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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. from al jazeera's headquarters in doha this is the newshour. i'm sammy coming up in the next 60 minutes, u.s. secretary of state john kerry meets yemen's president abd-rabbu mansour hadi as fighting in the country rages. pitched battles on the
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borders britain's go to the polls in what is expected to be one of the closest elections in decades, and two tornado cause destruction in the u.s. state of oklahoma. let's begin in yemen, where there are calls for the government for ground forces to enter the country, the fighting inside appears to be getting worse. there has been heavy fighting. civilians fleeing by the day. 40 people, and rescued workers, when the boat they were travelling on. the ambassador to the united nations has written a letter to the president of the security council calling on the international community to abbing. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in riyadh where he met
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yemen's president and is expectation to push the saudis for a pause in the air strikes to allow humanitarian aid in. let's go live to riyadh. first of all mohammed with the situation going on with this fighting it raises the question - what will be the message from the saudis and from the yemeni president to the united states? >> it's very clear that the message by the president hardy to the united states will be similar to the message they sent overnight to the united nations security council. yemen - the yemeni president once and - they want an international intervention a u.n. intervention on the ground. it's different from the agenda who is here to ask the saudis for a humanitarian ceasefire to allow the distribution of aid in yemen.
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the views are different. the vision is different. the yemeni government sees the biggest danger on the lies of yemeni citizens and citizens are the koouties. secretary kerry views the continuation of the war is the biggest danger and has to stop until relief can be brought to those people. the saudis have their own concerns and priorities. they don't like to see failing in the endeavour. they have several stated from specific goals, including the ousting of houthis and loyalists from aden and other cities forcing them to come to the negotiating table, and creating a climate in yemen for the return of the government and legitimacy. none of that has occurred so far. it's a new concern for the saudis. the houthis can gain momentum.
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instead of being defeated they are getting more territory in aden and attacking. that's a huge concern for the saudis. initially the plan for this war was to help yemen. now the saudis have a dangerous situation to protect their own borders. kerry has a tough mission. he has had a series of meetings with foreign minister of yemen, with the yemeni president, and also on the saudi side with the crown prince and the foreign minister and is expected to met with king salman soon and the discussions will be told to the media in a press conference what is the thoughts behind sending in an arab task force if
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they are asking the u.n. to do the job. >> i think they can go toot. the yemenis are asking for more u.n. green light and legitimacy. we know the security council already issued a resolution 2216 understand charter 7 gave a deadline to the houthis to reverse the coup and return from aden. the houthis did not comply. now the yemenis are seizing the opportunity of the 2216 u.n. resolution to tell the u.n. you have to do something. you have given your word under chapter 7. everything legally should be there for a new development in the conflict the u.n. has to do something. with regards to the arab army or forces joining or participating in the conference, we have not seen the armies on the ground.
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there was talk about a major military exercise between egypt and the gulf countries, we have not seen that translated into facts on the ground. senegal two days ago, and they are sending 2,000, 100 troops. there's a massing of saudi troops on the border. there are preparations but not enough to say any time soon today or tomorrow there'll be a ground invasion. if a ground invasion takes place, understandably it will be arab troops under a u.n. umbrella if the u.n. security council agrees on the yemeni request. >> thank you for that the syrian opposition denies that hezbollah fighters have retaken key areas on the hezbollah border. the syrian army and allies killed dozens of fighters. it's happening in the mountainous border region which saw intense fighting in recent
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weeks. there are fears it could spillover into neighbouring lebanon. we have this explanation. the battle in syria's minds intensified. this is the western parts, a coalition groups pushing out the syrian government and hezbollah fighters. it is on the lebanese-syrian border and is considered a strategic supply route for the fighters and opposition fighters. fighters don't want them distracted from other areas. the group's fighters are adamant about maintaining control in areas that they have taken. the syrian air force has been targetting positions to prevent interruption in crucial support. the government denies moving ground. areas are prompting rare
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acknowledgment of setbacks and promises to raise the moral of syrian troops. god willing, the army will reach the heroes in the hospital, to continue to battle to eradicate terrorism. in neighbouring lebanon, furnitures were held for the commanders killed during the battles. they have inficted losses on syrian opposition fighters and promising to clear the area. >> the battle near sectarian tensions - the alliance for political parties is worried that hezbollah's advances could drag the army into syria's war. >> any interventions, outside the country, it creates a threat for the society. the syrian opposition does not
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want to across the boarder into lebanon. fighters considered it a vital life line. the lebanese army has been deployed in areas. in a fight close to home. people may take sides based on whether sunni or shia is seen as a threat a reach analyst from the carnegie middle east center joins us live. good to have you with us. the fighting has been going on in the mountainous region do you think the rebels - are they in a better position to hold on to the area this time? in the past two months we have seen a new trend within the syrian opposition fraction.
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the more they are uniting the more efficient. this is why they created a new umbrella of the army of conquest in idlib, and nowadays we are witnessing a similar trend. when all the fighters were communicating and coordinating the attack which allows them to be more efficient and stand the ground in areas where they have control. this common command room they have created, and we see how much they are coordinating the attacks. we saw how inside damascus the attacks, one of which was successful. they declared the spoelenty. the more that the militants are coordinating the more they are
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uniting, proving to be efficient, facing whether hezbollah and allies and the united states. since the reaction of the battle on sunday night, we saw how the "ultimate 8" was attacking on the side the remnants of the free syrian army and they were not contributing to the attack with the syrian militants to counter the regime. but to the opposite. the militants are beak called in one to the islamic state, and the other with hezbollah much how important is the regime to the ability to hold damascus and get supplies and support in from hezbollah in lebanon? >> the area is very strategic for the regime. that is why they are investing in a lot of resources to seize control of the area and try to protect it. however, we saw how the rebels
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were capable of surviving and maintaining their position and at the present time they are occupying the highest position giving a big military advantage in defending the location from the forces from hezbollah, and the regime. this area is very strategic. it's the main supply line from lebanon and damascus. and as the top commander made it that the survival is linked to the existence of hezbollah and lebanon. having the strategic route and supply line on the border particularly this area makes it of important strategic importance that whom controls the area would put the risk deployed forces of hezbollah.
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thank you so much for your analysis on that. voting is underway in the u.k. general election in what can be the tightest political race in years. laurence lee is at westminster for us. how are things shaping up in terms of voter turn out. >> yes, it's a lovely sunny day and the weather forecast is good around the country. the polls are each at 6 g.m.t., 7 o'clock local time and will stay open for 15 hours. 2100. most of the leaders got out early and voted. our reports of turn out in what could be high profile places is high. the last election was 65%, and it may be higher than that. it could be an intriguing election. we can't say much else about it because of the rules governing broadcasters but from the point in time when polls closed.
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more or less straight away the first results come in pretty clear on who has done well and badly by later on tonight. >> it's going to be a day of reflection given the restrictions you said. i guess it's difficult to talk more details about the election at this point. >> i am sure it's difficult for people to figure out why it's restricted. you should think of it like a court case, and the rules covering court ace is when the jury is presented with all the evidence, for and against someone, or people, you can broadcast those things from the point in time when the jury goes out to consider its verdict you can't go out. all the broadcasters are here endlessly, during the time when the polls are open, you can't say anything for fear it will
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influence vaters decision. it doesn't apply to social media. twitter, which is effectively a broad caster and newspapers are full of advice on to ways most should vote. i can't tell you what it is, because i would be breaking the law. it must be acronystic. the broadcasters don't mind. they think it's okay as it is. >> we don't want to send you on the wrong side of the law either. let end it there. laurence lee thank you so much. more to come on the al jazeera newshour. right wing and religious israel's prime minister cobbles together a cabinet popularity plummets amid corruption scandals - chile's president tells her cabinet to
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quit. the president of iraq promised a referendum on independence. when the islamic state is over. the focus would be on working with bag dads. as kim reports, it could have regional implications. >> the peshmerga are playing a major role. support is retaken between 20-30". it's success reignited kurdish ambition. the president says a delayed referendum will go ahead. >> i can't give you an exact time frame. i can assure you that certainly an independent jim curtin is coming. >> he was giving a speech in washington after talks with u.s. president obama. the u.s. is opposed to kurdish
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independence as is turkey. ankara's fear is that it could inspire turkey's own population to act, making a move towards independence a regional issue. when iraqi prime minister haider al-abadi made his first visit to the kurdish capital since taking office all talk was of coordination. >> i ask for cooperation, and coordinating a plan complicating areas is where i.s.i.l. fought and won. kirkuk was a disputed area. some fear the peshmerga will not hand it back. they said any push for independence will be peaceful. >> i believe that to continue the process, it will not stop or
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step back. i will not go into details i want to stress this will not happen through violence or killing. we want it through peace. billions of dollars in the past brought investment. kurd want to make the most of the money in the region and realise a life-long dream i.s.i.l. is said to be behind an attack in fallujah. it purportedly hit military headquarters with rocket-propelled grenades. in a separate incident three i.s.i.l. fighters were killed in a drone attack in fallujah. the pentagon says iraq is not gaining ground in its fight to retake baiji oil refinery. a pentagon spokesman declined to
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predict the outcome, saying it's impossible to know how it will play out. much of i.s.i.l.'s funding came from selling oil. jane arraf joins from iraq and joins us live in the studio. having you here with us in the studio for a change. you are familiar and reported on iraq extensively, what is happening in the fight against i.s.i.l. are they being defeated or moved from place to place and back and forth. >> the main toing though keep in mind is it's a mix of different battles. battles moving to syria and other parts. within iraq it's gragmented. you have north of iraq, they have been pushed back into mosul. they have not been pushed back
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in anbar. a lot of viewers will remember anbar for fallujah ramadi the scene of fears fighting. they managed to work with the tribes and push out al qaeda and iraq the predecessor, in a sense, to i.s.i.l. they came back and that is what we are dealing with a group in control of more than 80% of anbar province baghdad is calm. there are regular car bombings and suicide bombings. in beijing, on a key supply line north of baghdad, i.s.i.l. looks as if it could take control of the huge refinery it's worrying to iraqis. >> there's a reason they've been able to come back if we can consider i.s.i.l. as a follow up to al qaeda. there's a reason why they came back. the sunni tribes are not convinced and satisfied with the way that the central government is behaving.
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in your report and travelling what is the sentiment you get from the sunni tribes. >> it's an interesting dynamic, anbar about stretches from the edge of baghdad all the way to the jordanian border. a lot of tribes that fought against the americans work to drive out the americans, see it as a big hope. the role in it is contained than the tribes tore iraqi officials. they are so desperate that some of the tribal leaders are implicitly calling for parts of the shia militias to come in and work for the government. the key is having a government in control and command. they are saying we need help and maybe militiaed and iran are
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necessary. the problem is what is happening after. and that is what werch is worried about. beijing is an important oil refinery there's other sources of money. how is the request for setting up a state going? >> it looks like the makings of a state most will not want to live in, but something they have tried to create the trappings of a functioning state. by that we mean revenue coming in and that means oil in terms of oil fields seized the oil na they are selling on the black market, and means a really intricate system of taxes and revenues. that's not actually new with the takeover of mosul. long before rolling into mosul, they were extorting taxes from citizens. now we see it in anbar province
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where we managed to in-flight a lot of damage on the border post with triple suicide bombs. but they control 300km of the highway, and every time the truck packed with goods extract a toll. every time a passenger vehicles pass by they extract a toll. as we know, they have a lot of laws. >> thank you so much israeli prime minister sealed the deal to form a new government hours after a midnight deadline. the majority is thin. mike hanna explains. >> it went to the wire. only at the last moment was an agreement reached for the jewish home party. the leader conceding major concessions before throwing in the eight seats, giving prime ministers the support of the
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parliament. a thin majority of one. >> time is of the essence. not only because i'm leaving now to call the president and the chairman of the knesset that i have managed to form pa government but we need to form it by next week in order to give a strong government for the state of israel. >> reporter: the full extent of concessions made will only become apparent in coming days as binyamin netanyahu finalis the composition of his cabinet. it's clear this will be a government of the stream right wing sense -- extreme right wing sensibility. jewish home has the roots in the central movement. along with the expulsion of palestinians in parts of the west bank. the government will be at the mercy of the ultra orthodox parties. the pledge of renewed state -
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their exclusion from mann datry military service. the inevitable increase in state expenditure puts pressure on the finance minister who brought his breakaway party back into the fold. it could take a withdrawal of support by a single member of one of the coalition parties, to bring the government down. >> at the end of weeks of negotiation, binyamin netanyahu is left with a slim one-seat majority in parliaments. it will be a weak government essentially at the mercy of the settler movements, and two small religious parties. >> and coincidentally at an annual religious festival there's spring in the step of these dancers, they celebrate the resurgence of ultra orthodox movements in israeli political
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life. >> gale hoffmann is the chief correspondent at the jerusalem post newspaper, joining me from west jerusalem. good to have you with us. many are skeptical inside israel about the coalition, whether it can last or make decisions when it comes to tough issues. how efficient do you expect the coalition to be when it comes to governing? >> it will be very difficult to govern a coalition where any one member of parliament out of the 61 in the governing coalition could rebel at any point, and wreak havoc for the prime minister. chances are the government will not be able to accomplish much at haul. >> if decisions are able to be made. does that many when you look at the line-up of parties playing a key role like the jewish home party, the policy towards tangs like the illegal settlements,
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will be toughened even further? >> not necessarily. i mean the government is so narrow that is can't accomplish what the parties in the government want to accomplish. the opposition can prevent steps being taken that props people watching al jazeera would not like to see happened. one consensus issue that can happen is bridging the gaps between rich and poorer helping the poor sectors of the population and helping the arabs in the country have work. they are the issues that can unite the opposition and coalition. >> i'm grad you mentioned helping the status or positions of arab citizens does it worry you that someone who posts words like wars of enemy is an entire people including elderly, women, city and villages, i'm talking about a person accused
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of supporting genocide on her facebook page on july 1st. she is the minister of justice. it is part of a system legal establishment in this country that revolves around protecting the rights of minorities and is a model for systems around the world for how to protect the rights of minorities. no politician will be able to change that. do you think the coalition will improve relations with the u.s.? >> relations with the u.s. people are wonderful. the polls found that the american people sea israelis and one the closest allies. both are the republican parties, all the candidates have benefits. he may be in office for
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18 months they have a problem with israelis arab countries, and soon he'll be gone and things will be better. >> thank you for your views. >> a series of tornados tore through the central u.s. oklahoma was hardest hit where the tornados cut homes and power to thousands of people. >> terrifying yet awe inspiring. a tornado whips through the u.s. state of oklahoma. more than two dozen twisters touch down cutting a path from texas to nebraska. they flipped cars tore down trees and powerlines and ripped off roots. the storm system brought heavy downpours. the national weather service declared a flash flood emergency, the first for oklahoma. in the business system streets
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were inundated as water filled the parking lot and shops closed for days. >> distraught dish cheveled, saddened. but you have to get it cleared up and go back to business. >> more than 10,000 homes lost electricity. people have been advised to stay off the roads until debris clears and weather passes. a tornado watch remains in effect for oklahoma, and other states in the great plains and midwest let's catch up on more weather news. here is richard now as far as the united states is concerned there's a risk of significant storms. may has been a bad month for tornado across parts of the south. certainly we'll see more developing as we move through friday. there's a high risk of some significant tornadic activity.
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extending from texas into oklahoma and kansas. we'll keep a close lie on that. storms of a bigger nature and easier to track, we have typhoon norwich to the east of the philippines, as i run the sequence you can see, if you look carefully, an eye in the center indicating a deepening a developing storm system. it's expected to continue its track towards north, and more importantly the west over the next couple of days and runs in close to the central islands, and runs in across the nearby part of lusong before curving away to the north. taking it at its closest approach, on saturday close to the central islands, 205 kph and runs towards luson. it will weaken and heavy rain likely. >> still ahead on the show...
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>> i'm in afghanistan, farmers are expecting another record harvest of poppy, why is the government saying it's winning the war against the deadly crop. >> getting a spot at this rest ijous school in west africa is tough. it's drawing attention worldwide. we tell you why find out why the new england patriots player is implicated in deflate-gate. more
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welcome back you are watching the al jazeera newshour. the secretary of state is in the audi capital discussing the conflict. he met the yemeni president and fled to saudi arabia. the ambassador to the u.n. called for ground troops to be sent to the country. the syrian opposition is denying that hezbollah fighters has retaken key areas on the border. the ongoing fighting has raised fears the fighting will spillover into lebanon. voting is under way in the u.k. general election what could be the tightest race in years. 650 seats are being contested. 60 million are registered to vote. >> turning to yemen, thousands of families have been fled with villages. poor and stranded many are suffering from increased shortages in food and medicine.
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the international community is calling for a break in the fighting to deliver aid. >> reporter: this man spent most of his life here. it is a small community on the outskirts of yemen's capital. he lived with his father and married brothers and sisters in this house. it took them years to build it. their house has been badly damaged from the force for explosions that started the area in the last few weeks. it could collapse any time. my father and sisters lived here. this is where i lived with my wife and children. this is where my brother lived. planning to marry in two weeks time and live here. it's all gone. we were three families living here. >> reporter: this is the moment
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the air strikes targeted what they said was a skud miss ill area. jets struck a military base used by the elite with republican guard, loyal to former president. hundreds of families have had to flee their homes including mohammad ali. >> we vought refuge in the tank then it rained. we are living in a shop emptied by its owner. many lost their belongings. they can't return because of the continuing violence. now they say their only hope is for this war to come to on end so they can go back home. >> reporter: the war in syria ravaged the country and considerably crippled the region's economy. violence forced them to seal off a trade route.
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we have this report on the jordan syria border. >> reporter: billions in goods passed through the gates of the crossing. now trade with syria is finished. the crossing was a crucial link in a major trade network that ferried goods between europe and the middle east. jordan closed the crossing when rebels seized control of the syrian side. this truck was a life line. now it's a burden. the closure means he can no longer work in the trade zone. 17 family members defend on him financially, and he has a truck loan to pay every month. >> there are 4,000 trucks in the country, and nowhere for them to work. if we work in the local market. we'll get an assignment once every three months. >> jordanian officials say opening the crossing is unlike anything soon.
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and refuse to operate one with rebels. the closure of a trade crossing has been detrimental. thousands of jordanians lost their jobs in free trade zones, bustling houses behind me. there are reports of looting of investors by syrian rebels. trading is non-existent because the islamic state joins part of the province. jordan has banned fighters. this truck driver says i.s.i.l. fighters harass fighters and seize cars and goods. if the driver is not in sunni he will not make it out of the checkpoints. he requested points. they do estimates and charge hundreds of dollars for each car passing through. then give us a receipt. >> traders are saying jordan has
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become encircled. this isolation has been imposed on us. we are a country that imports 90% of food needs. we have reason to be afraid. the uncertainty means we don't know what will happen number. what if streets are closed. we are not in a good position at all. >> jordan has so far succeeded at fending off what it describes as terrorists from iraq and syria. an ailing economy can threaten syria with no solution in site. one protestor has been killed and nine others injured in burundi's capital. demonstrators have been protesting against the president's decision to run for a third term in elections. east african foreign ministers arrived to strike a peace deal. more than a dozen have been
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killed and scores wounded since protests began two weeks ago the south african republic says it will take legal action against soldiers suspected of child abuse. french soldiers were denoted to help peacekeepers restore order. several students some as young as nine. allege 14 soldiers sexual aabused them in exchange for food. >> translation: legal action will be attention. these are serious acts. the french government said as much in their statement. i must reiterate that we must not lump everyone together. it was not the sangaris or france it was the individual soldiers. >> chile's president michelle bachelet fired her cabinet and is £ing a basement. lower than ever, with a string of corruption scandals.
6:41 am
>> the president of chile needed a chaik up to save her reputation and she's created one. a few hours ago they requested the resignation of all ministers and take 72 hours to decide who will stay and who will go. the president michelle bachelet is at a low. he will resign after being accused of using connections, getting his wife access to a $10 million loan. his company has been investigated to buying land and reselling it at a profit. >> there has been scandals over campaign financing, which they tried to address, with measures on how politicians raised money. they suggested 64% approved of her as leader. >> the disapproval raiding sold in the polls had a negative effect and throws a lot of doubt
6:42 am
over what can be taken forward. >> michelle bachelet explained the timing of the announcement on television. >> why didn't i do this earlier? because we've been dealing with a hard situation. >> chile had floods. and a volcanic eruption in the last month. president michelle bachelet has been trying to push through a number of reforms. yet she's facing more criticism than recognition, earning sympathy from her supporters. >> translation: worst of all is they are ruining the president's image, which she doesn't deserve. she came back with good intentions. everything is awful. she had to deal with catastrophes, things that had nothing to do with her, natural disasters. the shake-up has been welcomed by politicians.
6:43 am
some of them may replace the ministers that had to resign. it's a dramatic move. some see it as long overdue and necessary to relieve the pressure on the president. iran says it's released a cargo ship seized over ildisputes. iranian forces detained the "tying res" after firing warning shots. the danish shipping company says the ship carried no cargo. afghanistan looks said to have a record year for hirn production. the country providing 90% of heroin, but the government says it's making gains against drug growers and traffickers. we have this report. >> in a secret facility in the capital, four men accused of smuggling heroin are about to answer to justice.
6:44 am
afghanistan's special drug court is run as a clandestine operation to try to stop judges and prosecutors being bought off. the afghan government allowed al jazeera said '101 east "programme in. this is a prosecutor here. >> we never take bribes. >> last year african farmers harness a record of 2,000 hectares of poppy, this year looks like a bumper harvest. and then there are those like the king pin, sentenced to 20 years in gaol for drug
6:45 am
trafficking. he managed to escape. >> an internal investigation discovered after his conviction in court people working for the king pin began to pay off officials to the dune of $14 million to $16 million. that secured his release. to that day, he's been nowhere to be found. >> you talk about clean judges and courts. what happened in cases like this? >> all those involved in the exploiting the processes are under investigation. >> afghanistan's acting minister of counter-narcotics says this is an isolated case. >> we can assure the international community that the mistake that has been taken place will not be repeated. >> reporter: they stress in the last eight years the drug court
6:46 am
put thousands behind bars. that may be so. out in the fields few are intimidated by the threat of gaol time. these farmers are harvesting drugs in front of a military base because they paid local officials off. don't forget you can watch more on the story if you catch steve charles full programme on '101 "east. is the 22 though here on al jazeera. >> there has been an attack on a border post in sinai peninsula. two police men were killed. last month egypt extended a state of emergency in the area. it was imposed in october after fighters increased attacks against security forces. >> reporter: still ahead on al jazeera - in sport, why lionel
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messi is celebrating another milestone, more coming up with jo. >> sunday. >> my idea of a fun night out? a bit of anarchy! >> punk legend, john lydon. >> my weapons are words, not bullets and bombs. >> turning childhood anger... >> i was left-handed and the nuns seen that as a sign of the devil. >> into hit music. >> it's a perfect introduction into becoming a sex pistol. >> every sunday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. "talk to al jazeera". sunday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> there has been an attack on a milestone, more coming up with
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welcome back. one protestor has been killed mine others injured in the capital of burundi. demonstrators have been protesting against president pierre nkurunziza's decision to run for a third term in the elections, east african foreign ministers arrived to strike a peace deal. more than a dozen people have been killed and scores wounded
6:49 am
since protests two weeks ago. each year more then 1,000 students apply or places at the mouth watering entrepreneurial school in ghana, it's where aspiring technology wants to be and is proving to be a successful incubator. >> these students are among the brightest brains in technology in west africa. the inside are closely watched by international investors. >> are you going to upgrade the features. >> the entrepreneurial school of technology runs a programme designed to give the young people the skills to compete worldwide. >> i want them to take a look at things that affect their lives and their family and friends lives. and try to solve the problems so they feel passionate about it. to be an entrepreneur and have a start up in technology if you
6:50 am
are not passionate about your idea you'll probably burn out. >> at the end of the academic year they pitched the idea to investors. the students are dreaming big and want to be global players. the institute is helping them achieve that. suspiciousing here is the beginning. >> linta and her business -- linda and her business partner are graduates. many of the clients do business through the pain port. investors in swede jen chumped at the idea. >> after a few months it's changing a lot of companies. that makes us happy. ooep if you know we are not making enough money or sleeping at night. >> they live and work at the
6:51 am
office. >> this act has 93 on the consign. . they say it has been challenging, less than a year since they graduated, and they have around 200 clients and an office in sweden. they say they are proud of the fact that they and others are showing what africa can contribute to the world of technology innovation. joe is here and here to tell us about the sport and how crisis in spanish football. >> a dispute over television rights is threatening to suspend professional football in spain indefinitely. the country's football association made a threat in response to a new law proposed by the government. >> reporter: the spanish premier league is second to the english premier league as the most watched football competition. it's home to the two richest clubs, real madrid and
6:52 am
barcelona. their financial success is threatening to bring football across the country to a halt. the spanish football federation say they'll superintendent competition in a dispute from the government over tv rights at the heart of the issue. clubs have been allowed to negotiate individual deals, in contrast to the u.k. where writes are sold in one package. as the two most popular clubs, barcelona and real madrid make the most out of televised matches. the new law approved by the spanish government ensures a greater share of the money. the law is supported by the lsp, running the top two leagues. they have begun action to block the person. the title will be undecided,
6:53 am
barcelona lead real by two point. a suspension would affect 6,000 players and matches. the lsp gathers a special club for an extraordinary general assembly on monday with no clear winners. >> well a former marketing officer for fc and he told me about the disparity for tv rights in the top two. they make around 40 million per season. that compares to charities around 8 million euros. we talk about a range of one to seven. it was better than they used to
6:54 am
be. 1 to 1.6. and obviously with a new contract that the premier league has gone signing we can find the situation. >> barcelona's chances of wrapping up the league title hang in the balance. they were up against bayern munich. lionel messi ruined the return. scoring twice to become the competition's all of time record goal scorer. it beat the coach and team. this is champion's league semifinals against a unique and difficult rival. we expected is to be tough. in the end, during 15 breath-taking units we won the
6:55 am
game. we have not won yet we have to wait for a second leg next tuesday. >> the result of the game was a big blow. we wanted to control the ball and play the game. when you play against barca, you can play the ball. >> super bowl champions could face disciplinary action. after a report by the n.f.l. found some staff deliberately deflated football to gain an advantage. it happened in a game in january in which they beat the indiana colts. it makes them easier to grip, catch and close. tom brady said the patriots players were aware of genuinely aware of inappropriate activities with the football in the n.b.a. lebron james stole the show as chicago beat their opponents. the series is tied at one game
6:56 am
apiece. houston beat the l.a. clippers to square the series at 1-1 in the western conference. james harden was another high-scoring player. a shooting guard scored half of his points in the fourth, houston won 115 to 109. >> he was ready to go. he was amped up. we needed a big game from him. he came out and did his things. it was a tough win for us. they are a tough team. >> in the n hl. the last second goal gave tampa bay light thing a 2-1 win obvious the montreal canadiens. they hold a 3-0 lead in the best of seven. meanwhile in the other eastern conference game the washington capitals fought back against the new york rangers. andrei perkoski grabbed the
6:57 am
limelight scoring his first goal. they lead the series 3-1 roger federer has been knocked out of the second round of the masters by nick kyrgios. he is ranked 35th in the world and beat rafael nadal in wimbledon and ended roger federer's hopes of winning a fourth madrid trophy manny pacquioa had surgery on his shoulders days after losing in the ring to floyd mayweather. the boxer was in surgery for an hour and a half. it's estimated he will not compete for nine months to a year. lawsuits have been filed, after he failed to disclose his injury. and that is all the sport for now. thank you so much stay with us here. we have another full bulletin of
6:58 am
news in a minute or so. of course, there's our website.
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[ ♪♪ ] u.s. secretary of state john kerry meets yemen's president abd-rabbu mansour hadi in riyadh as fighting rages. from al jazeera's headquarters in doha also ahead - pitched battles on the syrian-lebanese borders, both fighting groups claim victory