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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 23, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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"faultlines": death on the bakken shale. monday, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> part of al jazeera america's >> special month long evironmental focus fragile planet european leaders are set to discuss ways to stop thousands of people crossing the mediterranean sea to reach europe. ♪ ♪ hello, i am darren jordan, you are afternoon al jazerra. also on the program. saudi jets launch more air strikes on yemen. as fighting continues on the ground. my year a's military saysnigeria's millie says it has launch a ground strike on boko haram. and a volcano and chilly has sent ash 20-kilometers in to the sky. ♪
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♪ european leaders hold an insurgent summit in brussels on the crisis in the mediterranean sea. more than a thousand have arrived in the last 24 hours many on rickety overcrowded boats. let's go there on barnaby phillips. bring us up-to-date on the latest of what has happened today. the eye inning coast guarda apparently still pick up hundreds of people. >> reporter: you can probably see the last handful of migrants getting ready to business embark. 220 all from africa. almost all men. the aid organization said there were four pregnant well on board. 220 picked up overnight off the libyan coast and brought are brought back to catania. it's a daily occurrence and
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there is no sign of any ebb if you like, to this tide of migrants prepared to fake enormous risks in crossing the made train vinnie, 90% of the departures coming from libya but also some from countries like egypt and the italian coast guard the italian navy, is working day and night to cope with the consequences of this. >> and the italian prime minister says he needs more help from the even u. to eu to deal with the cites us s like there on get that help from the e.u. meets in brussels later today? >> reporter: he's likely to get some help. this is this is all across the news. and politicians feel under pressure and they feel a degree
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of shame over the horrific stories coming out of the mediterranean in the last week or so. but when you talk about the sharing the burden of approximately this it's extremely sensitive in europe and the proposals on the plan are pretty modest of course talking about a pilot project a resettle. pilot project involving only some 5,000 people. that's not very ambitious and that's testimony to just how awkward this is politically for governments across europe. and there is also another interesting points, they talk about the need to undertake systematic efforts, this is according to the leaks we have seen of the drafts that will go best european summit, systematic effort to his identify, capture and, destroy vessels before they are used to traffickers. if you are doing that involves the use of force and if you are talking about using that force before they are used by traffickers, that means presumably going to the appointment of origin and that would mean, for example, going
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to libya and destroying boats who knows in libyan worse i think that is indicative of a line of thinking among the some european leaders which is if we can destroy the boats. there is only a finite supply of boats and that way we can stop people traveling. it will be very interesting to see how bold and ambitious the leaders will be in at that regard. you are also hear from the humanitarian community saying if you destroy all the boats the condition particularly for subsahar an africans, particularly in libya is very spare plus and dangerous and you will be leaving 10s of thousands of people in extremely and dangerous conditions in libya there are no easy solutions solutions and any course action that you take opens up the potential for new problems in new direction. >> all right barnaby phillips in ca tanya, thank you.
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amnesty international is highlighting the flight of the migrant by covering brighton beach in body bags. amnesty says european governments need to take urgent action to stop more people from drowning while making their way to europe. well as barnaby was just saying there. the pima pima driving in catania were pick up 15 miles off the coast. that's where the government says all the people crossing leave from. in the libyan city we have been talking to some of those willing to make the perilous journey across the sea. >> reporter: they escaped war and poverty. traveled for weeks sometimes months to reach libya. the gateway for a better life in europe. b aba had nearly made it when the boat he was sailing on was intercepted by the libyan coast guards. it was on the same day another one carrying 400 migrants
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capsized. >> they caught me and put me in container and i come here. i don't know this place. [ inaudible ] we don't understand. [ inaudible ] or they will help us to live us free. >> reporter: mohamed was on that same journal i journey he escaped sarah leon after both of his parents died of ebola last year. >> we are orphan. we don't have anybody to care for us, that's why because we don't -- we don't have any help from anybody. >> reporter: now they are in a detention center on the outskirts of miss rat a misrata. about a thousand people are held here the building used to be a school. the classrooms are cramped they mainly from subsaharan countries but some from as far as bang los
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bangladesh, there is only one toy lit available for earn. men, women and chirp. authorities acknowledge that there is cramped but say they are doing as best as they can to cope with the situation and fear in the coming months things could get worse. with the on set of summer, many more migrants are expected to reach the coast of libya. everyone here heard about the shipwrecks that recently cost the lives of hundreds in the mediterranean sea. still it's a risk they are prepared to take. >> translator: yes it's dangerous, but there is no work in my country. that's why i'll take that risk. maybe i'll die, i am scared but i have no other option, i have no spoken to my mother in months she doesn't know if i am alive or dead. but i have to work. earn some money and then i can see her again. it bill take four or five years. >> reporter: it's despair that made them flee so far from home. despite the risks escaping
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war-torn libya by sea to europe remains their only hope for a safe he have future. al jazerra. misrata. saudi-led coalition planes have again struck houthi positions in yemen in new raids overnight. and u.s. secretary of defense ash carter says he's concerned iranian ships heading towards the country may be carrying weapons for houthi rebels. the u.s. aircraft carrier uss theodore ross roosevelt is near. qatar warped not to fan the flames but did not say if the u.s. would board any ships. the u.n. health organization is warning that the humane tear i didn't know crisis in yep sen yemen is identity tour or 80ing randy lid lid.
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while saudi-led air strikes have become listen sensitive since their announcements that the campaign is entering a knew phase. but there is still fierce fighting in the country. from the border mohamed v.a.l.l. reports. >> reporter: street battles in the yemeni city of taiz a day after the announce think of the end of the first face of the air cage inaircampaign in yemen. they are still unable to push the houthi rebels and the soldiers loyal to former press saleh from the city. a similar scene further south in aden. these are members of happened i popular resistence committees saying fighting continued here until tuesday night and since the early hours of wednesday.
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in washington, the saudi ambassador to the united states says the situation in aden requires a continued military action. >> we are seeing movements by the houthis that is very disturbing in the city of aden. where we see skirmishes and we see movement of houthi troops in to aden from three different directions. >> reporter: clashes also resumed in the areas in. on wednesday the saudi-led coalition targeted houthi and saleh fighters in taiz and aden. but the houthis seem far from being broken, they have matched in the capital sanaa which they still control. they chanted victory. denounced the saudi-led strikes and renewed allegiance to the houthi leader. yemeni army soldiers and officers loyal to the houthis
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and to the former president is los angeles, joined the march. >> translator: we took to the street to condemn shelling of civilians bombarding residential areas and we are telling them shape on you why development you face us on the ground, fight us like men, we will always face you like yemenises sol solid as rocks. >> reporter: they say they won the war and anything going forward to be based on the agreement signed. meanwhile the toll of human conflict is continue to go rise. >> translator: houthis target any woman child or man they were blindly targeting all of us. >> translator: we are no longer a able to ref more cases it's gone i don't understand our capability in this hospital, we are putting patients now in the corridors and reception. at least nine patients in each room. they are short staffed and we don't have enough medical equipment and medicine.
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>> reporter: the r.has declared the humanitarian situation in yemen as catastrophic and called for better action stores aid. the saudi-led coalition says it has launched a new operation with the aim of restoring peace in yemen but so far there are still no signs of a peaceful resolution to the conflict. mohamed valencia. al jazerra, on the saudi border with yemen. the syrian observatory human rights said the biggest loss of life was when a hospital was hit in aleppo. this appears to to show the aftermath. in iraq the u.n. says more than 114,000 people have fled their homes in romadi in the last two weeks there have been intense fighting between security forces and isil. aid agency say displaced people are in urgent need of shelter. in northern iraq the car
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against isil has hit the region's economy despite the rich oil fields. the government renewing its efforts to stay and help develop the region, kim vinnell reports from erbil. >> reporter: with the governor in town exhibit tours at the international oil and gas fair put their best feet forward. it's a chance to network. and take stock of what has been a rocky few months. there is the fight against isil, plummeting oil prices and an ongoing budget dispute between erbil and baghdad. but kurdish authorities wants to make clear northern iraq and it's oil fields are open for business. >> there is agreement in baghdad and also development monthly because the capacity of the region for exporting the oil will be increasing. >> reporter: but in reality things aren't running quite so smoothly. in december, erbil agreed to produce 550,000-barrels of oil a day. in order to receive its lotted
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share of the national budget from baghdad about a billion dollars a month. but the kurdistan regional government is falling slightly short on its oil promises. the regional government says it's not yet meeting its oil. [ inaudible ] because of technical problems and pipeline capacity problems on the iraqi side. critics have suggested that perhaps the region wants to keep some of its oil to make local demands but that's being round are you rejected. compounding matters money from baghdad is coming only in fits and starts. the deputy here of the peshmerga says that's having a follow on effect for fighters on the groundfrontline. >> because of the economic crisis in the region, especially because of the issue of oil. for example, we are in april. we have only received the money for february. and there are two or three months that we haven't received the money. >> reporter: international oil companies are waiting for their money too. the kurdish regional government owes the region's biggest investor more than $230 million
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in export payments. analysts say up vice tours won't hang around forever. >> the regional government has to pay them for their. [ inaudible ] excavating and when they get the returns they sell the oil and will be part of it. but if things are going the same way and the regional government cannot provide the payments for these international companies they won't be able to proceed anymore. >> reporter: dish authorities say will have to face the music and prove to investors it's safe to keep digging in northern iraq kim vinnell, al jazerra erbil. lots more still to come here. we hear from survivers of the violence against migrants in south africa. plus mexico's federal police are accused of killing vigilantes fighting the drug gangs more on that. stay with us.
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>> fall of saigon, forty years later. >> we have no idea how many
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were killed. >> unanswered questions, a botched withdrawal lives lost. examining the impact that still resonates today. a special report starts tuesday, 10:00 eastern. on al jazeera america. ♪ ♪ welcome back of the top stories here on al jazerra european leaders are to hold an insurgent summit in brussels on the crisis in the mediterranean sea. more than a thousand people have arrived at italian ports in the past 24 hours. many on rickety overcrowded boats. saudi-led coalition plane have his launched new strikes in generally. there has been fierce fighting in the cities of aden and at taiz. the u.s. says it's concerned iranian ships heading towards yemen might be carrying weapons for the huge 1234euz in iraq, more than 114,000 people have fled their homes in ramadi n the last two weeks intense
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fighting. people are in urgent need of shelter. nigeria's military says it has launch aid ground offense i was on boca huh ram's last long are strong hold. a regional force involving troops in chad and cameroon launched an offensive against the armed group in if he can and it's recaptured large areas of territory. in him we have this update from abuja. >> reporter: well, these reports that nigerian soldiers are now in full control of the forest seem like they could be reliable and accurate, because over the last few weeks we have witnessed a significant decrease in the number of attacks by boko haram in the northeast area. we have also managed to speak to a member of the civilian joint task force now those are ordinary nigerians who have been supporting military operations against the group. now, the source we spoke to confirmed the lines that we are betting. he also we want as far as saying in the fighting that ensued
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between nigerian forces and boko haram, five members of the civilian joint task force remember killed and for nigerian sole jeffs presssoldiers. president goodluck jonathan said he would irradicate this group before he leaves office in may. he says they are facing extinction it's incredible difficult to verify the information we are getting from the region because access has been very limited. nongovernmental organizations civil rights organizations human rights organizations and the media have not had access to this area. if the information is accurate, this could pave the bay for the return of over a million people who have been internally displaced by boko haram violence. hundreds of zimbabweans who fled from zeina phobic attacks in south africa have returned home. we spoke to one man that returned home empty handed. >> reporter: people who fled
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from attacks in south africa, leave the border most are post disappointed confused and worried. he's back home sooner than expected. there was a moment when he thought he would never see his family again. >> when i was attacked i could see there was something like about 30 to 40 people, those people when they attacked me they hit me on the head with. [ inaudible ] and then on the hands they stabbed me. >> reporter: he says he only survived by pretending to be dead. >> inning en one of them[ inaudible ] one of them saying let's leave him he's dead. they decided to leave me that's when i struggled to walk to where i met the policeman. >> reporter: on a good month in south africa, he would make around $700. event most of it to zimbabwe,
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money his wife, children, aunt and mother desperately needed. they are heart broken he is battered and bruised but at least he's a life. life. >> translator: when my son was in south africa event money home we could by food and pay school fees now what will we do. >> reporter: the family has every reason to worry the unemployment rate is between 80 and 90% accord some economists the city nearest to them is known as fort victoria during the colonial years, it was built on mining and action culture but no longer thriving. many farms and business have his clothed or are not operating at full capacity. forcing many people to go to south africa and look for work. he says he still gets clients from people in south africa asking when he's come back to work but he's afraid they will be killed. >> they want to cut my hands. it will be a problem.
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i think i have to wait. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: but he knows feeling safe is not enough. he says he needs to make a plan. because if he doesn't his family will have a hard time surviving. al jazerra zimbabwe. supporters of sri lanka's former defense secretary have december demonstrated outside the andy bribery commission, summoned on thursday to answer charges of corruption is the brother of the former president. the currents leader has launched investigation in to financial deals by the family members. a london trader accused of wiping almost a trillion dollars off a value of wall street shares may face extradition to the u.s. he was charged with fraud and has had his passport don if i skated. he's been granted bail set a $8 million. jonah hull has the story. >> reporter: makemaking his first court appearance in london, he
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was told he would face a full extradition hearing in august, he was released on bail of $8 million. the 36-year-old financial trader is charged in the united states with commodities fraud and market manipulation that significantly corrected, they say, to a multi billion dollars wall street crash on a single day in may 2010. according to u.s. regulators and the department of justice he operated a one-man trading company from this anonymous west london house opposite his parents' home not far from the airport. here it's alleged that he used computer al ga are al ga algorithms. analysts say it was not an isolated incident. >> i would suggest that most high frequency traders operate on a scale far larger than one individual in the west of
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london. we know regulators have been looking at the ways it's alleged they manipulate markets. but the problem is, they trade in fractions minuscule fractions, thousands of a thousand of a second, all trades and their orders get put in again and pulled back in tiny fractions i've second it's almost incomprehensible. >> reporter: u.s. authorities allege that he made fake trades, sometimes many thousands of them in a single day. this effective conned the market in to believe there were many multiple big sellers tame driving share prices downwards those sell orders would be canceled it's claimed that he would buy up shares at low prices as the market rapidly approved. the practice is illegal known as spoofing and resulted accord to this u.s. charge in enormous profits, $40 million between 2,010 and 2014.
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there is little to show for any of that on this unassuming suburban london road. he says he will contest the request of his extradition to the united states. jonah hull, al jazerra london. an independent investigation in mexico has revealed that 16 civilians were killed by federal police. it's the latest allegations of abuse by mexico security forces n confirmed this will be the third mass killing blamed on the police in less than a year, al jazerra's adam raney reports. >> reporter: initials say they are looking in to the accusations that federal place opened fire on two groups of unarmed man on january 6th the official score is a that the people died in a shootout. that's something that vigilantes we have been speaking to here in restless attorney mexico totally reject. they say they were there that day. they say they were unarmed and say the police opened fire and were aiming to kill them all and
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heard them say kill them. now, this is something that we cannot independently verify at this time. one of the vigilantes even said that he had ran, he was without shoes and he was in hiding when he saw police open fire close range on two of his associates and one of these self-defense groupings. now since then we have had a massive level of distrust here, although there was a protest early he onearlier on wednesday of people supporting the police you have widespread skip at this 1eu68 about the story we spoke to witnesses at the scene of one of the places where there were gunfire she said the sound was so strong it was clearly very heavily artillery artillery she is never seen the self-defense groups carry. protests in baltimore. six local police officers have been suspended over the death of 27-year-old freddy gray of a spinal injury.
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his death follows a year of protests where unarmed black men were killed by white police serz. a state of medical in chile after a volcano erupted twice within hours as alexi brown reports thousands have been forced to evacuate. >> reporter: a reminds are of the earth's fury. as the volcano roars in to life sending ash and smoke in to the sky. this time lapse video capturing the moment it erupted for the first time in 43 years. >> translator: at the beginning it was small. but later the cloud grew and then there was a huge cloud over me. and i got really scared. >> reporter: chile has issued a red alert closing schools and airports and ordering anyone nearby to leave quickly. >> translator: we are going to increase the evacuation zone from 10-kilometer today 20-kilometers. and we are asking anyone nearby
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to evacuate the area and take all precaution air i measures for safety. >> reporter: that sent locals scrambling and as the clouds of ash grew above them. so did the queues for the petrol pumps. >> translator: it was impressive to see an enormous mushroom cloud with the immense force of the volcano and seat arc, that points there was a lot of panic a lot of chaos traffic jams and people going it supermarkets everyone looking for water. >> reporter: it's considered one of the most dangerous of chile's 90 active volcanos, while there is no lava yet authorities are watching this eruption closely. russia is cutting spend on the ground its space program by more than a third over the next 10 years because of the country's economic crisis as a result several research projects will be removed from the program. russia's economy has been hit hard by western sanctions over
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the conflict in ukraine. quick reminders that you can keep up-to-date with all the news on our website. there it is on our screen, new and improved. the address that's >> i do get angry when i think of, you know, the unsustainable lifestyle of so many of the materialistic culture. >> jane goodall is famous for her trailblazing o with champ pan zees. the subject of her latest book isler love ofnator chimpanzees. >> she has been called the woman who redefined man as we think