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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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♪ the rohingya journey, hundreds of migrants on the coast of indonesia and malaysia. ♪ i'm in doha also ahead, on the eve of a saudi-proposed ceasefire fighting continues in yemen. belgium sus spends aid to burundi as protests continue for a third week against the president's reelection plans. >> it has to be a bad omen maybe the gods are angry. >> reporter: and nepal's rescue mission grows from saving lives
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to protecting heritage. ♪ abandon at sea by smugglers and left to fend for themselves more than 1,000 migrants from bangladesh and myanmar mostly rohingya muslims sick and starving landed on the island of langkawi and refugees picked up in indonesia on sunday. they are the latest to be rested from over crowded boats arriving on the showers of malaysia and in indonesia and faced discrimination and persecution in myanmar and they are largely in the northwest myanmar, in the past and used to escape by crossing over land through thailand. and since thailand began a crack down advocates say the rohingya
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are trafficked to indonesia and malaysia and we are covering this in three countries, myanmar, thailand and malaysia. >> reporter: police in the resort town confirmed for us around a thousand migrants arrived on their shores late into the night, they consisted of the rohingya from myanmar and bangladesh and across the water in indonesia they confirmed earlier today they rescued around 400 people off the shores, if you add up the number of migrants that arrived in malaysia and indonesia in the past few days it's more than 2000 people and of course authorities are now having to deal with what they will do in malaysia we have not heard yet from the home ministry about what their plans are, but authorities in langkawi say they are going to move the thousand
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on rohingya and bangladesh in a complex called the shooting range until they can figure out what they will do with them and where they will take them. now afp news agency is reporting that the these boats that the migrants arrived on were abandoned by the people smugglers themselves and they were, in fact, left to their own devices to make it to shore. the concern that many migrant advocates now have is that they will continue to see an influx of these migrants in the coming days and weeks. >> the myanmar government does not recognize rohingya as ethnic minority saying they crossed illegal from bangladesh even though many have been in the country for generations and given no citizenship and restrictions and not allowed to move across the country freely and three years ago it got worse for rohingya when violence broke
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out between them and another community the rokind and 140,000 people mainly rohingya displaced and had to move into camps and still living in camps more than three years later. their children are not allowed to go to school and entirely dependent on aid and no future here. unless the government policies to them change many more likely to get on boats to try and feed the country but as any indication the government policies will change, not really. in fact, by the end of this month the temporary cards they hold will expire and government says they can apply for citizenship and whether or not they will get that when the government has had a policy of not recognizing them is another matter. >> it really started about nine days ago when the ty government started an operation clamping down on illegal migrant groups and traffickers in the southern part of the country and the reason it started then because a few days before that a mass
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grave at a jungle camp which they believe is 26 bodies of rohingya migrants and at a camp where the traffickings were trying to extort money from families and some of them stayed there for moves and we were in the jungles and saw what the government is trying to do as they have more military and place in these jungles and put barbed wear across what is known to be a trafficking route from thailand into malaysia. they put 400 meters of barbed wear there and stay there to try to prevent trackicing going on and arrested a few local officials and have 50 arrest warrants out and reassigned police so all this going on has also kind of backed up what would normally be these channels that have been going over the last several years, that no doubt has had an impact on ships waiting out at sea to bring human cargo ashore and what is
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believe to happen and they knew they couldn't make landfall in thailand they went south to indonesia and malaysia. 24 hours from the start of a proposed ceasefire in yemen more cities have been bombarded by saudi-led air strikes, meanwhile saudi territory attacked by the houthis, saudi civil defense says one person was killed in the city near the southwest border with yemen. last week eight people were killed by shells there. after that attack the saudi-led coalition said houthi rebels crossed what they called a red line and would pay a high price for striking saudi territory. and house of former president saleh a target of air strikes for a second day and copies after he pledged allegiance to houthi rebels and we speak to the foreign minister and the former president is only looking out for his own interests. >> first of all, let me tell you
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that saleh, yesterday he wore clothing not only the political chapter but also now clothes to end his life and those were thinking he will be part of any future decision about yemen. he has no chance at all. that is one thing. the other thing houthis agree they will not comply with any ceasefire. they are not really to do any kind of discussion or negotiation or whatever. >> reporter: correspondent mohamed mass more on this now from riyadh.
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>> a day before the bidding f a truce between saudi-led coalition and houthis and loyalists ex escalation continues and also strikes by the houthis shelling against the city has renewed over the night and early this morning. one person was killed and four others injured in the shelling during the night. we still don't have details about if there are any casualties after the renewed shelling this morning. the houthis have for the first time asked they are not ashamed about talking about alliance with saleh and yesterday he talked about his alliance with them for the first time so there is more joining among houthis and loyalists and there is near defiance there and the saudis also are talking about more strikes whenever there is shelling against their city, the saudi cities and this is a huge escalation just before the beginning of a truce. there are certainly fears by international organization by
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the international community with regards to the fate of civilians who are suffering in this war in yemen. belgium suspended funds for elections in myanmar after protests against president's plans to run for a third term and belgium is the former colonizer and leading donor and on sunday hundreds of women gathered to demonstrate against the president including the formerly registered the candidacy on friday. opponents say his decision to run again violates the peace deal that ended burundi's civil war in 2005. and patricia daily is in burundi and expecting the elections to be postponed because of the unrest. >> reporter: conditions on the ground do not suggest that the elections can actually free and fair elections can actually take place. i think the situation is quite
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grave. our party and protesters have been killed and opposition parties are having difficulty campaigning and there is considerable intimidation of opposition and critics of the government and of the president stance to run for a third term. i hope it will not escalate into violence, that would be tragic for the people of burundi who have long yearned for peace and went 12 years of several war and 10 years of democracy without what we could call the absence of violence. in the last ten years they suffered enormously living conditions have no improved so it would be tragic if the people of burundi were to be faced by another period of civil war. >> now ten rival groups of fighters in central african
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republic signed a peace deal with the government and it is aimed at ending two years of conflict that killed thousands of people and displaced a million others, the groups promised to lay down their weapons but anyone involved in war crimes will not be granted amnesty. a turkish ship attacked off the coast of libya killing one of is officers and the ka go -- cargo vessel going to tabrook and says the ship was bombed after it was warned not to approach the eastern city. and we have more from istanbul. >> reporter: this was a turkish owned vessel sailing under a cook island's flag from spain to libya. it was carrying a consignment of plaster board and says the vessel came under fire from land and shelled 30 nauta call miles off the coast and as it turned to sail away from libya it came
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under attack from the air and the turkish foreign ministry said the third captain of the ship, a turkish national was killed in that attack. now the background to this is back in february there are two governments in libya and back in february the prime minister of the tabrook-based government accused the turkish government of supporting a tripoli based government and therefore a decision taken by tabrook based government and recognized internationally and u.n. to exclude turkish companies from libya state contracts and at the time the accusations were made in february the turkish government said it accused the interim government of making hostile and unfounded comments against our country. today in reaction to this attack against this turkish owned vessel the turkish foreign ministry condemns attack in international waters. coming up, on the program
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south korea's warning after north korea's test launch of a new ballistic missile. chile president is to announce a new cabinet after a series of corruption scandals but can she regain her popularity? ♪
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>> al jazeera america, weekday mornings. catch up on what happened overnight with a full morning brief. get a first hand look with in-depth reports and investigations. start weekday mornings with al jazeera america. open your eyes to a world in motion. ♪ hello again you with watching al jazeera and the saudi city near the southwest border with yemen come under a new mortar fire one person has died last week eight people were killed by shells launched by houthi
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rebels. belgium suspended funds for elections in burundi after weeks of protests against the president president's plans to run for a third term. at least 14 people have been killed so far. more than 1,000 migrants from bangladesh and myanmar mostly rohingya landed in malaysia and endo kneesha in the past 24 hours and faced discrimination and persecution in myanmar. about 360 migrant workers from myanmar, cambodia and louse waiting to return home after being rescued from slavery and they were in indonesia in early april. and forced to work on foreign-owned fishing tours and we have spoken to one of them. >> reporter: he is telling me he is very happy he finally can go home after six years working as a slave on a fishing boat here in indonesia and trafficked from thailand but originally from myanmar and he and his
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friends have told us stories about abuse and about working throughout the night, throughout the day without hardly any payment and now they are here to finally go home in the next few days together with a group of 58 cambodians to be finally reunited with their families. but more than 300 former slaves are still stuck in the east indonesia waiting for travel documents to be finalized soon before they can go back home. according to the international organization for migration after 367 former fishermen they interviewed 360 were victims of human trafficking and suspect many more are still somewhere in indonesia. police are investigating this case but so far no major arrests have been made. for these men most important is that they will still get the money that they worked for so hard because they are too embarrassed to go home empty handed. the king of saudi arabia and
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other gulf leaders declining invitation from barack obama. the u.s. president is hosting a summit of gulf arab leaders thursday at camp david and the foreign minister says it coincides with a humanitarian ceasefire in yemen and king of bahrain also declined and leaders are worried at improving ties between washington and tie tyran and kuwait confirming attendance. the capitol city of iraq's largest providence at risk fox5 falling to fighters from islamic state of iraq and levante and some iraqis down playing importance of the anbar to i.s.i.l. strategy but defeat would further strengthen i.s.i.l. in a providence that is strategic for all warring parties. >> reporter: suffering is only worsening here the capitol city of anbar province torn apart by war and this is one of tens of
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thousands of families forced from their homes because of the fighting between the islamic state of iraq and levante and government forces. the only shelter they have is on the side of this road. >> translator: we don't have any place to go. my children are on the streets. what kind of a future do we have? >> reporter: it is a divided city and i.s.i.l. is on the offensive. the local forces say they may not be able to defend the government buildings in the center of ramadi for long. >> translator: forces on defensive and asking for help from the federal government. we don't have weapons and we want the u.s. led coalition to step up air strikes. >> reporter: contested but much of the largest province is under i.s.i.l. control and the group was strong in anbar after they pushed iraqi army across towns months ago and want to recapture
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the province before it tooks the fight of i.s.i.l. to mosul and many say it will be a hard battle to win. >> translator: the fight in ramadi will be harder than mosul, mosul has support of the people and they cannot loose and anbar and to defeat i.s.i.l. they need to control anbar. >> reporter: and tribe support is needed and some back the government in fightings i.s.i.l. many others are not. the tribes that play an important role in fighting al-qaeda years ago but say government leaders never recognized their help and left them without any political power. there are real fears that the city of ramadi will soon fall to i.s.i.l., officials have down played the significance of the city in the overall fight against the armed group but many others disagree. i.s.i.l. will not only be able to control the capitol of the sunni heart land it will be able to claim victory in a strategically important province
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that shares a long border with i.s.i.l.-controlled territory in syria. for now the iraqi government doesn't seem to have a clear strategy to recapture anb arc r sending in malitia will do little to bring about political reconciliation and that is what iraq needs to defeat i.s.i.l., i'm with al jazeera, baghdad. people in the macedonia town have been returning to their homes after a weekend gun battle between police and an armed group left 24 people dead an area that saw fighting during an ethnic ethnic albania in insurgency and eight killed and fighters. erdiwan visited germany and visited the turks in the southwest city and over a million turks living in germany are eligible to vote in the country parliamentary election on the june 7th and hi and his
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party say it violates turkish law because the president should not take part in election campaigns. south korea says it is concerned after north korea tested a submarine launched ballistic missile last week and state media said the test was a success and harry faucet has more front the south korean capitol, seoul. >> reporter: technology is about striking invisibly from under the water but north korea wanted the world to see this launch presided over by kim un and they called it the equivalent of having a time bomb straps to the enemy back the ability to fire a ballistic missile undetected from the seas in the peninsula and seoul on monday there was a flurry of high-level meetings and calling the development a very serious and concerning matter. >> translator: we urge north korea to immediately stop developing this technology which hinders the stability of this peninsula and northeast asia. >> reporter: in the past north korea's fleet of small
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submarines used for infiltration attacks in south korean territory and said it attacked a war ship in 2010 killing 46 sailers and a nuclear missile with fleet could have an entirely different order and seems to lob the missile a short distance above the surface of the water and will require a rethink of south korea's strategy to defending itself from a potential nuclear strike. still under development it comprises of a so called kill chain, preemptively striking a missile on the pad just before launch and a shield of intercepted missiles known as the crown air missile defense. >> it is under water, the system cannot detect their threat. so iraq navy will have to you know find a suburban kill the sub before it runs any missiles.
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>> reporter: insists the strategy is still effective and submarine attract in concert with u.s. allies and there is plenty of unknowns, whether north korea has subs of sufficient size and range to be a thread and miniature war head for use on a missile but this is a declaration of intent and one that has rattled the southern neighbor harry faucet al jazeera, seoul. two killed after typhoon hit the northeastern coast of a 3,000 people forced to flee homes and the typhoon weak and moving to japan and hundreds of houses destroyed and thousands of people moved to shelters. it's been more than two weeks since a devastating earthquake struck nepal in addition to saving lives there is a major attempt to rescue the cultural heritage and andrew went there to witness it firsthand. >> reporter: there is a different tempo to relief operation now more than two
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weeks after the earthquake. instead of attempting to save lives this painstaking work is about trying to rescue ancient tradition. the temple dates back to the 5th century and within it lies treasure but modern day social media is spreading stories of wrongdoing and so another part of this country's rich heritage lies destroyed along with many other icons there are myths associated with it not only that rumors circulating now that jewelry associated with the diety is missing. a priceless jewel encrested vest is said to be stolen along with other items but that is firmly denied by local officials who say it will all eventually be recovered. the earthquake struck soon after the start of one of the most important festivals of the kathmandu valley. this chariot left the temple and pulled by volunteers as part of an ancient ritual symbolizing
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snakes being dragged back to the valley ending a drought. the legend gives all the credit to a rain god. the diety is in the chariot with a priest who has to stay on board, tragically a nearby building that collapsed as the quake struck belongs to him, his father and aunt were killed in it. even so he is unfazed at having to stay in the chariot. >> translator: you can't call it a bad omen because earthquake happen in countries, it's a natural disaster. >> reporter: at the temple people not reassured by words. >> we are cursed and this is a hard time for us. >> translator: it has to be a bad omen maybe the gods are angry. this shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: a lot of people are spooked and scared. >> reporter: this person believes superstitions have to be put to the side. >> because of the heritage of the valley we have to get up and
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start running it again. >> reporter: no sooner has he spoken than the rain comes. despite tradition it doesn't signal a restart of a festival. no one is sure when that will happen. andrew simmons, al jazeera, nepal. chile president michelle is expected to announce a new cabinet in the coming hours and she fired the last one live on television over a series of corruption scandals. and as daniel reports from the capitol santiago it did little to improve her low approval ratings. >> reporter: chile people are losing faith and opinion poles show confidence, her government and politics in general has fallen to drastic lows. >> she came into office knowing that trusting politicians was very low and she had high personal trust and now the scandal that affects her son has affected the trust people have on her and that is going to be
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very difficult for her to recover. >> reporter: the president gave herself 72 hours to reform her cabinet. to reinstill some trust in the team after she herself became tainted by the property scandal for which her son and daughter in law are being investigated but do the people she is trying to win over have faith in her plan? >> no. >> translator: no, no, no way, we have seen it all, the countries that to be governed by politicians but we don't have confidence in them. >> translator: we need a new system and no politicians because chile today is very corrupt. >> translator: it's serious and losing confidence in the country and in our institutions and political parties and this is no transparency and people are not informed informed. >> reporter: a whole restaurant in sant i ago, dedicated to mocking chile politicians and perhaps no survive at the latest
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opinion polls showing 3% of the population has faith in political parties. and just 29% support the government. politics in chile is a serious business and intense negotiations going on at the palace and this other government buildings and facing this government in particular and politics and politicians in general having slumped so low, a simple shifting around cabinet ministers may not be enough. >> the problem that she needs to address is the economic growth and it's growing less than 2% a year and no new employment creation and many chile people who have expectations. >> reporter: and chile people pride themselves on economic and political stability and demand high standards of their politicians and expect results. chile leadership is under intense pressure to deliver. daniel with al jazeera,
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santiago chile. as always you can keep up to date with all the news on our website, al get the latest on all the stories we are following. al >> one person killed and more than two dozen injured as dangerous storms swept through texas. coming up next with the the risk for severe weather that is still around the corner. >> i wish every day lord take him. >> a community mourns the death of two mississippi police officers shot and killed in the line of duty. four people now charged in connection with their deaths. >> and heavy bombing in yemen just a day before saudi arabia's proposed ceasefire is