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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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knob as as i said, he seem as a reformer, but he is having a difficult job reforming the mentality among some of his officers but last night he made it very clear this whole thing started when two high schools broke out early. based on the hollywood movie of the same name, where kids leave school early and go and do bad things and he said that is what happened. he says that is what happened in baltimore yesterday and somehow it transposed, and he said that he was embarrassed for his city, he was embarrassed the ever the young people and their parents and he said that he wees he had more parents like the one you have seen online today reigning their children and taking fay way from this. let's go to washington now where a senior correspondent is located.
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mike, president obama forceful in his statement today. saying he feels very strongly about it, that this is an issue that is front and center. >> we talked about this a little bit before, but it is instructive when you consider the chaos and our colleague is standing there the after math of the violent events the unrest that has led so so much almost anarchy and a crisis and you compare that to the tran quality and the sunny rose garden as he stood next to a ward loader but obviously the president very passionate about it. there are a number of issues on the agenda, and the trade packet that is outstanding now, between the united states and asia pacific but the president spoke most forcely when asked about the situation in baltimore this is something they have struggled with, after ferguson after long island, after cleveland and after
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the events in south carolina just recently, the president taking over the protestors those who are loading in the streets and walking into the vacuum and this chaos and using that opportunity he called them criminals and thugs but also taking after the police. until the american culture gets serious about addressing chose issues lack of opportunity, and lack of investment and many of these communitied most effected at least where much of this unrest has been occurring like, thank you in washington for us. we will be following these stories as they develop throughout the day, as well as the meetings of the japanese prime minister, stay
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tuned to al jazeera america.
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this is al jazeera america live from new york city. president obama says there's no excuse for the riots that happened in baltimore last night. but he is addressing some of the bigger picture questions of what is causing these problems in cities like baltimore, with impoofier,ed
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inner city areas. he talked while standing along the prime minister, because he was at the white house for talks on trade and defend. we are joined now by patricia with more, why is this important partnership at this moment? we heard the japanese prime minister say in 70 years people will look back on this moment in particular, as being a hallmark moment. >> they do it see it as that because it is a huge trade deal. 40% of global g.d.p. would bound up in the 12 countries that are slated to participate. if it passes but indeed there is a lot of push back, as you know against this trade deal concerns that it will cost american jobs depress wages really what you saw today, though, with both of them out there doing the hard sell, on this trade deal, president obama emphasizing that it would help american workers and american businesses and also really both leaders emfa is soing that it is going to
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bring forth a new era of global prosperity, let's listen in. point out for example, there are many japanese cars in america, i want to see more american cars in japan as well. it will help level the playing field it will be good for the workers of both of our countries and we will have a strong protections for workers in the environment and help us set high standards for trade in the twenty-first century. >> you have to love how the president there is talking about cars because many japanese cars are sold here he is basically positioning again part of his argument trying to argue it will be good for workers say look, we may sell more american cars in japan. but there are again very many many critics against this trade deal, because this trade deal is not just about tearing down trade barriers there are many many things that are bound up in the deals these days.
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another acronym why is this so important right now. >> well, of course, the a.i.i.b. basically is very important because it is another signal of the egoing influence many the region. now there was a bit of controversy to join the rush of founding members. from rushing to join on but many of them did rush, now today president obama says that's not true, we weren't discouraging our allies our concern was transparency, our concern was governance, but you do have to question and any journalist and any journalist worth their salt, should raise the issue what signal is that sending to our allies. china sort of the tiger many the room, the elephant in the room.
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a major factor right now. >> exactly. it is a major factor, and with the t.t.p., one thing that is very interesting is the obama administration the emphasis being the main concern. but just very recently, the defense secretary, ash carter said that passing it was as important to him as a new aircraft carrier so that sends the signal that it is about defense but this is not about a defensive move, and they are saying that. >> othe cooperation deals being struck, especially the military for example the administration insisting this has nothing to do with containing china but many are questioning that. well developing story out of iran today iran fired
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warning shots in the direction of a cargo ship in iranian waters. it now a pentagon spokesperson said they had boarded the ship, but no one was injured. 250 people are believed missing it happened in the village close to the epicenter of saturday's 7.8 magnitude quake. details are sketchy so far we just know that the town is -- that the area itself is 200 people missing as you said. that's been one of the big problems getting information from outside the capitol. the main epicenter but it is these areas that have been made inaccessible by mudslides landslides have been completely blocking roads. now everything we know, the
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death toll, the number of people effected, this is mainly coming by estimates and from what we know around katmandu. >> well, all the imcluers stranded have now been rescued. a brief spell of good weather allowed crews to airlift climbers to safety from catches high in the mountain. the earthquake triggers avalanches sending snow, rocks and ice. at least 18 climbers were killed and most of the ever cas were destroyed. katmandu only aircraft has just one runway, and it is clogged with people desperate to leave. reports from katmandu. >> cat man do international airport, the only way in or out of that pan since saturday's quake. those that survived are finding their way there many have. waiting for days.
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we are from india and a state of federal government is nowhere in sight. to help us. bewant to go home but we are desperate, we don't know whether we live or die. others are just thank to feel have survived. >> while they try to leave search and rescue arrive with their dogs. this team is from spain. >> sometimes the people the possibility to bring down and it is possible to wipe out the base but we don't have driven. -- on the other side, these are the lucky ones. they survived but having
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eaten for days until now. lines of people displaced are fed, it is their only source of food. they have lost everything. scenes like this are common. many continue to help in the rescue operation. people buried under tons of rubble. back at the airport planes are arriving all the time, it is working at full capacity. the authority of authorities are giving the military priority and rescue survivors, help is. cooing in from abroad too. but the lack of space at this restrainted airport means only a certain number of planes can land. >> with many roads into nepal badly damages the airport is vital, in the eight effort, the first few days after a quake are important to get
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refugees in and to try to find survivors in the outlying areas comings up, investigating gaza months after a military campaign ended that's strait ahead on al jazeera america. and a new united nations report says that israel wrongly hit a school with deadly results.
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eight months on the work has been completed. the u.n. has release add summary. the full report remains confidential. there's also a lesson that
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finds israel responsible for all seven attacks. >> edeplore the fact, that at least 44 palestinians were killed as a result of israeli actions but the letter goes on to refer to the discovery of hamas weapons. the bring i saw some paradione this. is it true that the seven schools that were hit with the loss of 44 lives were all hit by israel? is it true that the places where weapons were found were completely separate schools that were vacant and not designated as emergency shelters. >> i'd refer you to the language of the report, the summary, which states that the details. you can see the facts there you are right there's a difference between the three schools where weapons were found, and the seven other sites that were attacked the
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palestinian ambassador had this reaction. >> what is the secretary general planning to do in holding israel accountable for these crimes committed against civilians which there is no money in the world that can substitute for the value of a life this report could be extremely important. since last summer, palestine has become a member of the criminal courts. already the chief prosecutor of the court has launched an examination, to see whether there could be a formal investigation, or she is bound to find this report. al jazeera of the united nations. >> the supreme court just wrapped up hearing argue arguments in what could be a landmark case.
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whether gay couples should be allowed to mary nationwide. about vests on both sides protected while inside the court, they grappled with tough legal questions. california congressman who is openly gay attended today's session. i believe this court will make marriage equality available to everyone in our country. we will reach full marriage equality in every state for earn person. and i'm really honored to be a part of the oil arguments today. >> lisa stark is at the supreme court she sat in on the oil arguments and now joined us on the phone lisa, what were the justices main concerns today. >> libby, it was 2 1/2 hours of argument, so they could air everything they were concerned about. they were worried about whether it was proper for the supreme court to decide this. whether there should be same-sex marriage, but who
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decides it. they are asking us to decide, justice brier who is expected to support it, even he said, suddenly nine people outside the ballot box to require that don't want to do this to do it. now argued we can't have a wait and see attitude. we can't wait to see what the states are going to do, because she said that's not a justification under the 14th amendment, we should allow equal protection under the law. and in fact, justice kennedy did say, sue can marry joe but tom can't how is that not straight forward sexual discrimination. and that's part of the harvey case is this just sexual discrimination is it discrimination that is not allowed under equal protection clause. those arguing in favor of wanting to ban same-sex marriage, said look we are not trying to make gay couples second class, there
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are societal reasons to define marriage as a man and a woman and that is because the state has an interest in brock ruation, and having children. and justice responded to that well, hey, it is hard to see how a committed same-sex marriage makes it difficult for kids to be bonded to biological parents. clearly a lot of questions. and we will know how the court decides. libby i should mention in the middle of it a protestor in the court someone that clearly opposed gay marriage yelling about burning in hell, he was dragged out but was quite loud for quite some time and could be heard throughout the court. >> and that's sort of a break in protocol, not normal for the court at all. did you get a sense that they are breaking down along the
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liberal and conservative lines? mr. some cases definitely, are we on our way to saying mr. ottawa j my polygamy. and justice scalia, but also about religious exemptions if we allow same-sex marriage, nationwide would ministers who opposed it have to marry same sex-coupleses. the key person is justice kennedy, he is the swing vote he did not play his cards he ask questions on both sides of the fence so we will be waiting to ski what he decides. coming up the latest from baltimore, where residents are cleaning up the day after ray t yos, next.
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when you want it. a global perspective wherever you are. the major headlines in context. mashable says... you'll never miss the latest news >> they will continue looking for survivors... >> the potential for energy production is huge... >> no noise, no clutter, just real reporting. the new al jazeera america mobile app available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now a computer analyst testified today for the defense in the boston marathon bombing trial. he said the sister-in-law did research for the spiritual rewards for a wife fighting as a martyr in a holy war. the defense has argued that her husband was the real master mind behind the attacks and they have ask jurorred not to put his younger brother tsarnaev to death.
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where john is live this afternoon, john, we heard the president be forcely a short time ago about these protests weighing in, himself what is happening now where you are. >> i would like to show you which i bet you aren't expecting to see. over to the left, and look at this. this is happening alongside our life shot position, where outside the pharmacy you saw fire bombed early many the rioting yesterday, and this is a group of church people and their friend whose have turned up, and are basically stripped as much as they can out through the now competely broken and nonexistence windows of the pharmacy, they are taking all the metal stands that the food, and the gifts and the various packets and they are putting it into the back of one -- i see another one down there at least two very large trucks. which will take all this away.
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and this is being done in part to clean up the area, and in part to stop any of this being used as missiles should things turn violent tonight. now, libby, one person who thinks there will be no violence tonight is the new republican governor. larry hogan is his name, and he is insists that this time, the states and the city and the authorities are on top of this and they will stop what happened last night from happening again. take a listen. >> to my knowledge there's been no incidents. this morning we are still concerned about what may happen this evening. question are continuing to bring more people in from around the state and country. we are going to put as many as resources as we can. >> and we also heard today from the mayor of baltimore stephanie who gave a news conference just before the governor spoke and she
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thanks the people of baltimore for doing what you just seen them doing here. which is cleaning up, and they were cleaning up why the rioting was happening. also saying look, you can't see what is happening but we have been doing an awful lot of work to try to get the lid on this. and the mayor of course coming in for a lot of criticism for comments she made on sunday after the initial rioting that we saw in which she appears to suggest according to some, that this kind of violence we have seen was acceptable, she denies that. and blames the media for twisting her words. >> do you get a sense that those words are having an effect, on the zens the z the mood. >> well, let's turn around once again and have a look at this you have to believe there's some kind of effect from theserd workers.
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the president is only 40 miles away in washington d.c. but his words must have been heard. he talks about the family wants answering and he wants transparency, but of course the difficulty is, is that we simply don't know how that will be achieved and the president spoke in the course of his press conference today, and said that he was determined to try and put t los of small things into play during the time that he has left in office that may help the situation including job creation housing, and trying to reform the issue that is at the heart of this, the relationship with the police. libby. >> john, live for us in baltimore, we will continue to monitor what is happening there, teams on the ground, as well as all the news throughout the world. stay tuned the news continues next live from london. remember, the ever the latest headlines you can always go to our website, it is
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for the latest. for for for the for the for the for the for the for the for for
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this is al jazeera. the news hour, live from london coming up. heavy rain hampers rescue efforts. more than 10,000 people. moving closer to the strong hold. baltimore after a night of rioting and police custody.