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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> hello there you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, more than 90 suspected isil members are arrested accused of planning multiple attacks. national guard troops descend on a night of rioting, and. >> find out why cows are very important in this community. and what people here are
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willing to do. rescue people trapped by saturday's earthquake, and give aid to survivors. more than 4,600 people are noun to have died but the prime minister warned that the true figure is likely to be more than 10,000. the united nations says 8 million people have been effected many of whom have been left without food or shelter, rescuers are still trying to reach areas near the epicenter where officials say 250 people are missing after a new mudslide and avalanche. meanwhile, a serj and rescue team has pulled a man from a collapsed apartment block. 28-year-old spent around 80 hours in a room with three dead bodies before being rescued. he appears to have no access to food or water. he was on the second near of
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a building when the quake struck. joins us live now andrew, you have been out in the katmandu valley, what have you seen and how bad is the damage many the places that are hard to reach outside the capitol? it is very cheering to hear something positive coming out of these efforts. everything i have seen so far has been pretty depressing. with rescue teams more or less saying that almost feeling like funeral directors in temples of bringing bodies out and moving them on. but i went west of the capitol. something like three hours flying time.
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what i saw the situation was critical. outside the capitol. worse than here is heavily populated city. 500 meters above the foothills and you can see from here, just how massively difficult it has been. to get there uh this terrain to access areas but really many areas are still unreached. with the thought is a special forces commander who is in charge of the rescue effort, teams that are on the ground. being dispatched by helicopter trying to get through on foot, after being wenched down into these areas. the reach that we have, to get our -- a more clearer
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picture. on the skill and the needs. the landslide where all of the earth went down on to a village. there are many of those but on this occasion, apparently, there were rescues that reached the area. it is evidence from seeing this this task faces all of the rescuers recovery. really it is a recovery now sadly, rather than a rescue effort. a lot of flights trying ocome in but a log jam, they can't
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get out of the people that need it most. barbara you asked me a similar question on monday night. you have been asking that time and time again. to the military offices. and it appears there is a muttle. the theory that they are getting in is a sort of bottleneck because of the one runway. the military commanders i have spoken to that the system even though it looks chaotic. the capacity right now is not enough. not enough food and choateing or basic ever caking utensils.
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we went to a town which was about 40-kilometers outside of the katmandu valley. there must have been 40 casualties flowing into our hospital, it is the earthquake, had just happened injuries serious injuries back injuries head injuries this was from a building that has just collapsed. people being treated on the bare floor, people outside people in the street. getting basic triage, before entering the hospital because
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of the problem. they were doing a remarkable job, they were doing an incredible job keeping hygiene up, despite the extraordinary situation. there offense a desperate immediate, and the calls are being made for more and more help. coming back to your question, who is coordinating it? supposed to be the military, they are doing their level best be uh the government has to stand accountable for coordination for the united nations, and there is a commit toe of coordination committee, a high level set off long time ago for an emergency like this, although nobody could have conceived of the enurety but it is the government that stands accountable for what had happened. >> the latest there andrew, thank you. at least 52 people are feared dead after a huge landslide. afghan officials say the only
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way to access the area is by helicopter iranian forces have fired shots across the bow. in the gulf, iranian news agencies they they boarded the vessel after a trespassed in territorial waters. they are calling it a civil matter traveling through the strait off the south coast of iran at the time, it is reported to be near the port of baghdad. belonging to the his. laic state of iraq. they were planning to carry out attacking. including a car bombing. live now who is at the u.s. state department in washington, they start with the ship first what more do we know about that. >> according to officials both at the state department and at the pentagynia but the
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registered in the u.s. martial islands was using an internationally known and recognized shipping rout when it encountered several vessels from the navy. they were ordered to stop and then to divert, to the port, when the captain apparently refused, then that's apparently when one of the navy vessels fired a shot across the bow, and then that's when the vessel was diverted. now apparently there are no vessels among the people who are said to be the crew of this vessel. but the u.s. navy still has some of it's ownerships but not far away, in case there would be some need for them to try to help the members of this vessel it is a cargo
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ship we understand. >> focusing on the other story, those arrests be i the government one of the things they are accusing him of is planning an attack on the u.s. embassy, who more do we know? and what reaction has there been. of course saudi arabia is very big in the key ally against isil. >> that's right. and understandably, the u.s. officials don't want to talk too much about this alleged plot by three of the 93 people who had been taken into custody by saudi effort thats. all of these people are said to be members of isil. but officials say they don't know if they are actual members or of an isil affiliate, or simply wanna bees.
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>> the details of this came by a statement in the interior ministry, and it was on the saudi agency, and it just basically says that 93 suspects have been arrested. including two who are accused of having been behind an attempt to attack the u.s. embassy in march.
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with a car bomb, also, they include 65 saudis and foreigners. they did not give her name or nationality. from the statement looks like this has been going on for several months. twenty-first group that was arrested was 15 saudis last february, and they created a cell which they called soldiers of the land of the two holy mosques and they are part of isil. they have a lot of cash, which has been found by the security authorities, it is a huge problem for saudi arabia because saudi arabia is one of the countries that are helping the u.s. and other number of countries in the campaign. both in syria and iraq, they also have a long history with this type of group, since september 11th as we all
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know most of the hijackers were from saudi arabia, since then they have been waiting and now also against isil, and isil has vowed on several occasions. la are participating in the war against their militia inside iraq, and syria so there is a lot of fear across the kingdom. >> still to come, final goodbyes for foreign prisoners on death row as appeals for clemency fall on deaf ears. and syrian rebels advance moving closer to president's coastal strong hold.
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a 28-year-old man has been rescued 80 hours of the earthquake. efforts have been made more difficult because of heavy rain. have now been confirmed dead. iranian forces fired shots across the bow of a u.s. charter cargo ship. news agencies say they boarded after a trespass in the territorial waters and are calling it a civil matter. saudi arabia has arrested more than 90 people suspected of belonging to the islamic state of iraq, police say they were planning to carry out attacks including on the u. embassy. in the last hour or so it's
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been confirmed that eight drug convicts have been executed in indonesia. these are the scenes outside the ministry of law moments before the executions took place. two australians four nigerians and a brazilian were killed by firing squad. a philippine prisoner who was also supposed to be executed was given a last minute reprieve after her supposed recruiter turned herself in. joins us live now. so obviously this terrible news for the families and loved ones. so far it is around 2:00 here in the morning and still quite a huge crowd here. across the island waiting for ambulances to come back
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prosperity the island and most likely accompanied by the families who have just lost their loved ones. the woman the only woman in the group mary jane has been spared at the very very last minute, because there was a very surprised development today, in the philippines where one of the main recruiters in her case, had surrendered to the police, mary jane has always said that she was innocent, she didn't know how the heroin ended up in her suitcase when she was arrested. but of course, the fate of all the others has been very different. the australians the nigerians they have been executed by a firing squad 14 policeman who have shot them to death. earlier there has been a lot of pressure on the government from the families, of course, but also from some of the governments not to go ahead
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with the execution with the oak pierce of these executions is it a surprise. it is a very year, they have made it very very clear all along that he was not going to succumb to what he called foreign pressure, foreign intervention but it has really become a matter of national pride that he wanted to push ahead with it, he didn't want the foreign government in indonesian what to do, and said they have to respect the legal system. because even though --. >> our apologies -- we seem to be having some sound issues there with who was reporting from end do nearby japanese prime on the
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execution of those eight drug convicts. syria's defense minister. there to discuss cooperation as the syrian military lost ground to an alliance of rebel fighters. they were pushed out which bordered the strong hold, the latest for us they are losing control of this part of syria. most rebel groups fighting here have joined together to make up what they are calling the army of conquest. they have taken control of the military base, the second largest in the province. there was four days of intense fighting during which the front fighters sent bombers into the camp on
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trucks. the last attacker has just left and we will deal them a heavy blow as the fighters took control of the camp. there were air strikes from government jets. fighting continues for control of the largest military posts. an air force base and a number of towns. >> we are now enganging in tense fighting with the forces the military posts. >> they put them within a few kilometers of the outskirts of the province, the strong hold and his family. it is a significant step by opposition groups. trying to push forces loyal to the government completely out of the area.
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the capitol to prevent a mane from landing. the plane had ignored aen waying to turn back. iran says the plane was carrying aid. the damage caused has nownd arerred the runway unusable. >> has been adjourned until may 9th. they are charged with arm haing national security, and aiding the banned muslim brotherhood. they were freed on bail on february 12th after more than 400 days in jail. >> a problem in many parts of kenya, some people have resorted to extreme measures after a day in the field they take his animals back hope. >> he seems to be popular here many this part of kenya, if you own cattle you are considered well off.
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>> they arrive at the house go down a narrow passage, and then into his bedroom. >> i sleep with them because if they are stolen my family suffers. in here literally on the same t fooing as his prized positions. it is the only place he can be safe from cattle rest hers. just in case thieves launch an attack. communities have been stealing cattle from each other for generations. >> if no money goes to the
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border conflict. >> many many parts cows are extremely valuable. today a dowry or bride price has been paid. her father independents the eight cows given by the. agrees family, everyone seems happy and a wedding date is set. >> if you don't have a cow even in the communities so the cows are very important too. what you are seeing mow is a small number. he doesn't keep all his cows at home, he gives others to friends and relative, that way if they are stolen he doesn't lose everything. he doesn't care if some people think sleeping with his cows is extreme. >> the president barack obama
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has called for national soul searches. they have been deployed in the city to prevent further rioting like that scene on monday. a week after being arrested dozens of cars and buildings were settled in monday's unrest. and 200 people were arrested. more now who is in baltimore for us. so as we heard national guard troops have been heard. is it a very visible police presence where you are? well, it is interesting the national guard we understand will be used rather limitly to protect buildings. at least that's what the authorities told us yesterday. here it's been a very inspiring scene we are outside the pharmacy, and volunteers came out earlier.
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sweeping up to take out the fixtures and put them in a skiff, and it was all very festive, and then suddenly a police line-up over my shoulder so -- we are -- once that police line appears the parties have been moved across the road, so speeches about justice and so on, but every now and then the police does surge forward and spray pepper spray. clearly the fire brigade has been called i don't know if it is on fire or precautionary measure. in fact, all the volunteers
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just left were removed we will keep an eye on that it's been very festive except for the pepper spray. it is interesting do you think -- it is quite festive there are these moments where they move forward and pepper spray people is the message in all the protests getting lost? >> there is a message that is getting lost in all of this. the death of freddie gray. this is what has been going on in this neighborhood for years and it's been nothing done. >> do you think the police will now reform now there's so much tension on them. >> well, they have their hands caught many the cookie jar. if you look back, you will
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find 20 people paid by the city for being beaten by baltimore city police to the tune of about $11.7 millions. that's not normal for a police force. there's a. fallly finding out why they loved one dies they still don't have the answer, and the officer involved still has a pending charge for excessive force. this has been going on for years. >> thank you for bringing us back to the fundamentals. another fire truck has pulled up. one of the many protests that have been organized since freddie gray died, so we will keep an eye on that, the curfew begins at 10:00 a.m. back to you. >> the u.n. has condemned preelection violence which has continued the for a third
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day on the outskirts of the capitol. the presidents announcement he will run for a third term sparkedded the protests. a special envoy between him and the opposition. aside from speaking about the situation in baltimore president obama is also been hosting the japanese prime minister. barack obama greeted at the white house. the two leaders are expected to discuss the defense ties and try to bolster a specific trade pack. >> there are many japanese cars in america i want to see more american cars in japan as well. it will help level the playing field it will be good, if the workers of both of our countries and we will have a strong protections for
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workers and the environment and help us set high standards. president obama speaking there, you can get more on that story and everything else we have been covering of course on our website there it is. the address of course, states. >> plus, futurist predict that by 2020, we'll have our own digital twin. who may make our daily lives even easier, performing tasks and even consoling our loved ones after we are gone. and later a look back at the issue around #campaigns like