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tv   America Tonight  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2015 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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shift. rebuilding not just home lives. a harder task after such immense loss just a reminder you can keep up to date with the news and the latest results from the u.k. election all on the website at [ ♪♪ ] on "america tonight", bringing harmony to a community. >> in our orchestra and in most african-american musicians. why is that, what can we do to impact that. >> in an uneasy time the role music can play. adam may takes the stage with the conductor taking the tune one note at a time
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also, striking a sour note on what could have been a sweet deal for the everglades. >> florida is the next california. california has a situation where they don't have water. florida has water, but essentially you will not be able to drink, utilize the water, because it's too polluted. >> a bid to change swamp land and a key resource in the sunshine state thanks for joining us, i'm joie chen. the power of the people to tell our leaders what we want, what we believe the communities need. it's a bedrock of society, when florida voters stood up to save a resource, endangered everglades, you'd thing lawmakers would respond, in an area that was so big that it was committed to creating yos 'emmin ni national park.
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but time is running out. deep in the river of grass is a dark secret. under the burning sun, beneath the blooming lilry pads the -- lily pads the shimmering waters of the everglades long sustained these people, who warn visitors surface. >> you know, they see all this water and grass, and it looks to them healthy. >> reporter: right. >> but when you look at the everglades, i tell people that florida is the next california. california has the situation where they don't have water. florida has a situation they have water, but eventually you are not going to be able to drink, utilize the water. >> reporter: because... >> because it's too polluted. >> reporter: for generations they lived on tree islands called hack okays. they fished -- whom okays, fished -- ham a.
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they fished and hunted. water reabsorbs in here. like a sponge, we squeeze the water out. and then we drink it they have spent most of their 47 years here, teaching tourists about the misisuki name for the everglade. native people know the waters and see what has gone wrong. >> translation: you see a decline in the turtles, in the native fish. it affects the food they eat. it's a trickle down effect. system. >> reporter: an up coast flighting of a bird is rare. >> look at the pretty bird. >> reporter: and thrilling, but troubled. >> there's a lot of cat tail growing in and amongst the grass. they are here because of the
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phosphorous and nitrogen allowing them to flourish. the birds can't move around because they are so dense. >> reporter: we'd be further in if it wasn't for that. >> that's correct. >> reporter: the source of the everglades troubles lies 80 miles north in the agricultural heart of the sunshine state, the land around lake okachobi. farming interests control the flow of the lake. if the water is kept in, a reserve for sugar cane growers and others in the dry season. when there's too much. it is flushed into essuraries east and west. not enough water is allowed to follow the natural route. south into the everglades. by this time of the year the water should be a foot and a half higher. >> a lot has too do with the way the south florida management
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district manages north of here. they manage the water levels for optimum growing continues. >> reporter: sugar cane is a $500 million business. it is also a major waterway. the phosphorous run off causes algae blooms. in 2008, governor charlie crist cut what looked like a sweet deal to rescue the everglades. the state would buy from a big sugar manufacturer. it would be used to catch and clean the waters before sending the flow south to the everglades. one year later florida fell deep into a recession, the state's interest and ability to buy land dried up. last year the effort to save the everglades kicked into high gear. they are under threat from development. if the state doesn't acquire
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them. they'll be lost forever. >> the group spearheaded the campaign for what is known as amendment one. >> what is more important than protecting florida's natural people... >> reporter: an initiative on the ballot last year earmarking $750 million a year for the next 20 years so the state could buy and conserve land for critical environmental projects,ed paid for with tax. >> protecting the florida we love and the people we love. 75% of floridians voted yes, to approve the largest environmental initiative history, and guarantee more that enough money to buy the u.s. sugar land. with days left in the florida legislative session, the deal looks doomed.
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>> do we have comments, if not. we'll un lock the... >> florida lawmakers must approve the sugar land money by the end of the legislative session. the state's offer to buy ends in ob. the republican dominated legislate jur in tallahassee declined to vote on the sugar land purchase, steering $200 million of the amendment money to other projects. >> the ballot language says to acquire lands in the agriculture area, which is where the u.s. sugar land is. they are funding existing agency operations instead. >> florida senator rick scott and others declined a request for a sit-down interview. "america tonight" tracked down to ask what should be done with
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the money. management. >> translated, no sugar land deal. it will be spent on other state projects that environmental activists insist were not part of amendment one. "america tonight" asked if lawmakers were living up to the votest expectations. >> any property use of amendment use? >> it goes to the overall objectives of the agency. >> reporter: if the state fails to buy the land by the deadline, the price tag surely will go up. now that florida's economy is surging, u.s. sugar no longer wants to sell. and the sugar industry usually gets what it wants in tela hassy, thanks -- tallahassee, thanks, critics say, to generous campaign contributions. u.s. sugar and executives made half a million to state candidates for 16 races,
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according to the "tampa bay times", sugar in south florida is anything but sweet. it's a bitter pill. >> back in the everyglad, the bad news echos for the saw crass and the cyprus tree. once billed as a big project since everystone now lies nearly dead in the water. >> now i hear the grass talking to us. you hear the birds in the background, you hear the frogs. you hear the trees. over there they are rustling, talking, whispering. they deserve a right to exist. they are in distress. and those of us that have the ability to do something about it need to wake up and start doing something about it. the deal to buy the u.s. sugar land must be complete by october, or the option will expire. but the florida legislature ends this month, and if the lawmakers don't put up the money before
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they head home, the deal is effectively dead. >> next - igniting new fears. north dakota's energy boom and growing worries about the danger passing through. >> later an explosive performer, how baltimore's maestro intend to lead her city to harmony. >> we started with 32 kids and have many more now. the goal is 83,000, the numbers in the baltimore public school. there. >> absolutely and hot on the website - against the wind. is texas changing its mind about window power? that's at >> sunday on "hard earned". losing control. >> 50 and broke. i live with the consequences every day. >> harsh realities.
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>> i did two tours in iraq, when i came back i couldn't find a job. >> fighting to survive. >> bein' a man and can't put my family in a home that they deserve... that's a problem for me. >> hard earned pride. hard earned respect. hard earned future. a real look at the american dream. "hard earned". sunday, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned".
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>> compass with sheila macvicar >> compass will challenge the way you look at the world >> a different look at foreign affairs >> talking about big subjects >> first hand... >> telling human stories >> giving you a real look at the world today. desperate, hungry and risking it all... >> these people wanna get as far away as they can >> the migrant crisis sweeping europe, are governments turning their backs on those that need help the most? >> compass with sheila macvicar only on al jazeera america
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in our fast-forward segment - sparking fear when a train of crude derailed and created an explosion, it reignited a deadly derailment explosion that obliterated a town in canada. it was filled with crude as the north dakota explosion. sheila macvicar looks at the bolt of cargo travelling through north america. >> one of my captain's summed it up the best saying "this is like driving into hell", and it was. >> reporter: this firefighter joch. >> trees, benches, park benches burnt. everything. there was no noise except for the burning oil.
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>> the fire caused a mile-long train carrying north dakota crude derailed and exploded, killing 47 people, including five whose bodies were never found. the crude came from here. the oil fields of north dakota, ground zero. a lack of infrastructure spurred the rail roads to create pipeline on wheels, oil unit trains with over 100 tanksers, hauling up to 3 million gallons of crude at a time. with so much oil moving over the railways, the united states already has had some close calls. [ siren ] a train carrying 105 tankers of the north dakota crude, 31 more than the train that destroyed lack maggantic derailed in the middle of a workday when
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way. >> do you feel your city dodged a bullet that day? >> maybe we dodged a bomb.
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20% undecided voters, in the end, the simplicity of the
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conservative part tics has won through, over and over again day-after-day, week-after-week on social media and you can only trust the the conservatives with the economic recovery, and evenly leslie, drilling it home, the labor partty wasn't just as straight-forward and, they didn't say that it was working they then produced through their friends headlines like that, the scottish national party and creating a note mayor, and the separate tits who wanted independence exin england that put a lot of fear into voters who then decided that they would rather vote conservative than labor which allowed the scottish national lforts, some power.
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i as you respect,s to this things combined. lawrence, he didn't, speak for too long, all these millions of people, they think that the westminster is too removed and they don't like the e.u., they are worth millions of votes and only one seat so far in parliament, that share is enormous and so david cameron
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needs to speak to them that says, we want a different form of government, in england and that's where the e.u. referendum comes in and he also has to address the revult on the left and, whereas we know the national party have wiped out labor, and there is a lot of rumor, that in the coming days, when david cameron becomes prime minister again, he will offer scotland, that didn't happen, which is full fiscal and you a ton mill. they wouldn't have their own defense, but he needs to neutralize the independence the investments and he so he needs to play both of these things off. and what it suggests, is that, there's this absolutely massive dysfunction between popular
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opinion in england and scotland and, it just looks like the beginning of the more federal united kingdom. thanks very much for that update and let's go to scott land now, who is standing boy for us, in glasco, with popular opinion has given the national party an absolutely emphatic -- everyone knew that, they were going to get the most seats and i don't think anyone predicted what 57 is it now? or 59 seats? well, there are 59 seats in skeet land and, there are throw that they haven't taken. the conservatives got and one seat in scotland, and, good night for them, because they managed to keep ahold of that seat, and the labor managed, and one seat that the liberals, and
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up to 53 seats and almost at that full quota and, they are thrilled, i mean you should have been here earlier the cheergs were hugely emphasized. and it was busy. and, danny alexander 18,000 votes. and that means that danny alexander,. liberal democrat, has lost his position, in the government as well, in the policy will a particulars. he was on the cusp of losing it, and, going out for this seat and, not much of a surprise and cheers here all night and completely, and the labor party of the dominant party here, in glasco and, they had 7 seats and they lost all 7. the leader of the labor party jim murphy, lost his seat, and the leader of the labor party election campaigning douglas
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lost his seat, to a 20-year old student. and nick loss, the loader, of the. exp., said that, the s & p was to course to take 58 seats and we have to take this with a about the of salt and loves another poll that came out, that said, they would get maybe 48 seats and they were optimistic and would he spoke to some earlier and they were feeling very open toe massachusetts particular that they would manage to take some of these seats and it's been a very good night. and, you look at the fact, that last time, in the 2010 election, they took six seats by any yard stick, and it's fantastic result. well, thank you very much for that update from glasco. i will be back with another full news bull will a it, and we'll look at all the results a they come in, and the rest of
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i'm deeply sorry for what has happened. suffered huge loss, exit poll projects david cameron is close to a majority in the u.k. general election. welcome to al jazera, and also ahead proposing a 5-day sees fire,