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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. the news hour, live from london coming up. heavy rain hampers rescue efforts. more than 10,000 people. moving closer to the strong hold. baltimore after a night of rioting and police custody.
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heavy rain has been hampering efforts. and get aid to survivors. more than 4,600 people are now moan to have died. the united nations says 8 million people are being effective. many have been left without food and shelter. rescuers where officials say 250 people are missing after a new mudslide and avalanche. reports from katmandu. katmandu international airport, the only way in or out of nepal since saturday's quake. those that survived are finding their way there many have been waiting for days.
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we are from india and a state of federal government is nowhere in site to help us. >> just like ha, and the flag that -- otongue the first night, it was really raining last might so we are going to stay dry with that tent. while thigh try to leave search and rescue teams arrive with their trained dogs this team is from spain. >> it dependents on the situation, because sometimes the people the possibility to -- and it is possible to wait for ten days.
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these are the lucky ones they survived but haven't eaten for days until now charities are stepping into the breach, lines of people displaced are fed it is their only source of food, they have lost everything. sans like this are common people continue to dig, many volunteers joining in the rescue and recovery operation. trying to find the remains of their homes or people buries under tons of rubble. back at the airport planes are arriving all the time. the authorities are giving priority to run across the quake zone and rescue survivors. help is coming in from abroad too, but the lack of space means only a certain number of planes can land. >> the airport is vital in the aid effort the first few
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days are important to get rescue teams in, in the outlying areas that have been effected by one of nepal's worst natural disasters. 're in one area, the evidence is very clear to see how people have been displaced. many hundreds are catching in large open spaces that you can see behind me. they come out of their homes and feel it is much safer. the makeshift fires, they are trying to keep warm as much as they can they have had no help from the local hertz from the tents you see the canvas has been donated by well wishers or by neighbors who managed to locate their friends and help them what you see are people who have many of them full time jobs
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but they can't go to their jobs because they are so concerned about their homes and also the families we spoke to one that said that the family has had to find other locations across nepal to try to find safe accommodations because where they are in the area of the epicenter is still very unsafe and they don't feel safe staying with they are. the ever the moment, this is an image and an experience that is being felt by many thousands of people, across central nepal and the earthquake area. >> live now to al jazeera who is in cat man do. hows that the rain been effecting efforts to reach the remote areas. >> it is really hampers efforts. locals have taken to initiative they came out select ambulances and rescue vehicles many and people came out with pick axes one of the historic areas of the city,
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to rye to find survivors they only found one body and then they kept digging then the rain came and it came down hard, and that really shut down the search and rescue operation there more international search teams arrived, these were from japan, malaysia, and germany the ones we saw and they also took a look at this area, to see if they could find anyone. but so far off they have been find is bodies. >> give us the context with nepal, the infrastructure in some ways is effected more severely than perhapses in a more developed country. what kind of facility does he have and what more does he need? >> well, actually, nepal right now you can see people
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are still living out in the open the only difference is now they have the tents. this is one of the main parts of the capitol and this is how people are living since saturday. this shows how desperately needed supplies are. relief supplies are still a fraction of what is needed. it is only in the capitol as we heard in the piece, there is much -- there's a much bigger area outside the city that has been completely inaccessible by land, and roads because of the landslide, now a helicopter tries to go et and land in the area today but wasn't able to do so because there was no place for it to land. and i think the poor infrastructure here, the lack of resources the lack of coordination shows that really nepal and the government needs every bit of help it can get. >> thank you very much indeed for bringing us the latest there from cat moon do.
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at least 52 people are feared dead at a huge landslide in afghanistan. police say most of those killed were women and children, the only way to access the area was by helicopter and surrounding roads covered in snow. >> forces have fired shots across the cargo ship in the gulf. the news agencies said they boarded the vessel after it trespassed. they are calling it a civil matter. traveling through the strait after the south coast of iran at the time, it is now reported to be near the iranian. >> saudi arabia has arrested more than 90 people suspected of belonging to the his. laic state of the levant. they were planning on carrying out attacks including a car bombing against the embassy. >> the details of this came in a statement by the interior ministry and it was on the press agency on --
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just basically said that 93 prospects have been arrested including two who are accused of having hiring and attempts to attack the u.s. embassy in march. with car. bos also that includes 65 saudis and foreigners, women are calling for the statement, but they did not give her name or nationality and from the statement looks like this operation has been going on for several months. the first group that was arrested was 15 saudis, last february, and they created a cell which they call the two holy mosques. and they are a part of isil according to the statement. they have what -- they have a lot of cash that has been found by the saudis security authorities it is a huge problem in saudi arabia, because saudi arabia is one of the countries that is open
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hing another number of countries in the campaign against isil both many syria and iraq. they also have a long history with this type of group since september 11th as we all know, most of the hijackers were from saudi arabia, they have been waiting a war against al quaida, and now also against isil, and isil has vowed on several occasions to fight back against any of the middle eastern countries that are participating in the war against their minister inside iraq and syria so there is a lot across the kingdom. >> the middle east contributor to the u.s. based think tank the middle east forum. quite a large number of aests from isil. >> i guess we can say, it is -- in terms as far as isil goes it is a culmination building up for a series of operations.
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isil declares in 2014, an official province what they would call they don't recamiers the kingdom, so they refer to it by the name of the two holy fights. and that had been going on it's not a new thing. it's been going on for quite some time. it is difficult to say -- beyond the circles because very -- although the province was declared this wasn't much
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evidence of the isil presence. and it wasn't advertised on social media. someone may put up a banner and say -- in the dessert but it didn't beyond that, there was very little some sympathy was increased but you had saudi participation in the strike back against the houthis rebels which might increase perception among the region at least that they are expanding the interests. >> it's a much songer country in some ways. typically building up the presence in areas where there is no infrastructure or aflac of governance. building up cells is what we can expect.
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it wasn't the first time. a few months ago with the same problem it's not of the scale that we see now that's really where we expect it to manifest itself. they have to compete with a.q.a. >> and just briefly. duke they are having any material impact. >> i think it can help to contain isil. large view overall. it remains unchanged. tick credit is the exception but it was a mass
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organization orb power backed by u.s. air strikes. >> . >> landing in the yemen capitol. indo knee sean convicts seven foreigners despite international appeals for them not to. >> and in sport how the word's richest tennis tournament just got richer, all the details details late details late iraqi army and isil fighters say they have the upper hand for the largest oil refinery, it is crucial for iraq more than a quarter of the country's entire finding capacity. reports from baghdad. >> this is what the iraqi
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security forces want you to see. a force of army military and federal mistaking the fight to the his. laic state many the battle for iraq's oil refinery beijing. beijing has been hard fought over for the last six months with isil and iraqi security forces saying at different times they are in control. they are on going clashes that's been the case for two weeks we are fighting on three fronts around the perimeter, who have pushed back attacks and now are trying to push into the defensive line. >> according to police sources who spoke to al jazeera, 200 iraqi specific forces are now trapped because an important supply line has been cut by isil. those soldiers are demanding air strikes a counter offensive. in a video online, the group says it is in control on a mounting significant attacks
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on soldiers. a military affairs writer and analyst, he explains why the fight for beijing has been so hard. >> there are three reasons why the fight has been so tough. first, because isil controls the military supply lines around the perimeter. secondly isil has established a strategic --. >> okay, this is al jazeera america, live from new york city we want to get you to this press briefing from captain of the baltimore police department. >> from both our local regional and state partners, and right now we are also having also from washington d.c., we are incredibly thankful for the support of our partners to open h us, we are deploring critical infrastructure sites locations that have experienced previous incidents of lawlessness, and areas where efforts tell us
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we need to be. we will respond quickly and efficiently to incidents that take place. but again we are hoping that we don't see any of those today. right now we know that a minimum of 20 officers have been injured. we expect that number may be higher but we have reports that our officers sustained injuries did not want to go seek medical treatment. they wanted to stay with their other officers and continue to help protect the city. we know there are 144 vehicle fires and we know there's one person who is in critical condition as a result of a structure fire right now there is a large crowd in pennsylvania avenue, that crowd is peaceful, and that's who we are used to seeing.
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a group of people that come together peacefully, to voice their frustrations and to do so in a peaceful manner. we have a 10:00 o'clock curfew this evening and that is in effect until 5:00 o'clock tomorrow earning. we will be enforcing that, i think it is very appropriate right now to thank all of the people many the community, we have received emails text messages messages on our social media from people across the one across the state, in the city we have had people bringing our officers food, and water as they are out in various neighbors we want to thank them for that. we are very thankful for the show of sup bort from our community, and i think everyone in baltimore is looking forward to peace returning. again, we want to ebbs -- with that i will take
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questions. >> cam some of your own officers say there weren wayings that they needed more help after the violence saturday night. why wasn't more help here before yesterday? you know i think this is clearly what people want to talk about i think it is important to add a degree of context when we deployed our offices yesterday we were deploying for a high school event. i don't think there's anyone in the country that would expect us to deploy automatic weapons and armored vehicles to an event with 13, 14, and 15-year-olds. that's not what people expect from their police department. what we saw that turn into was an incident that escalated in violence, and the age group of the people involved increased as well. so as of today.
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you saw that throughout the techniques to address that situation, to address that concern, and where we are today, where we called in support, and we with have that support and deploring it right now. >> what i can tell you is that we have officers that are deploys to our hot spots. that we have our national guard, that we have the ability to respond quickly to incidents of law lessness that take place and again when it is about creating context. in other locations the incidents have been contained to one area. what we saw last night was a group of people take advantage of a situation of a very unfortunate situation and use that to tear down their own neighborhoods.
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our deployment today is to respond to those. >> i think any threat that comes in right now any bit of information will be examined for it's veracity. we will continue to do invest guy tiff work. we put out that release that we had arrested the individual who had destroyed our police car much like that we are going to do work. we will find those people and arrest them. we are alsoing looing at various areas of information so we can do whatever we can to mitigate these incidents.
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>> the police commissioner is in the watch center right now. what i want to say that we are very thankful for we have that large group that they are peaceful, that's the baltimore we are used to seeing. >> [inaudible]. >> so we know that the curfew is in effect. 10:00 o'clock at night unless you are enganged in work or on your way to medical treatment, you are not allowed to be out obviously that will be enforced. go have a tremendous number of resources and we will enforce that curfew to make sure that our city stays safe throughout the night. >> i don't want to speculate what that looks like.
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i think there's a degree of common sense but at the same time, this is about making sure the city is safe. we have put out there's a 10:00 o'clock curfew, so we are telling people to please stay off the streets after 10:00 o'clock, unless you are on the way to receive medical treatment or. cooing from work. we are ingo to need to get to all those calls. we will -- i think one thing we want to make sure, is that -- we have an obligation to protect life, there's a siren behind me, we have an obligation to protect life, and by protecting life that
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is how we move to protect property. that's -- from taking place so we will get to those calls for service we will investigate the criminal acts that took place we will do everything that we can to make sure that we are putting resources in the right place. >> that happened this morning particularly [inaudible] i know this morning we made about a dozen arrests. it looks right now it is seven adults and five children or five juveniles that were arrested. we will investigate reports of criminal activity as they take place etch p i think it is very important not to lump all of the criminal activity into one. we will be doing. >> you have the information.
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>> give me one second. we will be -- to do hourly briefings from now until 9:00 o'clock tonight, so we can update you. i will put that out as we get more on that. >> you have been watching to baltimore city police department. he has been giving us a briefing and you heard at the end, the promise that they would try at least to give hourly briefings. but boy a different captain today than yesterday. when we first saw him in the afternoon hours. sometime after 3:00 p.m. at that time he was dealing with a situation that was spiraling out of control he had six officers that before injured one was unresponsive at that time. it is certainly a far different situation than around this time yesterday will the me find out more on that paul is standing by, live in baltimore and paul,
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the captain mentioned there's a large gathering. i don't know if you are there, and north avenue. ands much different it seems a very different situation today, than what we were talking about yesterday. >> it certainly is generally speaking more peaceful and calm but it is very tense. the sense situation here. there was some kind of summer. police chopper circles very tightly to cheer this intersection, this is north in pennsylvania right behind us, it is just to my right. there was a surge from the line across this intersection pepper spray to get people back away from the line. hundreds of people threw theiren has up, things have calmed down a little bit but as i said, the temperatures
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just got turned up a much different situation than yesterday, still very volatile and unpredictable. >> paul, help me, what happened. what precipitated the surge? what was going on? there are thousands of people here in this intersection. and they are moving closer and closer to the police line and i think in an effort to maintain distance, there was some push back, and there was pepper spray used to create some space. came down very chose close enough to allow the loud speaker to allow them to clear the intersection, it has not been cleared but things do seem to have simmers down for the moment.
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>> are youer haing of other episodes? is this the main area right now of activity. >> this does seem to be the main area of this kind of activity. this kind of tense, what we saw throughout the city was clean up. community groups coming together orallers saying we are going here, you are going there, heading out a hardening effort. none of this elsewhere. we are certainly here not getting records of widespread activity. and pennsylvania avenue, and north avenue, that is is situation, certainly that police can handle. paul, appreciate it, thank you. we will be following
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throughout the day and evening. we will see you later with more coverage in baltimore and around the world as well.
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heavy rain has been hammer ping efforts to trap people in nepal. this man was pulled from the rubble. saudi da ayoub yeah has arrested more than 90 people. they were planning to carry
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out attacks including on the u. embassy. and syrian government forces have been driven out of the province. dozens of vehicles carrying troops were film headed to the coast, while rebels attack hundreds following on foot. redses of a town in northeast niger have told al jazeera that hundreds of skeletons have been discovered. mere the border, they were thought to be of civilians that were killed by boko haram. taken to the area on monday from soldiers and al jazeera is the first network to receive pictures from this area. the u. inform has condemned prosperity election violence which has continued for a third day. police have fired tear gas. on the outskirts of the
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capitol. the president announcement run for a third term sparked the protests the u.n. has dispatched a special envoy to negotiate between him and the opposition. fighting with protestors we spoke to some journalists earlier from the station that said they saw the u.n. human rights chief. those journalists fright being bro test tors and tried to take their equipment and accused them of arm aing the p osix there hasn't been any direct comments be uh the police chief and the military did hold a press conference and they said that some people have been spreading rumors that were intended to cause fear to the population, and make people leave the country.
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they fled to neighboring rwanda and to the democratic public of congo. and those people are expected the worse ahead of the election. >> monday's violence, saying there's a need for a national soul searching. the funeral of a black man who died in police custody from a neck injury. 15 buildings were set on fire along with 144 vehicles. almost 200 people were arrested. the late nest a series of black men to die at the hands of police. causing rising anger among african-americans in the u.s. last julyeric garner died in a choke hold while being hold by a new york police officer. but it was the fatal shooting of unarmed michael brown in ferguson missouri that provokes mass protests on the
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nationwide scale. grand juries decided not to indicted the officers. when he was shot and killed in a park in cleveland in november. that case is still under investigation. walter scott was shot dead in north charleston. in that case the officer has been charged with murder. if you can hear me, give us a update on what is going on on the ground this this afternoon. welshes it is interesting we have been here for the last few hours at the cvs quite a heartening scene, to fair out the fixtures people volunteers from around the city coming with their brooms to eminto up and tear up.
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the speeches of justice handing out voter registration forms. they wonder what is going on, it was the clear up operation, the police officers are keeping an eye on. it has been utterly peaceful up until about 20 minutes ago. people decided to throw a couple of bottles, plastic bottles in the response of the police and the police response was very rushful they rushed the crowd, they
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surged forward. and there was clouds of pepper spray going up. loads of people here that just gathering. and thins don't seem to have recovered that much. certainly people that just want to calm things down, yes, there's anger with the police remember the baltimore police does have a terrible record in baltimore. clearly the combat police are on patrol here. a couple of plastic bottles is enough to force a charge from their lines. pretty painful form of crowd control, president obama was speaking at length today as he was giving a press conference with the japanese prime minister. he spoke about the condemn the unroast we saw yesterday.
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although he was very keep to put into context but what he called troubling interactions. it is not a protest or a statement, it is a hand full of people taking advantage of a situation for their own purposes. and they need to be treated as criminals. two violence yesterday distract fire department the fact that you had seen multiple days of peaceful protests. that were focused on entirely legitimate concerns of these communities in baltimore. the continuation of that long line of protests peaceful protests we have seen since freddie gray died two sundays ago.
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it is about what happened to him, how did he sustain such fatal injuries. thank you very much, indeed. >> the japanese prime minister has been visiting washington. and visiting with president obama. barack obama greeted him at the white house, the two leaders are expected to discuss defense ties and try to also offer a specific trade packet. the first japanese prime minister to address a joint meeting. >> there are many japanese cars in america i want to see more american cars in japan as well. t.p.p. will help level the maying feed, it will be good for the workers of both of our countries and more over t.p.p. will have strong
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protection for workers and the environment and help us set high standards for trade in the twenty-first century. the t.p.p. trade deal big focus, any news on that after? >> from the president there's one progress, they don't have an agreement yet. and white house aids believe really the lynch pin to this is between the japanese and the u.s. they believe if they can hammer out a deal, then the other 12 will sign on quickly. well, they are really not giving us any details. the prime minister said it was significant but no details. we believe the fining sticking points are on rice exports and also cars as the president mentioned but the white house is down playing any expectations that there's going to be a big break through, or any sort of announcement, i can here you in washington they are going all out to impress the prime minister with that first
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joint session, and also with the state dinner. those don't happen a lot. >> also made a deal on defense, and asked for china should be seen as a threat. >> they did -- they called this a significant change, basically, they have changed the agreement that they have with the japanese forces. both he and the prime minister said this is much more to do with the islamic state as the need to combat that group and the president says it doesn't have to be with weapons or shoulders. so they are down playing that this is -- that this is any sort of threat towards china or the region, saying the focus is again on isil. thank you very much indeed. >> a man accused of capturing a boated nine days ago has been back in court.
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is denied being in charged of the overcrowded boat. killing more than 800 people. the sinking is believed to be the worst disaster yet. alleged captain of the ship carrying hundreds. capsized. he first identified himself but was later identified by his family. >> no way he is a captain. my son cannot be a captain he does haven't the mind. he has never been a captain he went out to sea four times
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with me, and i spent 50 years in sea and i cannot be a captain, they forced him to libya to do it. either a bullet in his head or the sea so the sea is better than the bullet. >> his mother remember as joyful son who always wanted to live in italy. he was caught and brought to libya. his father says he stole $1,500 from his brother and only spoke to him when he had already reached libya and he himself was being held by people smugglers. he told us rah libyan guy would give me work then it ours it he is taking people and many other countries and the only one was my son. and capsized. people want to charge him for
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homicide. and the ship wreck. and the italian -- the scale of the sinking has brought e.u. countries under pressure to take action, at an emergency summit they decided to step up actions in the southern mediterranean. back they don't pay very well they say that life is tough here, especially for those that dream of changing their circumstances. to ukraine where they say that separatist are still using rocket launchers. the grand rockets have been fired at the government held town near the rebel strong hold. during a conference with european officials the president said the country is still under the threat of war, but urged other countries to invest so it could recover.
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supported on monday and again on tuesday within waters. other the military exercises. the leader of a russian biker gang has described the refusal to allow members into the country. 15 bikers were turned around as they tried to enter on monday. they were trying to reach berlin as the 1945 advance through eastern europe. the cameras were waiting for them this has been a controversial the trip from the start. they had warned they wouldn't be allowed in. and indeed they were turned away. >> the reasons are unknown.
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they denied entry without giving any reasons. my visa was annulled and i was banned. in the city the night leader slammed poland's decision as petty. their trip was purely an act of commemoration for the u.s.s.r. wartime heroism. >> we will continue with our trip i won't reveal the details right now because i don't want to create problems. you can see how ridiculous it has become that we have had to disguise our trip? this will come to no good, it has gone too far on the very've of victory we should hide ourselves under intentions and go secretly to the graves. he suggests that many will attempt, but germany says it won't let the group in.
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their involve mint in the takeover earn them a place on a u.s. sanctions list and also at the forfront of a movement. aimed at preventing a pro western uprising. many the current climate that's exactly why they make some states so nervous. >> al jazeera. >> find owe why cows are very important in this community and what people here are willing to do to protect them. >> and in sport barcelona further clear at the top of the premier league.
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spanish emergency services. around 150 people were on the burning craft. disnot yet known how the ferry caught fire. more details on that as we get it. >> cattle fest is a problem in many parts of kenya and some people have resorted to extreme measures.
2:49 pm
reports from korea. >> after a day in the field he takes his animals back home. he seems to be popular here, in this part of kenya if you own cattle you are considered well off. they arrive at the house go down a narrow passage, and then into his get room p p so long as as they are safe. in here, he is hit rally on the same footing as his prize positions. it's the only way he says they can be safe. so he gets comfortable and makes sure his cues are
2:50 pm
comfortable. cattle stealing is a major problem. it is cacause of conflicts the close boarder conflict. in many parts of africa cars are extremely valuable. today a dowry or price is being paid her father independents the eight cars given by the family. everyone seems happy and a wedding date is set. so the cows are very important, and our cattle. >> the next day he says what you are seeing now is a small number he has more than 50. he doesn't keep all his cows at home. that way if they have ever stolen he doesn't lose
2:51 pm
everything. he doesn't care if some people think sleeping with his cows is a bit extreme. >> time now for sport. >> hello baltimore orioles baseball team venn yous for their home games this week, after a second game was postponed. with atrophy in place across the city. they still want to may the matches in baltimore and are also considering switching to afternoon matches. in nearby washington is one of the other option os they are considering.
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despite the massive revenues the sport governing body has always been listed as a nonprofit organization, now and the public leads just the governing bodies of hockey and golf, one of the other major sports in the united states still tax exempt. just four days now until the fight in las vegas, one of the most hotly anticipated. arrived now in los angeles from the main camp, more than 400-kilometers away in los angeles accompanied by his family the legend was greeted by hundreds of fans as you can see there. four days the camp admitted they are getting tired of all the hype. i am going to feel a lot better on sunday, i will be have happy when it is over
2:53 pm
with. >> the tie after the fight mayweather junior -- unundefeated in the 19 year career. with the broadcaster show time. barcelona is tending to open up a gap at the top of the spanish premier league. they are getting the game earlier in the match. and struggling at the league at the moment. it is 5-nil to barcelona. and that game is one of three games taking place in spain tonight in a little over an hour the rubles a win will strengthen their chances of european football next
2:54 pm
season at the moment jurisdiction a few points off, they haven't lost to the rival since 2012, elsewhere up against -- in the last 20 minutes or so, a long standing rival normally a very special occasion, but tortman this time for the gentleman cup already sown up the league title it is still goalless in that game. grounded to a halt after the government suspendedded the latest drought to hit the sport in the country. explains the latest controversial there. well football is no stranger to controversial many the last couple of years. security at games and even the death of two foreign players who are unable to pay for medical treatment because they haven't been paid by their clubs. this is more of a tit for
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tat. and the league ground to a halt after two matches. well the governing body warned the government to back down but now they have done the very opposite suspending the f.a. and saying they will serve a replacement organization for the clubs have already said they won't cooperate. thousands of fans marching through the streets and could lead to fifa suspending all football activities in the country, including those involving the national team. the total prize fund at the grand slam event, now
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standing rat nearly $41 million that's $3 million more than the next highest paying event. the total purse since wimbeldon started back in 1877. it wasn't until 1968, until prize money was awarded at that stage the men's winner got $3,062 the u.s. champion 1,148, less than half. the passport is $17.3 millions, 752,000 for the men's winner, and it wasn't until 2007 that the men and women were on par with each other in terms of prize money, the champions roger federer and venus williams. this year, is a 7% increase in last year's purse $40.88 millions to share the 2015 singles winners pocket
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$2,000,088 a piece. this year ease tournament is also started a week later than usual. a bigger gap preceding the grand slam the french open organizers hoping the ebbs tension will give players more time to arm wayup. by competing you do test your body and your movement in a way that's quite hard to replicate flu practice, however, -- so we take the opportunity, we hope they will take advantage of the opportunity, and all come here well rested and prepared fit and well adjusted to competing on grasp p been he dash is hoping to get a world cup over visitors pakistan, they won the 3-1 day matches and the 20 international. and they are 2-36 before that's the news hour as well,
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bye for now.
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>> hello there you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, more than 90 suspected isil members are arrested accused of planning multiple attacks. national guard troops descend on a night of rioting, and. >> find out why cows are very import