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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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logy meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. prime minister after they defy the opinion polls in parliamentary elections. ♪ you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha and also coming up, the u.s. says it is training syrian opposition fighters to take on the islamic state of iraq and levante and we meet ethiopians who left for the middle either in search of a better life and
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found hardship instead, the youngest prisoner at guantanamo bay says he is looking forward to a life of freedom. ♪ hello, david cameron looks certain to remain british prime minister following thursday's general election, the final results are nearly in and conservative party is predicted to win over all majority in parliament and the smaller party like the uk independence party and scottish nationalists taken votes away from conservatives and labor and let's look at the latest results coming in conservatives took 319 seats so far, that is a gain of 21 seats and predicted to be the largest single party with a 329 seats, that is an absolute majority the labor carty currently have 228 seats, that is down by 26.
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they are projected to end up with 233 seats in parliament and that is largely because the scottish national party have all but wiped out labor in scotland and have 56 out of 59 possible seats and the liberal democrats had a disaster night and 8 seats down by 46 and simon mc-greger woods has the latest. >> reporter: returning to number ten street on friday david cameron looks certain to keep his job as prime minister and conservative party will have the most seats maybe even a small majority. >> i want my party and i hope a government i would like to lead to reclaim a mantle that we should never have lost the man of one nation and kingdom. >> reporter: the party failed to gain seats in england and almost wiped out in scotland. >> this clearly has been a
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disappointing and difficult night for the labor party. we have not made the gains we wanted in england and whales and land. >> reporter: the partners have been decimated losing seats and he clung on to his but looks vulnerable. >> it's now painfully clear this has been a cruel and punishing night for the democrats. the election has profounded implications for the country and profound implications for the liberal democrats. >> reporter: in scotland the scoot issue nationalists secured a famous political triumph winning all but three seats and ripping the heart out of labor's traditional stronghold.
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david cameron has done far better than the polls predicted and will remain the prime minister and means continuation of the policies of economic austerity and possible referendum on the membership of the eu but one of the toughest questions he will have to face is the constitutional challenge of what to do about the scottish nationalists stunning success in london. uk independence party led by nigel has one seat so far so no big breakthrough and he may fail to get elected. the papers reflected the surprise conservative success, the financial markets will like the result but the british political map is now fractured. david cameron says he wants to forge one nation but his command of parliament and the scottish nationalists clean sweep this scotland will make that almost
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impossible. simon mc-greger wood in london. going to lawrence lee outside the parliament and this is not the scenario expected and not what the polls were all pointing to. >> reporter: no absolutely not, 100% poperr -- polar opposite and when you look at last night when the poles shut everybody, i mean absolutely everybody following the election had been working on the given assumption this would be a very decisive outcome and not days but weeks of negotiating between different parties to form some sort of coalition government and might put a new program at risk would the queen speech happen on the 27th of may and all that thing and it's 5 past 10:00 in the morning and it's all over and we can say with certainty
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david cameron will be the new prime minister because there is noelle material arithmetic with any other possibility so he is off to see the queen in 2 1/2 hours to ask her permission to form a new government and that is exactly what is going to happen. the question as you say arises how could everybody have got it so wrong and what prompted all the undecided voters to go with a conservative party in the end and they say the conservatives, it was the clarity and simplicity of the economic message they are the only people that can be trusted and in the end i think that did play a very large part but the other message towards the end of the campaign and they pushed very hard is that they were the only people who could keep the scottish nationalists who want separation from the uk out of westminster and that also played very well to the uk independence party which doesn't like them at all and picked up if not seats but millions of votes all on england, here is what roger had to say to me earlier on.
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>> the english on the doorstep are concerned strongly with immigration but they are concerned about a range of other issues, they are concerned about the money wasted on europe and foreign aid and hs 2 and wind farm subsidies and we are the only party with a national credible policy on those issuance has resonated on the doorstep. i think what happened in the election the conservatives have played a blinder with an smp threat and some people voting for uk have gone to conservatives and i tell you the other thing some people who are thinking of voting labor have come to ask, wouldn't go to the conservatives and wanted to vote for somebody who was not in bed with the smp and i think as we lost some votes as a result of the smp we gained some votes as a result of the smp. >> reporter: so winners and losers clearly the conservatives is the biggest winner and do not need to go to coalition with anybody and they have an absolute mandate to carry on as they want to and smp would argue
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on paper would be the other big winner and almost swept the board in scotland and given this they have no power in westminster at all and that is why there is more talk for independence referendum in years to come and conservatives will fight the big losers the two other main traditional opposition parties here in london the liberal democrats bound to resign but the biggest problem for the labor party, traditional party of working people all sorts of rumors their leader ed miliband are set to announce his resignation as well. where the labor party goes from this is really the biggest question in opposition pop tick -- politics here in the uk for years to come. >> we will leave it there and that is lawrence lee reporting for us from westminster and well the conservative victory could have big implications for britain's membership in the eu david cameron is maintaining his election promise to hold a
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referendum on the issue. >> we should never in politics dot the big issues dealing with our deficit, whether it's holding that referendum which we were right to hold on the future of scotland and our united kingdom or indeed in the future, that referendum we must hold to decide britain's future in europe. >> reporter: let's speak to a chief executive of the european policy center that is an independent research group and is live from brussels and from what you have seen from the results that have been coming in how possible is a referendum now on the issue with the eu? >> i think it's very likely that we are going to see a referendum, the conservative people will not have to rely on the coalition to put it through and conservatives have been waiting for this referendum to happen so my assumption is that by the end of 2017 we will see a
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referendum. >> what implications will this have on britain's membership in the eu? >> well, i think on balance it's very likely that the referendum will return a vote to stay in the european union but certainly in the condition period there will be a lot of uncertainty. it will be very difficult to make meaningful european policies with the uk if there is a referendum campaign going on at the same time. >> that is the question i wanted to ask you, so if this does go ahead then what kind of -- what does it mean for the relationship between the uk and the eu? >> i think in some extent it's on hold for a referendum campaign. there will have to be a discussion between london and brussels about what kind of reforms london might want to see as part of a deal which would help to secure a yes to the eu and a referendum campaign but it's going to be a difficult
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process and it certainly is not going to produce a lot of forward looking policies at the eu level. >> for the eu, where you are talking to us from how closely are countries there and officials watching this election over in the uk? >> i think everyone knew there were difficulties with uk/eu relationship. this election just confirmed we now have to address the question. it will mean reevaluation of the really relationship between the eu and the uk which is very uncertain in terms of the outcome in the next years. >> thank you very much for joining us from brussels. >> thank you. you're with al jazeera and still ahead fear that serious
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♪ hello again, the top stories on al jazeera conservative party leader david cameron expected to announce victory in the uk general election soon, his party is projected to take 329 seats, that would deliver absolute majority in parliament. disaster night for the labor party and liberal democrats both of which lost key seats and
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leaders both held on to their seats but chancellor one of the most senior members lost his seat. >> 23. [cheering] the scottish national party predicted to win 66 out of 59 seats in scotland roundly defeating the labor party and smp is sending the youngest to westminster, 1967 he is 20-year-old black. pakistan military says six people have been killed when one of the helicopters crashed in the country's north. it happened in the town here two ambassadors from norway and philippines, the wives of malaysia and indonesia and two pilots killed and they were travelling to the area on a separate aircraft to launch two projects. yemen's northern sanaa province
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hit by the heaviest strikes since the saudi-led bombing began and this is on the border of saudi arabia and hit houthi positions. the coalition say they also targeted a houthi command center west of sada. in other news the u.s. defense secretary says american troops started training syrian fighters to combat, the islamic state of iraq and the levante and a few months before the first group of 90 fighters will be deployed. >> these trainees are recruited, they are vetted and only then are they put into training so they have been in the program for quite a while. and then the training takes some time and they would be inserted into operations and the trainees behind them and the previous question we hope though be an
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ever expanding program once it proves itself which i think it will. battles intensifying in the mountains on the border between syria and lebanon and they are fighting his bow -- hezbollah. >> reporter: they are calling it a strategic victory saying they cleared a valley of syrian militants but that fighting is ongoing in the mountain range between lebanon and syria. since sunday clashes have intensified and fighters on both sides have been killed. funerals held for hezbollah commanders were even televised but still this is more than ever a propaganda war. >> which each war and faction claiming gains it's hard to get a clear picture of what is really happening. what is clear as sectarian tensions deep enmany worry a
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spill over of violence from syria will draw lebanon further in the war. deployed in the area for the past several months is for now observing. >> and for the time being they are refusing to get entangled in this fight outside of the border and they are waiting and the top commanders of the lebanese army declared they will not be engaged in a fight outside of the lebanese for der -- borders. >> reporter: it's important for many reasons and this is a strategic location especially for hezbollah and in the past hour we saw hezbollah fighters and weapons going from lebanon into syria. for its part hezbollah promising to clear the area of any and all opposition fighters to ensure their supply routes to syria and support of the syrian government
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remain unobstructed al jazeera, on lebanon's border with syria. so just a moment ago we were telling you about pakistan the military there saying six people were killed when one of its military helicopter crashed in the country's north and happens in the town here and crossing over to kamal joining us now from islamabad and can you tell us what you are hearing about this crash and the casualties and who was on that helicopter? >> indeed. according to the military there was a team of foreign diplomates along with other officials including the spokesman for the pakistan military they were on a four-day trip to pakistan. this is an area of mountains which lies at three of the world's mightiest mountain range
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and mi 17 helicopter one of three taking care of the diplomates crashed 300 kilometers north of islamabad on board, important personalities including including norwegion was killed and wives of indonesia ambassador are said to be killed in this particular crash and two of the pilots as well. we are also finding out the ambassador from holland which is the dutch ambassador to pakistan and one other of the polish ambassador has been injured in this terrible accident. >> okay kamal thank you for the update from islamabad. the u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon says he is deeply concerned by israel's announcement to build illegal settlement on occupied palestinian land and the
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government approved the construction of 900 jewish homes and new coalition was only formed late on wednesday after elections in march. it includes the far right jewish home party which strongly backs settlement building and opposes a palestinian state. at least four people have been injured in fighting between protesters and police in the capitol. demonstrators are calling for changes to the timetable for upcoming elections. the opposition wants local elections to be held before a presidential vote due in october and the president is to meet opposition chief, the opposition chief later on friday. thousands of african migrants are risking their lives to reach europe in search of a better life and some ethiopians trying to reach the middle east via the gulf of aiden and are from poor communities and don't always find what they are looking for when they arrive and catherine
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reports. >> reporter: these women have returned from the middle east and they are in a safe house with the international organization for migration and they are traumatized. according to iom estimates in the last two years more than 160,000 migrants have been forced back home. >> translator: used a bogus employment agency to get to lebanon and other countries in the east. on my journey back i had someone who helped me find this place and told him how i was mistreated abroad and i'm back home but i don't know what the future holds. >> reporter: when they are stable enough they will be enrolled in government-funded programs like this one, and good business ideas are given space in state buildings and loans to grow their trades. >> every citizen here needs to know there are a number of options, as you know one of the fastest growing countries.
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>> reporter: but the business programs are more in urban areas and ethiopians are poor farmers who live in the countryside. they are preparing for the planting season in june the government says it gives them seeds, fertilizers and markets but the population is growing fast. >> translator: we don't have enough land. i have space for one farmer and i had to sell my ox to afford it. >> reporter: now many are abandoning agriculture and heading to crowded centers in the north where life is equally tough. many young people leave their homes and come to places like this to try and make a living but those we talk to here told us that they hardly get enough money to support their families. on a good day he makes $5 getting people around town and
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has tried everything else including going to saudi arabia. >> translator: people go to other countries for different reasons and mostly because they do not see a future here and they succeed in the countries. >> reporter: back at the safe house they continue to deal with abuse they suffered abroad and their experience it seems is tiring for thousands of other ethiopians who just want to leave, catherine with al jazeera, northern ethiopia. the u.n. says aid contributions for those effected by the earthquake in nepal need to be dramatically ramped up last week u.n. called for $415 million to support earthquake relief efforts but the u.n. chief official in nepal says only $22 million has been received. the death toll from the earthquake now stands at more than 7800 people and nearly 16,000 were injured.
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omar once the youngest prisoner in guantanamo bay has been freed by a court in canada and now 28 years old he was only 15 at the time of his arrest he will live with his lawyer and will be subject to strict monitoring while appealing his 2010 convictions and daniel lack reports from edmonton alberta. >> reporter: after pleading guilty to war crimes before a u.s. military commission in 2010 omar-cotter was transferred to serve sentence in canada and lawyers wanted him free on bail as they appealed the u.s. conviction and they were successful. >> do i imagine he will be trying to understand is this really true and he will not really believe it until he gets picked up by me. >> reporter: a journey that began thousands of kilometers away on the afghan pakistan border ended here in a courthouse in edmonton and for
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now he is a free man. he spent ten years fighting for cotter's legal rights in courts in canada the u.s. and guantanamo bay. >> when i went to guantanamo for the first time i saw a tragically unhappy, injured young boy who looked like a little broken sparrow to me in a solitary cell with though windows, chained to a floor. and i walked in there as i say as a lawyer and i came out as a very sad father. >> reporter: as well a father figure to a controversial young man denounced repeatedly even today by his own canadian government as a hardened criminal whose family allegedly had links or sympathies with groups like al-qaeda and human rights activists say he was a child when arrested and guilty or not should have been treated leniently and he has a lot to catch up on. this edmonton university has
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been supervising his high school education at a distance and now she will work with him in person part of a whole community easing him in the mundane everyday reality long denied him. >> i look forward on omar's behalf to the most ordinary life you can imagine. i look forward to the day that we can cheer at his graduation when we can dance at a wedding and if he is really fortunate some day celebrate children. >> reporter: hard to imagine how it feels to exchange tough incarceration at guantanamo bay and other prisons for a quiet home in canada but that is what omar-cotter is experiencing right now for the first time in almost 13 years, daniel with al jazeera in edmonton. u.s. justice department will investigate whether the baltimore police engaged in a pattern or practice of excessive force. baltimore mayor requested the probe after charges were filed
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against six officers involved in freddie gray's arrest and suffered a fatal neck injury in the back of a police van and the death set off protests of treatment to african/americans. supporting a new law to protect them from foreign music and say people do not support local singers as well as neighboring south korea and japan and we have more from manila. >> last couple of minutes here we go. >> reporter: the d.j.s host one of the most popular shows in the philippines, like other programs it's in english and features predominately foreign pop music but if they do not play four local songs each order they will be disobeying a government order. >> our job is to play what people want to hear, is it the right fit for right fit for
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turns out knitting together two countries long separated by cold war is not as easy as calling a news conference. during a half century of economic estrangement between the u.s. and cuba a lot of issues piled up. there are glimmers of light, the door is only open halfway, and it may take a while before we reach a cuban resolution.