. many say they were abused. the company changed their identities by giving them thai names and documents. indonesian officials are registering them under their reel names. the government in thailand denied the allegations of slavery and will present of the evidence soon. all the obvioused will be studied by the judicial team. the minister puts a team on the
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case. this will tell us what criminal acts have been committed. they are a small part of the thousands of fishermen stuck. finally they are free they wanted to go home so desperately. there's only a few of all the others who are out there and nobody knows where they are. >> many are working on the boats. others managed to escape. they survived with the help in remote parts of the countries. some for a long time. some were brought to indonesia 15 years ago. during hardship and abuse at sea. he and friends from myanmar are working as illegal loggers. >> translation: i don't know if my mother and father is alive. all of us want to go home. every day i think about how i can get home.
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if it was possible if they were mountains, we would have done that. even if it took months. the first time they could become a reality. he and the friends is not part of the government rescue operation, they hope by registering their names they, too, can return too, and hope to return hope. >> head of the international organization for migration, and he says that a task force is remaining area free. >> we have been aware of the trafficking in indonesia. it's a regional problem. for years we have been dealing with victims of trafficking. there are some isolated places
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here as we can see the location of this particularly case right now. and the main change in all of this was the fact that the moratorium on the fissures called all the fishermen to be on land. sometimes for quite a while. so right now to go and find the people on land because of the moratorium. it's a joint task force, police immigration, iom and the officials are going out to look into the group that's been rescued, and to get a handle on the numbers that exist in need of assistance. reaching out to the myanmar embassy, and to the cambodian embassy. and pretty much to facilitate getting the travel documents.
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obviously the prime directive was to take care of them and provide the care we need people in the philippines returned home after a typhoon. the priest gave thanks to god support spraying and sparing the country. they strengthened to a category 5. it's been blamed for deaths. let's get the latest on the typhoons. they can expect more bad weather. it looks like the worst is over. things are better. if we look at it. it's no big deal. it's a main feature. certainly a joint typhoon warping center. it goes towards hong kong.
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many of the other forecasting centers disagreed and take it on a straight line. this is threatening into hong kong. it's one to watch. it is rain fall with no significant raining expected. here in the arabian peninsula problems of a different kind. sand or dust in evidence during the course of wednesday or thursday. there's qatar sticking out. the second shot to the arabian sea. people are concerned. it was really awful. dust. is it going to be that bad. there's a breeze. we look at the dust the forecast. you can see it will start lifting. there's a bit around. there's nothing more than the standard dust zone.
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visibility will be poor. it won't have much impact on the temperatures remaining very hot. >> it certainly was awful. i'm coughing from my tubes. tens of thousands gather in the rain at st. peter's square and pope francis led mass earlier today. >> the cope urged them to go beyond the comfort zone and boldly live with their faith. worshippers were asked to remember christians targeted by al-shabab. the holiest week in the christian calendar ends with easter sunday the day christians were from the dead following the crust fiction. -- crust fictions. christians may not realise that their bibles are made in a country that is officially aith
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exists. >> reporter: there was a time when china's communist leader matsy tongue's book was the only seller. now there's another one. it's been around a lot longer. more than 130 million copies of the bible rolled off the production line. 13 million last year alone. many exported but the majority were for the domestic market. purchased for churches sanctioned by china's atheist government. >> the first principle is serving our churches serving our brothers and sisters. if we still have the capacity we will serve the overseas churches the factory publishes bibles in 90 languages from arabic to russian. such is the demand it remains a
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round-the-clock operation. >> according to official figures, around 30 million people are christian. unofficially it's 100 million of more than the communist party. while religion is tolerated, the government is aware of its growing popularity. >> the factory began to public bibles in 1987 a few years before the communist party ended the campaign. it's proof that there is money in religion a contradiction that is possible in today's china. >> in today's china many sought spiritual comfort that communism and capitalism did not supply. >> we are the human. when we have enough for food we are thinking that why the value
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of the life. what is the value of the life. that is it. >> he believes that 20 years from now there could be up to 160 mill yinees christians and -- chinese christians and, of course, they'll need a bible made here. still to come here on the newshour - we'll meet former women fighters in the maoist army that are trying nov on and the sport known as america's pastime pitches to a younger audience with rule changes introduced for the new season. around here, we're all about fast. that's why xfinity is perfect for me. with millions of wifi hotspots all over the place - including one right here at the shop - now we can stream all things fast and furious.
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hello again. good to have you with us with the newshour from al jazeera. the saudi led coalition has been shelling targets from the sea. it's aimed at houthi ammunition supply lines and depots in aden. the misty upham calls the situation at the yarmouk refugee camp a source of universal shame. the islamic state of iraq and levant controls nearly all of that camp home to mostly palestinians iraq says i.s.i.l. can't be defeated if it uses radicalized foreign fighters. haider al-abadi wants the government to protect young people from being recruited to join the group more on the breaking news from egypt. one person has been killed and three others wounded in an explosion in cairo.
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joining us on the line from the egyptian capital is a journalist who has been to the scene. what did you see there? >> well there was ambulances and fire trucks arriving on the scene. a police haun was killed. this is unconfirmed. the bomb was blazed -- policeman was killed. this is unconfirmed. the bomb was placed at a ky ask, and four near the ramp of the kid. this is an area in the heart of cairo, linking giza to the up-scale neighbourhood. traffic was stopped on the bridge. police were correcting shrapnel and assessing the damage at the scene. there was not much in terms of - it seemed relatively contained. there wasn't much in the way of
6:32 am
damage. >> we have seen improvised explosive devices before. recently at universities educational facilities. who do you think the target was? was it the police men? >> it's hard to say. we know the police is dead. the police ky of course set up on the -- ky of course set up on the bridge was targeted. yesterday there was one in front of the police station. no casualties. and we have seen the police and security forces many lives lost over the past year and a half since the overthrow of president mohamed mursi. it's been concentrated in the northern sinai, but has been expanded into cairo as well. we seeing the bombs on a regular
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basis. there's a smaller scale explosion, many in february that targeted some corporations things like vodafone and western corporation, and some groups online claimed that these were to try to disrupt the economic conference that had taken place in march last month. it's hard to tell. no one claimed responsibility for the attack. last week a group called egypt's soldiers claimed responsibility. eight people were wounded, including four police officers. that was an extremist islamist group. they have to wait and see what comes out of the investigation. >> that report from cairo churches in kenya are turning to around guards to
6:34 am
protect their congregation they have begun three days of mourning. christians were reportedly singled out for point blank executions. malcolm webb joins us live from nairobi. i understand malcolm, that you visited a morgue. what have you seen? >> that's right. the mortuary. parents are coming today to identify the bodies that were killed in the attack on thursday. rite around the morgue from here. i smell with a strong smell the bodies and the chemicals. it's a sombre affair. they have gathered in these tents, queueing up one by one, we went through with one family who found their daughter killed in that attack. there are dozens of bodies lined up. and the morticians have done
6:35 am
their best to make them decent and recogniseable for the families. it was a difficult job. many are screaming, crying and in a state of shock. the attack was a few days ago, but this is a chance to see the loved ones lost. with me is a guest, a student leader in nairobi. and he had many student friends in garissa. can you tell us what you thought been when the attack happened. >> thank you, very much. this attack was post kata strovic. on monday ahead of a visit led by the chairman who is now gone was through the attack. when i heard the news i did not belief it. i thought i was driven. came when the day break.
6:36 am
that was the reality. >> reporter: do you think this could have been prevented? >> i think it could have been prevented. if our intelligence could have lifted up that had been prior communicated. if the government put this in place, that could have been prevented. >> what do you think the government can do now to prevent this going on? >> thank you very much. as student leadership we want the government to possibly meet with leaders. they talk of attacks. >> reporter: we understand some friends of yours was in garissa, did any survive? >> yes, many of them survived. some succumbed to the attacks. >> thank you.
6:37 am
that was joffrey. a student leader here in nairobi. >> many thanks. kenya's president has vowed to take harsh members. there has been emotional scenes in nairobi. this time involving students when they were reunited with their families. victims have given first-hand accounts. >> well al jazeera's correspondent speaks to a survivor that hid in a wardrobe. >> reporter: an unbelievable moment a student survived in a wardrobe. she's tone to hospital. two days ago she was in a wardrobe having the government taunting victims. at one point they came.
6:38 am
>> the hostel and took two friends. >> they were shooting everywhere. they continued hiding. if i got hungry i ate body lotion. >> many had been at the university. those inside talk about violent and bloody end to those who died. the government was keen to show journalists and others that turned up at the mortuary the charred remains of the gunmen. >> the government decided to display the bodies and to try and build public confidence in the security forces. the president addressed the nation. for a second time since the attack happened declaring three days of mourning. he said that the finders, organizers and kenyans. the government was pursuing them.
6:39 am
he called for patience and religious tolerance. >> i urge every kenyan church and local leader to speak up for the unity and ensure na our justified anger does not spillover and leave to the victimisation of anyone. this would some play into the hands of the terrorist. it ha remained in unity as we safeguard peace and stability. >> reporter: there is frustration and garissa that that is been attacked before. there was intelligence about an imminent attack on a university in the country. >> all this weapons they are using, from where. it is not solely in garissa. this must have passed several barriers controlled. >> al-shabab fighters issued a statement warning of attacks in kenya. people are afraid and they
6:40 am
don't trust government assurances to keep them safe mali's army says that mortar rounds have been fired in the north of the roundy. it's unclear who fired the mortars. france led an operation drive fighters out of the gao region in 2012. it is unavailable in nigeria 7 killed many wounded at an attack in rivers state. armed gunmen opened fire and in the neighbouring village on friday. details are emerging. in a separate attack a gas pipeline was blown off in delta state. bangladesh's opposition leader has been granted bail in two corruption cases. she'd been allowed to leave her office for the first time in three months to attend court and is accused of embezzling money,
6:41 am
by forming a charity that prosecutors say didn't exist. the government wanted to lead rallies on the first anniversary of the election. >> fidel castro appeared in public for the first time in a year. photos of him meeting a delegation in venezuela have been published. >> women fighting in the polls are facing a distant future. many say they were shunned by the villages and the party forgot them. as wonder some are finding new ways to survive and flourish a decade ago this woman never thought she'd become a farmer and live outside the valley. she was a member of an army and had dreams of a revolutionary change. >> 12 years is a long time.
6:42 am
society changed during this time. so have we after rejecting patriarchal views. >> the households started a farming cooperative in the village. the women managed their money given when they were demobilized. after the war ended 3800 women were designated maoist soldiers. some joined the army most of the rest have been unable to return home and live in clusters. this was one of the highest ranking women, a battalion commander. she says most women have run out of the $5,000 as a demobilization package. now she's developed an n.g.o. to help her collision. >> women it is participation in the war proved their strength. they are in a diff situation.
6:43 am
most are not in touch with the party. they need help. that's why we started an n.g.o. the u.n. security council adopted a resolution and the u.n. was a major player in the path to peace. nepal has an action plan and they say it looks good on paper. >> it's focused on the political. it is to get them out of the government. that was treated as another peace process. it was another town-selling part. basic needs part and security was entirely ignored. >> the powerful women snubbed by the state and its own party hope that the n.g.o. can build a life for themselves. french investigators ended a
6:44 am
search for bodies at the site of germanwings plane crash. the co-pilot andreas lubitz intentionally flew the flight into the french alps killing up 150 on board, say the investigators. d.n.a. samples will be identified on site coming up the latest from istanbul. as a team returns home following a gun attack on their team bus.
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6:46 am
hello again. before the sport people in one of india's largest state said a ban on the slaughter of bulls is threatening their livelihood. one state banned the killing of bulls - used for meat and leather. we have this report from mumbai. >> these are the last animal hides produced at this tannery. it is used in product for exports and provides gloves of the the stay ban on the slaughter has put that all at risk. >> translation: the leather from the state was sent for finishing in other parts of the country and came back to make shoes and bags. a lot made jobs and can't feed the family. has the government come to help or ruin us. >> many in mumbais say the ban hurt them. here three of the 10 sowing stations are being used and they may shut down.
6:47 am
as supplies run out. the ban is not only for people in the leather industry but poor people that eat beef. >> those objecting to the ban say it targets minorities and those relying on beef as a protein. it has gone up 10%. those supporting the ban say it protects the animals. >> reporter: this religious group meets every sunday at the cow shelter. some of the cattle is taken for slaughter. here they are fed and cared for. volunteers support the ban. leather could be made from other sources. there's so many other jobs. they don't have to work. it's not acceptable to hindus to kill a cow. others think it's not fair.
6:48 am
these workers meet to share frustration with a ban. most say they spent their lives and canned find the works. >> translation: we are angry. we can't express it. we forced the young people to control their emotions. if they raise their voice, there could be trouble. we pray to the government to see what they are going to. slowly it is coming back to life as buffalos are brought in. meat and leather is not the same quality. the national government was considering a ban. that suggests it was not a priority time for sport with robin. >> iran announced that a bill barring women from attending
6:49 am
sports event will not be meanted. the security council has approve add proposal. it would see women's and families allowed in stadiums. it may be seeing women attending wrestling and swimming where men are not fully closed. it was imposed by the iranian authorities following the islamic revolution. women were banned from stadiums and from gathering in men in places to watch matches. f.i.f.a. president sepp blatter attacked the iranian government in march describing it as inloss pit ail. they overlooked it in part due to that law turkish police are investigating a bomb attack on the fenerbahce football team. they were on their way to the airport following a win to the sport.
6:50 am
the driver was shot and taken to hospital. players were injured and returned to the home base. the government confirmed the attack. earlier claiming the bus was hit by a stone, and the title holders. >> reporter: turkey is going through difficult times, but the incident is not simply. it's an attack aiming to kill or injure the driver. this coach was passing over a viaduct. they wanted the coach smashed and see the footballers dead. >> they are attempting to close the gap, barcelona, to play. it was the 19th in la liga. it was four goals to the good. bale got them going. cristiano ronaldo scoring a hat-trick.
6:51 am
the coach returning to his old team. and in the bundislega they were 10 points clear. beating the runners-up. it was the dortmund staff. they scored in the 56th minute. he was back to the club that he left last summer. wolves berg second they have it all to do. a top four finish. several left in the scene. another from andre. and the english premier league 7 points clear at the top of the table after beating spoke at home on saturday. a penalty scored from the home side. the lead cancelled out before half time after charlie adams scored a goal.
6:52 am
chelsea winning all three points extending their lead at the top with a goal in the second. >> we didn't play better because the opponent made a very good game. when they had the 1-0 advantage, instead of going through that moment to build in snore find of performance, with more stability, we can see immediately immediately, and it started the second half exactly, the same way it started the first half. >> back to the top story. the fenerbahce football side the subject of a gun attack. bernard smith - life in istanbul and just the speed on the latest developments there? >> well fenerbahce called for a superannuation of the super league. games are going ahead today. a decision might be taken on
6:53 am
that on monday. it could have been a lot worse. the team the fenerbahce team were on the way back after the game. when this gun attack happened. and had a body guard on the bus, not taking control of the wheel. the bus fell off a bridge into a river, riverbed below. so the driver was injured. no other players, no one else on the bus injured. it could have been worse. and the team management themselves - they condemned the attack. >> we understand it was a single lone gunman. are we closer to understand why this happened? >> i mean there's a lot of speculation swirling around about this. there is a long standing animosity, really on fenerbahce. this was strengthened back in 2010 when fenerbahce won the
6:54 am
super league leaving the area runners-up. a few months after the season there was an investigation into match fixing. and the fenerbahce chair was found guilty. they had felt that that title was snatched from them. in fact doctors thought in some quarters that the top four teams - that's the three here in istanbul and trabzon. they are travelling to away games because of the problems with violence. we'll keep a close eye on developments. bernard smith live in istanbul. >> dennis in the miami masters will be decided in the coming hours. the women's trophy has had its 2015 winners name inscribed on it.
6:55 am
serena williams swept aside a player in the tournament. >> the chicago cubs and the st. louis cardinals open the major baseball league. with declining crowds they are introduced aimed at making the sport more attractive. john hendren reports. >> reporter: modern life seems to have sped up everything including the men national pastime. >> i love baseball i coached for 14 years. it's a little boring. when you sit back and wait 10 minutes. it lasts in the stand. changes have been introduced. baseball is on the clock. that has set off a national debate. >> it's up every three hours. >> you have been watching baseball your life and you grew up with it. you're telling me they need to
6:56 am
change it. >> professional baseball is big business. 70 million fans follow the business. that has slowed down in the stands. every generation there's doomsday stories about how the public is losing interest. i don't see it. it is popular over all. it could suffer a little because the slow pace. major league baseball has the right idea. >> watching the boys of summer is a lifestyle, a tradition about barbecues and sunshine as it is about a nine innings face off. traditionalists like their decisions. >> leave it alone. you'll mess up the game. don't change it. >> the younger generation wants it better. >> the new rules require a pitcher to deliver the ball within 12 seconds if the bases are empty, avoiding time wasting
6:57 am
at the mound. batters will have to keep a foot in the batters box, unless there's a wild pitch. under the old rules they could step tout and stop play. >> they are going too far with not stepping out of the box. it was too much. every pitch. >> breaks between innings are 2.5 minutes and pitchers have the same time to warm up. >> you have to appeal to this. >> no no. >> whether it puts fans in the stands. it's a debate that will not end when the rules come in effect. >> turkish police investigate an armed attack on a bus carrying the football team. this is it where we leave it for now. more later. thanks for watching. we have an update on the identity of one of the university attackers in the next
6:58 am
bulletin on al jazeera. see you in a couple of minutes. >> every sunday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. no topic off limits. >> 'cause i'm like, "dad, there are hookers in this house". >> exclusive conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> these are very vivid, human stories. >> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". only on al jazeera america.
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the war in yemen - people in harm's way. houthi rebels raze homes in the capital, detaining politicians and journalists hello, this is it al jazeera live from doha. i'm adrian finegan. also - three people are killed by an explosion in an upscale cairo district security at churches in kenya after al-shabab attacked a university killing 148 people we look at how poor transport