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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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when i marie marriage to my colleagues late this morning when i return. the immediate tree ump of the night were to nicolas scottish national list, a clone sweep. their successes included a 20-year-old candidate unseating labor's national campaign manager. it's been one of the most crucial votes for decades and the most closely fault. it could decide the future britain, in europe. the con servetives have promised an in-out referendum on renegotiated membership terms. some newspapers were quick to celebrate the conservative
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success and others weren't so sure. the the anti-immigration u.k. party is expected to get two seats. but he, himself may fail to get elected, prompting a leadership contest. it's been a night of surprises and shocks, and demands for another referendum on scottish independence. outside the houses parliament for us, and, what happened when people got into the voting booth this didn't go the way the polls were telling us. you know, if you said something to me, that this was the way the result would be, i would have told you you were out of your mind and, there's no proper explanation every opinion poll has been proven to be wrong, and the only poem that ploofd accurate was the exit
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poll which everybody thought that can't be true. but divisive election, all over the place and, a new source of politics the conservative party and scottish natural party and in england but the biggest losers the liberal democrats and, labor party. and, i don't know where to start with you, you look so fed up. where did it go so wrong? five years of austir aty. and yet, they couldn't persuade people. to begin, they were with scotland which positioned itself to left,. and it lost every single farther lament seat and the
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conservative party contested in scotland and that caused loyal votes, in the fact, that on that party, and it goes wider than that, and the acta i guess have as and spending pound for pound, and, the financial crisis and the failure to have a co here rent message. you warned about this, in your column, and somehow trapped between what he feels like he wants and what the right thing to do. the message and, you know, when it comes to accept the principles, that's what they did, and, they like, increase the minimum wage. and it would rise to anyway and nothing to inspire people. it's a combination of those things scotland, and the blow backs what happened in scotland,
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and the labor party, the fact that english nationallism has been done. the traditional party of the working man they tried this, and that hasn't worked. well there's going to be a real battle, as to say what the left does, to fight for working people. at the moment, it comes down to just personality issues rather than actually trying to work out how to inspire it. labor, are going to face tragic years ahead. thank you very much. terrible times and what a workout where they go from here. thanks so much. as we mentioned the labor party has been defeated by the scottish national party and it has been gaining momentum.
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and, so what's driven such a good showing? it's been an astonishing night for them, a combination of factors, lawrence touched on some of this. of the scottlish have established themselves, as social justice and that has an enormous appeal, in big declining industrial cities and once the political stronghold and, they were ousted, and they gained a reputation for competence and, they have been dominating scottish governments for year. if you like a general election, it is catching up with the you are den currents there were there, for sometime. i think they are trust had boy
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scotts as a party, that will speak for their country in westminster. my colleague phil, stayed up all night watching these results as they came in, and this is his report. mattie platt 23,000. [cheers] . so, that's what political morning looks like, the man who led the labor cool pain, he would have been foreign secretary, you think he would be safe but he has been booted out by a 20 year old student. a rising star, in a rising party. if that looks bad, he had a worse night labor in scotland, now without a loader. jim murphy out. and, brute tal as predicted. i don't know the answer to
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that question. i think it can, if you listen to the amazing speech, when he visited. and he's a remarkable individual. he can bring it back. i hope he can. this is their night listen to that. that's because they just managed to out of another politician. this has been labors. not any more. labor has been losing the trust of people for many years and, failed to heed repeated warnings, and, putting the trust n.s. n.p., and make it, and ab voice. and that's what we intend to do. itit is astonishing. her party won six seats and wawa difference. it's not just for wins. it's for huge majorities that
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people are taking. sn p. were expecting there to be such wins. they were expecting to win. i think you could see a two stage process, the first to win and, see the future majority, i don't think anyone could have predicted that. for nicholas this is about one thing making scotland and it is deafening and defeating their opponents. westminster will be hearing that. so, i would imagine people waking up, are going to be asking themselves, so this means scotland is going to become independent and another referendum after all the drama late last year? to try and throw some light on these questions, i have a quest
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quest -- guest. he said wanted to hold it together. it's going to be very tricky. it will be difficult. we must not unders underestimate what has happened, a tremendous swing in favor of the national left party and in favor of indid he pen dense. and we look at public attitudes in the u.k., and subject that most people in the u.k., think it is inevitable that scott land will become independent. it is possible. the question hinges on what panel of powers, david cameron will be able to come up with, to transfer to scotland. so he'll have to make concessions to this big new block of 56, who are going to be there, what is he likely to offer them? he will have to make some
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sort of concession, if he values the union which he says he does. there are package of powers on the table which predate the election but for national lists for some people, in the labor party, those powers don't go far enough. more powers, in scott land, so they can have a distinct tough welfare system, and more power taxes and more fiscal autonomy. do you think in the scottish national party right, we want another referendum as quick as possible. no, they won 0% of the vote, overnight, that doesn't mean that those 50% all favor independence. maybe 0% are pro-union. to fill the evenly divided area. many people exvote, and
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don't favor independence, so the strategy will be to capitalize on this gain and, we have elections here, in scotland, and they want to hold into power. so i think it's a more me doe you mean turn game. and we won't have another referendum until something material changes, and some people suggests that can be a u.x. referendum on the e.u. that could trigger one. that would be some ways off and they'll bied their time. we have to leave it there. so suggesting, looking ahead it will be dominate had boy some pretty big issues. management of the e.u., scottish independence and the back to you. thank you. thanks. still ahead youngest prisoner ever held at guantanamo bay is
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looking forward to freedom dream. "hard earned". sunday, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> part of our month long look at working in america.
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well color back. david cameron looks set to remain as prime minister, his conservative party is predicted to take 329 seats that would deliver him a majority. it was a disastrous night for the labor party and the liberal democrats both lost key seats.
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leaders have been considering their positions. [cheers] . scottish national party is predicted to win 56 out of 59, and the sn p. is sending the youngest a 20-year old. other news, the u.s. defense secretary session american troops have started training a small group of fighters. ash carter says it will be a few months before the fighters will be deploy he. these train these are recruited, they're vetted, and only then are they put into training so they've been in the program for quite awhile. and then the training takes some time and they would be incertained into operations and
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the trainees hen them, to get back to the previous question, we this to be a ever expanding program. battles are intensifying in the mountains region, on the back and forther between syria and lebanon. they are fighting hezbollah what leforss. and, now the report. they are calling it a strategic victory saying they have cleared the valley of syrian militants and fighting is ongoing between lebanon and syria, since sunday, clashes have intensiguyed and funerals held for commanders were televised and still this is more than ever a propaganda war. each claiming gains it's hard to get a clear picture. what is clear, as the tensions
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dep en, many worry, it will draw lebanon further into the civil war. the lebanese army, is for now, observing. and for the time being, they are refusing to get entangled in the fight and they are waiting and, the top commanders, already declared that they will not be engaged in a fight outside of the boarders. this is important for many reasons. the mountain range which is not clearly demar indicated is they use this to get weapons into and out of the syria, we see fighters and been point going into syria. for its part, they are promising to clear the area of any and all opposition fighters
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to insure that their routes and support of the syrian government remains unobstructed. yes, ma'am minute's northern side, has been hit by the heaviest airstrikes, since the bombing began. it is on the border, and coalition claims, the houthi positions. the coalition says, they also hit a command center. u.s. senate has passed a bill that would allow it to review and reject any final nuclear deal with iran, they say they will ease sanctions on iran in exchange for scaling back and president barak obama has promised to veto it. it passed, in the senate, and now it moves to the house of representatives, before it will
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go to the president's desk. what this could do is put limits on the president's ability to lift some but not all sanctions. just the legislative ones. it would also require that congress would have up to 30 days to review any potential agreement with iran and require the president to check in with congress every 90 days, the white house signaled it was opposed, and later showing willingness to work with congress when it became clear that there would be more votes then needed and now the president is saying, he is willing to work with congress, to review this agreement, one the white house hopes will put on limits on the power. she doesn't have more. we will be the u.n. secretary general says he's deeply
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concerned but, the idea to build new selling men's and israeli government has already approved the homes it includes the far right jewish homes party. it o posts the palestinian state. once the youngest prcher, has been freed on bail by a court she in canada. now, 28, he was only 15 when he was arrested. speaking for the first time, he says, he will show canadiens he's a good person. i will like to thank the public for trusting me and giving me a chance. it might be sometimes but i will prove to them, that, i am more than what they thought of me. i'm a good person. thank you very much. at least four people have
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been injured between protestors and police, and demonstrators are calling for changes for the timetable for the elections. they want it to be held before a presidential vote. 3 people have been killed during violent protests in the capital, demonstrators have been on the street, angry at the decision to run for a third term initially he defied it, and this week cleared the way for him to run again. now, a report from the capital. soldiers have been out on the streets, of the capital since the second day of protests against the president bid for a third term. the army says it is supporting the police and the soldiers have not joined in the violence. the soldiers are always protecting us when the police
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shoot at us. when thank the soldiers and we thank their commander, he should deploy more. that protest was then broken up. police fired tear gas and guns and, this time nobody was injured. they say the people, and the policemen are not policemen but part of the party and they say, they are much more likely to shut them with guns, as long as the soldiers are out on the streets then their safe. it's not normal to hear police chanting and singing on the street. but they deny that they are involved. many people see the army as being neutral, and the peace deal from the civil war says it
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should be balanced and inclusive of all rebel groups and this has in the happened, in practice. and it is professional. its soldiers have been trained by the u.s. and they serve in peace keeping missions. in spite of fears of political violence, the army spokesman said it can keep the population safe. we know how to cooperate. and they are doing their job and more. we have to wait. some of the activists who called for the protest don't want the army to wait, they want control. the professor studied the conflicts for years, and he thinks it could happen soon if the violence continues. in that situation i can see a could you day tau happening
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so that normality can be restored. it's hard to see how the situation will be resolved, neither the president nor the protestors show any signs of backing down. musicians in the philippines are supporting a new law they help will protect them. now, more from manila. here we go. these dj's host one of the most popular radio shows. like other mainstream programs, it's in english and features foreign music. if they don't play each other they would be disobeying the government order. our job is to play what people want to hear. is it right fit for our market or our image and right now, it is pretty hard.
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there is as much lower music that sells. many musicians put it down to global mentality. if it is foreign, it must be better and only a quarter of music go to local composers. the majority goes to foreign artists. this doesn't mean they aren't there. they just need support. some of them want to see stronger government measures to protect homegrown music and are pushing for a law, that will give radio stations to play locally produced songs,. it will be beneficial, and we will benefit. but legislation can't guarantee local artists a audience. that's something that you can't mistake. you can try to influence them. but she in the end, we can try but the decision is with the
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public. these are singing about putting country first and, they hope, law or not, the country will learn to favor them ahead of others ♪ ♪ al jazera. there is trouble ahead for hillary clinton. we will take a closer look at the newest allegations that her husband the former president made millions in foreign cash while she was secretary of state. also on the brink - ali velshi got a first-hand look from athens where the economic crisis took a toll in the crucial market. plus, the geography of inequality in america. a stunning look at how a few miles geographically can put famili